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David Bowie
All you have to know about me is that I used to be Bowie Freak and now I'm a Dylan Freak

TRANSMISSION IMPOSSIBLE: LEGENDARY RADIO BROADCASTS FROM THE 1970S - 1990'S (3). Career spanning set, it's all there from Ziggy to Tin Machine,

THE DAVID BOWIE STORY (6). June 18, 1983. University Radio York, rockumentary on the Dame at the height of his commercial success. Entertaining show, playing songs from throughout his career and telling the story of the rise and rise of Mr David Bowie.

RAREST ONE BOWIE. Nine - I don't know how rare -tracks - thought its nice to get the original studio version of "All the Young Dudes" - I'm not sure if it was ever commercially released.

NAKED & WIRED. Odds and sods collection everything from Space Oddity Demo to SNL and Johnny Carson show performances.

LOVER TO THE DAWN. Early demos including "Space Oddity."

THE COLLABORATOR (4) Fascinating career spanning collection of shows and performances.

ANGELA BOWIE 2012 INTERVIEW WITH ERIC BLAIR. Pretty interesting interview with the Ex who played a role in the creation of the myth.

RARE + UNUSUAL REMIXES. There's alot of club remixes here with 2 bonus tracks tacked on featuring David Gilmour.

RARE AND WELL DONE. Excellent set of early stuff demos, alt takes etc. Supreme.

BOWIE SINGS BEATLES. 4 covers: Mother, Across the Universe, Working Class Hero & Imagine and then Penny Lane by the Beatles tacked on.

ABSOLUTELY RARE. Not remixes, but various TV appearances and rare stuff. Excellent.

UNPLUGGED.  Career spanning acoustic live collection.

THE REMIXES (2) As the cover indicates: This enigmatic 2-disc promo collection features remixes and forgoten gems; all taken from digital masters.

FAME & FORTUNE. 13 Remixes and a Tin Machine bonus live track thrown in for good measure.

FROM STATION TO STATION: VOLUME ONE TV KILLER STAR and VOLUME TWO ROCKING THE COUCH POTATOES (2) Superb collection of TV performances, plenty of song introductions and stories. Good stuff.

MIRACLE GOODNIGHT. More remixes and oddities.

LIVING FOR YOU. Slick collection of promo tracks, remixes and rare stuff.

RARE + UNRELEASED. "Culled from professional masters, features an amazing collection of recently unearthed music from rock's venerated chamelon."

AT THE MOVIES. Bowie music from various films includes some remixes et al.

DANCING WITH THE BIG BOYS. "Experience even more of the world of David Bowie with this collection of ten familiar yet enigmatic songs; revised, remixed and digitally reconfigured."

KILLER ONE TV STAR. Nice little collection of televised performances.

SECTOR Z. "Experience more of the world of David Bowie with this collection of twelve familiar yet enigmatic songs; revised, remixed and digitally reconfigured."

RARE TRACKS. Nice collection of stuff.

RARE TRACKS. VOLUME TWO. Another set of great sutff, live performances et al.

LIVE PERFORMANCES 1993-2004. Sweet little live collection. All perfect sound.

THE RISE & RISE OF ZIGGY STARDUST (4) Outstanding set of BBC radio performances from the late 60's and early 70's. Takes over from the commercially fine Bowie at Beeb set.

ALTERNATE BIOGRAPHY (2) Must have collection of rare tracks, live tracks, outtakes etc. Highlights include the Italian version of "Space Oddity," the great cover of Springsteen's "It's Hard to Be A Saint in the City," could rave on and on. How about the rehearsal of "Under Pressure" with Queen.

THE ESSENTIAL DAVID BOWIE: BBC RECORDINGS 1967-1972 (3) Masterful collection of performances some I have never heard before. Good stuff.

CHRISTIANE F/BAAL/RARITIES. Really a collection of hard to find of disc material. Contains the Contains the titled material which I have on Vinyl, but not sure if ever released on CD. Nice to get the Bing Crosby "Peace on Earth" duet with the intro dialogue and other rare stuff.

A LETTER TO HERMOINE. Early studio demo's from 1968 along with a threefer lunch performance in 1969.

LIVE BBC '69 WITH JUNIOR'S EYES. 2 Tunes of that raw early Bowie sound.

AYLESBURY FRIARS CLUB. September 25, 1971. Wow. There's not much from this era so I happy to have gotten this one. It's an imperfect audience taping, but the upfront vocal is there. Quite a different front man, chatty, a tad insecure but still you can see that unusual personality shining through. Just does pre Ziggy songs, Hunky Dory stuff, Space Oddity and a few odd covers. Tre cool.

DAVID BOWIE & THE SPIDERS FROM MARS. BOY COULD HE PLAY GUITAR. Excellent sounding material from the early 1970's.

THE AXEMAN COMETH. A Mick Ronson oriented disc featuring 8 demo's/altnerative takes from Hunky Dory and an assortment of other collaborate efforts. Love it.

THE SHADOW MAN. Six studio outtakes from the early 70's. Been suggested on the web that these were either Hunky Dory/Ziggy outtakes or an abandoned album during the 70's.

THE LOST BEEB TAPES. Nice collected performances of early Bowie performances from 1967 through 1971 all in crisp sound.

MISSING LINKS ONE ZIGGY. These are various outtakes, demos etc from 1970-1973. Very interesting and very enjoyable, dare I say valuable in our understanding and love of this artist.

STARMAN IN SESSIONS. BBC Performances. Great sounding stuff.

TIME MAY SAVE ME (6) Box set: May 7, 1972 (Hemel Hempstead Pavillion), November 25, 1972 (Cleveland), Mach 10, 1973 (Long Beach), April 19, 1973 ( Tokyo), July 16, 1974 (Boston), November 15, 1974 (Boston). All sub par audience recordings

DRIVE IN SATURDAY. Pirates world, Dania, Florida 1972. Horrible, unlistenable recording.

ZIGGY AT THE RAINBOW. August 20, 1972. In terms of taping, no the greatest vintage but you gotta take the Ziggy shows as you can find them.

OCTOBER 1, 1972 (2) Boston, Massachusetts. A shitty recording, but I wanted this hometown boot for its location and vintage.

VA VA VOOM. November 25, 1972 Cleveland, Ohio. Nice messy show.

DOLL ARSE IN DRAG/DOLLARS IN DRAG. A jumble of the 1980 floor show. Rehearsal and other extraneous clips.

HAVING A GOOD TIME. Studio sessions from 1973 with Bowie at the Helm producing The Astonettes contributing vocals and more. It's not half bad, somehow reminds me of Meatloaf (and I mean that in a good way).

THE LEGENDARY LOST TAPES. Has 7 tracks from a May 1972 studio session with Mott The Hoople & Lou Reed and then the January 5, 1973 Glasgow show with the Spiders from Mars.

NEW YORK 1973. February 15, 1973. Radio City Music Hall, New York City. A shitty recording, but hey it's vintage.

THE ZIGGY STARDUST JAPAN TOUR. April 10, 1973, Tokyo, Japan. Acceptable recording, a bit flushed but still captures the gig.

ZIGGY GOES EAST. April 11, 1973, Tokyo. The next night and it's a pretty crappy recording - barely listenable

SUICIDE ATTACK. April 20, 1973, Tokyo Another shaky recording of the Ziggy show.

BRIGHTON ROCK. May 23, 1973. Unlistenable.

BLACK COUNTRY ROCK. June 22, 1973. Birmingham. Again an unlistenable one. Hmm.

THE FALL OF ZIGGY STARDUST AND THE SPIDERS FROM MARS (2) July 3, 1973, London. Here it is the complete final performance form Stern to Bow. Perhaps the essential Bowie Boot.

DOLL ARSE IN DRAG: THE 1980 FLOORSHOW COLLECTION. OCTOBER 18, 19, 20 1973 at the Marque Club, London. This is an odd collection of rehearsals and outtakes.

THE ALTERNATE RISE AND FALL OF ZIGGY STARDUST AND THE SPIDERS FROM MARS (2) Very clever collection of outtakes, fan remixes (I think) and live stuff.

STRANGE FASCINATION. (2). September 5, 1974. LA. Real fine set from the Diamond Dogs tour.

1974 (2) October 4, 1974, Madison, Wisconson along with 15 bonus tracks from July 2, 1974 show in Tampa, Florida. While my ears adjusted to the sound quality the longer I listened, can't recommend.

INFECTED WITH SOUL LOVE (2) October 28, 1974 at Radio City Music Hall in New York City. Shame that sound quality doesn't match the incredible setlist. Hauling out some incredible covers - Love Train - Wow!! - but the disc just doesn't do this show justic. Bowie at his funky high water mark.

THE STAR MACHINE IS COMING DOWN. November 15, 1974, Boston Music Hall, Boston, Massachusetts. You gotta take these '74 shows whenever you can get them. It's a cleaned up audience taping, but I'm able to adjust. Love the snippet of "Love Me Do" thrown in. Fun.

NOVEMBER 18,1974. Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Dreary taping.

THE YOUNG AMERICAN SESSIONS. A fan collected set of outtakes and alt takes on that mighty session. Never heard this stuff before.


ONE MAGICAL MOMENT (2) February 26, 1976. Poor sounding recording.

NEOEXPRESSIONISM (2) February 28, 1976, Cleveland, Ohio. Substandard taping.

MARCH 16, 1976 (2) Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.  A dog of a recording. 

STATION TO NORTH STATION (2) March 17, 1976, Boston, Mass. Crappy recording. BTW, the "North Station" reference is that the venue, Boston Garden, is located at the North Station Public transportation stop.

IN MY OWN LIGHT (2)  Rochester, New York.  Another misfire, but its on the list. 

STATION TO SPRINGFIELD (2)  MARCH 21, 1976.  Springfield, Massachusetts.  Another unsatisfying show. 

MARCH 23, 1976. Uniondale, NY. Not the best fidleity, but still delivers the goods. Single disc, not complete show.

APRIL 17, 1976 (2) Zurich, Switzerland. Another shitty recording from the leg. Sludge.

THE WEMBLEY WIZARD TOUCHES THE DIAL. May 7, 1976, London. Clearly scrubbed and tweaked, not what I was hoping for, it's a barely passable recording.

ROTTERDAM 1976 (2) May 13, 1976. Rotterdam, Netherlands. Terrific sounding show.

GOTTA GET IT RIGHT. September 1977. Bowie and Bolan. Recorded for rehearsals for the "Marc" TV Show.

WHITE LIGHT 1978 (2) April 11, 1978 (Baton Rouge) and July 1, 1978 (London) Fantastic sounding show and I think one of the Dame's most successful conceptually. Love!

APRIL 20, 1978 (2) Detroit, Michigan. More than passable taping. Bowie is a bit talkative as a Front man on this night.

DAVID BOWIE FORUM STAGE: THE LOST AND FOUND MIKE THE MICROPHONE TAPES VOLUME 16 (2) April 4, 1978. Los Angeles, California. More than acceptable audience recording.

APRIL 21, 1978 (2) Detroit, Michigan. The next night and another enjoyable show. I do love this Bowie tour.

LIVE IN ESSEN. May 16, 1978 (2) Essen, Germany. Meh.

LIVE IN COLOGNE (2) May 19, 1978 Cologne, Germany. Decent, washed taping,

WE CAN BE HEROES (2) May 22, 1978, Vienna. Super show, lotsa fun. The recording seemed to get worse as the night progressed - usually it seems the other way around.

MAY 27, 1978 (2) Marseilles, France. A nice better than passable audience taping of the mighty tour. A song or two gets clipped including "Rebel Rebel"

MUSIKLADEN ON STAGE. May 30, 1978, Bremin, West Germany. Pretty nice little 10 song boot.

ANOTHER STAGE (2). June 4, 1978. Good audience recording of the tour, I prefer the commerically released product frankly - though it's nice to get the complete show in proper order.

ISOTAR II (2) JUNE 12, 1978, Osaka, Japan. Subpar taping, Not worthy.

EARLS COURT LONDON. (2) June 29, 1978, London, England. Not a very good recording, I'd call it passable.

ISOLAR II IN THE COURT. (2) JULY 1, 1978, London. Superb '78 show, love the arc of the set, the performance and the feel.

BATON ROUGE (2) November 4, 1978, Baton Rouge, Louisiana. Very good recording - maybe a well scrubbed audience taping. The funky tracks seem to sound a little less clear than the others, maybe the bass distorts. This is far out, fantastic overall.

SENSE OF ADELAIDE (2) November 11, 1978. A noisy, crowd filled audience taping, but the music busts through the clapping and crowd singing. It is what it is.

NOVEMBER 24, 1978 (2) Sydney, Australia. Pretty good audience recording from down under.

OSAKA SECOND NIGHT (2) December 7, 1978, Osaka, Japan. Solid enough run through for this xeroxed set list tour.

BEAUTY (2) December 11, 1978. Another good show and run through, solid audience recording.

WILD MUTATION. December 12, 1978. Terrific, amazing single disc. Superb sound.

JUNE 6, 1979 (2) Gothenburg, Sweden. A washed out soundboard, sounds like it's been remastered a bit too much and, I think, sourced off vinyl. Less than perfect, but oh what
a time.

ALARM. A shabby disc of material you'd expect to sound better. Lots of TV appearances (SNL, Tonight Show) that you'd just expect better quality. A bunch of duets with Iggy as well in mediocre sound.

VAMPIRES OF THE HUMAN FLESH. Outtakes and demos for the Scary Monsters record.

MONSTERS TO ASHES. Nice set of outtakes with a couple of era live things and appearances. Dig.

FRESH FROM DIVORCE: THE SCARY MONSTERS CHRONICLES Nice collection of Scary Monster outtakes and various and sundry era TV performances.

DAVID BOWIE & STEVIE RAY VAUGHAN. COMPLETE DALLAS REHEARSALS. VOLUME 1 & 2. April 27, 1983. Individually packaged sets featuring Stevie Ray in Bowie's band before he quit over pay. Seems Bowie wanted to pay him scale or so I have read. Anyway, terrific sound quality and performance.

SERIOUS MOONLIGHT. (2) Montreal, 1983. The Thin White Duke is in fine voice on this soundboard boot. While the band, at times, is a bit too big, this is a great show with a superb setlist. Bowie is God.

MAY 24, 1983 (2) Lyon, France. The best that I can say is that it does cross into an acceptable recording.

LIVE IN BRUSSEL (2) May 19, 1983. Acceptable and tinny, but I was able to adjust and enjoy.

NOTHIN' BUT A STAR (2) May 20, 1983. Standard taping and show, no better or worse.

MERCI BEAUCOUP (2) May 27, 1983. Frejus, France. Suitable show, nice enough.

COOL MILLION (2) May 30, 1983, US Festival, San Bernadino, California. This is Bowie's US Festival the short lived brainstorm of Steve Wozniak the co-founder of Apple. Title reflect's the man's fee.

WEMBLEY 3.6.83 June 3, 1983. A well played single disc. Audience taping.

BOCHUM STADION (2) June 15, 1983. It's a sturdy taping, a little muffled but still pretty good. Just sit back and enjoy.

BAD SEGEBERG '83 (2) June 18, 1983. A cut above other tour shows in sound quality. Missing "White Light." but otherwise resplendent.

JUNE 30, 1983 (2) London, England. Very good recording, one of the better of tour.

JULY 1, 1983 (2) Milton Keyes,England. A pretty good washed out recording. On a couple of tracks towards the end of the show the vocals sounded speeded up (tape flaw).

MILTON KEYES BOWL (2) July 2, 1983. An okay taping, still enjoyable.

DEDICATED TO LEONARD HOLT (3) July 3, 1983. Milton Keyes, England. Enjoyable romp, you get a funny stage rap when someone threw a key on stage.

SERIOUS MOONLIGHT (2) JULY 12, 1983. Montreal. First night. Good stuff.

MONTREAL FORUM 1983. (2) July 13, 1983. Montreal, Canada. FM Radio broadcast. Outstanding stuff. Though I think the background singers are a little cheesy.

LAVENDER BLUE (2) July 25, 1983. Capable boot, good run thru.

JULY 26, 1983 (2) New York City, New York. Poor recording.

LIVE AT ROSEMONT. (2) AUGUST 2, 1983. Poor audience recording, sourced off of Vinyl.

YOKOMAHA STADIUM 1983 (2) October 25, 1983. Yokohama, Japan. Decent taping of the Let's dance tour.

KYOTO (2) October, 31, 1983. Kyoto, Japan. Where was this hiding. Nice sounding show from Bowie act his commercial peak.

NEW YORK A GO GO: THE NEW YORK REHEARSALS 1987 (2) Good stuff as he assembles the band for the Glass Spider tour.

GLASS IDOL June 6, 1987. Berlin, Germany. Here's a fantastic fifteen Great sound and performance. Makes the case that the "Never Let Me Down" album wasn't all that bad.

JUNE 9, 1987 (2)  Florence, Italy.  A shitty, weird and inconvenient recording.  Some kind of radio broadcast and with DJ taking over things and the sound quality disappointing mediocre. 

MILANO '87 (2) June 10, 1987. Poor sounding recording

THE GLASS SPIDER TOUR. (2) August 27, 1987. Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. A clean soundboard from a less than loved tour. Hey, Peter Frampton was his lead guitarist on this voyage (he even sang background on "Sons of Silent Age"). And certainly Dave's vocals are on the mark. And you don't have to watch La-La-La Human Steps dance when you listen to this disc.

GLASS SPIDER TOUR (2) September 22, 1987. Atlanta, Georgia. Let's admit it, this wasn't Bowie's best tour concept and it didn't help that this wasn't the best recording. Features "Absolute Beginngers" a movie I finally had a chance to watch (skip it, man).

NEVER LET ME DOWN UNDER (2) November 3, 1987. Sydney, Australia. Soundboard. Outstanding recording. A bit heavy on the "Never Let Me Down" album which - while I don't think is half bad - ain't a great one either. Still quite good.

TIN MACHINE. HIGH, LIVE & DIRTY. Paris, France. 1989. The much maligned project really wasn't so bad and in fact this is quite an enjoyable show.

SOUND + VISION REHEARSALS (2) Superbly recorded rehearsals. Alot of fun.

MARCH 6, 1990 (2) Montreal, Canada. Excellent soundboard from one fate first shows of the tour. Closes with Rock and Roll Suicide.

VISIONS & SOUNDS (2) April 3, 1990. Paris, France. Don't have source info, but this is a substandard product. Piss poor recording.

TOYKO MOONLIGHT 1990 (2) May 16, 1990, Tokyo, Japan. It's a blast, man. All good stuff.

TOKYO DOME. SUMMER. 1990. From a radio broadcast, he plays all the hits, but the crowd is a little overmiked if you ask me.

ALL TIME MODEL (2) August 5, 1990. UK. Sensational soundboard boot from this greatest hits tour. A great show!

AUGUST 22, 1990 (2)  Oslo, Norway.  This Sound and Vision stop is a fun show well recorded.  

SEPTEMBER 14, 1990. Lisbon, Portugal. Pretty nifty 15 song set captured nicely,

ROCK IN RIO (2) SEPTEMBER 20, 1990. Pretty good recording its kind of a okay soundboard. You did get Adrian Belew on lead with his guitar theatrics.

EN CHILE SOUND AND VISION WORLD TOUR. September 27, 1990 Chile. Good show and recording, another "final" tour show - a pleasure.

TIN MACHINE. JANUARY 31, 1992. Osaka, Japan. Whisper clean soundboard from this misspent adventure.

TIN MACHINE. February 2, 1992. Tokyo, Japan. Fuck You, I love Tin Machine. I never bought the great merch shirt, but I did see Tin Machine when they came to Boston. This is a soundboard souvenir of the show, not Bowie's best idea, but not his worst.

TV IS KING. Collection of European TV appearances in promoting the Outside disc. Carried around the same tunes from show to show, but a nice disc to grab.

). THE LEON SUITES (4) These are the demos and rough mixes of the album rejected by the records company which eventually turned into the album, 1. Outside in 1995. There is a reason why they rejected it.

SEPTEMBER 30, 1995 (2) Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio Miserable NIN tour taping. A really nice set list somewhat made unlistenable.

INSIDE THE DOME (2) Tacoma, Washington 1995. 17 of the 21 tracks listed on the art is what made it tome. A pretty good recording and a worthy effort from the kid, not a ten-strike concept, but a career building tour.

OCTOBER 10, 1995 (2) St. Louis, Missouri. This is the co-headlining tour with Nine Inch Nails and you get their complete set too. Wowee, it's pure soundboard. Bowie's gone techno and doesn't play too many familiar tunes, but it is still great stuff if not essential

WEMBLEY ARENA (4) November 14 & 15, 1994. London. Both full shows - great stuff.

OUTSIDE. CAMDEN '95 (2) September 22, 1995 (I think), Philadelphia, A rare soundboard from this tour, can get dreary and certainly not a favorite era for many but has some highlights.

OUTSIDE TOUR REHEARSALS. November 8-13, 1995. Soundboard. Quite illuminating stuff. Sounds great and nice varied material.

ELSTREE STUDIOS REHEARSALS (2) Another version of said same rehearsals.

DUBLIN, I'M IN CLOVER (2) November 24, 1995. Dublin, Ireland. A recently unearthed sounboard. Always interesting, always, always changing, the Always Good David Bowie in concert.

THE WHITE ROOM.  December 14, 1995, London.  The complete Channel 4 TV show.  Great fun.  

1. TOYKO. (2) June 4, 1996. From the Outside tour, not Bowie's best, but always some great moments from the Thin White Duke.

LIVE IN OSAKA (2) June 8, 1996. Osaka, Japan. Alot of great stuff here in terrific sound quality. Just love the jangly, funky "Lust for Life." But can't pick a highlight I liked so much of this show.

THE LAST HERO (2) June 22, 1996, Loreley Festival, Germany. Soundboarder! Sweet! Absolute killer of a show. Closes with a rousing "All The Young Dudes."

LIVE ROME 1996. Rome, Italy. Radio broadcast with DJ introductions between songs in Spanish often over the music. Knockout performances.

JULY 10, 1996 (2) Monte Carlo. Another excellent recording with strong material all night long. "Aladin Sane," and thanks Dave for the terrific cover of "Lust for Life." It's funky and it cooks.

PHOENIX FESTIVAL. July 18, 1996 (2) Stratford Upon Avon. Fantastic stuff.

FUCK YOU ALL NIGHT (2) October 19 & 20, 1996. Both nights of his Bridge School performance, excellent performances and singing. Love that "Aladdin Sane" opener

BRIDGE 1996. Same show as above thought squeezed onto a single disc.

THE EARTHLING CHRONICLES (1996-1997). A very nice compilation of TV and radio broadcasts from 96-97.

ACOUSTICALLY HIGH. 16 acoustic songs taken from various locations of 1997 tour.

LIVEWELL.COM (2) Contains live records from eh 1997 Earthling tour and a few remixes. Stuff from the Live at Go Show, NY October 15, 1997 and a few from June 10, 1997, July 19, 1997 and November 2, 1997.

DIVINE SYMMETRY. Contains the Radio 1 January 8, 1997 show along with 2 from the VHI Fashion Awards (September 1996) and the the Bridge Benefit show (September 19, 1996).

OH! YOU PRETTY THINGS (2) Consists of the WBCN Studio April 8, 1997, BBC October 4, 1971 and Atlanta April 8, 1997. Great stuff all.

BBC 50TH BIRTHDAY SHOW. Interview and performance with the Dame.

CHANGESNOWBOWIE. January 8, 1997. BBC Radio Broadcast. It's Bowie birthday, he's in studio for interviews and shout outs and recorded performances. This IS essential.

APRIL 8, 1997. Cambridge, Ma. WBCN broadcast from Fort Apache Studios, Bowie with Reeves Gabrels answering questions and playing songs.

DANCING ON ANGELS (4) Contains 2 shows: June 14, 1997 in Paris and June 16, 1997 in Nantes. Golden years.

NIGHT DREAM. June 19, 1997 (2) Clermont-Ferrand, France. Not the setlist I'd xerox and tape to the stage if I were Mr. Bowie. It's a pretty good recording, but do you really want to hear live versions of "Outside"

WERCHTER FESTIVAL.  July 5, 1997.  10 Tunes from the show.  Excellent stuff. 

JULY 11, 1997.  Buneos Aires, Argentina.   Radio interview with Reeves Gabrelle with a studio audience.

SIGMA SOUND STUDIOS 1997, Philadelphia. Fun stuff, it's an in studio appearance with Reeves Gabrel in tow. You get that self reverential, self "mocking" Bowie that is so damn intrigueing. Also on the disc is the 2 song Howard Stern Birthday show performance.

SAVE THE CHILDREN (2). January 9, 1997. NYC. The outstanding Birthday show with terrific guest shots from Lou Reed (Queen Bitch kicks) to Black Francis and Billy Corgan. Essential Bowie boot with some phenomonal performances. Superb.

NIGHT DREAM (2) June 19, 1997. No setlist or artwork. Decent sounding show there are a few clicks on a couple of tracks. It's a mixed bag at best, even dreary at times.

OUTSIDE IN BUDAPEST August 14, 1997. 15 smokin' tunes in nearly flawless quality. Oh yes another tight band. Can't point to a highlight because it is all good from the opening "Quicksand" to the closing "Scary Monsters."

SEPTEMBER 16, 1997 . An in studio radio show with Reeves Garbrels. Some enjoyable Q&A with audience along with a bunch of songs.

CHAOS GIRLS (2) September 28, 1997. A Cherry fellow that fellow. Engaging soundboarder.

ADVENTURES IN CYBERSPACE (2) October 1, 1997. Boston, Massachusetts. Internet broadcast with mix of old & new. For some reason, it sounded better on my crappy computer speakers than in my car.

ABSOLUTELY LIVE. Has the October 6, 1997 in Amsterdam and then some additional live tunes from SNL and other stuff.

QUICKLIVE. (2) October 14, 1997. Nice show, though the audience taper caught the enthusiastic audience as well.

LIVE IN PORT CHESTER (2) Same show as above.

ALMOST ACOUSTIC CHRISTMAS. December 7, 1997. Los Angeles. 8 Tune soundboard gig.

LIVE IN PARIS. October 4, 1999. Good stuff, soundboard. You even get a rare take of "Repitition."

NETAID 1999. London, England. 6 Tunes from Wembley. Not shabby.

FRENCH AFFAIR. October 14, 1999. Nice single disc show - kicking off with "Life on Mars" and closing with "Rebel Rebel.".

STORYTELLER AND BEYOND. Excellent sound from the VH1 special, that Bowie is one funny due. Great stories and singing.

SOMETHING IN THE AIRWAVES Collection of TV performances from the Spring and Fall of 1999. Perfect sound.

THE LONGEST HOURS. (4) Contains the Kit Kat Club show (11/19/99) and Alcatraz in Milan on 12/4/99 along with some bonus tracks

KIT KAT CLUB. November 19, 1999. N.Y.C. Sweet single disc of a quick club date by the dame. Nice mix of old and new songs in crisp sound.

THURSDAY'S CHILD. December 2, 1999 (or is that 2/12/99?) Lonndon, England. Great sounding.

20TH CENTURY DIES (2) Copenhagen, Denmark. December 7, 1999. The last show of the century for our fine hero. Nice setlist and I think a pretty decent audience recording.

GLASTONBURY 2000. June 25, 2000. Truly superb performance. Great mix of tunes from "Changes" to "Halo Spaceboy." Hail Hail!

LIVE AT THE BBC AGAIN. (2) JUNE 27, 2000, London, A thoroughly enjoyable set.

JULY 2, 2002 (2) Paris, France. Wonderful show from my man Bowie. From an unknown TV or radio source.

SHADOW MAN. Music from the unreleased 2001 "Toy" album with bonus live tracks.

LATER...WITH JOOLS HOLLAND 1995-2002. Three Bowie appearances on the popular show in England: December 2, 1995, December 4, 1999 and October 8, 2002. While most think of Jools as a TV interview star, I will always remember him as the quirky piano player in the original Squeeze lineup.

ROSELAND BALLROOM 2002 (2) June 11, 2002, New York City. A very good, but flawed audience taping of a performance in front of Bowienet members. You get complete album performances of "Low" and "Heathen" and an encore of a couple of older gems. Pretty cool, huh?

LIVE BY REQUEST (2) June 15, 2002. A&E Television show. Bowie, and host Mark McKeowan, taking phone calls and requests. Bowie is promoting "The Heathen" record, a medeocre offering, but this show is fab. Crack band in tow.

MELTDOWN FESTIVAL 2002. (2) June 29 2002. London. Bowie decided to play "Low" and "Heathen" from beginnng to end. Half a good idea.

PARIS - JULY1. July 1, 2002 (2) Paris, France. A fantastic soundboard recording and sensational show. Good fucking stuff.

JULY 10, 2002 (2) Manchester, England. Pretty good recording and great stuff overall.

MONTRREUX JAZZ FESTIVAL (2) JULY 18, 2002. Montreux, Switzerland. Final Heathen Tour show including a full airing of the Low Album. Soundboard and Bowie in full spirits and passion.

TORONTO 2002. (2) August 5, 2002. Toronto, Canada. Good stuff along some interesting bonus tracks from a couple of TV performances.

LE ZENETH ZERO-DEUX. September 24, 2002. Paris, France. Excellent show and fantastic recording. Loved it.

COME TO DADDY. September 22, 2002. Berlin, Germany. Jeez, a darn good recording with just about an even mix between old and new.

THE ENGLISH PRESUME. September 27, 2002. Bonn, Germany. Another snappy recording, terrific. Opens with "Life on Mars" and then a mix of everything.

MAIDA VALE. September 18, 2002. BBC Radio 2 broadcast. 10 song little show - a couple of oldie nuggets amidst recent era songs in perfect song.

OCTOBER 2, 2002 (3)  Hammersmith, London.  Back to the egg, great soundboard show. 

BROOKLYN 2. October 12, 2002. St. Anne's Warehouse. Brooklyn, New York. Brooklyn still the coolest place on earth. Bowie did a mini tour of different venues in the City. Cool idea and great show.

A REALITY. October 8, 2003 (2) Frankfort, Germany. Pretty gosh darn enjoyable show.

ON AIR. Also has the Maida Vale track, but a couple of other TV performances as well.

A REALITY TOUR REHEARSALS 2003. Terrific stuff with the urbane David chatting between takes.

OCTOBER 12, 2003 (2) Oslo, Norway. More than acceptable recording.

BAHAMAS 2003. The Bahamas. December 20, 2003. Superb recording and a very good show - even a few unfamiliar tunes for me.

TWIN CITIES (2)  January 11, 2004 (2)  Minneapolis, Minnesota.  Nice little sound boarder. Nice to get a "Fantastic Voyage." 

BC BUNNEHS (2) January 24, 2004. Vancouver, Canada. Outstanding tour document. I even enjoyed "Hallo Spaceboy"

JANUARY 31, 2004 (2) Los Angeles, California. Soundboard, woo boy, great show. David's in a great mood and it shows.

FEBRUARY 2, 2004 (2)  Los Angeles, California.  A soundboard from the Shrine Auditorium show.   Thanks.

FEBRUARY 3, 2004 (2)  Los Angeles.  Fantastic show in perfect sound.  

FEBRUARY 7, 2004 (2) Wiltern Theatre, Los Angeles, California. Another killer performance you even get an Elvis impersonation. Lots of good stuff, he wonders outloud after "Fantastic Voyage" if anyone knew the tune. Shit Dave, I do.

FEBRUARY 17, 2004 (2) Brisbane, Australia. A par audience taping. Bowie's in fine form but not sure it was captured so well here. Not sure that my copy was burned in an incorrect order - that said, I enjoyed.

SIMON SAYS QUICKSAND (2) February 21, 2004 Sydney, Australia. Fine audience recording. Hauls out "Quicksand" hence title. Great mix of tunes.

MARCH 8, 2004 (2) Tokyo, Japan. While this is not a perfect recording, it was still a real pleasure to listen.

KEEP THE HOUSE ROCKING. March 19, 2004. Milwaukee, Wisconsin. While it lacks seperation, it still ain't a bad listen capturing this final tour.

APRIL 1, 2004 (2) Toronto, Canada. Acceptable audience taping. Nice show & David always the upbeat, charming, in charge front man.

APRIL 22, 2004 (2) Los Angeles, California. Nearly a perfect boot - ruined by occassional sharp static noices on source - what a bummer.

APRIL 27, 2004 (2) Austin, Texas. Super show, Don't forget BOWIE IS AWESOME!

NO LIFE IN KANAS (2) May 10, 2004. Kansas City. Nice soundboard recording. Delightful.

LET'S GO. May 14, 2004. London, England. Hey great show - particularly nice to hear a live stab at 'Station to Station'

REALITY TOUR COLUMBUS. (2) May 24, 2004. Columbus, Ohio. Bowie can still bring it - fantastic.

THAT DAMN CURFEW.  May 25, 2004 (2) Buffalo, New York.   I could quibble with the setlist, but the Dame really brings it to the stage each and every night.  Great recording. 

MAY 29, 2004 (2) Atlantic City, New Jersey. Super soundboard. Thanks David for everything.

LIVE @ THE ISLE OF WIGHT. June 13, 2004. 4 songs and an interview and then a couple of bonus live tracks fill out the souveneir.

VOCALLON POP TO REALITY (2) Holmdel, New Jersey. First, a good audience taping. Second, you get a mid song pause on "Man who fell to Earth" so that Bowie can yell at a security guard. Third you get a 40 year old "Liza Jane" his first 'dreadful' single on it's anniversary. And fourth, you get a sweet "Station to Station."

OUTSIDE OF REALITY. Nice little set of live tracks culled from the "Hour," "Outside," and "Reality" tours.

OUTSIDE MIX. A peculiar mashup disc. Seven old tunes mashed up in the mode of Outside or with Outside instrumentation and then 6 Outside era tunes remixed.

TOY. The internet leaked, unreleased album. 12 of the 14 tracks snuck out. Jeez, pretty enjoyable - certainly better than some of the Dame's recent commercially released offerings.

DAVID BOWIE IS (WIEBO) March 7, 2015 (2) Paris, France. This s the Paris Philharmlnic with vocals doing a dance and acrobatic show. Audio ripped from HDTV. It worked.

LADY GAGA GRAMMY TRIBUTE 2016. I'm not a Gaga fan, but I think this performance worked.

THE MUSIC OF DAVID BOWIE AT CARNEGIE HALL. (2) March 31, 2016. New York City. Low quality taping with Cyndi Lauper, Robyn Hitchcock, Deborah Harry, Michael Stipe, Karen Elson, Sean Lennon, Bettye Lavette, and others.

THE DAVID BOWIE PROM. July 29, 2016 (2) London, England. Radio Broadcaster. Such an interesting performance, essentially a classically trained orchestra along with guests like Amanda Palmer take on the mighty back catalog and makes some very interesting music.

BOWIE IN BERLIN (2) December 1 & 2, 2016. Stockholm, Sweden. Tribute concert by the Swedish Radio Symphony Orchestra conducted by Hans Ek Berwaldhallen. Somewhat interesting tribute to the our fallen hero. A classical music mash.

ZIGGY AT 50.  BBC RADIO 4.  June 11, 2022.   Nice little radio show on the anniversary of the Iconic album.