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"Some of these bootleggers, they make pretty good stuff"
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You've reached my website dedicated to collecting bootleg concert recordings and the like. It's primarily my bootleg site though one of these days I'll expand it into something more.

The hobby has pretty much changed from trading to downloading. I only occasionally trade.

In case you are somewhat new to this, here are my guidelines for bootleg trading:

1. I am only interest in trading for CDrs. Nothing is for sale and I don't trade for blanks (sorry newbies - if I'm going to take the time to burn stuff I want to build the collection).

2. I used to have a list of trader requirements, but I no longer bother with them.

3. I have nearly everything Dylan has done so I'm mostly interested in current shows and don't really want to fill in the older shows that I am missing.

4. No commercial releases.

5. At this time, I would like to deeply apologize to the planet for the election of Donald Trump as President. I wish the the prevailing feeling is only of shame and embarrassment, but sadly it is going to be much, much worse. I've always maintained that Nixon was the most damaging President and W Bush was the worst - this President is a going to be a toxic combination. I've got my marching boots on and I'm ready to go!

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This site was originally launched over the 2000 Memorial Day Weekend...this is the third version modified in February of 2008. And you don't need a weatherman to know which way the wind blows...

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