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An unparalleled collection reflecting the wisdom and taste of the collector

THE ANIMALS. THE DELUXE BBC FILES (2) Contains a documentary of sorts, Eric Burden interviews, and then all the animal in studio performances a the Beeb.

THE ANIMALS. AT THE BBC. Nice collection of BBC performances.

FIONA APPLE. February 26, 2000. Rochester, New York. Fair audience taping with a muddy sound and alot of echo in the vocal...As they say in baseball, a million dollar arm and a ten cent head.

JOAN ARMATRADING. FEBRUARY 21, 1982. Boston, MA. Radio Broadcast. Nice show in excellent sound.

LOUIS ARMSTRONG. MAY 8, 1954. Chapel Hill, North Carolina. Soundboard of the great man, the titan of New Orleans Jazz.

THE B-52s. AUGUST 24, 1979. Boston, Massachusetts , bonus tracks from Toad's Place in New Haven. The first part is the opening set for the Talking Heads at Berklee Performance center broadcast on the radio. Holy shit, I was there for that show. Great fun. The bonus tracks are unlistenable, but who the heck cares.

BACHMAN-TURNER OVERDRIVE. AUGUST 17, 1984. Winnipeg, Canada. FM Broadcast. I enjoy these guys, Fuck you!

JOAN BAEZ. AUGUST 17, 1963. Forest Hills, New York. Soundboard. The years have been kind to Joan, but back in her day, it was so damn earnest it could be painful and self righteous. The voice a perfect high pearcing warble.

JOAN BAEZ. END OF THE WAR RALLY. MAY 11, 1975. Central Park, New York City. WBAI Broadcast with Phil Ochs, Pete Seeger and others. Great stuff, long ago.

THE BAND. CROSSING THE GREAT DIVIDE. (3) Career spanning retrospective of live & outtake material. As you can imagine, plenty of Dylan related stuff in this treasure trove.

THE BAND. WE CAN TALK SESSIONS. January 10, 1968. Various stabs along with studio chat on the recording of the song.

THE BAND. AUGUST 31, 1969. ISLE OF WIGHT FESTIVAL. UK. Tinny and shitty recording, but I kind of felt that I had to keep it due to it's historic nature. If my memory serves me well, I believe that this set preceded Dylans.

THE BAND. OCTOBER 26, 1969. Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Subpar recording.

THE BAND. SYRIA MOSQUE LEGEND. November 1, 1970. Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Super Soundboard show. The artwork shows a 2nd disc but I don't have it.

THE BAND. ACADEMY OF MUSIC. December 28-31, 1971. New York City. Includes an 8 song rehearsal. Claims to be 25 previously unreleased tracks from the shows that spawned "Rock of Ages." From Master Reel sources which sound sensational.

THE BAND. WATKINS GLEN 1973 (4) Acceptable, but certainly not good sound quality. Had to have this for it's historical value. Includes soundchecks, both sets and jams with the Dead, Almans etc.

THE BAND. ROOSEVELT STADIUM. Jersey City, New Jersey. August 1, 1973. Nice clean boot from the men who would be kings.

THE BAND.  WEMBLEY STADIUM 1974.  September 14, 1974 (2) London, England.  Soundboard.  Cool stuff.  

THE BAND KING BISCUIT FLOUR HOUR. August 16, 1976. Superb show, recording, ah everything. Gig was 3 months prior to the Last Waltz.

THE BAND. NIGHT AT THE PALLADIUM. SEPTEMBER 18, 1976. New York, New York. A soundboard but not a great sounding one if that is possible. I just love those songs, man.

THE BAND. SEPTEMBER 26, 1976. Lenox, Massachusetts. Meh recording.

THE BAND. FRIENDS & OTHER STRANGERS. Some additional tracks from "The Last Waltz" probably material without overdubs and remixing, etc.

THE BAND. THE COMPLETE LAST WALTZ (4) The commercial release was 2 discs long WE got it all on four.

THE BAND. MANDEL HALL July 1, 1983. Chicago, Illinois. Terrific show and radio recording. Always a good show from these guys.

THE BAND WITH THE CATE BROTHERS. AUGUST 27, 1983. Osaka, Japan. Not a very good sounding Soundboard if you ask me.

THE BAND. DECEMBER 31, 1983 (2) San Francisco, California. The boys are back in town, early reunion show sans Robbie Robertson, intro'd by Bill Graham. Sounds great.

THE BAND. JULY 21, 1984 (2) Toronto, Canada. FM Broadcast of the SEVA Benefit. With a short interview at the end.

THE BAND SEPTEMBER 7, 1984 (2) Burlington, Vermont. Soundboard. Fantastic stuff w/o Robbie - didn't need him live.

THE BAND. JULY 9, 1995. Chicago, Illinois. Soundboard opening set for the Grateful Dead.

THE BAND. AUGUST 1, 1985. Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio. Sweet soundboard providing a wondrour souveneir.

THE BAND. TOMBSTONE. A lost album san Robertson produced by Polar Bear Jules Shear in 1990 or 1991 rejected by Sony. Certainly enjoyable but a struggle between recapturing old glories and seeking new ground.

THE BAND. FEBRUARY 6, 1986. Late Show. New York City. Superb recording of a post Robbie band.

THE BAND. FEBRUARY 16, 1986. Albany, New York. Nice soundboard show from this under apprececiated reunion.

THE BAND. FEBRUARY 16, 1986. Albany, New York. Nice soundboarder with the first half of the show largely era recent material. Closes the show out with an acapalla "River of Babylon." Fabulous.

THE BAND. OCTOBER 8,1986. Santa Cruz, California. Another terrific recording, I guess a song was missed when he flipped the cassette over.

THE BAND. DECEMBER 20, 1986. Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Soundboard. Love it, man. Great show.

THE BAND FEBRUARY 15, 1992. New Brittain, Connecticut. Delightful show.

CONCERTS FOR THE INAUGURATION OF BILL CLINTON. January 17, 1993 (3) Washington, DC. This is the Blue Jeans Bash which I am listing in The Band session as they were the house band for much of this. You get their performance along with a number of others including Bob Weir, Bob Dylan, Clarence Clemons, Ronnie Hawakins, Dr. John, Don Johnson - yes that Don Johnson and others.

THE BAND. DECEMBER 4, 1993. Toronto, Ontario. Slick radio broadcast, the reunion is on.

THE BAND. JANUARY 23, 1994. Mountain Stage, Charlestown, West Virginia. FM Broadcast. Excellent.

THE BAND. NEW ORLEANS JAZZ FESTIVAL. 1994. Very nice show at the famed Fest. You get all the mighty songs done well, along with a power outage.

WOODSTOCK 94.  August 13, 1994, Saugerties, New York (3). Soundboard of the Band who became almost the Housebound on this famed first and only successful revival.

THE BAND. AUGUST 26, 1994 (2) Asbury Park, NJ. A soundboard from the Stone Pony. Super cool.

THE BAND. PHILADELPHIA FOLK FESTIVAL 1995. August 27, 1995, Philadadelphia, Pennsylvania. A good soundboard of a band that still can put together an enjoyable set.

THE BAND. MAY 16, 1996. Las Vegas. FM Broadcast. The end is sadly near but this is a scintillating show and a near perfect recording.

THE BAND. JULY 6, 1994. Chicago, Illinois. Good stuff from a post last waltz. No Robbie, but heck I'll take 'em whenever I can get 'em.

THE BAND sort of. THE LAST WALTZ 40th ANNIVERSARY. (2) August 6, 2016. New York City Helmed by Larry Campbell and helped by Lucinda Williams, Buddy Miller, Bob Weir and others. Audience taping so imperfect but so glad I own it.

THE BEACH BOYS. SMILE. The world's most overpraised band with one of the most famous bootlegs of all time. Big woop.

BEASTIE BOYS. ORIGINAL ILL. It's purported to be the original, uncut version with a few different tracks. A couple of different lyrics and musical stuff here and there. Cool.

BEASTIE BOYS. MAY 22, 1992 (2) Tradewinds. Seabright, New Jersey. This is the boys at the peak - IMO - terrific sound and great varied show. This is simply alot of fun.

BEASTIE BOYS. TURNING JAPANESE. From their 1994/5 tour of Japan, I love these guys and they perform well, but best to listen to studio material. Minor glitch on a track or 2. I put together some neat artwork for it.

BEASTIE BOYS. AUGUST 20, 1998 (2) Philadelphia, PA. Soundboard. An unappreciated legacy as the combination of beats, samples, rhymes, riffs and humor is combustible. Simply put: they are a lot of fun. What's wrong with dat?

BEASTIE BOYS. NOVEMBER 3, 2008 (2) Denver, Colorado. A very good recording of these middle aged rapper. I still like 'em.

THE BEAT (FEATURING PAUL COLLINS. DECEMBER 9, 1987. San Rafael, California. Terrific radio show from one of my favorite forgotten Cali New Wave bands. This is high powered pop music.

CHUCK BERRY.  FACE AU PUBLIC.  FEBRUARY 6, 1965, Belgium.  7 Tracks from the legend.  Soundboard.  

CHUCK BERRY. MARCH 19, 1967. San Francisco, California. Enjoyable Chuck show with the great and strange man holding court. Very Very good sound quality.

CHUCK BERRY. MARCH 29, 1972. London. He done a million shows, most of them terrible. This one was awesome.

CHUCK BERRY. BBC LONDON 1972, Alan Freed 1955 (7?), Studio outtakes. A great offering with some warm, chatty Chuck delivering the goods. Unfortunately no artwork or setlist. A+ material.

CHUCK BERRY. SEPTEMBER 1, 1980. Seattle, Washington. Soundboard Chuck - you know the story, shitty back up band, charming, amazing Chuck.

CHUCK BERRY. JULY 1983. Italy. Sketchy but acceptable taping. You know how you hear all those stories of Chuck taking cash and playing with a shit pick up band. Well, here's the proof. It's almost laughable the way the band starts in, must have been a couple of awed kids who can hardly play.

CHUCK BERRY. LIVE & ROCKIN'. December 31, 1988. Palladium Theatre, NYC. WNEW Broadcast. Excellent sounding, excelling rocking show.

CHUCK BERRY. NOVEMBER 18, 2007. The Netherlands. Nice disc for the collection. I think the band is a bit out of sync, but at 81 (that's Eighty one!!!), he's the Godfather of it all.

BJORK. AUGUST 30, 1990. Reykjavik, Iceland. Early solo stuff, post Sugar Cubes in sound board. Various standards both Western and Icelandian.

BJORK. SUGAR CANDY KISSES. September 8, 1993. Soundboard boot from Denmark. Always thought she looked like a smurf...an outrageous looking smurf.

BJORK. JUNE 23, 2003. Berlin, Germany. Soundboard. I listened to this with my youngest as she is one of his favorites. A bit same sounding, but she is an interesting talent.

THE BLACK CROWES. TOKYO 1992 (2) June 11, 1992. Soundboard. Them boys can rock and roll. Excellent show.

THE BLACK CROWES.  MAY 4, 1972, Whiskey A Go Go.  Fund soundboard where they played their 1972 EP and then a few catalog gems. 

THE BODEANS (2) APRIL 20, 1988. Boston, Massachusetts. WBCN broadcast. I think I might have been at this one, I know I saw these guys at the Metro, but it might have been a different show. Anyway, you may have missed this fine little band out of Wisconsin. They are fantastic.

BRIDGE SCHOOL BENEFIT - 2nd December 4, 1988 (4) Oakland, California. Takes 4 discs to capture all the music, includes sets from Bob Dylan, Billy Idol, Tom Petty, Nils Lofgren, Jerry Garcia, Tracy Chapman and CSNY. Wow. Filed with Neil.

JAMES BROWN. OCTOBER 24, 1962. New York City, You know the story The Apollo Theater...

JAMES BROWN & THE FABULOUS FLAMES. NOVEMBER 25, 1967. Paris. A wicked funky soundboard - he's royalty, man.

JAMES BROWN. APRIL 7, 1968. Boston, Massachusetts. This is the famed concert put after the day after Martin Luther King was assassinated and televised to avoid rioting in the city and including speeches from then Mayor Kevin White among others. Not the best recording and uncertain of the source - I believe this has been commercially released in video format so perhaps sourced off of that, but lower level quality so I tend to doubt that.

JAMES BROWN. NEWPORT FOLK FESTIVAL. July 6, 1969, Newport, Rhode Island. Super soundboard. Loads of fun.

JAMES BROWN. OCTOBE 14, 1969. Cincinnati, Ohio. Funky soundboard, oh so great.

JAMES BROWN. MARCH 8, 1971. Just one funky disc! Killer show that will funk you up - the band was up and James was in his prime. For my money better than the famed, commercially released Apollo show. Has more energy and ambience.

JAMES BROWN & THE JB'S. AN AVALANCHE OF FUNK (2) September 1973. Switzerland. Soundboard. Whoa. Great stuff, here the first half or so features the band doing various soul and funk covers and then James enters the scene to funk it out. This is the price era JBs with Marceo, Fred, Lynn etc. Precious.

JAMES BROWN. SEPTEMBER 1, 1974. Zaire. "Rumble in the Jungle Show." A tinny but heartwarming soundboard with Fred & Maceo in attendence. Radio broadcast quality, a soundboard I guess, but the audiencde is well in the mix. More of a rockin' James than a funky one.

JAMES BROWN. SOUL TRAIN 1973 - 1974 SOUL TRAIN. Audio feed from a series of appearances on the legendary show. Imperfect TV type of sound, lotsa fun.

JAMES BROWN. DECEMBER 18, 1977, Boston, Massachusetts. Stars at the Hotel Bradford, WBCN Broadcast. A funky show, James was in command.

JAMES BROWN. BATON ROUGE 1982. 9 tunes, clearly not the whole show and a real delight. Maceo Parker in the band. Commercial sound just super.

JAMES BROWN. JANUARY 17, 1982 (2) New York City. It's friction' awesome, you've got Maceo and others in tow for great music in perfect sound quality. This is the code book.

JAMES BROWN.  JANUARY 30, 1982 (2)  Early & Late shows.  Berkeley, California.  Funky soundboard. Simply a lot of fun.  Don't forget James!

JAMES BROWN. APRIL 12, 1983 (2) Houston, Texas. Early & Late shows Killer soundboard. Yeow!

JAMES BROWN. JUNE 24 OR 25, 1986. Brixton, UK. BBC Radio broadcast, great stuff.

JAMES BROWN. JANUARY 17, 1987 (2) New York City, New York. Great funky shit.

JAMES BROWN. SUPERBAD!!!! (2) November 27, 1987. Bridgeport, Connecticut. A wicked cool set with superstar Maceo Parker leading the charge for the band. Great stuff.

JAMES BROWN. THE GODFATHER OF SOUL. October 12, 1992. San Francisco. Sweet, hard soundboard.

JAMES BROWN. OCTOBER 27, 2006. Last full gig and it was pretty good and while the vocals were "good" I thought it was someone else singing at times.

JUNIOR BROWN. SEPTEMBER 12, 1992. Austin, Texas. Radio performance - 18 song set in perfect sound, this is a fun little show with the announcer touting Junior's sunday night regular gig at some local bar. Lots of fun for -- a performer fully formed.

JUNIOR BROWN. SEPTEMBER 28, 1995 (2) Knoxville, Tennessee. WUOT Public radio broadcast, sounds great. He's a kick.

JUNIOR BROWN OCTOBER 25, 2003 (2) Albuquerque, New Mexico. A sharp audience taping of the Twang Cowboy King. He's a riot.

JUNIOR BROWN. JULY 8, 2005. Albuquerque, New Mexico. Soundboard. Fun show that keeps getting better and goovier as the night progressed. Excellent.

JACKSON BROWNE. FOR EVERYFAN. (4) Nicely compiled coolection, mostly from the sound mid 70's and late 90's shows. Sound ranges from outstanding to good, lots of talk, introductions, silly fun shit along with great musical performances. Jackson, you've got a sense of humor...I only have homemade artwork with nearly complete source info. Could be a fan compilation?

LENNY BRUCE. APRIL 12, 1962. I worshiped this guy when I was a teenager and memorized many of his routines & bits. I could swear he was funnier than this show indicates. Who knows, maybe it's me.

BUFFALO SPRINGFIELD. BRIDGE SCHOOL BENEFIT. October 23, 2010. Bass heavy audience taping, but I'm appreciate that I got a copy of this reunion.

THE BYRDS. IN THE STUDIO. 14 Studio outtakes with chat et al.

THE BYRDS. November 2, 1968 (2) San Francisco, California. Touching on many of their great songs. A delightful show. I really think noone sounds like McGuinn until Tom Petty came along. Pretty good sound considering the vintage. Loved.

THE BYRDS. BOSTON TEA PARTY. February 22, 1969. I'd call it a less than perfect soundboard at the much discussed famed club. I've seen innumerable shows in it's various incarnations most as Avalon. It's now a Hard Rock Cafe.

THE BYRDS. ASH GROVE. May 23, 1969. LA. Stereo Soundboard of the band at it's psychelic center, Linda Ronstadt, Gram Parsons get name checked and joins on stage, I think.

THE BYRDS THE COMPLETE FILMORE WEST CONCERTS (2) January 4, 1970. Early and late shows. Perfect sound, near perfect performance. Wow man!

THE BYRDS. APRIL 18, 1970 (2) Washington, DC. Superb later era show.

THE BYRDS. ROLLIN DOWN THE ROAD. April 20, 1970, Louisville, Kentucky. Super soundboard show.

THE BYRDS. EIGHT MILES HIGH IN AMSTERDAM (2) July 7, 1970. Amsterdam, The Netherlands. Call it a bad sounding radio show broadcast by our friends at WBAI. Still quite enjoyable as these guys are every inch the super group of their praised peers. Love "Amazing Grace," to "Willin" to the inevitable bunch of Dylan covers.

THE BYRDS. AUGUST 16, 1970. Filmore West, San Francisco Super soundboard with my friend, Gram Parsons, in tow.

THE BYRDS. PACIFIC MEMORIAL STADIUM. September 20, 1970. Stockton, California. A few small source glitches, but otherwise a masterpiece.

THE BYRDS. OCTOBER 17, 1970. Boston Tea Party, Boston, Ma. First set only, but it's a soundboard. Great.

THE BYRDS. BROOKLYN. October 23, 1970 Brooklyn, New York. A couple of source glitches, but this is a terrific sounding show.

THE BYRDS AND THE FLYING BURRITO BROTHERS. WHISKEY A GO-GO. September 19, 1970. Los Angeles. This is a special one with the Graham Parsons listed as a member of the Byrds on the liner notes. Generous soundboard with terrific performances and both bands on stage together ripping it up. A classic bootleg. Amazing.

THE BYRDS. LIVE IN ROCHESTER. November 7, 1970. Very entertaining show.

THE BYRDS. ALLEGHENY COLLEGE. 1972. Meadville, Pennsylvania. Super soundboard taping.

THE BYRDS. SEPTEMBER 22, 1989 (2) Nurenberg, Germany. Who knew this band was flying in some version in some kind of line up at this time? I didn't Regardless this is a terrific recording - quite snappy. Like it.

THE BYRDS (MCGUINN, CLARK & CROSBY) BOARDING HOUSE EARLY and LATE (4), San Francisco. December 8, 1987. Nice little show. Pretty good recording

DAVID BRYNE.  MAY 3, 1992.  Hamburg, Germany.   12 Unplugged tunes, pretty slick. 

DAVID BYRNE. JULY 20, 1994. Thoroughly enjoyable soundboard. He put together a great band and arrangements, too bad he didn't have the ambition to have charged his career forward. Even so, his contribution is formidable.

DAVID BYRNE. UNPLUGGED & MORE. Love this dude, but if a voice screams out for musical accompaniment his does. With that said, this is all in good sound with some great performances among its misses. Particularly dug the covers "Gypsey Women" and "Rockin' in the Free World" along with "Psycho Killer" as a killer closer.

DAVID BYRNE. CENTURY OF SONG (2) April 19, 2006. Bochum, Germany. Just sort of underwhelming - somehow I was hoping for more. Wasn't he rock's renaissance genius man according to Time Magazine about 25 years ago?

DAVID BYRNE. BRAZIL 2018. Sao Paolo, Brazil. There are a couple of source glitches on the audio, but I soldiered thru them. It's a soundboard and it's inspired stuff. I caught a local version of it so should you.

DAVID BYRNE. SEPTEMBER 15, 2018 (2) Queens, New York. WFUV Broadcast. Great stuff. Wondrous vision, he still has it.

DAVID BRYNE.  AUSTIN CITY LIMITS.  October 5, 2018.  Austin, Texas.  Terrific  recording of Bryne on tour with his shtick in two.  Superb.

HAYES CARLL. MARCH 30, 2005. Asheville, North Carolina. Soundboard show with a more straight forward country shitkicker sound. Also a different kind of vocal.

HAYES CARLL. NOVEMBER 30, 2006 San Marcos, Texas. Soundboard. Sweet little show - half solo and other half with one back up. Terrific.

HAYES CARLL. JANUARY 21, 2006 (2) Houston, Texas. Soundboard. Another fantastic performance from a surprising mature artist.

HAYES CARLL. SEPTEMBER 5, 2010 (2) Luckenbach, Texas. Two sets in soundboard sound. Terrific performances with warm anecdotes between songs. I frickin' love this guy.

HAYES CARLL. WORLD CAFE. February 11, 2011. Nice radio show - 10 tunes from this Texas wonder.

HAYES CARLL. FEBRUARY 26, 2011 (2) Dallas, Texas. Decent audience taping, but was dying to hear a 2011 show and this is the first one that came up. Part of the beginning set of shows promoting the new album. Lots of crowd noise throughout and distracting on every slow song.

HAYES CARLL. MARCH 9, 2012 (2) Kessler Theatre. An audience recording that still captures the charm, swagger and musicality of this superb artist.

HAYES CARLL. JUNE 16, 2012. Memphis, Tennessee. A solo acoustic set, a bit shambolic, a bit sloppy but fun as always.

JIM CARROLL DECEMBER 21, 1980 (late show). Boston, Massachusetts. WBCN Radio broadcast. Added to my collection over 30 years after I attended. I've always remembered this show both for the bizarre joke he in the middle of the show and the intensity of the music. Man, this show sounds fantastic - what a powerful rock and roll performance. Superb.

THE CARS. DEMOS & RARITIES. History has been harsh on this outfit. These demo's feel Stiff Records like.: Inventive and kooky and a bit less slick then the ultimately commercial monster that was unleashed.

THE CARS. JULY 1, 1976. Boston, Massachusetts. Broadcast on WBCN - once a visionary radio station now simply another frequency on the dial. Hey 30 something years ago, this band was fresh and fun.

THE CARS. MARCH 21, 1977. Boston. Opening set for a rescheduled Bob Seger show which I attended not having any idea who this local unsigned band was. Didn't realize until years later when told who this opening act was. The sound quality is pretty bad at first, becomes bearable during this short set.

THE CARS. KING BISCUIT FLOWER HOUR. September 14, 1978, El Mocambo,Toronto, Canada. Notso bad these unappreciated Bostonians.

THE CARS. SEPTEMBER 22, 1978 New York City. FM Broadcast, another enjoyable show. C'mob, man lighten up this is enjoyable.

THE CARS. SEPTEMBER 4, 1979. Los Angeles, California. Radio broadcast - Super Groups in Concert. Has a few interview snippets woven in. You'd swear you were listening to the albums - note for note.

THE CARS. MOVING IN STEREO. Boston, 1984 FM Radio Broadcast. I believe that his is a rebroadcast from September 11, 1984 in Houston. Maybe. Good sounding disc - these new wavers were not made for the stage though.

THE CARTER FAMILY. 1953 JIMMY RODGERS MEMORIAL SHOW. Radio broadcast. 7 minutes. Supposedly the last time the original Carter Family performed together.

MOTHER MAYBELLE CARTER. JULY 5, 1969. Berryville. Great sounding 8 songs by the great lady of Country music. If you don't know who she is you are missing a big part of it.

RAY CHARLES and MACEO PARKER. NOVEMBER 19, 1993 (2) Leverkusen, Germany. Call me a Maceo fan, not a Ray fan whom I can't warm up to. Anyway, a great sounding show - Maceo starts with a couple of tunes and then turns the stage over.

RAY CHARLES. GLASGOW. MAY 26, 1999. The Genius of Soul in Ireland. FM Broadcast - sounds great.

CHIC & NILE RODGERS. OCTOBER 30, 2017. London. BBC Radio 2 Broadcast of the great hitmaker. Great sound and he's truly a lot of fun. He's a cool guy and had a hand in a lot of enjoyable music over the years.

ERIC CLAPTON. JOIN TOGETHER (2) Consists of some great stuff. An August 2, 1974 show with Pete Townsend, an August 4 show with Peter, Moon & Joe Walsh, August 1 with Pete and Keith and then a July 7 show with Freddie King helping out.

ERIC CLAPTON & FRIENDS. HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY ERIC. Lots of friends dropped by the studio to sing a song with Eric, Dylan on 3, Van Morrison, Ron Wood, The Band...

ERIC CLAPTON. THE LEGENDARY L.A. FORUM SHOW. (2) August 14, 1975. Keith Moon, Joe Cocker & Carlos Santana jam on the entire second disc - cool beans!

ERIC CLAPTON.  (FROM PARADISE TO SHANGRI-LA)  "NO REASON TO CRY" SESSIONS (2) March, 1975.  Studio stuff with Bob Dylan, The Band, Ronnie Wood, Georgia Fame and others.   They even take a stab at "Idiot Wind."  

ERIC CLAPTON.  DRESS CODE. (2)  APRIL 20, 1983, Bremen, Germany.  Great stereo soundboard.   Superb playing.

ERIC CLAPTON. BEETLE-CLASHER (2) February 3, 1989. London. The last time of a multi night stand at the Royal Albert Hall. Mark Knopfler in tow. Soundboard. Thoroughly enjoyable run thru across all eras.

ERIC CLAPTON. COMPLETELY UNPLUGGED (2). All of the performances before editing and remixing, including the producer's instruction to applaud on cue whenever they recognize a song.

ERIC CLAPTON. EC WORKS LIKE A BARBER. (2) November 12, 2006, Osaka, Japan. Clapton, frankly, ain't my poster child but certainly you gotta respect the dude. He's got chops and while usually his singing leaves me cold, he's either gotten a little better or maybe I've finally warming to it. Appreciate his set choices of "Cocaine" and "Motherless Child."

ERIC CLAPTON. BUDDY HOLLY TRIBUTE. 2 Straight forward covers "Peggy Sue" and "Maybe Baby."

GENE CLARK & FRIENDS. MAY 15, 1985, Evansville, Indiana. Friends include: Michael Clarke, Rick Danko, Richard Manuel, Blondie Chaplin. A bunch of friends hanging out, singing songs together. Nothing better. (Filed in Byrds).

THE CLASH. D.O.A. (2) That's Demos, Outakes, Alternates. Sensational, essential collection of stuff - so many nuggets contained, but a strong case can be made for this outfit in the annals of rock and roll history. The chorus of "1977" - "No Elvis, No Beatles, No Rolling Stones" followed by a couple of demos of "Heartbreak Hotel." Come on, man that is a classic compiler's joke. I get it, do you?

THE CLASH. BUY OR DIE. December 28 +29, 1978. London. Terrific energy and fun. Not a perfect recording but I have found much of the Clash boots to be unacceptable. This one certainly passes the mustard.

THE CLASH FLASH BASTARDS REMASTERED. December 28, 1978. The previous show in better sound, fantastic show from the scorched earth rockers. These gents bring out my inner rocker.

THE CLASH. AGORA BALLROOM LIVE. February 13, 1979. Cleveland, Ohio. Soundboard. Superb stuff, you had to know then that they had so much musicality.

THE CLASH.  SEPTEMBER 14, 1979.  Chicago, Illinois.  Sweet sounding hour show. 

THE CLASH. GUNS OF BRIXTON. September 21, 1979. New York City. Excellent sound boarder from the Palladium.

THE CLASH. MARCH 8, 1980 (2) Passaic, New Jersey. It is a soundboard and a nice show with a good setlist And that can be hard to find with this band. But frankly, it is missing that ingredient that I was looking for. No spark.

THE CLASH.  REITEL FESTIVAL.  JUNE 14, 1980.  Reital, France.  Handful of sloppy songs captured well.

THE CLASH. LIVE IN AMSTERDAM. Japp Edenhall. May 10, 1981. Soundboard. One of my favorite bands and an important one to me from those formative years, but I just don't love them as a live band. Too often, it's just faster versions of their great album tracks.

THE CLASH. CHAOS IN NEW YORK. June 4, 1981. Whisper clean soundboard of one these famed shows.

THE CLASH.  JUNE 13, 1981 (2) New York City, Terrific soundboard from the run of shows at Bonds.  This night was excellent.

THE CLASH. JUNE 14, 1981. Bonds International Casino, NYC Soundboard. I worship these guys, but their forte is not their in concert musical interpretations. I like to them of them as the Punk Beatles.

THE CLASH. FEBRUARY 1, 1982. Tokyo, Japan. FM Broadcast and a fun little show with Joe's girlfriend, Pearl Harbor, stops by for a quick cover of Wanda Jackson's Fujiyama Mama. A lot of hits.

THE CLASH. HONG KONG DOLLAR-INDIAN CENTS. February 25, 1982. 2) A tinny, one dimensional recording, a tuf listen for a great setlist if that helps at all. Not sure they were really ever a musical live band, but a force of nature. Gotta call this one as I see it: a piss poor bootleg.

THE CLASH. LIVE IN LOCHEM. MAY 20, 1982, Lochem, Holland. Enjoyable soundboard from this wondrous 4.

THE CLASH. AUGUST 17, 1982 (2) Akron, Ohio. Soundboard of the legends. They are certainly stretching it out - so much more than the Punk band when the began. Some may say that is not a good thing, I say it does.

THE CLASH. OCTOBER 29, 1982. Los Angeles, California. Not a bad sounding boot and certainly a nice set list. Like the slightly reworked melody to "Casbah."

THE CLASH. TRICK OR TREAT. October 31, 1982 at Bond's in N.Y.C. This audience recording sounds just too tinny for me. Ahh, the only band that matters....

THE CLASH. JAMAICA WORLD FESTIVAL. November 27 1982. Montego Bay, Jamaica. Sensational sounding disc - frankly one of the better Clashboots.

THE CLASH. US FESTIVAL II. May 28, 1983. Nice sounding disc, there's a glitch in the opening track, but don't let that disuade you. This was that rock festival put on by one of the founders of Apple Computer. Should have spent his time licensing that software, Eh?

THE CLASH. APRIL 17, 1984. Providence, Rhode Island. I cuaght this show and remember seeing a guy passed out in front of me for the entire show. His buddy kicking him at the end "Gotta go, man." Anyway, this is a messy taping - kind of works, sort of captures the energy and the music sorta.

THE CLASH. ROCKERS GALORE. Promo disc. You get interview snippets along with live cuts and studio takes. Fun.

THE CLASH. THE RAT PATROL FROM FORT BRAGG. This is the original Mick Jones produced album which became Combat Rock. Sounds to me like a 2nd or 3rd generation copy as the audio quality lacks some definition. There's alot of odd and different stuff here, a great alt take on "Should I Stay" and some jazzy stuff too.

THE CLASH.  NICK SHEPPARD DEMOS.  November 1983.  Ah for the last album, what a shame. Mick Jones is gone and soon the band.

THE CLASH.  ON BROADWAY 4 - THE OUTTAKES.  A kicky hodge lodge of outtakes, live cuts, news reports, and alt takes.  Fun.

JIMMY CLIFF. BOSTON '75 October 25, 1975. A big of bland show frankly.

JIMMY CLIFF & JOE HIGGS.  November 11, 1975.  Ann Arbor, Michigan.  Delightful soundboard.

JIMMY CLIFF. BOSTON '76. Nice radio show with 5 Toots & The Metals tracks as a bonus from a year later.

JIMMY CLIFF. SPECIAL 1982. October 9, 1982, Kansas City, Missouri. This is a clean, radio broadcast promoting his recent album, Special. Alot of material unfamiliar to me (you do get the Harder They come stuff), but all sounds good. His vocals weren't so strong, but that's not his strength anyway.

JIMMY CLIFF. ROCKAPALOOZA. JUNE 1, 1984. Audio feed from professional video. Good stuff.

JIMMY CLIFF. WOODSTOCK '94. August 14, 1994. Saugerties, New York. Lots of fun, mon.

JIMMY CLIFF. JAMAICA WORLD FESTIVAL 1992. (2) Superb sounding performance. A bigger and better artist than he is given credit for.

JIMMY CLIFF. June 18, 1999. Maryland State Fairground. Has some nice moments and all of the hits.

JIMMY CLIFF. AUGUST 25, 2000. Worcester, Massachusetts. In soundboard and thoroughly in control.

JIMMY CLIFF. JULY 12, 2003. Estival Jazz Lugano, Lugano, Switzerland. Superb soundboard music, warm and vibrant. A lovely man.

JIMMY CLIFF. JULY 4, 2008 (2) Lugano, Switzerland. Soundboard. He's special, this is a warm, uplifting and magical performer and performance.

PATSY CLINE. COUNTRY STYLE. 1960. Recorded off a scratchy LP. Terrific radio appearance with the ads. Good fun.

PATSY CLINE. THE CIMMARON BALLROOM. July 29, 1961. Traded to me as a boot though it may be the same as the commercial release. On my list, but can't vouch for any differences.

JOE COCKER. MAD DOGS. MARCH 27 + MARCH 28, 1970. New York City. (5) Must be three shows worth of stuff, I think a slimmed down version was the official Mad Dogs & Englishmen release. It's really amazing stuff, Leon Russell, Rita Coolidge, Bobby Keyes etc, one of the greatest vibes ever. Really.

JOE COCKER. FILMORE WEST. April 26, 1970, San Fransisco. Nice Mad dogs show from a radio broadcast in Berkely. Great stuff, man.

LEONARD COHEN. AUSTIN CITY LIMITS (2). Contains his Halloween/1988 performance and his 1994 appearance on Austin City Limits. He's deep, man.

PAUL COLLINS. LIVE IN SPAIN 1997. A beautiful, solo acoustic show from the former leader of the "American" Beat. The Beat's first album IS the THE greatest lost treasure of the New Wave of the late 70's. What's not to like about addictive melodies, simple & humorous songs and straight forward production!! What were you listening to, Billy Joel?

RY COODER. COTAIL CABARET (2) March 23, 1987. A poten mix of rock, gospel and virtuosity. Superb recording.

ALICE COOPER. APRIL 22, 1972. Long Island, New York. Fun, but sounds like a mono taping off a radio broadcast. More than acceptible, but rough listening at times.

ALICE COOPER CRESCENT CITY. April 26, 1973 (New Orleans) + May 24, 1973 (Portland) The first half is a better recording but the other is still okay. This is Alice in the big time baby. Kill those fucking hippies.

ALICE COOPER. MAY 11, 1973. Inglewood, California. Sub par soundboard from the days when Alice ruled the world.

ALICE COOPER. MINNEAPOLIS 1973. MAY 30, 1973. Minneapolis, Minnesota. A messy recording, but still gets it done somewhat.

ALICE COOPER. JUNE 17, 1975. Los Angeles, California. Radio broadcast. Rock on Alice.

ALICE COOPER. IN SESSION. Various messy outtakes and alt versions from the great Billion Dollar Babies sessions.

ALICE COOPER. THE EL PASO SHOW (2) June 4, 1980 El Paso, Texas. Radio broadcast. This wasn't a greatest hits show, but Alice played a few along his whatever his latest album. A bunch of interview snippets including throughout.

ALICE COOPER. FEBRUARY 19, 1982. Glasgow. I believe that is from the "Flush the Fashion" tour. Nice recording and, you know, fun. Crowd seemed into it.

ALICE COOPER. LIVE AT THE NEC. February 13, 1989. Birmingham, England. Lots of fun and he always has a great band.

ALICE COOPER. WHISKEY A GOGO 2011. September 15, 2011. Radio Broadcast. Rob Zombie introduces and Robbie Kreiger joins in a couple. Lots of fun as this was a promotion for Alice's Welcome 2 My Nightmare release. You get a couple of new ones, a couple of covers and a couple from the promoted album. Nice stories and a fun listen. Is Alice holding on to something old and forgotten or just a bar band rocker committed to his craft? Not sure.

ELVIS COSTELLO. HONKYTONY DEMOS. August 15, 1976, BBC Studios, London. 5 Tunes.

ELVIS COSTELLO. UNLOVED SONGS. VOL 1 & 2. (2) Enjoyable era spanning collection of stuff. A wish mash. BBC Peel sessions, Studio demos, alt takes, etc.

ELVIS COSTELLO. FLIP CITY DEMOS. This is the band he was a part of before going solo. Some pretty catchy stuff and a a couple of early versions of some things. "Knocking on Heaven's Door" cover.

ELVIS COSTELLO RADIO SPECIALS (2) I am grouping a couple of different radio specials that I got at the same time though they are all separate. There is a long 1995 titled "Overview" disc which is 78 minutes long where Elvis discusses his career up to that point. Fascinating Then there is a show in conjunction with his album done with the Brodsky Quartet. And a third show done with the release of the Brutal Youth album. All quite interesting.

ELVIS COSTELLO. STIFF DEMOS '76/BBC SESSIONS '77. I would still make the argument that his first couple of discs are among the very greatest runs of the genre. Elvis is king. Hey man, you even get a cover of "Knockin' On Heaven's Door."

ELVIS COSTELLO. NOVEMBER 15, 1977 (2) San Franscisco. Both early and late sets - KSAN radio broadcast. Can we say seminal. Can we say rock poetry. Can you say transcendent. Yes we can.

ELVIS COSTELLO. GET EMOTIONAL. October 22, 1977, Leicester, England. Stereo Soundboard. A kick ass and take no prisoners night. Hey Elvis is Elvis.

ELVIS COSTELLO & THE ATTRACTIONS. November 23, 1977. New Orleans. 9 songs all full of fire.

ELVIS COSTELLO & THE ATTRACTIONS. DECEMBER 1, 1977. Chicago, Illinois. Energetic, spry, organy, young Elvis - a sweet and fantastic little set.

ELVIS COSTELLO & THE ATTRACTIONS. DECEMBER 5, 1977. Cleveland, Ohio. A wicked show, well recorded with upfront vocals. A young, dashing Kickin' Elvis certainly one of the best I've heard.

ELVIS COSTELLO. DECEMBER 6, 1977, Marcy, New York. Young Elvis on tour and on the radio once again. Oh the good old days.

ELVIS COSTELLO & THE ATTRACTIONS. DECEMBER 9, 1977. Boston, Massachusetts. WBCN recording. Elvis conquers America.

ELVIS COSTELLO & THE ATTRACTION. LIVE IN ST. LOUIS. January 31, 1978. St. Louis, Missouri. KADI FM Radio broadcast. Great stuff, love this stuff.

ELVIS COSTELLO & THE ATTRACTIONS. ELVIS GOES TO WASHINGOTN AND DAVE EDMUNDS AND ROCKPILE DON'T. February 2, 1978. Washington, DC FM Broadcast. You know it, it's fantastic.

ELVIS COSTELLO & THE ATTRACTIONS. FEBRUARY 9, 1978, Eugene, Oregon. KZEL radio broadcast. Love it.

ELVIS COSTELLO.  FEBRUARY 10, 1978.  Seattle, Washington.  Stop after stop, city after city, doing it.

ELVIS COSTELLO. JAY'S LONGHORN BALLROOM. February 13, 1978. Minneapolis, MN. Soundboard. Elvis. The Great Material. Magic.

ELVIS COSTELLO. MARCH 3, 1978.  Brookville, New York.  Another FM Radio show, another triumph.

ELVIS COSTELLO. JOHN PEEL SESSIONS. March 13, 1978, BBC Studio, London. 4 Great songs as Elvis performs for the legendary DJ

ELVIS COSTELLO & THE ATTRACTIONS. MAY 5, 1978. Passaic, New Jersey. Soundboard. A rip roaring show.

ELVIS COSTELLO & THE ATTRACTIONS.  JUNE 15, 1978.  Cologne, Germany.  Great sounding early show.  

ELVIS COSTELLO & THE ATTRACTIONS. JULY 7, 1978. San Francisco, California. Sizzling recording. Nice and balanced, clear and strong. You can hear the musical abilities of the attractions maturing. Example: the fine playing on "Blame It on Cain." Fantastic.

ELVIS COSTELLOE & THE ATTRACTIONS.  JANUARY 27, 1979.  Cardiff, UK.   Great soundboarder. 

ELVIS COSTELLO. FEBRUARY 14, 1979. Long Beach, CA Great stuff from an artist on fire.

ELVIS COSTELLO & THE ATTRACTION. MARCH 29, 1979. Boston. Just 7 songs in perfect sound. On fire.

ELVIS COSTELLO & THE ATTRACTIONS. I STAND ACCUSED. April 12, 1979. A fiery performance with Elvis at his peak. Wasn't he the Brit Dylan or was that Donovan.

ELVIS COSTELLO. "THE HORACE BARLOW EXPERIENCE" FEBRUARY 6, 1980. Liverpool. Elvis opens a show for Rockpile incognito. Fun.

ELVIS COSTELLO. MAY 14, 1980. London, England. A BBC broadcast. Nice show just love the Tempts' cover of "Don't Look Back." I guess it's not written by Mick Jagger & Peter Tosh. Anyway, this is fun stuff.

ELVIS COSTELLO & THE ATTRACTION. HEATWAVE FESTIVAL. Snappy performance of 23 slammn' tunes - all good. Who else was at this festival? The Clash, Blondie, The B-52s, The Pretenders, Rockpile, Talking Heads...what an incredible line up. Them's the good days. I feel sorry for today's kids - they've got nothing!!!!

ELVIS COSTELLO. EVERY DAY I WRITE THE BOOK. Good, but not nearly as spectacular as the previous show.

ELVIS COSTELLO & THE ATTRACTIONS. JULY 5, 1981. Werchter, Belgium. 8 songs from a radio broadcast. Go man go. Love it.

ELVIS COSTELLO. DECEMBER 31, 1981, New York City (2). Imperfect soundboard of the Almost Blue, Almost New tour. 

ELVIS COSTELLO ARMED FORCES/1978-1983 LIVE. Live compilation following the order of EC's mighty third.

ELVIS COSTELLO & THE ATTRACTIONS. THE GANGSTER IS BACK. AUGUST 7,1983. Could also include August 1984 material. Regardless this is a fantastic radio broadcast. sounds like it was spliced together from multiple sources. Supposed to be one of the best EC boots from those in the know.

ELVIS OSTELLO & THE ATTRACTIONS. RIOT ACT. OCTOBER 17, 1983, London. Elvis brings it, along with a horn section, just a fabulous musical performance. Sound boarder.

ELVIS COSTELLO & THE ATTRACTIONS. AUGUST 11, 1984. Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Great sounding rock with Elvis and the boys kicking ass and taking numbers.

ELVIS COSTELLO & THE ATTRACTIONS. MARCH 9, 1985. London. Wondrous soundboard.

ELVIS COSTELLO & THE ATTRACTIONS.  JULY 6, 1986.  Werchter, Belgium.   Great stuff including a wonderful call and response on "Don't Let Me Be Misunderstood."  

ELVIS COSTELLO & THE ATTRACTION. NOVEMBER 23, 1986 (2) London. A saw this tour when it came through Boston and hated the show and kind floated away from Elvis for year because of it. Listening to the show gave me a change to reconsider. The band plays great and Elvis is fine voice - but oh god, the setlist is poorly compiled and there's too much midling material.

ELVIS COSTELLO & FRIENDS. APRIL 24, 1989 (2), Sweetwater, Mill Valley, California. This is an amazing boot - in fact - if you had to make a case for Bootlegging this would be a perfect example. The event itself is some kind of cool record store anniversary part. Elvis plays a great acoustic set and then the guests follow: Jerry Garcia, Jerry Schiff, James Burton, Commander Cody, Sammy Hagar - yikes. Anyway, there is some great music and some real fun. And oh yeah, it's a soundboard.

ELVIS COSTELLO SOLO. JULY 11, 1989. Montreux Jazz Festival. Fun stuff. Excellent sound and performance.

ELVIS COSTELLO AND THE RUDE FIVE. MAY 1991 TOUR REHEARSALS. They sound pretty tight with Marc Ribot in tow. A run threw of 20 songs - great sounding.

ELVIS COSTELLO. PLUGGELECTRIC. Split disc, half from the 1991's MTV Unplugged Performance and the other an electric set from Glasgow in 1994. His aim is true.

ELVIS COSTELLO. RIOT ACT. October 17, 1993. London, England. Must be the Punch of Clock era tour as we get a couple from that album, a favorite of mine. Includes a cover of Backstabbers (From 1983) as well. Well recorded and great singing all nite.

ELVIS COSTELLO JUNE 8, 1994. New York City, New York. Summerstage in Central Park. A fine recording only betrayed by a some setlist choices and a few missed rearrangements. With that said, there is some fantastic stuff here just uneven.

ELVIS COSTELLO. JUNE 27, 1994 (2) Paris, France. Superb soundboard.

ELVIS COSTELLO. LIKE BUDDY HOLLY ON ACID. July 19, 1994 (2) Rome, Italy. Excellent soundboard.

ELVIS COSTELLO SEPTEMBER 22, 1994 (2) Tokyo, Japan. Fantastic recording and performance.

ELVIS COSTELL0 & THE ATTRACTIONS. MAY 17, 1995 (2). London. With Marc Ribot & James Burton. Fab night. Soundboard.

ELVIS COSTELLO. MAY 15, 1996. (2) San Francisco, CA. KFAN radio broadcast. I seem to be missing 2 or 3 tracks, so what, this is a great show.

ELVIS COSTELLO & STEVE NIEVE.  MAY 20, 1986.  Boston, Massachusetts.  WBOS Radio. Broadcast from the Paradise Theatre.  I think incomplete and maybe missing a few final tracks. 

ELVIS COSTELLO & STEVE NIEVE. MAY 22, 1996 (2) New York City. Elvis at the Supper Club broadcast by WNEW. Good stuff.

ELVIS COSTELLO. I DID TALK TO BOB DYLAN. 1996. This is acoustic Elvis that's a bit same sounding song to song. Nice recording.

ELVIS COSTELLO. VHI STORYTELLERS. Broadcast on June 16, 1996. Stories and songs from the witty one.

ELVIS COSTELLO. FEBRUARY 8, 1999 (2) Tokyo, Japan. While this soundboard is artful and some excellent moments, it's just a bit dreary and ballad heavy for me.

ELVIS COSTELLO. February 19, 1999 (2) With Steve Nieve on Keyboards. Commercial sound. First the bad: Those Bachrach songs are truly a dreaful bore. The Good: the Elvis songs that I know and love performed in outstanding arragements with real spirit and charm. I guess I could turn this into an amazing one discer.

ELVIS COSTELLO WITH STEVE NIEVE. LONELY IN BERLIN. (2) May 10, 1999. Berlin, Germany. Lovely soundboard in the amazing city.

ELVIS COSTELLO. JUNE 16, 1999 (2) Toronto, Canada. Again with Nieve on Keyboards. Terrifically entertaining show with "Radio Sweetheart" turned into a great audience singalong. Perfect sound.

ELVIS COSTELLO. EPISODES OF ELVIS (2). April 16, 2002 in London. Bonus Tracks include his part from the Landmine Free World Concert in 2002 and then the "Crossroads" appearance with Lucinda Williams.

ELVIS COSTELLO & THE IMPOSTERS. SEPTEMBER 15, 2002 (2) Brussels, Belgium. 11 tunes in glorious soundboard.

ELVIS COSTELLO & THE IMPOSTERS. NOVEMBER 3, 2002 (2) Clearwater, Florida. Sweet soundboard from the creative Declan. Delightful.

ELVIS COSTELL0 & ALLEN TOUSSAINT. July 5, 2006, Hyannis, Massachusetts. Start with the premise: the most inspired pairing in many a moon. Secondly, their commercial album is the year's best offering. Period. This is a good recording, very enjoyable night. I caught the show a week later in Boston, it was fantastic!!

ELVIS COSTELLO. THE FIRST TEN YEARS. PODCAST SERIES (2) Elvis interview - lots of good anecdotes and observations.

ELVIS COSTELLO. SEPTEMBER 30, 2007. Bridgeport, Connecticut. Openng set for Bob Dylan - alone and acoustic and just on fire. Well captured by the taping there's just a little distance in the sound. These were amazing performances - inspired.

ELVIS COSTELLO & CLOVER. MY AIM IS TRUER. (2) November 8, 2007. Decent audience tapng of this reunion show performing the first album in its entirity and then doing other stuff.

ELVIS COSTELLO.  SPECTACLE WITH THE POLICE.  Apollo Theatre, Harlem, New York.  A bit of the audio and some extras from the Police's appearance on Elvis' show. 

ELVIS COSTELLO. WFUV. June 2, 2009. In studio interview and performances promoting the "Secret, Profane" record. Good stuff.

ELVIS COSTELLO AND THE SUGARCANES. June 16, 2009, (3) Ryman Auditorium, Nashville, Tennessee. Long, generous and fantastic show. It's an acceptable audience taping, god, I wish we had a more perfect recording. Magical.

ELVIS COSTELLO & THE SUGARCANES. August 21, 2009 (2) Santa Rosa, California. A nice balanced audience taping of an inspired tour (and album) superbly executed.

ELVIS COSTELLO. JULY 31, 2011. Newport, RI. Newport Folk Festival. Masterful performance with help from Emmylou, Secret Sisters and Chris Thile. Perfect sound, wondrous performance.

ELVIS COSTELLO & THE IMPOSTERS. GLASTONBURY FESTIVAL 2013 (2) June 29, 2013. Audio feed from TV Broadcast of this Anti-Semite. Somehow I can still enjoy the music.

ELVIS COSTELL & THE ROOTS. September 16, 2013. Brooklyn, New York. Nice sounding boot, funky stuff.

ELVIS COSTELLO. NOVEMBER 23, 2013 (2) Morristown, New Jersey. Solo show with some great moments but also some sameness. Pretty good audience taping.

ELVIS COSTELLO. MARCH 12, 2015 (2) New Orleans, Louisanna. Very good Elvis solo tour, entertaining and fun. Too bad he doesn't like Jews.
ELVIS COSTELLO.  AUGUST 9, 2022 (2) Lewison, New York.  Terrific IEM recording.  Great performance.
ELVIS COSTELLO. OCTOBER 1, 2022.  Strictly Hardly Bluegrass Festival. San Francisco, California.  Audio ripped from HDTV webcast.  Great set of a dozen tunes, covers and lots of good stuff.  Fab.

ROBERT CRAY. JANUARY 21, 1987, Dallas, Texas. With Special Guest Stevie Ray Vaughan. Terrific radio broadcast of this talented, under heralded bluesman man.

CREEDENCE CLEARWATER REVIVAL. JANUARY 31, 1970. Oakland, California. Superb soundboarder, these guys rock, man. This is a great band!!

CREEDENCE CLEARWATER REVIVAL. JULY 4, 1971. Night 5 of the Closing of the Fillmore West Week. Closing night. Pretty good recording and the feisty band is in good form. Historic night for those that care.

THE CRICKETS. AUGUST 15, 2009 Green Bay, Wisconsin. Hey not bad, I think it's a corporate gig for Briggs & Stratton as the CEO sits in with the band at some point. There was more to this band that Buddy Holly...really.

JIM CROCE. PHILADELPHIA 1967 & CLEVELAND 1972 (2) Two terrific discs, the first an early, early radio show fand then a very good soundboard from Cleveland. Excellent stuff here.

JIM CROCE. LIVE AT HARPER COLEGE. February 2, 1973. Nice crisp soundboarder from this gruff, working class folkie with a heart of gold. Stories, mirth and music from this singer/songwriter.

JIM CROCE. GLASSBORO STATE COLLEGE 1973. Jim tells alot of stories over the course of the night. Commerical soundboard sound quality. Alot of fun, though sad to think he died so young.

JIM CROCE & MAURY MUEHLEISEN. JULY 7, 1973. Amsterdam, Holland. Another great soundboard show from our lost folk hero. Nice to show on the art his musical partner who went down in the plane with him.

JIM CROCE. AUGUST 25, 1973. Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Too much he's no longer with us, but he was a lot of fun.

DAVID CROSBY & GRAHAM NASH. WHALE AND FIELDWORKERS BENEFIT. December 14, 1974, San Francisco, California. High quality recording, just a bit dull when they're not playing the hits.

DAVID CROSBY & GRAHAM NASH. JANUARY 17, 1992. Melbourne, Florida. Soundboard. Great music, but utterly annoying chatter. Hey, Dave shut the fuck up and sing.

CROSBY, NASH & YOUNG. WATER BROTHERS. March 28, 1973. San Francisco. No Stills. Soundboard, some kind of political benefit. Pretty good show I'd say.

CROSBY, STILLS, NASH & YOUNG. JUNE 4, 1970. New York City. Can someone tell me why the Filmore East is gone. Anyway, an enjoyable show in superb sound. I still love so many of these songs.

CROSBY, STILLS, NASH & YOUNG. FOUR WAY HARMONIES. Terrific hodge podge collection of outtakes, alt mixes, demos et al.

CROSBY, STILL & NASH. THE SANTA CRUZ EARTHQUAKE BENEFIT (2) November 8, 1989. Radio broadcast and a very nice recording. Crosby can get a bit annoying, but still the harmonies shine thru. Quite mellow, mellow, very very mellow.

CROSBY, STILLS, NASH & YOUNG. (2) LIVE IN DETROIT. DECEMBER 13, DECEMBER 14, DECEMBER 18. Apparently it is oft attributed to 10/24/69 but it is a compilations of three shows in Chicago, Detroit & Houston. With all that said, it's a nice mix of songs but the on stage chat makes my skin crawl.

CROSBY, STILLS, NASH & YOUNG. LONG TIME GONE (2) June 3, 1970, Lakenhurst, New Jersey. Stills guitar playing seemed a little stilted that night, but those harmonies are magical. Nice recording - I think the Young & Stills stuff sounds the best. Lots and Lots of stage chat, you can see the seeds of that 4 way street.

CROSBY, STILLS, NASH & YOUNG. TRIBUTE TO NEIL YOUNG (2) Contains the same June 3, 1970 show, but also a number of additional tracks -a bunch of Neil stuff and Buffalo Springfield. Loved.

CROSBY, STILLS, NASH & YOUNG. (3) February 1, 2000. Tacoma, Washington. Very good audience recording captures an appreciate and enthusiastic audience digging the reunion. Each disc has its own amatuer artwork.

CROSBY, STILLS, NASH & YOUNG (3) April 14, 2002. Tampa, Florida. Soundboard. They are so very important, just ask them.

SHERYL CROW. UNRELEASED FIRST ALBUM. Not too shabby effort, apparently abandoned.

SHERYL CROW. HIDDEN TREASURES. Collection of B Sides etc. Great stuff, artwork does exactly match up to the music on the disc.

SHERYL CROW.  ANGELS, ALIENS & ELVIS.  February 8, 1987.  Sweet FM broadcast with a couple of interview clips mixed in.  Jacob Dylan helps out with he closing tune, The Weight. 

SHERYL CROW. VH-1 STORYTELLERS & UNPLUGGED. Good clean copy with some nice anecdotes and pretty good performances.

SHERYL CROW AND FRIENDS. THE REHEARSAL. September 13, 1999. New York City. Rehearsals from the big Central Park show with Sarah McLaughlin, Dixie Chick, Chrissie Hynde, Keef & Eric.

SHERYL CROW TRINITY CHURCH SESSIONS. November 3, 1998. A wonderous acoustic performance in commercial sound quality.

SHERYL CROW. LET ME PUT MY LOVE INTO YOU GO DOWN. 1999. Nice little live show with a couple of studio outtakes as bonus. I dig her.

SHERYL CROW. THE BIG FOUR - OH. February 11, 2002. Los Angeles, California. It's a birthday bash with lots of friends stopping by, but unfortunately a sub par taping doesn't capture the magic. You get: Bonnie Raitt, Dwight Yoakum, Gwyneth Paltrow and Don Henley (ugh).

SHERYL CROW. LET FREEDOM SING. July 4, 2016 Nashville, Tennessee. Nice soundboard as the well preserved Sheryl got invited to celebrate Independence day. Sings most of her hits. Holds up.

SHERYL CROW. HAPPY SNOW VALENTINE. Winter Olympic Game Concert. February 14, 2002. This is a fun one. First off, in the middle of the show they are broadcast on Jay Leno. Finish the gig with a great Zepplin cover of "Good Times, Bad Times." Right after the riff, she let's out a wonderful cackle.

SHERYL CROW.  SOUNDSTAGE.  August 5, 2003.  Chicago, Illinois.  Great sounding TV gig.  

SHERYL CROW. JUNE 11, 2008 (2) Los Angeles. The bad: It's a flat seemingly mono recording. The good: My ears adjusted quickly and she's quite personable and even funny. A great set of tunes too.

SHERYL CROW. THE CROW COMES ALIVE. July 20, 2013. Sioux Falls, South Dakota. Nice show sourced from the IEM Audience Matrix.

SHERYL CROW. MILWAUKEE 2017. JULY 9, 2017. Milwaukee, Wisconsin, Soundboard. Her set from the Outlaw Music Festival with Willie and others. Great stuff. Chick is cool.

SHERYL CROW. JUNE 28, 2019. GLASTONBERY FESTIVAL. Pilton, UK. Great stuff, it's a big crowd and my girl is up for the challenge.

SHERYL CROW. BURBANK 2019. December 2, 2019, Burbank, California. An I Heart Radio promotional show with a fawning interview and nice performances as my girl is promoting her Threads album.

THE CURE. DRESSING UP FOR A DAY OUT. July 26, 1995. Glastonbury. Great soundboard. Enjoyed it quite a bit and reminded me why I dig these dudes.

RICK DANKO. DECEMBER 20, 1977. New York City. King Biscuit Flower Hour. Okay sound quality, these radio shows you always expect a little better. Still nice.

RICK DANKO BAND. MARCH 1, 1978. Los Angeles. A sloppy, drunken night. Rick was a scooch off his game as he was bombed. Long delay at the end as Rick called for Levon, Garth, Richard and Robbie to join him up on stage. They all did, but Robbie even though we waited and waited. Memo to Rick: Robbie is a dick. Anyway, soundboard recording.

RICK DANKO & PAUL BUTTERFIELD.  NOVEMBER 18, 1982 (2) Cambridge, MA. Early and late shows at Jonathan's Swifts.  Soundboards.  

RICK DANKO. DECEMBER 9, 1989. Chicago, Illinois. Soundboard. Great show, what a passionate and talented musician.

RICK DANKO, PAUL BUTTERFIELD & BLONDIE CHAPMAN. DECEMBER 13, 1979. Boulder, CO. At first, I thought oh oh, not a good recording, but oh man did it grow on me. Outstanding real music, the blues always sound good. You can't fight the feeling.

RICK DANKO & LEVON HELM. JANUARY 28, 1983. Portland, Oregon. Fabulous show and sounds absolutely terrific.

RICK DANKO & LEVON HELM. JANUARY 29, 1983 Eugene, Oregon. Superb sounding show. Love ti.

RICK DANKO, RICHARD MANUAL + PAUL BUTTERFIELD. SEPTEMBER 9, 1984 (2) Lone Star Cafe, New York City. It's the reason why I collect bootlegs. A performance of such emotion and heart that blew my socks off. I have become absolutely smitten by the passion that Danko brings to the table. The chemistry and musicianship of the three of these guys is nothing short of what music is supposed to be about. Magic.

RICK DANKO, RICHARD MANUAL + GARTH HUDSON. JANUARY 2, 1985 (Late) and JANUARY 6, 1985 (Late) Lone Star Cafe, New York City. (2) Terrific twin shows with very different setlists in soundboard recordings. Love.

RICK DANKO. MARCH 25, 1989. Extra-ordinary performance. This is Rick's opening set for Jorma - soundboard. Just Rick and guitar and love.

RICK DANKO. OCTOBER 8, 1999. Massapequa, New York. A sweet sounding sound board, a musical treat.

RICK DANKO, GREGG ALLMAN & FRIENDS. JUNE 1, 1991. New York City. Lots of great music in this soundboard.

RICK DANKO. BBC RADIO 1. April 7, 1993. London, England. Nice radio interview with a couple of songs. You get a couple of questions about Bob Dylan. Rick was a nice sweet guy.

RICK DANKO & FRIENDS. JUNE 29, 1995 (Early & Late Shows) (2) New York. Great, warm soundboard. Excellent music.

RICK DANKO. THE LAST PERFORMANCE. Radio Woodstock. December 6, 1999. As the title says, this is the near the end for this amazing, passionate performer. He is 100% heart.

TERRENCE TRENT D'ARBY. LOVE, PEACE & TOLERANCE. November 5, 1993, Oslo. Not sure where and how the wheels came off of his career. Perhaps it was the shit 2nd album. He is an immensely talented artist and this show is an A+ perfomance - closes with an awesome cover of "Jumpin' Jack Flash." Give Terence a chance.

RAY DAVIES. SOLD ON SONG. BBC RADIO. April 1, 2006. London, England. Wonderous radio show with great song and stories. Superb.

RAY DAVIES. APRIL 5, 2008 (2) Upper Darby, Pennsylania. Pretty fair recording, not perfect but the show shines through. On the road, playing those great songs. Ray is a top flight front man and singe a 5 star artist.

RAY DAVIES. DECEMBER 3, 2008 (2) Nashville, Tennessee. A relaxed Ray, largely along regalling the audience with song & story. Alot of fun. He's alot of fun.

THE DEL FUEGOS. THE LYON TAPES. Great show from this gem of a band from Boston. Oh Bar band rock, bring ye back.

DELANEY & BONNIE FRIENDS. COLTON UK 1969. December 2, 1969, Colton, UK. Set 1. Soundboard with Clapton, Mason, Harrison, Coolidge, Keys and crew. Soundboard including the stage announcement at the end telling the crowd to leave so the second show can happen with the line of people waiting to come in. Hysterical.

DEREK & THE DOMINO. FILMORE EAST. October 23, 1970. Extraodinary performance from Clapton with all of his Guitar God powers intact. Sensational sound and performance - I believe this has been subsequently released commercially..

DEREK & THE DOMINOES. DEREK IS ERIC. Studio outtakes from 1970 when Clapton was God, drugs were good and Nixon was President.

MINK DEVILLE. DESPERATE DAYS. September 3, 1988, Switzerland. Mink offers a powerful concoction of doo wop, soul and R&B. A stylish offering off the soundboard no doubt.

DEVO. JULY 17, 1980. Boston. WBCN Radio broadcast. Holy shit, I was at this show, way up in the balcony boiling. Lots of fun, man.

DIRE STRAITS. JANUARY 30, 1979, Leeds, UK. Superb soundboard - wow - amazing stuff. Dig the rarely played "Real Girl" that had me scrambling to track it down.

DIRE STRAITS. February 16, 1979. Cologne, Germany, Rockpalast. Perfect soundboard quality.

DIRE STRAITS. BEFORE WE BECAME FAMOUS. 1979. 10 Songs nicely performed from their first tour.

DIRE STRAITS. JULY 5, 1981. Brussels, Belgium. Soundboard from the band people seem to love to hate.

DIRE STRAITS. JULY 10, 1985 (2) Wembley Stadium, London. Soundboard. They were quite commercial weren't they. Maybe Rock's most successful quirks.

DIRE STRAITS.  AUGUST 17, 1985 (2)  Houston, Texas.   Soundboard.  A band in full force.  Superb.

DIRE STRAITS. FEBRUARY 2, 1992 (2) Oakland, California. Another soundboard from the king of cool.

DIRE STRAITS. HAMBURG 1992. July 15, 1992. Hamburg, Germany. Soundboard. Boy the man can play.

DIRE STRAITS. ON EVERY PLANET. July 30, 1992. Oslo, Germany. Another sweet soundboard.

DIXIE CHICKS. RARITIES. No source info or artwork. Collection of B sides, live tracks and pirated one offs from soundtracks.

DIXIE CHICKS. THANK HEAVENS FOR DALE EVANS. 14 unreleased studio tracks from 1992. no art or set info.

DIXIE CHICKS. LITTLE OLE COWGIRL. 1992. Another set of early studio recordings - again no art, source or set info.

DIXIE CHICKS. SHOULDN'T A TOLD YOU THAT. 1993. Another set of studio material. No source or set info.


DIXE CHICKS. JUNE 6, 1999. London, England. Talk about real girl power. From a BBC radio, a swingin' take of "There's Your Trouble" among its treasures. These chicks get better and better.

DIXIE CHICKS. NOVEMBER 12, 2000 (2) Chicago. A B minus audience recording of this Chicks tour. Wish I could have seen the funny slides that had the audience in stitches. Unfortunately the recording is just not up to the task.

DIXIE CHICKS. CMT CROSSROADS. July 31, 2002. This is really a duel show with James Taylor. TV show so it has commercial sound, JT does DC songs, the girls do JT songs, chat, interviews, mutual admiration etc. Also includes a Taylor performance on Letterman. Good stuff. No art or setlist.

THE DIXIE CHICKS. DECEMBER 5, 2006. (2) Dallas, Texas. Imperfect recording, a bit hollow, distant, yet instruments and voices are clear. Last show of the tour. Ever?

FATS DOMINO. JUNE 13, 1975 (2) New York City. Early and Late shows. Soundboards. Legend.

DONOVAN. THE BOTTOM LINE 1976. April 10, 1976, New York City. (2) Radio broadcast. Look I did the guy and love alot of his music. He is a sincere hippy. Lots of great stuff and one or two misteps, Contains his worst song ever - "I Love My Shirt" Oh god, its embarassing. But I don't want to focus on the negative, it's a great show.

THE DOORS. STUDIO OUTTAKES. Elektra Sound Recorders, Hollywood. Odd and unsatisfying studio outtakes mostly from Morrison Hotel.

THE DOORS. STUDIO DAZE. Odds and sods from this legendary band.

THE DOORS. THE ROCK IS DEAD SESSIONS. February 25, 1969. Studio outtakes. et al.

THE DOORS. APOCOLYPSE NOW. From their 1968 Waiting for the Sun Tour. Nice live show featuring the Lizard King and his lounge bandmates.

THE DOORS.  MARCH 10, 1967. The Matrix, San Francisco. Good weird shit from these dark LA rockers.

THE DOORS. March 18, 1967. Detroit, Michigan. Damn good soundboard.

THE DOORS. SUMMER'S ALMOST GONE. 10 Cuts from a 1967 San Francisco show with 8 additional tracks from other shows. Plenty of fun to be had. Setlist only.

THE DOORS. THE COMPLETE STOCKHOLM 68 TAPES (2) Stockholm, Sweden. Soundboard. At times, I cracked a smile and enjoyed the groove, at other times I was bored silly by their twaddle and aimless wondering.

THE DOORS. THE MIAMI INCIDENT. MARCH 1, 1969. Miami, Florida. First of all, this is not music for the ears. The recording is a low level audience taping obviously reworked as best as possible. You do get a clear upfront vocal, but the band is just sort of plunking in the background. But it just doesnt matter because it's pretty fascinating. Morrison is a wild man, raving, ranting and slurring his way through exulting the crowd to have fun, be free and do anything. It's an incredible listen as who really wants to listen to the music anyway.

THE DOORS. LIVE IN DETROIT. (2) May 8, 1970. Further evidence of a band that got it - what it means to stage a rock and roll concert -- Loud, nervey & Free.

THE DOORS. JUNE 6, 1970 (2) Seattle, Washington. Sorry, but I find these guys quite interesting live. Morrison's performances are manic & entrancing. This night he was drunk, the band was sloppy, but still fun to hear. Soundboard.

THE DOORS. THE ISLE OF WIGHT FESTIVAL. August 30, 1970. Soundboard. Excellent, restive show, thoroughly enjoyable.

THE DOORS. OBJECTS OF DESIRE. Studio outtakes, alternatives, and various odds + ends. You get a couple of early Ray material along with assortment of stuff. Sound quality varies. No artwork, just source info.

THE DOORS. THE LOST PARIS TAPES. Paris, 1971. It's really Jim in a Studio reciting snippets of poetry and ephemra.

STEVE EARLE. MEXICAN DEMOS (2) The are purported to be pre - signed demos. Certainly interesting stuff.

STEVE EARLE & TOWNES VAN ZANDT. TOGETHER LIVE AT THE BLUEBIRD CAFE. September 13, 1995. Two Texas cowboys singing for their supper. Soundboard.

STEVE EARLE. HEAVY METAL BULE GRASS (Undrugged in Bern) November 16, 1997 (2) Bern, Switzerland. Superb soundboard, full of great music and some odd stories.

STEVE EARLE & THE DEL MCCOURY BAND. MAY 11, 1999. (2) Malmo, Sweden. Simply a killer. Crisp sound, as Earle goes bluegrass - music, man.

STEVE EARLE. October 29, 1999 (2) Chiari, Italy. Solo acoustic soundboarder. Great stuff.

STEVE EARLE & THE BLUEGRASS DUKES.  November 12, 1999 (2)  Nashville, Tennessee.  Terrific soundboard.  Bluegrass, babe.

STEVE EARLE & THE DUKES. JULY 18, 2000 (2) Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Great Stuff with Steve and band.

STEVE EARLE. March 30, 2002. Australia. An immense solo performance taped off a radio broadcast. A+ wiht a few minor digital glitches. Do you realize he's been married 6 times!

STEVE EARLE & THE DUKES.   December 7, 2004 (2) Berlin, Germany.  Great soundboard with Alison Moorer in tow.

STEVE EARLE. THE REVOLUTION STARTS NOW TALK SHOW PROMO. Handed to me when I attended a show in March of 2005. It's a half hour excerpt from his radio show in Mono?? featured Jonathan Demme chatting and bringing in a couple of records to play. Thought I'd throw it on my list.

STEVE EARLE. FEBRUARY 18, 2008 (2) London, England. Decent enough audience tapng - it the folkie, bearded Steve with his stunningly beautiful wife Allison Moorer in tow. Enjoyable night of music - highlight: "Satellite Radio."

STEVE EARLE. AUGUST 2, 2008. Newport Folk Festival, Newport Rhode Island. NPR prodcast. Great stuff. He's fat and happy now.

STEVE EARLE. JULY 21, 2009 (2) Des Moines, Iowa. Soundboard solo show, what's not to love.

STEVE EARLE. BERLIN 2013. February 6, 2013. Live radio show from Germany as he is premiering some of his new songs and a couple of classics before he signs off. Don't think Walmart will be stocking this one.

STEVE EARLE & THE DUKES. February 25, 2015 WFUV radio show, Steve plays his new blues records at Electric Lady studio in NYC. Damn, it's a fine record.

STEVE EARLE & THE DUKES. November 6, 2015. Weekender Festival, Wangels, Germany. Sweet sounding soundboard from his Blues tour. Great stuff, man.

STEVE EARLE & SHAWN COLVIN. June 13, 2016 (2) London. Imperfect taping, but sometimes you gotta take what you can get.

STEVE EARLE, PATTY GRIFFIN, EMMYLOU HARRIS, BUDDY MILLER & LUCINDA WILLIAMS. OCTOBER 8, 2017. Lampdusa Festival. Great little fundraising, consciousness raisting tour. Soundboard.

STEVE EARLE & THE DUKES. JULY 5, 2018 (2) Rudolstadt Festival, Germany. He is not capable of writing a bad album or doing a bad show (these days). Excellent Radio broadcast.

STEVE EARLE & THE DUKES.  JULY 2, 2019 (2)  Austin City Limits, Austin, Texas.  Pulled from the Webcast.  Great stuff, man.

STEVE EARLE & THE DUKES.   7TH ANNUAL JOHN HENRY'S FRIENDS BENEFIT.  Deceive 13, 2021 (2) Town Hall, New York. A fundraiser for Steve's kid's school with Bruce Springsteen, Roseanne Cash and others.  Soundboard. 

BRIAN ENO/DAVID BRYNE. PRE-RELEASE GHOSTS. These are alt takes of their Ghosts in the Machine collaboration. Ambient and dull like the official release.

EURYTHMICS. ACOUSTIC SAMPLER. Berlin, 1989. This is a 3 song Arista promo of the Dave & Annie with guitar doing stuff from the We Too Are One album. Quite good.

THE FACES. BOSTON TEA PARTY. March 27, 1970, Boston, Massachusetts. I was too young to ever go to that legendary club. Anyway, midling show.

THE FACES. IN CONCERT 1973. (2) February 8, 1973 & April 1, 1973, London. Hey man, these skinny Brits are the real deal. Coulda Shoulda been the Stones, but alas this was not their fate. These are imperfect radio broadcasts capturing the 5 between pubs. If you don't like it, you can't be my friend.

THE FACES. AUGUST 8, 1974. Detroit, Michigan. Great stuff and I'm happy to collect this might forgotten band.

THE FACES. MARCH 7, 1975. San Bernadino. Just 11 songs, but they are 11 good ones in crystal clear quality.

THE FACES. RHYTHM & BOOZE. 1986, San Bernadino, California. More great stuff. Superb..

THE FELICE BROTHERS. NOVEMBER 30, 2007 (2) London. Wowee. What a great frisky show. "Helen Fry" is like a neutron bomb only he building didn't stand either.

THE FELICE BROTHERS. MAY 1, 2009 (2) Knoxville, Tennessee. A superb and spirited night. Terrific sound and grit.

THE FELICE BROTHERS. MAY 23, 2009 (2) Richmond, Virginia. This joyous bunch have plenty of magic tricks up their sleeves. It can an Irish jig, a quixotic ancient folk tune or just simply a sublime whisky sing along.

THE FELICE BROTHERS. MAY 26, 2009 (2) Johnson City, Tennessee. Superb show --- a great recording. You get Ian's twisted vocals right up in the mix and it's just fanastic. Gil Landry from Old Crow stops by for a couple too. A quixotic band a great combination of old time sounds, new time lyrics and old school smarts.

THE FELICE BROTHERS. LEBOWSKI FEST. (2) July 16, 2010. Louisville, Kentucky. A pre film show celebrating the mighty Coen Brothers classic. Decent taping with upfront vocals, but less than perfect recording.

THE FELICE BROTHERS. MAY 3, 2011 (2) Denver, Colorado. Acceptable, but not great recording. A Good but not great show, but they do play most of my favorite songs.

THE FELICE BROTHERS. OCTOBER 31, 2011 (2) Bloomington, Illinois. Soundboard. I love these guys, but frankly the first half of the show is a tad somber for these ears. I prefer their country infused Dylanology. Anyway, I haven't been able to secure any other boots of these guys so you got to take them when you can.

BRYAN FERRY. JUNE 4, 2002. Belfast, Ireland. Swiss radio broadcast. Sweet one.

BRYAN FERRY. MARCH 10, 2007 (2) Manchester, England. A terrific performance which outshines the flawed taping. Plenty of material from the recent "Dylanesque" album. Dylan lyrics to a roxy beat -- sounds like a good idea to me.


BRYAN FERRY. SEPTPEMBER 16, 2011, Moscow. Nice edited "sterile" soundboard. Snazzy, I say.

BRYAN FERRY. SEPTEMBER 3, 2013 (2) Paris, France. Perfect soundboarder. Amazing show with the Bryan Ferry Orchestras as he does a bunch of those 20's/big band arrangements to the Roxy Classics along with regular performances. Supreme!

BRYAN FERRY. SEPTEMBER 14, 2015 (2) Munich. Terrific sounding show - still has all his magic.

FLYING BURRITO BROTHERS. HIGH LONESOME SOUND. July 27, 1969. Seattle with the and then bonus tracks from May 1970 w/o Gram. Terrific sounding live shows

FLYING BURRITO BROTHERS. TV STUDIOS 1970. 7 Tunes from a tv appearance in the Netherlands in December.

FLYING BURRITO BROTHERS. NOVEMBER 7, 1970. Late show. Filmore East, New York City. Wondrous soundboard from these legendary country rockers. Perfect sound - this is the real good stuff.

FLYING BURRITO BROTHERS. JUNE 1971. Philadelphia. WMMR Radio broadcast - this is a post Parsons Burrito line up of Hillman, Leadon, Clarke, Roberts and Perkins. Sweet sound and a great night of music.

JOHN FOGERTY ROSKILDE 1997. June 27, 1997. Denmark. John was smokin' Excellent recording. Fogerty is Classic Rock - sounds great, but I gotta be in the mood.

JOHN FOGERTY, PETER FRAMPTON & DUANE EDDY. WITNESS HISTORY III, April 5, 2000. These three artists get together for a show at the Ryman Audit

JOHN FOGERTY. JULY 26, 2006. Birmingham, Alabama. Pretty efficient audience taping of Rock and Roll's ageless wonder. Bill Clinton introduces and Willie Nelson steps in for a tune.

JOHN FOGERTY. NOVEMBER 28, 2009 (2) Upper Darby, Pennsylvania. Super generous show from this legend - why exactly do people plan their lives around the Greatful Dead, but Fogerty is just a journeyman rock and roll hall of famer.

JOHN FOGERTY. MAY 14, 2011 (2) Santiago, Chile. Excellent Radio Broadcast. Go Johnny Go.

JOHN FOGERTY. NOVEMBER 17 & NOVEMBER 18, 2011 (3) Beacon Theatre, New York. At these 2 shows he playe the complete Cosmos Factory and then Green River albums. He's a man filled with joy and spirit and boy does that come across. These are good not great tapings, the first night sounded a bit better to these ears. No artist has been more fucked by lawyers, but atleast he's standing now and kicking some serious ass.

JOHN FOHN FOGERTY. MAY 28, 2013. Los Angeles, CA. TV Broadcast. Super sounding and rockling show. I loved it all including the songs I didn't know. Great performance from a top shelf rock and roller, I just wish he wasn't such an assohole.

BEN FOLDS FIVE FEBRUARY 8, 1998 Sounds like a radio recording. Don't mix Ben up with other pop piano players. While this guy can write a catching tune - he does so with wit & attitude.

BEN FOLDS FIVE. NOVEMBER 18, 1999. Stockholm, Sweden. Radio broadcast. One of the band's last gigs I think.

BEN FOLDS. LOFT SESSIONS. December 29, 2005. XM Radio broadcast. Solo performance with piano - terrific.

BEN FOLDS FIVE. JUNE 2, 2012 (2) Mountain Jam, Hunter, NY. First reunion show and it's a soundboard. Lots of fun from this quirky, jerky talented Piano Man.

FRAMPTON'S CAMEL. LIVE AT THE BBC. 1972. Great 5 song in studio, just breaking free from Humble Pie.

PETER FRAMPTON. MARCH 6, 1974. Denver, Colorado. Radio show, in studio could actually be the same show as below.

PETER FRAMPTON. IT'S A PLAIN SHAME. May 7, 1974, Recorded live at the Untrasonic Studios, Hempstead, New York. 9 in songs for a radio broadcast.

PETER FRAMPTON. MARCH 15, 1975. Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. FM Broadcast. Frampton comes alive.

FRAMPTON COMES ALIVE AT THE RECORD PLANT. March 24, 1975. KSAN-FM in studio performance featuring new songs on the studio album just prior to the big live album. Great stuff, man.

PETER FRAMPTON, JULY 4, 1975. Dallas, Texas. Radio broadcast. Hey this is good stuff. I dig him.

PETER FRAMPTON. LIVE AT CAPITAL THEATER. February 14, 1976 (2) Early and Late Shows. Soundboard. So good.

PETER FRAMPTON. APRIL 30, 1976 (2) Seattle, Washington. Another great soundboard of Peter at the height of it all.

PETER FRAMPTON. SUPERSTARS IN CONCERT. JULY 4, 1976. Radio broadcast. The end is near, but you don't know do you Mr Jones. You get a little interview as well mixed into this. I music is good, but the definition of a mismanaged career.

PETER FRAMPTON.  FRAMPTON COMES ALIVE AT THE FORUM.  (2)  December 9, 1976. LA, CA  From the famed taper Mike Millard, very good audience taping.

PETER FRAMPTON. COMES FRAMPTON. JULY 4, 1979. The Summit, Houston. Single disc, maybe radio broadcast. Seemed a bit stilted at time.

PETER FRAMPTON.  AUGUST 15, 1992 (2) Ventura, California.  Westwood One Radio broadcast.  Go Peter go!

PETER FRAMPTON. JUNE 18, 1994. Mates Rehearsal Studio, North Hollywood, California. FM Broadcast. Has some interviews as well.

PETER FRAMPTON.  NOVEMBER 8, 1995, Baden, Germany.   Radio studio performance.  Charming. 

PETER FRAMPTON. SOUNDSTAGE. (2) January 18 & 25, 2007. I dig him, he's a great player and I always like his voice. Enjoyable stuff from the would be superstar.

PETER FRAMPTON. August 2, 2008 (2) Atlantic City, NJ. There was a time where everyone I knew owned "Frampton Comes Alive." Everyone! Anyway, Peter has aged well, his voice sounds clear, his playing is is excellent. Obviously he hasn't written a popular tune in 30 years, but so what. You do get a couple of nice instrumentals along with the stadium classics.

PETER FRAMPTON. FIREWORKS IN THE FLATS (2) September 4, 2009. Excellent performance. Soundboard.

PETER FRAMPTON. PETER FRAMPTON COMES ALIVE! IN MESA March 7, 2012 (2) Mesa, Arizona. Great sound boarder of his anniversary Comes Alive Album tour. It worked.

PETER FRAMPTON. RAW: AN ACOUSTIC SHOW. March 15, 2016. Carmel by the Sea, California. Great stuff for an hour or so. Stories and songs.

PETER FRAMPTON. MAY 21 2016 (2) Richardson, Texas. Frampton still comes alive. Good stuff, he's cool.

ARETHA FRANKLIN. MAY 2, 1968. Stockholm, Sweden. Nice sounding show from lady soul. She sure can sing.

ARETHA FRANKLIN. JULY 21, 1970. Jazz Festival. Antibes/Juan-Les-Pins. Soundboard. Special performance from the greatest soul singer of all time.

AN EVENING WITH SALVADOR ALLENDE: THE FRIENDS OF CHILE BENEFIT. May 9, 1974. Madison Square Garden, New York City. Basically all the live performances with the taped segments edited out. Dylan, Ochs, Seeger, Arlo, Dave Van ROnk and even Dennis Hopper.

PETER GABRIEL. HUMAN WAVE WALL. (2) November 6, 1993. Berlin. Soundboard. Cool.

MARVIN GAYE. THE SOUNDBOARD ARCHIVE (2) Consists of Miami (1978), Budokan (11/13/79 - below), Indianapolis (6/9/83). Beautiful stuff from a troubled soul.

LOWELL GEORGE. MARCH 19, 1974, WHFS-FM Studio, Bethesda, Maryland. The biggest little foot stopped it for a couple of tunes, an informal, casual 4 songs (Linda Ronstadt sings background on a couple). Too bad he died, what a damn waste.

GHOSTS OF ELECTRICITY. OCTOBER 31, 2009 (4) The best that I can tell this is a one night band formed to cover Bob Dylan songs and they know their song well. These are Mark Karan, Robin Sylvester, Mookie Siegel, Stu Allen and Greg Anton - all of whom play for Dead related groups or Jam bands. Some of it works and they are having a good time on this perfect sounding recording. But if you find the Grateful Dead a bore like me, I think they often suck the energy out of the room. Ee gads the noodling can endlessly dull for my taste.

STEVE GIBBONS' DYLAN PROJECT. AUGUST 12, 2011. Cropredy Festival. Nice show from a Dylan cover band - but with a twist. Nice takes, but with some freedom on the arrangements. Not impersonators but intrepreters. Soundboard.

THE GOURDS 2001-2002 COMPILATION (3) Terrific collection of material.

THE GOURDS. JANUARY 35, 2003. Antoine's, Austin, Texas. A terrific, warm gig in perfect soundboard. Love.

THE GOURDS. NOVEMBER 20, 2004, Alexandria, Virginia. I'll say it again, sweet soundboard recording, great show.

THE GOURDS. APRIL 7, 2007, Eugene, Oregon. Fun. Happy. Well played. Outstanding. And yeah, a soundboard.

THE GOURDS. APRIL 26, 2008 (2) Livingston, Texas. Nice soundboard from these good time bad asses. Highlights: "Bottle and A Dime" and "Teacher."

THE GOURDS. DECEMBER 4, 2009 (2) Austin, Texas. Simply awesome, a masterpiece. Perfect soundboard. This is magnificence.

THE GOURDS. FEBRUARY 19, 2010 (2) Austin, Texas. A great show with a ton of stage banter filled with memories and great stories. And spectacular music. Soundboarder.

THE GOURDS. MAY 28, 2010 (2) Austin, Texas. Another great soundboard from a band that I can't get enough of. Trust me, these guys are terrific.

THE GOURDS. THE BRAND PARTY. September 18, 2010 (2) Scotch Plains, NJ. Private party captured nicely. Not my favorite setlist, but always a pleasure.

THE GOURDS. FEBRUARY 24, 2011 (2) Charleston, South Carolina. Soundboard recording for a birthday party. As always, alot of fun.

THE GOURDS APRIL 23, 2011 (2) The Top Hat. Another great soundboarder, I dig it.

THE GRATEFUL DEAD. FEBRUARY 12, 1989 (2) Inglewood, California. Soundboard. Dylan showed, played on a half dozen songs and sang "Knockin on Heaven's Door."

THE GRATEFUL DEAD. OCTOBER 17, 1994 (3) New York, New York. Bob Dylan shows up to close out the night singing lead on "Rainy Day" which is the sole reason I own this soundboarder. Note to self: I filed along with Dylan shows in 1994 ringbinder.

GREEN DAY. A DAY OUT IN PARIS. February 3, 1998, Paris Franc. Quite good sound board recording. Their stage chat is endearingly goofy. Hey it's fun stuff!

AL GREEN. THE GOSPEL OF LOVE. New York City, 1973. From a PBS television broadcast. You get a 5 min interview with the 25 year old Al and then a sweet, soulful show.

JACKIE GREENE. MARCH 1, 2014. The Troubadour, Los Angeles, California. Sourced as a converted Youtube file. I caught this show as I wanted to go to visit the famed club on business trip. Lo and behold, I saw a great musician and bought his catalog of CDs too. He's the real deal, blues based rock with a love of Dylan, the Beatles and the Dead.

GUN'S 'N ROSES. SESSIONS (2) Superb collection of outakes, alt versions etc. You get an an all piano of "November Rain," a couple of takes of "Jumpin Jack Flash" among it's gems. This is really good.

GUN 'N ROSES. APPETITE FOR OUTTAKES (2) Demos, studio stuff etc. Wildly varied in quality, but there are some nuggets in here.

GUNS N' ROSES.  COCKED AND RE-LOADED.  THE DEFINITIVE MISSING APPETITE FOR DESTRUCTION AND GNR LIES ERA DEMOS.  (2)   My version is missing the first five tracks from 1985, but contains some pretty cool stuff including great alt takes of "One in  Million" and "Used to Love Her."

GUNS 'N ROSES. JUNE 28, 1987. Marque Club, London. This is a pro soundboard recording, announced by Axel as being recorded by the record company. Third night before they broke out and it is incendiary.

GUNS 'N ROSES. OCTOBER 27, 1987. Boston, Mass. It's a shitty recording which I usually toss, but I want to keep this one anyways.

GUNS 'N ROSES. BAD BOYS, GREAT NOISE.(2) December 26, 1987. Pasadena, California. Great sounding boot, boyz in their prime.

GUNS "N ROSES. SILENT SHOTS. February 2, 1988. New York City. A Killer single disc, superior recording. Awesome.

GUNS 'N ROSES. NOVEMBER RAIN. STUDIO SESSIONS - 1986. 15 Demos or alternate studio takes - contains stuff from "Appetite," "Lies," and the "Illusions" discs. Makes me realize what a punk band these bad boys were. Axl's vocals at time sound like they were recorded in bathroom, but otherwise a pretty gooD sounding disc.

GUNS 'N ROSES. USE YOUR ILLUSSION OUTTAKES (2) A very enjoyable set of outtakes and alt takes.

GUNS 'N ROSES. UNPLUGGED. I don't have any source info, but the 11 acoustic tracks are from different locations and era's. Great sounding stuff, some of it real informal.

GUNS 'N ROSES. COVERING THEM. First there are some digital clicks between tracks though I only noticed one individual click on a close listen. Most of these covers are the usual nightly fair but you do get a couple of rarities I suppose. All in good sound and performance.

GUNS N' ROSES. OUT OF TIME. September 30, 1987, Dusseldorf, Germany. 11 rocking' tunes

GUNS' N' ROSES. SELF DESTRUCT ERA. (2) December 7, 1988. Tokyo, Japan. Soundboard. C'mon, these is noisy, amazing rock and roll. A Blast to listen.

GUNS 'N ROSES MAY 29, 1991 (2) Noblesville, Indiana. Soundboard. Say what you will but Axl runs a tight ship. I think only Izzy from the originals join, but must say this rocks out! Excellent.

GUNS 'N ROSES. THE 11 COMMANDMENTS. 1992, New York City. 11 tunes plucked from this MSG show. Seems like a cleaned up, acceptable audience taping though it gets dicey at times. Axl is voluble, wierd, insane and just plain fun as you'd expect.

GUNS 'N ROSES. NOVEMBER RAIN AT THE TOKYO DOME (2) February 22, 1992. I popped this into my iPod having not listened to this band too much recently. You can't help but realize that this was truly an extraordinary band who had an opportunity to rewrite the record book. They didn't. They imploded. They blew it. But man oh man, they were special. Incredible rock song writing. Great musicianship. Great arrangements. They had it all and when they had it all, they were incredible. This is the audio feed of a Japan only release and it sounds fantastic. The only other thing I can say is: essential.

GUNS N' ROSES. WILD BOYS NEVER DIE. April 6, 1992, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. Great stuff. Soundboard. They are launched.

GUNS N' ROSES. APRIL 9, 1992 (3) Rosemont, Illinois. Soundboard. Craziness in full display. Fantastic.

GUNS 'N ROSES. SAY YOUR PRAYERS (2) June 6, 1992, Paris, France.  Per Per View. If you need any evidence that these guys COULD have been one of the greatest band EVER this is it. Musically ambitious. Axl's snarling vocals and toxic charisma. Slash. This is a great show with guests: Lenny Kravitz, Steven Tyler & Joe Perry. Superb.

GUN'S N ROSES.  NOVEMBER 25, 1992 (2) Caracas, Venezuela.  Imperfect sound, too bad as they were rocking!

GUNS N' ROSES. NIGHT OF THE LIVID RED HEAD. (2) December 5, 1992, Buenos Aires, Argentina. Stunning soundboard. With Axl stopping the show twice, calling for an interpreter and threatening to walk if people don't stop throwing stuff, this is a show on knife's edge. An amazing rock and roll document, if you need proof - which you shouldn't - of these Cali misfits brilliance and scale this is it. A show filled with intensity and magic.

GUNS N' ROSES. MARCH 26, 1993 (2) Saskathchewan Place, Saskatoon, Canada. Soundboard. Another killer show from the olden, golden days.

GUNS N' ROSES. LIVE IN ARGENTINA. JULY 16 1993 (2) Absolutely killer show - these guys at their peak had so many moments of pure rock and roll heaven. Soundboard.

GUNS N' ROSES. HOUSE OF BLUES 01*01*01. (2) January 1, 2001, Los Angeles, California. Soundboard recording of some Mach? version of Axl's band with Tommie Stimson, Brain and others in tow Sounds good to these ears, man.

GUNS 'N ROSES. ROCK IN RIO FESTIVAL (2) January 15, 2001. A wild soundboard boot. Axl and his new friends do the legacy justice. Some hysterical stage talk - this one is a blast.

GUNS N' ROSES. TRILOGY. Contains November 8, 2002 (Tacoma, Washington), November 11, 2002 (Nampa, Idaho), and November 24, 2002 (Cleveland). All fantastic!!!!!

GUNS 'N ROSES. DEMOCRACY IN BEANTOWN (2) December 2, 2002, Boston, Massachusetts. Great sounding show - say what you will - Axl is an amazing band leader. His bands comes to play.

GUNS N' ROSES. NOVEMBER 25, 2002. (2) Columbus, Ohio. Soundboard. Rock and Roll.

GUN'S N ROSES.  DEMOCRACY IN CHIBA (2) Chiba, Japan.  Killer soundboard on this whisper clean recording.  You even get to hear Axl's occasional instructions to bandmates.  Great Rock and Roll.  

GUNS N' ROSES.  CHINESE DEMOCRACY TOUR IN SAN JUAN (2) April 15, 2010.   Axl and his chosen gang.   A great sounding soundboard. 

GUNS N' ROSES.  ALMOST NYE IN LAS VEGAS (3), Las Vegas, Nevada.  Terrific soundboard, I dig the Wilderness Guns. 

GUNS N' ROSES. April 9, 2016 (2) Las Vegas. Good audience recording. Fun stuff.

GUNS N' ROSES. WELCOME BACK TO THE JAPANGLE. (3) January 22, 2017. Kobe, Japan. It's an imperfect audience taping, but it's charm use out as this band is simply a wonder.

GUNS N' ROSES. SALTIMA 2017 (3) January 29, 2017 Saltima, Japan. A reminder at how great this rock band cam put together a show. This is a very good audience taping, capturing the energy, mayhem and attitude of this mighty band.

GUNS N' ROSES. JUNE 13, 2017 (3) Munchen, Germany. Imperfect audience taping of a nearly perfect show.

GUNS N' ROSES. DEMOCRACY IN CHIBA. July 15, 2007. Chiba, Japan. Terrif soundboard as this well rehearsed outfit marched on.

GUNS N' ROSES. LIVE AT THE APOLLO (3) July 30, 2017. Apollo Theatre, New York City. Sirius/XM show. Fucking great.

GUNS N' ROSES. NOVEMBER 28, 2017 (3). San Diego, California. Matrix Stereo IEM recording. It's just so damn fantastic.

GUNS 'N ROSES. NOVEMBER 29, 2017 (3) Los Angeles, California. The next night's soundboard just as good as the previous. Love it!

GUNS N' ROSES. JULY 24, 2018 (2). Reykavik, Iceland. Soundboard. A sensational recording and show from this mighty crew. Rock and Roll never forgets!

GUNS 'N ROSES.  GLASTONBURY.  June 24, 2023 (2). Two single files.  Soundboard.  I don't know what the fuck they are saying, I thought it was a great show. 

ARLO GUTHERIE. GERDES FOLK CITY. 1966. First set only of an early Arlo show. You get an early take on Alice's Restaurant - who knew? Fantastic stuff.

ARLO GUTHERIE. THE BITTER END CAFE. 1967. Early soundboard - just three songs "Motorcyle" and "Alice" included. Fun stuff, man.

ARLO GUTHERIE. EDWARDSVILLE 1969. July 7, 1969. Mississippi River Festival, Edwardsville, Illinois. Nice chatty set via soundboard. Joni Mitchell performed as well, but don't have her set nor want it.

ARLO GUTHERIE & SHENANDOAH. February 26, 1976. Boston, Mass. Sensational show, I guess this was a fund raiser for Presidential candidate Fred Harris (S-NM) I remember him, you should too. Anyway, terrific show and great taping. Every song is a treasure.

ARLO GUTHERIE. AUSTRIA 1981. Delightful show- Arlo is always great. Donovan stops by for the final 3 tunes. A bunch of Dylan covers on this night and "Coming into London" what more do you need?

ARLO GUTHERIE. AUGUST 19, 1984. Accord, New York. Ncie show out in the rain. Arlo sounds and plays well. "Alice" is performed by the source recording is chopped up a bit. Great.

ARLO GUTHERIE. AUGUST 12, 2006, Scotland. BBC recording. With son & grandso in band. A short, joy filled set.

ARLO GUTHERIE. AUGUST 18, 2006. (2) Dublin, Ireland. Radio broadcast. Sensational show and maybe the best Arlo boot in my collection. You get stories, great music, a complete "Alice," and everything one would want in a show. 5 Star.

ARLO GUTHERIE. HERE'S LOOKING AT YOU. August 12, 2007. Vienna, Virginia. Another superb show, this guy is great I tell ya. This one is Arlo solo playing songs and tellin' tales. Delightful.

ARLO GUTHERIE. FEBRUARY 1, 2008.(2) Randolph, Vermont. A generous 2 hour show from the mighty Arlo. Some great stories here too. Love.

ARLO GUTHERIE. MAY 10, 2010 (2) Kingston, Ontario. Decent audience taping, you know great stories and wonderful songs.

ARLO GUTHERIE. WINNIPEG FOLK FESTIVAL. July 12, 2009, Winnipeg, Canada. I've heard most of the stories by how, but always a charm.

ARLO GUTHERIE. NOVEMBER 9, 2009 (2) Stroudsburg, Pennsylvania. Another engaging, warm show from Arlo. Stories. Anecdotes, what else do you need?

MERLE HAGGARD. JUNE 6, 1980. Lone Star Cafe, New York City. Country Sessions radio broadcast includes commercials for True Value Hardware by Pat Summerall. Great gig, friends.

MERLE HAGGARD. OPRYLAND 1981. Nashville. Like you had to ask. Radio broadcast..."He picks as good as he sings..." Nice clean show.

MERLE HAGGARD. SILVER EAGLE RADIO BROADCAST. Opryland 1982. At first I thought a dup of the above show, but a different setlist so there.

MERLE HAGGARD. FEBRUARY 3, 1986. Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. What a fab radio show with a mid show award honoring Hag as Oklahoma of the day or some such thing. Great music and great vibe and feel. Sweeeeet!

MERLE HAGGARD. APRI 9, 1995. Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Soundboard. Throughly enjoyable.

MERLE HAGGARD. SPETEMBER 11, 1997 (2) Shereveport, Louisiana. Honoring Governor Jimmie Davis in a great FM Broadcast. Delight.

MERLE HAGGARD. NOVEMBER 6, 2000. Austin City limits. Short show and right on. A fabulous listen.

MERLE HAGGARD & THE STRANGERS. JUNE 14, 2002. Stockton, California. Decent audience taping. Sweet little show.

MERLE HAGGARD AND THE STRANGERS. APRIL 25, 2006. Memphis, Tennessee. Opening set for Bob Dylan. Decent audience taping. I caught - not this show - but others on the tour and would have loved a better representation. Love Hag!

MERLE HAGGARD. APRIL 29, 2006, Denver, Colorado. Another Dylan opening set, nice recording from a warm and happy Merle. Good.

LEVON HELM & THE HAWKS. (2)  PORT DOVER 1964.  Before they were the Band.  Early rock, baby.  Soundboard.   What a great gift to have this material from this important band.  

LEVON HELM. JULY 18, 1984 (2) Woodstock, New York. Joyous local show, great sounds, great peeps.

LEVON HELM. JUNE 13, 2008. Chicago. A paper flat audience taping. Nice set list, mix of old Band classics, new stuff and covers. Levon sounds great, bless him.

LEVON HELM.  AUGUST 3, 2008.  Newport Folk Festival, Newport, RI.  Soundboard.  I caught this show with band led by Larry Campbell.  

LEVON HELM BAND. 6TH ANNUAL MOUNTAIN JAM. (2) June 6, 2010 Hunter, New York. A really nice audience reording unfortunately my copy cuts out the last 4 tunes. Tons of guests; Donald Fagan, Allison Krause, Steve Earle, Allison Moorer, Warren Haynes, Ray Lamontagne, Patterson Hood. Great stuff.

LEVON HELM BAND. JULY 8, 2010. Winnepeg Folk Fest. A killer show and a strong recording. If you aren't listening to this band you are missing someone who is carrying the flag forward.

LEVON HELM TRIBUTE. APRIL 21, 2012. Ryman Auditorium, Nashville, Tennessee. While titled as a tribute, this is really A Garrison Keiler radio show with performances from Emmy Lou and others that is a bit broaded than a pure tribute. Not really certain why it got listed that way, but it is still fabulous.

JIMI HENDRIX: A TRIBUTE. (2) Thoroughly engaging radio documentary on the mighty man. You hear Mick, Eric, Pete & Paul along with others as a part of the program. Premiere broadcast in November 1982.

JIMI HENDRIX. STOCKHOLM '67. Jimi's guitar is a tad undermiked during the opener of "Sgt Pepper's," but after that it's pure magic. Plays a bunch of my personal favorites: "Foxy Lady," "Hey Joe," "Fire," "The Wind Cried Mary," and a "Purple Haze" that I cranked so loud I need new bridge work.

JIMI HENDRIX. MIXDOWN MIXMASTER TAPES. VOLUME 1-3. Sweet treasure trove of studio outtakes. Was assured by the Hendrix collector that this is the good stuff.

JIMI HENDRIX. IT'S ONLY A PAPER MOON. MARCH 10, 1968, NYC mostly and then a few other tracks as well. Soundboard.

JIMI HENDRIX & JIM MORRISON. LIVE AT THE SCENE CLUB. Summer, 1968. Sounds better than it is, but still fun to see these 2 dead legends jam together.

JIMI HENDRIX. MIAMI POP FESTIVAL 1968. Disc contains two different soundboard recordings of this 4 song gig.

JIMI HENDRIX. IT'S GOING TO BE A BIT LOUD. January 9, 1969. Second Show. Stockholm, Sweden A soundboard that blasts off. Woo hoo.

JIMI HENDRIX. FOR THE QUEEN. Isle of Wight. August, 1970. Soundboard. Jammin' ensued.

GIL SCOTT-HERON. AUGUST 20, 1977 (2) Live at the Bottom Line, New York City. I will put aside his anti-semitism to say that he is an artist with alot to say, his spoken word stuff can't be insightful and incendiary and his best songs fuze jazz, rock and soul. His musical collaboration with Brian Jackson stand the test of time and this is a fine sound board recording.

JOHN HIATT. SINCE HIS PENIS CAME BETWEEN US. 1984. The Netherlands. Live FM Broadcast plus bonus tracks. I am more familiar with the post Bring the Family Material so this material was new to my ears. Hey, good stuff. And title track, not the greatest tune but hey what a title.

JOHN HIATT. BUG DEMOS. 1983-1985. (2) Really a single disc with one additional track on disc two. Very nice set of stuff.

JOHN HIATT. DEMOS BOX SET (4). A pretty interesting windfall of demo's, outtakes and the like.

JOHN HIATT. SOLO AT THE BOTTOM LINE. November 11, 1986. Early Show. Real nice show from an underappreciated talent.

JOHN HIATT.   SEPTEMBER 13, 1988.  WBCN studio visit.   Three Tunes and some chat as Hiatt on the road promoting.

JOHN HIATT & THE GONERS. OCTOBER 7, 1988 (2) New York City. WNEW Broadcast from the Bottom Line. This is the gold standard. Super.

JOHN HIATT & THE GONERS. DECEMBER 16, 1988 (2) San Diego, California. Lots of Bring the Family & Slow Turning material. Incredible. Soundboarder.

JOHN HIAITT. JANUARY 4, 1989. Ottawa. Superb radio broadcast.

JOHN HIATT & THE GONERS. JANUARY 24, 1989. San Francisco, California. Another great radio broadcast. Special stuff.

JOHN HIATT. October 25, 1990. Boulder, Colorado. (2) FM Radio broadcast. Great stuff as you can imagine, our unsung hero always hitting the ball right on target.

JOHN HIATT. LIVE @ THE HIATT. London. October 30, 1993. Nice rock and roll album from a man with an amazing voice.

JOHN HIATT & THE GUILTY DOGS. January 25, 1994.(2) New Britain, Connecticut. FM Broadcast. He's just on.

JOHN HIATT & THE GUILTY DOGS. MARCH 7, 1994 (2) Austin, Texas. Radio broadcast with interview clips. Good fun from Mr. Good Fun.

JOHN HIATT & THE GUILTY DOG. SAN FRANCISCO SLIMS. (2) March 27, 1994. Radio Broadcast. A rockin' performance, smokin'. Superb kick ass show.

JOHN HIATT. BRING THE FAMILY OUTTAKES. My version has 8 terrific alt takes from album - sounds really like these were demos.

JOHN HIATT. SLOW TURNING SESSIONS. 9 nice sounding demos from the fine album.

JOHN HIATT & THE GONERS. JULY 1, 2000. Bayfield, Wisconsin. Great, rocking soundboard. Wonderful.

JOHN HIATT & THE GONERS. RIDING THE TRAIN (2) January 17, 2002. Aarhus, Denmark. Not my favorite Hiatt show, but this Radio show certainly has it's charms.

JOHN HIATT.  MAY 23, 2004 (2)  Glenside, Pennsylvania.  Great solo soundboard. He da man.

JOHN HIATT. APRIL 10, 2008. Groningen, Netherlands. FM Broadcast. Solo show from the inventive, amazing John Hiatt. Fascinating is the word I'd use for this abundance of talents.

JOHN HIATT. JUNE 26, 2008 (2) Ann Arbor, Michigan. Imperfect audience recording, the music sounds good throughout, but you have to strain to hear the between song words.

JOHN HIATT. AUGUST 16, 2008 (2) Cockeysville, Maryland. Tasty gig - supreme recording. Love the man - you should too. Doesnt' just rock, it swings.

THE HIGHWAYMEN. APRIL 3, 1992 (2) Stockholm Sweden. Tasty soundboard from this ragged assembledge.

THE HIGHWAYMEN. APRIL 15, 1993 (2) Battle Creek, Michigan. I've been there - Battle Creek I mean. Anyway, nice soundboard recording of these legends.

THE HIGHWAYMEN.  APRIL 21, 1993 (2) Toronto, Canada.  Another sweet soundboard

THE HIGHWAYMEN. JUNE 4, 1995 (2). Los Angeles, With Cash, Willie, Waylon and Kristopherson this is truly an immense supergroup. Incredible show that kicks serious ass.

HOLE. PLUGGED & UNPLUGGED. Contains the MTV Unplugged show and a Feburary/1994 gig. Terrific sound quality, missing one track from the 21 listed.

BUDDY HOLLY. THE COMPLETE BUDDY HOLLY (10). It's an exhaustive collection of all sorts of stuff. Not sure it's complete, but it's got a ton of stuff including tunes that Buddy played guitar on, etc. Cool!

BUDDY HOLLY. THE FAMOUS BUDDY HOLLY APARTMENT TAPES. Stunning. Sort of like Buddy unplugged in his NYC apartment just laying down some tunes. It's pure audio gold. All music until near the end of the apartment stuff with a little wierd and playful chat with his wife. And then there are some unsourced bonus tracks tacked on (radio performances & other material backed with a band).

BUDDY HOLLY WHAT YOU'VE BEEN A-MISSING (4) A massive - over 120 tracks - collective of interviews, outtakes, promo's, news stories, demo's etc. The final disc - least essential - consists of Buddy's session work, atleast I think. Amazing stuff from the hero of authenticity. No artwork, but I did finally get source information.

BUDDY HOLLY IN PERSON A terrific patchwork collection of stuff; Ed Sullivan Show, interviews, outtakes etc.

BUDDY HOLLY. BUDDY'S RAREST. A plethora of studio material with multiple takes from various backing bands: The Crickets, Three Tunes & The Picks.

BUDDY HOLLY. SOMETHING ELSE. No setlist or source info. Signficant overlap with some of the bootlets listed here with interviews and performances.

BUDDY HOLLY. RECORDED LIVE. More unsourced material with the usual mix of live, studio etc. Anyone have artwork for these last two?

HOWARD STERN SHOW - MUSICAL MEMORIES (4). Collection of musical performances from the show.  Plenty of good stuff from excellent artists as well as shite.  I dig Howard just fine but suffers doesn't necessarily ice the best taste. 

JACKSON 5. IMPERIAL PALACE. April 22, 1973. Tokyo, Japan. Sloppy soundboard of the kids. Glad to have it, didn't love it.

MICHAEL JACKSON. SEPTEMBER 27, 198. (2) Yokohama, Japan. Great boot from the long gone strange one.

MICHAEL JACKSON. GREAT DUETS & UNRELEASED DEMOS. Really more of a hard to get collection . There's a spanish version of "I Just Can't Stop Loving You," various duets, 12" etc.

MICHAEL JACKSON.  LIVE IN LOS ANGELES (2)  January 27, 1989, Los Angeles, California.  Truly a great concert - even Sheryl Crow is singing background - forgotten with all the nonsense is the wondrous music. 

MICHAEL JACKSON. BLACK & LIVE. October 1, 1992, Bucharest. 17 Songs soundboard set, some nice material pretty much based on the solo hits. Enjoyable.n 

MICHAEL JACKSON. BRUNEI (2) 1996. This is one of those multi million dollar private shows. Actually sounded and felt alot better than I thought. Good live band and hey, them's some really good songs. Clearly some piped in music to help the band, but that's really my only critisim.

MICHAEL JACKSON.  JULY 4, 1997 (2) Munich, Germany.  Soundboard.  A show of highs and lows. Yeah, you get the schmaltz of "Heal the World, but also the great and wonderful songs of this tortured artist. By the way, there is still (2019) an odd Michael Jackson fan memorial that is tended to in the center of Munich.  I visited it, filled with photos, flowers, etc.  

MICHAEL JACKSON. 30TH ANNIVERSARY SPECIAL 2001. New York City. A showy tribute to MJ largely fall flat, overwrought and bland. Only warms up when Jacko takes to the mic.

WANDA JACKSON. JANUARY 23, 2011. Los Angeles, California. Backed by Jack White and his band for a show promoting their album together. Rocks much harder than her band which performs in the rockabilly tradition. This is a shitty audience recording.

THE JAM. SET THE SKIES ABLAZE. A compilation from the November 1980 Sound Affects European Tour. MP3 Version. I found this a real revelation. Never was a big fun of the band and couldn't see what the fuss was about. But this disc shows me the explosion of their live performance. Great stuff.

THE JAM. MAY 20, 1982. Boston, Massachusetts. Radio broadcast. Starts and ends with brief band interviews. They didn't really translate across the pond, but I like 'em alot.

RICK JAMES.  ROCKPALAST.  April 3, 1982.  Essen, Germany.  Rick at his funkiest and with all of his super powers.  He's got a big band with him - horns, flutes - he can frickin' play the guitar and even helps out on harmonica.  Not a great singer, but this deranged man was a contributor.  

WAYON JENNINGS. ABBOTT HIGH SCHOOL Fall, 1974. Radio broadcast. This is such an odd recording. It was some kind of shindig at a high school broadcast over the radio with talkovers, interviews with fans in the streets. A great listen and a present from a forgotten time.

WAYLON JENNINGS. DALLAS 1975. Late August, 1975. Dallas, Texas. 14 Great tunes from a radio broadcast.

WAYLON JENNINGS. AUGUST 2, 1975. Sugarloaf, Maine. It's classic Waylon. He was a great talent and Iought to listen to him more frequently. A great country outlaw, too bad I never got the opportunity to see him.

WAYLON JENNINGS. AUGUST 12, 1978. Nashville, Tennessee. At the Opry. HE is the real deal.

WAYLON JENNINGS & THE CRICKETS. MARCH 16, 1979. (2) Johnson City, Tennessee. Soundboard. A reunion of sorts with both artists doing their hits. Enjoyable and somewhat historic, don't you think?

WAYLON JENNINGS and JESSI COULTER. JUNE 15, 1984. Worcester, Massachusetts. Radio Broadcast. Superb show, you get a short opening set from Jessi and then Waylon joins on stage for a killer show.

WAYLON JENNINGS. SEPTEMBER 23, 1984, Atlanta, Georgia. My rock 'n roll country hero kicking ass. Soundboard.

DAVID JOHANSEN. MAY 27, 1978. Boston, Mass. WBCN Broadcast. I wasn't there that night but most others when he was in town.

GEORGE JONES AND THE JONES BOYS. RADIO JAMBOREE 1963. Sounds like some kind of radio show with various Hank Williams songs among others performed - 23 tunes in total. Perfect sound

GEORGE JONES. PASADENA 1979. Gilley's, Pasadena, Texas. There are some source flaws on this soundboarder, but it's a fun show. George's a bit drunk, but the singing still largely holds up.

GEORGE JONES. JUNE 6, 1981. New York City. From the Bottom Line and courtesy of the Wolfgang Vault. Thank you.

GEORGE JONES. GILLEY'S 1984. Pretty Good taping, I'd call it a flawed soundboard. By the way, I rode he bull a Gilley's.

GEORGE JONES. NOVEMBER 26, 1985. Austin Texas. Another soundboard courtesy of Wolfgang's Vault.

GEORGE JONES. JULY 18, 2008. North Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. A nicely played show hosted by a chatty, low key George. You get an opening set by The Jones Boys with Brittany Allyn, then a complete gig from the legend. He touches all the bases.

JANIS JOPLIN + JORMA KAUKONEN. THE TYPEWRITER TAPE. June 25, 1964. The famed home demos at Jorma's house. Also on the 9 disc set on this list.

JANIS JOPLIN. THIS IS JANIS. 1965. Clean, audition tape from one of rock's most overpraised brands. Still not band, and actually enjoyed this more than I expected.

JANIS JOPLIN. MARCH 27, 1966. Santa Fe, New Mexico. Soundboard. She was an amazing singer, really.

JANIS JOPLIN & THE KOZMIC BLUES BAND.  Apri 1, 1969.  Amsterdam, Netherlands.  8 Tune show that ignites.  Soundboard.

JANIS JOPLIN. TEXAS INTERNATIONAL POP FESTIVAL. August 30, 1969. Dallas, Texas. Soundboard. Six tunes at the festival, great.

JANIS JOPLIN.  FIRST STOP ON THE FESTIVAL EXPRESS TRAIN.  JUNE 28, 1970, Toronto, Canada.  Stepping off the craziness and singing like a demon.  Soundboard.  Great. 

JANIS JOPLIN. GET IT WHILE YOU CAN. July 8, 1970. Honolulu, Hawaii. A good, though highly washed I think, sound of 60's cast off legend. She can certainly screech and pour her heart into it all.

JANIS JOPLIN/BIG BROTHER & THE HOLDING COMPANY. TRIBAL STOMP. Various live cuts from a true believer.

JANIS JOPLIN. RAREST PEARLS. A sturdy collection of outtakes including a rockin' take of Dylan's "Dear Landlord." Alot of good stuff, my fav an accoustic "Bobby McGee" and some mediocre material as well.

JANIS JOPLIN. THE TELEVISION BROADCAST SESSION 1969-1970. (2) Collection of various performance, Dick Cavett show et. Some pretty good stuff here.

JANIS JOPLIN. BLOW ALL MY BLUES AWAY (9) Massive set of outtakes and live recordings which is simultaneously riveting and frustrating. Some of the live stuff with the band jamming away is downright dreadful - some of the singing is amazing. For big ears only, it's quite a listen.

J. GEILS BLUES BAND. SEPTEMBER 1968 (2) Montreal, Canada. Early band concept - no original, all blues covers. The Sound is clean, but scrubbed and somewhat 1 dimensional, maybe mono. Long ago and far away....

J GEILS BAND. JUNE 26, 1971, New York City. Just four tunes with Bill Graham introduced, the first fo two nights. I think the final curtain call of the Filmore East.

J. GEILS BAND. JUNE 27, 1971. New York City. The great band that time has forgotten. The real deal with a similar setlist to "Full House."

J. GEILS BAND. JUNE 24, 1972 Wetzikon, Switzerland. 10 Songs in less than perfect sound, but glad its on my shelves.

J. GEILS BAND.  DECEMBER 29, 1972.  Academy of Music, NYC.  Great sounding set. 

J. GEILS BAND.   MAY 31, 1973.  New York, New York.  5 Tunes courtesy of WBCN. 

J. GEILS BAND. DETROIT 1974. November 3, 1984. This is a full house era show with Wolf's familiar stage raps. Oh I love these hometown boys.

J. GEILS BAND. 1974 KING BISCUIT FLOWER HOUR. My very concert were these guys. This is a very very good sounding radio show, commercials have been clipped off of one of the greatest R & B bar bands of all time.

J. GEILS BAND. NOVEMBER 5, 1977. (2) San Francisco, California. Soundboard at Winterland. Nice to get a Monkey Island and a few other deep tracks in there. Oh, rock and roll.

J. GEILS BAND. APRIL 21, 1979, Rockapalast. Grugahalle, Essen. The Boys from Boston ripping it up. Soundboard as these shows always are and excellent.

J. GEILS BAND. APRIL 24, 1979. Amsterdam. Radio broadcast of 10 gems. Great stuff.

J. GEILS BAND. PINK POP FESTIVAL. May 26, 1980. Netherlands. 11 Smashin' tunes in soundboard from the Bad Boys of Boston.

J. GEILS BAND. LIVE OAKLAND 1980. 13 Great songs. Soundboard.

J. GEILS BAND. JULY 14, 1999 (2) Clarkston, Michigan. Decent, sorta audience taping. The world would be a better place with this band playing shows and recording. Period.

J. GEILS BANDS. JUNE 23, 1999 (2) Mansfield, Massachusetts. A poor, audience recording from their reunion tour doesn't do the band justice.

J. GEILS BAND. BOSTON BREAKDOWN (2) December 29, 1999. A fun extra show from one of the great American bands, nice mix of tunes. Love 'em.

J. GEILS BAND. FULL HOUSE 2009. April 24-25, 2009. Detroit, Michigan. And so this mighty band reunites for a 4 show reunion tour ( I caught one of the Boston shows) This is an 8 song recreation of the old war horse. Fun!

J. GEILS BAND. APRIL 25, 2009 (2) Detroit,Michigan. This is the complete soundboard, baby, and it's alot of fun. The bad boys from Boston know how to mine the magic. Yes.

THE KINKS. GOOD LUCK CHARLIE. Nice little hodge lodge set.

THE KINKS. THE SONGS WE SANG FOR AUNTIE (3) Career spanning collections of outtakes, alt stuff, radio appearances, concerts etc. Brilliantly compiled.

THE KINKS. SLUM KIDS. A sweet sounding collection of various BBC broadcasts from 1974 while promoting the Preservation Acts albums.

THE KINKS. THE GREAT LOST KINKS ALBUM. Contains 30 unreleased and rare recordings from 1963-1970 Fun collection of such lost tracks as "Scotty Grotti," "Sand on my Shoes," and "Berkely Mewa."

THE KINKS. RARE ANTHOLOGY; 1963-1997 Demos, Outtakes (2) Unreleased tracks. A generous slice of hard to find Kinks material.

THE KINKS. LIVE AT THE FILMORE WEST 1969. November 27-29, 1969, San Francisco. Groggy show, but not half bad. Has no major rock career been so mangled.

THE KINKS. UNPLUGGED. Ray Davies is one mean acoustic guitar player. From the most underrated band of the original brit invasion. Good mix of old and more recent songs. Perfect sound quality.

THE KINKS. KINKY REHEARSALS. Undated. This is THE good stuff, man Outstanding rehearsal material. Excellent.

THE KINKS. LIVE IN 1972. November 4, 1972. Charleston,Virginia. We simply don't have much from the early 70's from Ray and band and this one delivers the goods.

THE KINKS.  BOSTON 1972 (2)  November 11, 1972, Early & Late shows.   A double soundboard of Ray leading the band through that terrific back catalog.   Similar shtick at each show.

THE KINKS. MY FAVORITE. Pinched from the King Biscuit Flower House. Nice performance.

THE KINKS. FEBRUARY 18, 1977 (2) Santa Monica, California. Pristine sound, you'd think you were there. This is a expertly paced, played and performed night of amazing music from one of the mightiest bands of the rock era. LOVE it.

THE KINKS. FEBRUARY 19, 1977 (2) San Francisco, California. The next night a KSAN broadcast. great stuff.

THE KINKS. DECEMBER 3, 1977, Pawtucket, Rhode Island. Hey, a very enjoyable show. A warm audience taping
that captures all the warmth and magic of the gig.

THE KINKS. DECEMBER 24, 1977 (2) London. BBC 2 radio broadcast. This is a sweet and triumphant show, They do a mid set 1960's hit thing. Face it, these guys are better than your guys.

THE KINKS. OCTOBER 22, 1978. Vienna, Austria. Enjoyable soundboard missing a few tracks but the ones we get our enjoyable.

THE KINKS.  FEBRUARY 17, 1979 (2) State College, Pennsylvania.  Nice soundboard gig from Ray and the boys.

THE KINKS.  SEPTEMBER 23, 1979.  Providence Civic Center, Rhode Island.  10 from the soundboard.  I caught this show with my older brother (Herman Brood opened).  

THE KINKS. ANOTHER ONE ON THE ROAD. August 10, 1980. Detroit, Michigan. Excellent material from the Low Budget Tour.

THE KINKS. DECEMBER 31, 1980 (2) New York City. Radio broadcast. They're back and bigger than ever and in America. Great stuff, no amazing.

THE KINKS. ONE MORE FOR THE ROAD (2) February 27, 1982. Fabulous performance with commercial sound quality. Great stuff.

THE KINKS. ROCKPALAST. April 4, 1982. Essen, Germany. TV broadcast, I think. Great show promoting the Give the People Want They Want Album. Lots of good stuff: Destroyer, Lola etc.

THE KINKS. SEPTEMBER 5, 1985 (2) Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio. Soundboard recording with a less than perfect setlist, but still rocks.

THE KINKS. RIVIERA NIGHTCLUB 1987. 10 Kick ass tracks in perfect sound. Magnifique!

THE KINKS. ELECTRIC LADYLAND. May 12, 1993. New York City. Live broadcast from the famed NYC recording studio.

CHICAGO 1987 FIRST NIGHT (2) MARCH 7, 1987. The complete kick ass show.

THE KINKS. APRIL 14, 1988 (2) St. Louis, Missouri. Westwood one radio show in perfect sound. It may be out of order or incomplete, but largely all there and it's quite good.

THE KINKS.APRIL 8.  1988 Los Angeles, California . Soundboard. Not the greatest set list, but that is just nit picky.

THE KINKS.  JULY 26, 1993 (2)  Saratoga, New York.  A lot of fun, Ray in charge and having fun.  Great soundboard and performance.

THE KINKS. DECEMBER 21, 1994 (2) Stuttgart, German. Sounding. Oh so great!

MARK KNOPFLER. COPENHAGEN '96. (2) June 10, 1996, Copenhagen, Denmark. Stunning soundboard of a smorgesbord of a set.

MARK KNOPFLER. MAY 5, 2005, Brighton, UK. This is a real soundboard and the only way to hear this amazing musician as you need to hear the subtlety of the music and his incredible playing. He's gets mellow, but it's about as mellow as I can go.

MARK KNOPFLER.  LIGHTS ON A HIDDEN TREASURE (2) Rome, Italy.  Sweet sounding soundboard, sweet.

MARK KNOPFLER. JULY 1, 2005 (2) Fleet Pavillion, Boston, MA. Hot damn, I was at this show, downloading 14+ years after the event. Great show in soundboard.

MARK KNOPFLER & EMMYLOU HARRIS MAY 26, 2006 (2) Brussels. Clean recording. A mellow nite from this strange duet partners. Lovely.

MARK KNOPFLER. JULY 20, 2008 (2) Syracuse, New York. A nice, but merely acceptable taping from a great player. Vocals buried at times in the mix, but the guitar is strong and clear.

MARK KNOPFLER. NOVEMBER 19, 2012. Washington, DC Nice 1 hour opening gig for the Dylan tour. Very good sound with Mark seeing no need to play the hits with Bob Dylan's name atop the ticket stub. I saw the Boston show with the exact same set list. Some impressive playing.

KRAFTWERK. COACHELLA FESTIVAL. May 1, 2004. Soundboard. Amazing.

KRAFTWERK. DYNAMO DEUSCHLAND (2) July 15, 1991 with bonus tracks from 12/10/81. This is sound boarder and quite impressive. A techno wonder.

ALISON KRAUS & UNION STATION. SEPTEMBER 2, 1995 (2) Delaware Valley Bluegrass Festival, Salem, NJ. Super soundboard recording.

ALLISON KRAUS & UNION STATION. MERLE FEST. May 1, 2005 (2) Wilkesboro, North Carolina. Sweet and charming show captured by a soundboard recording. Good stuff!

ALLISON KRAUSS & UNION STATION. MARCH 24, 1991. Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Early show with a different crew of band members. Tyminski gets named checked. Great playing and quite charming. Superb recording.

ALLISON KRAUSS & UNION STATION. AUGUST 21, 1998. Soundboarder. She's an incredible musician and singer, but a bit loopy (in a good way) - an exquisite listen.

ALISON KRAUS AND UNION STATION. MAY 12, 2011. London. Soundboard. Terrific stuff.

LED ZEPPELIN. PB. March 21, 1970. Vancouver. Apparently the first Zep bootleg and first North American show. Pretty good considering it's petigree. PB stands for pure blues.

LED ZEPPELIN. ROYAL ALBERT HALL. January 8, 1970. Liner notes claims legendary performance captured by the soundboard. Those boys played loud.

LED ZEPPELIN. TEXAS POP FEST 1970. The vocals sound a little muddy to me, but Pagey sure can play the axe. 6 Rockin' tunes.

LED ZEPPELN. LIVE AT SOUTHHAMPTON UNIVERSITY (2) January 22, 1973. Damn good sounding boot. But my god, do they get experimental. Yikes. Guys. Still to the fucking songs. They are great, you know. By the way, I might have misordered this as it was downloaded.

LED ZEPPELIN. TYMPANI FOR THE BUTTER QUEEN. (2) May 19, 1973. Fort Worth, Texas. Terrifric soundboarder.

LED ZEPPELIN. LIVE IN DALLAS, 1975. Sweet single disc.

LED ZEPPELIN. EARLS COURT (4). May 24, 1975. Inspired? Ambitious? OR Windy? Artsy fartsy dull? Oh man, you decide. After listening for 3 1/2 hours, it rocks...it rolls...it fucking meanders...You gete some great moments and it puts you to sleep.

LED ZEPPELIN. June 1, 1977. (3) Los Angeles, California. Highly praised audience recording that I have seen titled a few different ways at various Zep web sites. Not sure I got the setlist right, but these boys can sure plug in and play to elevan. The place gots nuts during "Stairway."

LED ZEPPELIN. HEINEKEN. (2) July 7, 1980. The last performance - need we say more.

LED ZEPPELN. DECEMBER 10, 2007 (2) London, England. It's the big reunion show - you know the biggest event in the history of the western world. An imperfect recording. Love the crowd singing along to "Rock and Roll."

LITTLE FEAT. DEMOS AND OUTTAKES 1971-1977 Nice little collection of stuff.

LITTLE FEAT. MARCH 20, 1973. Decent but sketchy audience taping. May copy has a couple of digital flaws and a repeated track. However, worth it for the great Lowell George story about getting flipped off by Howlin' Wolf.

LITTLE FEAT.  APRIL 1, 1973 (2) Boston, Mass.  At the legendary Paul's Mall, a handful of tracks from the WBCN broadcast filled in my audience taping.  

LITTLE FEAT APRIL 10, 1973, Long Island, New York.   Back at the Ultrasonic Studios for another session. 

LITTLE FEAT. EBBETS FIELD. July 19, 1973. Just a setlist for this good set.

LITTLE FEAT. LIVE AT RICHARD ATLANTA. SEPTEMBER 17, 1993 (Correct Date not 1-1). Atlanta, Georgia. Delightful 15 songs, Sounds great.

LITTLE FEAT. SEPTEMBER 19,1974. Hempstead, Long Island. Whisper clean soundboard. Holy, moly when these guys are good, they are great. I should listen to them more often.

LITTLE FEAT. NOVEMBER 4, 1979, Lawrence, Kansas. Mediocre, subpar taping

LITTLE FEAT. OH ATLANTA! (Alternate Version). May 23, 1975. I'd call it a substandard soundboard. Bonnie Raitt and David Souther came out to sing background on a couple.

LITTLE FEAT OCTOBER 18, 1975. Rochester, New York. Another fun show from this outfit.

LITTLE FEAT. BOSTON 1975 (2) October 31, 1975. That's halloween. WBCN recording. A whole lot of fun. Great band, great show.

LITTLE FEAT. JANUARY 6, 1976 (2) Urbana, Illinois. A good, but not great soundboard.

LITTLE FEAT. LEGENDARY PERFORMANCE. February 14, 1976, San Francisco, California. Radio broadcaster of a nice show at Winterland.

LITTLE FEAT. MAY 10, 1976 (2) WASHINGTON, DC. Soundboard. Good stuff. How good were they? Very good!

LITTLE FEAT. JUNE 11, 1978 (2) Portland, Oregon. Soundboard. Fine show.

LITTLE FEAT. LOWELL RIGHT THROUGH THE NIGHT (2) Nagoya, Japan, July 1, 1978. Shit Lowell died just less than a year later. Excellent sounding disc.

LITTLE FEAT. JULY 8, 1978 (2) Tokyo, Japan. Soundboard. Some great stuff - maybe a jam or two too much - but they were so great.

LITTLE FEAT. OCTOBER 14, 1978 (2) Grand Rapids, Michigan. Soundboard proof of this band's musical chops.

LITTLE FEAT. FAT MAN IN NEW CASTLE. 1978 in the UK. Don't we miss Lowell George, lots of good stuff from a band that time has forgot.

LITTLE VILLAGE. SOLAR SEX PANEL. Crystal clean soundboard with the most talent assembled this side of the Traveling Wilburys. This is really a John Hiatt led supergroup that should have made a bigger splash than they did.

LITTLE VILLAGE. APRIL 21, 1992, Toronto, Canada. FM Broadcast. Flat out fun.

LITTLE FEAT. BOSTON. APRIL 26, 1992. Boston, MA WBCN Broadcast. Great stuff from this wondrous little band. Love it.

THE COMPLETE LIVE AID CONCERT (15) July 13, 1985. Here it is the global jukebox, the entire enchalada everything.

LOS LOBOS.  MARCH 11, 1985 (2)  Vancouver, Canada.  The Mexican Rolling Stones!  Soundboard.  Great.

LOS LOBOS. DECEMBER 31, 1985 (2) San Francisco, California. Soundboard. New Year's eve. Fantastic!

LOS LOBOS. FEBRUARY 21, 1987 (2) Madrid, Spain. Yup, another great soundboard from this mighty band.

LOS LOBOS. FEBRUARY 25, 1987. Amsterdam. FM Broadcast. Nice, clean show from these East LA roots rockers.

LOS LOBOS. HOLLYWOOD 1992 (2) Los Angeles, California. Radio broadcast from Capital Records headquarters on the Sunset Strip with friends: Rickie Lee Jones, John Hiatt, Dave Alvin, Leo Kotke, Syd Straw, Lalo Guerrero, Fermin Herrera. It's a great show of music, the DJs who host are a couple of fools.

LOB LOBOS. JUNE 19, 1999. (2) Recorded at Lupo's in Providence, I've seen those guys there, but not that night. Solid set.

LOS LOBOS. LIVE IN NEW YORK CITY. August 18, 1999. A soundboard that I wish was an audience taping. Not sure that the tech people got the knobs right, it just needs some warmth. Very goo, just not as good as I would hope considering the sound quality.

LOS LOBOS. WILD MAGNOLIAS. February 26 & 27, 2000, San Francisco. These homeboys are favorites of min. Nice, lean recording with friend, Bonnie Raitt, steppin in on slide guitar on a couple. Atleast these guys should be bigger than Linkin Park. What an immense, textured and rich sound.

LOS LOBOS. JUNE 16, 2000 (2) Santa Ynez Valley, California. Live Oak Music Festival. Wonderful soundboard only interrupted by a lost child announcement. Lots of mexican stuff so you have to be in the mood for it and I was.

LOS LOBOS. APRIL 1, 2008 (2) Vancouver. Sturdy taping with a generous setlist. Opened with "Kiko."

LOS LOBOS. APRIL 12, 2008 (2) Sparks, Nevada. The Mexican Stones in a nice audience recording. They should be in the stadiums too.

LOS LOBOS. JUNE 30, 1999 (2) Portland, Oregon. Strong audience taping - I won't complain. Some interesting covers: "Dear Mr. Fantasy," "Shoot Out the Light," "Bertha."

PROFESSOR LONGHAIR WITH THE METERS. MARCH 5, 1973. Chalmers, Louisiana. He's a fuckin' legend. Great sounding recording.

LYLE LOVETT. ACOUSTIC DEMOS 1983. So lucky to get this.


LYLE LOVETT. JULY 31, 1988. (2) Chicago, Illinois. Fantastic recording and show! Great Fun! One small source glitch.

LYLE LOVETT & HIS LARGE BAND. November 15, 1994 (2) Upper Darby Pennsylvania. Superb soundboard recording. Oft mellow, always good.

LYLE LOVETT. AUSTIN CITY LIMITS & MORE. December/1996. 9 super clean cuts from a man too cool for country and too country for cool. Homemade art.

LYLE LOVETT. WEST END CULTURAL CENTER. October 23, 1997 (2) A real treat. An awesome acoustic show - a soundboarder. Excellent takes on "Church," "Fat Babies," "If I Had a Boat" Sheit...it's all good.

LYLE LOVETT. MAY 7, 1999 (2) Des Moines, Iowa. Terrific sound boarder from this unique gent.

LYLE LOVETT, JOHN HIATT, GUY CLARK & JOE ELY. FEBRUARY 17, 2003. Santa Cruz, California. As Guy states as an introduction, it's four guys in your livinig room playing songs. It's an extraordinary show with the kind of spirit that can't be manufactured. Well done boys!

LYLE LOVETT + JOHN HIATT. February 20, 2008 (2) Acceptable audience recording -certainly the music shines thru - you have to turn up the volume to catch the stage chat. This is two friends trading songs, stories and jokes, what's better.

LYLE LOVETT & JOHN HIATT February 1, 2010. Zurich, Switzerland. Another night of mirth and music. Love those guys.

LYLE LOVETT. APRIL 30, 2011 (2) North Wilkesboro, North Carolina. Soundboard. Yeah, it's fantastic.

LYNYRD SKYNRD CARDIFF WALES. November 4, 1975. 12 rockin' tunes in perfect commercial sound from the original crew. I'll tell ya, these longhairs can play. Artwork doesn't quite match set info.

SHELBY LYNN. MARCH 27, 2000. Amsterdam. Sweet little, short soundboard. Gorgeous recording.

SHELBY LYNN. APRIL 28, 2000 (2) House of Blues, Los Angeles, California. She is one hot dish - makes my blood boil And, I must say, a great musical talent. This is a superbly performed soundboarder.

SHELBY LYNNE. NOVEMBER 12, 2001. The Supper Club, New York City Wowee, this is a killer set in soundboard. Amazing show from one hot number.

SHELBY LYNNE. NOVEMBER 17, 2008 (2) Wilmington, Delaware. Just a little too much distance in the recording, but still acceptable.

SHELBY LYNNE. NOVEMBER 29, 2008 (2) St. Paul, Minnesota. A terrific, warm show. I know she is supposed to be a nut, but she comes off very much down to earth.