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The Who
An early love, now rekindled


THE HIGH NUMBERS- LIVE 1964. Contains a show from October 20, 1964 and then seven studio tracks from an Abbey Road session a few days later. A bit a of a mess if you ask me.

WHO THE FUCK!  Remastered Edition. (2)  Two discs of High Numbers stuff.  Fun.   

BBC RADIO SESSIONS 1965 - 1970. 11 Tunes, running about 30 minutes of BBC studio broadcasts.

BBC SESSIONS 1965-1971 (Remastered and Complete)  (3)  Kicky collection of BBC studio performances intersperses with interviews.   A Potpouiri of stuff from Top of the Pops and other things.   It's alot of fun, pretty fascinating as you see the beautiful animal emerge from the egg.  

INTRODUCING THE WHO.  The Soniclovenoize Reconstruction of first album

JIGSAW PUZZLE.   The Soniclovenoize Reconstruction of what was begun to be the third album.

WHO'S FOR TENNIS. The Soniclovenoize Reconstruction of Withdrawn 1968 Album with Shakin' All Over and Magic Bus.


WHO'S NEXT SESSIONS. Also includes some stuff from the The Making of Who's Newt TV Special from 1993.

THE MUSIC MUST CHANGE. Pete's demos for Who Are You along with Affirmirmation and a Baba O'Reilly from 1971.

IT'S FACE DEMOS. Consists of 4 Facer Dancer demos, 4 It's Hard Demos and 3 Who's Next Demos.

PETE TOWNSEND "BY NUMBERS" DEMOS. Muddy sounding stuff, maybe a couple of generations before put to disc.

WHO'S LOST (2) Collection of various odds and sods, demo's and live tracks from the 70's through the late 90s.

YOU ARE WHO? Various Demos & Outtakes for the Whole Are You Album (1976-1978)

THE TOMMY DEMOS. Yellow Dog's collections of 24 of Pete's Demos, still stuns.

FROM LIFEHOUSE TO LEEDS. Contains 6 Lifehouse studio recordings and then 4 live tunes from 1970.

LIFE WITH THE MOONS. Odd little set, has a number of comedy bits along with various outtakes, studio chatter et al.

SEPTEMBER 9, 1966.  Felixstowe, Pier Pavillion.  4 Songs filmed by a French TV Network.

SMOTHERS BROTHERS COMEDY HOUR, September 17, 1967, LA.   The two song performance that destroyed Pete's ear. 

APRIL 5 OR 6, 1968.  Filmore East, New York City.  Excellent sound boarder of and with a band who has something to prove.

LIVE AT LEEDS COMPLETE (2) Wow, it's the grand tamale. All the songs and quite an immense performance. You truly can grasp the enormity of their musical talents.

APRIL 6, 1969. Filmore East, NYC. Hard rocking soundboard.

WOODSTOCK 1969 - REMASTERED 2002. August 17, 1969. Bootleg version of the famed performance. Hey Abbie, fuck off.

WINDMILL IN AMSTERDAM. September 29, 1969, Amsterdam, The Netherlands. Wired off a soundboard this is a radio broadcast that purports to be the first live performance of Tommy. My god, the tunes are so familiar, to me The Who are like an old girlfriend you see at your high school reunion. It's enjoyable, but no wonder you moved on.

THE WHO REMEMBERS THE HIGH NUMBERS. A bit of a dodgy listen - much sounding mono and other stuff just sounding mediocre at best. Still kind of interesting and fits snugly on my shelf.

SOUNDBOARD HIGHLIGHTS 1969. Good stuff here.

THE FALL 1969 SOUNDBOARD TAPES. VOLUMES 1 - 5 (5) Wowee Zowee. The group at one of it's peaks.

AUTUMN ACETATES. Supposed highlights from October and November of the US Tour. 15 Bashing tunes.

OCTOBER 19, 1969.  2nd Show.  Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Excellent sound boarder.

OCTOBER 22, 1969. Filmore East, New York City. 17 Killer songs in soundboard.

HIGHER EDUCATION. November 1969. Live at Georgetown University along with some bonus demos and other stuff. Great.

FILMORE WEST 1969. Must be a soundboarder with Townsend's guitar front and center and the vocals a dash burried in the mix. These are hard rockin Brittish lads!

PURE ROCK THEATRE. Another version of above show.

LOVE CRY WANT. December 4, 1969. Bristol, England. A think soundboard, but still gets the job done.

NO FIDDLESTICKS. (2) January 1970, Paris, France. A smudgy soundboard, the band soars through it.

LIVE AT LEEDS (2) February 14, 1970 (2) Leeds, England. Here's the whole enchilada and apparently a complete version as opposed to anything released.

JULY 7, 1970 (2) Tanglewood. Lenox, Massachusetts. Bill Graham brings Tommy to Tanglewood. Must have been quite a concept at the time. Soundboard.

NEW YEAR'S EVE. December 31, 1970. Sourced off a vinyl. Includes some Tommy Rehearsals.

YOUNG VIC BLUES. April 26, 1971. London. A rocking outfit in their prime.

WHO ORLEANS REVISITED. November 29, 1971.(2) New Orleans, Louisiana. Nice soundboard show, quite chatty at this show.

SAN FRANCISCO '71. December 13, 1971. 12 kickin' tunes.

THE WHO IN CONCERT. August 17, 1972. Amsterdam. Flawed soundboard.

COPENHAGEN CALLING.  VOLUMES 1 AND 2.  (4)  August 21 and August 25, 1972.  Bashy, crashy and trashy audience taping. 

ORCHESTRAL TOMMY. (2)  December 9, 1972, London.  Performance with the London Symphony Orchestra.  This is the apparently the more difficult to find to show of the two they peformed on that day.   Plenty of guests.    

POP GALA. March 10, 1973. Sporthal de Vliegemolen Voorburg, Netherlands. TV Soundboard. Four songs.

SPECTRUM 1973. December 4, 1973. Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Excellent soundboard.

DECEMBER 6, 1973. Washington, DC. King Biscuit Flower Hour. Solid.

EDMONTON SUNDOWN (2)  December 23, 1973. Edmonton, Canada.  Rockin' show, the taping could have been a bit sharper for my ears. 

LIVE IN CHARLTON 1974 (2) London, May 18, 1974. Terrific rock and roll, soundboard.

LIVE IN HOUSTON 1975. (2) November 20, 1975. Houston, Texas. Jbeat-Remaster. Good hard rocking' stuff from this outfit in full glory.

PONTIAC SILVERDOME 1975 (2) December 6, 1975. Pontiac, Michigan. Another sound boarder.

WHOLIDAY IN CLEVELAND (2) December 9, 1975.  Sloppy soundboard, Has some speed problems, probably sourced from Vinyl.

TORONTO 1975 (2) December 11, 1975. Toronto, Canada. The much praised show I found to be lacking in sound quality.

WHO PUT A BETTER BOOT IN 1976. June 12, 1976. Swansea, UK Strong 15 song performance.

1979 (4)  A generous compilation of the touring here.  Mostly fall shows.  

KILBURN 1977. December 15, 1977. Northwest London, England. Keith Moon's last show. Soundboard recording.

MAY 17, 1979 (2) Paris, France. Nice radio broadcast.

DECEMBER 8, 1979 (2) Chicago, Illinois.  Decent soundboard recording and show.

CONCERT FOR KAMPUCHEA (2), December 29, 1979, London. Their excellent set from the fundraising concert. Soundboard.

THE LOST AND FOUND MIKE THE MICROPHONE TAPES VOLUME 24. JUNE 23, 1980 (2) Las Angeles. This is a Mike Millard taping, the famed audience taper. Made the exception as I usually stick to soundboard.

ROCKPALAST. March 28/29, 1981. Essen, Germany. The men performing with Kenny Jones on drums. Perfect sound - literally no audience as this is a TV program.

OCTOBER 20,1982 (2)  Seattle, Washington.   Fine soundboard with a few deep cuts.

PORTLAND '82  (2)  October 21, 1982, Portland, Oregon.  Soundboard. Not a greatest hits show which is what we usually get, still you get quite a few of them.   Good stuff. 

DECEMBER 16, 1982 (2) Toronto, Canada.  Sweet sound boarder up North.  

DECEMBER 17, 1982 (2) Toronto, Canada. Excellent sound boarder. Closes out with Twist & Shout.

THE NIGHT BEFORE THE RESURRECTION (2) JUNE 16, 1989. Glen Falls, New York. Soundboard. Rock and roll baby.

TOMMY RADIO CITY. June 27, 1989 (2) Radio City Music Hall, New York City. You get Tommy and then the hits, soundboard.

AUGUST 24, 1989 (2) Universal Amphitheater. The first disc is Tommy with various guests - Steven Winwood, Elton, Patti LaBelle, Elton John - a bit overblown if you ask me and the second disc is a rocking Who only disc. Superb sound quality.

SEPTEMBER 3, 1989 (2) DALLAS, TEXAS. It's the last show of the tour and it's a good one. Soundboard.

JULY 18, 1996 (2) MSG, New York City. Radio broadcast, this is the Quadrophenia show with guests and then a couple at the end. Great sound and good stuff.

QUADROPHENIA. October 20, 1996 (2) San Jose, California. This is the show with Billy Idol and others taking part as Quadrophenia goes on the road. It mostly works.

BRIDGE SCHOOL BENEFIT 1999.  Mountain View, California.   Just 11 Tracks from the performance in soundboard.

BLUES TO THE BUSH (2)  November 12/13, 1999 and December 22/23, 1999.  Consists a blend of two shows the First from the House of Blues in Chicago and the second Shepherd's Bush in London.  Supreme recordings. 

SUPERBOWL XLIV.  February 7, 2010.   The Medley from the half time show.  I was unimpressed as a viewer, not half bad as a listen. 

THE WHO. JUNE 27, 2000 (2) Detroit, Michigan. Another nice soundboard, hitting all their marks.

JULY 3, 2000 (2) Mansfield, Massachusetts. Soundboarder from the then Tweeter Center. Always remembered as Great Woods.

JULY 7, 2000 (2) Camden, New Jersey. Soundboard. Lots of fun.

SMASHED (2) JULY 9, 2000. Jones Beach, New York. A slightly flawed soundboard.

AUGUST 21, 2000 (2) Mountain View, California. Terrific show, soundboard. Love it.

AUGUST 22, 2000 (2) Marysville, California. Sounboard. This is one seriously booted tour

AUGUST 24, 2000 (2) Denver, Colorado. Great soundboard. Good job, boys.

SEPTEMBER 24, 2000 (2)  West Palm Beach, Florida.   Another great soundboard, man they must have booted this entire tour.  All good.

SEPTEMBER 28, 2000 (2) Atlanta, Georgia. Soundboard. Kicking ass.

SEPTEMBER 30, 2000 (2) Cleveland, Ohio. Soundboard. Go, man go.

OCTOBER 7, 2000 (2) New York City. Soundboard Matrix Recording. Bing bang boom, still explosive.

JANUARY 28, 2002 (2)  Portsmouth, UK.   A good example of how a good audience taping is better than a soundboard. 

MARCH 26, 2005.  London .  4 Tunes, 29 minutes from a Cancer Trust benefit.

JULY 29, 2006 (2) Zaragoza, Spain. Enjoyable sound boarder.

OCTOBER 29, 2006 (2) Camden, London.  BBC Broadcast.   Plenty of fun.  

FEBRUARY 29, 2007 (2) Phoenix, Arizona.  Nice soundboard show with a few more than usual non hits thrown in.

JULY 7, 2007, Roskilde Festival, Roskilde, Denmark.  12 Soundboard tracks.

APRIL 7, 2015 (2) Miami, Florida. Soundboard. One more Final time. A thoroughly enjoyable greatest hits show. I caught a different night of the tour and can attest to it's power and spine tingling energy. It is, however, a representation of The Who, not a real rock and roll band, but a professional one.

MAY 17, 2015 (2) Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. A fun show from the The Who hits 50 tour. Soundboard.

GLASTONBURY FESTIVAL. June 28, 2015. Pilton, UK. Sourced from the Satellite Feed, the kids are alright. Enjoyable.

OUTSIDE LANDS (2) AUGUST 13, 2017, San Francisco, California. Nice soundboard from Pete & Rog.

MAY 18, 2022 (2)  Boston, Massachusetts.  Audience taping.  I attended this show and felt the taper did a good job in capturing.  They can still pepper the pickle. 



THE GENUINE SCOOP (5) A big helping of Pete Demos recorded in his home studio in Chelsea. 1965-1975.

ASSORTED DEMOS 1960'S (MAYBE SOME EARLY 70'S). A single set of demos, various quality.

SECONDHAND LOVE.  Various rare tracks, B sides and ephemra. 

ODDS 'N' SODS VOL II. Pete noodling and narrating in his studio, demos and stuff of the like.

UNSURPASSED MASTER/ROUGH MIXES.  Various studio pieces from the Ronnie Lane & Pete Album.

APRIL 14, 1970. The Roundhouse, London. This was Pete's first ever live show which he wrote about in his autobiography. A pretty cool performance, he played a demo of "My Generation" for the audience. What slays me is the relationship between audience and artist. Special

PETE TOWNSEND. APRIL 14, 1974. London. Supposedly Pete's 1st solo show. It's fun, certainly imperfect sound quality. Nice cover of "If I were a Carpenter."

LIVE IN MIDEM. Cannes, France 1986. Quiet radio broadcast finishing with a short interview. Biggest flaw is that the vocals are burried a bit too deep.

JUNE 14, 1997 (2) Chicago, Illinois. Soundboard. Pete with one backing musician and a visit from Eddie Veddar. Fairly down to earth our Chairman.

AUGUST 15, 1998 (2) Bethel, New York. Woodstock 98, back at the farm, Pete brings a little band and does his thing. Great soundboard showing all of Pete's skills and charms.

VH! STORYTELLERS.  March 23, 2000. London, UK.  Enjoyable talk and music.   

THE WHO.  MARCH 4, 2022 (2). London, England.   Sweet later career soundboard.