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Bob Dylan - 1990s
Started slow but finished strong

MORE SUNRISES. Compilation of various interesting performances from 1990.

UNDER THE RED SKY:  THE ALTERNATIVE ALBUM.  Some alt takes and a few live versions.

TOAD'S PLACE VOLUME 1 & 2. (4) January 12, 1990, New Haven, Connecticut. From the legendary club gig in which Bob plays and plays and plays. Incredible set list of unusual and oft bizare songs. The taper caught this enthusiastic crowd well, but not the music.

JANUARY 14, 1990 (2) State College, Pennsylvania. Not a pleasant listen. Two much distortion and chat, it just lacks any clarity - but - but! what as setlist - lots of Oh Mercy, the debut of "You Angel You" and "Cup of Coffee."

RIO. January 25, 1990. It's the GE Smith led band, backing Bob, a little dense sounding at times, but not bad.

INFINITY ON TRIAL (2) February 1, 1990, Paris, France. Audience recording not in line with today's DATers, but not bad though with some echo reverb througout (also a little digital flaw on 1 Track). Does a bunch off of "Oh Mercy" but also a dank "Lenny Bruce" abou the worst song he ever wrote, But hey he tackles "Visions of Johanna" and a bunch of others acoustic that I'd give my right testicle to see today.

CRITICS CHOICE VOLUMES 1 & 2. (2) The rarely performed songs from his February 1990 gigs at the Hammersmith Odean in the U.K.

THOSE WERE THE DAYS (5). January 31 - February 8, 1990. A complete collection of the Hammersmith Residency, all individually packaged in artwork similar to old Apple label. A ton of amazing stuff from a great audience recording, I even enjoy the enthusiastic screams of the audience.

STAYING HERE WITH YOU (2) February 8, 1990 - that's right more from the Hammersmith Odeon, this in terrific sound quality and selection. Plenty of Oh Mercy tracks and an oh so rare "You Angel You."

JUNE 5, 1990 (2) Toronto, Ontario, Canada.  Acceptable recording of an acceptable performance. 

JUNE 12, 1990 (2)  La Cross, Wisconsin.   I adjusted quickly to the taping.  Bob put in an energetic performance.  Good 

JUNE 13, 1990 (2) Sioux Falls, South Dakota. A hiss throughout and the music is just a bit too deep in the mix though I would still rate the discs as acceptable.

JUNE 14, 1990 (2)  Fargo, North Dakota.  Don't want to criticize the taping or performance as this is a terrific era performance, on mark, direct and sparkling.

JUNE 15, 1990 (2) Bismark, North Dakota. Bob's in traction once gain with uninspired arrangements. The cloudy recording quality don't help much neither. If you want to hear some clunkers skip to the turgid "Stuck Inside" and the truly dreadful "Blowin."

JUNE 17, 1990 (2) Winnipeg, Canada. A trick or treat era that mostly hangs though there are some interesting and rewarding performances. "Gotta Serve" with Bob singing with some real conviction over a straight rock arrangement. Some ugly shit - "Boot's of Spanish Leather" is painful. One track has a glitch.

JUNE 18, 1990 (2) Winnipeg again. An inconsistant night captured well. How's that. A few of the acoustic songs were so dreary I shutter to think, but some stuff worked out.

LIVE IN BERLIN. July 5, 1990. Nice sounding show. B/w Artwork only.

JULY 8, 1990 (2) Werchter, Germany. Not sure, but somewhat, somehow enjoyed this shanky night. Started off poorly with a dull "Silvio" but warmed up some.

AUGUST 12, 1990 (2) Edmonton, Alberta. Okay, we all know this ain't the summit, but this wasn't to bad.

AUGUST 16, 1990 (2) Calgary, Alberta, Canada.  Simply nothing to speak of. 

AUGUST 18, 1990 (2) George, Washington. Bob tackles "Sittin' on the Dock of the Bay" poorly. A dreary "Gates" is a good example of this mediocre night. Middling.

AUGUST 19, 1990 (2)  Victoria, British Columbia, Canada.  By no means a good show.  I persisted through the clunkier parts to get some interesting parts.  

AUGUST 24, 1990 (2) Pueblo, Colorado. Decent recording and okay performance, but nothing that I'm going to return to.

AUGUST 28, 1990 (2) Merrillville, Indiana. Not the greatest but what a great stroll thru "Song to Woody," + "Baby Blue." Ended up liking this one. A Rare "Been Around the World."

AUGUST 31, 1990. Lincoln, Nebraska. Bob, in charmless voice, barreling through a 17 song set. A mediocre taping with a couple of lo lights like a messy, blurry "Man of Peace." Nah.

SEPTEMBER 8, 1990 (2)  San Antonio, Texas.  Messy, noisy Audience taping.  

OCTOBER 12, 1990. Springfield. Rough. Mediocre taping & performance the same.

THANK YOU EV'RYBODY. Nice selections from his October 13-19, 1990 stands

OCTOBER 13, 1990 (2) West Point, New York. Fair enough taping - the all out rockers come out a bit leaden ("Tangled," & "Masters") but not without some pretty good moments. There is something to say to the location to perform "Gotta Serve Somebody" and "Masters" doncha think.

OCTOBER 19, 1990. (2) New York City. Dreary, messy and what's with the horn section.

OCTOBER 23, 1990 (2) Charleston, South Carolina. Par recording. Decent performance. Bland era.

OCTOBER 28, 1990 (2) Athen, Georgia. Not a lot to speak for this.

OCTOBER 30, 1990 (2) Boone, North Carolina. A Good audience taping, but no magic coming from the stage in this night. Nice set list, but a mismatched band with less than inspiring arrangments. However, good representation from this tour.

OCTOBER 31, 1990 (2) Charlotte, North Carolina. Shrill taping of an unfortunate show, does have a couple of neat setlist choices. But "Wiggle Waggle," and an oh so frightful, awful "Hard Rain."

NOVEMBER 9, 1990 (2) Chicago, Illinois. Absolutely butchers "I Believe in You." This is a terrible show. With the guitar tandem of nice guy Cesar Diaz and (who the hell is?) John Staehly, there is some dreadful playing.

NOVEMBER 12, 1990 (2) East Lansing, Michigan. Really an excellent night. Enjoyable.

NOVEMBER 13, 1990 (2) Dayton, Ohio. Wow, he turned a corner on this night and had some really nice moments.

NOVEMBER 16, 1990 (2) Columbus, Ohio. Enjoyable once again, ending the year with some good shows.

NOVEMBER 17, 1990 (2) Cleveland, Ohio. Another decent era show.

GETTING HARDER AND HARDER TO SEE A NEW SUNRISE (2). Nice compilation of October and November 1990 performances. Contains more than a few rarely performed songs like "Sitting on the Dock of the Bay" and "Oxford Town."

GUITAR LEGENDS. Various performances with Keith Richards. 8 tracks all in good sound and often in good performance. Weren't those two made to duet together?

ELLIOT MINTZ INTERVIEW. 1991. A terrific interview in conjuction with the release of the Bootleg series. Great stuff.

1991 INTERVIEW FOR SONGTALK WITH PAUL ZOLLO. Terrific inteview with an honest, forthright and honest Bob.

EVERYTHING IS BROKEN:  BEST OF FASTBREAK 1991.   Give credit where credit is due.  Fan compiler plucked a a nice set of hightights from this winter tour.

JOHN COLTRANE MASTERPIECES (2) January 30, 1991 in Brussels. Bob was mired in his groggy who gives a shit mode at this point. A couple of nice spots here and there.

FEBRUARY 2, 1991 (2) Glasgow, Scotland. The absolute worse "Most Likely" that you could possibly listen to. Momentary redeems himself with "Serve Somebody" later in the set.

FEBRUARY 5, 1991 (2) Dublin, Ireland. Fairly good show and taping - better than I expected.

FEBRUARY 6, 1991 (2) Belfast, Ireland. Another nice show with a alot of harp as these are better than most era performances. When Van Morrison stops by for "Tupelo Honey" the crowd goes wild.

FEBRUARY 8, 1991 (2) London, England. Pretty nice show and certainly '91 started off better in comparison to some of those horrific Summer shows to come - his career worst. A hard to fathom good "Wiggle" and a pretty cool setlist for the entire night.

FEBRUARY 9, 1991 (2) London. A well recorded offering of the drum & thud stand. Maybe the most horrifyingly bad version of "Masters" that has entered these eardrums. But a decent take of "Shooting Star."

FEBRUARY 10, 1991 (2) London, England. A surprisingly good & funky "Serve Somebody" well played with some swing. One of the bestter nights from this residency.

FEBRUARY 12, 1991 (2) London. A little better energy, but still quite dreary.

FEBRUARY 13, 1991 (2) London, England. A bloody mess.

FEBRUARY 15, 1991 (2) London. Oh God, this is bad.

FEBRUARY 16, 1991 (2) London. Nothing nice to say except maybe that "LARS" was performed capably.

FEBURARY 17, 1991 (2) London, England. You've get to try real hard to find much redeemable in this night. Just listen to the rushed, thrown away "Times" to get the idea. Blah.

FEBRUARY 21, 1991 (2) London. Seems like the concept of melody has abandoned him.

FEBRUARY 22, 1991 (2) London. Lumbering.

APRIL 19, 1991 (2) New Orleans, Louisiana. A decent tape with a touch of echo. A decent show with some musicality, force & personality. A very unique arrangment to "Maggie's Farm."

APRIL 20, 1991 (2) Pelham, New York. A pretty good show with some warmth in his Bobness's voice.

APRIL 21, 1991 (2)  Greenville, South Carolina.  A shaky recording + performance.  Still some moments shine through, a nice harp and solo acoustic "One Too Many Mornings."

APRIL 23, 1991 (2)  Atlanta, Georgia.  Below acceptable recording.  

APRIL 24, 1991 (2) Macon, Georgia. Horrible fidelity - unable to get a pulse on the performance.

APRIL 25, 1991 (2) Charleston, South Carolina. A poor recording - f'n useless.

APRIL 27, 1991 (2) Miami, Florida. Another one.

APRIL 30, 1991 (2)  Savannah Georgia.  Another crappy recording, must be the same Southernor with bad equipment.  I think it was a decent performance, just can't really tell. 

MAY 1, 1991 (2)  Columbia.  Cloudy, but okay recording with the standard opening misfire of "New Morning."  You even get the dreadful "Wiggle."  Made it through the entire show, but not sure quite why.

MAY 2, 1991 (2)  Salem, Virginia.   An up and down night captured by a decent recording.   Caught fire a few times, but the final trio of LARS, Blowin' and Maggie ran out of gas. 

MAY 4, 1991 (2) Winston-Salem, North Carolina. At times a miserable performance, but there are glimpses of recovery here and there. And oh yeah, its a spotty taping.

MAY 5, 1991.  Raleigh, North Carolina.

MAY 7, 1991 (2)  Stony Brook, New York.  It's a mixed bag, but Bob is downright a chatty cathy.

MAY 8, 1991 (2)  Albany New York.  Actually nice.  Performance and taping simply enjoyable.

MAY 9, 1991 (2) Boston, Massachusetts.  Start with a good quality audience recording.  A mixed bag some good and very good moments and then some misfires.  Conclusion:  Well worth a listen.

MAY 11, 1991 Danbury, Connecticut. A hit or miss (often) affair in sterling sound. Bob was in a chatty mood "Wiggle Waggle is my ecology song..." Eee gadds. Opens with an instrumental of "Dixie."

MAY 12, 1991 (2)  Amhearst, Massachusetts.  A sloppy and distracted Bob, though it warms up as the night progresses.

JUNE 6, 1991 (2) Rome, Italy. Frankly one of the better '91 shows. A darn good arrangement of "Serve Somebody" and a hell of a "Wiggle" with a neat intro. Some clunkers of course, but among the best of era.

JUNE 7, 1991 (2) Bologna, Italy. ZZZZ.

JUNE 8, 1991 (2) Milano, Italy.

NEW MORNING (2) June 10, 1991. Lublliyiana, Yugoslalvia   So glad he dropped the title track from future setlists. A lumbering show, not as bad as some of the others during this trou, but that ain't saying much. Wooden arrangements.

JUNE 11, 1991 Belgrad, Yugoslavia. Highs & lows - even Tito would agree.

JUNE 12, 1991 (2) Budapest, Hungary. A wildly inconsistant show - the usual set opener of "New Morning" a lumbering embarassment, but some hidden pleasures. The overall sound ain't bad so there is some good stuff among the rubble.

OLYMPIC PLEASURE. June 14, 1991, Innsbruck, Austria. Good sound, a good audience taping and a nice show especially considering the era with peaks and valleys. A spoken word like "Gates of Eden," not sure it worked, but it was fun. Like "Serve Somebody." A 10 second glich on one try BTW. No artwork.

JUNE 15, 1991 (2)  Linz, Austria.  A ten strike.  Superb recording of a focussed Bob.  A kick ass '91 show. 

JUNE 15, 1991 Soundcheck.  Crap sound, but somehow it floated out there to us in the Hinterlands.

JUNE 16, 1991 (2) Stuttgart, Germany. A better night than some of these other shows, the vocals are just closer to the money. But must be the absolute worst version of "Masterpiece" ever. But there is some good stuff too. Has some unsourced bonus tracks of questionable quality.

NEW MORNING.  JUNE 18, 1991 (2)  Fabulous taping capturing an uneven Bob.  Again good and bad.  Also has 7 bonus tracks from June 22, 1991 in Bad Mergentheim.  

JUNE 19, 1991 (2)  Offenbach, Germany.  A pretty good taping of a performance that is difficult to describe.  Neither good or bad.

JUNE 22, 1991 (2) Bad Mergentheim, Germany

JUNE 23, 1991 (2) Hamburg, Germany. Face it, a flat, strained Bob -- No light, no magic. On the positive side, he chatted up a storm, intro'd "Gotta Serve Somebody as "my anti religion song."

JUNE 25, 1991 (2) Stockholm, Sweden. Well it's a pretty nice setlist. A fairly well played show, at times charmless, but certainly not a complete waste. "Man Gave Name" recast as a Texas 2 stop - not entirely successful but still fun to listen to from the Sleepy Bob.

JUNE 26, 1991 (2) Stockholm, Sweden. Not for nothing, but atleast a fair outing and decent night. Kinda dug the riff enhanced "Serve Somebody."

JUNE 28, 1991 (2) Zurich, Switzerland. Opener "Most Likely" is a bloody mess - the worst version I have ever heard - rudderless singing & a leaden arrangement even has bad harp. Youch. If that wasn't bad enuf, a vomit inducing "Man in the long Black Coat." However, a half decent "Thin Man." All in all, avoidance.

THE NEVER ENDING TOUR (2) Midyns Festival, Ringe Denmark.   June 29, 1991 (2)  Bob singing this night just sucked.  Show sucked.  Band sucked.  Sucked.  Sucked.  Sucked.   I think's its possible I have two versions of this shit show.

JULY 4, 1991 (2) Lenox, Massachusetts

JULY 5, 1991 (2) Mansfield, Mass.  Up and down evening but some buried treasure.

JULY 11, 1991 (2) Jones Beach, New York. The voice is just about gone along with most of his magic tricks. "Wiggle Wiggle" Veh!

NAME THAT TUNE: THE WORST OF BOB DYLAN VOLUMES 1 & 2. July 16, 1991. Alright, there are some ghastly performances at this show and couldn't quibble with its selection as one of the worst peformances. Bonus tracks include some miserable takes as well. Must say that as I listened I occasionally thought a few of the songs weren't bad. But shit, he frickin forgot the words to "Heaven's Door" and his piano on the opening track of "New Morning" is umm..ahh mystifying. Hey lighten up - even the Gods have a bad day (just ask Noah).

JULY 17, 1991 (2) Cleveland, Ohio.  A decent show and a better night the previous.  Some good stuff.  

JULY 19, 1991 (2) Vienna, Virginia.  I'm going to say there is some good effort provided so I'm going to give a passing grade.

JULY 20, 1991 Vienna, Virginia. A tad of digital noise on a track or two, but all in all a superlative recording of a better than average show - Missing final 5 tracks hence this is a single disc.

WOLFTRAP. July 21, 1991. Doswell, Virginia.   The disc's artwork claims that it was "recorded off of a device for the deaf to enjoy the show." The Disabilities Act is our gain. Even get a take of "Wiggle Waggle."

JULY 26, 1991 (2)  An adequate recording of a generally not terrible recording, material felt just beyond his reach.  "Visions" a bit of train wreck.

AUGUST 8, 1991 (2)  Buenos Aires, Argentina.  Passable taping from a dreary era.

AUGUST 9, 1991 (2) Buenos Aires. Just not my cup of tea.

AUGUST 10, 1991 (2)   Buenos Aires.

AUGUST 12, 1991 Montevideo.  Incomplete recording, not missing the other tracks as it is shitty recording.  

AUGUST 14, 1991 (2)  Porta Alegre.  Radio broadcast, but strangely not a particularly good recording.  Bob tried, but not everything worked. 

AUGUST 16, 1991.  Sao Paulo, Brazil.  incomplete recording, but with decent enough sound to get thru. 

AUGUAT 17, 1991 (2)  Sao Paulo, Brazil.  A much better recording than the above, in fact it's pretty good.  Some snazzyguitar work on "Serve Somebody."

AUGUST 19, 1991 (2) Mineirinho, Ble Horizonte, Brazil

AUGUST 21, 1991 (2)  Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.  Piss poor recording.      

NICE TO BE HERE IN TEXAS. October 25, 1991.  Austin, Texas.                             

OCTOBER 26, 1991 (2)  San Antonio, Texas.   The ear adjusted with a little volume control and it wasn't bad night.  A bit muffled at times, but good. 

OCTOBER 27, 1991 (2)  Lubbock, Texas.  Neither good nor bad in any way.  Missing first two tracks.  

LIVE AT BRAND THEATRE (2) October 30, 1991. Tulsa, Oklahoma. All you really need to know from this era is that he opened shows with "New Morning," or atleast a couple of verses of it. Attempts at redemption are really just better, not good ones. However, I kinda dug this night's version of "Simple Twist of Fate."

ANSWER ME. (2) October 31, 1991. Bob's voice is hurtin', but a worthwhile set still. Opens with a rare (and startingly unsuccessful) version of "New Morning."

NOVEMBER 1, 1991 (2) Kansas City, Missouri.   A creaky but alright taping of a wobbly but not all too bad night.

NOVEMBER 2, 1991 (2)   Ames, Iowa.   Another nice fall show.  Well taped, Bob seems relaxed and confident.   Really quite enjoyable. 

ILLINOIS '91 November 4, 1991. A bit metalic sounding and lacking much musical quality. A shoddy night.

MADISON '91. November 5, 1991. Not terribly inspiring, but still enjoyable. Good sound quality.

NOVEMBER 6, 1991 (2)  South Bend, Indiana.   A nicely taped show.  Strong era performance.  

NOVEMBER 8, 1991 (2) Louisville, Kentucky. Decent all around: taping, performance, setlist. Some misfires and some targets hit.

NOVEMBER 9, 1991 (2)  Dayton, Ohio.  Another pretty good gig.  

NOVEMBER 10, 1991 (2)  Indianapolis, Indiana.  Excellent taping, capturing an inspiring performance.  Bravo. 

NOVEMBER 12, 1991 (2)  Detroit, Michigan.  Nice cpoature of an okay/good gig.  Bob is present but its not fully realized. 

NOVEMBER 13, 1991 (2)  Akron, Ohio.  A solid show with a fairly good taping.  A messed shots, but overall a decent gig. 

NOVEMBER 15, 1991 (2) Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania.  A triumphant show, nicely recorded and energetically performed.

NOVEMBER 18, 1991 (2) Utica, New York

NOVEMBER 19, 1991 (2) Erie, Pennsylvania

NOVEMBER 20, 1991 (2)  Charletesville, Virginia.   Hollow, crap recording.

MODERN MINSTRAL (2) Spring 1992 Collection. My version set order doesn't quite match up to set list - incomplete art - A mixed bag though this era's "Shelter" is my favorite arrangement of that masterpiece. Bob is climbing out of the morrass at this time, eh.

MARCH 18, 1992 (2)  Perth, Australia

MARCH 21, 1992 (2) Adelaide, Australia

March 23, 1992 (2) Sydney, Australia. Not sure whey you'd want this one. 2 songs are clipped, and the whole night's taping is a shabby affair. And then there are the mediocre performances. Completists only.

MARCH 24, 1992 (2) Sydney, Australia

MARCH 25, 1992 (2) Sydney, Australia

MARCH 28, 1982 (2) Brisbane, Australia

MARCH 29, 1992 (2) Canberra, Australia

APRIL 1, 1992 (2) Melbourne, Australia. Seemed a bit better than some of these other gigs to follow though "Most Likely" is simply inexplicable.

APRIL 2, 1992 (2) Melbourne, Australia

APRIL 3, 1992 (2) Melbourne, Australia. A lazy, somewhat lethargic performance at times. A couple of nice traditionals during the acoustic mid set & "Idiot Wind," but otherwise a bit dull.

APRIL 5, 1992 (2) Melbourne, Australia. A nice show - fine recording - maybe a smidge of distance. But quite nice - in fact I love it (though not everything." "Idiot Wind" yes yes yes.

APRIL 6, 1992 (2) Melbourne, Australia. SHN sourced courtesy of the Dylan tree. An excellent recording with some rarly played covers "Little Moses," "Black Muddy River," & "Golden Vanity" along with some rarely played originals "Idiot Wind," "New Morning" mixed in. At times I really dug it, at other times I felt it was stilted, but clearly some good stuff and renewed focus.

APRIL 7, 1992 (2) Melbourne, Australia.  Solid taping, Bob is climbing back and I warmed up to this one. Nice show.

APRIL 10, 1992 (2)  Launcestron.  A nice capture of a good, but not great performance.  Not perfect but heading in the right direction. 

APRL 11, 1992 (2)  Hobart.  Super wounding show, strong and confident performance.

APRIL 13, 1992 (2) Sydney, Australia. Started off hating this one, but the acoustic material redeemed the evening along with "She Belongs to Me." Some of the electric numbers wretched: "Watchtower" ugly.

APRIL 14, 1992 (2) Sydney, Australia. No. Just a no. It's a sullen performance. Particularly the acoustic set, particularly "Times they are a Changin." A dreadful "Watchtower" as well.

APRIL 15, 1992 (2) Sydney, Australia. More than acceptable show. Thanks for "Idiot Wind" but it came off wooden + flat like much of this evening.

APRIL 16, 1992 (2) Syndney, Australia. A timid offering.

APRIL 18, 1992 (2) Auckland, Australia. A bit flat footed.

APRIL 22, 1992 (2) Maui, Hawaii

PARADISE, HAWAIIAN STYLE. (2) April 24, 1992 with a bunch of bonus tracks from Toronto, August 18, 1992. You don't need to hear the miserable version of "Mr Tambourine Man." You don't need to hear Bob forget the words to "The Times They are a Changing." There are some positive moments among the other tracks.

APRIL 27 1992 (2) Seattle, Washington

APRIL 28, 1992 (2) Seattle, Washington

APRIL 30, 1992 (2) Eugene, Oregon

MAY 1, 1992 (2) Red Bluff, Oregon

MAY 2, 1992 (2) Santa Rosa, California

TANGLED UP IN BLUE (2) May 4, 1992. San Francisco. Good recording throughout.

May 4, 1992 (2) An alternate taping to the above, not bad but a little inferior I think.

MAY 5, 1992 (2)  San Francisco, California

MAY 7, 1992 (2)  Berkeley, California.  Strong bushy show.  Well taped and a strong gig.  A # of highlights:  "Idiot Wind," and a sweet "Blowin" to close it out. 

"FROM BROADWAY TO THE MILKWAY" May 8, 1992. Berkeley, California. A good recording of a mediocre show. The hits "Just Like a Woman," "Little Moses" & The misses "Drifters Escape" is just turgid and he fucks up "Visions" with over aggressive guitar strumming and a deadly "Idiot Wind."

SAN JOSE REVISITED. May 9, 1992. An incredible set of 15 songs much reworked. An inspired night and we got the disc.

GOING BACK TO ARLINGTON (2) May 11, 1992. Santa Barbara, California. Nice recording and a decent enough performance. An occasional click, but not too distracting. Like his solo take of "Love Minus Zero."

MAY 13, 1992 (2)  Los Angeles, California

MAY 14, 1992 (2). Los Angeles, California

MAY 16, 1992 (2) Hollywood, California

MAY 17, 1992 (2) Los Angeles, California. Dishwater.

MAY 19, 1992 (2) Los Angeles, California

MAY 20, 1992 (2)  Los Angeles, California.   A decent show; nice flourishes at times but no magic.

MAY 23, 1992 (2)  Las Vegas, Nevada.  You can feel it coming together, but just outside his grasp on this night. 

DAVID BROMBERG SESSIONS. Early/Mid June 1992. The 4 circulating tracks from the recording session.

JUNE 26, 1992 (2) Lulea, Sweden

JUNE 28, 1992 (2) Gothenburg, Sweden. Another dreary set from a sleepy, tired Bobby. A times, just frickin' dull. Please don't listen to this "Shelter from the Storm" it just ain't right.

JUNE 30, 1992. (2) Dunkerque. Unusual opener of "Don't Let Your Deal Go Down" - didn't kick off too many shows with that one, didya? Nice performance with an "Idiot Wind" and "What good Am I" as the lesser played pleasures.

JULY 1, 1992 (2) Reims, France. Just not alot of gas in that tank - vocally he's just listless & spent. Decent playing from the band and a pretty good taping are it's good points.

JULY 2, 1992 (2) Belfort, France. A decent show with something to speak of.

GENOA 1992 (2) July 4, 1992. Genovaa, Italy. Maybe the worst harp solo of his career on "It Ain't Me" Its mid set and it's ugly. Only to be followed by a rancid take of "Idiot Wind." Terrible night.

JULY 5, 1992 (2) Correggio, Italy

MERAN '92. (2) July 7, 1992. Good show with some impressive moments.

JULY 8, 1992 (2) Aosta, Italy.   A well taped but erratic show, ups and downs.

July 10, 1992 (2) Leysin

LUCKY NOT TO BE DESTROYED (2) July 12, 1992 in Antibes, France. I'd personally like to thank Bob for trying "Hey Joe" though he butchered the poor thing. Some nice momemts afterwards.

AUGUST 17, 1992 (2)  Toronto, Ontario, Canada

AUGUST 20, 1992 (2)  Meadville, Pennsylvania

AUGUST 21, 1992 (2) Hamilton, Ontario, Canada.

AUGUST 22, 1992 (2) Ottawa, Canada

AUGUSGT 24, 1992 (2) Sudbury, Ontario, Canada

AUGUST 25, 1992 (2) Ontario Canada

AUGUST 27, 1992 (2) Ontario, Canada

AUGUST 29, 1992 (2) Minneapolis, Minnesota

AUGUST 30, 1992 (2) Minneapolis, Minnesota. I'd put this one in the grey area. The taping ain't half bad, the peformance is sorta okay. Just isn't a night I'd ever return to.

AUGUST 31, 1992 (2) Minneapolis. Fine hometown show - a couple of tracks have some surface noice. Highlight: "Hollis Brown."

SEPTEMBER 2, 1992 (2) Minneapolis, Minnesota. A muffled recording - probably cleaned up a little too much. Hard to imagine going back to it, but still satisfying. Highlights: a heartbreaking "Boots" and a fabulous yet sweet "Baby Blue," Lowlights: a wooden "Simple Twist" that nearly saved however by a harp solo.

SEPTEMBER 3, 1992 (2)  Minneapolis, Minnesota.  A good enough recording of a decent show. 

SEPTEMBER 5, 1992 (2) Omaha, Nebraska

SEPTEMBER 6, 1992 (2) Kansas City, Missouri

FRIEND OF THE DEVIL (2) Acceptable audience recording from August/September, 1992. Rare cuts: "Under the Red Sky," "Idiot Wind," "If Not For You." A real good performance that the recording quality did not match.

SEPTEMBER 8, 1992 (2) Little Rock, Arkansas

SEPTEMBER 9, 1992 (2) Jackson, Mississippi. Just a crappy night.

SEPTEMBER 12, 1992 (2) Pensacola, Florida

SETPEMBER 13, 1992 (2) Lafayette, Louisiana

OCTOBER 9, 1992 (2) Pittsburch, Pennsylvania. Rough taping of a middling performance at best. What an ugly "Silvio," a turgid "Unbelievable." A rotten boot.

OCTOBER 10, 1992 (2) Lock Haven, Pennsylvania. Ugh! That's Ugh!! Bob's a bit flat footed and this middling recording don't much neither.

OCTOBER 11, 1992 (2) Rochester, New York.

DUST MY BROOME (2) October 12, 1992. Binghamton, New York. Somewhat dreary. Mediocre, shit, "Gates of Eden" didn't save it.

BOB FEST REHEARSALS. (2) The various artists are practicing for the big night, lots of turning and chat if you are into that. Consists of multiple takes of each song, Bob is on only three. Not something I listen to much, but still glad I own.

IN THE GARDEN (2) October 16, 1992. Few differences from the official release though it contains "Song for Woody" which was declared to be lost due to technical difficulties. I guess the bootleggers had better equipment.

OCTOBER 23, 1992 (2) Newark, Delaware

OCTOBER 24, 1992 (2) Storrs, Connecticut. Good recording of a flat performance. Just didn't cut it for me. The vocals are dull, particularly on the acoustic songs & it just don't ignite on the electric stuff. I tried to like this one and just couldn't get there. And please don't play this version of "Times They Are" to your skeptical friends. Ugh.

OCTOBER 25, 1992 (2) Providence, Rhode Island. A frustrating show with highs like the harp during "Watchtower" and some performed rarities. But also wobbly & inconsistant the voice can't seem to decide to stay musical or atonal - a mixed bag, but I like it.

OCTOBER 27, 1992 (2) Burlington, Vermont

OCTOBER 28, 1992 (2) Springfield, Massachusetts. A spectacular show. Especially like the first 2/3 as the concert hit a speed bump after the acoustic set with the empty "Unbelievable" and "I'll Remember You." But quite a nice addition to this collection.

OCTOBER 30, 1992 (2) Beverly, Massachusetts. Not a disaster (how's that to start a review), but don't expect an official release from Columbia from this era either. The arrangement seem okay, but Bob just doesn't have much spirit. Still a few nice spots like "Shelter," but shit isn't, "Unbelievable" is about as worthless a tune as he has ever written.

NOVEMBER 1, 1992 (2) Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania. Band played well. Some excellent performances. A touch of chat around the taper, but a worthwhile show.

HIMSELF. (2) November 2, 1994 in Youngstown, Ohio (I've been there it ain't pretty). Terrific show - great song selection. Difficult art to copy due to configuration.

NOVEMBER 3, 1992 (2) Cincinnati, Ohio

NOVEMBER 8, 1992 (2) Coral Gables, Florida

GULF COAST HIGHWAY (2) November 9, 1992. The recording is good, the arrangements for the most part are pretty good, instrumentation not bad, vocally...bad.

NOVEMBER 11, 1992 (2) Clearwater, Florida. A nice setlist with Bob finding traction 4/5 songs into the night. The band plays pretty well and "Disease of Conceit" with harp intro the standout.

NOVEMBER 15, 1992 (2) West Palm Beach, Florida. Against my better judgement, I enjoyed this one.

LUCKY 13. Cool variety of under performed songs from 1993 like "Series of Dreams," "You're Gonna Quit Me," "God Knows."

FEBRUARY 5, 1993 (2) Dublin, Ireland. Somewhat thin sounding, Mono? recording that doesn't really have much to speak for it. A bit uninspiring - in fact it mostly sucks. A horrible "Tambourine Man" for one. Ugh it really sucked. And perhaps the lamest "Highway 61" ever.

FEBRUARY 7, 1993 (2)  London, England

TOMORROW NIGHTS. (2) Culled from the Feburary 7-9 1993 shows at the Hammersmith Apollo. Good audience recording with lots of harmonica.

APOLLO LANDING (2) Mostly from the February 8, 1993 show. At first I thought exactly the same as above, but apparently not.

FEBRUARY 11, 1993 (2) London. Band plays pretty well, Bob wasn't there vocally, but he's getting there. Highlight: "Tomorrow Night." Low light: "Stuck Inside."

FIFTH TIME AROUND. (2) February 12, 1993. Standard stuff, but still an enjoyable night - how many bootlegs have been culled from those Hammersmith shows

FEBRUARY 13, 1993 (2) London. The final night is another standard audience taping. Other than the weak "Rainy Day" opener, a strong first half that ultimately somewhat lost me. An 11 min ramble through "Tangled" that is, lets say, Grateful Dead like.

FEBRUARY 15, 1993 (2) Ultrecht. Nice screaching "River flow" sounding very much like the album take. Felt some real charm + heart on this night. Just like the sweet back to back takes of "Jim Jones" and "Tomorrow Night." And "I and I" was a gutbusting success. And don't let forget the effective vocal on "Thin Man."

FEBRUARY 15, 1993 (2) ALT. An alt mix or perhaps different taping.

SHADOWS IN THE SOUNDS(2) Febuary 16, 1993 in Holland. Good.

THE NEVER ENDING TOUR FEATURING LIZ SIOUSSI. (2) February 17, 1993. Eindhoven, Germany. Has got a hysterical "We Want Bob" chant before the encores. An acceptable audience recording without any real surprises. Liz was an audience member who wrangled her way on stage and ultimately dueted with Bob - actually quite good.

FEBRUARY 18, 1993. (2) Superb. Blasts off with Johnny Cash's "Folsum Prinson Blues" and comes to a magnificent close with "It Ain't Me, Babe." Maybe the greatest live version of "Mr. Tambourine Man." High recommendation!

FEBRUARY 20, 1993 (2) Wiesbaden, Germany. A nice show and a well recorded boot. Certainly this year had it's excellent setlists.

FEBRUARY 21, 1993 (2) Petange, Luxembourg. Enjoyed this one. "Tambourine Man" recast as a a country 2 step - quite fun. Always enjoy "I and I" though he sort of ruins "Knockin." And let's just that the instrumental break on "Ain't Me Babe" is well, well amatuerish.

FEBRUARY 23, 1993 (2) Paris, France. Nice show with Bob on track and on mark.

FEBRUARY 25, 1993 (2) Belfast, Ireland

NO TIME TO THINK (2) Compilation of tracks mostly from the April of 1992 swing through Australia, though the first bunch of tracks are from the September/93 Wolftrap show. Lots of good stuff.

APRIL 12, 1993 (2) Louisville, Kentucky. Decent to pretty good recording - a couple of leaden moments, but some worth material as well.

RIGHTEOUS TO ME - 1993 (2) April 13, 1993. Nashville, Tennessee. It's Bob working through it.

APARIL 14, 1993 (2) Nashville.  A bit dreary

APRIL 16, 1993 (2) Radford, Virginia. Not too shabby. Enjoyable.

APRIL 17, 1993 (2) Knoxville, Tennessee

APRIL 18, 1993 (2) Asheville, Tennessee

HARD TIMES IN ALABAMA (2) April 19, 1993. Huntsville, Alabama. Yes - a pretty clean recording with a quite good Dylan performance. Some misses: "Gates of Eden" and some hits particularly the lead "Hard Times." Nice rarities added as a bonus like "Black Jack Davey," "Poncho & Lefty" and "Series of Dreams."

APRIL 21, 1993 (2) Monroe, Louisiana

APRIL 23, 1993 (2) New Orleans, Louisiana

BREADCRUMB SINS (2) Collection from June 27, 29, 30, 1993 shows. The electric "Tangled" performance quite unique + inspired, not the greatest but real good. Very good stuff, some excellent rock and roll, baby.

JUNE 12, 1993.  Fleadh Festival, London England.  Van Morrison stops by for duet on "One Irish Rover"

RIGHTEOUS TO ME. June 17, 1993 (2) Tel Aviv, Israel. Nice soundboard of not my favorite era, but Bob is clearing climbing his way up and out. Always enjoy hearing "Jim Jones" and "Tomorrow Night."

JUNE 19, 1993 (2) Beersheba, Israel. Good show but not crazy good. At times things get a little sloppy, but I still liked it. Closes out with an excellent slow stroll through "Ain't Me Babe."

JUNE 20, 1993 (2) Haifa, Israel. More Bob in Jewland and he starts the night with "Hard Times?" Well he did throw in "Little Moses" into the set as well. Not a bad show really, a Calypso? like arrangment of "Stuck Inside" kinda worked. I squeezed out some pleasure from this one.

JUNE 22, 1993 (2) Athens, Greece. A Clean recording with Bob's voice sounding a little bitter to me ear though clear. A bit pedestrian until he segways Tambourine Man into Cat in the Well? Kinda strange and not mentioned on Pagel's setlist. Always nice to hear "Man in the Long Black Coat." A little surface noice on 2 tracks, not bad tho.

JUNE 23, 1993 (2) Athens, Greece. A rockin' "Watchtower" and "Tangled, this is a nice show and Bobby's got that nasal vocal thing going. A bit sloppy and ragged especially with a butt ugly "Girl From the North Country" closer.

JUNE 25, 1993 (2) Naples, Italy.   

June 26, 1993 (2) Pisa, Italy

JUNE 27, 1993 (2) Milano, Italy. Bob's a bit of a drone vocally, but don't take that the wrong way.

HARD TIMES IN MARSEILLE (2). June 29, 1993. Excellent show with some amazing playing by the band and a couple of killer harmonica solos. A 12 1/2 minute "Shelter from the Storm."

JULY 1, 1993 (2) Barcelona, Spain

JULY 2, 1993 (2) Victoria, Spain

JULY 4, 1993 (2) The Fleadh Festival, Waterford, Ireland. Not a bad performance, certainly well performed. Just a bit ragged & sloppy that's all.

JULY 6, 1993 (2) Huesca, Spain

JULY 8, 1993 (2) Dijon, Spain

JULY 9, 1993 (2) La Corona, Spain

JULY 10, 1993 (2) Oporto, Portugal

ON THE RISING CURVE (2). July 12, 1993.  Merida Spain.  A candidate for best in era show. 

JULY 13, 1993 (2) Cascais. A nice "Stuck Inside" - maybe the song best rendered in the year. A good "Maggie" and a sweet "Cat in the Well" still not quite enough of a filling meal for my hunger.

JULY 17, 1993 (2) Bern, Switzerland.  

AUGUST 21, 1993 (2)  Seattle, Washington.

AUGUST 22, 1993 (2)  Vancouver, Brittish Columbia. 

AUGUST 23, 1993 (2) Portland, Oregon

AUGUST 25, 1993 (2)   Engelwood, California

AUGUST 27, 1993 (2)  Falcon Heights, 

AUGUAT 28, 1993 (2) Milwaukee, Wisconsin

AUGUST 29, 1993 (2) Tinley Park, Illinois

AUGUST 31, 1993 (2) Clarkston, Michigan

SEPTEMBER 2, 1993 (2) Toronto, Ontario, Canada.  Enjoyable show, love the 9+ minute take of "Hattie Carroll" closing out the regular set.  Wow. 

SEPTEMBER 3, 1993 (2)  Syracuse, New York.  Enjoyable performance and satisfying recording.  Strong throughout. And thanks, Bob, for a "Long Black Cat.a' 

SEPTEMBER 4, 1993 (2) Saratoga Springs, New York. Some of Bob's most interesting setlists are from NET '93. I think of it as a transitional year in terms of performance quality. This - a good evening. A bit of distance in the sound didn't prevent me from enjoying the boot. And "Gates" played just the way I want it to be.

SEPTEMBER 5, 1993 (2) Scraton, Pennsylvania

NOT MUCH IS REALLY SACRED (2) September 8, 1993. A great setlist just not given justice by the recording - just below acceptable. Just too much surface noice with a muddied sound throughout.

SEPTEMBER 8, 1993 (2) Vienna Virginia, ALD Recording.  Superb. 

SEPTEMBER 9, 1993 (2) Vienna, Virginia. I'm affraid a distant recording - just at that acceptable level. Too bad 'cause the band was playing well. A 12 song setlist but a good one with "Blackjack Davey" and "Gates" on the docket.

NO TIME TO THINK. September 9, 1993. Vienna, Soundboard upgrade. Not bad, but volume levels swing a bit.

SEPTEMBER 10, 1993 (2) Wantagh, New York. 

GREAT WOODS (2) September 12, 1993. Crystal clear soundboad boot - strong night. Nice to get a rare "One More Cup of Coffee."

SEPTEMBER 14, 1993 (2) Holmdel, New York

SEPTEMBER 17, 1993 (2) Charlotte, North Carolina. A bellow acceptable audience taping of a spent Bob.

SEPTEMBER 18, 1993 (2) Atlanta, Georgia

SEPTEMBER 19, 1993 (2) Raleigh, North Carolina. Ditto.

SEPTEMBER 23, 1993 (2) West Palm Beach, Florida.

OCTOBER 1, 1993 (2) Costa Mesa, California

OCTOBER 2, 1993 (2) Hollywood, California

STUMBLIN' ALONG. October 3, 1993. Another clean soundboard with a nice varied set. Not the kindest of titles, eh.

OCTOBER 5, 1993 (2) San Bernardino, California

OCTOBER 7, 1993 (2) Concord, California. A nice show - c'mon "Black Jack Davey" sung in a low & innocent tone. An imperfect Bob, but I'll take it.

OCTOBER 8, 1993 (2) Sacramento, California. A pretty good evening - seemed to rock pretty hard and have a nice balance with the acoustic material. 13 songs are a bit short for the ticketholders.

OCTOBER 9, 1993 (2) Mountain View, California

FIRST SUPPER (2) November 16, 1993. The first night of the gigs in NYC. The sound quality of the audience taping grows on you with time, but Dylan & the band were in PEAK form that night. When will Columbia released the actual tapes? We've gotten a couple of songs in perfect sound quality in the From the vaults collection.

SECOND SUPPER. (2) The next night and again Bobby is sensational with the sound quality not doing the performance justice.

THE SUPPER CLUB UPGRADE (4) November 16 & 17, 1993. Courtesy of the Dylan Tree, its simply the most inspired arrangements of Mr. Dylan's career.

SUPPER CLUB SOUNDBOARD. November 16, 1993 - Late Show. I have died and gone to heaven!

THE GENUINE SUPPER CLUB SHOWS (4), both shows, so good, so special.

UNPLUGGED AT SUPPER CLUB. (4) This is Captain Acid's remaster of the great shows and did a fantastic job.

HIGHWAY OF DIAMONDS. VOLUME 2 - TV PERFORMANCES 93-97. Nicely chosen single disc consiting of the UK Prince's Trust concert, the Pope Gig and other assorted one shoters. Not bad if you don't have the material elsewhere.

FEBRUARY 5, 1994 (2) Sendai, Japan. Fantastic show - starting the year off with a bang! Great crowd reaction and recognition.

FEBRUARY 8, 1994 (2) Tokyo. Subpar taping recorded from the balcony? The Bathroom?

BREAKFAST IN YOKOHAMA. (2) February 7, 1994
LUNCH IN TOKYO. (2) February 9, 1994
DINNER IN OSAKA (2) February 12, 1994 Okay recordings of Bob's swing through Japan. Has some nice moments, but I think some of the other 1994 shows are better.

FEBRUARY 11, 1994 (2)  Nagoya-Sh, Japan.

FEBRURARY 14, 1994 (2) Kokora, Japan. A sturdy offering - just never really jumped out at me though.

FEBRUARY 15, 1994 (2) Kokura, Japan. Superb! Outstanding even - great sound & peformance. A rare though unsuccessful "Series of Dreams" was a bit of misstep.

SENSEI. February 16, 1994, Hiroshima, Japan. Nice to hear "Series of Dreams," but nothing

FEBRUARY 18, 1994 (2) Urawa, Japan

TRIPLE NIGHT (2) February 20, 1994. Tokyo, Japan. Fine specimin of the bootlegged form. No artwork.

APRIL 5, 1994 (2) Springfield, Illinois. Plenty of magic pouring out my speakers. It's Bob Dylan the way I like to hear him. Just listen to "Tambourine Man" vocal. Top Shelf.

APRIL 6, 1994 (2) Davenport, Iowa. Opening track "Big Girl" sung in light & playful manner. A rare "Lady From Baltimore" + a beutiful "Baby Blue." During the acoustics the strangest arrangement of "Series of Dreams" that I have ever heard...lumbering and not particularly well captured by the taper. Inconsistant sound throughout - maybe give the whole deal a straight B. That does mean some stuff sounds spectacular too.

APRIL 7, 1994 Ames Iowa. I only have the first 10 tracks missing the final 5. Pretty nice show with the acoustic stuff particularly strong.

APRIL 9, 1994 (2). Lawrence, Kansas

APRIL 12, 1994 (2)  Rockford, Illinois.  Just love the breezy arrangements during this tour.   They stretch out but never too far.

APRIL 15, 1994 (2) Green Bay, Wisconsin. I always look forward to receiving in these '94 shows with the "Jokerman" opener and the great setlist and performances to follow. This didn't disappoint as Bobby was in a rockin' mood...somtimes a little too hard ("Tangled") - sometimes perfectly ("River Flow.")

APRIL 16, 1994 (2) Valparasiso, Indiana

APRIL 17, 1994 (2) Chicago, Illinois. Strong Performance. I'm not bothered by the chat, crowd encouragement & noice. Not the best taping from the era, but still enjoyable.

APRIL 18, 1994 (2) Chicago, Illinois. A little low level chat again didn't prevent me from enjoyed this show.

APRIL 22, 1994 (2)  Fort Wayne, Indiana.  A warm and delightful show, hitting all cylinders.  

APRIL 23, 1994 (2) Milwaukee, Wisconsin. A bit of a disappointment. A blase recording of an erratic performance. Play this one loud and clear the room.

APRIL 24, 1994 (2) Rochester, Minnesota. Noisy at times, but still the taping captures this great band in a strong performance. Love that "Disease of Conceit" one of his best straight forward vindictive come ons.

APRIL 26, 1994 (2) Sioux City, Iowa. Bob shooting par or better on each tune. Another beaut.

APRIL 27, 1994 (2) Lincoln, Nebraska. Acceptable, yet formuliac show, a passable audience taping hiding whatever sparks were on stage that night. Nice to get a soft take of "She Belongs to Me" and a nearly 10 minute "It Ain't Me Babe."

REAL VOICE OF AMERICA (2) April 28, 1994. Nice show with some bonus tracks from 2 weeks earlier in Peoria. Standard setlist from the time, but enjoyable.

APRIL 30, 1994 (2) Springfield, Missouri. Contains a strange and unusual musical ending to "Tangled." Overall a very good recording and equally well perfomed. Lots and Lots of harp -"I Don't Believe You" in a perfect tempo and "Masters" who such drama & bite.

MAY 1, 1994 (2) Columbia, Missouri. Band played well & Bob's got a nice sparkin his heels, but the recording quality is lacking a little.

MAY 3, 1994 (2) Evansville, Indiana. Yeah! Some nice booty - Super harp on "Grain of Sand." All in all, very good sound. Guitarist JJ Jackson, didn't have the best night - be sure to appreciate Larry Campbell.

MAY 6, 1994 (2) Spartanburg, South Carolina

MAY 7, 1994 (2) Chatanooga, Tennsessee. Very Good show with another standout "Disease of Conceit."

LIVE IN MEMPHIS. May 8m, 1994 (2) Enjoyable show - I'm thinking that Van Morrison was correct about Winson Watson - a banger with no sense of rhythm. I listened to this show 21 years later by chance and struck by some wonderful nuances and the shitty drumming.

ARE YOU EXPERIENCED? May 18-22, 1994. Nara, Japan. It was a strange gig with big, full arrangements backed by the Tokyo Philharmonic Orchestra. Contain the rehearsals, the performances for each of the 3 days - but what the hell is Bon Jovi doing there covering "Just Like A Woman."

NARA. Benny. Boy Remaster of above e show.  

EXCLUSIVE SERIES '94. From the July European swing, nice collection of sgons with consistantly high sound quality.

NAPOLEAN IN RAGS (2) The first disc consists of the July 3, 1994 show with the 2nd containing various European shows. A hit & miss affair throughout, though the hits are extraordinary. Good sound quality throughout and my favorite version of "My Back Pages."

JULY 4, 1994 (2) Lyon, France. Very nice era show. Strong packing and very well recorded.

JULY 5, 1994 (2). Lyon France

THE MAN, THE MASTER (2). July 7, 1994 in San Remo, Italy. Another good show, though nothing real special here.

JULY 8, 1994 (2) Milan, Italy.   A wonderful era and this recording captures it well.  A band supporting Bob and propelling him further. 

LOVE MINUS ZERO (2) July 10, 1994. Cologne, Germany. Wow! A sparkling soundboard boot from one of my favourite Dylan live era's. Among the best vocal performances I have ever heard from Bob on the title track, that's if you can get past the previous tracks with one hell of a joyous harmonica solo on "I'll Be Your Baby Tonight." A haunting whisper on Masters of War and just a a beautiful shout to the heavens on "God Knows." The five bonus tracks from the previous night are unnecessary and not on par sound wise. Only real qualm is that it isn't until "Watchtower" - the third track - before the night ignites!.

JULY 12, 1994 (2) Montreaux Jazz Festival, Montreaux, Switzerland. Highest recommendation. Bob must have been inspired by the festival and we get alot of great harp playing. I may be missing opening track, "Jokerman," but this is a great one!

THE WIENER CLUB OF SPAULDING (2) July 15, 1994. Nice show albeit without surprises. Good quality and good performance thoughout. Now there's a club I'll join, Groucho.

INSIDE THE RAIN. July 17, 1994, Krakow, Poland. This is a s-t-r-a-n-g-e one. To start the main performance is a hollow one and probably incomplete. Bonus tracks obtuse: snippets of a speech here, and then closes with a Was (Not Was) song? Huh?

ONE SUMMER DAY. July 19, 1994 (2) Warsaw, Poland. Superb recording of a show where even it's misses are fun to listen to ("Blowin"). Sourced bonus tracks are real good good as well. A nice boot. No artwork.

JULY 21, 1994 (2) Dresden, Germany. Not bad, just underwhelming.

JULY 23, 1994 (2) Halle. A bit mono sounding - decent show which also contains about 10 unsourced bonus tracks unrelated to Dylan - I think.

JULY 24, 1994 (2) Gotha. A reminder at how sweet and spectacular this touring era was. A dee-light.

JULY 25, 1994 (2) Kiel, Germany. Real nice recording - you get a "Disease of Conceit," but some nice performances throughout the short, fourteen song night.

JOKERMAN. Collection of his Eastern European tour songs from the Summer of 1994. Recording quality is pretty good, the vocals are upfront (and energetic), but the band is not mixed in quite well. Bizare cover art.

AUGUST 10, 1994 (2) Portland, Maine. Shitty recording. Vocal buried too deeply into the mix.

AUGUST 11, 1994 (2) Patterson, New York. A tad dreary, not a total washout though.

AUGUST 12, 1994 (2) Stratton, Vermont. Nicely recorded show that I fully enjoyed.

WOODSTOCK 1994. August 14, 1994, Saugarties, New York (2) The complete Woodstock show in high quality. That was the Woodstock without the big fire.

JUST BECAUSE (2) August 16, 1994, Lewiston, New York. Best way to describe it is as a flawed soundboard. For example, opening track cuts in after 5 seconds or so, but all in all a keeper. Classic show from the era in that it doesn't really kick in until after "Watchtower," the3rd song. Superb "Hattie Carroll" and nice bonus tracks from the October Roseland shows.

AUGUST 17, 1994 (2) Hershey, Pennsylvania. An imperfect recording, but still quite a joy.

PITTSBURGH '94 August 19, 1994. Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. 8 Songs from the show along with 2 bonus tracks the next night make a nice single disc. Not my favorite from this summer, but a quite a strong, rockin' performance.

THE WOLF IS LOOKING DOWN. August 19, 1994. Not this tour's best, but I do like the singing on "Hard Rain" and the harp solos on "Red Sky" and "To Ramona" to end the disc. A bit too much chat but 'salright.

AUGUST 20, 1994 (2) Cleveland, Ohio Not the best of '94, a dull "Watchtower" for example, but has some excellent music on it.

AUGUST 21, 1994 (2) Columbus, Ohio. Superb show with great passionate singing.

AUGUST 23, 1994 (2) Louisville, Kentucky. Par taping but does the job. "Maggie's Farm" rocks the house.

AUGUST 24, 1994 (2) South Bend, Indiana. Just not quite a good enough recording for me.

AUGUST 26, 1994 (2) Merrillville, Indiana. Good show. Haunting vocals & hapr on "One Too Many Mornings" that just blows me away. Dig it.

AUGUST 27, 1994 (2) Kalamazoo, Michigan

AUGUST 28 1994 (2) Kalamazoo, Michigan. Inferior recording.

AUGUST 29, 1994 (2) Detroit, Michigan. Such beuaty in his voice, its difficult for me to understand the shallow critisism of his singing voice. Some great, great stuff. Those acoustic songs are amazing! But don't let me overlook the rockin' "In the Garden" as well.

OCTOBER 1, 1994 (2) Ithaca, New York. Substandard taping - a bit gruel like, but by no means a disaster. Good efford by King Bob on a couple as well as a few blase takes ("Staying here" & a muddied "Tangled," but I liked the lo vocals on "Masters."

OCTOBER 2, 1994 (2) Amhearst, Massachusetts. I just simply LOVE the set structure of this era. Always a pleasure, man. The singing on "I Believe in You" on this night quite simply astonishes and shines thru the imperfect recording.

OCTOBER 4, 1994 (2) Portland, Maine

OCTOBER 5, 1994 (2) Portland, Maine

OCTOBER 7, 1994 (2) Boston, Massachusetts. A strong recording + a spectacular show from his stay in the cradle of the American revolution. Perhaps the very best version of "Red Sky" I've heard (along with a nifty harp solo).

BLUE EYED BOSTON BOY. (2) October 8, 1994 in Boston with a couple of fillers from his stand at the Orpheum. Fine show.

OCTOBER 9, 1994 (2) Boston, Massachusetts. This is the show that LITERALLY changed my life. After catching this show live, I began MY grand Dylan obsession. There may be better shows, but having received this bootleg 9 years after the fact my memory in fact was correct. This was a great show with that audience connection fully captured by the taper. Those ovations after various lyrics. Lots of harp, soul and magic. Thanks Mr. Dylan.

IN LIKE FLYNN (2) October 11, 1994. Burlington, Vermont. A bit lacking in clarity, but not too too bad. You have to adjust just a little too much for the sound, but certainly more than acceptable.

OCTOBER 12, 1994 (2) Providence, Rhode Island. WHile the acoustic songs aren't quite captured as well: problem solved: just turn up the volume. Well worth it to hear "Gates of Eden" so well performed.

OCTOBER 14, 1994 (2) Albany, New York. Another fine taping.

OCTOBER 15, 1994 (2) West Point, New York. A minor digital flaw on a track or two, but show seemed a bit flat anyways. Must have been all those crew cuts in the Audience at America's Military Academy. Nice 2 steppin' "Don't Think Twice," and always welcome "Hattie."

OCTOBER 16, 1994 (2) New Haven, Connecticut. Decent show with decent to good sound. Seemed rough at times, but overall I'd still rate it right at okay.

OCTOBER 18, 1994. Roseland, New York City. Decent yes less than perfect audience taping. Little if any chat, just a bit one dimensional. Super harp solo on "If You See Her," an empty electric "Tangled" Good vocals all night as the performance got better and better as the night progressed. A pretty pretty "Back Pages" closes it out.

STUCK INSIDE OF ROSELAND WITH THE NEW YORK BLUES AGAIN. October 19, 1994. The middle night with 11 of the songs slapped on this single disc. Audience recording. Good, not great.

OCTOBER 19, 1994 (2) New York, New York.  Bennyboy Remaster.  Nice job, Ben.

ALL ALONG THE ROSELAND (2) October 20,1994 in NYC. High recomendation on this one with guest shots from Springsteen & Neil Young. Staggering!

OCTOBER 20, 1994 (2)  New York, New York.  Benny Boy Remaster.  Again, nice job to recast these City shows,

OCTOBER 22, 1994 (2) Rochester, New York. Very sharp taping of our hero in upstate New York, the home of what now barely remains of Eastman Kodak and flowers and flour. Super show, Bob.

OCTOBER 23, 1994 (2) Syracuse, New York. Sorry but the snazzy harp solo didn't save what had to be a Garcia inspired "Shelter." But don't get me a wrong, all in all a good show. The burst of applause after the final lyric on "Masters" says everything about my love of all things Dylan.

OCTOBER 25, 1994 (2) Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania. Love it all, that great big voice, the harp & that rootsy band. Highlights -- the back to back acoustic killers "Tambourine Man" and then "Desolation Row" - Magical.

OCTOBER 26, 1994 (2) Salisbury, Maryland. The vocal is upfront, but that's the best that can be said about this boot.

OCTOBER 27, 1994 (2) Upper Darby. Lovely show. A beautiful stretch as "Tambourine Man" got nearly acapella mid song followed up shortly by a steller harp solo. All acoustic material, spot on. A touch of distance in the recording, but still warm & friendly. And the electric "She Belongs to Me"...yahoo!!!!

OCTOBER 28, 1994 (2) Upper Darby, Pennsylvania. A good, but not great recording of a good night. Thanks for "Gates of Eden."

OCTOBER 30, 1994 (2) Washington, DC. Nice - a beautiful "Tambourine Man" with just a trace of guitar for much of it as accompanienment - Another superb show from a fall tour with consistant high quality performances.

OCTOBER 31, 1994 (2) Washington, DC. The next night and another wonderful show.

NOVEMBER 1, 1994 (2) Norfolk, Virginia. 13 long songs by this bashing outfit captured pretty well. Winston Watson smashes the living bejuses out of the skins.

NOVEMBER 2, 1994 (2) Roanoke, Virginia. Not so bad taping. A bit muted, but more than okay. Adjust the volume up and you are okay.

NOVEMBER 4, 1994 (2) Gainesville, Georgia. Another strong set - recording while not top flight sure ain't shabby. There's alot of people whom I'd like to make listen to "Disease of Conceit."

NOVEMBER 5, 1994 (2) Knoxville, Tennessee. Again an up front vocal without much separation.

NOVEMBER 6, 1994 (2) Asheville, North Carolina. If live Bob is all about the phrasing + performing then take a gander of this "Lay Lady Lay." He draws some notes for so long you can't believe he didn't run out of breath. I'm most passionate about those mini-acoustic sets. A majestic "Masters."

NOVEMBER 8, 1994 (2) Nashville, Tennessee. At the Ryman which is fun, but this is just a passable taping.

NOVEMBER 9, 1994 (2)  Nashville, Tennessee.  A better recording and a great performance.  Powerful.

NOVEMBER 10, 1994 (2) Jackson, Tennessee. Lotsa good stuff here, how about that harp during "Lay Lady." The audience goes frickin' nuts when Carl Perkins stops by for a take on "Matchbox" A metsa metsa recording though.

NOVEMBER 12, 1994 (2) New Orleans, Louisiana. A less than satisfying recording end a very satisfying year of shows.

NOVEMBER 13, 1994 (2) New Orleans, Louisiana

MTV REHEARSALS. Good fun with a few takes on songs not used during the official taping.

COMPLETELY UNPLUGGED (2). November 17 & 18, 1994. The complete and unedited MTV tapings are a fascinating listen. Here in all it's glory with a false start or two are some terrific performances not included in the commercial product. Michael Gray aside, I think it was an exceptionably enjoyable performance.

12/- A POUND. March 11 & 12, 1995. Prague. A decent enough recording, though one can do better with other shows during this swing.

MARCH 11, 1995 (2)  Bennyboy Remaster.  Prague.  The upgrade of the legendary and much loved show..  Plenty of sweet highlights from our Bob. 

MARCH 13, 1995 (2) Prague

1995 EUROPEAN TOUR (5) A magical set featuring the legendary March 13 Prague show as Bob performed without guitar after being ill, a ton of harp playing. The five discs are the way to grab the best performances of the year. Too many highlights to mention. Recommend.

MARCH 14, 1995 (2) Furth, Germany. You betcha. This is a sweet show that's alot of fun. Super pedal steel on "If You See her," Bucky: You nailed it. What a clearn recording in general and a sweet stab at the usually forgettable "Unbelievable" with a John Popper esque harp solo plug in the middle. A positivevly moody and beautiful "Baby Tonight" with 2 minutes of riffs before Bob slip in with a low, perfect vocal - wow - and a crazy, fucking harp solo that will have you shivvering. Okay, I almost forgot to sing the praises of "Masters" peformed as a somber death march. And a defining "Man in the Long Black Coat." Highest recommendation.

DOWN IN THE FLOOD. March 15, 1995 in Aschaffenburg. Sweet sounding single discs with terrific sound throughout. Hysterical cover art of a cartoon penguin band playing.

MARCH 16, 1995 (2) Bielefield, Germany. Let's just say phenomonal. Love Love Love: "4th Street," "Long Black" and a delightful "If Not For You" with a long, playful, melodic harp solo. Excellent unsourced bonus trax as well.

MARCH 19, 1995 (2)Kerkrade, The Netherlands. A sizler of a show - excellent sound & performance and a soundboard, I'd bet to boot.

WITH ONE HAND WAVING FREE (2) March 20, 1995 in Utrecht. Nice double set with a number of highlights.

MARCH 22, 1995 (2) Lisle, France. Another superlative performance. A performance of "Watchtower" the way it ought to be. "4th St" sung with that low soft, wise voice.

A MILLION FACES AT MY FEET (2) March 23, 1995 in Brussels with some bonus tracks of some rarely played tracks from the US in 1994. The main may have a pedestrian setlist, but quite a good show.

MARCH 24, 1995 (2) Paris, France. Yes yes, it's a masterful performance. Quite an unusual harp on "I Want You." I know I sound like a broken record, but its top notch. A "LARS" that starts from the gut.

March 26, 1995 (2) Brighton, England. Wonderful -All Good!

March 27, 1995 (2) Cardiff, Wales. Innitially thought this was a good, but subpar era shows. Mostly due to stale "Tangled" and a "Senor" that stumbled. But then a monumental "Boots of Spanish Leather" and then a career in itself performance of "Desolation" turned into a magical universe. And then more, a tubthumping "Maggie" and a rockin' "LARS" that ultimately made this a special night.

SKIPPIN' REELS OF RHYME (2). March 29 & 30, 1995 at the Brixton Academy. No real surprises in song selection, but a great listen.

F*** THE PLAYLIST. (2) March 30, 1995. This is one great stand at the Academy Theatre in Brixon - a blast.

ROMANTIC FACTS OF MUSKETEERS. (2) March 31, 1995 I've read a little too much praise for this boot, but still quite an enjoyable listen. Specials guest role: Elvis Costello, Chrissie Hynde & Nenah Cherry (love her, where's she's been?)

BRIXTON BLUES (2) March 31, 1995. Dylan was playing longer, bluesy, drawn out versions of songs during this period Guests include: Chrissie Hynde, Elvis Costello and Carole King. Final 2 tracks have glitches.

BOB'S FULL HOUSE (2) March 31, 1995. Yup that's right three different boots same night.

APRIL 2, 1995 (2) Birmingham, England. Listened to this well after I made it through many of this era's shows. I also dug these shows and listening to this one I realized that my impression is correct. A fine one.

APRIL 3, 1995 (2) Manchester, England. A bit metalic if not mono sounding recording - maybe been remastered and reworked a bit too hard as you don't here much audience. Enjoyed nonethless once the ear adjusts.

APRIL 4, 1995 (2) Manchester, England. Slightly substandard taping, just not as good as some of these other Spring shows, but hey "Dignity" and "Mornings" are still quite nice.

SONGS OF DARKNESS. SONGS OF LIGHT. (2) April 5, 1995 - with a few bonus tracks from the previous night. Manchester, UK. Super show with some nice performances throughout and good, not great, sound.

APRIL 6, 1995 (2) Edinburgh, Scotland. A good show with the twin Oh Mercy "Wanted" & "Disease" as its real treasures. Hey Bob, how about hauling those puppies out next time you're in Boston for me. A worthwhile show those the vocals are a bit faint from time to time.

APRIL 7, 1995 (2) Edinburgh, Scotland. Era substandard taping, I'm afraid but still okay. Just not among the cream of the crop.

APRIL 9, 1995 (2) Glasgow, Scotland. A smashing performance in clear soujd. An incredible accoustic set with a staggering slowed down versions of "Shelter" and "Tambourine Man" which has one of those amazing harp solo's building from 2 notes into nirvana. Love it.

APRIL 10, 1995 (2) Belfast, Ireland. A good show - not quite as good as these other Spring shows - the slightly inferior recording still good enuf.

DYLAN GETS TO THE POINT (2) April 11, 1995 in Dublin, Ireland. Great set with appearances from Carole King, Van Morrison & Elvis Costello. Two discs of dope stuff.

EXCLUSIVE SERIES '95 Collection of various performances including the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame shows.

MAY 10, 1995 (2) San Diego, California. Don't mind the chat early & never mind the bullocks, her'es Bob nailing some amazing performances. Maybe the best "Boots of Spanish Leather" that I have ever heard. Pretty much a highlight reel itself. With "Shooting Star" & "Tambourine Man" just so sweetly given. Wow and the electric "Seeing the Real You" & "Black Coat" spectacular.

MAY 12, 1995 (2) Las Vegas, Nevada. Another STRONG outing.

MAY 13, 1995 (2) Las Vegas, Nevada. Having listend to alot of these Spring shows a few weeks apart, this one is just a tad inferior to its peers. It did seem to improve as the listening progressed and certainly a more than proper show.

MAY 15, 1995 (2) Palm Desert, California. At first I thought the opener "Levee" would be the highlight especially after a shakey but okay "Lay Lady" But "Baby Blue," "Tambourine" + "Masters" all blew me away.

MAY 17, 1995 (2) Los Angeles, California . All one can say is another '95 show -- All the stars were aligned!!

MAY 18, 1995 (2) Los Angeles, California. Another beaut. Highlights: "I Want You" + "Gates of Eden." An era where there was a near perfect balance in each set each night.

MAY 20, 1995 (2) Santa Barbara. Excellent - highest recommendation. Tight band on this night. One of the very best "Watching the River" I've ever heard - snappy & sharp. A sweet, sad & swirving "Tambourine Man." This one captures the poet and his flock just perfectly. Don't let me forget the great "LARS" and hey he even checks the mighty Hoyt Axton in the crowd that night.

MAY 22, 1995 (2) San Francisco. What can I say, I think these Spring '95 shows are among his career best in consistancy and performance.
A mellow evening with a few more ballads and slow tunes than usual. Don't let me forget harp solo on "Black Coat."

MAY 23, 1995 (2) San Francisco, California. There's just so much to dig about this show, excellent performance, lots of soulful harp, another nice selection of tunes for the set.

MAY 25, 1995 (2) Berkeley, California. Heavenly!

May 26, 1995 (2) Berkeley, California. A dead-on vocal for "Jokerman" along with the era's nightly pleasures. A stunning "Baby Blue," an excellent "Ill Remember You," and "Highway" a sloppy pleasure.

EVERY NIGHT ABOUT THIS TIME. May 27, 1995. Perfect sound from the soundboard. Sweet show.

LAGUNA '95 (2) Same show as above with 2 songs that were left off of the other. No artwork.

GUIDED BY THE ETERNAL LIGHT (2). The bulk again a soundboard from the same show, but this one has a nice set of bonus tracks from other May and June shows. Have the nice artwork on this one. This is the superior of the trio.

MAY 28, 1995 (2) Reno, Nevada. A super "Be Your Baby," A well paced "Just Like a Woman," and its about the very best "Real You at Last" you'll ever hear. Reshapes "Masters" with some cool harp in a quite a unique way. A lovely, mournful "Knockin'" A show performed with care and attention to detail. A nice clean sound. At shows end, the tape rolls and you can eavesdrop onto a pretty funny concert discussion.

MAY 30, 1995 (2) Eugene, Oregon. Splendid - oh do I love the era's "In the Garden" Splendid.

JUNE 2, 1995 (2) Seattle, Washington. Another nice recording though "Tom Thumb's" volume seemed a little low. A stunning "Love Minus Zero" that's both dramatic & delivered straight to the hard. A super "God Knows" that really builds into an hurricane.

JUNE 15, 1995. Highgate, Virginia. A staggering "Tear of Rage" with heart, soul & Fire. A great single disc, some source burps in this soundboard so don't complain. A stupendous example of this fine era.

I SOON HIT THE HARDER STUFF. June 16, 1995. Boston, Massachusetts. Nice show that I caught. I remembered it for "I Believe in You" with Bob san guitar swaying back and forth, mike in hand - and a terrific "Tom Thumb" and "Tambourine Man." Finding this disc 6 years after I saw it, my memories were right on the money.

JUNE 18, 1995 (2) East Rutherford, NJ. Good performances throughout and well recorded -- another winner. Highlights: "Grain Of Sand," "Love Minus Zero."

JUNE 19, 1995 (2) East Rutherford, New Jersey. A pretty nice as it was a brief 11 song opener for the Warlocks at the Meadowlands. Got used to the sound quality, less than perfect, but it still makes a nice addition to my bookshelf.

THE PEDLAR NOW SPEAKS (2). June 21, 1995. Frankly a revalation this one. Spectacular sound quality, performance and song selection. How about a real slow "License to Kill" or an equally slow and reworked "Shelter from the Storm?" Contains 6 bonus tracks from the next night. High recommendation!

JUNE 21, 1995 (2)  Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.  Bennyboy Remaster.  Elevated and remastered from our friend Bennyboy.

JUNE 22, 1995 (2) Philadelphia, Pennsylvana. Another beaut - "4th Street" soulful, painful yet poignant. Love love love.

JUNE 24, 1995 (2) Washington, DC. First track wouldn't play and couldn't reburn. After that this is a sweet, worthwhile show.

SUMMER NIGHT 1995. June 25, 1995 (2) RFK Stadium, Washington, DC. Hey, old friend Jerry Garcia drops by to help out on a couple. Nice to grab a "What Good Am I?" Nice.

SALT FOR SALT (2). June 29, 1995 in Oslo, Norway. Terrific sound throughout. Good one.

GERMANY SUMMER TOUR. 1995. VOLUME 2. (2) Good audience recordings from the July 8, 10 & 12 shows in Germany. I particularly like "Shooting Star" in Volume 1, but there are plenty of other highlights. The cover arts has the incorrect dates, BTW.

JULY 1, 1995 (2) Roskilde Festival, Roskidle, Denmark

JULY 2, 1995 (2) Hamburg, Germany. Goodie. Nicely cpatures, well paced and performed. Love that bluegrass "Tangled" boys & girls.

JULY 3, 1995 (2) Hannover, Germany.  Awesome.   A stunning "Tambourine Man" and "Masters" among it's highlights.  The slow songs burn and the fast ones elevate.  Love. 

JULY 4, 1995 (2) Berlin, Germany. The band is red hot - absolutely on the money. The rockers were as smokin' as ever -- just take a gander at "Silvio" - could be the best ever take. This right after a schooled and immediate "Tangled" Wow - words can't describe the harp solo. A triumphant "I Want you." And just thrilled to "Knockin'" and a modern take on "Times" that clicked.

JULY 7, 1995 (2) Glauchau, Germany. Another super run thru hitting all of my pleasuredomes.

JULY 8, 1995 (2) Munich, Germany. It took me a little to warm up to this one. Not quite up to par with some of the Spring shows, but certainly you FEEL the connection between the performer and his audience. Starting to get a bit long winded with the instrumentation, but a fine show nonetheless.

JULY 10, 1995 (2) Stuttgart, Germany. A strong night. The ballad's weeped and the rockers shook. Well paced, sung, performed & emoted. I think the band played as well on this night as I have heard them play.

JULY 12, 1995 (2) Nice, summer Germany show - I think I have the show as part of the compilations that follow, but his is in proper sequence.

REVISITING AUTOBAHN '95. Compilation of songs of his July swing through Germany. While the cover art indicates soundboard it sounds more like high quality audience recordings to me. Strange & nice to hear an electrified "Tangled."

SOUNDS INSIDE MY MIND. July 14, 1995 Stratford-Upon-Avon, UK. (2) 11 Songs - it was a short and sweet night.

JULY 16, 1995 (2) Bilboa, Spain. Wonderful nuanced gig - alot of highlights -- "Ain't me" "Disease," + era's "Baby Blue" was just gem.

JULY 19, 1995 (2) Madrid, Spain. A par recording with a smidge of echo - Still it's alright and the music was well performed.

JULY 21, 1995 (2) Valencia. Well played show, but certainly no stand out. Like the recording quality and like "Gates of Eden." Thoroughly enjoyable though Bob was just not vocally all there.

MAESTRO (2) July 24, 1995 Barcelona, Spain. Some nice arrangements and peformances let down by the audience taping not up the performance. Not bad, just not quite there.

JULY 25, 1995 (2) Zaragoza, Spain. Imperfect recording - just feels a little washed out, maybe clean up a few too many times. Still this is a pretty good shounding show that's a real pleasure.

JULY 27, 1995.  Montpellier, France.  Includes Rolling Stone Guest spot.

JULY 28, 1995 (2)  Vienne, France.  Just a wondrous, arm night.  Just love the vibe of this era

JULY 30, 1995 (2) Nyon, Switzerland. Not a standout show, but still tre enjoyable. Rarities "Joey," "Queen Jane" + "License to Kill."

THE MIDAS TOUCH (2) September 23, 1995, Fort Lauderdale, Florida (with bonus tracks from June 7) Somewhat of a charmless recording but I don't mean that in a bad way. Some very very good performances with about half the set being rarely performed gems - what can be better? Maybe the sound quality which is a little thin and lacks warmth

SEPTEMBER 27, 1995 (2) Fort Myers, Florida. A highlight filled night. Slick recording & well played by band. Sweet!

SEPTEMBER 28, 1995 (2) Fort Lauderdale, Florida. Muy enjoyable -- with an era rare "Big Girl Now." Not a show that caught much fire, but still worthwhile. My copy ends with an unsourced Grateful Dead performance - one tune.

SEPTEMBER 29, 1995 (2) Sunrise, Florida. Plenty of moments of spectacular beauty - the long harp on "Tangled," an "Under the Red Sky" that makes you pull out the album, a shuck & jive "Most Likely" and archingly magnicient harp on "Ain't Me Babe." Okay the negatives - just a fair recording, could have use better separtion.

SEPTEMBER 30, 1995 (2) Tampa, Florida. Enchanting. Dickie Betts steps in for a stab at "Ramblin' Man" what fun!! Quite a harp solo again on "Ain't Me Babe."

OCTOBER 2, 1995 (2) Fort Pierce, Florida. Solid show, but didn't really move me.

OCTOBER 5, 1995 (2) Orlando, Florida. Superb! Loved the entire performance all nite long.

OCTOER 9, 1995 (2) Savannah, Georgia

OCTOBER 10, 1995 (2) Atlanta, Georgia. Certainly a good show, but just didn't catch fire. A lovely, sleepy "Tambourine Man" - A superb long harp on "It Ain't Me, Babe."

OCTOBER 11, 1995 (2) Atlanta, Georgia. All well & good - another night's work.

OCTOBER 12, 1995 (2) Dothan, Alabama. '95 shows are an underappreciated lot + this NET band was darn good. Some of these arrangements are best of career if you ask me i.e. a haunting "I Believe in You."

OCTOBER 15, 1995 (2) Thibodoux, Louisiana. A hard charging show!

OCTOBER 16, 1995 (2) New Orleans, Louisiana. A crap recording.

OCTOBER 18, 1995 (2) Another shit audience taping. Yuck.

OCTOBER 19, 1995 (2) Memphis, Tennessee. A dull ride saved by the superb acoustic numbers: "One Too Many," "Tambourine Man," "Masters," "Think Twice" all fabulous.

OCTOBER 24, 1995 (2) Minneapolis, Minnesota

OCTOBER 25, 1995 (2) Rockford, Illinois. Nervy set list with sound performances throughout - a great show. Plenty of fab moments: Long and musical harp solo on "Tambourine Man," that sways and soothes and a "Gates of Eden" that inhabits the soul

PLEDGING MY TIME (2) October 26, 1995 in Bloomington with bonus tracks from the Sinatra Tribute and Rock and Roll Hall of fame shows. Superb.

OCTOBER 27, 1995 (2) St. Louis, Missouri

OCTOBER 30, 1995 (2)  Little Rock, Arkansas

NOVEMBER 1, 1995 (2)  Houston, Texas.   A lot of fun, I"d give me front teeth to hear a "Gates of Eden" in person.  

NOVEMBER 3, 1995 (2) San Antonio, Texas

NOVEMBER 4, 1995 (2) Austin, Texas. Wonderful show. Fabulous "She Belongs to me" with GUEST guitarist Charlie Sexton. Ian Moore also helps out on a couple. Love it.

NOVEMBER 5, 1995 (2) Austin, Texas. A well recorded work - Doug Sahm & Ian more step it for a couple.

NOVEMBER 7, 1995 (2) Dallas, Texas

NOVEMBER 9, 1995 (2) Phoenix, Arizona. Good rockin' tonight. Da boys were plugged and buzzin. Steve Nicks stops by to help out on "Released." Very good taping awith Bob singing fantastically well all night.

NOVEMBER 11, 1995 (2) Las Vegas, Nevada. A nice show + recordng with a smidge of static on a track or two, but not enough to nix it.

DECEMBER 7, 1995 (2) Danbury, Connecticut. Quite good. Nice singing thru the evening - particularly during "River Flow."

DECEMBER 8, 1995 (2) Worcester, Massachusetts. Another smokey, cool, bluesy night.

DECDEMBER 9, 1995 (2).Boston, Massachusetts.  I was at this one.  

FIRST NIGHT IN PARADISE (2) December 10, 1995, Boston, Massarchusetts. Hey, I was at this show. Good audience taping with consistant audience noise throughout, but not overly distracting. Fine one.

DECEMBER 11, 1995 (2) New York City. I like these Paradise Lost draw arrangements than most - digging the long bluesy instrumental breaks. Love the simply beautiful "Girl From North Country," and love the setlist choices from this little tour.

DECEMBER 13, 1995 (2) Bethlehem, Pennsylvania. I enjoyed this late in the year gigs - love the Duet with Patti Smith and could hear "Big Girl Now" every night.

DYLANTREE DECEMBER 13, 1995 (2) This is a nice clean copy that includes Patti's full opening set. Bob is singing beautfully with the hushed vocal on "Desolation Row" still swaying through my head.

DECEMBER 14, 1995. New York City, New York. A delightful show, Bob is Ebulient with a skip, jump and Hop in his voice & spirit all evening long. There should be a law that he perform "Tom Thumb" at every NYC gig. Loved the slow "Tangled" and thanks for "Joey."

FIFTH NIGHT IN PARADISE. (2) December 15, 1995, Philadelphia, Pennyslvania. Quite good audience taping with a low murmer of chat throughout - not bothersome - but certainly noticeable on the slower tunes. A nuanced performance captured nicely. Some Bobcats don't like the drawn out versions of songs during this swing, but I do. Particularly like the slowed down takes on "Tombstone" and "Tangled."

DECEMBER 16, 1995 (2) Philadelphia. Good show with an inspired (slow) take on "Shelter" among its treasures.

PARADISE REGAINED. (2) December 17, 1995. From the tour with Patti Smith whom they duet on "Dark Eyes." Lots of extended jams and harmonica here. Got a nice looong and slow version of "Tangled."

APRIL 13, 1996 (2) Madison, New Jersey.  At Drew University, I went to college there, but not that show. 

APRIL 14, 1996 (2) New Haven, Connecticut. Enchanting show! Well taped, played and peformed. Sweet!

APRIL 16, 1996 (2) Springfield, Massachusetts. Would have liked a better taping for some of the electric tunes. A great "Silvio" with ambient guitar and I love the slowed down "Tangled" among the four acoustic songs all brilliant. Those acoustics would make any highlight disc - and lots of harp throughout the night. I caught this show with Jewel opening BTW.

APRIL 17, 1996 (2) Burlington, Vermont. Nice evening with the acoustic material superior to the electrics. Jewel pops in to croon during "I Shall Be Released."

APRIL 18, 1996 (2) Providence, Rhode Island. First track starts abruptly, but a good taping + performance.

THE MAINE EVENT (3) Generous triple set from Zim's 3 nighter at the Portland State Theatre April 19-21, 1996. Compiler wisely allowed for no repetition of track selection. A real pleasure.

WHAT GOOD AM I.  (2)  APRIL 20, 1996.  Portland, Maine.

APRIL 21, 1996 (2) Portland, Maine.  

APRIL 26, 1996 (2) Montreal, Canada. Excellent setlist & a dandy performances executed well.

APRIL 27, 1996 (2) Toronto, Canada.

APRIL 28, 1996 (2) Toronto, Canada. A bit noisy, but a righteously enjoyable show. Bob really nailed the electric material in '96.

APRIL 30, 1996 (2) Syracuse, New York. Shaky recording but not bad when the ear adjusts. A fiery killer harp during the opener "Leopard Skin."

MAY 1, 1996 (2) Poughkeepsie, New York. A good taping which could have been a bit tighter. Nice take on "Tangled" with a real accoustic twist. "Masterpiece" didn't quite work as well, but I liked it anyways. One critique overall, is vocals not quite there in this eve.

MAY 3, 1996 (2) Lewisburg, Pennsylvania. I guess I'll characterize this as a highly competant night. Everything is real good, but nothing really jumps out at as special. Nice to get a "This Wheel" which was well performed with harp.

MAY 4, 1996 (2) Richmond, Virginia. Delightful! The band performing a beautiful cascade behind Bob - particularly during "Tambourine Man" sealed with the harp. Also love the majestic "Masters of War."

MAY 7, 1996 (2) Louisville, Kentucky. A superb, textured and thoughful performance with the lovable growl. This is a delight.

MAY 8, 1996 (2) Columbus, Ohio. A marvelous night with a sing songy "Highway 61" amongst its many rewards. An exquisite "Girl from North Country" in its final set of encores. Note: there's a digital flaw on one track.

MAY 10, 1996 (2) Erie, Pennsylvania. A good recording of a very good nite. Lots of character in Bob's voice in '96. "Man in the Long Black Coat" - Wowee. Nice long harp on "Back Pages" and I never tire of "I and I."

MAY 11, 1996 (2) Buffalo, New York. Clean recording. Adore "Disease of Conceit." While some of the arrangement are a bit drawn out, a sharp Bobby in full control.

MAY 12, 1996 (2) London, Ontario, Canada. Nicely taped boot of a wonderful perfomance. Not perfect but still muy excellente. And thanks for the late set "This Wheel."

MAY 14, 1996 (2) Ann Arbor, Michigan. A super show from a strong series of performances.

MAY 16, 1996 (2)  Clarkston, Michigan.

MAY 17, 1996 (2) Cleveland, Ohio. Another sturdy night. Like it , a few yelps from the audience and all.

MAY 18, 1996 (2) Burgettstown, Pennsylvania. Imperfect, but okay/fine tpaing - you get a rare "Seven Days."

JUNE 15, 1996 (2) Aaarhus, Denmark. How's that pronounced. Something verry endearing about the gig. Maybe it's the opening due of "New Englewood Blues" + "Pretty Peggy O." No other set suprises, just warmth. Highlight: A pickers delight on "Don't Think Twice."

SOUL (2) June 17, 1996. One of the very best audience recorded boots that I have ever heard. Sensational set with strong vocals througout. Particularly dig "Friend of the Devil" and "Queen Jane Approximately." Had been searching for this one for awhile and was well worth the wait. B/W Art.

JUNE 19, 1996 (2) Frankfort, Germany. Superb sound - a definite treat! Long winded takes...real nice. Fav's: "Pretty Peggy-O," "Masters," "She Belongs to Me."

ESCAPING ON THE RUN. VOLUME 1 & 2. (4) June 20 & 21, 1996. Nice performance and a real good audience recordings. Love these mid summer European shows in '96.

SOMETHING IS HAPPENING HERE... (2) June 22, 1996 Terrific performance that summer and another good audience recording.

YOU MAY CALL ME ZIMMY. (2) June 24, 1996. Bob's stop in Luxemburg. "Visions of Johanna" - oh yes.

JUNE 26, 1996 (2) Liverpool. A real keeper of a show with old friend, Al Kooper, sitting in on keyboards all night. His flourishes during "4th Street" was a real pleasure. Love the 10 minute "Tangled," with its Bluegrass feel along with the scat take of "Don't Think Twice." This one a real keeper with a perfectly played "She Belongs to Me."

EMPIRE STRIKES BACK. (2) June 27, 1996 in Liverpool. Missing the artwork, but don't miss the show. Fabulous again.

BIG BOB AND THE HOLDING COMPANY. Consists of the June 29 Hyde Park Prince Trust Show (With Ron Wood), the 4 song Rock n Roll Hall of Fame show (with Springsteen) and the Sinatra Tribute track. A great listen with everything in highest available quality.

JULY 1, 1996 (2) Munster, Germany. I really love this era, but somehow feel this night was stuff. Excellent recording though.

JULY 2, 1996 (2) Mannheim, Germany. Sensational show!. An immense guitar solo on "Black Coat" and a "Hollis Brown" as good as it gets. An amazing "Gates of Eden."

ALWAYS ON MY MIND. VOLUME 2. July 3, 1996. The first 10 tracks from that night performed well and sounding great.

JULY 5, 1996 (2) Ferrara, Italy. Don't let the 1 or 2 digital flaws stop you - first off you might not notice them - and you'll miss getting the exquisite "Lay Lady" sung in a slow lullaby along with the rest of this great set.

JULY 7, 1996 (2) Pistoia, Italy. Another sturdy evening. Think "Hard Rain" should be played more frequently - it's one of his most incredible tunes. How about subbing it in for "LARS?" Nice recording this night, I love Bob.

JULY 8, 1996 (2) Passariano, Italy. A piss poor recording. Just is.

JULY 9, 1996 Salzburg, Austria. Clean, solid recording of a shortish - 14 song - night. Strong performance throughout with his solft singing on "Shelter" my highlight. But the lowlight would certainly be the muddled "Tombstone Blues" - ug.

EVENTS IN SCHLOBHOF (2) July 10, 1996. Schloss Tambach, Germany. Nice clean show - in the words of Sally Fields, I like it. I really really like it.

EYES OF THE IDOL. (2) July 12, 1996 in Magdeburg, Germany. Terrific sound throughout and an incredible version of "Gates of Eden" that I still can't get out of my head. Lots and lots of glorious harmonica. A+. High recommendation.

JULY 13, 1996 (2) Hamburg, Germany. A good, but perhaps overly cleaned up recording. Lotsa of LONG harp solos. A nice, sweet, croaky voiced take of "This Wheel" that can't be beat.

DANCE BENEATH THE DIAMOND SKY (2) July 14, 1996. Cottbooze. A sharp recording - in fact - it is spectacular!!

NORTH WIND BLOWING (2) July 18, 1996. Oslo, Norway. Nice packaging for this sparkling set. Splendid.

JULY 19, 1996 (2) Romsdalsmuseet, Molde (Where?) Decent taping - a bit muted + a tad muffled (perhaps overly cleaned. Van Morrison comes out for a couple.

JULY 21, 1996 (2) Pori, Finland.

CHRISTIANA (4) July 23 & 24, 1996 in Copenhagen. Another amazing performance with only a few songs that overlap from the 2 nights. A tour de force, essential boot.

JULY 25, 1996 (2) Malmoe, Sweden. SUPERB ROCK & ROLL! Them boys were cutting loose on their electric gee-tars on this night (and still delivering the goods during the acoustics). Lots of good stuff, even the usually forgettable "Rainy Day" swung sweetly. This one's got blood & guts.

JULY 27, 1996 (2) Stockholm, Sweden. Sharply played with a gut bucket "It takes Alot" and a souldful "Tears of Rage" among its treasures. A Good recording with a smidge of distortion on the highs, but that's complaining.

HOUSE OF THE BLUES (2) August 3, 1996. Atlanta. Grand show with an inspired performance by our fearless leader. Standard set list, but carried by a great performance and sound quality. B/W art. I think there is a video of this show floating around.

AUGUST 4, 1996 (2) Atlanta, Georgia. 

OCTOBER 17, 1996 (2) San Luis Obispo, California. A solid recording of another spectacular '96 night. Start with the great vocals, haunting on "Jokerman" and then soft & fragile on "Masters" and then just fucking amazing on "What Good Am I." Brave & ferocious.

OCTOBER 19, 1996 (2) Jean, Nevada. LOVE this one. I'll overlook its flaws, the vocals - at times - a bit behind in the mix - a dreadful "Stuck Inside" and a couple of barely audible glitches. But BOB, with that beautiful, nasal, soft voice just blending in with the band. "Love Minus Zero" performed as a solemn, sad poem - beautiful.

OCTOBER 20, 1996 (2) Mesa, Arizona. Super night - well played, light & effective singing by the Bobness.

OCTOBER 21, 1996 (2)  Tucson, Arizona.   Nicely captured long takes.  

OCTOBER 25, 1996 (2) Dallas, Texas, Just a simple, seet & captiving performance.

TWO NIGHTS (3) October 26 & 27, 1996 Austin, Texas. Smart set of 2 shows w/o the overlapping songs. Good sound quality and performance with future bandmate Charlie Sexton sitting in on a few each night. Not the greatest performances that night, but still enjoyable.

NOVEMBER 1, 1996 (2) Tupelo, Mississippi. Nice show - love "Lay Lady, "Tom Thumb." Fantastic.

NOVEMBER 2, 1996 (2) Birmingham, Alabama. Good stroll through a nice collection of tunes, well played and captured. When I hear a "My Back Pages" performanced so well I can't think of a more powerful song he has ever written.

NOVEMBER 3, 1996 (2) Chattanooga, Tennessee. A spectacular show! Simply phenomonal -- makes a strong case for the underappreciated '96 (following the gold star 1995). An incredible "Love Minus Zero." A "Knockin" that is a tour de force. A+

NOVEMBER 7, 1996 (2) Dayton, Ohio. At first I thought a substandard reocrding, but it either got better or I adjusted. Certainly no standout, but I'll gladly put it on my shelf.

NOVEMBER 10, 1996 (2) Mankato, Minnesota. Top Shelf!! Spot On!!!

NOVEMBER 13, 1996 (2) Madison, Wisconsin. Such a well played show - while no set twists...damn you don't need 'em. It's all good and all you have to do is sit back & listen.

NOVEMBER 15, 1996 (2) Columbia, Missouri. Effective performance with again a total control Bob. The songs do get strung out a bit - a 7 minute "Watchtower" is just too damn much. But any night that is enlivened with "Simple Twist" and "I and I" is worthwhile one, bro.

ROLL ON COLUMBUS (2) November 15, 1996. Columbia, Missouri. Seems like a pretty good recording but could have had better separation and sharper edges. On the whole, a nice one. A believe an alternate taping or mix or something from above.

NOVEMBER 16, 1996 (2) Davenport, Iowa. Some excellent muscianship - with some terrific breaks and performances. Superb, oft unusual arrangements.

NOVEMBER 17, 1996 (2) Bloomington, Indiana. A sonic mess.

NOVEMBER 19, 1996 (2)  Kalamzoo, Michigan.

NOVEMBER 20, 1996 (2) East Lansing, Michigan. Well played & peformed, but as I listened just don't think the arrangement were working too well. An always welcome "Tom Thumb" seemed meandering. And call me mad, but I like the slow takes of "Tamborine Man" and this one was too jangly and upbeat. Stilled loved the opener "Levee" and "Senor" to follow. Also a very nice "Times late in the evening are the trio of highlights.

NOVEMBER 21, 1996 (2)  Ann Arbor, Michigan. 

NOVEMBER 22, 1996 (2) South Bend, Indiana. Crappy recording that occassionally rises to the fair, but then seems to return to crap.

NOVEMBER 23, 1996 (2) Akron, Ohio. Kick ass night - a thrilling set. The whole show is a highlight.

I'VE GOT A SONG TO SING. Great collection of 1996 performances. One advantage to these types of discs is they containt unusual tracks and this is no exception. You get a nice "This Wheel's On Fire," "Seven Days," "Pretty Peggy-O" etc. Terrific sound quality all.

FEBRUARY 9, 1997 (2) Tokyo, Japan. A real groovey audience tpaing of a real groovey night. On a few tracks there sounds like a series of clicks - like someone is fixing the tape recorder or something. But it doesn't ruin the show at all.

FEBRUARY 10, 1997 (2) Tokyo, Japan. The recording is a bit bland. But a dead on "Love Minus Zero," a smart highlight with some loveing singing. And boy, that crowd is singing mighty loudly during "LARS."

FEBRUARY 11, 1997 (2). Tokyo, Japan.  Has a short opening set featuring Dave Stewart & Terry Hall of The Specials.  Thanks, taper.

FEBRUARY 13, 1997 (2) Kurashiki, Japan. Good sound and performance. Pleasure.

FEBRUARY 14, 1997 (2) Fukuoka, Japan

I WANNA BE YOUR LOVER (2) February 17, 1997,Osaka, Japan.

February 18, 1997 (2) Osaka, Japan

NORTHERN SONGS. February 20, 1997 (2) Nice show albeit nothing that got really got me moving.

FEBRUARY 22, 1997 (2) Akita Japan.

FEBRUARY 24, 1997 (2) Sapporo, Japan.

MARCH 31, 1997 (2) St. Johns, Newfoundland, Canada. Superb sounding disc of a hot and tasty show. The rock numbers rocked and the the ballads ruminated. Particularly effective "Shooting Star" & "Tambourine Man." A superior show - A+.

APRIL 1, 1997 (2) St. Johns, Newfoundland. A satisfying listen from the Bard. Well paced & performed. Harp solo during "Forever" was just right, expressive & on the money.

APRIL 4, 1997 (2) Fredericton, New Brunswick. A bit bass heavy in the mix, but them boys were rocking hard in Canada. Bob seemed a bit tired at time, still good.

APRIL 5, 1997 (2) Moncton, New Brunswick, Canada.

APRIL 6, 1997 (2) Halifax, Canada. Alot of nice stuff here with some very good guitar playing through the entire show. Like the acoustic driven "Watchtower" among its pleasures - a very good taping.

APRIL 7, 1997 (2). New Brunswick

MILLION MILES (2) April 8, 1997 in St. John's. Good show with equally solid sound quality.

APRIL 9, 1997 (2) Bangor, Maine.   Sharp recording of an old Bob on a groove.   Lots of Harp and a great "Masters of War."

APRIL 10, 1997 (2) Portland, Maine. Yeah, it's good stuff from these era.

APRIL 11, 1997 (2) Durham, New Hampshire. A light energetic + fun shows. A killer harp on "Tambourine Man." Bob was so up! He even put a snappy beat on "Boots of Spanish Leather."

APRIL 12, 1997 (2) Waltham, Massachusetts. It was a nite of Chicago blues well recorded and performed. Dug "Shooting Star," but really loved the swinging electric numbers. I caught this one in the Gym of a local college - I think $20.

APRIL 13, 1997 (2) Wayne, New Jersey. Excellence in Bob. A Great recording of a strong show from a rejuvinated Bobby. No set surprises, but we don't need them as all songs performed confidently. Such a good night that I even loved "Seeing the Real You" Spirit & magic all evening, highly recommend.

APRIL 15, 1997 (2) Northhampton, Massachusetts. A real, real good shows. A smart "Shelter" that burns right through me "I wish I could turn back the clock to when God & her were born." Wow. A tight, stretched "Silvio," a well played, meloncholy "Friend of the Devil," I even enjoyed the sturdy "Stuck Inside of Mobile."

APRIL 17, 1998 (2) Providence, Rhode Island

APRIL 18, 1997 (2) Albany, New York. A very very good night captured by a very very good taping. Well chosen setlist: "Hattie," "Peggy-O," "Nowhere," "Tombstone."

THE WICKED MESSENGER (3) April 19, 1997. Smashing triple set with the third disc consisting of bonus tracks from other dates that spring. Some amazing performances and consistantly superior sound throughout.

APRIL 20, 1997 (2) West Long Branch, New Jersey

APRIL 22, 1997 (2) Indiana, Pennsylvania. At the low end of acceptability, but I don't mean that in an overly critical way. Sounds a bit flatfooted - but some nice flourishes alo "Shooting Star" croaked out as best as Bob could. Some ugly misses, "Times," for one.

APRIL 25, 1997 (2) Olean, New York. Well played gig in a swing through some colleges. Good things.

APRIL 27, 1997 (2) Utica, New York. Friendly show that I listened to on my way to Newport 2002.

APRIL 28, 1997 (2) Wheeling, West Virginia. A very fine performance, I think "Long Black Veil" & "Masters" were the highlights. Not quite as good as other shows in the Spring, but pretty clean with only a smidge of chat here and there.

APRIL 29, 1997 (2) Muncie, Indiana

MAY 1, 1997 (2) Evansville, Indiana. A waste. Poor sound.

MAY 2, 1997 (2) Memphis, Tennessee. Awful sound quality - another total waste.

MAY 3, 1997 (2) Huntsville, Alabama. Dee-lightful show. Excellent.

MAY 22, 1997  Los Angeles, California.  Simon Wiesenthal Center Benefit dinner.  3 tunes.

BATHED IN A STREAM OF PURE HEAT (2) A brilliantly sequenced set of songs from the spring tour. How about the rare "Shooting Star" and "Wicked Messenger?"

1997 ACOUSTIC COMPILATION (3) A beautiful selection of outstanding performances. Bravo.

AUGUST 3, 1997 (2) Lincoln, New Hampshire

AUGUST 4, 1997 (2) Lenox, Massachusetts

AUGUST 5, 1997 (2) Montreal, Canada

CAN'T WAIT. VOLUME 2. August 7, 1997. 11 Songs from the show in Toronto. Looking for the second disc, if you have it let me know.

AUGUST 8, 1997 (2) Darien Center, New York

AUGUST 9, 1997 (2) Burgettown, Pennsylvania. Another beutiful night. Twin highlights up from the basement: "Wheel" & "Nowhere." Great!

ELVIS CAN WAIT: TOUR COMPILATION FROM AUGUST 1997 - VOLUMES 1 & 2 (4) Contains the complete August 12 show and then filled out with other August shows. My copy has slight digital noise - these is a splendid collection!!!

AUGUST 13, 1997 (2) Hershey, Pennsylvania.  Super show & Taping.  Fun set list "Ramona" and "Tough Mama."

AUGUST 16, 1997 (2) Mansfield, Massachusetts. An enjoyable show that I cuaght live - consistantly good to very good performances - but not real special. A confident "LARS" and a fun "Blind Willie McTell."]

AUGUST 17, 1997 (2) Wantaugh, New York

AUGUST 18, 1997 (2) Wallingford, Connecticut. Rick Danko stopped by for vocals on "This Wheel" and "Released" Not esstential, a bit shakyey, but enjoyable enuf gig.

AUGUST 20, 1997. Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Clean soundboarder that contains the 11 song main set and leaves off the encores. Nice night thoughout, though vocals a bit groggy. A real swampy "It Takes A Train."

AUGUST 22, 1997 (2) Virginia Beach, Virginia

BACK AT THE WOLFTRAP. (4) August 23 & 24, 1997. Soundboard boot from the Wolftrap Club in Virginia. A smokin' version of "Silvio." 1997 was certainly one of the best booted years. Incomplete artwork.

AUGUST 26, 1997 (2) Cuyahoga Fall, Ohio

AUGUST 27, 1997 (2) Noblesville, Indiana. Great little show, man. I won't quibble with the 14 song night - they were 14 good ones.

AUGUST 28, 1997 (2) Tinley Park, Illinois. A slick taping catches our hero in full force. A great, taught night featuring an urgent "Tough Mama," I'll give this one a high recommentions. Bob notes that Daniel Lanois was in audience prior to dedicating a bit perfect "What Good Am I." Bob was downright chatty intro'ing "Leopard Skin" as his fashion statement. Dang I always viewed the lyric as a crypto, inspired indictment of Veblem's consumer society run amok by superficiality and self denial.

AUGUST 29, 1997 (2) St. Paul, Minnesota. A hometown blast off! Energetic performance thru & thru captured by a pretty clean recording only with a touch of chat once or twice (though right at the beginning of swingin' "Go Nowhere" kinda bummed me out). Damn it was a nuclear "Silvio" an era highlight. Even "Stuck Inside" had a snap & crackle.

AUGUST 31, 1997 (2) Kansas City, Missouri. A super summer gig - nice recording with a touch of chat. Just dig it, comrades. A fine "Think Twice" and I could listen to that Hank Williamsified take of "Tears of Rage" every day.

SEPTEMBER 27, 1997. Bologna, Italy. 3 Song set for the Pope. Love it.

TAILGATES & SUBSTITUTES. (2) October 1 & 2, 1997 at Bournemouth International Centre. Dylan sounds a might groggy throughout these audience recordings, while it ain't bad, it just never grabbed me. Still enjoyable, but not nearly as essential to own as others around this time.

NEVER MIND THE BOLLOCKS HERE'S BOB DYLAN. (2) October 3, 1997 at Cardiff International Arena. Lots of Bucky Baxter (enjoying retirement?) steel guitar. Nice show with artwork in the style of the Sex Pistols album.

LOVESICK AT WEMBLEY (2). October 5, 1997. Real nice show with a bunch of bonus tracks including tbe Pope Gig - nice if you don't have it elsewhere.

OCTOBER 24, 1997 (2) Starksville, Mississipi. A super "Silvio" - this one is a terrific rockin' night. Lots of highlights: "Steel Walls" was spectacular, "Tangled" a knockout, a sublime "Tambourine Man," and a perfect "Blind Willie."

OCTOBER 25, 1997 (2) Jackson, Mississippi

OCTOBER 26, 1997 (2) Mobile, Alabama. An acceptable recording, though you can do better from some of the other available boots. Has a wafer thin quality to it, clean but no texture.

OCTOBER 28, 1997 (2) Athens, Georgia. Another good show from a can't miss tour swing.

OCTOBER 29, 1997 (2) Athens, Georgia.  2nd show as good as the first.   Love "Ramona" and a swingin' "Can't Wait."

OCTOBER 30, 1997 (2) Columbus, Ohio

OCTOBER 31, 1997 (2) Tuscaloosa, Alabama

NOVEMBER 1, 1997 (2) Asheville, North Carolina. Delightful show.

NOVEMBER 2, 1997 (2) Columbia, South Carolina. Enjoyable run through - containing many of era's rarities - "Stone Walls," "Friend of the Devil," "Born in Time," "Tomorrow is A Long Time."

NOVEMBER 4, 1997 (2) Knoxville, Tennessee

NOVEMBER 5, 1997 (2) Huntington, West Virginia

NOVEMBER 7, 1997 (2)  Columbus, Ohio

NVOEMBER 8, 1997 (2) Dayton, Ohio

NOVEMBER 9, 1997 (2). Bloomington, Illinois

NOVEMBER 11, 1997 (2) Lisle, Illinois

NOVEMBER 12, 1997 (2) Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Great set list. Well performed. Captured Well. 'nuff said.

YOU AIN'T GOING NOWHERE (2) November 14, 1997 in San Jose. As Link used to say in Mod Squad, "Solid." Good audience recording.

I DON'T WANNA LOOK AT LOVE (2) December 1, 1997 At the Roxy, Atlanta, Georgia. THe first of some excellent club dates, 4 TOOM songs and a fine "Shake Sugaree"

DECEMBER 2, 1997 (2)  Atlanta, Georgia

December 4, 1997 (2) Washington, DC. At the famed 9:30 Club, has imperfect sound, but no complaints. As these fall shows feature a Strong Bob. One of the tracks among the unsourced bonus trax has a source glitch.

DECEMBER 5, 1997 (2) Another from the great club tour, a rejunivinated Bob zipping through the TOOM material with a vengeance.

TONIGHT I'LL BE PLAYING HERE WITH YOU. (2) December 8, 1997 Irving Plaza, New York City. Arguably the best Dylan boot of the 90's. Rolling Stone when not putting Britney Spears on its cover sited this show as one of the best of the decade.

WHITE DOVE. (2) Same amazing show as above with the bonus tracks from the Prince's Trust concert in Hyde Park. Nice artwork as well, I've read that some have suggested that this is has a sound upgrade from the previous disc.

DECEMBER 9, 1997. (2) Avalon Ballroom in Boston. I caught this club show. Nice audience recording, though the others around this are better. This one may be a little more difficult to find.

DECEMBER 10, 1997 (2) Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. A Good recording but a slight drop off in comparison to some of these other club gigs on my one of my favorite tours of the later half of the 90's.

DECEMBER 11, 1997 (2) Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. 

DECEMBER 13, 1997 (2) Chicago, Illinois. Hey Bobby, thanks for "Shooting Star." Nice club show from a club tour swing.

DECEMBER 14, 1997 (2) Chicago, Illinois. An absolute thing of beauty - magnificient. David Bromberg steps in for an instrumental "Ragtime Annie" a mix of blue grass and boogey woogey and then joins in on "Takes a Train" as well. A show full of highlights including a beat perfect "Silvio." Only flaw is the loss of "Joey" after the first 30 seconds, but I must say this rates with the very best of these club shows.

DECEMBER 16, 1997 (2) Los Angeles, California. A good recording of one of D's greatest multi day residencies.

DECEMBER 17, 1997 (2) Los Angeles, California. Strong. Nice. Powerful. Bob is in touch with his inner self. Think these were among the last of the good to great "Tangled"s before they got a bit stale.

DECEMBER 18, 1997 (2) Los Angeles, California. Splendiforous! Dateline January/2002: Listening today, it is amazing how different Bob's vocals were just 5 years ago. A Great Show!

DON'T BE LATE (2) December 19, 1997 at the El Rey Theatre. Includes a couple of tracks with uber rock babe Sheryl Crow helping out with an accordian and vocals. Fab soundboard. Recommend wholeheartedly.

EVEN AFTER ALL THESE YEARS (2) December 19, 1997 Same show with different bonus tracks.

PARTING THE RED SEA FROM JERUSALEM AND BACK December 20, 1997 - the next night at the El Rey makes a perfect bookend. A haunting "John Brown." Impossible to decide which one's better.

JANUARY 13, 1998 (2) New London, Connecticut. Bob is singing with real passion & confidience on this nite. 16 great songs: the rock rocked and slow stuff floated.

NOT DARK YET (2) Has the complete January 14, 1998 show in New London along with some bonus tracks from the LA Shows. Good set.

TIME AND TIME AGAIN (2) January 16, 1998. New York City. Good enuf recording, but I didn't really groove until the acoustic songs - a real pretty "Mornings" to name one. Includes bonus tracks from the 17, 20 & 21st

BOB DYLAN DOES THE BIG APPLE. January 16-20, 1998 (2) Bob's extended stop in the City is captured here. Very good audience recording.

JANUARY 17, 1998 (2)  New York, New York

JANUARY 18, 1998 (2). New York City, New York

JANUARY 20, 1998 (2) New York City. A strong, well played night witht he slow tunes providing a respite from the scorching rockers.

JANUARY 21, 1998 (2) New York City. The voice warmed up a little from its coarseness thought it took much of the night to do so. Nice straight recording with good playing and arrangements. Mostly like the rockin' songs more than the acoustics & ballads. Nice bonus tracks as well.

JANUARY 23, 1998 (2) Boston, Massachusetts.  Not sure why I only went to the next night's show.  This one robust and spirited.

JANUARY 24, 1998 (2) Boston, Massachusetts. I caught this show which was co-headlined with Van Morrison. Bob came out to do "Blue Suede Shoes" during Van's set, but not on this boot - damn. A pretty good night with a froggy vocal, no other surprises.

JANUARY 27, 1998 (2)  Poughkeepsie, New York.

JANUARY 28, 1998 (2)  Syracuse, New York,   Well captured audience taping, thoroughly enjoyable.

JANUARY 30, 1998 (2) Brookville, New York

JANUARY 31, 1998 Atlantic City, NJ. Could use a bit more separation but still a decent recording that warms up as the show progresses.

FEBRUARY 1, 1998 (2) Newark, NJ High quality audienc taping though the vocals could have boosted just an inch in the mix. 15 Song night of the usual suspects with a nice "Born in Time" and "Tom Thumb" for good measure.

FEBRUARY 2, 1998. (2) Springfield, MA. Good sounding show albeit with a standard set list though any night he performs "Blind Willie McTell" is good enough for me.

FEBRUARY 14, 1998 (2). Cleveland, Ohio

A KNIFE, A FORK, A BOTTLE & A CORK. (2) February 15, 1998 in Toledo, Ohio. Lots of nice moments, I just always get the chills from "This Wheel's on Fire."

FEBRUARY 18, 1998 (2) Bristol, Tennessee

FEBRUARY 19, 1998 (2) Cincinnati, Ohio

FEBRUARY 22, 1998 (2) Fairfax, Virginia

MARCH 30, 1998 (2) Miami Beach, Florida. 

FEBRUARY 17, 1998 (2) St. Louis, Missouri. Fine evening - last track "Rainy Day" ha some digital flaws. But Superb otherwise.

MAY13, 1998.  (2) Vancouver, Brittish Columbia.  

CALIFORNIA OR BUST (2) Has the complete May 21, 1998 show in LA along with 5 from the next night and 5 from May 14 in Vancouver. Enjoyable.

MAY 16, 1998 (2) George, Washington. Love this one despite its pedestrian setlist. Just some nice singing all ngiht long. Highlight: Joni Mitchell & Van Morrison come out for "I Shall
be Released" which ignites the latter half of the show.

MAY 17, 1998 George, Washington. A sharply recorded gem - just 11 tunes played with vigor & vim.

SWEET MARIE. May 19, 1998. San Jose, California. Soundboard recording. Dylan and band were very much on - Larry Campbell - was on fire. Amazing performance. Maybe the best Mandolin led version of "Tangled." Highly recommend.

NIGHT OF THE LIVING ICONS. Contains a handful of songs from Van Morrison, Bob & Joni Mitchell from their brief tour together. Contains songs - from May 14, 19, 21, 22 & 23 - from each artist. Van is superb, I've never seen the genius of Joni, and Bob is just fine. Good tapings all.

SICK LOVE (2) May 21, 1998, UCLA Pauley Pavillion, Los Angeles, California. A fun set, you get a nice Bob set with 6 Van Morrison tunes as the bonus from the night.

CALIFORNIA OR BUST (2) Has the complete May 21, 1998 show in LA along with 5 from the next night and 5 from May 14 in Vancouver. Enjoyable.

MAY 22, 1998. Los Angeles. Nice show with just a dozen tunes - abit short for concert goers expecting a full set, but a nice one for us traders.

MAY 23, 1998. Anaheim, California. Seems to have a nice head of steam throughout the evening on this single discer.

MAY 30, 1998 (2) Nurberg, Germany. A bit sloppy, but still a good performing night.

CENTER STAGE May 31, 1998. Nurnberg, Germany. Nice show with a smidgeon of digital noise here and there, but don't let that stop you.

JUNE 2, 1998 (2) Leipzig, Germany

GLASTONBERRY '98. June 28, 1998, Pilton, England. Audience recording from Zimmy's appearance at the infamous annual festival. Not bad sound quality with some audience chatter. Not bad, jut not up to the standard of some of the others of this era.

LIVE - BERLIN WALDBUHNE. June 3, 1998 Good upfront vocals on this audience taping though you get substantial audience chattter throughout the set.

I'VE GOT NEW EYES (2) June 4, 1998, Rostock, Germany. Save for a "What Good Am I" there are no suprises here. But a consistant sound and direction on this night. Good collection of bonus tracks to round off this good one.

JUNE 6, 1998 Malmo, Sweden. 13 tunes, but thirteen good ones. Opens with that very different take on "Watchtower."

AT THE GLOBE ARENA. (3) June 9, 1998. Stockholm. Extraordinary. And I mean it. Sensational recording and performance. Chock full of bonus tracks from other June gigs. Scintillating!

JUNE 10, 1998 (2) Goteborg, Sweden

I HAVE NO ONE TO MEET. (2) The complete June 11, 1998 show in Denmark with 5 bonus tracks from the next night in Sweden. Terrific soundboard recording, a wonderful "Shooting Star" and you just can't own too many versions of "Blind Willie McTell."

EVERYTHING LOOKS SO FAR AWAY. EXCLUSIVE SERIES '96.(2) June 12, 1998. Has the most reworked "Watchtower" that I have ever heard - incredible. Lots of other goodies and some nice bonus tracks from Germany.

JUNE 14, 1998 (2) Breman, Germany. Strong show - a fine 'lectric "Long Black Coat" + I could just press play and listen to "Big Girl" over and over and over again. A sweet & lowdown "John Brown." Bob = Koyanasqzi (sp?)

HE'S GETTING READY FOR THE SHOW. June 15, 1998. Rotterdam, The Netherlands. Nice stop and a nice recording. No real surprises here, but a nice ride.

WALKING WITH YOU IN MY HEAD (2) June 16, 1998. Essen, Germany. Good set, but the segment with the acoustics Ramona/Hollis Brown/Hattie Carroll is special.

MAY YOUR SONG ALWAYS BE SUNG (2) June 17, 1998. Brussels, Belgium. Lots of good stuff here - especially all of the acoustic material. There's a beautiful, forbidding "Forever," & a magnficient "Blowin" to close out the night.

JACK THE COWBOY (2) June 20, 1998. Newcastle, England. Good representation of the 1998 sound. Excellent sound quality of a standard era setlist. Good energy in the 14 song set. I don't have source information for the bonus trax which have standout performances of "Don't Think Twice" and "Times."

JUNE 21, 1998 (2) Glasgow, Scotland

JUNE 23, 1998 (2) Sheffield, England

BETTE DAVIS STYLE. June 24, 1998. Birmingham, England along with 8 tracks from the Wembley show three nights later. Wonderful disc, missing the final track on my copy, but don't skip this one in trade because of that. Van Morrison rears his big head on "Knockin' on Heaven's Door."

JUNE 25, 1998 (2) Manchester, England

JUNE 26, 1998 (2) Roskilde, Denmark. Well paced & performed evening. A couple of this and dash of that made for a worthwhile show.

JUNE 27, 1998 (2) London, England.

THE NEVER ENDING TOUR 98 IN FRANCE - VOLUME 1 (Paris) & 2 (Dijon) (4) These are the June 30, 1998 and July 1, 1998 shows - both quite fine audience recordings that don't disappoint(nor overwhelm). Bonus tracks on Vol 2 are curiously from a February 23, 1993 in Paris. Nice moments on both sets.

JULY 3, 1998 (2) Monteux Jazz Festival. A nice ez evening - reocrding TAO with spaces between tracks.

STARS FROM THE DARKEST NIGHT (2). July 4, 1998 in Italy with a couple of bonus tracks thrown in. Plenty of good stuff throughout.

JULY 5, 1998. (2). Rome, Italy. Actually a real nice audience recording that I enjoyed more than the trader that I received it from.

JULY 6, 1998 (2) Lucca, Italy. Like the whole meal and loved the various courses. "Tambourine Man" was particularly delicious.

JULY 9, 1998 (2) Torino, Italy.  Nice sounding show, warm rugged and consistent from start to finish.

JULY 11, 1998 (2) Escalate, Spain

JULY 12, 1998 (2) Zurich, Switzerland

DOWN UNDER THE LOUNGE (2) August 19, 1998. Melbourne, Australia. Bob uncorked a genererous setlist on this rare club date.

AUGUST 24, 1998 (2) Adelaide, Australia. Can't recommend due to shabby sound and performance.

AUGUST 21, 1998 (2) Melbourne, Australia

AUGUST 22, 1998 (2) Melbourne, Australia

AUGUST 26, 1998 (2) Perth, Australia

AUGUST 28, 1998 (2) Darwin, Australia. Passable - but barely taping, but I can always here a version of "This Wheel." Can't copy 2 of the tracks.

SEPTEMBER 1, 1998 (2) Brisbane, Australia. I'd rate it somewhere between good & okay. Pedestrian sound quality with "Blind Willie" the sole set variation unless if you cound "Man in Me." To get to the highlights for the night you need to make it to the encore for a brilliant "Forever Young" and "Blowin."

SEPTEMBER 3, 1998 (2) Sydney, Australia. Quite good audience taping with virtually no chat. Sounds like its been cleaned a few times, maybe a few times too many. Highlight: "Desolation Row."

THE SECOND NIGHT (2) September 4, 1998. Sydney, Australia. Muddy audience taping with the vocals a bit too deep in the mix for my liking. Not much seperation of sound and plenty of claps, hoots, chat etc. Jammed pretty hard on "Silvio," but this best left to the completists.

SEPTEMBER 5, 1998 (2) Wollongong, Australia. The sound is a bit thinned out, but still makes for a good listen, just flawed. I'd go with "Hattie" if I was forced to pick a single highlight.

SEPTEMBER 7, 1998. (2) Glenfield, New Zealand. A pretty good Dylan performance which heatst up a mid set with "Masters." A pretty undistinguished taping, near crappy at times, but Bob rocked hard and closed with a majestic "Forever Young."

SEPTEMBER 10, 1998 (2) Wellington, New Zealand.

SEPTEMBER 12, 1998 (2) Christchurch, New Zealand. Good enough, though imperfect recording - solid - ordinary.

SEPTEMBER 17, 1998 (2) Maui, Hawaii

SEPTEMBER 19, 1998 (2) Honolulu, Hawaii

SEPTEMBER 22, 1998 (2) Puyallup, Washington. 

SEPTEMBER 23, 1998 (2) Portland, Oregon

SEPBMER 24, 1998.  Eugene, Oregon.  Only first half of gig.

SEPTEMBER 25, 1998 (2) Concord, California. Good all the way through with a great "Love Minus Zero" with harp. And a clutch "Blind Willie."

SEPTEMBER 26, 1998. (2) Mountainview, California. Recorded by a guy named Bill. He did a nice job particularly on the acoustic numbers.

SEPTEMBER 27, 1998 (2)  Reno, Nevada

OCTOBER 21, 1998 (2) Winnipeg, Manitoba. Brutal boot, skip this one.

OCTOBER 22, 1998 (2) Duluth, Minnesota. Mediocre audience taping - skip this one and get the next night...

EATING CAVIER IN A KING SIZED BED. October 23, 1998 (2) Minneapolis, MN (with 5 Bonus tracks from the May 19, 1998 show in San Jose). Soundboard sound - quite enjoyable.

OCTOBER 25, 1998 (2) Chicago, Illinois. REMASTER. Sound quality is top shelf!!! Bob was in a good mood and he even gave a shout out to old drummer, Sam Lay in the audience. A bit sloppy, but a fun, rugged performance. Nice late set "Blowin."

OCTOBER 26, 1998 (2) Indianapolis, Indiana

OCTOBER 28, 1998 (2) Auburn Hills, Michigan. A tad murky, but not too bad.

OCTOBER 29, 1998 (2) Toronto, Ontario. Acceptable C+ audienc recording, warms up a bit especially on the acoustic numbers.

NATIVELAND. October 30, 1998 (2) Ottawa, Ontario. Nothing special here. An okay night with no standouts though all well and good. The best stuff is the bonus tracks from December 1997 (see White Dove).

November 1, 1998 (2) New York City. Pleasant's nice work - a real good recording.

NOVEMBER 7, 1998 (2) Atlanta, Georgia. A bit too much distance but still more than acceptable. You also get 7 bonus tracks of Joni Mitchell's set from this co-headlined gig. She drove over from the Overated Hall of Fame dinner.

HEADING FOR ANOTHER JOINT 98-99 Thanks to an MP3 download from the Cambridge Bob Dylan Society - nice little compilation with the lead off track of "Tryin' to Get to Heaven" that makes you reevaluate that tune.

GOSPEL '99. Great idea, real moving collection of spiritual numbers from various uncredited locations from the year. No art.

ACOUSTIC COMPILATION 1999. (4) A treat. Nice decision making on songs by the compiler with a couple of electric numbers thrown in for good measure.

ELECTRIC COMPILATION 1999 (6) I believe the bootlegger attempted to get one version of every electric song for the calendar year. A terrific way to get the year without owning every show. Fabulous (large) set.

JANUARY 26, 1999 (2) Fort Meyers, Florida. An enjoyable boot, but Bob seemed to lose focus at times. Still I'll take any night that has "Blue Eyed Jane" & "Blind Willie" performed along with a sweet, acoustic "Mornings."

JANUARY 29, 1999 (2) Daytona Beach, Florida. Real good show, but not a great one. However, you do get a handful of well peformed harp solos. Hearing the twangy "Goin Nowhere" makes me miss Bucky Baxter contributions.

January 30, 1999 (2) Tampa, Florida

DON'T FADE AWAY (2) February 1, 1999. Tallahassee, Florida. Excellent sounding show with Bob's impassioned growling vocals and the band playing the olde time rock and roll. A beautiful sweet "Desolation" and a slow sylish "Times" are among its highlights. No artwork.

FEBRUARY 2, 1999 (2) Pensacola, Florida. A Super show - well oiled from beggining to end. Highlights: "Honky Tonk Blues," "Rock of Ages," "Queen Jane," and love 99's "Master of War" at each show he performed it.

FEBRUARY 3, 1999 (2) New Orleans, Louisiana

FEBRUARY 6, 1999 (2) Nashville, Tennessee. Good show but with a little too much crowd noise. Still no complaints.

FEBRARUY 7, 1999 (2)  Birmingham, Alabama.   Nice era show with a couple of covers to boot.  Fun.

FEBRUARY 9, 1999 (2) Dayton, Ohio. Tasty sho played with power and panache. Some of the last real good "Tangleds" get played in this year. Includes some pretty good unsourced bonus tracks.

FEBRUARY 10, 1999 (2) Columbus, Ohio. Good night with many rewards.

FEBRUARY 12, 1999 (2) Carbondale, Illinois. Sweet winter show, well performed and bootlegged. Light + Filling.

FEBRUARY 13, 1999 (2) Illinois State University. Good, journeyman night. Brian Setzer helps out on a couple.

FEBRUARY 14, 1999 (2). Notre Dame, South Bend, Indiana

HONKY TONK BLUES February 15, 1999. (2) Grand Rapids, Michigan. Good audience recording, with a rare take on Hank Williams' "Honky Tonk Blues." Brian Setzer and his band help out on a couple. Nothing really stands out, but you won't be disasppointed either.

FEBRUARY 18, 1999 (2) Bethlehem, Pennsylvania. Sturdy show, well recorded - a strong consistant performance if not a delight.

FEBRUARY 19, 1999. (2) Binghamton, New York. Sensational set with a country fried version of "Watching the River Flow." Nice sound throughout.

FEBURARY 20, 1999 (2) Lake Placid, New York. A little reverb in the sound, but nothing I can't handle.

FEBRUARY 22, 1999. (2) Troy, New York. Either a soundboard or a superior audience recording, I can't tell. Terrific set, band was hot, you've got to hear "Times" and "Released."

FEBRUARY 23, 1999. (2) Buffalo, New York. Good sounding show with standard set list, still entirely enjoyable. I don't own too many versions of "Pass Me Not, O Gentle Saviour," do you?

FEBRUARY 24, 1999 (2) Amhearst, Massachusetts. Nice evening = all stytems working in sinc. A good nite's work.

FEBRUARY 25, 1999. (2) Portland, Maine. Fine audience recording with "Visions of Johanna" uncorked.

DRESSED UP LIKE A SQUIRE (2) Same show as above with different bonus tracks, artwork and maybe a shade better sound quality (not sure).

FEBRUARY 27, 1999 (2) Atlantic City, New Jersey. Early & Late Shows. Solid and pleasant runthroughs think Bob was a bit better at the Late show - a tad sharper & edgier.

MARCH 1, 1999 (2) Las Vegas, Nevada. Delightful gig.

MARCH 2, 1999. Mandalay Bay Resort & Casino, House of Blues. Single disc that you gotta own for Bono's guest appearance and improv lyrics during "Heaven's Door."

BOOTS OF SPANISH TREASURE. Compilation from the fine spring shows in Europe.

ACROSS THE BORDERLINE (2) Smartly packaged and selected compliation from the Spring dates. Different from the previous disc and quite nice.

APRIL 7, 1999 (2) Lisbon, Portugal. Schubert Recording. Frankly the band just didn't quite seem in sync, but Bob's singing was front & center and delightful.

APRIL 8, 1999 (2) Oporto, Portugal. Terrific show which was well taped.

APRIL 9, 1999 (2) Santiago de Composiela, Spain. A real charmer. Thoroughly enjoyed this from the opening notes of "Gonna Quit Me" right to the end. Alot of steller work: a sweet "Fourth Time Around," a well scripted "God Knows," a downright moody & atmospheric "Love Sick" that makes one appreciate TOOM as the return to form it was.

APRIL 11, 1999. (2) At the Velodromo Anoeta in San Sebastian. Standard set list and style.

APRIL 13, 1999. (2) Santander, Spain. Sorry but I can't seem to dupe this Excellent show, quite good audience recording.

APRIL 14, 1999. (2) At the Palacio de deportes de la Comunidad de Madrid. Another solid show.

APRIL 15, 1999 (2) Valencia, Spain

APRIL 17, 1999 (2) Malaga, Spain. The accoustics during the first half were wildly uneven, fortunately things setttled down when they plugged in.

APRIL 18, 1999 (2) Granada, Spain. All in all, a good recording. You get an unsuccessful stab at "4th Time Around" but it was a hoot they tried. "Masters" redeemed it right after. Think the highlights were the rocking "Maggie" and "Highway 61."

APRIL 19, 1999 (2) Murcia, Spain. A textured evening of music - super!! Enjoyed the lo fi "Tangled." A spectaculr closing trio of "Everything is Broken," "Don't Think Twice," and "Maggie."

HUNGRY FEELING. APRIL 22, 1999 (2) Started off slowly with a "Cocaine Blues" but D hits stride for a fine eve.

APRIL 23, 1999 (2) Marseille, France

APRIL 25, 1999 (2) Zurich, Switzerland. A great example of this fine band working as a unit. Great Bucky on pedal steel. Outstanding recording - light and punchy.

APRIL 27, 1999. (2) Bob's stop in Lins, Austria. More clean sounding Bob.

ROADMAPS FOR THE SOUL (2) April 28, 1999, Ljubjana, Slovenia. Super soundboarder. Bob's voice clears up midway into the second song regaining that nuance. Recommend!

APRIL 29, 1999 (2) Graz, Austria

APRIL 30, 1999. (2) Vienna, Austria. Standard set, but hey it still sounds great.

MAY 1, 1999. (2) The Idalpe, Ischgl, Austria. Very good set with those talented DATers in attendance.

MAY 2, 1999 (2) Munich, Germany. Nicey - simple and direct, like these "Tangleds."

BOYS IN THE BUBBLE (3) Simon/Dylan tour compilation. I enjoyed it.

LIVE AT THE FILLMORE AUDITORIUM. (2) June 5, 1999. Denver, Colorado. The night before the offical Simon/Dylan tour began, Paul showed up anyway for the duets. Good.

JUNE 7, 1999 (2) Denver, Colorado. Nice show - though 13 songs short until the duets. But an a nice, upbeat summer night.

JUNE 9, 1999 (2) Salt Lake City, Utah

JUNE 11, 1999 (2) Vancouver, British Columbia. I listened to this after no listening to any Simon show for some time. And hey, I was quite impressed. Band played well, it was a standard setlist and a bit short for us Dylan Freaks, but more than solid.

JUNE 12, 1999 (2) Portland, Oregon. After a shaky start, Bob & the boys kick their way through an excellent show. Like everyting except for the opener and the closing duets.

THE SOUND OF SILENCE. June 12, 1999 (2) Same show as above but with differing bonus tracks.

JUNE 13, 1999 (3)  Columbia River Gorge, Washington.  A good audience taping of these two legends.

JUNE 14, 1999 (2) Eugene, Oregon. Soundboard, baby. Crisp recording with a warm Bob & Band humming along nicely. Bob declared himself an "honorary hippie." Fantastic!!

ACE OF CLUBS (5) Contains the June 15, July 6, July 11 & July 25 club gigs. Fantastic recordings all and simply a breathtaking collection!

JUNE 16, 1999 (2) Sacramento, California. Somewhat hollow taping - the rockers sound a bit dull. Early highlight, the sincere vocal on "Think Twice." A positively dreadful "Tangled" - the night gets a Gent's C grade.

JUNE 18, 1999 (2) Concord, California. A nice recording with a track or two that gets clipped. Traded as 2 big files.

JUNE 19, 1999 (3) Mountainview, California. The third disc includes Simon. Another solid, workingmanlike performance. Very good sound quality for the Dylan stuff while Simon's disc just doesn't sound right.

JUNE 20, 1999.   Anaheim, California.  Incomplete Dylan set.  Decent taping.

JUNE 22, 1999. (2) Los Angeles, California at the Hollywood Bowl. Another nice sounding set. Nary a surprise, but certainly a good night's listen.

JUNE 25, 1999 (2) Chula Vista, California. Good clean recording, known for the live debut of "Highlands," but it's a great show throughout the brief 11 songs set not including the 3 Simon duets.

JUNE 27, 1999 (2)  Phoenix, Arizona.  Oh, what a great performance and nicely captured as well.  Sweet.

JUNE 30, 1999 New York City. Eric Clapton's Crossroads Benefit. The 7 songs performed with Eric's band. It's a noisy audience tape, but the music rocks and has a sweet, warm vibe. Clapton duets on a couple and uber babe Sheryl Crow helps out on one.

JULY 2, 1999 (3) Shakopee, Minnesota. Now there's a town I'm glad I'm not from. Start with the leaden set of duets, but Bob's solo performance ain't half bad. Okay sound.

JULY 3, 1999 (2) Duluth, Minnesota. While the Simon tour was breief, they were consistantly good. This - another entertaining show and worthwhile gig. Simon wove in a little "Mother & Child Reunion" into "Knockin"

THE SILENT TYPE (2) July 4, 1999. Outstanding show from the Simon Tour.

JULY 6, 1999 (2) Detroit, Michigan. When Bob sings, "I started out on Burgondy, but soon hit the harder stuff" on Tom Thumb in only the way he can, you know you've found one of those great Bob moments. That was my favourite moment on this disc, though "Tomorrow is a Long TIme" was a fine take as well.

JULY 7, 1999 (2) Clarkston, Michigan. A little too much chat on this audience boot, but it certainly doesn't ruin it. Lacking a bit in clarity, but still an enjoyable summer night.

JULY 9, 1999 (3) Tinley Park, Illinois.  Complete show from the tour.  Nice souvenir.

JULY 10, 1999 (3) Missouri. Another enjoyable stop with this tour, Simon name checks Dylan a couple of times during their duet of "knockin" Nice workingmanlike job by our hero and even the Simon disc here sounds okay.

JULY 11, 1999 (2) Cincinnati, Ohio

JULY 13, 1999 (2) GTE Virginia Beach Ampitheater in the heart of the old confederacy. Good show and all, but like so many of these from the Simon tour, it never really caught fire.

JULY 16, 1999 (2) Bristol, Tennessee

JULY 17, 1999 (2) Camden, New Jersey. Introdes "Make You Feel" by noting that Garth Brooks's #1 country chart cover - and that it was written for "my ex-wife", a tennis fan for whom Love meant nothing." Get it. Rock songs were the night's highlights. A great closing "Not Fade Away."

JULY 18, 1999 (3) Burgettstown, Pennsylvania. A middling recording of the complete show. Not much special about it.

JULY 20, 1999.(3) Albany, New York. The third disc you get Paul Simon. Another solid night's work.

JULY 22, 1999. (3) Mansfield, Massachusetts. Simon again comes on the third CD. Nice, though pedestrian set from Bob. Fine audience recording, good, but certainly not special.

JULY 23, 1999 (2) Another night in Mansfield, and a slightly better performance I think.

JULY 24, 1999 (2). Hartford, Connecticut. I caught this show as Paul and Bob cashed their checks. Not that bad,really, just nothing special. But down right enjoyable.

TRAMMPS. (2) July 26, 1999. An amazing set list from "Visions of Johanna" to a slow, killer "John Brown." Elvis Costello helps close out this special show. Among the year's best, high Recommendation!

TRAMMPS BENNYBOY REMASTER (2)  A Revelatory upgrade takes it to another level.  Essential.

JULY 27, 1999. (2) Now at Madison Square Garden, Bob uncorks his first East Coast "Highlands." Filler includes a second sourced version of "Highlands" as well as the fine Chula Vista version. Superior performance with and appreciative crowd.

JULY 30, 1999 (3). Jones Beach Wantagh, New York. As clean a recording as I have of this duo's summer road.

JULY 31, 1999 (2) Wantaugh, New York

SEPTEMBER 2, 1999 (2) West Palm. Beach, Florida

SEPTEMBER 4, 1999 (2) Atlanta, Georgia

SEPTEMBER 5, 1999 (2) Charlotte, North Carolina. No surprises, just a De-lightful & charming show.

SEPTEMBER 8, 1999. (2) Antoich, Tennessee. Terrific performance by Bob, my guess is he was pushed by having Marty Stuart playing with band all night. Sound quality was good, but a tad murky at times. Too bad this wasn't a soundboard being it was one of the best Dylan/Simon tour performances.

SEPTEMBER 11, 1999 (2) Memphis, Tennessee.  Incomplete

SEPTEMBER 12, 1999 (2) Lafayette, Louisiana. Decent audience recording with the standard summer set performed well. Enjoyed.

SEPTEMBER 15, 1999. (2) Austin, Texas. You get alot of audience with these discs, but another fabulous performance as well. A lighter and snapper sound quality with good seperation.

SEPTEMBER 17, 1999 (2) Houston, Texas

SEPTEMBER 18, 1999 (2) Dallas, Texas

OCTOBER 26, 1999 (2) Chicago, Illinois. Contains both the early & late shows from this club gig. The sound quality is acceptable, but helped by turning up the treble and volume on the stereo.

OCTOBER 27, 1999 (2) Champaign, Illinois. Good sound quality, albeit with a mundane setlist. Highlight is the gentle harmonica solo during "One Too Many Morning" that takes my breath away.

OCTOBER 29, 1999 (2) Oxford, Ohio. Certainly enjoyed, albeit short - 14 tunes - with Bob pouring his heart into each.

OCTOBER 30, 1999 (2) Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Great sound quality. I particularly enjoy the reworked version of "It's Alright Ma" he does during these fall shows.

OCTOBER 31, 1999 (2) Chicago, Illinois. On the face of the 14 song set list, it looks like a mundane boot. However, terrific performances along with outstanding sound quality make this a terrific show. The phrasing on "It's Alright Ma" this night has to be heard to be believed and just a real nice sweet "Simple Twist of Fate."

NOVEMBER 2 & 3, 1999 (2) My double set contains the complete November 3 show in Columbus and then 3/4 of the next night in East Lansing, Michigan. Good sound throughout.

NOVEMBER 5, 1999 (2). Pittsburgh, PA. More from the Phylan tour with a "Blind Willie Mctell" being the highlight.

NOVEMBER 6, 1999 (2)  State College, Pennsylvania.  A solid "A."  Great recording and the NET is simply clicking.   A warm and stunning "Blowin" ends with a roaring "Not Fade Away."

NOVEMBER 8, 1999. (2) Baltimore, Maryland. Another fun one with a nice "Johanna" and Johnny Cash's "Big River" among the highlights.

APOLLO OF THE TEMPLE. November 9, 1999. Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Acceptable, though not quite as good sound quality as some other late fall shows. You won't be disappointed, though. B/W Art.

NOVEMBER 10, 1999 (2) New Haven, Connecticut. Decent, at best, recording, my copy dupes "John Brown," as 2nd and 3rd song and misses "My Back Pages," -- must have been a trader error. Still a warm performances. Highlight: "I and I." Includes bonus tracks of "Highlands" and "Just Like."

EVERYBODY KNOWS I'M HERE (2) November 11, 1999. Cool set with a bunch of surprises as all of these late fall shows have - making them all essential. You get a fun "Hootchie Cootchie Man" and a stellar "Song for Woody."

NOVEMBER 13, 1999 (2) East Rutherford, New Jersey. Okay audience recording, just wish we could have had a soundboard recording for all the jems on this set list: "Ring Them Bell," "Blind Willie McTell," "Visions," even "Joey," which while nobody's favorite song is always fun to hear.

NOVEMBER 14, 1999 (2) Worcester, Massachusetts. I caught this show with the highlight being "Highlands." Super sound from a good, mellow night.

NOVEMBER 15, 1999. (2) Ithaca, New York. The rare takes are "Money Honey, " "Cat's in the Well," and a sweet "Song for Woody." Nice.

NOVEMBER 17, 1999. (2) Durham, New Hampshire. Has got to be in the running for best of '99. Unusual setlist, supreme performances. This is the gold standard for these magical late fall shows.

NOVEMBER 18, 1999 (2) Amhearst, Massachusetts. I caught this show and had to sit through 2 more hours of Phil Lesh. But, got alot of guest appearances as nearly everyone from Lesh's band came out, Jorma Kokouna (Hot Tuna), Warren Haynes (Government Mule) and the quite tall Phil himself. Another take of "Highlands" and a rare "Man of Peace." But don't miss the beautful "Blowin" sofly sung which was nothing short of tantric.

NOVEMBER 19, 1999. EARLY & LATE SHOWS (3). Nice enough, though nothing special.

NOVEMBER 20, 1999 (2). Newark, Delaware. Susan Tedeschi helps out on a couple, though I would have liked a fuller duet with this youngen.