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The Total Package

THE 50 ESSENTIAL BOOTLEGS LISTENING COMPANION (4)  There was a book that this collection was inspired by providing a compilation of highlights from essentialness.   Thoroughly enjoyable.

12 INCH SINGLE COLLECTION (6) Yup, that's 6 discs of the extended play, remixed Prince funky shit. 

THE FIRST AVENUE MIXTAPES (5) Over the years collection of Prince related performances at the famed club.  Various opening acts of Prince Produced artists and the man himself.  It's a smorgasbord. 

PURPLE AND GOLD (2)  Download and streaming compilation.   Lots of good stuff. 

BLAST FROM THE PAST 1.0: OUTTAKES, DEMOS AND OTHER RARE STUDIO MATERIAL 1977-2007 (5)  Nearly 6 hours of music the four discs fitting on 5 CDrs.  A potpourri of treasures.

BLAST FROM THE PAST 2.0 (4). How do you like it:  More, More More.

BLAST FROM THE PAST 3.0 (4)  Yet more from the archives.  Pure purple gold.

BLAST FROM THE PAST 4.0 (4) What a musical output this man had.  Wow. 

BLAST FROM THE PAST 5.0 (4)  More gold from this archival series

BLAST FROM THE PAST 6.0:  DEMOS, OUTTAKES AND OTHER RARE STUDIO MATERIAL 1980-2016 4)  Ephemeral from this interesting series. 

BLAST FROM THE PAST 7.0 (4) Another potpouri of material.  Spending and sublime. 

BROADCAST TWO (3) Collection of stuff; April 2012 Paisley Park rehearsals, a C ut from May 30, 2012, 2 from January 20, 2007, a jam from Las Vegas with Maceo Parker in 2007, some studio outtakes, 12 Soundboard tunes from July 25, 2010, a December 11, 2003 Rehearsal and that 2 with the Family on January 17, 2012.

BROADCAST FIVE (4). Various collection of performances and stuff.   Mostly good sounding stuff.

PURPLE REHEARSALS JAMS.  Rehearsals and soundchecks remixed and edited by a fan.  Funky idea.

12 INCH & B SIDES (4)  Enjoyable set, my memory of 12" singles in those days was expensive dub mixes and the like.  With Prince you can so much more.  Great musicianship and creativity.  Essential. 

PAST, PRESENT & FUTURE (2). Slick collection of mostly unreleased tracks, maybe a couple of live ones.  Good shit.

PAST, PRESENT & FUTURE II (3). Another batch. 

MEET MY HEROES (4)  Collection of special guest appearances at shows - so fucking great!!

HUSNEY'S A WORK IN PROGRESS.  1977.  Instrumentals recorded in a rehearsal space.  Funky stuff. 

BOX OF CHOCOLATES. Eleven tracks from the infamous and endless Prince vault.

SUMMER OF 11.  Sweet compilation of live and studio material. 

THE LENO FILES.  13 Songs performed on the Tonight show and a single bonus Track from Ellen.  Extraordinary stuff.

PURPLE MUSIC. Sometimes too much is too much, love the little dude but he often didn't know when to stop.

LOTUS BOX (3)   A fascinating generous helping of studio staff.  Creativity on display.

THE CHOCOLATE HOUSES GROOVES (2) Purple Gold Archives Collection. Consists of Alternate album remixes and remasters.  

SCOOP:  FROM THE VAULTS (2) Treasures unearthed.

LEAK:  FROM THE VAULTS (2)  More treasures unearthed.

THE RARE MIXES.  9 cuts.  A delight. 

SUN, MOON & STARS (2). A double set of Paisley Park outtakes. 

MAGNIFICENT OUTTAKES (3). Sweet collection of outtakes

WAY BACK HOME;  THE FINAL YEARS UNRELEASED AND REMIXED.  17 Tracks of interesting material.

PURPLE REHEARSAL JAMS.  Career spanning collections.  Funky and fun.

DAYS OF SOUNDBOARD (2)  Nice compilation of various soundboard recordings.  Funky and cool. 

DAYS OF SOUNDBOARD.  VOLUME TWO (2).  Compilation of soundboards from various online streams. Super!


COVERING THEM. The music is certainly top shelf and it seems to have taken from 4 different concerts with the sound quality varying from good to okay to pretty good. 

TV ONE & DONE.  22 collected TV broadcast tunes.  Ends with "While My Guitar Gently Weeps" from Rock Hall performance.

FUN WITH VINYL.  I don't know the backstory, but this mammoth project collects Prince protege/side projects/girlfriends/bands/et al including remixes, 12" singles and more.  All individually packaged.  Wow

   Volume 1:  Apollonio 6, Prince Sheila E, The Time, Vanity 6
   Volume 2:  Jill Jones, Maxareti, The Family
   Volume 3:  Madhouse, Taja Sevelle, Tony LeMans
   Volume 4:  Ingrid Chavez, Three O'Cock, Carmen Electra, Dale, Good Question, Mavis Staples
   Volume 5:  The N.P.G., George Clinton, T.C. Ellis, Mavis Staples
   Volume 6:  Morris Day, The Day Zs

SOUND & VISION 1: TV APPEARANCES.  The first of the series. below. 

SOUIND & VISION 2;  THE SECOND DECADE COMPLETE LIVE TV 1989-1996 (2) Various collection of TV performances.

SOUND & VISION 3:  COMPLETE LIVE TV 1996/97 (2) Another volume of TV performances and interviews.

SOUND & VISION 4.  More broadcaster material.  Artwork says a music CD and a CD ROM, I just have the music.

SOUND & VISION 5.   I'm guessing the final volume, but I suppose there could be more

LIVE AT CIVIC CENTER ARENA.  March 8, 1980, Lakeland, Florida.   Super early soundboard.   Killer.

THE FIRST TOUR '80 SOUNDBOARD COLLECTION.  No sources from a fan series of various tours, soundboard. 

MARCH 16, 1980.  Columbia, North Carolina.  Early show, soundboard.  Young and raw. 

DIRTY MIND & CONTROVERSY TOUR 1981-1982 (2) No source info of this fan soundboard collection.  Part of series of a number of tour collections. 

LIVE AT THE STANLEY (2)  November 20, 1981. Delightful show, man, funk and rock and everything in between.  Soundboard.   

YOU BELONG TO PRINCE.  December 9, 1981.  Houston, Texas.   Sloppy Soundboard get the job done.

COLUMBIA '81.  December 12, 1981.  Soundboard.  Spectacular.  Off the chart music and stagecraft.

JANUARY 30, 1982.  Passiac, New Jersey.  Soundboard.  Amazing.  He's Prince.  Amazing.

LIVE IN SAN FRANCISCO.  February 14, 1982.  San Francisco, California.  Terrific sound boarder.

DETROIT '82   November 30, 1982.  Detroit, Michigan.  Great single disc from the 1999 Tour.

DECEMBER 17, 1982.  Little Rock, Arkansas.   Just 7 tunes from the show.  Perfect man, perfect.

CITY LIGHTS REMASTERED AND EXTENDED. (4)   Surreal and fantastic.   A motherlode of brilliance.  Contains:  November 30, 1982 in Detroit, February 1, 1983 in Lakeland, Florida, February 10, 1983 in Providence, March 19, 1983 in Kansas City, April 2, 1983 in Fresno.  

1999 LIVE.  February 1983 Tour Rehearsal.  Great funky Dopt shit!

BILLY'S SUNGLASSES:   PURPLE UNDERGROUND VOLUME 3. (4)  A motherlode - you get:  February 26, 1982 Toledo, Ohio; April 5, 1983 Denver and various rehearsals from Late 1992 - Early 1983.   Just stuffed with great music and performance.  The last disc of rehearsals sheds lightt on how the master works - drilling the band.   All soundboard material.  Love it.  

RAINMAKER (4) Contains a load of precious material.  October 13, 1982 Rehearsal, July-August 1983 Rehearsals for the First Avenue 1983 Benefit Concert, August 3, 1983 Benefit Concert, February 25, 1985 Benefit Concert in Santa Monica California and a funky rehearsal Jam from the Spring of 1985.  

PROVIDENCE '83. February 10, 1983 Providence, Rhode Island.  Killer single disc show in great song.  Wowee Zowee.

1999 REVISITED (2). April 2, 1983.  Fresno, California.   A great show with bonus material including studio rehearsal material for the 1999 Tour from January and June (1983).  

FIRST AVENUE 1983. August 3, 1983, Minneapolis, Minnesota. Home stand soundboard. Great stuff.

PURPLE RAIN WORK TAPE.  October 17, 1983.  This is some kind of work in progress cassette tape that Prince complied to evaluate things.  There are just a few subtle differences between the released version.  

FOEFUR'S PURPLE RAIN REMASTERED AND EXPANDED.  Nice job taking liberties with the great work. 

NOON RENDEZVOUS REHEARSAL.  June 1984.  Funky band at work. 

THE EX-MAS REHEARSAL.  I don't know the full story of this but some kind of Prince and the Revolution rehearsal from 1984.   It's a spectacular listen with the band leader humorously, firmly, gently, prodding and teaching the band.  Fascinating. 

PURPLE RAIN TOUIR 1984-1985 (3)  Again no source information, just an incredible collection of soundboard recordings from the ascendent superstar.

1984 BIRTHDAY SHOW. June 7, 1984, Minneapolis, Minnesota. Soundboard. 26 Years Old - wow!

PURPLE UNDERGROUND:  THE DANCE ELECTRIC. (2)  November 22, 1984 (Philadelphia) and December 17, 1984 (Buffalo.  Complete soundboard of Soundchecks prior to the gigs.  Hey where are the shows???? 

AT THE OMNI. (2) January 4, 1985. Atlanta, Georgia. Soundboard. The reign has begun and it is undeniable. A master musician and performer ready to assert his magnificent powers.

SOMEONE 2 CALL (4) Soundboard sound checks from March 5, 1985 (Las Cruces), March 16, 1985 (Long Beach), March 30, 1985 (Syracuse) and April 1, 1985 (Lakeland).  Interesting stuff, getting ready for the show but none of the show.

UNIONDALE (4)  Consists of March 20 + 23 1985, Uniondale, New York.  Two nights in perfect sound -- just wondrous.   

MARCH 28, 1985 (3)  Worcester, Massachusetts.  The Final disc includes a bonus of the April 7, 1985 Miami soundcheck.  All incredible.

APRIL 7, 1985 (2)  Miami, Florida.  Purple Reign live.  Soundboard and delightful.

PURPLE RAIN TOUR FINALE (2) April 7, 1985.  Ibid.

DREAM FACTORY (4) Soniclovenoize Reconstruction.  I guess this is the abandoned final Prince & The Revolution album.  Funky shit.

THE GLAM SLAM EXPERIENCE.  June 7, 1985.  Birthday Show, Miami, Florida.  Superb soundboarder, of course.

CRYSTAL BALL (UNRELEASED) (3)  This is the Flesh Album and 2 parts of Crystal Ball, studio material thru 1986 that was unreleased. 

FIRST AVENUE (2) March 3, 1986.  Minneapolis, Minnesota.  Great stuff and sweet sound.

BOSTON METRO (2) April 3, 1986, Boston, Massachusetts.   A flaws, but still quite good soundbourd.  I didn't go but I know someone who did.  

MINNESOTA MUSIC AWARDS.   May 20, 1986.  8 Song performance from eh soundboard.  All good. 

BIRTHDAY PARADE (2) June 7, 1986.  Detroit, Michigan. Sensation soundboard and show.  Nice bonus tracks;(Love Bizarre from March 9, 1986) and then 4 tunes from July 1, 1986)

PARADE IN NEW YORK (2) August, 1986. Two nights from Madison Square Garden, wow, another incredible performance. It's well understand what a great live performer he was. He was.

PARADE EUROPE (3)  Consists of August 13, 1986 in London, August 17, 1986 in Rotterdam and the third disc is Spring rehearsals for the tour from unknown locations.

PARADE AROUND THE WORLD (3)  Sensational - essential set.   First disc:  August 25, 1986 in Paris.  Second disc:  Various 1986 performances around the world.  Third discs:  July 22, 1987 rehearsal in Minneapolis quite funky.

NOW'S THE TIME.  February 21, 1987.   Cool stuff from Paisley Park and bonus tracks from a November 18, 1987 rehearsal there as well.   

SOTT REHEARSALS VOL 1 (4).  February 21, 1987 & November 1987.  The first two discs are remasters of the above show plus additional rehearsals later on.  All in pristine sound quality.  

THIS IS NOT A REHEARSAL.  March 21, 1987.  First Avenue, Minneapolis.  10 wondrous songs with a new band in front an enthralled audience.   Killer.

TIMES IN SWEDEN (2)  May 10 and May 12, 1987 in Gothenburg and Stockholm, Sweden.  A taping not as good as some of these others.

I'M GONNA KICK YOUR ASS (3) And he does, it contains a Paris June 17, 1987 and then two rehearsals in December in 1987. I can't tell you how revelatory it is. Just fill of joy, experientalizing, great musical ship and friendship. An essential bootleg. LOVE IT.

JUNE 17, 1987 (2)  Paris, France, Another soundboard offering- same show as above

HE'S GOT THE LOOK.  JUNE 12, 1987.  The New Morning Club, Paris.  One of those late night jams the you all have heard about.  Sounedboard. 

LIVE IN UTRECHT.  June 20, 1987, Utrecht.   18 Superb songs.  Love it.

SIGN OF THE TIMES LIVE. Contains pieces of June 27 + 28, 1987 in Rotterdam and June 29, 1987in Antwerp and then July & August 1987 in Paisley Park.  Superb souvenir.

SIGN O THE TIMES - THE LATER REHEARSALS (3)  Killer material.  Fascinating and beautiful, a master at work.   

MILES FROM THE PARK.  December 31, 1987.  Paisley Park, Minnesota.  That's Miles Davis helping out on a New Year's eve celebration at Paisley Park.  Um.  Essential. 

LOVESEXY TOUR 1988/1989 (2)  No source info on this tour soundboard collections series.  Great like all the others. 

THE LOVESEXY TOUR REHEARSALS (3).  April 1988 featuring Sheila E.  The master at work. 

LOVESEXY TOUR REHEARSAL II (2)  April & June 1988.  More great stuff. 

SMALL CLUB GIG (2) August 19, 1988, France. Magnifique. I listened to this show the first time from beginning to end in my car on my way to a business appointment. This is one of Prince's famed late night surprise gigs where real magic gets created. Just a creative funky explosion. Captured in commercial sound quality, if you are a Prince fan or a Funk music fan this is essential.

TROJAN HORSE REMASTERS (2)  August 18/19, 1988.  Another version of the famed show. 

NYC BLUES.  October 2, 1988, New York City.  Roseland Ballroom.   Audience taping of infamous show

LOVESEXY LIVE (2)  September 9, 1988.  Dortmund, Germany.  Super stuff, excellent soundboard.  

LIVE IN DORTLAND (2) September 9, 1988. Dortmund, Germany,  IBID.

SENDAI '89 (2) February 1, 1989, Sendai, Japan.  Terrific show with 6 bonus tracks of his SNL (9/24) rehearsal.

NAGOYA '89 (2) February 7, 1989, Nagoya, Japan. Wicked clean soundboard from the little Genius

OSAKA '89 (3). Steller.  First disc is a soundcheck - really a rehearsal - and then the other two is the funky ass show.  

NUDE TOUR (2)  No source on this tour soundboard collection series. 

NUDITY (2)  April 1990.  Nude Tour Rehearsals from Paisley Park.   I've liked some of the other rehearsal stuff more, but still appreciate evesdropping. 

JULY 22, 1990 (2)  Madrid, Spain.  Great stuff, so talented and so filled with music. 

STRIPPED.  JULY 29, 1990 & AUGUST 31, 1990. Soundboard selections from shows.

TOKYO 1990.  August 31, 1990.  Excellent sounding boot with only a slightly dulled percussion keeping it from commercial sound quality. I think he yells out "Tokyo!" on every track.

NAKED IN THE SUMMERTIME.  1990 BROADCAST RECORDING.  VOLUME 1.  July 22, 1990, Madrid, Spain.  Soundboard and a delight. 

PURPLE HIGH COURT.  June 15, 1992.  London, UK.  Earl's Court Soundboard.   Funky and sweet.

STARLIGHT LOUNGE (2)  Consists of April 6 (Chicago), 12 (San Francisco) and August 2 (Sheffield), 1993.  Wondrous soundboard recordings of The New Power Generation band in 6th gear. 


THE GOLD EXPERIENCE TOUR 1994-1995 (4) No sources of this fan complied soundboard collection. Part of the series. 

R U EXPERIENCED (2)  Disc one contains February 13, 1994 from Paisley Park and also some rehearsal from August 23, 1994.  Disc two is Glam Slam from Miami on June 7, 1995.   All in terrific sound.  

ROSELAND BALLROOM FROM THE SOUNDBOARD (2)  December 12, 1994.  Great stuff, not many hits, but he don't need them to kill it. 

PAISLEY PARK EXTRAVAGANZA (3) Paisley Park, Minnesota.  Contains:  July 1995:  NPG Interview, June 18, 1995 (AM): Performances and September 19, 1995 performances.   Lots of cool stuff.  

EMANCIPATION PROCLAIMATION.  Contains November 12/13, 1996 TV Broadcast from Paisley Park, The obsequious Oprah TV interview, as well as some other stuff. 

THE WAR (2)   Not certain of source information.   Some of the track listings indicate 1996, 2nd disc is soundboard

EMANCIPATION - THE SECRET CHAPTER.  Outtakes and alternate versions from the 1996 Emancipation sessions.  Cool shit. 

NIGHTTOWN VEGA (2)  August 18, 1988, Copenhagan.  Late night show captured by an excellent audience taping.

CAFE DE PARIS.  AUGUST 28, 1998, Paris, France.   Late night club gig in the magnificent city. Soundboard. 

NEW POWER SOUL (2). September 26, 1998 (Tramps Aftershow NYC) and October 18, 1998 (San Francisco Aftershow).  There's some other bonus stuff in their as well.  All soundboard and all incredible.  You get Chaka Khan, Larry Graham and others as well.  

THE CHRIST (2) December 22, 1998 (2) Frankfort, Germany.  I'm thinking this was an audience recording where as I like to stick with Soundboards.   Guests in tow:  Larry Graham etc.

RU GONNA GO MY WAY. (2) December 23, 1998. This is an after show club gig with guests Lenny Kravitz, Larry Graham, Candy Dulfer, Jerry Martini & Cynthia Robinson. If you don't know who most of them are you won't be trading for this funky show. Its an okay taping, but the shows just pulsates with sex and beats and funk. Let's your freak flag fly its the bomb!

HIT N' RUN TOUR 1999-2001 (3) No source info on this tour soundboard collection.

AQUA REGIA. (3)  November 24, 1999, Madrid, Spain.  Also includes the Septimo Performance and soundcheck on November 22.  Nice recording and a delight.  

RAV UN2 THE YEAR 2000 (2) Performed on December 17 + 18, 1999, Paisley Park but broadcast on December 31 as a pay per view.   Not simply an essential boot for Prince but for popular music.   More guests that you can shake a stick at:  The Time, Lenny Kravitz, Maceo Parker, Family Stone:  Larry Graham and others and I'm forgetting a couple.  

OAKLAND 2001 (2) April 28, 2001, Oakland, California.  Rare soundboard from the Hit and RunTour with extras to boot. 

ONE NIGHT ALONE LIVE! (4). No source info on this tour soundboard collections.  Magical.

MARCH 7, 2002 (2) Buffalo, New York.  Soundboarder with Maceo and Larry Graham in tow. 

INNER SANCTUM:  AN EGYPTIAN CONNECTION (2). 2 CD compilation of tracks mainly made available to members of the NPG Music Club, taken mostly from the NPG Ahdio shows. Also includes the enitre Father's Song EP.ONE NIGHT IN COPENHAGEN.   October 26, 2002 AM, Copenhagen Denmark.  Aftershow soundboard and it's sensational.  At one point, Prince admonished that no photographs be taken or he will go to his warm hotel bed.  With a wink in his eye, he told the crowd if they see someone with a camera to twist their neck.  

MUSICOLOGY TOUR 2004 (3) Another in the series unsourced collection of soundboard performances organized for each tour.  Magic. 

BIG SCREEN (2)  March 29, 2004 (2).  Los Angeles, California.  Super soundboard show along with fantastic bonus tracks.   Killer.

MUSICOLOLGY RELEASE PARTY.  April 20, 2004 (Webster Hall, NYC - FM Broadcast) and then 10 tracks from February 16, 2004 (At the Filmore, San Francisco).  Incredbile shows in perfect sound. 

EARTH TOUR & 3121.  PART 1+2 (4). Yet another in the great soundboard series of each tour.  No sourcing but no complaints.

LET THE GAMES BEGIN (2). November 12, 2006 with Bonus from November 11 with Chaka. Las Vegas, Nevada.  Very good audience recording. 

PLAYTIME BY VERSACE:  THE VERSACE EXPERIENCE (2). 2006/2007/SPRING 2006. I'm sure there's a good description of this somewhere.  Various remixes, alt takes, a couple of live tracks.  

SUPERBOWL 2007. When he's on, he's on. This contains the complete press conference performance as well as the halftime gig. Covering Dylan & the Foo Fighters along with his some of his back catalog, the man can ignite!

VIVAS LAS DIVAS (2). March 31, 2007, Las Vegas.  Another excellent audience taping. 

DAYS OF SOUNDBOARD:  Volume 4:  The O2 Edition.  September 21, 2007, Sourced from 21 Nights DVD.   Great stuff. 

BLACK EYE DAY (5) October 10 & 11, 2008. Simply amazing. I'll type it again, simply amazing. No it's not the recording which is just okay it's the whole damn thing. You get the show, the after show, a Dave Chappelle routine, you get a mess of covers. It's awesome.

FROM DUSK TO DAWN (6) Two shows on July 18 2009 (Montreaux) and then July 26, 2010 in Cannes aftershow, It took 6 CDRs to capture all of this and it is essential. 

LE PETIT (3) August 13, 2009.  Monoco, France.   My versions is missing the 4th disc.  An enjoyable audience taping. 

YES WE CANNES (2) July 26, 2010.  Le Palais Club, Cannes, France.  Killer early morning gig. 

WELCOME 2 AMERICA (3) April 22, 2011, Los Angeles.  It's the show and then a bunch of extras from other shows, all in good sound, some soundboard and some are strong audience recordings.    

MAY 14, 2011 (2) Los Angeles, California.  Enjoyable show with the New Power Generation, but doesn't quite have the transendent energy of the rest of the best of the shows listed.   Great stagecraft + musicianship, plenty of highlights but not essential

DAYS OF MONTREUX (5). July 13, 14 + 19, 2013.  Soundboarders of this terrific residency, oh boy, great stuff.   

SMUKFEST 2013 (2) August 7, 2013.   Skanderborg, Denmark.  Nice sounding show with 3rd Eye girl

ROCK OVER GERMANY.  SEPTEMBER 3, 1993.  Lueneberg, Germany.  I only have 1 disc of this 2 disc set. 

DECEMBER 29, 2013 (2)  Uncasville, Connecticut.   Audience taping.  I was determined to only grab soundboard recordings for Prince, but I was at this show and hence on the list.   Not a bad recording - certainly captured a great show. 

HIT AND RUN PART II. TOUR 2014-2015 (2)  Another unsourced soundboards of the tour collection.  Spectacular. 

MARCH 14, 2015. Louisville, Kentucky.  Perfect soundboard. 

MARCH 15, 2015 (2) Louisville, Kentucky. Kick ass soundboard. Love it - this is funk.

APRIL 8, 2015 (2) Detroit, Michigan. If you said to me that this is greatest live performance you ever heard, I couldn't argue. This sound boarder is simply a stunner. Mind blowing. Funky. If you like listening to music, you will like this.

BALTIMORE 2015. May 10, 2015. Baltimore, Maryland. His purpleness shows up amidst the turmoil in Baltimore. Killer fuckin' performance. Soundboard.

TRANSFORMATION. (2) April 14, 2016. So good, I don't need to pile out the tributes. This was a great show, wish I was there.






All titles shown for informational purposes only.  Not available for sale or trade.