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Bob Marley
Passion Defined


REBEL (4)  French Box set of early material, rare alt takes.   Fantastic, 

KINGSTON DUB:  TUFF GONG SINGLES (2)  Wondrous collections of 12" single, dubs, extended mixes, instrumentals etc.  Oh so beautifully chill.

THE BLACKWELL DUBS.  14 Tunes.  Magical. 

TRILOGY (3).  You get a disc of Survival, Uprising and Confrontation as the supposed Trilogy that Bob intended.  Consists of demos and alts and assembled from various sources.  

BLACK ARK DEMOS.   10 great tracks along with a bonus of Bob working on Slogans, amongst the last songs he worked on.

BURNIN' - ALTERNATE VERSION.   Using various non commercial sources, a fresh look at the master work. 

STOP KILLING ONE ANOTHER.  An unreleased demo dated from the late 1960's.  17 Minutes of early Bob. 

CATCH A FIRE & BURNIN' DEMOS. The first set of Catch Demo's do have a little source hiss, but otherwise a nice little boot for my collection.

CATCH A FIRE.  ALTERNATE VERSION.  Sessions, alt takes, demos rehearsal sources et al

NATTY DREAD DEMOS. Some sweat material, quite finished sounding.

KAYA DEMOS & MIXES. 2 Discs of imperfect sound but still glad it is sitting on my shelf.

WOUNDED LION SESSION. MP3 Version. 6 Studio outtakes, unreleased, unpolished jams from the the last man than stood.

WOUNDED LION SESSIONS.  1979, Kingston.  Says it's a clean sound of the 5 tracks.   A different version of above

EXODUS SCRATCH DEMOS. About 48 minutes of outtakes or alternates or demos or whatever.

THE SANTANA TAPES 1975-1980. Purported to be Carlos; private bootleg collection - lots of dub stuff on it.

REDEMPTION. 1973 - 1980. Various live dates. Sweet little collection of live tracks.

1970-1973 TUFF GONG SESSIONS (2). 53 Tracks of pure gold.

SURVIVAL SESSIONS. 1979.  Contains various studio stuff including a sublime 23 minute Ride Natty Ride. 

BEDROOM TAPES (2) The first disc is the real precious treasure. This is solo Bob with guitar singing soulfully accompanying himself with guitar. Simply arresting. 2nd disc is a hodge podge sludge of demos or some such things.

POMPS AND PRIDE DEMOS.  Consensus is that these 5 tunes were recorded in 1979 + 1980.   You get Pomps and Pride, 2 takes of Russian Invasion and 2 takes of Slogans.   

THE UNRELEASED STUDIO SESSIONS. 1972-1980 (12) This is a treasure trove, a massive collection of studio outtakes containing much of what is available. My version took 12 discs due to a few overruns. Anyway, this stuff is, at times, incredible, always fully listenable. Keep on!

ULTRA RARE TRACKS (4). My version is 4 discs of 5 listed.   Career spanning miss mash of outtakes, demo's and alt takes.  Sound various but is always listenable.  Some fascinating glimpses.  

NICE TIME. Alternate tracks & Dub versions of various tunes. No artwork.

BBC SESSIONS 1973. Contains 6 performances from two seperate radio visits.

MAY 24, 1973. Regency, England. Terrific early show with Peter Tosh singing lead on 400 years which is a particular treat. Nice to get this early show with some different material. Great great sound quality.

JULY 11, 1973. Paul's Mall, Boston, Massachusetts. Radio broadcast - wow - can't believe we got this excellent show. I was too young to see shows at the long lost venue, but I used to go to $1 Double Feature movies in the Theatre Upstairs.

OCTOBER 31, 1973. Sausalito, California. In studio performance at the Record plant. Beauty.

THE RECORD PLANT. December 2, 1973. Nice set of studio outtakes along with 5 songs from a Radio One performance. The Third World Dylan, my friends.

A SMOKEYROOM DUB COLLECTION 1974-1980 (2) A remix collection, don't the origin but good stuff.

BOB MARLEY + MARTHA VELEZ.  1975.   A rehearsal session for Martha's album released the next year.  

OCTOBER 4, 1975 (2) Kingston, Jamaica.  With Stevie Wonder.  Unfortunately sound quality of this show just doesn't cut it. 

JUNE 10, 1975. Quiet Knight Club. Has a real nice informal feel to the disc. A Great recording of 9 songs. Hey you even get to hear Bob talk to the crowd...what's up with that?

JUNE 16, 1975. Enjoyable soundboard - a pleasure my friends.

JUNE 25, 1975.  Boston, Stereo Soundboard from Paul's Mall.

JULY 7, 1975. San Francisco, California. Just 10 tunes, the usual era material - love it.

TOP GEAR RADIO SHOW. About a 20 minute TV performance. Nice.

THE YVETTE ACOUSTIC TAPE.  1976.  Recorded at one of Bob's girlfriend's house, a warm acoustic purring dude. 

APRIL 23, 1976 (2) Upper Darby, Pennsylvania. Lovely. Talk about passion. Jeez. A little more stage chat than some other boots that I own. Special.

APRIL 30, 1976 (2)  New York city, 1st Generation Soundboard.  Excellent.

APRIL 30, 1976 (2) New York City. 2nd generation soundboard.  2nd taping, why not.

MAY 1, 1976 (2) Great show by my inspirer.

MAY 13, 1976 (2) St. Paul, Minnesota. Delightful soundboard from Bob and his wailing Wailers.

MAY 26, 1976 (2)  Santa Monica, California.  Subpar audience taping.  Meh.

JUNE 16, 1976. London. 38 Glorious minutes of a gig. Soundboard.

THAT RASTA FEELING. June 24, 1976. London, England. Delightful show.

DENNIS THOMPSON MIXES (2). 1977.  Great stuff.

THE SONS OF JAH ACOUSTIC TAPE.  1977, London.  Beautiful Bob in stunning sound. 

LONDON RAINBOW 1977. Superb soundboard that is damn near commercial quality. Just about all of my favorite Marley tunes are here - at the height of his powers.

STRAWBERRY HILL REHEARSAL, April, 1978.  Jamaica.  Rehearsal for One Love Peace Concert.  Poor sound. 

ONE PEACE CONCERTS, APRIL 22, 1978 (2). Kingston, Jamaica.  Two different taping sof the famed concert with Bob's exhortation for Manley & Sega to raise hands.    Essential. 

MAY 25, 1978 (2) Madison, Wisconsin. Both the early and late show - inconsistant sound quality, but still the magic shines through. More than acceptable.

THE KAYA REHEARSALS (2) May 31, 1978. Miami, Florida. Imperfect recording captures Bob and the Band practicing. Still some wonderful run throughs of various songs. Glad I own it.

JUNE 8, 1978. Early Show. Boston. Damn. I think I went to this one with my Dad if you can believe. Bootleg sounds great.  Later officially released. 

JUNE 8, 1978.  Late Show.  Boston.  Terrific Soundboard as well.  

JUNE 14, 1978.  Pinecrest Country Club, Connecticut.   Soundboard.  Thanks for dropping this one, appreciate 

BABYLON BY BUS ALTERNATES.  JUNE 25-27, 1978, Paris, France.  10 Tunes left on and given to us

WAKE UP AND LIVE (2) July 7, 1978 (Holland) and August 9, 1979 (Santa Monica) Terrific live set. Soundboard. Groove, Jah!

JULY 30, 1978 (2) New Orleans, Louisiana. Thoroughly enjoyable soundboard.

AUGUST 5, 1978. Miami, Florida. The artwork is mistypes Miama' '80, BTW. I'd call it a messy soundboard, enjoyable but not essential.

MORNING TRAIN REHEARSAL. 1977.   Island Studios, London, England.  5 tracks in decent sound.

DADA DEMOS.  1979.  All terrific. 

APRIL 10, 1979. Tokyo, Japan. Nice sounding show along with an interview.

BOB MARLEY & THE WAILERS. AUSTRALIA '79. April 18, 1979, Brisbane, Australia. Just a handful fo songs, pretty good.

APRIL 27, 1979 (2) Sydney, Australia. Terrific soundboard. Great run through - love it! Love it. Love it.

JULY 21, 1979 (2) Amandia Festival, Harvard Stadium, Cambridge, Massachusetts. I attended this show which was a fund raiser for some kind of African charity/cause. I remembering enjoying the show and then going to scoop ice cream that night. No ganja for me I had to go to work. Anyway, this taping ain't bad - though not essential.

JULY 21, 1979 (2) MP3 Version. Same show, this is a remastered version with multiple sources, woven together. Got to say it really rocked me. Superb music on that odd summer afternoon so many years ago.

OCTOBER 28, 1979. Apollo Theatre, Harlem. Great passionate show which must have alot to Bob who never could figure out in his lifetime why he wasn't embraced by black America.

NOVEMBER 11, 1979. Madison, Wisconsin. Not perfect, just real nice.

NOVEMBER 15, 1979. Minneapolis, Minnesota. A pretty good, but by no means great taping - just sort of has that hollow, distant feel at times. But don't get all wiggy on me, still a more than acceptable recording.

NOVEMBER 19, 1979. Portland, Oregon. Nice 50 minitue show. Soundboard though I'd call it 99% soundboard quality which is mighty nice.

NOVEMBER 25, 1979 Santa Barbara, California. I think I have this correct, incomplete show but it's a soundboard, it's got horns and it sounds fabulous.

NOVEMBER 30, 1979 (2) Oakland, California. Its a sub par, washed out soundboard, but the vibe comes thru.

DECEMBER 2, 1979 (3) Sana Cruz, California. Early and late shows Sweet sound and lots and lots and lots of songs.

DECEMBER 15, 1979 (2) Nassau, The Bahamas. Very good soundboard. What the world needs now is Bob Marley.

FULL WATTS TONIGHT. (3)  Uprising Alternatives, Dubs & Demos.    Lots of good stuff here.   Frankly better than I thought.  A treasure trove. 

ZIMBABWE 1980. April 18, 1980. Zimbabwe Independence Day Celebration. Just a partial take 4 1/2 songs really, I think that there is a back story here on this one, but I don't know it.

MAY 30, 1980. Zurich, Switzerland. So good, Great soundboard recording.

JUNE 8, 1980. Kaisrelautern. Mediocre audience taping, not awful just not very good. Final track gets clipped. Still I enjoyed.

JUNE 12, 1980 (2) Dortmund, Germany. Excellent show & a very very good recording to boot. The I-Three's start off the night that Bob steps in for a generous set.

JUNE 27, 1980 (2) Milan, Italy. Start off with the great sound quality. You get a nice opening 4 song set from the I-Threes. A wonderful, rich, warm and energizing concert.

LIVE IN BARCELONA. (2) June 30, 1980. Barcelona, Spain. Generous show, the first disc is soundboard and the second is a decent audience taping.

JULY 3, 1980 (2) Paris, France. Another lovely soundboard. Great.

JULY 12, 1980 (2) Wales. Terrific sound quality - hard to fathom how great all of these final shows are - in fact it's heartbreaking. This one contains the I Three's opening 4 song set and then his majestry performs magnificiently. Bravo! Bravo!

SEPTEMBER 17, 1980 (2)  Providence, Rhode Island.   A slick, warm soundboard.   Miss him.

SEPTEMBER 20, 1980. Madison Square Garden, New York City. Sloppy soundboard of about 45 minutes of the show, incomplete but I got it!

THE LAST SHOW. September 23, 1980. Pittsurgh, PA. Good to the end. Soundboard, no art.