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Joe Jackson
Maybe not one of the greats, but to me he is

B SIDES COLLECTION A pot pourri, a couple of outtakes, b sides, live tracks, foreign language versions etc. Plenty good, commercial sound of course.

1979 LONDON. Soundboard. Joe is the Man! Bonus tracks include a studio outtake and a couple of 1997 Heaven & Hell Tracks (From West 57th?) Fantastic show, but didn't get any source information from trader.

APRIL 21, 1979. Bottom Line, New York City. WNEW Radio performance. Great fun as a young Joe takes America by storm.

APRIL 26, 1979. Washington, DC. Radio broadcast. Closes the gig with covers "Pressure Drop" and "Ain't that a Shame." Great stuff.

MAY 6, 1979. Denver, Colorado. Very nice show with Joe doing his first 2 discs along with a cover of "Ain't That A Shame." This was light faire, but good light faire.

MAY 12, 1979. Los Angeles, California. At the Whiskey, man -- another enjoble run threw by Joe.

MAY 14, 1979. Sweet radio broadcast, with a musical take on "Life is A Bowl Cherries" that you just gotta hear.

JUNE 17, 1979, Amsterdam, Holland. Nice radio show. Joe's now playing a number of songs from the yet to be released I'm The Man album.

LIVE VOL. 1. August 31, 1979, Hempstead, New York. The cover says 1980, but this is the correct date.

HAPPY LOVIN' COUPLES. October 20, 1979. Chicago, Illinois. Joe is just kickin up a storm and chatty as always. Closes with an outtake from "Look Sharp" nice idea.

NOVEMBER 9, 1979. Santa Monica, California. FM Broadcast. My man Joe still kicking it up.

NOVEMBER 29 1979. HATFIELD POLYTECHNIC. Terrific Joe show, the sound feed off a video shoot. Perfect sound.

UNAUTHORIZED LIVE. VOLUME ONE. New York City. 1980. The thinking man's new waver. Superb show featuring songs from his first 2 discs. Love it.

NEW WAVE SOUND. February 15, 1980. Passiac, New Jersey. Soundboard, the tape speed at times was off.

FEBRUARY 23, 1980. Boston, Massachusetts. Pretty certain I caught this show which was broadcast on the cool at the time radio station, WBCN.

MARCH 20, 1980. Breman, Germany. Great little show featuring Beat Crazy material. The underrated third in soundboard quality. Radio show. You got a love a show where Joe scolds the crowd for not cheering loud enough.

MARCH 25, 1980. Roubaix, France. FM radio broadcast. Lotsa fun, 11 tunes.

AUGUST 9, 1980 (2) Asbury Park, New Jersey. A decent, but messy soundboard and Joe has certainly got his snarly stage thing going. He introduces a couple of tunes from the yet to be released "Beat Crazy" album. Lots of fun, remember that's what it's supposed to be about.

OCTOBER 27, 1980. Hammersmith Palais, London, England. I think missing the first track - maybe more - but otherwise a sweet little soundboard.

STOMPIN' AT THE SAVOY. July 8, 1981. New York City. I treasure this one. It's the Jumpin Jive tour which I am priveliged to have caught. It's so much fun!!!

GLASGOW '82. August 8, 1982. Glasgow, Scotland. Another wicked soundboard. Go Joe go!

NOVEMBER 7, 1982 Montego Bay, Jamaica. Soundboard recording of this fun little show. Joe a touch hoarse and couldn't quite hit the high notes - but who ever really care about that.

DECEMBER 8, 1982. Boston, Mass. Start with fantastic, commercial sound. And Joe, despite a little frog in his throat early which clears up, is on top of his game. He's got a pretty big sounding band with him and really delivers on this 14 song set. As usual a few creative rearrangements on his standards. A phenomonal take of "Fools in Love" led by an immense Graham Maby bass line. Whoa!

BODY AND SOUL IN BOSTON (2) June 26, 1984, Boston Common, Boston, Massachusetts.  Hey, I caught this show and landed a copy of it nearly 4 decades later.  

DECEMBER 9, 1992. Boston, Mass. The next night just as good.

AT THE BBC. January 22, 1983. 7 Song performance fo the BBC Sight & Sound Concert series.

JANUARY 25, 1983 Milano, Rolling Stone. Very good recording - nice single disc of the "Night & Day" Tour.

FEBRUARY 21, 1983 (2) Hamburg, Germany. Commercial sound as it is an audio feed off a video shoot. A scintillating performance, hitting on cylanders. Top shelf.

ROCKPALAST. April 16, 1983. Oh yes, another terrific radio broadcast. Just listen to the bass on "Another World" - its out of this world.

MAY 22, 1984 (2) Los Angeles, California. A very good taping and certainly enjoyable.

JUNE 16, 1984. Clarkston, Michigan. Soundboard, but...come middle of the show there is a source issue with songs faded in and out, clipped. Still a fun show with Joe admonishing the the crowd for whistling and talking (a career annoyance for this guy). Body and Soul Tour is underbooted.

BIG WORLD IN SOHO. January 2, 1986, New York, New York.  Joe road testing some Big World material along with a few other hits. Always loved that record. 

JUNE 20, 1986. (2) Expo World's Fair, Vancouver. Fantastic sounding boot from the "Big World" Tour. An unappreciated & underrated album, I think Joe at the height of his creative powers and inspiration.

JUNE 21, 1986 (2) Vancouver, Canada. The next night and another nice show.

OCTOBER 21, 1986 (2) Tokyo, Japan. Stellar sound and performance. A+

BOTTON LINE 1990 (2) October 20, 1990 (Late Show), New York City.  Inconsistent sounding audience taping.  As always Joe is interesting. 

MAY 20, 1991. Pinkpop Festival, Landgraaf, FM Broadcast, seven tunes.  

SEPTEMBER 20, 1991. Sydney. Fantastic stupendous show. A great single disc with varied takes on a bunch of Jackson's best. Among the best boots from Joe.

LIVE FROM GERMANY April 16, 1993, Grugahalle, Essen, Germany (2) Excellent radio broadcast from a great tour featuring a stomping Motown medley. Joe: you're the man.

NOVEMBER 30, 1994 (2) Boston, Massachusetts. Nice recording with Joe being quite the humorous fellow that he. Lots of stage chat and good performances.

JANUARY 30, 1995. Birmingham, UK. Super show, missing a track or two from source, but well worth it. Terrific set list and arrangements - a top shelf bootleg. Absolute killer.

NOVEMBER 12, 1997 (2) The Supper Club, New York City. Soundboard show from the Heaven & Hell Tour. Skip those tunes, thankfully 9 vintage songs as well.

DECEMBER 11, 1997. Hamburg, Germany. 9 Song soundboard - all but one form that dreadful 4 vices album.

HEAVEN & HELL LIVE (2) February 17, 1998, Chicago, Illinois. Super sound, commercial quality again (basically all my Jackson stuff is top shelf). Nice mix of old and new with some clever arrangements of old favorites.

WFUV WORDS & MUSIC. November 6, 2000. A mix of song, interview and a reading from his autobiography (which is alot of fun, btw). Pefect sound with Joe in his witty self.

JANUARY 14, 2001 (2) Hamburg, Germany. Soundboard. Excellent show and musicianship as always with Joe a couple of performed songs that I would have skipped.

JANUARY 18, 2001 (2) Olympia, Paris, France. Terrific sounding radio broadcast. Nice jazzy 7 peice band with a mix of old and new songs in crystal clear sound. Superb.

MARCH 24, 2003. San Francisco, California. Great little 10 song show.

MARCH 27, 2003. Boulder, Colorado Soundboard - nice. Plenty good stuff here. XTC cover of "Mayor of Simpleton."

APRIL 24, 2003. Koeln, Germany. German Radio broadcast and it's a good one. This is Joe in control of all of his powers, simply marvelous. A dozen songs - all fantastic.

MAY 30, 2003. Amsterdam, Netherlands. FM Broadcast. Nice sound quality, captured well.

MAY 31, 2005. Bristol, England. Nice solo, piano show from the Todd & Joe tour. Nice.

JUNE 12, 2005 (2) The Netherlands, Amsterdam. This is the Ethel-Joe-Todd Rundgren tour. Ethel is a string quarter (what the F?), Joe plays solo on the piano (Fantasico) and then Todd does a solo Acoustic (Painfully horrific). They all come out together for the encores. Not a great recording, but being that it is just Joe at the keyboards, it works.

JUNE 26, 2005 (2) Berlin, Germany. Soundboard. You get both Joe and Rundgren's set here. I listened to the first half.

MAY 5, 2007 (2) Berlin, Germany. The first show of the tour and it is safe to say Joe and the boys are practiced and ready. Great fun with a cover of "Girl" by the Beatles with a saloon piano break that is frankly incredible. LOVE.

FEBRUARY 29, 2008 (2) Dublin, Ireland. Another very good offering from our white haired boy. Always professional, always good.

MARCH 5, 2008 (2) Brussels, Belgium. Pretty good sounding audience boot with a lame cover of "Reelin' in the Years."

BERLIN RAIN March 11, 2008 (2) Berlin, Germany. Superb recording!! Superb Performance !! One of Joe's best boots of the year. "Scary Monsters," "Real Men," "Obvious Song" are all highlights.

APRIL 1, 2008 (2) Toronto, Canada. Imperfect audience taping, but Joe continues to be the consumate pro - nice mix from the catalog

APRIL 4, 2008. FREE AT NOON. World Cafe Live, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Radio show opens with "Steppin out" and closes with "Is She Really" and sandwiches in new songs between the two.

MAY 22, 2008 (2) Sydney, Australia. A very good audience taping. Joe's quite jocular.

JULY 2, 2008 (2) Friedburg, Germany. Another decent taping, but still captures the old dude.

JULY 4, 2008 (2) Lucarno, Switzerland. Soundboard recording - fantastic gig!

OCTOBER 24, 2008 (2) Boulder, Colorado. Okay recording - nice enuf show. A few too many tunes from the latest album, but maybe that's a result of listening to a bunch of his recent shows lately.

NOVEMBER 7, 2008 (2) New York City. A very good audience taping. As I've listened to a whole bunch of 08 shows, his newer material has really grown on me.

NOVEMBER 8, 2008 (2) Atlantic City, New Jersey. Another very good audience recording. Joe is a pro.

TEATRO MONTECASINO. (2) June 4 & June 5, 2009 Johanesburg, South Africa. 2 well recorded nights with mixed up set lists. You also get a handful of radio promos and interviews.

JUNE 20, 2009 (2) Cologne, Germany. An okay audience taping, but still lots of pleasures contained. Always love Joe's on stage persona - here he comments on how he hates going to concerts and being told to clap and sing, that's the performer's job.

JUNE 21, 2009 (2) Utrecht, Holland. Accetable audience taping. Nice show.

JULY 25, 2009 (2) Berlin, Germany. Enjoyable show as Joe continues to stubbornly mix old and new tunes. Hey Joe! Play something from "Big World" It's a great album.

OCTOBER 22, 2010 (2) La Luciole, France. It shouldn't come as a surprise that Joe speaks pretty fluent french. Anyway, superbly captured show - he's worked up a couple of new covers: The Beatles' "Girl" and a Neil Finn tune. Bravo.

NOVEMBER 7, 2010 (2) Amsterdam, Netherlands. Very good audience recording with some interesting covers; Ian Dury's Inbetweenies, Can We Still Be Friends, Anyone who had a Heart (Bachrach), Girl, and Music to Watch Girls By. Fun stuff.

OCTOBER 31, 2012 (2) Rome, Italy. Joe has assembled The bigger band and back on the road. Nice recording and nice stuff.

OCTOBER 21, 2012 (2) Zurich, Switzerland. Unsatisfying audience recording.

NOVEMBER 6, 2012 (2) Berlin, Germany. This is a pretty good recording of the Duke Tour. I am non-plussed about the album, but did catch a local show which was great stuff. I'm not much of an Ellington Fan, but I'll let Joe be Joe, any day.

LIVE AT THE CUTTING ROOM (2) September 25, 2015. WFUV broadcast. Promoting his Fast Forward (meh) album, Joe playing old stuff and the new stuff.

MARCH 2, 2016. Munch, Germany. A Soundboard from the Fast Forward tour. Thanks, Joe.

MARCH 23, 2019 (2) Turin, Italy. A strong audience taping of his 40th Anniversary tour. Not too many boots have emerged and this is pretty nice.

JUNE 5, 2022 (2)  El Cajon, California.  Still on the road heading for another joint.  

JULY 22, 2022 (2) Unexceptional audience recording from the Sing You Sinners tour.