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Jack White
The last best hope for democracy


B SIDES COLLECTION. 29 - count em tunes. Great stuff for the late to the gamers like me that don't own all the singles etc. Some great stuff, live, remixes you know the drill.

THE WHITE ALBUM VOL. 1 (Bob Dylan and the White Stripes). Various Dylan covers and related material. A Great freakin' idea -various sources. Fun.

B.F.F. 4-EVA. A 40 Minute collection of Bob Dylan and White Stripe material.

FOURTH STREET FAIR. July 11, 1998. Detroit, Michigan. Soundboarder. A raw & balanced Jack crashing his way thru. Final track is a cut & pasted Detroit Cobra unknown jam. Cool.

MARCH 1, 2001. Spikeland. Silverlake, California. The "Jolene" opener is faded in - otherwise a perfect soundboarder. No Setlist.

JACK WHITE AT THE GARDEN BAR. June 3, 2001. Detroit, Michigan. Audience taping. Just Jack, always a wonder.

JOHN PEEL SESSIONS 1 JULY 25, 2001. London. In studio performance in perfect sound. Kinda amazing and quitoxic these Whites they are. Hard to listen to, raw, lusty sweaty & challenging rock and roll.

PEEL SESSIONS 2. August 11, 2001. London. Another excelelnt sounding boot. While I like the song selections on Peel 1 better, this puppy rocks hard.

SEPTEMBER 22, 2001. Stella Blue, Asheville, North Carolina. A frickin' sweet soundboard recording. A hysterical take of "Your Southern Can is Mine." A mind blowing take of "Screwdriver" that ends the night with a cathartic kaboom.

LONDON FORUM. November 29, 2001. London, England. Radio broadcast in full splender. Spectacular!

DECEMBER 6, 2001. London, England. Yes. Yes. A great sounding bootlegs from the "new Carpenters" as Jack declares at the open. Includes two - count them two Dylan covers: "Isis" and "Love Sick." Thank heavens for Jack White!!!!

JANUARY 29, 2002. Melbourne, Australia. Audience recording marred by a little chat but certainly a successful taping. Love that "Black Jack Davey" cover.

APRIL 4, 2002. At Lupo's, Providence, Rhode Island. Jack apologizes at the outset for his hoarse voice so while he's a bit froggy all night long he does seem to sing better towards the end of the evening. Commercial level recording - reallys sensational. Meg takes on the vocals of "Rated X." Can't believe that I didn't make it to this show - just didn't know what I was missing quite yet.

APRIL 15, 2002. Helsinki, Finland. Fun show. Git it. Love "Offend in Every Way" and "Union Forever."

JUNE 9, 2002.  Vancouver, Canada.  Wicked cool soundboard he even throws in a snip it of Dylan's "Love Sick". Sensations show.  Essential. 

LIVE AT THE ROSKILDE FESTIVAL. June 30, 2002. Roskilde, Denmark. G.E.N.I.U.S.

AUGUST 9, 2002. Detroit, Michigan. A hometown party. Excellence in recording and performance. Love it.

AUGUST 15, 2002. New York City, New York. Subpar taping that misses the good show. Recording from the balcony.

OCTOBER 1, 2002. New York City. Particularly good for an audience taping of a free outdoor gig. A couple of minor digital flaws on one song - still real nice.

APRIL 11, 2003. London. A lethal concoction of Led Zep, Nirvana & Alice Cooper. Wow - a tour de force. Radio broadcast.

APRIL 20, 2003. Boston, Massachusetts. This is a San Diego radio station's broadcast - a great show excellent.

MAY 19, 2003. Berlin, Germany. How ways can you say rock and roll visionary. The real fuckin' deal.

JUNE 25, 2003. Stubb's BBQ. Austin, Texas (Late Show). Par audience recording. Messy, but gets the job done.

JULY 3, 2003. (2) St. Paul, Minnesota. Excellent recording. Excellent performance. Fun the way it is supposed to be.

SEPTEMBER 20, 2003 (2) Las Vegas, Nevada. I hadn't listened to this band for awhile when I got this recording. It's everything about why I love them. Jackie White is the answer.

NOVEMBER 2, 2003. New Orleans, Louisiana. A hammy, clammy recording that's charge of power that those energy drinks can only imagine.

NOVEMBER 24, 2003 (2) Camden, New Jersey. Exceptional in every regard. Commercial sound quality soundboard and tight, tight performance. Dig.

FEBRUARY 4, 2004 BBC Radio promo. This is actually four tunes, all Jack. Quite cool.

COACHELLA FESTIVAL. APRIL 27, 2004. DVD. Hand filmed video boot. Perhaps by the time you ask, I will have figured out how to copy DVDs.

NOVEMBER 2, 2004. Voodoo Music Festival, New Orleans. An exhilirating performance. one of the very best that I've heard. All the magic, discordent power & energy on one disc. Essential.

JANUARY 20, 2005 Taping is a bit below some of the others in my collection - however glad it sits on my shelf.

NPR FRESH AIR INTERVIEW. June 9, 2005. With Terry Gross. A fascinating and revealing conversation from a man who was making sofas just a couple of years ago.

JUNE 25, 2005. GLASTONBURY FESTIVAL. Pilton, UK. Terrific recording and amidst the rain + mud + drugs, our firebreathing warriors kick it up.

JUNE 29, 2005. Club Hollywood, Talinn, Estonia. It's the only bootleg ever from Estonia! Where the hell is Estonia? Wherever it is they've got good recording equipment. Excellent sounding show - essential.

JULY 28, 2005 (2) The Glasshouse, Pomona, California. Has a gruff, muffled sound, not a total disaster, but why bother.

AUGUST 16, 2005 (2) Los Angeles, California. Love it. You're a mean guitar player Jack White. A scorcher. Recording quality improved as night progress - a smidge of chatter at times. But this one really got me cranking. Even got Jack telling some Paris Hilton jokes.

MORNING BECOMES ELECTRIC. August 15, 2005. The duo's visit to the LA radio show, interview and a couple of tunes. Good.

AUGUST 18, 2005 (2) Los Angeles, California. Good audience recording - I said good not great. Played a generous 30 tracks worth of material - hard as fiberglass, tuf as nails. A bodacious take of "Blackjack Davey. Great stuff.

AUGUST 25, 2005 (2) St. Louis, Missouri. Flawed audience taping, but Fierce Jack rolls right thru. Not sure this one will make it back in the player, but still on my shelf.

AUGUST 29, 2005 (2) Chicago, Illinois. Another keg of dynamite. A pretty good audience taping -lots of fun. Loved.

AUGUST 31, 2005 (2) Chicago, Illinois. A muscular performance - captured by an okay, slightly dodgy taping.

JUNE 11, 2007. Warm Audience taping - alot of fun and icky thump too.

JUNE 13, 200&. London. Another, taut, ferocious display from Detroit's finest. A radio one broadcast, captured well for posterity.

02 Wireless Festival. June 14, 2007. A well recorded show. Jack turned the thing into a real singalong/hootenanny. Just 3 Icky songs and it's all good.

JUNE 17, 2007 (2) Bonnaroo Music Festival, Manchester, Tennessee. Pretty darn good audience taping. Love it.

JULY 14, 2007 (2) Glace Bay. An amazing, wicked and long show - 2 hours and 20 minutes! Playing a zillion tunes, it's an immense, incredible, awe inspiring performance.

JULY 24, 2007 (2) New York City. Spectacular show! one continuous highlight. I think jack hit some high notes on "Biscuit" that no one ever thought existed.

February 4, 2011 RIP


MAY 19, 2008(2) NPR Radio broadcast. Washington, DC. Two discs-two long files.

JUNE 5, 2008(2) Toronto, Ontario. Decent taping, but certainly could have been better. Call me a Jack White purist, but I prefer his electro blues than his prog rock, stadium ambitions.

JUNE 12, 2008. (2) St. Louis, Missouri. Listening to this show, I tried to figure out why I love the White Stripes and these guys leave me non-plus. I don't know, but must say this was a smoking show.


DON'T WAKE THE SCARECROW. Short radio interview with the Band on RXP 101.9. Fun.

*** JACK WHITE ***

March 16, 2011. Austin Texas, the 2 song set outside his mobile record shop at SXWS.

WANDA JACKSON BACKED BY JACK WHITE AND THE THIRD MAN BAND. JANUARY 21, 2011, Brooklyn, NY. Promotional show for said record;

WANDA JACKSON BACKED BY JACK WHITE AND THE THIRD MAN BAND. JANUARY 23, 2011. El Rey Theatre, Los Angeles, California. On the road with the Queen of Rockabilly after producing her album. Shit audience recording.

MAY 15, 2012 (2) Nashville, Tennessee, At the Ryman and you now know all the cool things about these discs. Shitty recording.

JULY 1, 2012. BELFORT, FRANCE. Radio Broadcast. Fantastic solo gig - Sounds great and a performance that delivers the goods. Keep it up, Jack!!

WTF PODCAST. June 18, 2012. This is Jack's visit on Marc Maron's WTF podcast. Maron, clearly a big fan, has a rollicking conversation with our hero. Covers some of the same same stuff - upholstering, family etc, but lots of other stuff too. Lots of laughs.

July 1, 2012. Eurockeennes de Berfort, France. 11 rockin' tracks.
JULY 3, 2012. Paris, France. Backed by Los Buzzardos. Great little 5 song set broadcast on french radio. Tre' fabulous.

JULY 27, 2012. New South Wales, Australia. Radio broadcast, preceded by a brief interview. Wow, this was incredible. Great sound and performance. Jack! You. Are. A. Rock. God.

JUNE 10, 2014 (2) Sourced off of You Tube. Excellent.

ROSKILDE FESTIVAL 2014. July 6, 2014 (2) Another You Tube sourced show - excellent. A fantastic musical performance. Thrilling.

JULY 23, 2014 (3) Chicago, Illinois. Radio Broadcast. Holy mother of God!! Killer show with Jack and the band performing a long amazing show. This is it.

THE BIG INTERVIEW WITH DAN RATHER. September 18, 2014. Enjoyable chat with the veteran oddball journalist.

JANUARY 30, 2015 (2) New York City. It's that streamed show - my version is 2 big files. Love it - Jack just kills it every damn night.

LOLLAPALOOZA ARGENTINA. MARCH 21, 2015. Buenos Aires, Argentina. Sourced from a professionally filmed video off of You Tube. This is a fantastic performance with a visit from Robert Plant for a cover of "Lemon Song."

MARCH 29, 2018. Paris, France. The last album was an ambitious misfire, still brings it on the stage.