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Bob Dylan - 2000s
Could we say Zimmy's most varied and productive decade

GOSPEL REVISITED A themed collection of relgious songs mostly from 2000, but some from 98 and 99. Nice job in selection, sequencing, sound quality and performance. Makes for a great listen.

YEAR 2000 - ONE TIMERS AND FIRST LIVES (2) A fan compilation making its way through us traders. Haven't we all heard LARS enough, but how often do you throw on "Dear Landlord?" or "Tough Mama." Songs Bobby played for the first time or just once in Y2K.

LIVE - EARLY 2000. Spring compilation sourced off of an MP3 download from the Cambridge Bob Dylan Society. Unusual song choices were selected.

A WORRIED MAN. (2) March 10, 2000 (Early Show). Anaheim, CA. Like the acoustic stuff better than the electric and the harmonica solo during "This World Can't Stand Too Long" is nothing short of spectacular!

A WORRIED MAN (2) March 10, 2000 (Late Show). Anaheim, CA. The evening show was also sweet - think this version of "My Back Pages" is as beautiful as any I have ever heard. Have some uncredited bonus tracks (I think from the UK Fall Tour).

MARCH 11, 2000 (2) San Louis Obispo, California. Sweet recording - crisp + clear. A number of highlights including "Dignity" and a supreme "It Ain't Me, Babe."

MARCH 12, 2000 (2) March 12, 2000 Bakersfield, CA. Good show, performance & Taping.

MARCH 14, 2000 (2) Visalia, California (Not to be confused with the Georgia Vidalia Onions). Taper caught show...and alot of chat. Never really ignites, though the vocals are upfront. Real good (Sexton?) solo on "Country Pie" and "Blind Willie McTell" is welcome at the station any night. Reason to trade is to get the rare (and quite good) take of "Dear Landlord."

MARCH 15, 2000 (2) Sensational recording, another beautiful "Not Dark Yet" and one of the very best "Hootchie Coochie Mans" you'll ever hear.

MARCH 16, 2000 (2) Santa Cruz, CA. Acceptable audience recording, but a must in order to get "Highlands."

MARCH 17, 2000 (2) (Early Show) Reno, Nevada. Terrific show with a studpendous take on "One Too Many Mornings" (With Jason Roberts from Asleep at the Wheel on Fiddle). A sweet one.

MARCH 17, 2000. (2) (Late Show) Reno, Nevada Good recording of a standard set list. Nice though.

MARCH 19, 2000 (2). Pocatello, Idaho. Good show in the middle of nowhere - think them Idahoens appreciated "Senor?"

MARCH 20, 2000 (2) Nampa, Idaho. Clearn sound albeit on the tinny side. Straight set with "Rock of Ages" the sole detour. Highlights: A "Tangled" with the energy it requires and a fine vocal on "It Ain't Me."

MARCH 21, 2000 (2) Pullman, Washington. Not much separation on this audience taper with another standard setlist.

MARCH 22, 2000 (2) Missoula, Montana. Nice show, but it does beg the question: What the Hell is Bob Dylan doing in Missoula, Montana?

MARCH 24, 2000 (2) Bozeman, Montana. Good recording with just an occasional handclap or shout. Flat takes on "Mobile," "Tambourine Man," & "Love Sick," but an exquisite "Not Dark Yet" (with time + distance the clear masterstoke of TOOM), a nice stroll thru "Rock of Ages" and a great "Blowin" are its highlights.

MARCH 25, 2000 (2) Billings, Montana. Strong show for a strong West Coast swing. Goodie.

MARCH 26, 2000. (2) Casper, Wyoming. Talk about the middle of frickin' nowhere - Casper. Bob squeezes out 19 songs, I guess he figured he wouldn't be stopping back for awhile. Quite a fabulous show! Love that "Gates of Eden!"

MARCH 27, 2000. (2). Rapid City, South Dakota. Nice show with no real surprises except for a nice take on "Rock of Ages."

MARCH 29, 2000 (2) Bismark, North Dakota. A real good audience taping with fine performances all night long. A murmer of chat during the slow numbers, but not overly problematic.

MARCH 30, 2000 (2) Fargo, North Dakota. Hey alot can happen in the middle of nowhere. Yes, a good recording. A Good night. All is well in the world. Highlight: A spiritual "Rock of Ages."

MARCH 31, 2000. (2) Rochester, Minnesota. Fine audience recording of a generous 18 songs that night. Particularly enjoy the acoustic set.

APRIL 1, 2000. (2) Sioux Falls, South Dakota. Another nice show in the middle of nowhere. Excellent recording along with 5 uncredited bonus tracks. Super.

OH LIFE! (2) April 3, 2000. Cedar Rapids, Iowa. Nice audience recording, after a sluggish start, Bob just tees off on "Desolation Row" and takes off for the rest of the night. Super Show, Zimmy.

APRIL 4, 2000 (2) Omaha, Nebraska. A Fine addition to the spring 2000 cannon. An on the mark "Hattie" & a "Rock of Ages" are the 2 set variations, both excellent.

APRIL 5, 2000 (2) Salina, Kansas. Clean Strong (Standard set) show. Nice representation of D's sturdy skills this spring.

APRIL 6, 2000. (2) Denver, Colorado. All of these Western Shows were taped quite well, nice to see Bob pull out "Blind Willie McTell." Seems to fit with the other JWH and Nashville Skyline material he's been doing on this tour. Ray Benson (Asleep at the Wheel?) helped out on guitar on 3 songs.

May 6, 2000 (2) Zurich, Switzerland. A+ Just stuffed with highlights and superb throughout. Gotta keep this one in the player, great recording and performance. Bravo Bob!

MAY 8, 2000 (2) Stuttgart, Germany. Real strong and a clean recording.

MAY 9, 2000 (2) Oberhausen, Germany. Another nice show, well recorded by those crazed European DATapers.

THE VIOLENCE OF SUMMER. May 11, 2000. Cologne, Germany. With some bonus tracks from the Oberhausen show. Good stuff throughout, but who names a Dylan boot after a Duran Duran song, anyway

MAY 11, 2000 (2) Same show as above - a different taping, but also good.
MAY 12, 2000 (2) Hannover, Germany. One super highlight: "I'll Be Your Baby Tonight" sung so soft and tender. Conflicted about this one as Bob's singing is quite effective with a soft elegance, but with the hisses, shouts and not so special effort from the band, not sure how to rate it. Perhaps not a bad night, just a flawed one.

MAY 13, 2000 (2) Lund, Sweden. Nice show (one small glitch on "Country Pie." Don't let it sttop you from this one. The Mid set shots of "Simple Twist," + "Down Along the Cove," are the twin highlights.

MAY 14, 2000. (2) Gottenborg, Sweden. Good night heading to another joint.

MAY 16, 2000 (2) Helsinki. No setlist surprises, but good night nonetheless.

OH ME! OH MY! COUNTRY PIE. (2) May 18, 2000. Stockholm, Sweden. Wow! I said Wow! A clean soundboarder with Bob just clicking. A "Visions of Johanna" that ranks, IMO, as the best since 1965! And could I possibly ask for "Gates of Eden" the same night. One of the essential 2000 shows. Jeez! Was the Sexton or Campbell with that killer guitar solo on "Watching the River Flow?"

MAY 19, 2000 (2) Oslo, Norway. Zimmy is a confident mood singing with grit and assurance. Highlights: a slow, sparse "Can't Wait," "She Belongs to Me" and "Forever Young."

MAY 21, 2000 (2) Horsens, Denmark. This Audience recording is a drop off in sound quality - sounds like it's been remastered and remixed a little. Still a charming show.

MAY 23, 2000 (2) Berlin, Germany. Terrific recording with an electrifying "Gotta Serve Somebody" with some modified lyrics to boot.

MAY 24, 2000 (2) Dresden, Germany. I traded directly with a taper to get this one, so it's probably a different version from the more commonly circulating show. Nice job

MAY 25, 2000 (2) Regensburg, Germany. A terrific taping with fine performances by Bob all night long.

MAY 27, 2000 (2) Moderna, Italy. Overly noisy, skip it.

MAY 28, 2000 (2) Milan, Italy. Hate to sound like a broken record, but its a good record. Bob was on a European groove as these Spring shows were consistantly good. Another lost, lonely and beautiful "Not Dark Yet."

MAY 30, 2000 (2) Florence, Italy. Bob's performing well and this audience taper didn't quite have the equipment in place to capture it right. Just lacks that crispness, but still not half bad.

MAY 31, 2000 (2) Ancona, Italy. Pretty good audience recording - highlights are the slowed down "Can't Wait" and the punchy "Drifter's Escape."

JUNE 2, 2000 (2) Calgliari, Italy. Sweet summer night in Italy. A tender "Baby Blue" and an ironic "This Wheel." ad a breathy "Girl from North Country" among its highlights. The Italians love to clap during the rock numbers, a bit too much chat, claps and noise for my taste, but still acceptable.

JUNE 15, 2000 (2) Portland, Oregon. Outstanding!! Those European Tapers buy the best equipment. A sad and beautiful "Delia" was the highlight for me.

JUNE 15, 2000 (2) ALTERNATE. Accidentily traded for this and I think it may be slightly better - it's quieter and less chatty. Particularly loved "Ring Them Bells" and a distinguished and slower(hence rare?) take of "Things Have Changed."

IT TAKES ALOT TO LAUGH (2). June 16, 2000. Portland, Oregon along with a few bonus tracks from the March Reno show.

JUNE 17, 2000 (2) George, Washington. Quite good recording, the show doesn't pick up until mid way through with a nice romp through "Tough Mama" whereas the show then ignites. My set also contains all of the non repeated songs from the next time show as a bonus.

JUNE 18, 2000. (2). Portland, Oregon. George, Washington. Good one.

JUNE 20, 2000 (2) Medford, Oregon. Think the mid set trio of "Down in the Flood," "Senor" and "Drifter's" were the high point for this night. A good audience taping, Kemper was on fire on the drums on this night.

JUNE 21, 2000 (2) Marysville, California. Magnificent singing, IMO, this is some of his best vocals of the year. A soft, sad and beautiful "Simple Twist," a sweet harp on "It AIn't Me Babe," and that ironic, sly smirk of a voice for "Tom Thumb. Recommend.

JUNE 23, 2000 (2) Concord, California. No real surprises, but there doesn't have to be. Just a nicely performed set from the wise old man from Minnesota.

JUNE 24, 2000 (2) Mountain View, California. Bob is just clicking along - a few set list variations in this nice performance.

JUNE 25, 2000 (2) Reno, Nevada. Fair taping though a bit of a hiss on it. But whoa, an exquisite harp on "It Ain't Me Babe" and a swingin' "Serve Somebody" are the standouts.

JUNE 27, 2000 (2) Las Vegas, Nevada. Back at the House of Blues with a rare take of "Shooting Star."

JUNE 29, 2000 (2) Irvine, California. Nice for Bob to get a show in there before they run out of electricity. Good show.

JUNE 30, 2000. (2) Ventura, California. Fine show with a nice take on "Frankie Lee & Judas Priest."

JULY 1, 2000 (2) Del Mar, California. With a "Visions" and a "Delia" it's all I need.

JULY 3, 2000. (2) Albuquerque, New Mexico. Nice show from bob's swing through those square states without many electoral college votes out in fly over land.

JULY 6, 2000 (2) Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. Fine show, but it left me a tad cold. The Band is just a little low in the mix, standard set nothing really moved me except for "Girl From North Country" during the encores.

JULY 7, 2000 (2) Bonner Springs, Montana. Mundane show in the middle of nowhere. Enjoyable and good enough though nothing jumps out at me.

JULY 8, 2000 (2). Maryland Heights, Missouri. Fine.

NOBLESVILLE 2000 (2) July 9, 2000. Noblesville, Indiana. Good show with nice sound. You get a nice "Song to Woody" and "I Don't Believe You" to boot.

JULY 11, 2000 (2) Cincinnati, Ohio. Decent enough show, nothing jumped out at me but that's just me.

JULY 12, 2000 (2) Moline, Illinois. Pretty good taping which I enjoyed thought the sound was just a bit too muffled to be highly recommended.

JULY 14, 2000 (2) Minneapolis, Minnesota. Audience chatter mars the taping, but the music is still captured (along with the crowd's general enthusiasm).

JULY 15, 2000 (2) East Troy, WIsconsin. A delightful set with a nice slow "It Takes A Lot to Laugh" and an always comical take on "Tom Thumb."

JULY 16, 2000 (2) Clarkston, Michigan. Nice runthrew in good sound and performance.

JULY 18, 2000 (2) Toronto, Ontario. Hollow recording bet to skip, though my ears ultimately adjusted to it.

JULY 19, 2000 (2) Canandaigua, New York. Very good show with a beauty of a take on "Desolation Row."

JULY 21, 2000 (2) Hartford, Connecticut. Alot of audience chatter, talkers abound though you don't notice it except on the acoustic songs where it is a constant murmer - manageable and doesn't ruin the boot. And Dylan? A professional night, good throughout, with no surprises except for performing Tambourine Man during the encore.

JULY 22, 2000 (2) Mansfield, MA. Caught this show, nice performance, worthwhile disc, not essential.

JULY 23, 2000 (2) Saratoga, New York. A rock solid summer night - in a town where horses run free.

JULY 25, 2000 (2) Scranton, Pennsylvania. Certainly a good show with "Song for Woody" is sole set twist.

JULY 26, 2000 (2) Wantaugh, New York. What a killer setlist: "Long Black Veil," "Song to Woody," "Frankie Lee," "Belongs to Me." Everything well performed & captured well. Clearly remastered, the sound variuos at times - at one point it almost sounded like 2 dif shows. There may be a little chat, but the music is captured well. Also a nice collection of unsourced bonus tracks.

JULY 28, 2000 (2) Camden, New Jersey. Excellence in taping and performance. Nice to get a "Senor" & "Ring them Bells" captured so well. SInging with real musical precision, charm and spirit.

JULY 29, 2000 (2) Columbia , Maryland. A fine one. Clean audience recording with a standard setlist but with "Grains of Sand" and "Dignity" thrown in.

JULY 30, 2000. STANHOPE 2000. Stanhope, New Jersey. A fantastic recording of this show that I thought was a soundboard until I listened closely. A great one and clearly one of the year's best.

SIMPLY THE BEST: UK HIGHLIGHTS. SEPTEMBER 2000. Sourced off of an MP3 posting from the Cambridge Bob Dylan Society, consists of 14 highlights from the UK swing. Good audience recordings with a phenomonal "Trying To Get To Heaven" and a rare "Highlands." Even posted the neat artwork to boot.

SEPTEMBER 13, 2000 (2) Vicar Street, Dublin, Ireland. Good show, though not special. Heard that Dylan blew off Bono after the show because of Bono spoke about Dylan in the press. I guess he's acting like they never had met.

SEPTEMBER 14, 2000 (2) Dublin, Ireland. Exquisite taping, it took me awhile, until the audience started to clap during "Tangled" to realize that it wasn't a soundboard. My 3 year old asked me to turn it up when the band launched into a crackling "Wicked Messenger" while out for a drive he boogied down in this seat. I'm a proud Dad!

SEPTEMBER 16, 2000 (2) Aberdeen, Scotland. Sourced off an MP3 posting, but you wouldn't know it for it's got terrific sound.

GLASGOW 2000. September 17, 2000 (2) Glasgow, Scotland. Wow man! A sensational sounding show either a soundboard or an amazing audience taping. Bob flubs the words to "Times," hey, he's only sung it a million times. Great show and a real keeper from this swing.

SEPTEMBER 19, 2000 (2) Newcastle, England. Fine sounding show.

SEPTEMBER 20, 2000 (2) Birmingham, England. No real set surprises as with the entire UK swing, but each show has an extraordinary consistancy to them.

SEPTEMBER 22, 2000 (2) Sheffied, England. Frankly I did the other UK shows a bit more.

SEPTEMBER 23, 2000 (2) Cardiff, Wales. Bob pulls out a "Blind Willie McTell" with a nice night's performance.

SEPTEMBER 24, 2000 (2) Portsmouth, England. Fantastic show along with the next night, two of the better bootlegs of the calender year.

SEPTEMBER 25, 2000 (2). PORTSMOUTH, ENGLAND. You gotta own them both, man.

DON'T WASTE YOUR WORDS. September 27, 2000. (2) Rotterdam, The Netherlands with Bonus tracks from the Brussels show on October 2. Plenty o good stuff here.

SEPTEMBER 28, 2000 (2) Hamburg, Germany. Well performed set & night.

SEPTEMBER 29, 2000 (2) Frankfort, Germany. Yup, another, clean thoroughly enjoyable show from this fall European tour.

OCTOBER 1, 2000. (2) Munster, Germany. Real sweet sounding disc and one of the best of the calendar year: "Visions" and "One Too Many Mornings" among the highlights.

OCTOBER 2, 2000 (2) Brussels, Belgium. Sexton rips a twangy during "Tombstone" that'd do Johnny Cash proud. Enjoyable night.

OCTOBER 3, 2000. (2) Paris, France. Nice show and recording, quite good with the standard (good as well) setlist.

OCTOBER 5, 2000 (2). London, England. Love that stage chat as Bob mumbles his way though a memory of learning about the "Battle of Brittain." Enjoyable.

OCTOBER 6, 2000 (2) London, England. Another super recording - nice from beginning to end. No real surprises ("Blind Willie McTell, performed beautifully by the way) in the set

PATHWAY TO THE STARS (2) A brilliantly sequenced and compiled collection mostly from the fall college gigs. It's all good.

OCTOBER 17, 2007 (2) Louisville, Kentucky.   Simply a wonderful night captured well.   

OCTOBER 29, 2000 (2) Madison, Wisconsin. Enjoyable "Positively 4th Street" pulled out on this mostly college tour swing. Maybe he trying to show those kids what youthful attitude is really all about.

OCTOBER 31, 2000 (2) Evanston, Illinois. Vocals got a little echo - this is a standard setlist & fair recording.

NOVEMBER 1, 2000 (2) Bloomington, Indiana. A ncie show with good sound. The rare "Blue Bonnet Girl" the real reason to trade for this one.

NOVEMBER 2, 2000 (2) West Lafayette, Indiana. Avery good show with an unusual reworking of "Threw It All Away" which I'm not sure worked, but it sure is fun that they tried.

NOVEMBER 4, 2000 (2) Oxford, Ohio. Very nice show, noted for its rare, rare, rare take of "Chimes of Freedom." Nice disc with a digital glitch on the final track, but don't let that thwart you.

NOVEMBER 5, 2000 (2) Ann Arbor, Michigan, Nice show & taping but the final four songs of the night are when things really heated up. Particularly an elegant and effective "Released." Old Friend, GE Smith stopped by to sit in a couple.

NOVEMBER 6, 2000 (2) Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Gotta be the worst "Tangled" of the year - a dull, listless bore. The bland recording overall doesn't help, come to think of it. There's alot of shitty performances on this stinker.

NOVEMBER 8, 2000 (2) Bethlehem, Pennsylvania. Delightful show - full of strong, connected peformances. Just loved it all in fabuloso sound.

NOVEMBER 10, 2000 (2) Boston, Massachusetts. I couldn't get tickets for this one as Boston University allowed only students...guess they missed the bootleggers. Fine show.

NOVEMBER 11, 2000 (2) Lowell, Massachusetts. Spectacular sounding audience tpaing. Best ever versions of "Country Pie" (Bob finally lets Charlie Sexton take a solo) and a great thumping version of "God Knows." Love "Not Dark Yet" as well. I caught this one.

NOVEMBER 12, 2000 (2) Kingston, Rhode Island. I saw this one too and remember it first for Bob first and only live version of "10,000 Men." Thought it was an energetic outstanding night and the boot captures it mostly.

NOVEMBER 13, 2000 (2) Lewiston, Maine. Bob seems to be in a spry spirit - nice & nimble. Just LOVED that riffed filled "God Knows" and an outright dandy "LARS" Good one.

NOVEMBER 15, 2000 (2) Seems like an overly washed recording - clean but a bit drained. "Chimes" is the lone set twist and the sound improves as the ear and the night adjusts.

NOVEMBER 17, 2000 (2) Princeton, New Jersey. Sweet, clean show - delightful Stellar material, really dug the hard rockin' "Highway 61." Plenty good

NOVEMBER 18, 2000. Late Show (2) Atlantic City, NJ Good show with no surprises, but still quite fine.

NOVEMBER 19, 2000 (2) Towson, Maryland. With a rare (atleast for 2000) take of "Blind Willie McTell," nice night.
JUST A SONG & DANCE MAN: THE 2001-2002 LIVE COVERS. Courtesy of the Dylan Tree this is a best available collection of the famed covers. Seemlessly weaved together this is amazing. A+.

2001 - I have all shows.

FEBRUARY 25, 2001 (2) Omiya, Japan. Sourced off of MP3's, nice show throughout though no setlist surprises.

FEBRUARY 27, 2001 (2) Sendai, Japan. Enjoyable show - a bit vanilla on the setlist though a reworked "Silvio" might count as something. BUT JEEZ, a beautiful "Forever Young" makes the night worthwhile.

FEBRUARY 28, 2001 (2) Akita, Japan. A bit one dimensional, but still a nice audience taping.

MARCH 2, 2001 (2) Yokahama, Japan. Very nice show with the highlight a great "if You See Her" followed by a tender "Simple Twist of Fate."

MARCH 3, 2001. Tokyo, Japan. Enjoyable show with a vicous wicked "Wicked Messenger."

MARCH 4, 2001 (2) Tokyo, Japan. WIth a "Visions," "John Brown" and a sweet slow "Can't Wait," you won't mind the MP3 sourcing.

MARCH 6, 2001. (2) Osaka, Japan. Fine sounding show sourced off of MP3 files. I think the band has really jelled and they fill cracks and croaks of Bobby's voice beautifully. As many times as I have heard "To Ramona," this one is as sweet as a sunny country morn. I'm always enthralled to hear "Tom Thumb" and a quiet and artful "Tears of Rage."

MARCH 7, 2001 (2) Osaka, Japan. Another good show with a sweet take of "Gates of Eden."

MARCH 9, 2001 (2) Fukuoka, Japan Don't miss Bob's amazing phrasing on "Tambourine Man" in only the way that he can rework and interprete his own work.

MARCH 10, 2001 (2) Hiroshima, Japan. 19 Songs in a place we bombed into Infinity.

MARCH 12, 2001 (2) Nagoya, Japan. Bob hauls out "Vision of Johanna" wish I was there.

MARCH 13, 2001 (2) Hamamatsu, Japan. Good clean audience taping with a smokin' version of "Tangled."

BACK AT THE BUDOKAN HALL. March 14, 2001 (2) Tokyo, Japan. More MP3 here as well, now show with a touching "Trying to Get to Heaven" followed by a "Til I Fell In Love With You."

WALTIZING MATILDA: RARE SONGS FROM THE AUSTRALIA 2001 TOUR. (4) Nice listenable set of highlights, full of variety and sparkle. Compiled 15 year later, BTW.

MARCH 18, 2001 (2) Perth, Australia. Good show with a nicey, nicey "Visions" and a pretty "Forever Young" and a super "Don't Think Twice." Good vocals all night long.

MARCH 20, 2001 (2) Adelaide, Australia. A good night, albeit "Seeing the Real You" is noone's idea of an essential song. A nice "Masters," "It's Alright" a bit flat and "Times" was just so so. A pretty good "Highway 61" and oh "Highlands."

MARCH 21, 2001 (2) Excellent recording with just an occasional shout interrrupting a clean taping. Recommend.

MARCH 23, 2001 (2) Tamworth, Australia. A pedestrian setlist though I enjoyed his lazy vocal on "Lay Lady Lay" Nice show, you wouldn't be disappointed.

MARCH 24, 2001 (2) Newcastle, Australia. Nice to get "Chimes of Freedom" - now that should be our national anthem. Another superb show from a consistantly, high quality tour of this continent. Terrific boot of a top shelf performance. Super sound and we even get a slightly rewritten "Highlands."

MARCH 25, 2001 (2) Sydney, Australia. Nice audience taping and Dylan performance. The shouts to sit down during "Desolation Row" doesn't affect its potency. But please sit down and shut up if you are near a bootlegger! And I vote for "Hard Rain" as one of those songs I can't seem to tire of. A beautiful, real sad, "Sick of Love."

MARCH 28, 2001 (2) Cairns, Australia. Solid show and a decent to good taping.

MARCH 30, 2001 (2) Brisbane, Australia. Nice to get "Visions" & "Dignity" on the same night. Nice performances throughout - and let's not forget the long, melodic harp solo on "Forever Young."

MARCH 31, 2001 (2) Ballina, Australia. Crisp recording and while Bob was a bit hoarse the band was click, click, clicking. A touching "Back Pages" with violin and Bob finishing it off with harmonica. Loved the hushed, intimate "Gates of Eden."

APRIL 18, 2001 (2) Boulder, Colorado. Terrific audience taping - captures a few too many exuberant attendees (hey, Shut up, We're taping!), but still well worth it.

APRIL 20, 2001 (2) Kearney, Nebraska. Audience recording without much separation. Nice energetic performances of a no-surprise set. And when did Bob start introducing the band during 'Blowin' in the wind?"

APRIL 21, 2001 (2) Topeka, Kansas. Good audience taping with a little echo in the vocal track. Nothing special, but okay.

APRIL 23, 2001 (2) Lincoln, Nebraska. Just sort of a thud of a night. Just doesn't excite me.

APRIL 24, 2001 (2) Columbia, Missouri. A so-so audience taping of a good journeyman show with a take of "Highlands" thrown in. Gotta wonder how often, he's gonna play that from now on. I think every live version of it was right on the money.

APRIL 25, 2001 (2) Cape Girardeau, Missouri. Jeeze - where the hell is that. Anyway, nice taping with a reworked "Down in the Flood" followed by an upbeat "I Want You."

APRIL 27, 2001 (2) Knoxville, Tennessee. Superb night and a nice recording (married only occasionally by chat etc.). Wondrous all nite long.

APRIL 28, 2001 (2) Charlotte, North Carolina. A sweet show, clearn recording albeit without any set changes. A twinkle in his eye all night. A pleasure.

APRIL 29, 2001 (2) Blacksburg, Virginia. A Fine Bob performance captured by a flawed audience taper. The acoustic stuff certainly comes through better with the electric material lacking a bit, but still good.

MAY 1, 2001 (2) Asheville, North Carolina. Nice show with a take on "Vision" and "John Brown" - I don't need much more.

MAY 2, 2001 (2) Dalton, Georgia. A noisy taping particularly by today's standards.

MAY 4, 2001 (2) Atlanta, Georgia. Nice clean one - quite good. I like the band intro's during "Rainy Day Women."

MAY 5, 2001. (2) Nashville, Tennessee. Good audience tape with a bit of audience noise, applause and enthusiasm from the appreciate crowd.

MAY 6, 2001 (2) Memphis, Tennessee. Bob's performance at the Beale Street Music Festival. A noisy, audience tape not without some charm. Vocals seem to be a bit groggy throughout. Must be the first Dylan show in history to end with some, old taped version of "Yankee Doodle Dandy" played to crowd."

THE ROME INTERVIEW PARTS 1 & 2 (2) June 23, 2001. Bob jousts with the foreign press. A couple of pretty funny moments - the humor is much more evident listening to it rather than reading the transcripts. Almost drove off the road as he and a reporter try to remember "Inside the Museums infinity goes up on trial."

JUNE 24, 2001 (2) Trondheim, Norway. Music is captured well, but you also get a bit of audience chats & claps. Nice to get "Masterpiece" along with the usual slug of the man's back catalog. Nice, feisty guitar work on "Watchtower."

JUNE 26, 2001 (2) Bergen, Norway. Crystal Cat. Start off with an absolutely kick ass recording. Bob's got a growl in his voice which better on the electric tunes than the slower acoustic songs. Setlist is straight from the Gods: "Vision," "Dignity," "Going Nowhere," "Released." The bonus track of "I'll Be Your Baby" among the best versions I have ever heard.

JUNE 28, 2001 (2) Langesund. Some neat guitar tricks on "Watchtower" - I figure it must be Sexton - decent enough recording, show and performance. Quite okay.

JUNE 29, 2001 (2) Boteborg, Sweden. Nice show with a cool, rewritten version of "Serve Somebody." Bob seemed in a particular jolly mood all night capped by the jollies of jolly "Tom Thumb."

JUNE 30, 2001 (2) Roskilde. Another sweet summer night - love this arrangement of "Desolation Row" that he's been doing for the last couple of years BTW. Outstanding recording and performance. Goodie.

JULY 1, 2001 (2) Helsingborg. A noisy audience taping that still captures the music pretty well along with claps, hollers and harmonizing - might as well skip considering how many other good boots there are of the tour. You do get a clean take of "Dignity" which should make future tour compilations, doncha think.

JULY 3, 2001 (2) Borgholm, Sweden. First of all, what that hell is that intro music. Anyway, nice enuf audience taping though you get a little distortion when Bob hits the big, loud notes. It's nice to get "You Go Your Way," but on it disc it makes me long for the 1974 Band versions. Thanks for the harp on "LARS" and just an amazing growl on "Girlf Of the North Country."

JULY 5, 2001 (2) Braunschweig, Germany. A better than expected boot considering just a fair audience taping with a little vocal echo that saps the energy of the discs. Could very well have been a great show to be at, but disc doesn't do much for the evening.

JULY 7, 2001 (2) Schwabisch Gmund, Germany. Probably same taper as above, has that little reverb echo to the vocals that didn't help that growl.

JULY 8, 2001 (2) Montreaux. This is special, a sweet disc with one of my all time favorite takes on "Baby Blue" with an outrageouus harp solo. One of the better setlists from the summer, highly recommend.

JULY 10, 2001 (2) Brescia, Italy. Terrible taping, barely acceptable. I though the Europeans shut up when around a taper - guess not.

JULY 12, 2001 (2) Liverpool, England. A real nice taping with band swingin' Bob's voice is a bit hoarse with a tad echo to it - but maybe that's the way it always is. With he would always spice up "Stuck Inside of Mobile" with a harp solo.

JULY 13, 2001 (2) Stirling, Scotland The voice, a bit groggy took a couple of tunes to clear up a little. Vocals out in front, but the band a bit buried. With such a taping, the acoustics sound a bit better than the electric numbers.

JULY 15, 2001 (2) Kilkenny. A relatively inferior taping - too much crowd noise etc along with little clarity on the music. One treast is the virtual sing along of "Just Like A Woman."

JULY 17, 2001 (2) Lorrach, Germany. Audience taping of a hoarse Bob with just occassional chat distracting from a nice evening. An upbeat "I Want You," a haunting "Hollis Brown," and a sweet, sad "One Too Many Mornings" are the trio of hightlights.

JULY 18, 2001 (2) Bad Reichenhall. Signicantly noisier than usual European taping. Marred.

JULY 20, 2001 (2) La Spezia, Italy. Those La Spezians sure like to clap. An anemic performance overall, a mediocre "Tom Thumb," a forgetful "Tangled," a bland "Times." Skip it.

JULY 22, 2001 (2) Pescara, Italy. A fairly good show with a strong start - then some problems mid set, a turgid "Masters" "Tangled," and "River Flow,", but comes out of the funk to finish up strongly.

JULY 24, 2001 (2) Anzio, Italy. Some twisted pacing & phrasing on "Don't Think Twice." A fun, spirited show, clean sound and a playful performance.

JULY 25, 2001 (2) Perugia, Italy. Noisy taping - handclapping etc. Starts with a languid "Somebody Touched Me," but "It Ain't Me Babe" saves much of the night. Just not crisp, with occasional flashes of other good stuff.

JULY 26, 2001 (2) Napoli, Italy. Overall a singular tapaing - good and clean - with some nuanced and beautiful performances that get richer with each listen. Highlights: Larry Campbell's steel guitar solo on "One Too Many Mornings," & a nervy "Shelter."

JULY 28, 2001 (2) Taurmina, Italy. Crisp recording with nice peformances throughout. A poignant "One Too Many Morning" just one of many highlights. "Watchtower" led by Larry on an acoustic guitar - not sure I have ever heard THAT before, and he does a neat speghetti western intro as well. - tre cool.

AUGUST 10, 2001 (2) Des Moines, Iowa. The negatives: maybe the vocals a smidge behind the band with a tad of echo and occasional static. The positives: a strong overall recording and nice performances. Not set surprises.

AUGUST 11, 2001 (2) Sedalia. Good show. Must say that I have grown to dig "This World Can't Stand Too Long." A bit of audience chatter during the slow numbers (SHUT UP), a very Byrds-like LARS. Just butchers "Watchtower" with a stacata vocal.

AUGUST 12, 2001 (2) Springfield, Illinois. Nice performance of another good night, really like it. Energetic "You Go Your Way," Could have been a slightly tighter, cleaner taping, but no complaints.

AUGUST 14, 2001 (2) Little Rock, Arkansas. Yeah, a strong show led by a steller, two stepping "Tombstone Blues." Bob & band in sync and on the money, and don't that play that "Visions." soft.

AUGUST 15, 2001 (2) Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. A bit noisy, but interesting set list with a strong performance made for a useful boot.

AUGUST 16, 2001 (2) Wichita, Kansas. Taping heats up and as my ears adjust as the night progressed. A superb take on "Lay Lady Lay" w/harp!!!

AUGUST 18, 2001 (2) Pueblo, Colorado. Nice taping with a nice reworking of the lyrics of "Serve Somebody" - someone ought to get all the changes to that song. Zippy harp solo on "Baby Blue." I like the acoustic stuff best on this night.

AUGUST 19, 2001 (2) Vail, Colorado. Very competant eve with a well performed set hitting the mark!

AUGUST 20, 2001 (2) Telluride. Spectacular! A Harp solo on "Back Pages" that would make the highlight reel on in any year. Super DAT taping that catches some low chat during acoustic songs but all the good stuff as well. Some performance flaws like a couple of muffed lines on "Hard Rain" but with its varied setlist, a solid 2001 show that's for sure.

AUGUST 21, 2001 (2) Telluride. A bit too much audience chat on this taping. Like most of these shows, consistantly good, energetic performances, just too noisy.

AUGUST 23, 2001 (2) Sun City. Solid show as Bob plays Sun City....band is particularly strong as it is on all of these universally strong fall shows with "Senor" in a standout. A pedestrian "It's Alright Ma" but a good night.

AUGUST 24, 2001 (2) Las Vegas, Nevada. Audience recording with a good though hoarse Bob. Upfront vocals, Bob wasn't up to the nice arrangement of "Love Minus Zero," just couldn't get that voice up. However, got it together for a fine "Mama You Been" A bit of reverb, but not a bad souveneir.

AUGUST 25, 2001 (2) Lancaster, Pennsylvania. Nice night with a varied setlist. No song stands out in particular - just a good consistant show - enjoyable.

OCTOBER 5, 2001 (2) Spokane, Washington. Sensational start to the fall tour! Great sounding, couldn't have started out better.

OCTOBER 6, 2001 (2) Seattle, Washington. Excellence in audience taping with a terrific performance all night long. Nice harp solo on "Moonlight" and a rockin and a rollin' "To Be Alone With You." A goodie.

OCTOBER 7, 2001 (2) Coravallis, Oregon. Sweet show - enjoyable throughout.

OCTOBER 9, 2001 (2) Medfield, Oregon. This is one of the very best sounding West Coast shows. Voice sounds rested and clean, one highlight: "Tambourine Man." A stunning "Mississippi. Superb, high recommendation.

OCTOBER 10, 2001 (2) Sacramento, California. A swinging good time - wonderful show with no set surprises, but who cares!! Bob was into IT that night.

OCTOBER 12, 2001 (2) San Jose, California. A sweet, mellow night - band playing oh so well. Bob's singing so well, L & T material good all night. A Real pleasure.

OCTOBER 13, 2001 (2) San Francisco, California Nice show. A dry take on "Masters," but otherwise universally quite good. A bit of echo, like many of these Cali shows, particularly on the slow numbers, but that's quibling.

OCTOBER 14, 2001 (2) Santa Barbara, California. Excellent! An anemic harp solo on "Times" was rescued by the solo on "Moonlight" the highlight of the night along with an effective "Hard Rain" and an amazing "Sugar Baby." Another charmer.

OCTOBER 17, 2001 (2) San Diego, California. A little echo only slightly mars this good taping captured well. A truly sweet "One Too Many Mornings" and of course "Visions."

OCTOBER 19, 2001 (2) Los Angeles, California. Just fine. With a loud, appreciate LA audience (I thought they were supposed to mellow). Not quite as crisp sounding as some of the other boots of this tour, but more than satisfactory.

OCTOBER 21, 2001 (2) Denver, Colorado. The band is primo, Bob squeezes out the vocals as best as he can for a fine set. A comparatively brief 20 song set, but who is complaining!

OCTOBER 23, 2001 (2) Sioux City. Nice recording and performance with a rare, snappy take on "Down Along The Cover" as the one detour. Bob was singing with thought and conviction.

OCTOBER 24, 2001 (2) La Crosse, Wisconsin. Mediocre but acceptable sound quality - just a lot of distance and lacks immediacy. Had to laugh when a woman shouts for "Going Nowhere" and Bob performes it 2 tunes later. She's captured freaking out, laughing and shouting thanks. Oh to be a Bobcat.

OCTOBER 25, 2001 (2) St. Paul, Minnesota. An enjoyable show and a nice performance by the homecoming Prom King.

OCTOBER 27, 2001 (2) Chicago, Illinois. A real nice set list and a pretty good taping makes for a nice addition to my shelf.

OCTOBER 28, 2001 (2) Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Strong set! Think that the singing during the slower songs were particularly fantastic. Very very good recording with just an occasional and hardly distracting hand clap (there was about 7 quick digital clicks on one track), would recommend.

OCTOBER 30, 2001 (2) Green Bay, Wisconsin. Good recording from another good fall 2001 show. The electric numbers recorded a bit better than the acoustics which are a tad distant and a touch of echo.

OCTOBER 31, 2001 (2) Madison, Wisconsin. Lovely night with some knockout performances. Delightful.

NOVEMBER 2, 2001 (2) Terre Haute, Indiana. The oh so slight echo just gives this one more warmth & charm. Nice to hear the rarely played in 2001 "Maggie's Farm," "Rank Strangers," and "Tears of Rage" all performed well.

NOVEMBER 3, 2001 (2) Nashville, Tennessee. Good, just too much noise and chat throughout, jeez, the taper's friend was freaking during "Visions" (me too, but I don't tape, dig?)
Captures music pretty well, but maybe best to skip unless a completist.

NOVEMBER 4, 2001 (2) Cincinatti, Ohio. The taper was just too from the stage hence a sub par, distant, murky sound to the bootleg. This is not terrible one, just unneccessary - the band is lost a bit in the mix though Bob gave a good performance to an appreciative crowd.

NOVEMBER 6, 2001 (2) Grand Rapids, Michigan. Enjoyable night (Albeit without a real standout moment). Though I dug the straight ahead "Tombstone Blues."

NOVEMBER 8, 2001 (2) Toronto, Canada. Very good, if not great show. Highlights: A twangy "Hummingbird," a provocative "Just Like A Woman," a gritty & charged "Hard Rain," a fab "Sugar Baby," and a fine towering "Watchtower." A few slight digital clicks on 1 track, still quite worthwhile.

NOVEMBER 9, 2001 (2) Detroit, Michigan. Nice recording with its most serious flaw is the annoying chat most noticed on the slower tunes though particularly bad during "Sugar Baby." No real suprise during the runthrew except maybe for "Grain of Sand."

NOVEMBER 10, 2001 (2) Columbus, Ohio. A fairly noisy taping in a hit or miss night: "Floater" sank, "High Water" was swimming - sorry :) - If you can fight through the whoops you get to a killer 2 minute harp solo on "Don't Think Twice."

NOVEMBER 11, 2001 (2) State College, Pennsylvania. A night that just didn't click. I enjoyed the sloppy "Highwater" and the sparse instrumentation on "John Brown." The second half a bit tighter, but there are others better that month.

NOVEMBER 13, 2001 (2) Syracuse, New York. A little echo on the vocals, but I wouldn't complain. A fine set.

NOVEMBER 14, 2001 (2) Morgantown, West Virginia. Enjoyable evening - Not set surprises really, but that's okay.

NOVEMBER 15, 2001 (2) Washington, D.C. A bit of vocal echo, but I found this warm & inviting. Nice show, but taping not quite crisp enought. A very appreciate audience.

NOVEMBER 17, 2001 (2) Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. An amazing one. Often said that its not how Bob sings, but the way he sings and this boot is point, set and match. Best ever version of "Waiting for the light, "It ain't Me" with that kinetic phrasing, Campbell's fancy guitar work propels "Don't Think Twice" and an even mellower reworking of the oft maligned "John Brown" worked well for me, an amazing "Sugar Baby," and even a real, clean swinging take on "Rainy Day Woman." Top 5 of the year and maybe as good or better than the NYC show a few days later.

NOVEMBER 19, 2001 (2) New York City. The big one. The massive praise heaped on this show raised my anticipation. I was not disappointed. An explosive crowd with magic (maybe even revolution) in the air. The roar for the "Tom Thumb" is incredible. An immense "Hard Rain." A singular harp on "Just Like A Woman." Only minor complaint is a little echo on the recording, not much though.

NOVEMBER 20, 2001 (2) Uncasville, Connecticut. Not the circulating copy as I traded for it the amateur taper - she did a good job, but not quite as captivating as some of these other shows. This show noted for my own personal quest of hearing "Visions" ending happily. Ahh.

NOVEMBER 20, 2001 (2) Uncasville, CT. This is the circulating copy and frankly it's a bit better - sorry Sharyn. This bootlegger had a better seat than me cause it sounds real good - tho Bob sounding quite froggy. Hot links on "Wicked Messenger" and a scorching "Watchtower."

NOVEMBER 21, 2001 (2) Manchester, New Hampshire. An acceptable representation - didn't really move me in any direction, but certainly no complaints.

NOVEMBER 23, 2001 (2) Portland, Maine. Even better than I remembered it and I can kill myself for not hanging out by the tour buses for the reported autograph signings. Eeeks. Anyway, a splendid show with some great singing throughout particularly on "Hattie Carroll" and "Desolation Row."

NOVEMBER 24, 2001 (2) Boston, Massachusetts. Good recording considering the cavernous, accoustic unfriendly, Fleet Center. A tad flat, but more than respectible take of this show that I, of course, caught.

2002 - ALL SHOWS

JANUARY 31, 2002 (2) Orlando, Florida. Does a few harp intro's which is damn cool. Very nice sounding show an aural pleasure.

FEBRUARY 1, 2002 (2) Sunrise, Florida. Real real good. Great recording and wonderful performances throughout. Standard set, but a great one at that.

FEBRUARY 2, 2002 (2) Tampa, Florida. A great taping catching the nuances of Bob and Band so wonderfully. Sexton's got a beautiful solo on "Highwater" and jeez I even loved hearing "Tangled." This whole night is just charged.

FEBRUARY 5, 2002 (2) Jacksonville, Florida. Nice peformance of a L&T show. Music captured well and so was the slight chat.

FEBRUARY 6, 2002 (2) Charleston, South Carolina. At the very beginning there is chat right at the intro & I thought this was gonna be a bad one. Wrongo! Show really took fire during the mid set acoustic sequence with "One Too Many," "Masters" & "Tangled" all top shelf. Fantabulous guitars on "Highway 61" was that Larry or Charlie? and even an energetic and thrilling "Honest With Me."

FEBRUARY 8, 2002 (2) Winston-Salem, North Carolina. Love that harp intro to "Tambourine Man." Consistantly excellent - took a few songs to clear the cobwebs in his throat.. A couple fo slight digital flaws on Rainy Day woman, a song I tend to skip anyway.

FEBRUARY 9, 2002 (2) Atlanta, Georgia. Another night. Another Joint. Just fine.

FEBURARY 9, 2002 (2) Atlanta, Georgia. This is the Dylantree ALD upgrade and it is fantastic. Crystal clear sound and we are talking zero crowd noise. Captures that big, beautiful nasal so perfectly. Essential, super, A+.

FEBRUARY 10, 2002 (2) Charlotte, North Carolina. A mellow night captured oh so sweetly. "Fourth Street" was terrific (despite a quick glitch) and the harp solo sets up a strumming "Visions." Another contender for early 2002 gold star.

FEBRUARY 11, 2002 (2) Charlottesville, West Virginia. Chat filled tape, but a more than acceptable souveneir.

FEBRUARY 13, 2002 (2) Greenville, South Carolina. Strong, self assured performancee. Nice touches of harp throughout the night. Snazzy guitar (Campbell or Sexton?) on "Masters." Lowlight: "Honest with Me."

FEBRUARY 15, 2002 (2) Augusta, Georgia. Just feels a bit anemic - could have been the distance in the less than perfect taping. By the end of the listen, I'd still call this a nice, pleasant performance.

FEBRUARY 16, 2002 (2) Birmingham, Alabama. Nice fluid night's work.

FEBRUARY 17, 2002 (2) New Orleans, Louisiana. Good run through, but nothing jumped out at me.

FEBRUARY 18, 2002 (2) Tupelo, Mississippi. Quite a nice show - Elvis would be proud.

FEBRUARY 20, 2002 (2) Houston, Texas. Bob does a rodeo. It's a noisy taping, but you certainly feel the exuberance fo this hootin' and hollerin' crowd. It's a southern fried party of a show, fun & sloppy.

FEBRUARY 22, 2002 (2) Dallas, Texas. Good, sturdy soud - hmm, changed the riff on "Maggie"." Sweet playing all night really from A-Z. Even didn't mind "Rainy Day" if you can believe that. Screaming guitar on "Watchtower."

FEBRUARY 23, 2002 (2) Bossier City, Louisiana. Very good show - thanks for "Hard Rain" which should be in the set every night. A smidge of chat but that's quibling. The first half of the night was excellent the second just acceptable.

FEBRUARY 24, 2002 (2) Austin, Texas. An uneven night. You get a downright awful "Alright Ma" followed by a lovely harp solo into "Searchin'". A listless "Visision" followed by a sweet "One Too Many Morning." A useless "Tangled" followed by a great "Sugar Baby." You get the idea.

APRIL 5, 2002 (2) Stockholm, Sweden. Not strong vocally, but let's start with a great setlist, performance and arrangements captured in outstanding sound quality.

APRIL 7, 2002 (2) Oslo, Norway. Fabulous show. Great performances, well played. The band played as good a "Visions" as I have ever heard. Gotta rank with the best of Spring, 22 songs even a "Hattie Carroll."

APRIL 8, 2002 (2) Copenhagen. Crystal Cat version. A very good night and while Bob's vocal chords didn't always cooperate the band played exquisitely.

APRIL 9, 2002 (2) Hamburg, Germany. Another Crystal Cat Version. Superb taping with the opening 4 tracks simply sensational. "Girl From North Country" with a harp into and the band playing so well you can weep at its beauty. I liked the acoustic songs all night best. Don't let me fail to mention the sweet/sad, dirge-like "Hard Rain" which was a monumental treat.

APRIL 11, 2002 (2) Berlin, Germany. Nice singing all night, maybe best ever of "Moonlight" with harp, a superb "Visions," Nice slower versions of "Boots" & "Think Twice". Terrific.

APRIL 12, 2002 (2) Leipzig. Good, but not great sound, a tad of leaden side, buty still fine. Highlight: the long haprp solo on "One Too Many Mornings." A fine slowed down arragenment "Can't Wait" works, but the mid tempo "Maggie's Farm" could have used a bit more energy. A neat "4th Time Around" that noone would confuse with Norweghian Wood.

APRIL 13, 2002 (2) Hannover, Germany. Pedestrian night about every which way. A very short digital flaw during "Tom Thumb." Highlight a thumping mid set takes on "Masters" & "It Ain't Me." Acoustic songs captured better, electrics are a tad blurry.

APRIL 15, 2002 (2) Frankfort, Germany. Well recorded show capturing Froggy Bob and the Boyz in splendid musical form. A few slight digital clicks on "Summer Days" that you probably won't notice.

APRIL 15, 2002 (2) (Schubert Version) A supposedly remixed and cleaned up recording - I dunno. A smokin' version of "Honest With Me" stood out.

APRIL 16, 2002 (2) Stuttgart, Germany. Groggy voiced all night, but still a nice show and recording nonetheless.

APRIL 17, 2002 (2) Munich, Germany. A pleasant German, Spring evening. Sound performance, fairly typical, but done well.

APRIL 19, 2002 (2) Ravenna, Italy. Nice show and lets hope "Subterranean" stays in the set for awhile. What a different way to hear the song from 60 year old Bob - Look out Kid - as opposed to the young, punky Bob of 1965.

APRIL 20, 2002 (2) Milan, Italy. The infamous flicked cigarette at Dylan show. First song without vocals, but a nice show to follow. A lovely "Love Minus Zero," a slow barely recognizable "Boots of Spanish" and the muffed lyrics don't mar "Visions." Strange that I really like the take of "Leopard Skin," a song I usually ignore.

APRIL 21, 2002 (2) Zurich, Switzerland. A pretty nice taping though the bass sounds a bit swampy & dreary. Liked this one alot - think it evens stands out comparatively to the other European Spring Gigs.

APRIL 23, 2002 (2) Innsbruck, Austria. Subpar taping that gets a bit better as the ear adjusts. Highlight, a special acoustic "Senor."

APRIL 24, 2002 (2) Nuremberg, Germany. Sturdy recording and a pleasant enuf run thru of 21 songs from his master's hand. Could have benefited from a sharper sound.

APRIL 25, 2002 (2) Strasbourg, France. One dimensional recording, certainly not terrible, but subpar - muddy and distorted at times. Still more than acceptable. Strange those Europeans clap in unison during the encores - and just make more heartfelt noise.

APRIL 27, 2002 (2) Oberhausen, Germany. Nice, nervy setlist and an enjoyable night in our former WWII foe.

APRIL 28, 2002 (2) Brussels, Belgium. "Masterpiece" and "I Believe in You" are worth the price of admission. The harp intro to "Blowin" nearly brought me to tears.

APRIL 29, 2002 (2) Paris, France. While the vocals are upfront and clear, the recording of the band sounds a bit muted to me - especially on the electric material. Nice singing on "Moonlight." A very good "Hard Rain," a great "Forever Young."

APRIL 30, 2002 (2) Paris, France. Imperfect, but O.K. Nothing riveting, but does it have to be?

MAY 2, 2002 (2) Rotterdam. Very good show with a varied setlist. I like it alot despite a few misses, particularly the encores "Dogs" & "Honest" were leaden bores.

MAY 4, 2002 (2) Brighton, U.K. Spicey evening with the requisite highs touched upon. It was a nice set of performances in the country of our former occupiers.

MAY 5, 2002 (2) Bournmouth, UK. The lone curve thrown, "Sweet Marie," was a treat. Everything else was terrific.

MAY 6, 2002 (2) Cardiff, UK. While nothing stood out during my listen, it was more than fine.

MAY 8, 2002 (2) Newcastle, England. A shade below the typical European DAT, but still nice.

MAY 9, 2002 (2) Manchester, England. Kicking off with "Maggie" + "Senor" accoustic is about a good way to start a night as a Grande Misto at Starbucks. Love the band's playing on "Visions" and "One Too Many Morning" among its many treasures.

MAY 10, 2002 (2) Birmingham, England. A question I am frequently asked is why am I obsessed with Dylan. While listening to "You're A Big Girl Now" right after Dylan injected some changed lyrics (in a 25 Year Old Song!), the crowd burst into applause. For whatever artist would that happen? What other artist would have an audience so connected to their craft and focused on the performance to notice?

MAY 11, 2002 (2) London. A Great setlist, maybe one of the year's best, and a solid performance thereof. "Blind Willie," "Visions" and "Subterranean," tre fabuloso.

MAY 12, 2002 (2) London. There's a faint chat throughout the taping, but its not distracting. A supper club like arrangement of "If You See Her" with harp and violin that is quite sensational. It took about half the night for D to get his throat cleared, but once he did there was some nice singing on "Hard Rain" and "Forever."

AUGUST 2, 2002 (2) Worcester, Massachusetts. I attended this one at a small converted theatre/club. Pretty good recording and a very good performance. Threw in the Empire Burlesque curve of "Never Gonna Be the Same." I remembered the night for it's rockous rock and roll doesn't seem quite the same on disc.

AUGUST 3, 2002 (2) Newport, Rhode Island. It's the Newport Fucking Folk Festival. Why weren't you there, I was. "Going Nowhere," "Positively" and "Subterranean" are the aural highlights.

AUGUST 3, 2002 (2) (Alternate) Newport, Rhode Island. This mix a bit better in sound than the above. Possibly known as the "Wind" version, but not certain.

AUGUST 3, 2002 (2) Newport, Rhode Island. Crystal Cat. Wow!!!!!

AUGUST 4, 2002 (2) Augusta, Maine. Decided to skip the 5 hour drive so I will have to settle for bootleg. Nice sounding show with a nice varied set. Hey Bob, leave "Tear of Rage," in!

AUGUST 6, 2002 (2) Hallifax, Nova Scotia, Canada. Very very good taping. You get a nice "Senor," "Subterranean," & even a welcome visit from "Blind Willie."

AUGUST 8, 2002 (2) Moncton, New Brunswick. A lovely nite - everything performed and played well. Likey likey.

AUGUST 9, 2002 (2) St. Johns. A pretty good recording of a pretty good show. Takes an acoustic stab at "Man in the Long Black Coat" that while not quite working was a hell of a try. Dug "Lay Lady" "Visions" and the harp intro into "Grain of Sand" is pure Zimmy magic. Show really heated up in the second half.

AUGUST 10, 2002 (2) Quebec, Canada. Splendid show - lots of high points: "Black Coat" is immense, "Love Minus" & "Just Like A Woman" are its trio of highlights.

AUGUST 12, 2002 (2) Strong, snappy show. Super peddle steel via Campbell on "Baby Blue." "Tom Thumb" the only setlist variable, but dang I want to hear that live again. Band played with spirit all nite long.

AUGUGST 13, 2002 (2) Kanata, Ontario, Canada. A fuzzy subpar recording.

AUGUST 15, 2002 (2) Hamburg, New York. An okay recording of a nice, varied set. There's a little distance in the sound, a bit too much echo, but more than acceptable.

AUGUST 16, 2002 (2) Toronto, Canada. Inferior but acceptable taping that get a tad dreary at times, witness a muddy "Forever." If I had to pick a highlight I'd go with "Released." A C- affair.

AUGUST 18, 2002 (2) Baltimore, Maryland. This is the 100th Birthday Party for Harley Davidson. A sturdy, fair recording. The debut of "Mighty Quinn" as its most noteworthy moment.

AUGUST 19, 2002 (2) Southhampton, New York. Good recording of a good show. A little chat here & there mostly audible on the quiet acoustic tunes, but not problematic. "Never Gonna Be The Same Again" & "Mighty Quinn" are the duel rarities.

AUGUST 21, 2002 (2) Omaha, Nebraska. The band is a bit undermiked, but you do get the vocals upfront + center. A nice "Senor," from a typically sturdy night. Some snazzy instrumental interludes during the band intro's with "Rainy Day."

AUGUST 22, 2002 (2) Sioux Falls, South Dakota. The taping was good and the band was hot - need I say more.

AUGUST 23, 2002 (2) Fargo, North Dakota. What the heck are you doing in Fargo Bob? A midling taping or maybe it was Bob too, hard to say. It just seems a bit dull that's all. Highlight: an unabashed "Don't Think Twice," with harp & some fine pickin'. Also enjoyed the band's noodling during their intro's.

AUGUST 24, 2002 (2) Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada. Fine workout.

AUGUST 26, 2002 (2) Saskatoon, Sasktchewan. That's the middle of nowhere. A somewhat hollow recording with the acoustic stuff at times sounding quite distant. Hauls out "Tangled" for a now rare outaing. Best to put that one back in the Toolbox Bob to get reworked, Bob.

AUGUST 27, 2002 (2) Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. An okay taping of an okay show with occassional chat & slcack. Hearing Bob spit out the words to "Tangled" confirms that he never sings any song exactly the same way twice. Nice slow takes of "Tombstone" and "Forever" and don't let me forget "Not Dark Yet."

AUGUST 28, 2002 (2) Calgary, Alberta, Canada. A good one, nicely recorded & performed. Not top shelf, but I like it.

AUGUST 30, 2002 (2) Park City, Utah. One fabulous recording and certainly among the year's top ten boots. A soundboarder or atleast I think so. Campbell's fiddle on "To Be Alone" worth the price of admission. Even the oft turgid "Make You Feel My Love" enlivened with a great harp intro. Unfortunately, have a problem copying one or two tracks so if you want to trade for it, your copy will be incomplete.

AUGUST 31, 2002 (2) Grand Junction, Colorado. Superb compact performance. Bravo. Excellence in taping and performance and hey Bob! you

SEPTEMBER 1, 2002 (2) Aspen, Colorado. Thanks for another "Visions" Bob - a good show all in all. A bit of chat, but not too bad.

OCTOBER 4, 2002 (2) Seattle, Washington. And so the NET goes on and on with Bob on Keyboards & the Zevon, Stones et al. Anyway, "Brown Sugar" really cleared Bobby's throat and the show just seemed better from that point on forward. "It's Alright" has become a bluesy swamp - and hot damn that Bob's plunking down a piano solo.

OCTOBER 5, 2002 (2) Eugene, Oregon. Fair enuf taping of an okay show.

OCTOBER 7, 2002 (2) Red Bluff, California. Simply one of the very best Fall 02 recordings! Splendid! From the slow down "Hard Rain" to the revved "Summer Days" this is a great one and I mean it, man!

OCTOBER 8, 2002 (2) Sacramento, California. With the tremble turning up you can catch B at the keyboards best. A pretty nice show with an alright but flawed recording. Highlight: a late set "Moonlight" with a simmering harp solo and a beautiful and lazy beat and vocal.

OCTOBER 9, 2002 (2) Sacramento, California. Has a handheld mic feel - a tad cavernous and an iota hollow - but yet the show is still captured, just won't make my best of list.

OCTOBER 11, 2002 (2) Berkeley, California. An acceptable taping with a minimal amount of chat -we do get to hear an argument going on around the taper at one point. Doesn't have have much texture or nuance, but still delivers the goods. Sounds okay, but best played at lower volume.

OCTOBER 12, 2002 (2) Berkeley, California. Sweet show, captured & performed well.

OCTOBER 13, 2002 (2)(Early Show) Lake Tahoe, Nevada. Nicely performed gig and as is Bob's M.O., a shortened set for a night of double duty. No Dylan penned curveballs, but we get Zevon's "Lawyers, Guns" cover. An acceptable to good recording, a bit hollow sounding overall.

OCTOBER 13, 2002 (2) (Late Show) Lake Tahoe, Nevada. A pretty & quiet taping - some nice performances including a sweet sweet "Marytr."

OCTOBER 15, 2002 (2) Wiltern Theatre, Los Angeles, California. Like this recording alot. So nice to get "one Too Many," "Released," AND "Don't Think Twice" in the same evening. But it's all good with the L&T material shining birghtly. I challenge you to find a club gig where Bob didn't deliver the goods. He dedicated this show to "The Rock Critics."

OCTOBER 16, 2002 (2) Wiltern. Los Angeles, California. Fine show, but think the other 2 nights were a bit better.

OCTOBER 17, 2002 (2) Wiltern. Los Angeles, California. Superb show. Sensational sound and dig it all, baby.

OCTOBER 19, 2002 (2) San Diego, California. Not the circulating copy, BTW. A bit bass heavey but still good - this one grew on me and quite enjoyed it by the end. Nice Takes on "Released," "Tangled" (rare for the fall of 2002) and "Carrying a Torch." Likey.

OCTOBER 20, 2002 (2) Las Vegas, Nevada. Nice show with Bob oft singing in his soft, beautiful voice. Love the set curve balls of "Masterpiece," "Blind Willie," & "Never Gonna Be The Same." And even one of the better "Brown Sugars."

OCTOBER 21, 2002 (2) Phoenix, Arizona. Oh the ovation Bob gets when he grabs that harp from from the drum riser. It's a reasuring noise for this Bobcat and Bob delivers taking "Just Like A Woman" to the next level. All in all, a fair boot.

OCTOBER 23, 2002 (2) Tucson, Arizona. Not sure Bob ever quite cleared the frog from his throat. Still a solid show, overall, and good sound.

OCTOBER 25, 2002 (2) Barnalillo. Nice run thru of Piano Bob. The last part of "Watchtower" gets clipped off.

OCTOBER 26, 2002 (2) Denver, Colorado. Must say one of the very best Fall 02 shows. Clear & Crisp - five stars.

OCTOBER 28, 2002 (2) Kansas City, Missouri. Alright I guess, perhaps someone will tell me to relisten, nothing jumped out at me.

OCTOBER 29, 2002 (2) Ames. Iowa. A real treat to get "Ring Them Bells" ahh thanx Bob.

OCTOBER 30, 2002 (2) St. Paul, Minnesota. Very nice show includes a couple of words to the tragic death of Senator Paul Wellstone. On the mark at this homecoming gig. Some amazing guitar work on "Watchtower."

NOVEMBER 1, 2002 (2) Chicago, Illinois. A sturdy eve.

NOVEMBER 2, 2002 (2) Dayton, Ohio. Didn't really impress me, but perhaps I tired a little in successive listening to these fall shows. Highlight: "Ain't me Babe."

NOVEMBER 3, 2002 (2) Kent, Ohio I warmed up to this, but the sound could have been a bit tighter overall. Love the nervy arrangement of "In the Summertime" and the slow, profound take of "Queen Jane" with harp and they just frickin' nail "Watchtower" to close.

NOVEMBER 5, 2002 (2) (Early Show) Indianapolis, Indiana. An imperfect taping which really grew on me - thought the crowd was especially into it creating a real energy to the night. Highlights were a mid set trio of "Highway 61," "Sugar Baby," and "Times." And I should neglect to mention the moving "Knockin" as the evening's closer.

NOVEMBER 5, 2002 (2) (Late Show) Indianapolis, Indiana. A pleasant boot with a very cool vocal on "Back Pages." Listening to Sexton's guitar work, sure gonna miss him in the band. And oh yeah, there's a little bit of chat on this taping.

NOVEMBER 8, 2002 (2) Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Has a couple of minor digital flaws on a track or two, but still a sturdy, acceptable recording. It is a journeyman evening perhaps holding some energy back to his trip to the big Apple.

NOVEMBER 7, 2002 (2) Ann Arbor, Michigan. A good show with a nearly spoken word "Hattie Carroll" as the real tasty treat.

NOVEMBER 9, 2002 (2) Elmira, New York. Acceptable, but inferior taping. The boot has nothing to speak of really except for the first half of an intense harp solo during "Tambourine Man." Best to skip I'd say.

NOVEMBER 11, 2002 (2) New Yawk City. A little bit of low level chat can be heard throughout, but the music and passion comes in loud & clear. I cuaght this show and will never forget "Yea! Heavy And a Bottle of Bread."

NOVEMBER 13, 2002 (2) New York City. Stiff recording, a bit swampy, noted for his one off of "Something" for George Harrison.

NOVEMBER 15, 2002 (2) Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. As I listen to these fall shows I wonder what I'll think in a few years? Will we view these as a cool Bob Trick or a near mistep like those Simon duets of a few years back? Hmmm.

NOVEMBER 16, 2002 (2) Boston, Massachusetts. Nicely recorded show with a smart take on "Simple Twist." I caught this one and think the boot is a bit better audio experience than the live one.

NOVEMBER 17, 2002 (2) Hartford, Connecticut. Decent taping with some chatter as a slight distraction. While I liked this entire show best of the ones I attended, the boot is far from essential.

NOVEMBER 20, 2002 (2) Kingston, Rhode Island. Nice sound to this one, in fact, taper had a better seat that I did. Vocals are upfront with band a shade tinny at times. Nice fluid playing all nite long and particularly like the vocals on the trio "Think Twice," "High Water" + "Mutineer" towards the end of the main set. And of course we get a "Watchtower" sealing the night with some terrific guitarwork.

NOVEMBER 21, 2002 (2) Wilkes Barre, Pennsylvania. Acceptable recording - but best played at moderate volume and you do hear a murmer of chat when you listen closely.

NOVEMBER 22, 2002 (2) Fairfax, Virginia. Superb representation of fall 02 tour - no setlist surprises, but everything captured pretty clearly, vocals are upfront and piano sound good babe. A terrific "Times" even a pretty good take of "Honest with Me."

FEBRUARY 6, 2003 (2) Canberra, Australia. It seems okay - a smidge of distance in the sound quality, but I enjoyed it. Highlight: "One Too Many Mornings." Canberra, BTW, is the nation's capital in case you didn't know.

FEBRUARY 8, 2003 Melbourne, Australia. Missing final 3 tracks making this a single disc. Solid outing.

FEBRUARY 11, 2003 (2) Brisbane. Hey Bob, thanks for a well performed show. Some of the lows are a bit muffled, but it could have been the sub par speakers in my office.

FEBRUARY 13, 2003 (2) Adelaide, Australia. A pleasureable taping with Bob fit + focused. A straight & beautiful piano based "Remember You." All in all, good night.

FEBRUARY 15, 2003 Perth, Australia. Show fits on a single disc - a dozen tunes only - chattly, low level taping. A bit blah.

FEBRUARY 17, 2003 (2) Sydney, Australia. Good, but imperfect taping. Strong performance. Highlight: whirlwind vocal on "Don't Think Twice."

FEBRUARY 18, 2003 (2) Newcastle. One of the better taping from down under. "Baby Tonight" is a real treat with it's sweet harp intro.

FEBRUARY 21, 2003 (2) Auckland, New Zealand. Happy enough with the taping - love the harp on "Baby Tonight" but mystified by it on "Just Like a Woman." Like the smidge lower than mid tempo "Think Twice" Bob croaks out "Happy B'day" to Larry Campbell.

February 22, 2003 (2) Auckland again. Solid, if undistinguished show. Not sure as I make my way through this swing if they have too much to offer other than frequent flier mileage for Bob & the boys

FEBRUARY 24, 2003 (2) Wellington, New Zealand. Decent recording - not quite textured enough to call much better than good. A bit of distortion on the taping, but sturdy.

FEBRUARY 26, 2003 (2) Christchurch, New Zealand. The vocals are a bit shaky but the band played tremendously ("Highway 61") on this less than perfect taping. Great long harp on "Woman."

APRIL 18, 2003 (2) Dallas, Texas. Decent taping, but a groggy voiced Bob seemed to sail through the night. One of the most unusual setlists of the year with the one off of "Easy Living" as a one off gift. Aced the harp on "Dignity" Really liked "Standing" and the reworked "Sugar Baby" as well.

APRIL 19, 2003 (2) Austin, Texas. One dimensional taping. Think the band played well, but the it just sound so damn flat, almost mono.

APRIL 20, 2003 (2) Austin, Texas. A Larry Horton production I was told. Got an honest to God rippin' take of "Honest With Me." Nice set avoiding most of the biggies. A bit of chat on this one, but still good.

APRIL 22, 2003 (2) Houston, Texas. One of the better Spring shows (that for the most part I found underwhelming) and certainly well recorded. A "Blind Willie" the sole curve ball. A well performed eve.

APRIL 23, 2003 (2) Houston, Texas. A nice set list, but just a fair recording.

APRIL 25, 2003 (2) New Orleans, Louisiana. Jazz Fest. It's been a difficult task to boot these piano shows and this one does a more than decent job at it. Nice mournful "Baby Blue" with harp intro and pedal steel. Interesting "Hard Rain" reworked into a slow dirge.

APRIL 26, 2003 (2) New Orleans. Certainly a good show, best known for guest Dickie Landry sitting in on sax all evening. Nothing really jumped out as a highly, but think it's all well played and good.

APRIL 27, 2003 (2) Tunica, Mississippi. CEDAR 4. Sharp performance - excellent sound quality. Enjoyed this show with a great "LARS" and a blistering "Watchtower" to end the evening. A good show in a remote place.

APRIL 27, 2003 (2) Tunica, Mississippi. CEDAR 1. Delightful.

APRIL 29, 2003 (2) Nashville, Tennessee. A par recording from the spring - well done.

APRIL 30, 2003 (2) Louisville, Kentucky. Nice show: mellow but still quite jaunty. Seemed to peak in the middle with a sweet sad "Blind Willie" an explosive "Highwater" and a playful "Floater." And don't let me forget a splendid "Forever Young" to end the night with a kiss.

MAY 2, 2003 (2) Atlanta. Nice enuf show - a bit & didn't really catch fire - but still a good one for this collection.

MAY 4, 2003 (2) West Palm Beach, Florida. CEDAR 2. Koella CAN play - nice zangy riffs on "Maggie" Another great show from the best shows of the year.

MAY 5, 2003 (2) Orlando, Florida. CEDAR 1. Enjoyed show with the non stop Freddie swinging away again. No set curves, just a nicely performed evening.

MAY 6, 2003 (2) Charleston, South Carolina. Hey now, a real nice show. With a "I don't Believe You" as a real corker. This is one of the best sound recordings of the spring. Gold Star!!

MAY 8, 2003 (2) Portsmouth, Virginia. Nice yeoman work. Touches all the bases - with Bruce Hornsby dropping in on piano for "Watchtower." He always sounded like Billy Joel to me.

MAY 9, 2003 (2) Atlantic City, New Jersey. Superb evening - further proof of D's continued relevance. An excellent recording though there is a 10 sec blank gap on the opener track. Fine pedal steel on "Tell Me" and "Just Like A Woman." Other than a junky "Watchtower" at the end a consistant performance.

MAY 10, 2003 (2) Atlantic City, New Jersey. Engergic performance that even included a stage announcement mid concert to stay in your seat. A real good night with a short setlist - I seem to be missing one track, though I we do get much of the Waifs (LOVE THEM!!) opening set.

MAY 11, 2003 (2) Solomons, Maryland. Start with the usual strong taping. Listening to the Koella solo on "61" makes me realize how much he has ENHANCED and changed the sound of the band.

MAY 13, 2003 (2) Cary, North Carolina. Noisy audience taping, seemed to imporve as the night progressed. The Waifs help out on background vocals on "Knockin" - I love those girls!!

MAY 14, 2003 (2) Asheville, North Carolina. A solid era performance with a better than usual setlist: "4th Street," "Blind Willie," "Dignity" and "Grain."

MAY 16, 2003 (3) Birmingham, Alabama. A happy run thru With "Blind Willie" and "River Flow" as 2 treats. Can trade with the Waifs opening set as three or just the 2 Dylan discs.

MAY 17, 2003. Jackson, Mississippi. Dylan only on one disc. Nice recording with a thumpin "Tweedle."

MAY 18, 2003 (2) Little Rock, Arkansas. Horse throated but otherwise the band was in fine shape.

JULY 12, 2003 (2) Winter Park, Colorado. Horse throated once again, a bit dreary, but still croaks his way through the night.

JULY 13, 2003 (2) Casper, Wymong. Breezey run thru the sixteen tune setlist. Note quite jumped out at me, tho no complaints.

JULY 15, 2003 (2) Jackson, Wyoming. Another nice run - Dylan's the only artist on the planet who'd make 2 stops in that square state.

JULY 16, 2003 (2) Big Sky, Montana. A good show thought you do get some annoying talkers (2 or 3 times particularly on the slow song) - Hey's it's "Just Like A Woman" shutttt upppp! However it is nice boot. Highlights: A leasurily stroll thru "Bye & Bye."

JULY 17, 2003 (2) West Valley City, Utah. CEDAR 1. A sloppy, ragged evening. Bob was downright '91 like on the keyboards on "Baby Blue" with an empty harp solo as well. With "Blind Willie" & "I Believe in You" it warmed up somewhat and salvaged the evening. A terrible first half with the second being quite good.

JULY 19, 2003 (2) Lake Tahoe. Nice show & taping. Nary a surpise, but a sweet "Hard Rain."

JULY 21, 2003 (2) Sun Valley, Idaho. With "Visions" and "Blind Willie" you have 2 of my all time favorites well captured on this set. But it's even better than that as this is a top shelf, wonderous gig all around.

JULY 22, 2003 (2) Nampa, Idaho. A sweet recording, a mundane setlist, but a strong performance note for note. Best: "4th Street" and snazzy work by Koella on "Watchtower."

JULY 23, 2003 (2) Bend, Oregon. Enjoyable show with a sweet (era rare) "Desolation Row." Superior recording quality.

JULY 25, 2003 (2) Kelseyville, California. Likey. Nice "Most Likely," and even thought the usually sappy "Feel My Love" came out pretty good. A triumphant "Dignity" and a strong "LARS." Very good taping, to boot.

JULY 26, 2003 (2) Paso Robles, California. Good show. Highlights: "4th Street," "Just Like A Woman."

JULY 27, 2003 (2) Costa Mesa, California. In terms of sound quality, this is a hair below the other summer shows. Otherwise - a capable run thru of set. Not a standout, but not a slouch.

JULY 29, 2003 (2) Sunrise, Florida. First disc is the short Bob set - an abysimal "Sugar Baby" but all in all its okay. It's a noisy taping. 2nd disc is the Bob & the Dead set along with some additional Dead material. Sucks.

JULY 30, 2003 (2) Tampa, Florida. A mediocre recording with a cavernous feel to it. Disc one is the Dylan set with disc 2 containing the Dylan stuff with The Dead backing him up: "Friend of the Devil," "Serve Somebody," & "LARS."

JULY 31, 2003 (2) Atlanta, Georiga. Excellent recording of an energetic Bob & Koella in tow wailing away. A dull mini Dead set.

AUGUST 2, 2003 (2) Joliet, Illinois. An enjoyable show - I always like hearing "Joey" - especially with a harp break. A rap inspired "Hard Rain" worked for me. Another pretty good Dead/Dylan mini set - I kinda like the "Senor" they all attempted.

AUGUST 3, 2003 (2) Somerset, New Jersey. The first disc is the Dylan only portion - somewhat noisy & chat marred but still light & nimble. 2nd disc has 3 Dylan/Dead tunes one of their better summer collaborations as they cover "Big River" & "Johnny B Goode" together.

AUGUST 5, 2003 (2) Noblesville, Indiana. Evening started out poorly until about song 5 ("Highway 61:) where Bob finally got hold of his vocals. The remaining 6 tunes were pretty good with old friend, Joan Osborne, helping out sweetly on "Tears of Rage" You get 3 Bob fronting the Dead tune: "Good Morning SchoolGirl" was fun but sounded too much like the Dead for these ears. "Ballad of a Thin Man" has a sraight arrangement so it was a bit better. "Oh Boy" sounded like the Dead chanelling Paul Simon fronted by Dylan whatever that means.

AUGUST 6, 2003 (2) Columbus, Ohio. Superb recording with a great setlist, Guests (Joan Osborne) and a competant to good performance. You get some material backed by the Dead along with some Dead only tracks (dull).

AUGUST 8, 2003 (2) Darien Center, Connecticut. CEDAR 1. A shaky start, but ultimately turned into a fine night. The Dead backed material is fucking dreadful. They suck.

AUGUST 9, 2003 (2) Holmdel, New Jersey. Nothing special, but certainly fair gmae. Highlight: a sharp "River Flow."

AUGUST 10, 2003 (2) Holmdel, New Jersey. A pretty darn good recording & performance. There are 2 Tom Petty/Dylan collaborations: Bob at the mic on "Knockin" and on guitar for "Baby Please Don't Go." I thought it worked and the whole show was real good, despite the notices.

AUGUST 12, 2003 (2) New York City. Wouldn't be a complete collection without this one as Nils Lofgren stepped in for the night and elevated the band to nice heights. BUT but but, the sound quality just wasn't up to snuff and my expections were sky high on this listen due to the excited hub bub after the live performance.

AUGUST 13, 2003 (2) New York City. Hoohah, takes a good 4/5 songs in before Bob's voice clears up and get's the team on track - somewhere on "Ain't Goin Nowhere" I think. A kinda interesting "Desolation Row," and a gritty, thoughtful "Grain of Sand," A Charmin' "Think Twice," And a strong "Watchtower to end it.

AUGUST 16, 2003 (2) Bushkill, Pennsylvania. Splendid night, a wonderful listen and a well thought out set list.

AUGUST 17, 2003 (2) Wallingford, Connecticut. A wicked pissa "Wheel on Fire" and such a great "Hard Rain" that I'm mad at myself for not making the 2 hour drive to catch it it live. Nice "Simple Twist" and oh a good, sounding recording.

AUGUST 18, 2003 (2) Northhampton, Massachusetts. CEDAR 2. A perfect late career "Times and a love & theftified "Be Your Baby" just swings and careens with Campbel on Steel guitar. A alme "Boots" but a road solid "Blind Willie" and a super "Watchtower." I caught this show and it was well worth the drive.

AUGUST 19, 2003 (2) Gilford, New Hampshire. I drove the drive to see this one live and sure glad I did. Highlights: "Tweedle," "Dignity," "Think Twice," "Savings Grace." Bob set a career record by thanking the audience twice for it's enthusiasm."

AUGUST 20, 2003 (2) New York City. Dull taping with some surface noise on my master on a track or two, some distance in the recording and just not much to speak good about it. Great to hear the roar for "Tom Thumb" and a very fine "Going Nowhere."

AUGUST 21, 2003 (2) Gilford, New Hampshire.  I caught this show and the recording reminds of how spectacular it was.

AUGUST 22, 2003 (2) Syracuse, New York. Like it. "Moonlight," "This Wheel," "Think Twice." Strong nite.

TRAVELIN' MAN August 23, 2003 (2) Niagra Falls. Contemporary Tapers Series #1. Among the class of the year. Superb taping and an immense performance - so good that I'm surprised that I haven't heard more about it. Listen to that phrasing during "Tambourine Man" or how about that dead on "High Water." Or a sweet, beautiful "Forever Young." The harp solo's worked all nite. Essential.

OCTOBER 9, 2003 (2) Helsinki. Very upbeat show that really took off from note one. Bob is clearly pumped. A capable recording and isn't "If You See her" nice to hear live. It's a sweet, sad and grand conflicted classic. 3 types of shows in 03: The elite, the good and the non-plus. This is the 2nd catagory. 4 star.

OCTOBER 11, 2003 (2) Stockholm, Sweden. Always appreciate "Tom Thumb" though nothing else really grabbed me.

OCTOBER 12, 2003 (2) Karlstad, Sweden. Mikael Recording. A good show, but you won't be playing "Baby Blue" for any of your ambivalent friends anytime soon. Let's just say the vocal was lacking. Ugh.

OCTOBER 13, 2003 (2) Oslo, Norway. Gruf vocals
to say the least on this well played run thru.

QUEEN JANE. October 15, 2003 (2) Goteborg, Sweden. Mr M Recording. Another terrific performance. A couple of subtle set twists & nice evenly performend concert. My God, Bob even utters 5 words of chat after "Cat in the Well." Positively loquacious.

OCTOBER 16, 2003 (2) Copenhagen. Mikael Recording. A well taped, well captured show. A # of highlights: "Back Pages," "Highway 61," "Bye & Bye," & "Grain" is about as good as this fall tour gets.

OCTOBER 17, 2003 (2) Hamburg, Germany. Schubert. A sweet varied setlist -- "If You See Her," "Dignity," et al. Along with a sterling recording - nice performance.

OCTOBER 18, 2003 (2) Hamburg, Germany. Opens with an energetic, riff driven "Maggie" that Bob croaks thru with power & glory. But all in all, a fair show - not so sure about any of these fall shows quite yet.

OCTOBER 20, 2003 (2) Berlin. Schubert Recording. A well recorded Fall Piano Bob show." Not real surprises as "Grain" is played frequently this autumn. All in all, quite satisfying.

OCTOBER 22, 2003 (2) Leipzig, Germany. Just a fair to capable recording here that I did warm up and get used to. Enjoyed the subtle "Senor" and a nice setlist over the course of the night.

OCTOBER 23, 2003 (2) Prague. Just didn't really catch much of a spark. Certainly a nice taping and good performance. Maybe it's the mundane set lists tho "Moonlight" is one of L&T's hidden charms. Highlight of eve: harp solo on "Tambourine Man."

OCTOBER 24, 2003 (2) Budapest. A sturdy taping + par performance - Bob sounded a bit sleepy at the wheel, but I'm sure those Hungarians enjoyed it. Speaking of which I once dated one briefly she dumped me quick. Oh yeah, has my least 2 favorite L&T tracks on it "Cry" and "Honest with Me."

OCTOBER 26, 2003 (2) Graz, Austria. Another near miss. No so much a bad night, but just lacking something on the listen. I'm sure a nice live experience, just a bit dull. Good recording, BTW.

OCTOBER 27, 2003 (2) Vienna. Doberman recording. And a fine recording, smartly performed. Sweet harp on "Think Twice."

OCTOBER 29, 2003 (2) Munich, Germany. Schubert Recording. "Black Coat" is night's high point with Bob's screwy growl fitting snugly into the album faithful take.

OCTOBER 30, 2003 (2) Bolzano. Schubert Recording. Nice even handed romp through the 19 song set. Well done and satfisfying - put me in a real good mood.

NOVEMBER 1, 2003 (2) Rome, Italy. A pedestrian recording and standard setlist make for a mundane (yet acceptable) set of discs.

NOVEMBER 2, 2003 (2) Milan, Italy. Well taped and capably performed. Heck even the piano at times seemed to be well into the mix. Nice Koella wailing solo on "LARS."

NOVEMBER 3, 2003 (2) Zurich, Switzerland. An above average taping and performance. Bob sounds pretty good and a strong setlist marks for a nice souveneir. In fact as I listened I really loved the show - "Grain" sung as beautifully and sweety as well as this old man can squeeze out.

NOVEMBER 5, 2003 (2) Freiburg. Good show - far from perfect - but a good listen.

NOVEMBER 6, 2003 (2) Frankfort, Germany. Starts with a smashing arrangement of "Down Along the Cove" vital & vivid. Koella on lead transforming and modernizing the old chestnut. The voice is haggard, tired and limited this evening though he tried hard and succeeds on some tunes ("Black Coat" "Grain") he can't quite get it to work on others (brutal "Love Minus Zero"). "LARS" sung by father time -- perhaps the best vocal of the evening.

NOVEMBER 8, 2003 (2) Dusseldorf, Germany. Smartly recorded - nice harp solo on "Love Minus Zero." Threw his heart & soul into all nite long.

NOVEMBER 10, 2003 (2) Amsterdam. Old Dutch Master Recording. Top shelf recording of a fully engaged and determined Dylan from the get go. Frankly amazed at how good this sounds and what a different band Koella has made it into. No set surpsrises but a superior run thru. Don't get me wrong a few misteps - A bland sing songy "Love Minus" but a sad + pretty "Gain" shortly thereafter fully redeems it.

NOVEMBER 11, 2003 (2) Amsterdam. Watchtower #30, CEDAR 1. A more than fair boot with the electric material led by Koella & Crew just knocking it all down. Hi points: "Most Likely," "Honest with me," and even liked this take of "Hattie," captured so well. "Down Along the Cove" is a nice way to start those encores, Bobby.

NOVEMBER 12, 2003 (2) Brussels, Belgium. Can't believe I'm saying this but a grim "Visions of Johanna" that doesn't do the material much justice. Otherwise a pretty good show with the the underappreciated and much maligned Koella just cranking it on "Highway 61." Not sure how to describe this tour's "Girl From North Country." It's really spoken like a tragic fairy tale. My my.

NOVEMBER 13, 2003 (2) Paris. Always nice to get another "Grain," Senor and it's all well played I guess. Some good and bad (A William Shatner like "Tambourine Man."

NOVEMBER 15, 2003 (2) Doberman Recording. Wembley Arena, London. To these ears a mediocre nite, didn't really have much range and "Sand" on this nite was a gooey mess. Overall, a pretty decent recording but better was to come.

NOVEMBER 17, 2003 (2) Dublin, Ireland. Any show with "Cry awhile," "Honest With Me" & "Cats in the Well" is bound to be a bit laborious, doncha think. Still a pretty good recording and nicely played.

NOVEMBER 20, 2003 (2) Sheffield, England. Watchtower #70, CEDAR 1. Mediocre, if really dull. Not a totally train wreck, just a mistep.

NOVEMBER 21, 2003 (2) Birmingham, England. Watchtower #69, CEDAR 1. It's a solid evening -- think the tour's taught, straight arrangement of "Highway 61" is a winner.

NOVEMBER 23, 2003 (2) London. It's all about the setlist isn't it and this is one of the greatest. He should have posted a sign, Casual Fans, not allowed. Wish I was there. The arranged ranged from a spoken/sung "Jokerman" to an album faithful "Tough Mama" Bob energized by his own self directed challenge really attacked each song like a starving man at a smorsgaborg.

NOVEMBER 24, 2003 (2) Hammersmith, London. Night one of setlist evny. "Romance in Durango," "Tough Mama" Bob in fantastic form, focus & energy. Splendidly spectacular. When you come down to it - though - it's the singing. Bob f'n sings his ass off - it's "Floater" or "Million Miles" - delivering the goods. And BTW, a good recording.

NOVEMBER 25, 2003 (2) Brixton, London. First off, my expectations were sky high considering the volumes of enthusiasm generated in the Brit fanzines. My sole critism here is the recording quality - good, but only good. I just want better. The performance: top shelf. Some incredible singing ("Hard Rain" & "LARS). Love the Plugz like "Jokerman" too.

2004 -- All Shows

FEBRUARY 28, 2004 (2) Tulsa, Oklahoma. Solid taping. A brutal Fred McGruff vocal on "Tell Me." Must have cleared his throat as the rest of the night he sounded much better. All in all, happy with this one.

MARCH 1, 2004 (2) St. Louis, Missouri. The "Drifters" open has about as bad a horse and tired sounding vocal as I have ever heard. Fortunately, it warms up rather quickly. All in all, an okay night.

MARCH 2, 2004 (2) St. Louis, Missouri. A spirited and spangled "Baby Blue," A stunning and lovely "Girl From North," as Bobby had a nice light touch on this strong nite.

MARCH 3, 2004 (2) St. Louis, Missouri. Sharp recording - strong, consistant performance. Well paced and captured by taper.

MARCH 5, 2004 (2) Chicago, Illinois. Another oh so nice recording - thank you tapers!! A farily regular set but once again well played & sung. Nothing wrong with consistancy. A sweet "Nowhere."

MARCH 6, 2004 (2) Chicago, Illinois. More than a decent recording. Love this country fried "Tell Me" + "Cove" the early set high points. All in all a quite righteous and consistant gig.

MARCH 7, 2004 (2) Chicago, Illinois. I like this show...alot. 3 highlights: "Love Sick" with its smokey Koella guitar solo; A "Moonlight" recast as a snappy 2 step and a twisted, rambling "Floater."

THE PASSION AT PARK WEST. March 8, 2004. Chicago, Illinois. Mad Dog Remaster. Can't give you a specific highlight from this shake + bake setlist as it was thoroughly entertaining, man.

MARCH 10, 2004 (2) Chicago, Illinois. More good vibrations & good playing again by our departed friend, Freddie.

MARCH 12, 2004 (2) Milwaukee, Wisconsin. While it certainly feels like an audience taping with its occassional whoops & cheers it still more than works for me. A setlist of typicals well executed.

MARCH 13, 2004 (2) Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Just never really grabbed me as a show. Not sure vocally Bob was there, but it certainly was by no means a train wreck.

MARCH 15, 2004 (2) Detroit, Michigan. Travelin' Man Records. Standout in excellence! A Very good good night - Bravo Bob!! This one was hyped to me for good reason and evene exceeded my expectation. Recommend.

MARCH 16, 2004 (2) Detroit, Michigan. Travelin' Man Records. Seems like an excellent recording though nothing performance wise seemed to jump out at me. Bob closes inexplicably with "Get out of Denver" a Chuck Berry like tune written by Detroit native and M.O.R rocker Bob Segar.

MARCH 17, 2004 (2) Detroit, Michigan. Travelin' Man Records. A Strong performance with Koella brightening the droll "Tweedle." Jack White is invited out for a take on his White Stripes' "Ball & Chain" that's worth a couple of listens. Who was the last guest that came out on stage and DIDN'T do a Dylan song?

MARCH 19, 2004 (2) Toronto, Canada. Really love the spring 04 takes of "Ballad of a Thin" Bob just seems to consume it so well helmed at the Keyboards. Overall, quite a good show & taping.

MARCH 20, 2004 (2) Toronto, Candada. Fun show!! A kicky "Tangled," & a sharp "4th Street."

MARCH 21, 2004 (2) Toronto, Canada. Start with a snappy tpaing. While the voice is hoarse, the performance is strong - well thought out set list (Shooting Star, Tom Thumb, River Flow, Don't Believe You).

MARCH 24, 2004 (2) Boston, Massachusetts. Fine Wine Recording. Good recording of a show that I was able to catch, of course.

MARCH 25, 2004 (2) Boston, Massachusetts. Fine Wine Recording. Frankly a better listen that I remember from my attendence. Excellent sound quality. Highlight: "Thin Man" with a great stacato delivery of "Tax deductible..." and then a little improve with an added "Why don't You ask somebody" after one of the choruses.

MARCH 26, 2004 (2) Boston, Massachusetts. Noisy taping, particularly at the start but the screamers & chatters calm down after a couple of tunes. A well paced "Nowhere" and thanks for "I Believe in You" At night's end does a shout out to Julia Child, Peter Guralnick & Nomar!!!!

MARCH 29, 2004 (2) Upper Darby, Pennsylvania. Fine Wine Recording. Who whould have thunk "Moonlight" would become such a live reat. Bob was warm & generous all nite long.

MARCH 30, 2004 (2) Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. First time I've heard this tour's grand reworking of "If Not For You" - fun. Not a great show but one I simply enjoyed.

MARCH 31, 2004 (2) Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Superb sound quality. A real big time keepsake. Love the killer "Belongs to Me" with its great loooong harp solo.

APRIL 2, 2004 (2) Washington, DC. A Fun set list - "Hazel." Yes I said Hazel - shit Bob couldn't you have performance that one for me a few nights earlier in Boston? Not quite a top shelf performance, but I wish I was there for it.

APRIL 3, 2004 (2) Washington, DC Well captured show with Bob in top form. A fair stab at "Ring them Bell" + "Hollis Brown." Not sure if they were totally successful however. Certain highlight: the acoustic "Hard Rain."

APRIL 4, 2004 (2) Washington, DC High point: "Blind Willie." It's a nice show, all good, enjoyed the reworked "Just Like a Woman" too.

APRIL 6, 2004 (2) Norfolk, Virginia. Fine Wine Recording. First off -a well recorded concert. Better than typical setlist with 4/5 lesser playeds. Not sure I dug the rearranged "Baby blue" though.

APRIL 7, 2004 (2) Boone, North Carolina. A real nic energetic "Joey" propelled by the tandem of Koella & Campbell at their collaborative best. A confident & direct Dr. Robert.

APRIL 9, 2004 (2) Asheville, North Carolina. The old grog is mighty creaky, but I just love it. Nice setlist and beautiful music.

APRIL 10, 2004 (2) Columbia, South Carolina. A fine show though nothing jumped out at me. Laways like "Ring Them Bells" and a strong "Trying to Get to Heaven."

APRIL 12, 2004 (2) Atlanta, Georgia. Nice selections: "Tom Thumb," "Black Coat," "Believe in You." Better than usual performance.

APRIL 13, 2004 (2) Atlanta, Georgia. Decent show buut I frickin' hated "Masters." Still ended up with a good feeling about the night.

APRIL 14, 2004 (2) Atlanta, Georgia. Fine Wine Recording. A well oiled run through - nothing special, just a pleasure.

JUNE 4, 2004 (2) Gilford, New Hampshire. I caught this night live, Boston Boy Stu Kimball's debut at guitar. Frankly I was underwhelmed that night, but have sinced warmed up the guy. Anyway, makes for a better boot than I remembered. Highlights: a nice slight refitted "Just Like A woman" and a beutiful floater with Campbell just magnificent on Violin.

JUNE 5, 2004 (2) Uncasville, Connecticut. Caught this one as well at the Mohegan Sun Casino: Talk about good people watching. Nice show with highlights: "Ring Them Bells" & "Hollis Brown."

JUNE 6 & JUNE 7, 2004 (2) Atlantic City, New Jersey and the Apollo Theatre, NYC as a bonus. The show got off to a slow start on "God Knows" but a "Forever Young" with harp swiftly rescued the early part of the night. A beautiful & expressive "Tryin to Get to Heaven," and a top of the shelf "Blind Willie."

JUNE 8, 2004 (2) Wilmington, Delaware. Certaily a par performance, maybe a little better. Call me a loony Bobcat, but I enjoy "Red Sky" live.

JUNE 9, 2004 (2) Salem, Virginia. A fine recording of a sweet, summer night.

JUNE 11, 2004 (2) Bonnaroo Music Festival, Manchester, Tennessee. Mad Dog Remaster. Bob was clearly energized with a great set list and strong performances. This is clearly a five star performance and one of the year's best. "Pancho & Lefty," "You Win Again" c'mon it don't get much better.

JUNE 18, 2004 (2) Cardiff, U.K. Somewhat underwhelming. Could be the average level of the recording or maybe just my mood.

JUNE 20, 2004 (2) London, England. Marred by a bit too much chat. A nice "Boots of Spanish Leather." No song suits old Bob like "Not Dark Yet." Ron Wood sits in this evening.

JUNE 22, 2004 (2) Newcastle, England. CEDAR 1, Taper VW. Suffers front a slightly muddy mix but still quite useful and certainly my ears warmed to it by night's end.

JUNE 23, 2004 (2) Glasgow, Scotland. A somewhat shuffed set is a nice break from the familiar ordered evenings. Well recorded. Nice "Stuck Inside."

JUNE 24, 2004 (2) Glasgow, Scotland. Nice show, but don't play "Don't Think Twice" to a casual fan -- it's ugly.

JUNE 26, 2004 (2) Belfast, Ireland. Very good recording on a good rockin' nite. Nice to get a rare by 04 standards of "Love Sick" Good one.

JUNE 27, 2004 (2) Galway. Streetcar Visions. Original Version. CEDAR 1. DPA 40201 MICS SONY D8 DAT. One of the year's best shows - a super taping and a performance to match. An exquisite "Cove" that you should play for all those skeptical friends. A "Tangled" sung with heart & feeling.

JUNE 29, 2004 (2) Bonn, Germany. A decent enuf recording - a little distance, but still cool. I just what to hear "This Wheel" every show for the rest of my life.

JUNE 30, 2004 (2) Worms, Germany. A jazzy joy. Nice lazy, but pleasant run threw. I'm glad I wasn't born in that town.

JULY 2, 2004 (2) Stra', Italy. Nice all the way thru.

JULY 5, 2004 (2) St. Etienne, France. Good recording - fine - if not a shade under par.

JULY 6, 2004 (2) Montauban, France. A respective, if not delightful, offering.

JULY 7, 2004 (2) Barcelona, Spain. One of them charming shows - though not neccessarily a good one. Love the Tom Waitts-like vocal on "Floater" - one of those Dylan tunes that's just so much better live than in studio.

JULY 9, 2004 (2) Benidorn, Spain. A bit of a clunky, double thumbed performance.

JULY 10, 2004 (2) Motril, Spain. Fantastic sound!! Certainly a real keeper. Superlative - Superlative. Five star.

JULY 11, 2004 (2) Cordoba, Spain. Seemed to enjoy this one the second time thru.

JULY 14, 2004 (2) Madrid, Spain. A show that ambled by me. Just didn't really connect except with "Hollis Brown."

JULY 15, 2004 (2) Leon, Spain. Hysterical honking harp solo on "Seeing the Real" Worth the price of admission to hear Mr. Z say, "Ladies and Gentlemen Ole Ole."

JULY 17, 2004 (2) Santiago de Compostela, Spain. A short, lucky thirteen song set was taped to the stage floor. Nice Benny Goodmanesque "Summer Days."

JULY 18, 2004 (2) Villar de Mouros, Portugal. Really took off with a scorching "Seeing the Real" - this could be one of the better European gigs. Loved it.

FIELDS OF DREAMS. August-September, 2004. Nice little collection with material from Hot Club of Cowtown, Willie Nelson & Bob Dylan.

August 4, 2004 (2) Poughkeepsie, New York. A town made famous by Popeye Doyle in French Connection. This is a warm up club gig that while not a stand out, I kept listening to for a day. Nailed "Watchtower."

AUGUST 6, 2004 (2) Cooperstown, New York. This is halowed ground for us Americans (especially middle aged baby boomers). Simply enjoyed this show & listened thru a couple of times.

AUGUST 7, 2004 (2) West Haven, Connecticut. Proficient. Nice job, no surprises, plenty of food on the plate.

AUGUST 8, 2004 (2) Brockton, Massachusetts. As nice a show as I remember. It was a beautiful night at the old ballpark. Well done. Love "Po Boy" with the Freddie knock knock joke getting an approving crowd roar.

AUGUST 10, 2004 (4) Fishkill, New York. Nice to get the whole shooting match. Hot Club of Cowtown & Willie Nelson's complete sets included in this. Unfortunately the taping is subpar with more than little too much distance.

AUGUST 11, 2004 (2) Altoona, Pennsylvnia. Just hit me right. Bob connects to the sternum. Yeah.

AUGUST 12, 2004 (2) Aberdeen, Maryland. Good piece of work. Bob was working it hard. We get a sweet Willie duet on "Milk Cow Blues" that really grooved, man. A beautifully realzed "Floater," and a timeless "Hard Rain."

AUGUST 14, 2004 (2) Richmond, Virginia. Good clean recording - FANTASTIC evening. Top flight evening.

AUGUST 17, 2004 (2) Charleston, South Carolina. A sweet country pie take of "Red Sky" full of harp, twang & heart. Delightful nite.

AUGUST 18, 2004 (2) Seiverville, Tennessee. Fantastic summer gig - not the greatest set list, but dig it!!

AUGUST 20, 2004 (2) 3 TOOM SONGS. A casual fan might be disappointed of the lack of recognizable hits, but in case you hadn't noticed - I'm not a casual fan.

AUGUST 21, 2004 (2) Lexington, Kentucky. Willie drops in for a stab at "Released." Okay nite.

AUGUST 22, 2004 (2) South Bend, Indiana. Not sure this was a good night, but still somehow pleased. Get the "I Shall Be Released" duet with Willie Nelson - sounded a bit sloppy to these ears. A brutal "Sugar Baby" disappoints.

AUGUST 24, 2004 (2) Comstock Park, Michigan. Enjoyed the show - seems to have small amount of static on a track or two. Rock rimmed "Summer Days."

AUGUST 25, 2004 (2) Peoria, Illinois. Good.

AUGUST 27, 2004 (2) Madison, Wisconsin. Nice - albeit wobbly a times. "Heartland" duet.

AUGUST 28, 2004 (2) Des Moines, Iowa. Sweet vibe from the heartland. A rockin' "Hwy 61" from the cornfield located directly in the middle of nowhere. A sweet stroll thru "Moonlight" and "Floater" round out the trio of highlights for this listen.

AUGUST 29, 2004 (2) Rochester, Minnesota. A bit too much chat at times, but hey it's a fucking bootleg. Rockers seemed better able to blast thru the marred recording.

AUGUST 31, 2004 (2) Lincoln, Nebraska. With the exception of a sloppy unfocused duet of "Heartland" this was a tight, well oiled gig.

SEPTEMBER 1, 2004 (2) Witchita, Kansas. Travelin' Man. Schoep MK41 Mics. A truly horrible "Sugar Baby" - dour, atonal & just lame mar what is mostly an enjoyable show - Loved the Willie Duet on "Heartland." Not to be negative, but didn't like "61" neither.

SEPTEMBER 3, 2004 (2) Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. Sloppy recording with too much chat and noise. The band played well, just not that good a boot.

SEPTEMBER 4, 2004 (2) Kansas City, Missouri. A somewhat subdued setlist along with the usually sloppy Willie duet - noone's idea of a bad show, just another one.

OCTOBER 13, 2004 (2) San Francisco, California. Solid night, recording, blah blah blah. We do get the uber rare cover version of "No More One More Time."

OCTOBER 14, 2004 (2) Santa Clara, California. A straightforward show -- delivers a great "Sugar Baby," "LARS" and "Aint' Me Babe." Mostly hot, but sometimes cold vocally.

OCTOBER 16, 2004 (2) Fresno, California. A successful show with no standout tracks.

OCTOBER 17, 2004 (2) Berkeley, California. Tasty set, great licks - all ya need is cold beer at reasonable prices.

OCTOBER 18, 2004 (2) Davis, California. Slick recording of a well played show - cool, man.

OCTOBER 20, 2004 (2) Irvine, California. Nice to get a reworked electric "Masters" after years of those haunting, acoustic renditions.

OCTOBER 21, 2004 (2) Santa Barbara, California. Fine show -- a gem of a "Nowhere," "Moonlight," and a revived and energizes "Highway 61."

OCTOBER 22, 2004 (2) San Diego, California. A somewhat bland set - but well captured and performed.

OCTOBER 24, 2004 (2) Boulder, Colorado. Good show. Can really hear Bob plunk, plunk plunking on the keys during "Lay Lady Lay."

OCTOBER 26, 2004 (2) Manhattan, Kansas. Decent, but only decent taping. Just didn't peculate my coffee.

OCTOBER 27, 2004 (2) Columbia, South Carolina. Kinda dull, but maybe its me. Decent enuf recording.

OCTOBER 29, 2004 (2) Iowa City, Iowa. Don't be fooled by it's pedestrian setlist - this is a sharp, well played, well recorded bootleg. Frankly one of the better one from these fall shows - listened to it a couple of times. By the way, Bob didn't play anything to honor the 75th anniversary of the Stock Market Crash.

OCTOBER 30, 2004 (2) Kenosha, Wisconsin. Nice to get "Tom Thumb" and "Hard Rain." Another top shelf night & disc!!

OCTOBER 31, 2004 (2) Dekalb, Illinois. Sorry, just not up to the par as other fall shows.

NOVEMBER 2, 2004 (2) Oshkosh, Wisconsin. Bob sounds particularly hoarse but seems to clear his throat by night's end. A nice pace to the eve.

NOVEMBER 3, 2004 (2) West Lafayette, Indiana. A stellar "Million Miles" with a creative harp solo. Lovely night full of treats.

NOVEMBER 4, 2004 (2) Columbus, Ohio. Nice sounding show with "Dignity," "Po Boy," & "Blind Willie" to get my juices flowin'. A superb night that really swung.

NOVEMBER 6, 2004 (2) Grantham, Pennsylvania. Tasty show - particularly the first 2/3's which I really dug. "Po Boy," "Love Sick" really shined but "Hollis Brown" and the other usual enders somewhat sputterred away.

NOVEMBER 7, 2004 (2) Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. A terrific recording which I thought was a soundboarder until I heart a smidge of audience chat on "Can't Wait" half way throught the listen. How good a night? So f'n good that I grooved to "Honest with Me" usual a nightly clunker. Superb - think the frequently played tunes "LARS," "Watchtower" et al particularly strong.

NOVEMBER 9, 2004 (2) East Lansing, Michigan. Wario Master Recording. And a darn fantastic one. I really like most of these fall shows a great deal. Lovely renderings of "Baby Blue," "Desolation," this night. Good job Wario this is top shelf material.

NOVEMBER 11, 2004 (2) Saint Bonaventure, New York. Another successful night. Cool.

NOVEMBER 13, 2004 (2) Rochester, New York. Highlight: A subued and beautiful "Visions." Did I hear Bob let out a huge guffaw after the laugh line in "Dignity?" A standout night - tops in recording quality and performance save for a miffed "Standing in the Doorway."

NOVEMBER 14, 2004 (2) Binghamton, New York. Spyder 9 Studios. Sweet, clean boot - fabuloso.

NOVEMBER 16, 2004 (2) Bethlehem, Pennsylvania. Streetcar Visions. A thoroughly enjoyed + enticing evening. Strong. A great electric "Masters" - event he oft mundane "Seeing the Real You" worked.

NOVEMBER 17, 2004 (2) Kingston, Rhode Island.
Bob was blowing some serious harp - holy shit. Downright Sunny Terry like on "Million Miles." A take for the ages. Didn't make the drive to this show - should have.

NOVEMBER 18, 2004 (2) Durham, New Hampshire. Streetcar Visions. Nothing special. I drove to this one and got a parking ticket. Not all bad, just a somewhat off recording.

NOVEMBER 20, 2004 (2) Amhearst, Massachusetts. Caught this one as well in the soggy rain - nice.

NOVEMBER 21, 2004 (2) Allston, Massachusetts. Unwanted Man. As nice as I remember it. This was a Harvard University gig - much of the crowd 2 or 3 decades younger than the usual crowd.


MARCH 7, 2005 (3) The third disc is Merle Haggard's set also great. Nice Bob performance with a good, steady recording. Got a little nasal for a second or two on the snappy "Stuck Inside."

MARCH 8, 2005 (2) Seattle, Washington. A good one. Highlight was the mid set duo of "This Wheel" and "Masters."

MARCH 9, 2005 (2) Seattle, Washington. A slighly before par recording - my ear did adjust but all in all this ain't a standout, but has some nice nice things - a beauty of "Make Me Feel My Love" - never one of my favorites.

MARCH 11, 2005 (2) Portland, Oregon. SPB Mics>Sharp 722Md. Drop off on source on "Summer Days." Decent show -- lots of Elana violin that certainly gives the band a different sound.

MARCH 12, 2005 (2) Portland, Oregon. DAT Recording. A sweet country flavored gig. Bobby was a bit hoarse, but very focused and warm. Listened to it a couple of times it was nice.

MARCH 14, 2005 (2) Oakland, California. Sensational!! show. Terrific taping!! A real stand out from open to close. Amen.

MARCH 15, 2005 (2) Oakland, California. A very enjoyed gig - even like "Drifters" A Strong energetic performance - a good taping, but I'd love to hear a soundboarder.

MARCH 16, 2005 (2) Oakland, California. A killer "4th Street," "Girl From North" with exceptional harp. A real gem. Only downer was the Hank Cochrane cover, A-11, which seems somewhat dishwater dull, otherwise cool.

MARCH 19, 2005 (2) Las Vegas, Nevada. Excellent gig!

MARCH 21, 2005 (2) Los Angeles, California. Can we call this the "Down Along the Cove" tour. Just love the spring versions - this was comes in an economical 7 min. Certainly no complaints here.

MARCH 22, 2005 (2) Los Angeles, California. Upgrade version "a" Delightful night!!

MARCH 23, 2005 (2) Los Angeles, California. ACT Recording Upgrade. Superb disc -- excellent sound + peformance. One of the better spring boots that I have heard lately.

MARCH 25, 2005 (2) LA, CA. Not a disaster - but a signficant drop back from the other spring boots listed here. Certainly an acceptible taping, just doesn't compare.

MARCH 26, 2005 (2) Los Angeles, California. Recording also a tad inferior, but still worthwhile.

SELECTIONS FROM LOS ANGELES SHOWS. March 22, 23, 25 & 26.) Single disc compilation from the LA shows - a nice selection of the non-standards all in excellent sound quality and performance.

MARCH 28, 2005 (2) Denver, Colorado. Schoeps Taping. With complete Merle Haggard set (love the duet of "Jackson" with wife #5). A decent taping, but pales in comparison to some of the fall shows I was listening to recently.

MARCH 29, 2005 (2) Denver, Colorado. Another stury night - no complains, but no real magic neither. Sorry, but seemed a little heavy handed.

APRIL 1, 2005 (2) Chicago, Illinois. A little too much distance in the mix, but shit happens.

APRIL 2, 2005 (2) Chicago, Illinois. Very nice. I said very nice.

APRIL 3, 2005 (2) Chicago, Illinois. A funny set list...some great picks ("Shooting Star," "Nowhere," "Hard Rain") and some bland one ones (a dull "Senor," "Trying to get to Heaven.") All in all a great listen. Love the take of "Hard Rain."

APRIL 6, 2005 (2) Chicago, Illinois. A good recording, a real strong performance if not exceptional.

APRIL 8, 2005 (2) Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Strong night though the next night's set list a little better. Love these Elana abetted shows, I'm sorry she stepped out before I got a chance to see her (she's hot too). 11 min "Down Along the Cove" and a perfect voice for "Tough Mama." "Love Sick" was a slight miss tho.

APRIL 9, 2005 (2) Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Another in a series of top shelp shows and recordings. Consistantly, this is all good shit. A nervy "I Don't Believe You."

APRIL 12, 2005 (2) Delightful show Friends.

APRIL 13, 2005 (2) Buffalo, New York. Begins with a swampy, murky reloading of "Wicked" no longer in its "Drifters Escape" arrangment. Sweet harp solo on "Queen Jane." A killer set list: "Tom Thumb," "Nowhere," "Long Black Coat." A very good, but not great recording.

APRIL 15, 2005 (2) Boston, Massachusetts. 5 Star show - one for the ages. So glad I was there for this one. Amazing set list. Also get Haggard's complete set. So good it's also on my Ipod.

APRIL 16, 2005 (2) This is a terrific listen. In fact a better show that I remember. I think I was still buzzing from the previous night's show. As a boot this is a killer, an extraterrestial "Blind Willie" with banjo that's a knockout.

APRIL 17, 2005 (2) Boston, Massachusetts. Love the show - recording is good but wish it was a little better. I remember this show as being the equal of the first night but the boot didn't quite capture that.

APRIL 20, 2005 (2) Verona, New York. A reggae flavored "Wicked Messenger" unrecognizable from the all those previous versions that we know and tolerate. Love the night's violin - think it adds a sweeat touch.

APRIL 22, 2005 (2) Mashantucket, Connecticut. Lots + lots of good stuff here - another real keeper. Well played night - a great performance. I should have driven down for this one, it's a cheesy casino but a great venue.

APRIL 24, 2005 (2) Atlantic City, New Jersey. Super recording and uh huh, yes, another terrific spring show. A fine setlist: "River Flow," "Ring," "St. Augustine" on and on.

APRIL 25, 2005 (2) New York City, New York. A groovy show though some of the other tapings are a hair better. "Tom Thumb" -- gotta hear that in NYC - gets an appreciative roar. Verdict: Quite good.

APRIL 25, 2005 (2) New York City, New York. Any show with "This Wheel" is going to be one that I wish I attended. Strong.

APRIL 29, 2005 (2) New York City, New York. Decent to good show with a capable par recording. Hey Bob, leave "Chimes of Freedom" in the setlist for awhile.

APRIL 30, 2005 (2) New York City, New York. Super.

MAY 25, 2005 (2) Fort Myers, Florida. It's a goodie. Great musicianship all evening.

MAY 26, 2005 (2) Fort Lauderdale, Florida. Great instrumental breaks during "Things have Changed" and "Cat's." Dope gig.

MAY 28, 2005. (2) Kissimmee, Florida. A solid citizen especially in the first half some nice set choices. Liked alot.

MAY 29, 2005 (2) Clearwater, Florida. What a sweet show.

MAY 30, 2005 (2) Jacksonville, Florida. Loved the mid set twins of "Blind Willie" and "Hwy 61." An outstanding rocking collection.

JUNE 1, 2005 (2) Chattanooga, Tennessee. A superb recording & set list too from this great summer tour. Great vocals on the old chestnuts: "Hard Rain," "Visions," + "Masters."

JUNE 3, 2005 (2) Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. The good shows keepa comin. Highlights: "Tonight, I'll Be Staying," "LARS," "Tambourine Man."

JUNE 5, 2005 (2) Birmingham, Alabama. Another nice June gig - great set list as well.

JUNE 7, 2005 (2) Greenville, South Carolina. Nicey show - love the pedal steel on "Red Sky" a song that keeps growing on me.

JUNE 10, 2005 (2) Salem, Virginia. Soomlos DAT Master, Taped FOB, GA Held, AKG Mics >D8 DAT. A good recording with a smidge of distance. Enjoyabe, love the banjo fried "Cry A While" love the raved up "Rive Flow" as well.

JUNE 11, 2005 (2) Greensboro, North Carolina. Another exceptional show and recording. Sweet thing.

JUNE 12, 2005 (2) Zebulon, North Carolina. I'm a broken record - another show I love.

JUNE 14, 2005 (2) Bowie, Maryland. "This Wheel," "Shooting Star," "John Brown," "Chimes," HELL YEAH!! A very different, electric "Masters."

JUNE 16, 2005 (2) Camden, New Jersey. A tasty treat: This band is made to play "I'll Be Your Baby Tonight."

JUNE 19, 2005 (2) Lancaster, Pennsyvlania. Good stuff, man.

JUNE 23, 2005 (2) Pittsfield, Massachusetts. Will rank with the best of the year. Sensational recording with a stellar performance. Glad I was esconced in the first row to witness it.

JUNE 24, 2005 (2) Montclair, New Jersey. Solid, wicked clean recording. Pedestrian set choices, but well played and performed.

JUNE 25, 2005 (2) Eastlake, Ohio. "Cry Awhile" with banjo was an absolute slammer!! Hot show in total, fantastic sound and muscianship.

JUNE 28, 2005 (2) Nashville, Tennessee. Thoroughly enchanting.

June 29, 2005 (2) Louisville, Kentucky. While you just don't need to hear another "Tweedle" or "Honest," You get an always welcome "She Belongs to Me" + (a stiff) "Back Pages."

JULY 1, 2005 (2) Memphis, Tennessee. M & A Recording. Sensational recording. That groggy old voice rising above & blending in with the band. Other than "Chimes" a setlist without much at first glance, but oh what a listen.

JULY 4, 2005 (1) Fort Worth, Texas. Willie Nelson's 4th of July Picnic. Elegant 10 song set with willie stepping in for a cover of Hank William's "You Win Again." Nice job from the taper too.

JULY 6, 2005 (2) Tulsa, Oklahoma. Another brave & Smokey take of "Blind Willie" is the anchor of this terrific evening. Liked "Back Pages" too.

JULY 21, 2005 (2) Calgary, British Columbia, Canada. Metsa metsa.

JULY 24, 2005 (2) Calgary, British Columbia, Canada. Just love "Lay Lady Lay." Bob's a bit hoarse.

JULY 27, 2005 (2) Bozeman, Montana. One of the best setlist of this excellent summer tour. Strong!

JULY 28, 2005 (2) Missoula, Montana. A real pleasure - simply elegant.

JULY 31, 2005 (2) Bend, Oregon. It's a nevery gig - lots of soul, spice & warmth.

OCTOBER 17, 2005 (2) Stockholm, Sweden. Taper Mr. M aka MM DPA 4061 mics > MI DAT. Middling taping - nice to get an era rare "To Ramona." Nice a special show, not a poor show either.

OCTOBER 18, 2005 (2) Oslo, Norway. THB Recording Core Sound Binaral Mic>D7/DAT. A real good night with one mistep, a turgid "Baby Tonight" -- recovered quickly with a well received "Lay Lady Lay." Will always listen to another "Blind Willie."

OCTOBER 20, 2005 (2) Karlstad, Sweden. Jota Recording. Just like fine wine. A luxorious eve - love!

OCTOBER 21, 2005 (2) Goteborg, Sweden. Crystal Cat Recording. A terrific recording. Enjoyable set - but you could have skipped the dreary "Make You Feel My Love."

OCTOBER 22, 2005 (2) Aalborg, Denmark. CSB>D7. Don't believe the critics - these fall shows are stong, strong, strong.

OCTOBER 24, 2005 (2) Hamburg, Germany. OKMII Mics Taper. Excellent taping of a nicely constructed gig. Throroughly enjoyed this listen. Bobby in full control.

OCTOBER 25, 2005 (2) Berlin, Germany. Schubert Recording ASM. A hysterical reading on "Under a Red Sky" - the stacato pacing - hysterical. Terrific show.

OCTOBER 26, 2005 (2) Hannover, Germany. Textured recording of a sweet & Gorrgy Bobby D. Top shelf.

OCTOBER 28, 2005 (2) Rotterdam, The Netherlands. Neumann KM 140's D100 DAT. Pretty dash darn good. I had listened to a number of poorly recording discs when this one came along like manna from heaven. Perhaps a relief, but sounds good to me.

OCTOBER 29, 2005 (2) Oberhausen, Germany. CB off Master. A fierce show with heart, fire & Soul A sweet recording and a powerhouse set. Strange o get a piano abled "Watchtower" to close out the night.

OCTOBER 30, 2005 (2) Wetzler, Germany. CB Recording. What this hell is all the squaking about! Another fine fall shows!!

NOVEMBER 1, 2005 (2) Brussels, Belgium. Zimmy21 Rec SP-CMC-10 Mics >DB DAT. Continuing to enjoy this European swing thru the low countries.

NOVEMBER 3, 2005 (2) Paris, France. Schubert. Neumann Mics. A solid gig. Worthy & Resplendent.

NOVEMBER 4, 2005 (2) Amneville, France. A relaxed evening, laid back and pleasurable. A night to chill with the DJ.

NOVEMBER 6, 2005 (2) Erfurt, Germany. Nice ride -- so enjoyable I was singing along from my desk at work.

NOVEMBER 8, 2005 (2) Munchen, Germany. Solid.

NOVEMBER 10, 2005 (2) Bologna, Italy. A bit dreary, but not a miss by any measure.

NOVEMBER 12, 2005 (2) Assago, Italy.

NOVEMBER 13, 2005 (2) Zurich, Switzerland. DAT Recording. A par gig. Mayble it's the setlist on the duller side, night does pick up some steam with "Highwater" and someway, somehow I enjoyed the casual stroll through "I Fell in Love With You."

NOVEMBER 15, 2005 (2) Nottingham, England. A good show with a recording a smidge below some of the other fall shows. Not a particularly adventurous set.

NOVEMBER 16, 2005 (2) Manchester, England. Nice "Lay Lady Lay" with great guitar/piano interplay. Fine night. Quite good.

NOVEMBER 17, 2005 (2) Glasgow, Scotland. Great romp thru "It's Alright Ma" with great flourishes of violin. Sometimes I think I can listen to "Grains of Sand" over and over and over.

NOVEMBER 18, 2005 (2) Birmingham, England. 1st off, a fantastic recording. Bob's in great form -- vocally so warm and funny. Nice set: "River Flow," "Ballad," "Tom Thumb," "Chimes," "Visions," "Hattie Carroll," "really a drea. Five star gig.

NOVEMBER 20, 2005 (2) London. "Youngsbest" Rec AT853 mics>DB DAT Taped from Balcony. Love the snipet of "Rumble" to launch the night - Excellent harp on "Senor" - an enjoyable gig thought not essential.

NOVEMBER 21, 2005 (2) London. To my ears this show comes the closest to fulfilling the hype. I am "Million Dollar Bash" Holy fucking shit!! The Clash, Link Wray, "Visions," "Waiting For You," Holy fucking Shit!

NOVEMBER 22, 2005 (2) London. "Youngsbest" Rec AT853 mics >D8 DAT Taped from Balcony. Decent audience taping. This was the first of the Brixton shows I listened to and it was good tho far from great considering the defeaning hype that I read from the UK. Liked the energy on "You Go Your Way."

NOVEMBER 23, 2005 (2) London, England. Worthy show - noted fo rhte one off of Fats Domino's "Blue Monday."

NOVEMBER 24, 2005 (2) London, England. Imperfect boot, but a fine show with bite and mirth.

CAN'T READ. NOVEMBER 26, 2005 (2) Dublin, Ireland. CSB Mics>D7 DAT. Strong show. Delightful performance.

NOVEMBER 27, 2005 (2) Dublin, Ireland. Soomlos DAT Master Newmann Mics>D8. Some great vocals on "Boots" just absolutely frickin' hysterical. A nice show to end the NET on. Forever?

APRIL 1, 2006 (2) Reno, Nevada. DPA 4061 MICS>DAT. The taping is simply just okay. Needs more seperation.

APRIL 3, 2006 (2) Stockton, California. Schubert Remaster of Naumann Mics>DAT. Captures Bob's keyboard better than most. A number of arrangements got nicely tweaked.

APRIL 14, 2006 (2) San Antonio, Texas. SOOMOS recording. Neumann KM 140's Mic> Sony d* DAT. A more confidentily played show than some of the other spring gigs.

GET OUT OF THE WAY (2) April 1, 2006 (2) Grand Prarie, Texas. Well played, well recorded. Bob's in a groove. A tasty morsel, Superb! Tops!

April 17, 2006 (2) Kansas City, Missouri. Solid offering thought a bit musty sounding. A nice "Ballad of a Thin Man and a real nice "Lay Lady Lay" greeted by a crowd roar upon recognition. Not a great recording, but still delivers the goods.

April 18, 2006 (2) Kansas City, Missouri. Does have a bit of that cavernous sound, but still okay and worthwhile.

April 20, 2006 (2) Interesting show with "Queen Jane" certainly a highlight and treat. Nice little guitar solo during the opener "Maggie" and a better than usual "Highway 61." Despite murky sound, a sintillating performance i.e. the bajno and harp is flat out magical on "High Water."

April 21, 2006 (2) Des Moines, Iowa. The taper missed the first few bars of the first tune. Not the greatest recording neither. Midwesterners chatting during "This Wheel" - what the fuck are THEY thinking A nice setlist with "Hattie," "High Water," "4th Street," "Blind Willie," &
"Rainy Day" right before the encore.

APRIL 22, 2006 (2) Springield, Missouri. Start off by the fact that this is not a good recording and then the opener "Things Have Changed" just flat out sucked. Overall a subprime mortgage, I won't be hauling this one off my dusty shelf.

APRIL 24, 2006 (2) Memphis, Tennessee OKM II mcs> DAT M2-M10. Another dodgy - perhaps par at best recording. Eery keyboards on "Queen Jane" Has some unsourced bonus tracks as well.

April 28, 2006 (2) New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Festival, New Orleans, Louisian. A great recording so let's start with that. One of the better spring shows, perhaps Bob inspired by the event and location. A killer "She Belongs to Me."

April 29, 2006 (2) Jackson, Mississippi. Show starts with some great reworked arrangements: "Till I Fell In Love," "She Belongs," "Cold Iron" all done smartly in new clothes. Another fantastic spring show like the previous night - keepers from this leg of the tour for sure.

APRIL 30, 2006 (2) Birmingham, Alabama

May 2, 2006 (2) Davidson, North Carolina. A superb "She Belongs" - the tour's defining setchoice. This night the 60's material shined - "Highway 61," "4th Street" et al.

May 4, 2006 (2) Knoxville, Tennessee. Nice 'lil gig which gathered steam as the ight pgoressed with "Thin Man" and "Highway 61" jumping out the speakers a me. Simply enjoyed it.

May 5, 2006 (2) Atlanta, Georgia. Nice show - Bob was a bit froggy voiced, but ain't he always.

May 6, 2006 (2) Asheville, North Carolina. Neumann km 140's>Sound devices mp-2>sony sbm-1>sony d8>tascam cd-rw700>eac>cool edit>cd wave>flac. Comfy gig - some nice harp on "Just Like A Woman." and I
always grove to "Blind Willie."

MAY 7, 2006 (2) Savannah, Georgia. A supbar taping, sloppy performance too.

MAY 9, 2006 (2) Orlando, Florida. Nice, fresh performance, standard and solid recording. Like it all, just 14 songs so a bit short.

May 10, 2006 (2) Tampa, Florida. Sublime show, acceptable recording. Good set choices.

May 11, 2006 (2) Hollywood, Florida. Aas often is the case, my ears adjust to the recording and then it's a real pleasure. Some good harp solos.

June 24, 2006 (2). Kilkenny, Ireland

June 25, 2006 (2) Cork, Ireland. Another sweet "Just Like A Woman" performed this night as a hootenany sing along. A spirited evening marred by a single misstep, an ugly "Boots of Spanish Leather."

JUNE 27, 2006 (2) Cardiff, UK

June 30, 2006 (2) Roskilde Festival, Roskilde, Denmark. Intact gig with a nice pre MT setlist. A little distance in the recording.

July 2, 2006 (2) Gelsenkirchen, Germany. A good "Times" a song I kind of forget out and miss. Nice to hear it anytime. Oveall, a very nice performance.

JULY 4, 2006 (2) Clermont-Ferrand, France. Nice show - fine taping & Performance.

JULY 8, 2006 (2) Villaba, Spain. A particularly well done taping. Well played gig.

JULY 11, 2006 (2) San Sebastián, Spain.  imperfect aping, but still more than listenable.

JuLY 17, 2006 (2) Paestum, Italy. Nice show - really an oldies retrospective with 11 of 15 tunes from those Iconic Halcyon days of the 1960's.

JULY 19, 2006 (2) Foggia, Italy

JULY 20, 2006 (2) Cosenza, Italy

AUGUST 12, 2006 (2) Comstock Park, Michigan. Bob's craggy voice warms up rathe quickly. Makes a nice stab at "Times," but really nails "Just Like a Woman" and a reworked "Cold Irons Bound." A fine electric "Masters" too.

August 13, 2006 (2) Columbus, Ohio. I enjoyed this show caught cleanly. No real standouts, just a warm night in the middle of nowhere.

AUGUST 19, 2006 (2)  Frederick Maryland

AUGUST 20, 2006 (2) Washington, Pennsylvania. Strong charge thru the Summer set - better than typical from this leg.

AUGUST 23, 2006 (2) Reading, Pennsylvania. Light hearted show take a looky at the set list: "Tweedle," "Lay Lady," "Summer Days" But we still got a beautiful stab at the lonely "Not Dark Yet." Fully enjoyable night.

AUGUST 24, 2006 (2) Pawtucket, Rhode Island. Wicked Clen recording. Nice show which I caught as well in case your were wondering.

AUGUST 26, 2006 (2) Pittsfield, Massachusetts.  She-it, I went to this show and the boot didn't emerge to me for 15 years.

SEPTEMBER 1, 2006 (2) Wappingers Falls, NY. Superb recording and what a cool setlist - Visions, Man in Me, Be Your Baby, Nowhere. A good one if not spectacular.

SEPTEMBER 2, 2006  (2) Cooperstown, New York

SEPTEMBER 3, 2006 (2) University Park, Pennsylvania

SEPTEMBER 7, 2006 (2) Rochester, Minesota. Soomlos, fob, center, ga field neumann km140's > edirol > ua-5 (bm2p=) > mic audacity > cd wave ?fac (24/48). Certainly a sturdy show. A pleasure. Nice "Forever Young."

SEPTEMBER 9, 2006 (2) Fargo, North Dakota. Nice recording of a consistant show. bob Sounded on game.

October 11, 2006 (2) Vancouver, Brittish Columbia. Chat marred at times, but it didn't bother me, just gave it a little warmth you know. I just don't understand going to concert and conversing the whole time!! Who would even conceive of talking during "Going Nowhere" Who? Off with ther heads. Nice one.

October 13, 2006 (2) Seattle, Washington. Certainly a solid show in the land of Starbucks & Microsoft - a de riguer (sp?) night.

October 14, 2006 (2) Portland, Oregon. One of hte year's best or atleast that I have heard at time of listening. Certainly the best "Workingman's" these ears have had the pleasure of listening to. Good harp playing and just great crowd reactions all night long. A sweet, low and soulful "When the Deal Comes Down" and even "LARS" seemed sharp and focused. A+ gig.

October 16, 2006 (2) San Francisco, California. A Nice "Senor" & a sparkling "Don't Think" as the highlights.

October 17, 2006 (2) San Francisco, California. Sweet gig + Taping. Lotsa fun.

October 18, 2006 (2) Sacramento, California. A nice performance but the taper caught the chat as well as the music. Contains the first live performance of "Nettie Moore" In fact a bunch of real good Modern Times performances -- "Rollin," "Thunder." Strong gig.

October 20, 2006 (2) Los Angeles, California. A strong, confiden gig , well painted by Mr. DJ himself. While a by the numbers setlist, a very muscular performance. A standout "Rollin," but it's all damn good. Another special "Nettie Moore."

October 21, 2006 (2) Long Beach, California. Wonder if Snoop was in the house. Another nicely sung "Deal Goes Down."

October 22, 2006 (2) San Diego, California. Decent, though not special. The sngs that I liked best seemed to be the songs I generally like better, with the slower tunes outshing the harder ones. A drony, dreary "Desolation" though.

OCTOBER  24, 2006 (2) Denver, Colordo

OCTOBER 25, 2006 (2) Lincoln, Nebraska. An unevern nite - but that's its charm.

OCTOBER 27, 2006 (2) Chicago, Illinois. Yeoman effort. A pedestrian setlist, but don't think the Chicagoins minded.

OCTOBER 28, 2006 (2) Chicago, Illinois. Interesting setlist w/"Hattie," "Joey," "4th Street" along with the usual chestnuts with the MT stuff it's a wondrous show.

OCTOBER 29, 2006 (2) St. Paul, Minnesota

OCTOBER 31, 2006 (2) Madison, Wisconsin. Another very warm & wolly show just like Chicken soup.

NOVEMBER 2, 2006 (2) Auburn Hills, Michigan. That's Detroit for those geographically challenged. As I meander my way thru all these autumn shows I realize how much I enjoy them. Is it my love of the new material? Is Bob inspired by MT? Who knows....

NOVEMBER 3, 2006 (2) London, Ontario, Canada. Another strong one with the inclusion of a beutiful, low "Not Dark Yet" right on. Also a fine "Masters of War." Delightful.

NOVEMBER 5, 2006 (2) Ontario, Canada. Touching every base - a nicey.

NOVEMBER 7, 2006 (2) Toronto, Ontario, Canada. Good gig - not one of hte better fall recordings but not so bad either.

NOVEMBER 8, 2006 (2) Montreal, Canada. Decent show, but no standout man, may be a slight disappointment comparedto some of these other fall shows.

NOVEMBER 9, 2006 (2) Portland, Maine. Good show and well worth the 2 hour drive for me to catch it live. Nice recording.

November 11, 2006 (2) Boston, Massachusetts. A nice recording of a show I attended --- of course. Implies some future guitar playing before launching into "Watchtower."

NOVEMBER 12, 2006 (2) Boston, Mass. Can you believe that I had to miss the show as I was attending a friend's wedding - oh priorities damn thee. Anyway, tasteful gig - simply a nice show - thank god not killer setlist surprises if you know what I mean.

NOVEMBER 13, 2006 (2) Uniondale, New York. How can you not love a night with "Visions," "She Belongs to Me" and all those M&T songs?

NOVEMBER 15, 2006 (2) Amhearst, Massachusetts. Band is shining brightly on a nicley played gig which I happily shlepped out to catch. No "Watchtower" but the languid "Lenny Bruce" in it's place though not performed badly.

NOVEMBER 16, 2006 (2) East Rutherford, New Jersey. A roll + tumble thru the Northeast. 5 M&T tunes along the usual mix of back catalog.

NOVEMBER 17, 2006 (2) Fairfax, Virginia. Well oiled machine pushing all the right buttons.

NOVEMBER 18, 2006 (2) Philadelphia, Pennsyvlania. The Bear Cat growls. Nice show.

NOVEMBER 20, 2006 (2) New York City. Not a bad recording - though not a great one. Superb setlist with 7 of the 17 tracks coming from Modern Times. Damn, wish I was there.


MARCH 27, 2007 (2) Stockholm, Sweden. A warm return to the performing stage. Bob picks ups a guitar for the first time in years. A strong comforting gig.

MARCH 28, 2007 (2) Stockolm, Sweden. Super nite for Bob. Excellent show, dig it.

MARCH 30, 2007 (2) Oslo, Norway. Like it. I always enjoy "Hard Rain" feel it should be permanantly in the setlist. Looks like Bob's thinking the same.

APRIL 1, 2007 (2) Goteborg, Sweden. Another nice show as I make my way thru these Spring shows. Bob sounds relaxed and his singing is confident & smoove. Overall, I like the design of the setlists - M&T tunes along with 60's nuggets. Nice stroll thru "Nettie."

April 2, 2007 (2) Copenhagen, Denmark. Great! Singing! All night long. Good show and good recording. A foot stompin' "Alright Ma," and a "Black Coat" are early treates. But it keeps on giving with terrific versions of "Visions," "Desolation," and a terrific, reborn "Stuck Inside of Mobile" a song I usually don't like live. Only one misstep, a flown vocal on "Nettie" he was running out of gas at that point.

APRIL 4, 2007 (2) Hamburg, Germany. Opening tune has about 4 seconds of statis and that it's an easy listen from there on. Great vibe throughout the show. Fantisque! Magnifique! Bravo!

APRIL 5, 2007 (2) Munster, Germany. Nice taping and a gentle performance.

APRIL 6, 2007 (2) Brussels, Belgium. Strong, tight show. A Great "Tom Thumb" sung with real duende. A beutifully sung "Nettie Moore" too.

APRIL 8, 2007 (2) Amsterdam, The Netherlands. Nice, tuneful show in fact it just grew + grew on me. A smashing boot. Loved! One of the years best! Even a really cool version of the usual dull "Summer Days" with a little scat singing. The man was freakin' on!

APRIL 9, 2007 (2) The Netherlands. A terrific show and a splendid listen. It's tops, man.

APRIL 11, 2007 (2) Glaswgow, Scotland. He's in a groovy mood, singing well. "Tom Thumb" is downright melodic and "John Brown" just brims with focus. With "Ain't Talking" and "Hard Rain" two more homers, this is bound to be one of the better boots of Spring.

APRIL 12, 2007 (2) Newcastle, England. One big Christmas gift, a dead-on "House of the Rising Sun" Otherwise a swiftly played even of the bard's music. In fact, I totally LOVE this show.

APRIL 14, 2007 (2) Sheffied, England. While no surprises on the setlist, this is a sturdy night. An wasy chair full of cherries.

APRIL 15, 2007 (2) Londton, England. Solid work and certainly I dig hearing "Chimes" + "Blind Willie." Good enuf recording.

APRIL 16, 2007 (2) London, England. An acceptable taping and my expectations were high for an unusual setlist for this town that wasn't to be. A gentle "LARS" and an elegan spoken/sung"Hattie" were the twin highlights.

APRIL 17, 2007 (2) Birmingham, England. "Tom Thumb" sung not as a cautionary tale, but a jaunty pop rocker. Overall, an outstanding boot.

APRIL 19, 2007 (2) Dusselforf, Gemany. Top marks here. Splendid. Essential. Amazing. Delightfrul. Lovely.

APRIL 20, 2007 (2) Stuttgart, Germany. A delightful listen from beginning to end. A regular smash.

APRIL 21, 207 (2) Frankfort, Germany. While the taping could use a bit more clarity. It's still a nice, warm performance. Deliticate singing throughout. Nice violin on "Nettie." No upsinging just that sweet, hoarsey vocal - a dee-light.

APRIL 23, 2007 (2) Paris, France. Having listen to a slot of terrific spring shows, this is a cut below. Highlight: A bumping, pumping "Things have changed" and great singing on "LARS" and "Summer Days."

APRIL 26, 2007 (2) Turin, Italy. Another taping, a bit lower than usual, but still makes the grade. A bit of workman like eve, nice to get nostalgic "Blowin," "Back Pages" and "Times" in the same night.

APRIL 27, 2007 (2) Assego, Italy. A majestic "Desolation Row" amidst a nice show, Strong mid set.

APRIL 29, 2007 (2) Zurich, Switzlerland. Excellent performance & a nicely captured recording. Another fantabulous souveneir. A++

APRIL 30, 2007 (2) Mannheim, Germany. Another nice straight ahead gig. Highlights: "Spirit in the Water," "My Back Pages" and even a pretty good "Tangled." Note: there is some surface noise.

MAY 2, 2007 (2) Leipzig, Germany. Opening track from a different source, overall a decent show, but again a cut below some of the other good spring shows.

MAY 3, 2007 (2) Berlin, Germany. First off, a pretty good recording, Bob's a bit hoarse at first, but so fucking what. A reborn "Tangled" somewhat slower than the most recent versions, but a little faster than the old slow ones. And thanks for "Back Pages" even though it was merely good.

MAY 5, 2007 (2) Herning, Denmark

JUNE 22, 2007 (2) Atlantic City, New Jersey. A Beutifully, low, stunning, delicate "Shelter" was the masterpiece at the center of this good show.

JUNE 23, 2007 (2) Atlantic City, New Jersey. Started slow, Bob and the band seemed out of sync early on with "Lay Lady Lay," but really hit their stride mid set with a stirring "Simple Twist," "Highhwater," and a fab "Nettie Moore." Even "Tangled" good.

JUNE 24, 2007 (2) Hershey, Pennsylvania. Solid I suppose, just a bit unspectacular, maybe dull.

JUNE 26, 2007 (2) Florence, Massachusetts. I cuaght this show live and thoroughly enjoyed. Shit, don't the taping sound even better. Lots of good stuff here from another great "Shelter" and a beutiful "Deal goes done" to "Masters" and "Cry A While." "Tangled" absolutely sucked, but his was another excellent gig.

JUNE 27, 2007 (2) Uncasville, Connecticut. I got this boot more than a dozen years after the fact of a show I attended. Shoddy taping no wonder it stayed underground for so long.

JUNE 28, 2007 (2) Wantagh, New York. One of the best "Alright Ma's" in recent memory. And then we get "Visions" jeeze what a great night.

JUNE 30, 2007 (2) Bethel, New York. A nice even night, reknown for Bob's closing comments prior to "Watchtower," "Last time we played this here there was mud & Rain."

JULY 1, 2007 (2) Essex Junction, Vermont. "Leopard Skin" opener gets clipped, but I really like the way Bob dug into "Times" right after. Nice gig.

JULY 3, 2007 (2) Quebec City, Quebec, Canada

JULY 4, 2007 (2) Montreal, Canada. Sturdy taping and straight forward show. I think this tour's 3 great arrangements are: "It's Alright Ma," "Shelter" and "High Water."

JULY 7, 2007 (2) Orillia, California. Once you get past eh routine setlist - this is a fine drink of wine. The highlights were early: "Lay Lady," "Just Like A Woman." Might have dragged a bit during the 2nd half.

JULY 8, 2007 (2) Orillia, Ontario

JULY 10, 2007 (2) Interlochen, Michigan. A fantastic "Cats in the Well" to open - usually a dry much, but on this night had real pop and power. A good "Think Twice" follows. I also liked the sweet and lazy "To Ramona." Found "Hard Rain" and "Tangled" a little dull.

JULY 11, 2007 (2) Sterling Heights, Ohio. Nice, enjoyable set. Good energy and balanced choices. Go Bob!

JULY 12, 2007 (2) Toledo, Ohio. Decent show, but should have varied the setlist on this night -- too many slow to mid pace numbers. "Highwater" was the night's highlight.

JULY 14, 2007 (2) Cleveland, Ohio. Nice gig. Delightful "Ramona" + "Back Pages."

JULY 15, 2007 (2) Indianapolis, Indiana. Early highlight, a soft, sweet "It Ain't Me Babe." Punchy, funky show.

JULY 16, 2007 (2) Kansas City, Missouri. By no means a dream setlist, but it's well recorded & finely played. A perfectly executed "Lay Lady Lay" and nice era versions of "Girl of North Country" and "High Water."

JULY 19, 2007 (2) Morrison, Colorado. Fine show + performance. Good clear sound, Crowd went nuts for era rare "Friend of the Devil." Outstanding recording. Closed
with a poppy "Blowin."

JULY 20, 2007 (2) Morrison, Colorado. Another real, real good one. A sensational "Workingman's" followed by a joyful "levee" that screams from the tops of heaven.

JULY 22, 2007 (2) Albuquerque, New Mexico. Schoeps cmc-6/MK-4>Sound devices 722. Strong show, again a nothing setlist, but played with passion. The one curve, a harp aided "I Believe in You." A Delight.

JULY 24, 2007 (2) Tucson, Arizona. Even keeled warm performance in this finely taped show. A perfect example of a great show with a pedestrian setlist. A swinging "Blowin'" ends the night. Excellent.

JULY 26, 2007 (2) Costa Mesa, California. Another well paced show. By no means a grabber. Highlights: maybe "Nettie."

JULY 28, 2007 (2) Kelseyville, California. Standard show, a bit hum drum.

AUGUST 8, 2007 92) Christchurch, New Zealand. Nicely played show - abeit without any surprises.

AUGUST 10, 2007 (2) Melbourne, Australia. Super nite and a killer setlist -- "I Believe in You," "Ain't Talkin," even liked the thumping "Highway 61."

AUGUST 11, 2007 (2) Auckland, Australia 

AUGUST 13, 2007 (2) Brisbane, Australia. A better than decent recording, could have been a bit sharper, but I don't want to whine - there were some minor glitches too.

AUGUST 15, 2007 (2) Sydney, Australia. A terrifici recording - "Masterpiece" is like a successful home makeover. Strong show.

LIVE IN MELBOURNE (2) August 17, 2007, Melbourne, Australia.   

AUGUST 19, 2007 (2)  Melbourne, Australia

AUGUST 21, 2007 (2) Adelaide, Australia

AUGUST 23, 2007 (2) Perth, Australia. Decent taping of a lovely, well balanced show.

AUGUST 26, 2007 (2) Auckland, Australia. Bob really struggled vocally all night. It just wasn't comin' No matter how hard he tried. That's why we love him.

AUGUST 27, 2007 (2) Auckland, Australia. I listened to 2/3's of this show while running on my IPOD at full volume and it was a tad low. Listed to rest on a stereo and it was just perfect. Splendid show.

SEPTEMBER 15, 2007 (2) Austin, Texas. So nice to get a "Big Girl Now." A slow, careful walk thru the BOTT classic. It's a hoarsey Bob, but such a fine mare. Just listen to him focus on "Nettie Moore' - wonderful.

SEPTEMBER 16, 2007 (2) Austin City Limits Music Festival II. Our boy sure sounded groggy at first, but settled into a nice groove. Froggy, but beautiful.

SEPTEMBER 19, 2007 (2) Nashville, Tennessee. Recorded with Sony MD Walkman MZ-R55 with Sony ECM-909 Micropahone transferred to CD with Phillips CDR 764. Fuzzzy audience taping. Missing a few parts, but you get the Jack White assisted, first live performance of "Meet Me in the Morning." Yowwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwweeeeeeeeeeeeeee!

SEPTEMBER 20, 2007 (2) Nashville, Tennessee. You can't always get what you want - it's a shaky recording of the most anticipated Dylan boot in some time. Jack White stops by for a take of "One More Cup of Coffee" and the first ever live "Outlaw Blues." I shiver as I type.

SEPTEMBER 22, 2007 (2) Duluth, Georgia. Missing 3 tracks, but still nice to have sitting on my shelf. Highlight, a haunting "Masters."

SEPTEMBER 28, 2007 (2) Columbia, Georgia. Nice show, though nothing jumped out at me. A noisy audience taping at times a constant low lever of chatter. Shut the fuck up.

SEPTEMBER 29, 2007 (2) Kingston, Rhode Island. While I was disappointed with this show when I attended it, I think the biggest problem was the pacing. Too many similar songs. Still as a boot, "Hattie," "Hollis," & "Masters" the trio of standouts.

SEPTEMBER 30, 2007 (2) Bridgeport, Connecticut. Nice energy and thanks for "Big Girl Now" and "Released."

OCTOBER 2, 2007 (2) Worcester, Massachusetts. Subpar taping, murky but acceptable. Caught this show live would have liked a better taper.

I DON'T HAVE MUCH TO SAY. October 4, 2007 (2) Portland, Maine. Another nicely paced and performed show. Not much for surprises - "Ain't Talkin," "Chimes" Tops - love this one.

OCTOBER 5, 2007 (2) Manchester, New Hampshire. Smartly recorded gig with a dummy instro that's good for a chuckle. One of the best fall taped shows that I have heard as of yet.

OCTOBER 6, 2007 (2) Albany, New York. Liked the arrangement on "Simple Twist" but the voiced failed him. All in all, a nice listen.

OCTOBER 8, 2007 (2) Syracuse, New York. Okay recording with "4th Street" + "Visions." A real sweet and lonely "Workingman's Blues."

OCTOBER 9, 2007 (2) Rochester, New York

OCTOBER 11, 2007 (2) Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Loved the singing on "Workingman's" as well as the harp on "Tangled." One of the better "Rollin and Tumbling." Show started slow, but picked up mid way.

OCTOBER 12, 2007 (2) Ypsilanti, Michigan. Bob seems to squeeze out the sparks and charm on this evening.

OCTOBER 13, 2007 (2) Columbus, Ohio. Nice regular show, Dyl certainly needed a few songs to clear his throat. Nary a surprise.

OCTOBER 15, 2007 (2) Cincinnati, Ohio. Nice gig and reocrding. My usual fav "Blind Willie" came outt a little dark. Got a great audience call to "Do something rare" He didn't but a beautiful "Blowin" ends the night.

OCTOBER 16, 2007 (2) Dayton, Ohio. I've been to Dayton, have you? Show highlights: a spirited "Levee" & "Nettie Moore." All in all a strong night.

OCTOBER 17, 2007 (2) Louisville, Kentucky

OCTOBER 19, 2007 (2) Bloomington, Minnesota. Capable show + performance, you know the drill. Show again picked up in 2nd half with "Back Pages" + "Ain't Talkin."

October 20, 2007 (2) Illinois. Decent, if not sturdy grab. Some good energy and the band played well.

OCTOBER 22, 2007 (2) St. Louis, Missouri. Real Nice show. A slow, swampy "Love sick" and a "Visions" sung as well as the old boy can sing it. "Mona Lisa smiles" line got my heart thumping! Has the much discussed "Tear of Rage" with Elvis Costello & Bob guitars in hand.

OCTOBER 24, 2007 (2) Iowa City, Iowa. Core Sounds binarals>Core Sound phantom power with hi-pass filter> Sony D100 @ 48kHz. Some glitches claaimed by taper, but I found it a snappy dish. Good stuff, friendo.

OCTOBER 26, 2007 (2) Omaha, Nebraska. Been there too. A "Lay Lady" that's as smooth as smooth can be. Lots of nice stuff here, but you do get a low level of chatter -- coincidentily on "Ain't Talkin" quite noticeable.

OCTOBER 27, 2007 (2) Chicago, Illinois. Strong strong playing throughout. A real delight.

OCTOBER 28, 2007 (2) Chicago, Illinois. An enjoyable, unextraordinary show.

OCTOBER 29, 2007 (2) Chicago, Illinois. Nice clean recording - we get Elvis Costello along help on "Released" and then a rare and appreciated "Under the Red Sky" too.


FEBRUARY 21, 2008 (2) Dallas, Texas. Upon reflection, I have to say there are numerous spectacular moments. This is a wondrous show with the band playing perfectly in synch. Glad I collect these things.

FEBRUARY 22, 2008 (2) Dallas, Texas. A 'Masters of War" sung so differently and beautifully it is a majestic vision with Dylan holding and cooing the words carefully. Holy shit.

FEBRUARY 23, 2008 (2) Dallas, Texas. Not bad, like the warm quality of the taping, hate the orchestration on "Tom Thumb" but love d "Rainy Day," "Highway 61," "Workingman's" and "Ballad of a thin man."

FEBRUARY 26, 2008 (2) Mexico City, Mexico. Another sturdy taping and professional run thru of our favorties.

FEBRUARY 27, 2008 (2) Mexico City, Mexico. Energized and sharp. What a great show and fun fun fun. A lot of bounce. Frisky. Love the bouncy "Like A Rolling Stone."

FEBRUARY 29, 2008 (2) Monterey, Mexico. Highlights: "Think Twice," "Nettie," "Blowin." No crowd call and response during "Spirit in the Water," but i's a big singalong to "Like A Rolling Stone."

MARCH 2, 2008 (2) Guadaljara, Mexico. Hey, I think these 08 shows are off to a great start. Like the energy & flow. Love "Hard Rain." Nice one if not fantastic than incredibly good.

MARCH 11, 2008 (2) Santiago, Chile. A confident and strong show. Standouts: "Just Like a Woman," and a touching "Nettie," A very
nice recording.

MARCH 13, 2008 (2) Cordoba, Argentina. Superb taping and a good entire show. Highlights: "Love Sick," "Rollin," "Desolatoin," "Blowin."

MARCH 15, 2008 (2) Buenos Aires, Argentina. Another excellent taping - good job Americans! A real delight, superb . Yowzeh!

MARCH 18, 2008 (2) Rosario, Argentina. Decent recording - a touch bass heavy and missing one track. Maybe even a little low on volume, yet with all this critisism I still enjoyed it. Highlights: "Tears of Rage" and "Rainy Day."

MARCH 20, 2008 (2) Punta del Este, Uruguay. It was a difficult night vocally, but he gritted his way thru a beautiful and thoughtful "Hard Rain" and a great "Girl from North Country" with a sweet harp solo too. Yeah!

MAY 16, 2008 (2) Worcester, Mass. Very nice sound & great energy. Caught this one up close.

MAY 17, 2008 (2) Lewiston, Maine. Not much of an evening. Just didn't have much vocal spark. Nice to hear a reworked "Mississippi" and a straight forward "Ain't Talkin."

MAY 19, 2008 (2) Saint John, New Brunswick, Certainly a good energy evening. Highlights: a fine "Desolation," "River Flow," and a spry "Baby Tonight."

MAY 20, 2008 (2) New Brunswick. Solid sailing. Nice show, Like.

MAY 21, 2008 (2) Halifax, Nova Scotia. A very good recording, capturing an energetic and focused performance. Top shelf.

MAY 23, 2008 (2) St. John's Newfoundland. Suitable taping. Love the horse bear cat, blood tired thought still pretty good. Highlight: "Desolation Row."

MAY 24, 2008 (2) St. John's Newfoundland, Night two. All seems good. A solid taping and nice show. Thanks for "Visions."

MAY 26, 2008 (2) Nice night in late Spring for the NET. Nothing special, everything good. A standout "Blowin" to close it out.

MAY 28, 2008 (2) Odense, Denmark. Real nice guitar from Donnie Herron. Love that solo on "Deal Goes Down" otherwise a sturdy night and recording.

MAY 30, 2008 (2) Stavanger, Norway. Good show, old friend. At times muted, but shines thru.

JUNE 1, 2008 (2) Helsinki. A vamped, slow "Tangled" was a nice change of pace. A jokey Bob intro'd stu just prior to "LARS."

JUNE 3, 2008 (2) St. Petersburg, Russia. Straight forward show, somewhat a captive of the staid setlist.

JUNE 4, 2008 (2) Talinn, Estonia. Workingman's show. Nice and well taped.

JUNE 5, 2008 (2) Vilnius, Lithuania. Like it. Nice songs, well played and captured.

JUNE 7, 2008 (2) Warsaw, Poland. Some pretty good singing by Bobby, seemed to be on.

JUNE 9, 2008 (2) Ostrava, Czech Republic. Decent, but flawed recording - certainly bass heavy at times. Not a particularly engaging show. A bit slow and dull.

JUINE 10, 2008 (2) Vienna, Austria

JUNE 11, 2008 (2) Salzburg, Austria. Start off with a top shelf taping. You get every growl, grunt and roll from the old boy.

JUNE 13, 2008 (2) Varazdin, Croatia. First off, I don't know much about Croatia, but I can feel their connection to Bob in this warm, audience taping. Just love "Just Like A Woman" Bob seems playful and audience sings along. A different "Tangled" the first I heard in this arrangement. Bob even nails "Things Have Changed" and "Honest with me" two songs I usually don't care for.

JUNE 15, 2008 (2) Trento, Italy. Talk about a show that grows on you. Love the setlist at the outset. Initially thought the recording was flawed as it was all vocals and drums with the rest of the band burried. Recording got better and vocals warmed up too. Fun one.

JUNE 16, 2008 (2) Bergamo, Italy. The first thing I sense is the great energy on this superbly paced setlist. Love alot: "Tom Thumb," "Moonlight," "Hard Rain," "Thin Man." The recording is great, this is a sweet one.

JUNE 18, 2008 (2) Ch,tillon, Italy. Charming show. Bob's voice full of creaks and charm.

JUNE 19, 2008 (2) Grenoble, France. Enjoyable. Animated Bob.

JUNE 20, 2008 (2) Toulouse, France. Bob & the band are in synch and moving. A soft, sweet and wildly quiet take of "Sugar Baby" that's as startling as a sunset at midnight.

JUNE 22, 2008 (2) Encamp, Andorra. Leads off with "Watchtower" which I think he last did back in 1993. Always appreciate "Visions" but marred by the sing song up singing that he lazily falls into from time to time. Fortunately, he didn't fall into it much.

JUNE 23, 2008 (2) Zaragoza, Spain.

JUNE 24, 2008 (2) Pamplona, Spain

JUNE 27, 2008 (2) Vigo, Spain. A taping a few shades inferior to the usual Europeans. Despite that, it was pretty good.

JUNE 28, 2008 (2) Avila, Spain. Another bass heavy recording, still okay.

JULY 1, 2008 (2) Cuenca, Spain. Started off with a dreary "Maggie" that vocally Bob just wasn't ready for - par for the course on opening tunes. Fortuneatly the vocals cleared up nicely for "John Brown" and "Beyond the Horizon." 2 highlights.

JULY 2 2008 (2) Alicante, Spain. Decent taping, typical show - solid. And I think when Bob stops playing "Ain't Talkin" we are all gonna miss it.

JULY 4, 2008 (2) Lorca, Spain. A natty show, well played by our boys. Great vibe, hey man we are on a little roll. Highlights galore: "Blowin," "Desolation," "Deal Gone Down."

JULY 5, 2008 (2) Jaen. Less than perfect European taping though a lively show.

JULY 8 2008 (2) Estada, Spain. A snappy, happy show. Really grooved on "Rollin" noones favorite but it really moved. Also a delightful stroll thru "Tangled" followed by a great "Nettie." Stand out show!

JULY 10, 2008 (2) Merida, Spain. You think Americans talk too much. Shit, A midling recording stuffed with incessant Spanish chatter. Unessential.

JULY 11, 2008 (2) Oeiras, Portugal. First off, a fabulous, expeptinal recording. Nice crystal clear sound. Well played throughout another stand out boot!

AUGUST 8, 2008 (2) Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. A strong run thru and a very good recording. In fact as I think about it, great.

AUGUST 9, 2008 (2) A delightful show - can we say spry, upbeat. A real pleasure. Nice taping.

AUGUST 12, 2008 (2) Brooklyn New York. Missing 2 tracks. So my disc begins with a foot stompin "Lonesome Day" and it rocks. All in all, a very good show.

AUGUST 13, 2008 (2) Asbury Park, New Jersey. Despite rumors Springsteen didn't show up. Audience taping with a cavernous, distant sound.

AUGUST 16, 2008 (2) Atlantic City, New Jersey. Decent audience taping. You do get a "Vsions," But I'd tell anyone who listen that "Lenny Bruce" is one of the worst songs he ever wrote.

AUGUST 19, 2008 (2) Canandaigua, New York

AUGUST 20, 2008 (2) Hamilton, Ontario. A very sweet show. Recording starts stiff, but warms up quickly.

AUGUST 22, 2008 (2) Cincinnati, Ohio. Not a good product. Missing a couple of songs + it's a shaky recording + somewhat a disinterested performance or so it seems.

AUGUST 23, 2008 (2) Elizabeth, Indiana. A lovely performance through and through. Highlights: "Hattie" with Donnie Herron's pedal steel riff that pieces the soul. Bob just rips it up on "Honest With Me." Honest.

AUGUST 24, 2008 (2) Evansville, Indiana. This one grew on me. When the opener - "Leopard Skin" - kicks in I thought oh shit, but it gets better.

AUGUST 26, 2008 (2) Little Rock, Arkansas

AUGUST 28, 2008 (2) Kansas City, Missouri. Good turbo charged show. Terrific job by all.

AUGUST 30, 2008 (2) Snowmass Village, Colorado. Excellent sounding show thankfully capturing a varied, excellent show.

SEPTEMBER 3, 2008 (2) Santa Monica, California. Yup, another excellent show. Super take of "Mississippi." Great steel pedal on "Rollin."

SEPTEMBER 6, 2008 (2) San Diego, California. Very nice recording and we are rewarded with a good performance to match. Garnier seems to have a particularly good night on bass. Fine Bob Dylan show.


OCTOBER 23, 2008 (2) Victoria, Birttish Columbia, Canada. Nice taping and a focused Bob. Highlights: A great harp on "North Country," and all of "Hard Rain." Band sounded great all nite.

OCTOBER 24, 2008 (2) Vancouver, Brittish Columbia. Sturdy taping - again growing on me. You get "Visions" and thou he fall into some up singing on it you get a nice loooong harp solo on "Fell in Love With You."

OCTOBER 25, 2008 (2) Kamloops, Brittish Columbia. Cracking good. Sharp + snappy.

OCTOBER 27, 2008 (2) Calgary, Alberta, Canada. Pretty good. I'd welcome "Baby Blue" every night if Bob asked. A strong show.

OCTOBER 29, 2008 (2) Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. Another fantastic recording. Good job Bob! Love the stroll thru "Tangled." A+ top shelf.

OCTOBER 30, 2008 (2) Lethbridge, Alberta, Canada. An average taping presenting the show. Solid.

NOVEMBER 4, 2008 (2) Minneapolis, Minnesota. First and foremost, this is the Obama endorsement show. Bob giving a plug to Obama on the evening of the election. Wow. As to the show, it's an enjoyable show with some nice selections: "This Wheel," "Shooting Star," "Red Sky." Sticks "Summer Days" in the 3rd slot up from it's usually pre-encore closer. I'd move it up further to say the sound check.

NOVEMBER 5, 2008 (2) La Crosse, Wisconsin. The show starts with Dylan sounding like a frog, but man the band was smoking and after a couple of tunes, the voice becomes the familiar growl.

NOVEMBER 6, 2008 (2) Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Standard strong recording. I just love "A Hard Rain" Just Love. And it's a clutzy, but wonderful "Girl From North Country."

NOVEMBER 8, 2008 (2) Kalamzaoo, Michigan. Some reoward tunes start this show off in the right direction. Decent recording though Bob's vocal start slowly as usual. Highlights: a harp addled "It's Alright Ma."

NOVEMBER 9, 2008 (2) Marie, Ontario. Highlight is an earthy rewrite of "Don't Think Twice" sounding fore like a rehearsal than a perfected tune - loved it. Good energy all night and superior show.

NOVEMBER 11, 2008 (2) London, Ontario. Exquisite soundboarder. Good stuff, it worked.

NOVEMBER 12, 2008 (2) Oshawa, Ontario. The opener "Wicked Messenger" was, well it was fucking dreadful. Fortunately it got alot better on this serviceable taping.

NOVEMBER 13, 2008 (2) Sudbury, Ontario. These November shows just seem to get better and better. A great recording and an energetic, focused and inspired performance by our favorite DJ.

NOVEMBER 15, 2008 (2) Kingston, Ontario. Good recording + performance. Nothing special.

NOVEMBER 16, 2008 (2) Kanata, Ontario. A surprisingly good "Leopard Skin" starts the night but oh an immense "Don't Think Twice" slow & thoughtful was just lovely. And the harp, oh man, it's a stunner. Maybe the best setlist of the fall. Essential!!!!!

NOVEMBER 18, 2008 (2) Montreal, Canada

NOVEMBER 19, 2008 (2) Oneonta, New York. Starts with an ugly "Wicked" - see 11/12/08 - but of course the voice warms and the show is great. A nice "Nettie" among it's highlights.

NOVEMBER 21, 2008 (2) New York City. I was highly anticipating listening to show. You know, New York City! The "Serve Somebody" opener wtih Bob center stage mic in hand. It's a good show in need of a better taping.


MARCH 22, 2009 (2) Berns, Switzerland. The "Billy" show. Can't we say any time we get a first ever live airing that it causes a sensation. Or atleast makes my day.

MARCH 23, 2009 (2) Stockholm, Sweden. As you can tell, I'm one of those busy that likes Bob slow. And it's a slowed down "Tangled" that just sways and grooves. But don't miss that rock and roll take of 'Coffee"

MARCH 25, 2009 (2) Oslo, Norway. My copy is sequenced incorrectly. Either my ears adjusted for the recording got better as the night progressed. Loved the organ filled, funeral "Hard Rain."

MARCH 27, 2009 (2) Jonkoping, Sweden. Nice show & Recording. Sturdy and workingman like, hitting all the marks.

MARCH 28, 2009 (2) Malm, Sweden. Not the best recording, but still more than acceptable. Seemed muffled at times, but I got used to it.

MARCH 29, 2009 (2) Copenhagen, Denmark. Charming, flawed, but powerful. I really got into listening to this show. Great setlist + performance. LOVED!

MARCH 31, 2009 (2) Hannover, Germany. Hey, I thought those European tapers were the bomb. Not bad, just not quite up to snuff, too much distance. Hollow & boxy at times. Nice setlist wish the taping was up the task.

APRIL 1, 2009 (2) Berlin, Germany. A bit too much distance in the taping. Still enjoyable.

APRIL 2, 2009 (2) Erfurt, Germany. Just a smidge below the usual Europeean tapings, but I'm not complaining.

APRIL 4, 2009 (2) Munchen, Germany. Start off with a top shelf set list: "Coffee," "Hattie" for starters. Inspired performance, but simply an average, at best, recording.

APRIL 5, 2009 (2) Saarbrucken, Germany. A couple of tracks with surface noice, but all in all not so bad.

APRIL 7, 2009 (2) Paris, France. Certainly a good night. Not his best voice, but he gave it all he had in the tank. Can't ask for more.

APRIL 8, 2009 (2) Paris, France. Very good show. Like all of these, the same final 5, grrrr. Strong show.

APRIL 10, 2009 (2) Amsterdam, The Netherlands. Another gem. "Po Boy" and "Highwater"are just incredible, nuanced knockouts. Terrific taping s well. Thisis the good sutff. Maybe one of the best "Nettie Moore" that these ears have been so honored with. One of the best boots of the year.

APRIL 11, 2009 (2) Amsterdam, The Netherlands. An immense effort on "Hattie" singing it as well as it can possibly be sung by the old dude. Beautiful, simply beautiful. Another terrific show, I should have made the road trip.

APRIL 12, 2009 (2) Amsterdam, The Netherlands. A sensational sunding show. Be sure to listen to the "Tough Mama" extended part with Bob & Keyboards only.

APRIL 14, 2009 (2) Basel, Switzerland. A good show, slightly hollow sounding, but only inferior by comparison to some of these others.

APRIL 15, 2009 (2) Assago, Italy. Opens with that reworked "Wicked Messenger" vastly superior to the recent incarnations. The first 2/3's of the show are just sensation, just a little bored with the same final 5. Great singing on "Desolation' and a charming "Blind Willie."

APRIL 17, 2009 (2) Rome, Italy. A muddy inferior taping. Noted for "Return to Me" late in the set.

APRIL 18, 2009 (2) Firenze, Italy. The opener "Maggie" starts the night off well with "Hattie" and "Black Coat" keeping the beat. And thanks for a rare "Man in Me."

APRIL 20, 2009 (2) Geneva, Switzerland. A groggy foggy Bobby pushes his way thru this fine setlist. Excellent audience taping. A terrible "Beyond the Horizon" but otherwise good.

APRIL 21, 2009 (2) Strasbourg, France. Delightful show. Great energy!

APRIL 22, 2009 (2) Brussels, Belgium. Starts with a slowed down "Wicked' Messenger" built off the bass, nice job. Bob recasts "Man in Black Coat" as a swingy, blues number. Superb, setlist, performace and sound. Tops.

APRIL 24, 2009 (2) Sheffield, England. Great show - my highlights: "Boots of Spannish Leather" and "Love Sick"

APRIL 25, 2009 (2) London, England. Good show. Oh god, do those Brit fanzines go nuts when Bob lands in London.

APRIL 25, 2009 (2) Woo-hoo, a soundboard emerges. Thanks, God!

APRIL 26, 2009 (2) London, England. 

APRIL 28, 2009 (2) Cardiff, England. "Under the Red Sky" never sounded so nuanced. Nice, clean show. Terrific energy. Bob and Band in perfect synch.

APRIL 29, 2009 (2) Birmingham, England. Smooth as silk performance. Terrific job. While the setlist is pedestrian, the results can only be described as a full tasty meal.

MAY 1, 2009 (2) Liverpool, England. What can I say? This European swing was very strong. Fires up a "Something" for George.

MAY 2, 2009 (2) Glasgow, Scotland. Good stuff. You get a nice "Hollis" followed by "Visions" and then 2 songs later "Every Grain" 3 beautiful ballads.

MAY 3, 2009 (2) Edinburgh, Scotland. They tore the Playhouse down. Strong consistant show. "Lay Lady" and "Just Like A Woman" the set's sole gifts.

MAY 5, 2009 (2) Dublin, Ireland. A sturdy to very good show. First ever airing of "Ever Go to Houston."

MAY 6, 2009 (2) Dublin, Ireland. Nice show performed with a growl. Highlight: "Blind Willie."

JULY 2, 2009 (2) Sauget, Illinois. Sweet show.

JULY 4, 2009 South Bend, Indiana. Opens with a verse of "Yankee Doodle Dandy" and then just 11 more. Enjoyable, short.

JULY 5, 2009 (2) Rothbury, Michigan. A nice opening with "Leopard Skin" but an unfortunate "Tangled" followed. Hey Bob, the guitar riff is somewhat important. Slow it down, speed it up, but don't eliminate it. However, all in all, a superior summer show so far.

CHASING A SHADOW (2) July 5, 2009. Whisper quiet soundboard. Thank you Jesus! Astonishing.

JULY 10, 2009 (2) Dayton, Ohio. Snappy show. Opens with a messy, but fun "Beyond Here Lies Nothin" Liked the organy "Love Sick" too.

JULY 13, 2009 (2)  Washington, Pennsyvlania.  Nice show with plenty of standouts,

JULY 15, 2009 (2) New Brittain, Connecticut. A ruffled, washed out recording. Too bad, eh.

JULY 17, 2009 (2) An absolute killer "Highwater" A song he should play every night as it plays to the strengths of his voice, It's also in a fantastic arrangement. Hey, you get a "Change Gonna Come" and "Nettie Moore" too.

JULY 18, 2009 (2) Bethel, New York. Substandard taping. Highlight: a short, sweet "Forgetful Heart" with a touch of harp.

JULY 21, 2009 (2) Pawtucket, Rhode Island. Very good taping which I appreciate being that I caught this show - a very good one I might add.

JULY 23, 2009 (2) Lakewood, New Jersey. Subpar but still okay.

JULY 25, 2009 (2) Nofolk, Virginia. Acceptable audience recording. A decent run thru of a sturdy set - no surprises, but all well played.

JULY 28, 2009 (2) Durham, North Carolina. A slightly subpar recording - could use a bit more seperation.

JULY 30, 2009 (2) Alpharetta, Georgia. A poor taping, I even took a pass on it.

JULY 31, 2009 (2) Orange Beach, Alabama. Fine recording of a terrific show. Top shelf, man. "Forgetful Heart" sent chills up and down my spine - wow Beautiful - wow. Even a scorching "Highway 61."

AUGUST 2, 2009 (2) The Woodlands, Texsa. A solid offering - a no surprise set.

AUGUST 4, 2009 (2) Round Rock, Texas. It ain't perfect, but shit, nothing is and I loved it. This is the Charlie Sexton come back show.

AUGUST 5, 2009 (2) Corpus Christi, Texas. Very nice show. Mundane setlist, but who cares. Nicely taped and Bob is engaged and dynamic.

AUGUST 7, 2009 (2) Grand Prairie, Texas. A delightful and enjoyable show. Highlights: A stellar "Ever Bee to Houston" and a rip roarer of "Tweedle" usually forgettable. I'll even take the sloppy "Change Gonna Come" a two fisted treat.

AUGUST 8, 2009 (2) Lubbock, Texas. A mangled, dysfunctional "Maggie" opens this show. The Band just didn't didn't its groove and the subpar recording didn't help. I just couldn't connect to this show. Even a medicore "Highwater."

AUGUST 14, 2009 (2) Fresno, California. This Bobcat declares that any night with a basement tape tune is a good night. "You Ain't Goin' Nowhere." All in all, a nice gig.

AUGUST 15, 2009 (2) Stockton, California. Muddy but okay recording. Like "Forever Young" and "Ramona."

AUGUST 16, 2009 (2) Lake Tahoe, Nevada. Successful show, nice clean taping. Bob + band strong throughout. The bear cat is growling, but it's beautiful, man. And you get a one off of "Heartbreak Hotel."

OCTOBER 4, 2009 (2) Seattle, Washington. Mediocre taping, but I get to hear "Change My Way of Thinking." Like the "Shooting Star' that followed it as well, a good start done in a bit by the taper.

OCTOBER 5, 2009 (2) Seattle, Washington. Again opens with "Change my way" and you get lots of great TTL material. Chat is noticeable here and there, but still quite good.

OCTOBER 7, 2009 (2) Portland, Oregon. Charlie cuts loose on "Highway 61." And a nice "You Go Your Way" are the twin highlights on this very good show.

OCTOBER 10, 2009 (2) Berkeley, California. Great setlist - "Mama You Been," "Man in Me," "Don't Believe You" etc. Imperfect recording,but I still enjoyed

OCTOBER 11, 2009 (2) Berkeley, California. Nicely played show - highlight; "This Dream of You."

OCTOBER 13, 2009 2) Hollywood, California. Lively, spry gig. Like the show, like the set. Top shelf. Very, very, very good.

OCTOBER 14, 2009 (2) Los Angeles, California. Yup, another good show, in fact a real gem. Superlative. Superlative.

OCTOBER 15, 2009 (2) Highlights: "This Dream of You" and "Not Dark Yet" both just gorgeous. There's a goof band intro too.

OCTOBER 17, 2009 (2) Arizona State Fair. Nice gig, not too many surprises, but who needs them.

OCTOBER 18, 2009 (2) Las Vegas, Nevada. Yes like tis one too. The TTL tunes simply travel well. A Strong A to Z set and show.

OCTOBER 19, 2009 (2) Magna, Utah. Nice taping, there is something warm yet imposing about the way elderly Bob growls out "Senor." Say what you you, but the art lives on. A great rearranged "Beyond the Horizon."

OCTOBER 21, 2009 (2) Denver, Colorado. Fine show. Delight.

OCTOBER 23, 2009 (2) Salinas, Kansas. A shit taping, recorded in what, the bathroom.

OCTOBER 24, 2009 (2) Tulsa, Oklahoma. Delightful gig - a real pleasure. Fine set choices, plenty of highlights.

OCTOBER 25, 2009 (2) Springfield, Missouri. Sadly an inferior taping, but not a train wreck by any measure. Also missing a couple of the encore songs. I also tacked on a Boom Boom Mancini interview with a Bob Dylan boxing story on it.

OCTOBER 27, 2009 (2) Rockford, Illinois. I think, again, these fall Sexton shows will be looked upon as real good ones. I'm just thoroughly enjoying making my way through them.

OCTOBER 29, 2009 (2) Chicago, Illinois. The beat goes on, this Sexton led outfit keep on hittin' it!

OCTOBER 31, 2009 (2) Chicago, Illinois. Fun, wacky stuff. Bob intrduces Stu as "Tom Waits" before he sings a couple of bars. Fun stuff.

NOVEMBER 2, 2009 (2) Bloomington, Indiana. Another real good one from beginning to end. Love.

NOVEMBER 3, 2009 (2) Columbus, Ohio. Pure fun. Another superb honky tonkin' show. Everyone in synch.

NOVEMBER 5, 2009 (2) Canton, Ohio. That Canton Ohio home of the Football Hall of Fame. Good sounding show, always nice to hear "Hard Rain," "North Country," "Love Minus Zero."

NOVEMBER 6, 2009 (2) Detroit, Michigan. Good show - I know they all seem to be good - decent recording though an argument broke out during "Po Boy." Why do people talk during the slow numbers. Idiots.

NOVEMBER 7, 2009 (2) Kitchener, Ontario. Nice slow stuff here "Grain of Sand," "Hattie," "Spirit." Nice taping too.

NOVEMBER 9, 2009 (2) Philly, Pennsylvania. Clean and enjoyable taping. "Desolation Row" and "Beyod Here" two highlights.

NOVEMBER 11, 2009 (2) Virginia. Just hearing the chord progression on "Man in the Long Balck Coat" sent shivers up my spine. Excellent stuff.

NOVEMBER 13, 2009 (2) Boston, Massachusetts. Boots of attended shows are always special and a little different to listen to do. I went to all of these shows and what a joy. Great recording and a nice sounding gig.

NOVEMBER 14, 2009 (2) Boston, Massachusetts. Another great taping and you know what I saw some great shows. "Cold Irons Bound" doesn't just rock, it simmers. "Hollis Brown," Yeah, it's that good. "Highway 61" is as good as I remember - the best live version I have heard.

NOVEMBER 15, 2009 (2) Boston, Massachusetts. As Ross said, "If he doesn't open with "Change My Way of Thinking," the place will revolt. Well he did. And Janis got her "Forgetful Heart." Boston was three for three. So many artful moments.

NOVEMBER 17, 2009 (2) (Remaster) Another, yes, another good recording. Don't particularly care for the speeded up "John Brown," but that's being picky. This is a great gig.

NOVEMBER 18, 2009 (2) New York City. Hey another Big City, Big Pleasure show.

NOVEMBER 19, 2009 (2) New York City, Nice show to close out the decade. Thanks Bob.