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The Total Package


HUSNEY'S A WORK IN PROGRESS.  1977.  Instrumentals recorded in a rehearsal space.  Funky stuff. 

BOX OF CHOCOLATES. Eleven tracks from the infamous and endless Prince vault.

THE LENO FILES.  13 Songs performed on the Tonight show and a single bonus Track from Ellen.  Extraordinary stuff.

PURPLE MUSIC. Sometimes too much is too much, love the little dude but he often didn't know when to stop.

COVERING THEM. The music is certainly top shelf and it seems to have taken from 4 different concerts with the sound quality varying from good to okay to pretty good.

COLUMBIA '81.  December 12, 1981.  Soundboard.  Spectacular.  Off the chart music and stagecraft.

1999 LIVE.  February 1983 Tour Rehearsal.   Great funky dope shit,

JANUARY 30, 1982.  Passiac, New Jersey.  Soundboard.  Amazing.  He's Prince.  Amazing.

BILLY'S SUNGLASSES:   PURPLE UNDERGROUND VOLUME 3. (4)  A motherlode - you get:  February 26, 1982 Toledo, Ohio; April 5, 1983 Denver and various rehearsals from Late 1992 - Early 1983.   Just stuffed with great music and performance.  The last disc of rehearsals sheds lightt on how the master works - drilling the band.   All soundboard material.  Love it.  

PROVIDENCE '83. February 10, 1983 Providence, Rhode Island.  Killer single disc show in great song.  Wowee Zowee.

FIRST AVENUE 1983. August 3, 1983, Minneapolis, Minnesota. Home stand soundboard. Great stuff.

1984 BIRTHDAY SHOW. June 7, 1984, Minneapolis, Minnesota. Soundboard. 26 Years Old - wow!

AT THE OMNI. (2) January 4, 1985. Atlanta, Georgia. Soundboard. The reign has begun and it is undeniable. A master musician and performer ready to assert his magnificent powers.

PARADE IN NEW YORK (2) August, 1986. Two nights from Madison Square Garden, wow, another incredible performance. It's well understand what a great live performer he was. He was.

PARADE EUROPE (3)  Consists of August 13, 1986 in London, August 17, 1986 in Rotterdam and the third disc is Spring rehearsals for the tour from unknown locations.

PARADE AROUND THE WORLD (3)  Sensational - essential set.   First disc:  August 25, 1986 in Paris.  Second disc:  Various 1986 performances around the world.  Third discs:  July 22, 1987 rehearsal in Minneapolis quite funky.

I'M GONNA KICK YOUR ASS (3) And he does, it contains a Paris June 17, 1987 and then two rehearsals in December in 1987. I can't tell you how revelatory it is. Just fill of joy, experientalizing, great musical ship and friendship. An essential bootleg. LOVE IT.

JUNE 17, 1987 (2)  Paris, France.  Another soundboard offering.  Same show as above.

SIGN OF THE TIMES LIVE. Contains pieces of June 27 + 28, 1987 in Rotterdam and June 29, 1987in Antwerp and then July & August 1987 in Paisley Park.  Superb souvenir.

SMALL CLUB GIG (2) August 19, 1988, France. Magnifique. I listened to this show the first time from beginning to end in my car on my way to a business appointment. This is one of Prince's famed late night surprise gigs where real magic gets created. Just a creative funky explosion. Captured in commercial sound quality, if you are a Prince fan or a Funk music fan this is essential.

NAGOYA '89 (2) February 7, 1989, Nagoya, Japan. Wicked clean soundboard from the little Genius.

TOKYO 1990. Excellent sounding boot with only a slightly dulled percussion keeping it from commercial sound quality. I think he yells out "Tokyo!" on every track.

RU GONNA GO MY WAY. (2) December 23, 1998. This is an after show club gig with guests Lenny Kravitz, Larry Graham, Candy Dulfer, Jerry Martini & Cynthia Robinson. If you don't know who most of them are you won't be trading for this funky show. Its an okay taping, but the shows just pulsates with sex and beats and funk. Let's your freak flag fly its the bomb!

BIG SCREEN (2)  March 29, 2004 (2).  Los Angeles, California.  Super soundboard show along with fantastic bonus tracks.   Killer.

SUPERBOWL 2007. When he's on, he's on. This contains the complete press conference performance as well as the halftime gig. Covering Dylan & the Foo Fighters along with his some of his back catalog, the man can ignite!

BLACK EYE DAY (5) October 10 & 11, 2008. Simply amazing. I'll type it again, simply amazing. No it's not the recording which is just okay it's the whole damn thing. You get the show, the after show, a Dave Chappelle routine, you get a mess of covers. It's awesome.

MAY 14, 2011 (2) Los Angeles, California.  Enjoyable show with the New Power Generation, but doesn't quite have the transendent energy of the rest of the best of the shows listed.   Great stagecraft + musicianship, plenty of highlights but not essential

MARCH 15, 2015 (2) Louisville, Kentucky. Kick ass soundboard. Love it - this is funk.

APRIL 8, 2015 (2) Detroit, Michigan. If you said to me that this is greatest live performance you ever heard, I couldn't argue. This sound boarder is simply a stunner. Mind blowing. Funky. If you like listening to music, you will like this.

BALTIMORE 2015. May 10, 2015. Baltimore, Maryland. His purpleness shows up amidst the turmoil in Baltimore. Killer fuckin' performance. Soundboard.

TRANSFORMATION. (2) April 14, 2016. So good, I don't need to pile out the tributes. This was a great show, wish I was there.






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