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Elvis Presley
The art obscured by the Myths

3764 ELVIS PRESLEY BOULEVARD (2) Collection of outtakes. Cover art claims recorded in the Jungle Room, but probably just a couple of tracks. Some studio chat included as well.

PHENOMENON. A nice little collection of alt takes & mixes - half of the 23 tracks taken from the "Guitar Man" album.

STAX TRAX. Nice set studio outtakes though nothing really jumped out at me.

24 CARAT GOLD (2) A set of alt takes and outtakes. 39 pieces of 24 carat gold.

ELVIS ROCKS LITTLE ROCK. May 16, 1956. Really an amazing show. Audience recording but awefully good. Feel lucky that I own this. There is even a great interview at the end. Wow.

ELVIS ON TELEVISION. Ed Sullivan Show, January 6, 1957. Complete sound recordings from the legendary performances

ELVIS MEETS PRESLEY. A mish mash containing alternate takes, live cuts along with the Lisa Marie tribute & song at a 1997 event with his daughter dubbed into "Don't cry daddy" ala Natalie & Nat King Cole.

ELVIS IN BAD NAUHEIM, GERMANY 1959. Elvis for 20 min banging away on a piano while in the army. Cool.

THE BLUE HAWAII SESSIONS. March 21-23, 1961. It is fun to hear the King in studio with lots of fits and starts and studio chatter in superb sound quality, but man, does the material blow.

WHEN ALL WAS KOOL. Quite a little treasure trove. You get some original "Sun" mixes, interview, skits, a rehearsal, a radio promo - cool stuff from the King.


ABSENT WITHOUT LEAVE (2) I enjoyed this set which consists of various takes of 5 songs (I Need Your Love Tonight, A Big Hunk O'Love, Ain't That Loving You Baby, A Fool Such as I, I Get Stung) along with a couple of Pre & Post army interviews.

KICKIN' BACK & FORTH. An unessential collection of some live performances along with a couple of strange rants.

AMERICAN CROWN JEWELS A superb collection of alternate studio outtakes from the immense Felton Jarvis 1969 sessions - considered by many to be one of the most essential Elvis Bootlegs.

AMERICAN REJECTS 7 Tunes - all jewels.

SONGS TO SING. All tracks recorded from his home at Graceland with a couple from his house in Palm Springs. A relaxed, chillin' Elvis - neat.

THE BRIGHTEST STARS ON SUNSET BOULEVARD - VOLUME ONE & VOLUME TWO. July 24, 1970, RCA Studios, Hollywood, California rehearsals. Absolutely spectacular stuff here - great singing along with studio chat, chuckles, guffaws etc. A personal fav.

ELECTRIFYING. A winsome collection of 4 differenct performances: 2 rehearsals & 2 live gigs - all in crystal clear sound. Some great stuff + some sappy shit ("Let it Be Me")

CUT ME & I BLEED: The Other Side of Elvis. Alternate, Humorous & Somtimes Risque Studio, Home & Live Recorded Tracks. The title says it all. Elvis covers all the bases here from goofy, sexy & wierd to cool & funny. It's a wierd collection - good for one entertaining listen.

FINDING THE WAY HOME (2) Staggering. Alternate studio takes pieced together of his second greatest studio sessions, these the Memphis Sessions of January/February 1969. "In the Ghetto," "Suspicous Minds," "Kentucky Rain."

A PROFILE. THE KING ON STAGE. VOLUME 1 (4) Consists of August 20, 1973 Las Vegas Midnite, June 29, 1974 Kansas City, May 4, 1975 Lake Charles, LA, April 24, 1977. All shows in commercial sound.

A PROFILE. THE KING ON STAGE. VOLUME 2. (4) Consists of the following: May 27, 1974 Lake Tahoe Special 3AM Closing Show; September 28, 1974 College Park, Maryland, March 22, 1975 Midnight Show Las Vegas, October 6, 1974 Dayton Ohio Matanee show; and 2 bonus tracks. All in perfect soundboard quality.

OPENING NIGHT 1969. July 31, 1969 As everyone knows, the early Vegas performances were magical, here Elvis shakes off the cobwebs on opening night. Gads!! he is one bad story teller as he goes over his life story. This is a great one.

THE RETURN OF A PRODIGY. August 3, 1969. Soundboard. Great passage during the show when he explained why he is back doing live shows. What a goofball.

THE 1969 LIVE EXPERIENCE. AUGUST 10, 1969. Goofy Vegas show. At times shmaltzy, at other times great.

HERE I GO AGAIN. August 23, 1969, Las Vegas. Hey it's Las Vegas...this is Elvis. Another clean soundboard performance.

BRINGING HIM BACK VOLUME (2)  January 26, 1970 and February 23, 1970, Las Vegas.  Soundboards. 

FEBRUARY 19, 1970. International Hotel, Las Vegas. Great recording and fun show. Contiains some unsourced bonus tracks and a Houston Press Conference a few days later for a show he was doing at the Astrodrom. Fun stuff all.

THAT'S THE WAY IT IS. THE COMPLETE WORKS. AUGUST 11, 1970. Las Vegas. Darn good show, perfect sound.

STRANGER IN THE CROWD. August 13, 1970, Las Vegas, Nevada. Excellence baby excellence.

DECEMBER 9, 1970. Las Vegas. Imperfect, but still very good sounding show from our Tupelo born legend.

POLK SALAD ANNIE. FEBRUARY 1970. Las Vegas. Ripping sound board.

LEANER AND MEANER THAN EVER.  July 29, 1971, Midnight show, Las Vegas.  A soundboard recording of schmaltz. The good news is that his voice was strong, the bad news is that it contains all the stupid things that Elvis brought.  Some horrible arrangements, goofiness and, in my view, hostility to his own art. 

FEBRUARY 23, 1971. Las Vegas. A very, very very good recording a show - great setlist choices opening with "That's all right" and then all sorts of solid rocks to follow even a cover of "Sweet Caroline." Fantastic show.

UNEDITED MASTERS:  HOLLYWOOD TO NASHVILLE 1972-1980. (2)  Nice set of studio outtakes.  

OPENING NIGHT. JANUARY 26, 1972, Hilton Hotel, Las Vegas. Soundboard, but it sounded off and flat to me. Schmaltzy and sullen,

THE HAMPTON ROADS CONCERT. April 9, 1972. Hampton, Virginia. Super soundboard.

ONE NIGHT ONLY. November 10, 1971. Boston, Massachusetts. Soundboard. Great show in my home town, I was just a pup.

LEANER & MEANER THAN EVER.  January 28, 1971, Midnight Show, Las Vegas, Nevada.  Soundboard.  Schmaltzy and at times painful to hear as he was full Vegas Mode on this night.   Closing with "The Impossible Dream" oy veh!

APRIL 14, 1972. Greensboro, North Carolina. Crisp sound and a nice delightful show by our Tupelo homeboy.

ELVIS AT FULL BLAST! August 11, 1972, Las Vegas, Nevada. Enchanting performance - some great arrangements & singing. Terrifics: "Fever" and "Little Sister/Get Back."

DON'T THINK TWICE. January 29, 1973. Las Vegas. 2 weeks post the Aloha concert, Elvis sounds a bit stale to me. Bonus track is an 11 minute rumble through the Dylan classic.

VEGAS RHYTHM REVISITED. February 3, 1973. Las Vegas. Soundboard - not very good.

FROM VEGAS TO TAHOE.  FEBRUARY 21, 1963.  Las Vegas, Nevada.  Soundboard, um I can't help but groan sometimes...

A PRIVATE MOMENT WITH THE KING. November 1973 taped by a friend at the house of girlfriend, Linda Thompson. Just hanged with some buddies, singin' and jokin'

EVENT NUMBER 8. March 3, 1974, The Astrodome, Houston Texas. Soundboard. Elvis never really catches fire in this show though I still enjoyed it.

MARCH 16, 1974. Evening Show. Memphis, Tennessee. Home town show, great recording and a fun show. The good stuff is really good, but as always there are a couple of miserable setlist choices from the King.

GUARANTEED TO BLOW YOUR MIND. March 18, 1974. Richmond, Virginia. Frickin' awesome. Great show and I particularly love the stage announcement that for $10 you get special merch featuring a record, signed poster and souveneir scarf. What a kick ---it's what makes boot's special. And I'm not even talking about an Elvis on performance in soundboard quality.

LATE NIGHT IN LA. MAY 11, 1974. Los Angeles. The King reigns.

MAY 23, 1974. Lake Tahoe, Nevada. Fun stuff from fat Elvis.

LOVE AMERICAN STYLE. June 28, 1974. Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Soundboard Elvis ripping.

NIGHT FEVER IN VEGAS (2) August 30, 1974. Las Vegas, Nevada. Super gig. Lots of fun.

DESERT STORM (2) September 2, 1974. Las Vegas Hilton. Yeah it's a chatty, fatty goofy Elvis. This show features the infamous "Drug Speech" Priceless.

TIME TO CARE (2) SEPTEMBER 2, 1974 Las Vegas Hilton Hotel, Las Vegas, Nevada. Another crazy and fun night in Vegas. You get a couple of classic Elvis rants whether it be on drugs or his divorce. They are cringe worthy, fascinating and sad.

A DAY IN DAYTON (2) October 6, 1974. Dayton, Ohio. Afternoon & Evening Shows. Soundboard. Pretty good.

CAJUN TORNADO. May 4, 1975. Lake Charles, Louisiana. Along with other bonus tracks from some other shows. Some good stuff and some god awful stuff too. I mean some of the setlist choices should have been avoided.

DEEP DOWN SOUTH. June 3, 1975. Tuscaloosa, Alabama. Whoo boy. Fun little show.

JUNE 4, 1975. Houston, Texas. Not a great show by any measure, but a great taping. Its a fun, goofy Elvis just never really turned up the musical heat.

LEAVING JACKSON ON FILE. June 9, 1975. Another trippy soundboard.

LET ME TAKE YOU HOME. June 10, 1975. Memphis, Tennessee. Nice little soundboard.

JUST PRETEND. December 13, 1975. Las Vegas. From the Master tapes, great stuff.

UNSURPASSED MASTERS VOLUME FOUR. December 13, 1975. Las Vegas. Nice little soundboard show some great singing along with the schmaltz.

APRIL 17, 1976.  Spokane, Washington.   Soundboard.   Just too much schmalz and shtick here.  

AMERICA.  April 22, 1976.  Omaha, Nebraska.  Some track from April 27, 1976 from Spokane, Washington.   

ONE HELLUVA NIGHT. JUNE 25, 1976 Buffalo, New York. A good taping, but a tripped up this night by too many shoddy picks on the set list.

OCTOBER 15, 1976. Chicago, Illinois. An excellent single disc - soundboarder. Elvis sounds in damn good shape to my ears.

STAND BY ME (2) VOLUMES 1 & 2. Individually packaged discs - Elvis' Gospel material is really his forgotten ace in the hole. Sweet, beautiful stuff that the man clearly loved to sing. Various alt takes and mixes, along with a little studio banter.

CHARLESTON ROCKS. JULY 24, 1976. Mostly soundboard from the King.

TUSCALOOSA NIGHT. August 30, 1976. Tuscaloosa, Alabama. Soundboard. Whoa. The king was in fine form. As always just mentally skip over the schmaltz to hear some great stuff.

OCTOBER 20, 1976. A strong Soundboarder.

AT FULL FORCE. December 28, 1976. Dallas, Texas. Soundboard and as always, it's just a lot of fun. You get it all, the goofy Elvis chat, a little Gospel, a little schmaltz and some good shit too.

A HOT WINTER NIGHT IN DALLAS. December 28, 1976. Dallas, Texas. Fantastic soundboard - Elvis in full force exhuberent force.

BURNING IN BIRMINGHAM. December 29, 1976. Birmingham, Alabama. Fun show - further proof that there were some sweet shows left in the old dude. Soundboarder.

HIGH VOLTAGE. December 29, 1976. Birmingham, Alabama. Another hot show, soundboard. Good shit.

FEBRUARY 15, 1977. Orlando, Florida. Hot show, again I focus on the good stuff and not the shit.

MOODY BLUE & OTHER GREAT PERFORMANCES. February 21, 1977. Begin with commercial sound & an unsourced and uncredit telephone call between Elvis & Charlie. Anyway, Elvis has some voice here, just didn't quite use it enough. There are some ugly MOR moments, but some sweet stuff too.

RETURN TO RED RIVER. March 30, 1977. Alexandra, Louisiana. The artwork says it's his last stage show of his March Tour '77. So...

SHAKIN' UP THE GREAT LAKES. April 24 & April 26, 1977, Ann Arbor & Kalamazoo. 2 soundboard shows near the end of the line.

THE CBS CONCERT RECORDINGS (2) JUNE 19, 1977 (Orlando) and June 21, 1977 (Rapid City). Official recordings, these weren't good shows, sloppy and skattershot. The king is dying.

RETURNS TO MEMPHIS. 25TH ANNIVERSARY CONCERT. August 16, 1977. Memphis, Tennesee. Excellent soundboard may have even been some kind of broadcast, don't know. It's a remastered release 25 years later.

ELVIS IN ALABAMA: THE LAST DOUBLE DATE. September 6, 1976. Huntsville, Alabama. I only have the evening show (and missing first track as well). It's soundboard and even towards the end had some good moments.

ELVIS PRESLEY RADIO SPECIAL. This show, produced in 1992, to promote the released of a box set of the 1950's master recordings.