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THE DECCA TAPES: THE DEFINITIVE EDITION...PITCH CORRECTED AT LAST. Another version of the famed audition for Decca consisting of all covers

FROM LIVERPOOL TO HAMBURG (2) Set of early recordings from 1960 - 1963.

THE COMPLETE BBC SESSIONS (10) This is an exhaustive collection of Beatles performances and related stuff from numerous BBC appearances. The early stuff is of the lowest quality but improves greatly. The vast majority in perfect sound. Features numerous in studio appearances, intro's and revelry. It's really quite amazing stuff.

THE LOST ALBUM (8) Best description comes from the artwork. "The Lost album was born from the idea of gathering fo rate first time all the Beatles increased compositions, perfumed by themselves and cover versions. "

RADIO-ACTIVE. VOLUMES 1-6. Remastered Edition (6) Another mighty collection of the BBC appearances. Lots of glib studio chat and great music.

MIXOMATOSIS.  As note on the label art, a new collection of previously unheard mixes and isolation.  Okay if you say so.  Career spanning.

SPICY BEATLE SONGS. Okay souvenier - best remembered for the William Stout cover art sort of in the R Crumb like tradition. A mish mash of BBC stuff and others, fun I guess.

SUNDAY NIGHT AT THE LONDON PALLADIUM. October 13, 1963, London. Short show from these manic boys.

SWEDISH RADIO SHOW. October 24, 1963. Perfect sound.

THE BEATLES CONQUER AMERICA (2) February - June, 1964.  68, Tracks including Ed Sullivan, February 1, 1964 Washington Show, the April 26, 1964 Wembley show, June 4, 1964 Copenhagen show, And the Around The Beatles show on April 28, 1964. 

BAGGY SWEEGIN' USA. February 11, 1964, Washington, DC. Consists of the DC show and then numerous interview clips, promos, tidbits etc from Beatlemania. A hoot.

PARIS/WEMBLY 1963. January 14, 1964 in Paris and April 26, 1964 in Wembley. Soundboards.

300,000 BEATLE FANS CAN'T BE WRONG. June 12, 1964, Adelaide, Australia and some bonus tracks from Melbourne a few days later. Soundboard along with interviews with the band - including the substitute drummer for Ringo on this tour. Great stuff.

ALL THE BEST FROM AUSTRALIA. (2) June 17, 1964 Both Shows in soundboard. It's the Beatles, yeah, yeah, yeah.

BLACKPOOL NIGHT. July 7, 1964. 5 tunes - soundboard.

JIMMY NICOL AND THE BEATLES. My version has 23 of the 29 tracks listed of this odd collection of scratchy and sketchy recordings from the European swing with Jimmy Nicol subbing in for Ringo who was ill. A little piece of forgotten Beatle History, look it up.

AUGUST 22, 1964. Vancouver, Washington. Terrific stuff with plenty of crowd mayhem. Nugget.

LIVE AT THE HOLLYWOOD BOWL 23RD OF AUGUST 1964. Hollywood, California. Fun stuff, hysterical stage intro for the fabs.

SEPTEMBER 2, 1964. Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Soundboard. Sweet little take of the mop tops

SEPTEMBER 3, 1964.  Indianapolis, Indiana.  Now the lads are off to the midwest.  Nice little radio show. 

DE BIETELS. An odd bootleg, a collection of press conferences, interviews et al during a Danish visit of our boys, Ringo was ill so they had that Jimmy guy in tow to play drums. Some music too.

SILVER LINING. Eclectic mix of interview clips and a couple of rare broadcast performances.

THE ULTIMATE LIVE COLLECTION V. September 3, 1964 (Afternoon Show) Indianpolis State Fair. Smashing performance - certainly an amazing sounding show. And so early in. The singing is great, the energy is infectious.

ULTIMATE LIVE MASTERS. Contains excellent stuff from the October 24, 1963 Stockholm show, December 7, 1963 Liverpool and January 19, 1964 Paris show. Amazing.

THE ED SULLIVAN SHOWS. In case you didn't know they performance over 20 songs over a handful of appearances on Ed Sullivan. All here.

PLAZA DE TOROS DE LAS VENTAS. July 2,1965. Madrid Spain. Pretty good sounding show especially considering it's vintage. This is at the Bull Fighting Ring in Madrid - I've seen it man.

LIVE IN PARIS 1965. August 1,1965 Afternoon and Late shows. Terrific sounding shows and the young lads kicking it up.

PIECE DE RESISTANCE. August 18, 1965. Atlanta, Georgia. Great soundboard show. Some goofy stage chat and sloppy playing, but lots of fun.

ACETATES. 14 Fine alt versions. Tasty treat.

FROM US TO YOU (2) Fun collection of BBC performances - a bunch of R&B covers and the like.

ANOTHER SESSIONS...PLUS. Solid collection - Shot gun chronologically running from 62's "Besame Mucho" to 1982's mono edit of "One after 909."

EVERY LITTLE THING (2) Invaluable set. Essential. Contains Beatles For Sale sesions, the complete album in Stereo, alt mixes, outtakes.

THE COMPLETE CHRISTMAS COLLECTION. The fabs are a mighty silly bunch as evidenced by their annual Christmas messages to their fan club.

STARS OF '63. October 24, 1963. Stockholm, Sweden. Extraordinary sound quality - hard to believe this was recorded over 40 years ago. Wow.

HARD DAYS & NIGHTS (2) An encyclopedic offering of Hard Days Night related material; outtakes, demo's, German versions, chat, excellent set.

AUSTRALIAN TOUR 1964 (2) A neato piece of history. The center is the Afternoon & evening June 17, 1964 shows in perfect soundboard quality. Includes interviews, news broadcasts and the opening act sets for the shows.

SHEA 1965. I assume taken from the filmed release. Perfect sound.

AUGUST 19, 1965 (2) Houston, Texas. The identical afternoon and evening sets are fab soundboarders. Great MC intros' mayhem ensues.

THE ALTERNATE RUBBER SOUL.  Delightful set of stuff.

THE ALTERNATE BEATLES FOR SALE (2) Enjoyable set of outtakes, alt versions and live tracks.

SOUL SESSIONS (2) All sorts of studio outtakes, fits and starts from the Rubber Soul era.

selections from REVOLVING. After trade I subsequently figured out, that this is a one disc highlights version of the 2 disc boot, Revolving.

PURPLE CHICK REVOLVER (2) A fan's take on the great album. Well done, son.

MIXOMATOSIS. VOLUME 2. "A Further collection of previously unheard mixes and isolations.

SONGS FROM THE PAST. REMASTERED. VOLUMES 1-5 (5) Terrific set of outtakes mixing chat, covers, snippits et al. Good stuff.

UNFORGETTABLE. Remastered Edition. An odd offering. The first 17 tracks are essentially nonsense, laughter, strange skits, studio chat and then the next 17 tracks are various outtakes, and alt mixes

ARRIVE WITHOUT AGING. Nice Vigotone set, more wonderous stuff sitting on my bookshelf. Highlight: A John home demo of "Strawberry Fields," assorted George Martin commentary, a strange tape from India 1969 with the Beatles & Donovan singing snippets of songs like "Blowin in the wind," "Jingle Bells," "You are My sunshine" and "Hare Chrishna."

SOMETHING EXTRA. A mish mash of outtakes as well as a couple of live cuts from BBC radio in 1963.

FIVE NIGHTS IN A JUDO ARENA. June 30, 1966, Budakan Hall, Tokyo, Japan. Easy to declare that this is one of the very best Beatles live boots. Just a great live show. Awesome.

THE LAST HARD DAY'S NIGHT. Candlestick Park, August 29, 1966. San Francisco. It's the Beatles, Scream!

THE LOST PEPPERLAND REEL. A bunch of Yellow submarine stuff and other assorted goodies.

ALTERNATIVE SGT. PEPPER'S - 25TH ANNIVERSARY TV SPECIAL. The audio of one of those documentary shows featuring interviews with the Beatles and George Martin on the making and recording of the Psychodelic classic.

THE BIGGER THE LOVE. THE GREATER THE HATE. More Sgt Pepper stuff - various cuts, clips, takes et al.

1968 DEMOS. Some of the demos for the White Album. Hear why they really were a studio band.

WHITOLOGY. Amazing collection. Just love the accoustic demo's of "Piggies" and "Glass Onion."

FROM KINFAUNS TO CHAOS. (2) More White Album stuff -- early version of "Jealous Guy" titled "Child of Nature. Second disc is 19 tracks of Chaos: Chatter, meanderings, jams and various takes of "Revolution #1.

THE ESHER DEMOS (2) Basically the same as the above, but a different version than above.

ed alternate version of the long medley. Partial artwork.

A DAY IN THE LIFE. Starts with nine takes of title track - a bit of an overload for these ears.

THE COMPLETE 2CD ROOFTOP CONCERT. (2). Somewhat unlistenable with all sorts of snippets of discussion, among the crewmen etc. Not sure how frequently I'll be listening to this, but a neat one to own.

THE UNSURPASSED MASTERS. VOLUMES 1-7. (7) Considered to be the gold standard of Beatles outtakes.

ULTRA RARE TRAX. VOLUMES 1-6 (6) Individually packaged with commentary on each track, some phenomal music throughout.

12 BAR ORIGINAL. 23 instrumental tracks - no vocals.

GONE TOMORROW, HERE TODAY. 14 of the 21 tracks are outtakes & run thru's of "Blackbird."

ARTIFACTS. (5). Again individually packaged, chronologically, a treasure trove of rarities.

GET BACK. This was traded to me as the Glyn Final Compilation but it doesn't match the artwork. Who Knows?

TRANSCENDING TIME. Rooftop Performances and then some Glyn John's First Master Tape Compilation of the "Get Back" album. Oh, man it's so freakin' good.

KUM BACK (2)  Two discuss of outtakes, false starts and the like.

ACOUSTIC SUBMARINE (2) Great collection of stuff, cross mid to late era. Lots of gems.

UNTOUCHED: REVISION A. 22 upgraded Glyn John Get Back/Abbey Road material. Super.

THE ALTERNATE LET IT BE. 26 terrific tracks pretty much all from Twickendum.

TURN ME ON, DEAD MAN: AUDIO CLUES FROM THE PAUL MCCARTNEY DEATH HOAX. Strange grouping of clips and snippets of songs with those clues of Paul's untimely death.

TUNED TO A NATURAL E. VOLUMES 1-3 (3) Clever output from the Beatles Remixers Group. Taking released, unreleased material and stirring it all up. These lads have bit too much time on their hands though the outcome is well...cool.

THE STEREO WALK. Another odds and sods collection with various outtakes, interviews, acceptance speeches and stuff.

SDRAWKCAB! That's backwards. 23 songs run backwards more listenable that I thought.

MOGGLY RITA. A very nice set of 24 outtakes and alt takes. Enjoyable listen.

...INTRODUCING MARTH. Various outtakes, hey it's the Fucking Beatles.

THE BEATLES PLAY (WITH) DYLAN. VOLUME 1 -3 These are very cleverly compiled individual discs that cover the relationship between the icons. Lots of interviews clips and songs along with demos etc. Essential.

WORKING ON A GURU. Yet a 4th disc on the Dylan-Beatle connection Some overlap with the others above

THE WHITE ALBUM. DISCUSSED ON NPR. 2008. A one hour NPR show, a discussion on the White album.

PRIMAL COLOURS. 1968 Unreleased acetate collection.

WBCN GET BACK REFERENCE ACETATES. Broadcast September 22 1969.. The great passed radio station got a tape of the album and played it. A nostalgia piece when radio stations existed.

BEST BOOTLEG. Outstanding collected material on a single disc. Alot of good stuff on itl

SIR GEORGE MARTIN. THE RECORD PRODUCERS. (2) BBC Radio 6 Broadcast. September 5, 2009. Good stuff, SIr George Interview with various clips and rare music. I tacked on an NPR Podcast on the Beatles Box Set remasters.

THE MAKING OF LET IT BE...NAKED. WCBS FM BROADCAST. November 13, 2003. Nice little radio show with interviews with living Beatles on the project.

TWELVE DAYS AT TWICKENHAM (18) Yup. It's the complete sessions Everything is broken down by reel. Yikes.


********** solo material ********


THE DAVID FROST SHOW. November 24, 1971. Talk show appearance, chatting about his life, Beatles, Bangladesh concert et al. David Bromberg was a guest as well as he and George had written a song together which David performs.

BEWARE OF ABKCO. These are studio demos for the All Things Must Pass album. Mostly acoustic, with an occasional aside to an engineer/producer before George goes into the song. Sweet singing Beatle, many feel the best solo disc from the Fabs.

ALL THINGS MUST PASS DEMOS. About an hour of Demo's, acoustic demos, alt takes.

12 ARNOLD GROVE. Collections of odds and odd from George.

FAR EAST MAN. 19 collected tracks from here and there, live stuff, radio stuff, cool stuff, mostly good stuff.

LIVING IN THE ALTERNATE WORLD. Various outtakes and alt mixes from the afore mentioned solo album which I remember buying as a young lad.

THE CONCERT FOR BANGLADESH - APPLE ACETATE. It's really mostly Dylan's set with 2 George songs and then a low fidelity George interview.

LIVE LONG BEACH ARENA 1974. October 10, 1974. Sounds like a mono audience taping, but I still enjoyed it.

LOS ANGELES GREAT WESTERN FORUM. NOVEMBER 12, 1974, LA, CA. Soundboard. I listened to this show and then the Baton Rouge Show right after each other. On this I'll just comment, WTF do you get Ravi Shankar on this one, ugh.

BATON ROUTE 1974. November 26, 1974 (2) Baton Route, Louisiana. First off, George has lost his voice and it's a messy jumble of a tour with Ravi Shankar, Billy Preston and a cast of a thousand. With that said, I think it's a noble failure. He was going with something, it just didn't always work. The sound of the band assembled isn't so bad, it's that he's wasn't really a capable frontman and knew it.

4TH NIGHT REVISITED. DECEMBER 5, 1991 (2) Nagoya, Japan. With a couple of bonus tracks from 5 nights later. Not a perfect recording but captures the gig. Eric Clapton is in the band and he plays a couple as well. You get the George Beatles and solo hits, it's enjoyable but certainly not a revelation.

LIVE AT THE OSAKA CASTLE HALL(2), December 10-12, 1991. The George/Eric tour captured decently, Eh.

IN THE STUDIO - LIVE IN JAPAN. This is a 2 part radio show with Red Beard promoting his Live in Japan album. Interesting interview with George talking about the tour at the behest of Clapton and his reluctance to do much of anything. To me, I hear a surprising lack of musical confidence from the quiet Beatle. There is 2 schools for George: The underappreciated writer of "Something," "Here Comes the Sun," "Guitar Weeps" and versus the overmatched lucky guitar player. I think he's both.

CONCERT FOR GEORGE. November 29, 2002. A good audience recording that requires the ears to adjust a little though it seemed to fade and get a little inferior on the last couple of tracks. You do get Ringo + Paul + Eric + Lynde + Petty + Preston + even Michael Palin.

GEORGE HARRISON TRIBUTE. IF NOT FOR YOU. CARING COMMUNITY FOUNDATION BENEFIT. February 26, 2011. Carrboro, North Carolina. Nice little show with some nice takes. I didn't know or even heard of most of the musicians - locals - except for Peter Holsapple, I think.

OHNOTHINGMAGEN (2) Nice little compilation from the quiet one.

ANTHOLOGY (2)  Nice career spanning collection.   Lots of good stuff.


THE LOST HOME TAPES 1965-1969 (2) A hodgepodge of song snippets, tones, instrumentals and silliness.

JANN WENNER 1970 Interview. Wow, the famed interview finally released via Rolling Stone Podcast.

MOTHER. Various studio outtakes. Imperfect messy sounds, but still pretty good.

OUT OF THE BLUE. Nice set of studio outtakes and alt releases. Enjoyable.

LISTEN TO THIS (2) A generous selection of outtakes and rehearsals from 1973-1974.

THE DIRTY MAC SESSIONS. These are rehearsals for the one off band for the Stones' Rock and Roll Circus. Besides John, you get Keith Richards, Mitch Mitchell, Eric Clapton and a screaming, whirling Yoko.

COME ON, LISTEN TO THIS (2) About 50% of these two discs are multiple takes of "Whatever Gets You Through The Night." The other stuff is quite good.

JOHN LENNON/PLASTIC ONO BAND. LOVE. These are 18 studio takes of the song with plenty of studio chat. If you like this sort of thing, it's rather good.

HUSHED BELLS OVER. Nice collection of outtakes and alt takes.

A GUITAR'S ALL RIGHT JOHN.   Various tracks including the Elton John MSG Show and other stuff.  

IMAGINE - ALL THE OUTTAKES. (3) Cripes, that's 3 discs worth, I mean 6 version of the title track. A bit more than I need, but you do get alot of neat stuff and plenty of studio chatter as well.

THE DREAM IS OVER PEG BOY. Demo's, outtakes & alternate takes from the dead Beatle. Has an unreleased medly of rock tunes that are kind of cool.

PLASTIC ONO BAND 1968-1970 (4) Generous collection of alt takes, mixes, demos etc. Awesome.

1971 ST REGIS HOTEL & HOTEL SYRACUSE. September 1971 & October 9, 1971. The first is Lennon just playing and singing into a casette with Yoko in the background. The Hotel Syracuse is a party with Ringo singing "Yellow Submarine" and untold others singing and clapping along. Talk about fly on the wall stuff.

JOHN LENNON TELECAST. SEPTEMBER 4, 1972. Jerry Lewis MDA Telethon. 3 song set from fundraiser along with Yoko. Doing the John thing for Jerry's kids.

ACOUSTIC MASTERPIECES. 25 Tunes collected, alot of nice stuff.

LOOK AT ME.  Odds and ends collections of outtakes and things.

JOHN AND PAUL. A TOOT AND A SNORT. Think of this band: Stevie Wonder on piano, Harry Nilson on background vocals, Jesse Ed Davis, Bobby Keyes, May Pang. Sound good, it's not. You do get quite a bit of studio chat, Lennon complaining about the equipment and offering a toot and a snort...

1974 L.A. JAM SESSIONS (2) Not easy to listen, but here it all is.


ONE TO ONE CONCERT REHEARSAL & KBFH EXCERPTS. Fun little set as there is really isn't very much in terms of live material et al for this Beatle.

THE ALTERNATE ROCK "N ROLL. Nice little alt version of the near the well rock roots missive.

THE ALTERNATE IMAGINE. An excellent stab at the mighty album. I would argue, he had the best recorded output of the fabs post Beatles.

THE ALTERNATE SHAVED FISH. This is an outtakes version of his first greatest hits album.

THE ALTERNATE MIND GAMES. Another outtakes collection.

THE ALTERNATE SOME TIME IN NEW YORK CITY. Another mish mash of stuff, good and bad. Odd and Odder.

THE ALTERNATIVE DOUBLE FANTASY (2). Quite an impressive set including demos and studio sessions. I found it revelatory and think the released record is Lennon's third best after Plastic Ono and Imagine.

BORROWED TIME: BEST OF THE LOST LENNON TAPES. VOLUME ONE. A bunch of career spanning outtakes.


THE SOUNDCHECK SONGS (4) Thoroughly enjoyable - I assume that some of this is rehearsals as the performances are just too clean and precise to be purely soundchecks. A few funny one off types of things, but mostly very good sounding, fully actualized performances.

PAUL MCCARTNEY/THE WINGS. WINGS OVER LOS ANGELES. June 22 & 23, 1976, Los Angeles, California. If you want to pinpoint the end of his songwriting creativity it's covered right here when Paul introduces his new single "Silly Love Songs" This is a subpar,though remastered,soundboard show. A bit too much wings and not enuf Beatles.

PAUL MCCARTNEY & WINGS. LAST FLIGHT: THE COMPLETE 1979 GLASGOW CONCERT. Soundboard - a lttle too much Wings material, man.

PAUL MCCARTNEY & THE WINGS. THE COMPETE 1990 GLASGOW CONCERT. Superb soundboard recording - a bit Wings heavy for my tastes, but still some nice performances.

BACK TO THE BIG EGG. (2) March 7, 1990, Tokyo. Fab soundboard from Macca and a great performance to boot. My version has 2 discs though the art lists a 3rd containing bonus tracks.

BERKELEY CONCERT 1990 (2) April 1, 1990. Berkeley, California. Terrific show another great soundboard.

DELIVERANCE (2). APRIL 4, 1990, Phoenix, AZ soundchecka nd show as well as some stuff from March 31 show at Berkeley.

RIO 1990 (6) Mamoth set from Paul's visit April 20 & 21, 1990. More than I need.

THE KNEBWORTH CONCERT (2) June 30, 1990. Fine sound boarder. Rock on, Paul.

RFK STADIUM. JULY 4, 1990 (2) Washington, DC. Jeez another very good soundboard - hey Macca - what the hell. What kind of security are you runnin'. Good stuff always from the cute one.

JULY 24, 1990 (2) Foxboro, Mass. An enjoyable, incomplete soundboard recording.

UNPLUGGED. 1991. From MTV? Not sure, regardless this is good stuff. Varied setlist from "Blue Moon of Kentucky" and "San Francisco Bay Blues" to Beatles stuff. Clearly inspired.

LOOKING FOR CHANGES. December 10, 1992. Live at the Ed Sullivan Show. It's some kind of MTV show again, very enjoyable.

THE NEW WORLD TOUR (2) June 15, 1993, Charlotte, North Carolina. Soundboard recording of a very good show, maybe a tad slick.

PAUL MCCARTNEY, ELVIS COSTELLO & FRIENDS. A ROYAL PERFOMANCE. This is a fundraiser for the Royal Academy of Arts which Macca basically hosts. A bunch of classical musicians perform along as well as backing Paul on a couple of cool Beatles tunes. Excellent sound and even Prince Charles takes to the mic for a couple of words.

FOR FREEDOM, PEACE AND HER MAJESTRY. Sweet Collection, includes the Concert for New York City (10/20/1), Oslo Concert for Peace (12/11/1), London Jubilee Concert (6/3/2) and then a 12/10/01 Interview in Oslo.

LIVE VIDEO. From Paul's last tour, camcorder. Don't have source info and don't ask me to copy.

SLEEVE ROLLING (2) April 4, 2002, Washington, DC Another strong sound boarder - the odd title referencing an offhand stage comment. Anyway, quite enjoyable but a few misses in their too.

OCTOBER 25, 2002 (3) While simply an acceptable recording, this is a real charmer. First off, its three discs of largely the material YOU would want to hear if you went to a Paul McCartney concert. He's in great spirits, sounds great and is having fun

NOVEMBER 2, 2002. Mexico City, Mexico. Super show, Paul!! Hey he's a rock god and don't forget it. Absolutely fantastic show. Love.

SAN PETERSBURG SOUNDBOARD. June 20, 2004. St. Petersburg, Russia. Awesome recording, no make that epic. I wish commercial recordings sounded as good. Great. Wow. Crowd chants "We Love You" throughout.

LIVE IN DES MOINES (2) October 27, 2005. Des Moines, Iowa. Soundboard. Great stuff

OCTOBER 25, 2007 (2) London. I gotta tell ya, this is really good. He still can sing. I even liked some of the tunes I didn't know. Exceded my expectations.

JULY 20, 2008 (3) Superb offering - from a TV broadcast - this is high quality stuff!!!

AUGUST 5, 2009 (2) Fenway Park, Boston. An okay taping, but one of the most memorable shows I have personally EVER attended.

AUGUST 6, 2009 (2) Fenway Park, Boston Mass. Good recording - not perfect but frankly sounds better here than it did for me when I attended the previous night's show. I love Paul McCartney. Love him!

IN PERFORMANCE AT THE WHITE HOUSE. June 2, 2010, Washington, DC. So Paul get the Gershwin Prize at the White House. It' a tribute show with Stevie Wonder, Jack White, Elvis Costello, Emmylou, Jerry Seinfeld etc doing the tribute thing along with Obama and then Paul does a couple too. Perfect sound.

HYDE PARK 2010 (2) June 27, 2010. Nice little 16 song show - skip "My Love" and "Let 'em In" and its a blast blast blast.

UP AND COMING TOUR 2010 (2) November 10, 2010. Buenos Aires. Soundboard. What is more entertaining that a generous Paul McCartney show? Not much.

APOLLO. (2) December 13, 2010. Sirius radio broadcast from the Apollo Theater in Harlem in New York City. I would have loved an unedited version, but this is great stuff. There's an equipment failure that Paul has some fun with. A warm, lively performance.

MAY 8, 2002 (3) Minneapolis, Minnestora. Radio broadcast. Always good.

IN PERFORMANCE AT THE WHITE HOUSE.   JUNE 2, 2010,  Washington, DC.  Receiving the Gershwin Award from President Obama.   With performances from Stevie Wonder, Elvis Costello, Jack White and others.  Perfect sound and a fun gig.  

I HEART RADIO MUSIC FESTIVAL 2013. September 22, 2013, Las Vegas. Nice 9 song set. Soundboard.

JIMMY KIMMEL LIVE. September 23, 2013, Hollywood, California. 15 song set. Soundboard. Sensational.

LIVE AT FRANK SINATRA SCHOOL OF ARTS. October 9, 2013. Astoria, Queens. Webcast Broadcast. Paul stops in to a performing arts school, performs a couple and takes questions from the students. Charming.

LIVE AT ALLIANZ (2) Sao Paulo, Brazil. November 25, 2014. Soundboard. Incredible show. Love.

OUT THERE JAPAN TOUR (3). April 27, 2015.  Tokyo, Japan.   Soundboard including soundcheck. 

LOLLAPALOOZA 2015 (2) July 31, 2015. Chicago, Illinois. Kick ass show. A wonder.

APRIL 30, 2017 (2) Tokyo, Japan. Warm performance, albeit Paul not his best vocal night. Soundboard.

ONE ON ONE MSG NYC NY (3) September 15, 2017. New York City. Wondrous soundboard with Bruce Springsteen stopping by at the end of the night.

NEW YORK CITY 2018. (2) Grand Central Station Gig, New York City. Great idea. Love the dude, but he is vocally dropping.

AUSTIN CITY LIMITS (2) October 5, 2018.  Austin, Texas.  Paul doing the Paul thing.  Soundboard.

FRESHEN UP. November 1, 2018 (3) Tokyo, Japan. Great sounding show.

NOVEMBER 5, 2018 (3) Tokyo, Japan. The show and soundcheck. imperfect but thoroughly enjoyable.

FRESHEN UP GLASGOW (4) December 14, 2018 Glasgow, Scotland. Nice sounding show including soundcheck.

DECEMBER 18, 2018 (3) London. Keep going brother. Delightful stuff.

JUNE 8, 2022 (3) Fenway Park, Boston, Massachusetts.  I don't go for audience tapings these days except I attended this one. 

GLASTONBURY FESTIVAL (3). June 25, 2022, Pilton.   Every Paul show is a special event, but you can feel the specialness of this one.   Bruce Springsteen & Dave Grohl join in the celebration.  


(2) Holmdel, New Jersey. You have in the band: Mark Farner, Randy Bachman Billy Preston, John Entwistle, Felix Cavliere. Rock 'n roll is supposed to be fun, last time I checked.

MAY 28, 1997 (2) Newark, Delaware. Fun. Peter Frampton in the band, what's cooler than that.

LIVE IN MOSCOW (2) August 28, 1998. Soundboard. Great show with Frampton, Jack Bruce, Gary Brooker in tow. Fun.

JULY 19, 2006 (2) Boston, Mass. First tune clipped, but shit he's a Beatle. A mediocre audience taping which has it's ups and downs. You get Sheila E, Rod Argent & Edgar Winter in the band - but also Billy Squier and Richard Marx, ugh

70TH BIRTHDAY CELEBRATION (2)  JULY 7, 2010.  Radio City Music Hall, New York City.  Pristine taping with Rick Derringer, Edgar Winter and others in tow. 

JANUARY 14, 2018. New York City, NY. 7 Tunes with Ben Harper in perfect sound.