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TAJ MAHAL. LUDLOW GARAGE February 13, 1970. Cincinnati, Ohio. Outstanding. Warm, rich music from a beacon of light.

TAJ MAHAL. DECEMBER 15, 1985 (2) Albany, New York. It's a blues show and mellow. But cool.

TAJ MAHAL & THE HULA BLUES BAND. ESTIVAL JAZZ. July 13, 2002. Lugano, Switzerland. Audio feed from a TV Broadcast. Warm island music from this blues great.

MANASSAS. MARCH 22, 1973. Amsterdam. Stephen Stills backed by Chris Hillman + others built a nice little bad in the early to mid 1970's. Love Still's guitar & vocals and it's a decent sounding recording too.

AIMEE MANN & SQUEEZE. TOGETHER ON THE 4TH OF JULY. Chicago 1994. Soundboard radio broadcast. Big free show in Grant Park. It's really more of a Squeeze show (with Paul Carrack) in tow. They back Aimee on all of her hits and play a bunch of their tunes. Great combo.

RICHARD MANUAL. THE GETAWAY 1985. (2) Saugerties, New York. A special show. It's a bit grainy and imperfect in taping, but affecting, warm and passionate.

MARLEY'S GHOST. SEPTEMBER 27, 2009 (2) The Berkeley Cafe, Berkeley, California. Cowboy Jack Clements stops by and sings a couple with this fine, veteran No CA country band. Soundboard.

MARCH ON WASHINGTON FOR JOBS AND FREEDOM. August 28, 1963. This is the various musical performances at this legendary March best remembered for Martin Luther King's "I Had a Dream" speech. My parents took the bus, something I will always admire in both of them. This was a controversial event - if you think there is disfunction and conflict today, you cannot imagine the stakes back then - something conveniently forgot today. We must always remember!

GROUCHO MARX. I NEVER KISSED AN UGLY WOMAN. I can't make the same claim. Fun little collection from various appearances. He was a riot.

CURTIS MAYFIELD. LIVE AT THE BITTER END. January 17, 1971. No Setlist or artwork. Dig it. The man IS soul.

CURTIS MAYFIELD. KEEP ON KEEPIN ON (2) Collection of various live performances from the early 70s. Amazing stuff from one of my heroes

CURTIS MAYFIELD. FEBRUARY 18, 1984. Nottingham, England. A short 8 song set in perfect sound. Amazing, man, truly amazing as always.

CURTIS MAYFIELD. JUNE 30, 1988. Estival Jazz Festival, Lugano, Switzerland. Stunning soundboard from an American Treasure.

CURTIS MAYFIELD. 1990. Underappreciated talent in soundboard sound. Great band, amazing singing and all my favorite Curtis songs done splendidly. And by the way your cultural I.Q. drops in half if you have never seen "Superfly."

CURTIS MAYFIELD. JULY 7, 1990. Central Park, New York City. Last performance. And a wonderful one too. An immense talent, writer, singer, performer. A true shining light in this world.

CURTIS MAYFIELD MEMORIAL CONCERT (2) February 22, 2000, Los Angeles. With Stevie Wonder, Lauryn Hill and Eric Clapton. Wonderful tribute with some touching speeches and great music. His manager and friend gave a great Eulogy. The Impressions were there for some nice singing. This is one of the reasons to collect boots.

TOOTS & THE MAYTALS. OCTOBER 1, 1975, Los Angeles, California. Excellent KMET broadcast, oh what a wondrous talent. Great.

TOOTS & THE MAYTALS. February 7, 1978 (2) Santa Cruz, California. Reggae man, it's reggae

TOOTS & THE MAYTALS. JAMAICA WORLD FESTIVAL. 1982. Great performance captured in soundboard sound.

TOOTS & THE MAYTALS. REGGAE ON THE RIVER. August 2, 1992. Soundboard. Toots Hibbert is an immense singer and these legends just burn, burn burn.

TOOTS & THE MAYTALS. JUNE 16, 2006. Great festival performance in soundboard. A+

DAVE MATTHEWS BAND OCTOBER 6, 1994 (2) A soundboarder that's as clean as a whistle, Dave just a bit too bland for my taste.

DON MCCLEAN. NEW YORK 1971. December 28, 1971. New York City. Nice in studio radio performance from Mr. American Pie. Seems like a nice, sweet guy.

DON MCCLEAN. APRIL 20, 1974. New York, New York. Crystal clear soundboard. Just a bit too earnest for my taste.

ROGER MCGUINN. MARCH 11, 1971 (2) Cambridge, Massachusetts. It's just Roger alone with whatever stringed instrument he picks up. Low level audience taping, but I made my way threw it.

ROGER MCGUINN. MY FATHERS PLACE. (2) MAY 19, 1974, My Father's Place, Roslyn, New York. Great stuff and I do dig it all.

ROGER MCGUINN.  SEPTEMBER 10, 1975.  New York City.   WNEW broadcast from the Bottom Line - what I just typed used to have a lot of meaning.

ROGER MCQUINN. MR. TAMBOURINE MAN April 21, 1991. Minneapolis, Minnesota. Excellent Soundboard. He's major, man, major.

ROGER MCGUINN. JULY 8, 2009 (2) Nurenberg, Germany. Nice show by this warm, talented legend. He's awesome and should be in your rotation alot more. Good audience recording.

ROGER MCQUINN. OCTOBER 3, 2015 (2) Thousand Oaks, California. Pretty good, audience recording. I screwed up and don't have the final couple of tracks -- still -- quite enjoyable. Great stories.

ROGER MCQUINN & MARTY STUART. May 10, 2017, Culpepper, Virginia. This was done for the Library of Congress. The first half is a conversation and then the music. Fun stuff, stories et al.

MCGUINN CLARK HILLMAN JUNE 22, 1979, Passaic, New Jersey. FM Radio broadcast and a real joy.

JOHN COUGAR MELLENCAMP. WHEELS ARE TURNING. September 11, 1993. I have always felt that the more recent Mellencamp is better than the older and more commecially succesful stuff. Terrific live show, soundboard recording though the vocals is just half a tad low in the mix.

JOHN COUGAR MELLENCAMP. AUGUST 6, 2001. (2) Denver, Colorado. A good audience taping = maybe even a B+ if I am feeling chartiable. Just not crisp enuf for a casual fan like me.

THE METERS FEATURING J.B. HORNS. DECEMBER 1, 1991 (2) Aarsburg, Switzerland. Soundboard recording - in fact the band announces to the crowd that it is being taped. This is a funky good time, you get Fred Wesley & Maceo among others. Lots of inspired, amazing music.

THE METERS FEATURING J.B. HORNS.  December, 1991. (2)  New York City.  Funky soundboard - talking about a a combination of positivity.  (FILED UNDER JAMES BROWN)

BUDDY MILLER (2) March 2, 2006 (2) London, UK. Decent to good audience recording of a top flight musician. He's the real deal - you shouldn't miss him

ROGER MILLER. FEBRUARY 16, 1991. Alexandria, Virginia. Outstanding show in sound and performance. Bravo!! He's a corny showman, but that his charm. Check your provincialism at the door.

STEVE MILLER. ABRACADABRA. August 89, 1991. Irvine, California. A crystal clean soundboard by this massively popular artist. I dug him as a kid so I thought I'd take a listen. I enjoy the songs, artistry and musicianship, maybe a tad too perfect for my ears. Here is music sounding nearly as perfect as the record, impressive feat but it is a good thing?

CHAD MITCHELL TRIO. PHILADELPHIA 1968. Wow. I actually discovered this folk group back in the days that I would hand out in used record stores. Anyway, this set includes an opening John Denver set and also bonus tracks from Columbus Ohio (1968). All soundboard stuff.

JONI MITCHELL & JAMES TAYLOR. AT THE ROYAL ALBERT HALL. October 28, 1970. BBC Radio Broadcast hosted by John Peel. Nice recording marred by a tiny glitch on final track. Too much Joni - shit girl, Life ain't that bad!! But James is always so on and appealing you know.

KEB MO OCTOBER 13, 1995 (2) Ann Arbor, Michigan. Soundboard. Solo acoustic show. A beaut.

KEB' MO' BAY AREA BLUES. 1998 Plant Studios and a 1996 Blues Festival performances. Oh that steel Gee-Tar. Superb recordings.

nterview clips. The man can play the steel guitar. Perfect sound. Homemade art.

KEB MO. JULY 21, 1998. (2) Arcata, California. Sweet soundboard. Keb puts on an amazing show - a perfect set for a long lonely summer drive. Nor art or complete setlist info.

KEB MO. FEBRUARY 4, 2000. McCarter Theatre, Princeton, NJ. (2). Such a great talent, audience taper with really high quality equipment - picks up quite a bit of audience chatter and singing along at the same time capturing the performance quite crisply.

MOBY. JUNE 12, 2000. Superb sounding show from audience taper - Moby's one fun guy.

JJ GREY & MOFRO. APRIL 10, 2007. Minneapolis, Minnesota. Soundboard. Terrific sounding funk and blues.

JJ GREY & MOFRO JUNE 4, 2011. PInnacle, North Carolina. Soundboard. Super show from these bluesy funksters. He's a dynamic front man and the band simply kicks ass.

THOLONIOUS MONK.  MARCH 20, 1966.  Paris, France.  Whisper clean soundboard. 

THELONIOUS MONK & THE GIANTS OF JAZZ.  NOVEMBER 7, 1971.  B'blingen, Germany.   With Dizzy Gillespie in tow I believe that his is an audio feed of a DVD.  

BILL MONROE & HIS BLUEGRASS BOYS JULY 14, 1957. 37 Excellent songs from the man who invented the genre.

BILL MONROE JULY 4, 1961. Luray, Virginia. Soundboard of the legend. Carter Stanley stepped in a for a song or two, but not before some old school dissing of Flatt & Scruggs for not performing at the show with them.

MONTEREY INTERNATIONAL POP FESTIVAL (9) June 16 - 18, 1967. The complete soundboard, they have released most of it, this is all of it.

MORPHINE. MORNING BECOMES ECLECTIC. Radio show, January 14, 1993. A LA radio appearance promoting a show at the Troubadour. It's early so Mark sounds a little groggy, but the 5 songs performed are perfect.

MORPHINE. March 8, 1994. Cleveland, Ohio. Commerical quality soundboard. I went to summer camp with Mark Sandman, man, I loved those guys.

MORPHINE. MAY 15, 1994 (2) + MAY 23, 1994. Boulder Colorado & Pinkpop Festival, Netherlands. Great show and just thrilled to the gig. Soundboarders all.

MORPHINE. JULY 2, 1994, Paris, France. Soundboard. What a surprise that Mark Sandman can speak a little french. Great little show.

MORPHINE. JUNE 6, 1999. Central Square Worlds Fair, Cambridge, MA. I caught this show and can't believe that 10 years later I found it on the web. It says it's their last US Show and a soundboard too. This was a free outdoor show and I remember waiting for 10 minutes after they climbed up on the makeshift stage for their sound man. Hmmm.

ALANIS MORISETTE. HARD TO SWALLOW. December 11, 1996 + November 1996. She's frickin' awesome and that first album really is a rock classic. Too bad it wasn't built upon, but that's okay we have what we have.

ALANIS MORISETTE. UNSCATHED. From a variety of srouces from '98 + '99 concert performances. 17 songs from 12 different places. Good to very good sound quality. She really is an emotional singer - I just dig her.

JIM MORRISON. THE LOST PARIS TAPES (AND EXTRAS) 1965-1971. It's poetry and lyrics and some music as well. I guess his last musical recordings were known as Jomo & The Smoothies. I guess some history here.

VAN MORRISON. 1968 - 1970 DEMOS. (2) Terrific set with a variety of stuff from Moondance, publishing demos, alt takes et al.

VAN MORRISON.  GYPSY SOUL.  A potpourri of demos and unissued songs.  

VAN MORRISON. THE GENUINE PHILOSPHER'S STONE (3). Career spanning outtakes from the wondrous one. Lots of gems.


VAN MORRISON. ROCK N ROLL AND SWING WITH VAN. Collection of various covers and originals. All good to excellent records.

VAN MORRISON. ASTRAL WEEKS LIVE. A compilation of live tracks that forms the album. Source quality varies though you gotta applaud the idea.

VAN MORRISON. APRIL 26, 1970. San Francisco, California. Simply stunning.

VAN MORRISON. FILMORE WEST....October 9, 1970, San Francisco. This is a no filling all meat meal. Van is young and in total control with a tight band. Perfect soundboard quality. Woo hoo.

VAN MORRISON. THE INNER MYSTIC REMASTERED. September 1971, A sweet MP3 sourced treat. Van introcues his new single...Wild Night. Top shelf stuff.

VAN MORRISON. SEPTEMBER 7, 1971. Sacramento, California. Terrific show with plenty of nuggets.

VAN MORRISON. (2) THE LION ROARS. February 15, 1973, Great stuff here.

VAN MORRISON. WILD NIGHT. MAY 26, 1973. Eleven song set. Vintage.

VAN MORRISON.  FOR RAINBOW.  July 24, 1973, London.  BBC Broadcast with bonus tracks from the 1974 RTB Broadcast.  

VAN MORRISON. FEBRUARY 2, 1974 (2) Winterland, San Francisco. Wicked soundboard, mellow at times, but so damn good.

VAN MORRISON. APRIL 6, 1974 (2) Copenhagan, Denmark. Nice soundboard capturing Van at one of his peaks.```

VAN MORRISON. IT'S TOO LATE TO STOP NOW ACETATES (2) Amongst my top 5 live commercial releases of all time, glad to have the acetates with a couple of additional songs left off the released album. Hallelujah!

THE WONDERLAND TAPES (2) JUNE 22, 1977. Hilversum, Netherlands. Sweet, soundboard

VAN MORRISON. MECHANICAL BLISS (2) I guess these are high quality studio outtakes or alt mixes or something. Funky and cool.

VAN MORRISON. NOVEMBER 26, 1978 (2) Los Angeles, California. Radio broadcast chock full of George Ivan's hits. Strong show - a delight.

VAN MORRISON WONDERLAND REHEARSALS (2) June, 1977 Terrific sounding music and what a band, Dr. John and Mick Ronson in tow. Whoa!

VAN MORRISON. LIVE AT THE BOTTOM LINE. 1978. I remember listening to this show on the
radio while at college. More terrific stuff with an introduction from old friend, Peter Wolf. Begins with "Moondance" and ends with "Caravan" 'nuff said.

VAN MORRISON. JUNE 10, 1979 (2) Passiac, New Jersey. Slick soundboard from our man Van.

VAN MORRISON. JANAURY 25, 1980. San Francisco, California. Soundboard at the Warfield, with Pee Wee Ellis and others in tow. Success.

VAN MORRISON. CAN YOU FEEL THE SILENCE (2) April 4, 1982. Great sounding soundboard recording from some kind of festival. Sweet.

VAN MORRISON. HAMMERSMITH ODEON LONDON. November 11, 1986 (2) Good show, good recording but didn't really catch fire. A bit too mellow and slow at times for my taste.

VAN MORRISON. RAVE ON. 1987 Glastonberry Festival. Soundboard boot, eclectic setlist.  Sweet.

VAN MORRISON.  SOMETHING WE CAN BUSK (2) July 17, 1989, Montreux, Switzerland, Montreux Jazz Festival.  Soundboard show, Well done and fun, but goes in a direction that it isn't my jam.

VAN MORRISON 1989 CONCERT UNABRIDGED (2) Super clean soundboard with visits from John Lee Hooker and Mose Allison.

VAN MORRISON. IT'S NEVER TOO LATE. From the same show(s?) that It's Too Late To Stop Now Came From. A couple from that album as well as bunch missing from the official product.
Commerical sound quality throughout.

VAN MORRISON SOUL LABYRINTH. 1991. Fleadh & Feile Festival, Ldon and AIre. I believe the next nigght is the next show. This one is darn good too.

VAN MORRISON PAGAN STREAMS (2) April 1, 1991. Soundboard. Delightful Georgie Fame backed show. He's gosh darn jolly, I swear. Laughing, joking, telling stories. Superb though not filled with hits if that is what you are looking for.

VAN MORRISON. YOU'RE NOT A RENTED AUDIENCE ARE YOU? San Francisco, California. April 21, 1992. Terrific soundboard with Van in an hornery mood.

VAN MORRISON. MOST OF IT IS DANCE MUSIC: THE LOST RIVERSIDE RECORDING 1975. June 7, 1975. Riverside, California. Slick sound boarder from Van the Man.

VAN MORRISON., MARCH 21, 1982 (2) London, England. Strong soundboard touches all the bases.

VAN MORRISON. FROM DUBLIN UP TO SANDY ROW. December 17, 1995. Dublin, Ireland. I swear it is perfect. I mean perfect. Perfect, I say!!

VAN MORRISON. MEMPHIS. May 5, 1996 (2) With Georgie Fame & Pee Wee Ellis. Memphis, Tennessee. He is clearly in a jovial mood laughing a couple of times and inspired on this sounboard recording. Quite good.

VAN MORRISON. WAY UP ON THE AVENUE. (2) January/1998 in New York City. From his
co-headlining tour with Dylan. 29 songs with 2 duets with Bobby and plenty of great music.

VAN MORRISON. BURING GROUND. May/1998. Great stuff from the man. Diverse setlist without relying on the big hits.

VAN MORRISON. NOVEMBER 21, 1998. (2) Late Show. Belfast. Fantastic sounding show. Love.

VAN MORRISON. I LIKE CANDY. December/1998 (2) Killer set with guest appearances from
Saxophone extraordinaire Candy Dulfer and Mavis Staples.

VAN MORRISON. TURNING LED INTO GOLD. THE VERY BEST OF 1999. (2) Nice collection of high quality performances.

VAN MORRISON. OUTSKIRTS OF BASEL. December 17, 2000 (2) Basel, Switzlerland. Lovely show from the canterkerous dude.

VAN MORRISON & LINDA GALE LEWIS. WE WIN AGAIN. January 12, 2001 (2) Boston,
Massachusetts. Terrific audience taping of a show (with Linda Gale Lewis) that sold out on me. A blast of old blues and rhythm and blues.

VAN MORRISON. POLEAXED IN WARSAW (2) May 25, 2001, Warsaw, Poland. A kick ass show - excellent recording and terrific performance. An exquisite "Baby Blue" for Dylan the day after his birthday. All good stuff here.

VAN MORRISON. WHEN YOU HEAR THE MUSIC RINGING IN THE SOUL: BEST 2002 PERFORMANCES OF VAN MORRISON (3). I dunno, I'm not sure it's the best, there is some good stuff, but not essential.

VAN MORRISON. JULY 12, 2002 (2) Lugano, Switzerland. Whisper quiet soundboarder. Nice.

VAN MORRISON. COPY CATS STOLE MY SOUL. A nice slick one - jazzy band and terrific sound.

VAN MORRISON. CHOPPIN' WOOD. This is the unreleased, much lauded gem recording in the early 2000s. In Clinton Heylin's book, he apparently went to on to some extent proclaiming it's glories. Good stuff.

HOOCHIE COOCHIE VAN. July 15, 2003 (2) Umbria Jazz, Perugia, A sweet and understated show, great varied set and performance. 

VAN MORRISON. 2003: THE UNRELEASED LIVE ALBUM (2) Fan compiled sourced from July 19 (Montreu), November 13 (Hamburg) and November 25 (Malvern). Good stuff, of course. Soundboard.

VAN MORRISON. EDINBURGH JAZZ FESTIVAL. August 6, 2004 (5) Edinburgh, Scotland. Simply awe inspiring. My version came with 3 bonus discs unsourced from same era. Fantastico!

VAN MORRISON. NEUHARDENBERG (2) August 5, 2005. Radio broadcast in perfect sound. Candy Dulfer guests.

VAN MORRISON. MAY 19, 2006 (2) Berlin, Germany. Great sounding show. Candy Dulfer steps in for a couple.

VAN MORRISON. KEEPING IT SIMPLE AT THE BBC (2) February 2008 + March 12, 2008. Two different radio shows. Both are terrific as the interviews are quite revealing. The 2nd show is hosted by Zep's John Paul Jones whom Van truly warms up to and trusts. Essential.

VAN MORRISON. EAST BELFAST ARTS FESTIVAL. (2) September 12, 2012, Belfast, Northern Island. A killer show in perfect soundboard sound. Hits a great groove and funk.

VAN MORRISON. APRIL 26, 2016 (2) Boston, MA. I foolishly did not attend the show - crazy ticket prices - but latest I've got the boot. A pretty good audience taping.

VAN MORRISON. LUCA SUMMER FESTIVAL. July 9, 2016. Great recording, man.

VAN MORRISON. SEPTEMBER 29, 2016 (2) London. UK. BBC broadcast, includes a quick chat and pre show performance. Great stuff.

VAN MORRISON. JULY 1 2017. Cornwall, UK. You get 7 songs ripped from the HDTV. Nice stuff.

VAN MORRISON. BLUES FEST. October 26, 2018 (2). London, UK. Fabulous show by Van the Man. Soundboard.

MUDCRUTCH. 2016 BEST PEFORMANCES. Fan club release. Basically it's the Tom Petty sound -- and I say that because it is good thing.

RALPH NADER RALLY. October 13, 2000. Madison Square Garden, NYC. Commercial quality
soundboard with Ani DiFranco, Ben Harper, Eddie Veddar & Patti Smith all contributing a couple of tunes each. Eddie's version of "The Times They Are A-Changin'" is for the ages! 8 Tracks only, but all outstanding performances.

GRAHAM NASH. JULY 7, 2018 (2)  Rudolstadt, Germany.  Soundboard.  Like his former best buddy, Cruz, I feel conflicted about this dude.  He's a sweet singer, wrote some great songs and CSNY is pretty damn wonderful I just find his ego a bit off putting,   But, this one was quite enjoyable.  

A TRIBUTE TO FRED NEIL. Very Nice, radio documentary on the Village Folkie. Hosted by Bennet Theissen I guess of the Chill Room. Done in 2013.

RICK NELSON. LIVE AT THE ALLADIN. 1979, Las Vegas. An imperfect recording, but does the trick in presenting this unsung hero. Had a fistful of hits pre Brittish Invasion, scored a lot of tail, but vanished nearly without a trace.

WILLIE NELSON. 2 ONE-HOUR RADIO SPECIALS: MY OWN PECULIAR WAY and TRUE OUTLAW STORIES. (2) Radio promos. The first show is basically a documentary on the amazing life and career of Willie. The second is interviews with band members and crew of stories of being on the road. These are outstanding and glad it's a part of my collection.

WILLIE NELSON. JUNE 7, 1975 (2) San Francisco, California. Great stuff from our man, Willie. Love it

WILLIE NELSON + LEON RUSSELL. APRIL 1, 1979. Passaic, New Jersey. This is a WNEW radio broadcast...and yes...it's fantastic.

WILLIE NELSON. AUGUST 18, 1979. (2) Missouri State Fair, Sedalia, Missouri. Nice soundboard from Willie & his friends.

WILLIE NELSON & KRIS KRISTOFFERSON. APRIL 22, 1995 (2) Austin, Texas. Soundboard. Old friends playing together. Lot so fun.

WILLIE NELSON + WAYLON JENNINGS. APRIL 10, 1996 (2) No setlist, no art just great music.

WILLIE NELSON + MERLE HAGGARD. DECEMBER 4, 1997 (2) Austin, Texas. Must have been the raw feed of some TV taping. They let various band members have a turn at the mic. A warm, sloppy, lovely country music performance.

WILLIE NELSON. FEBRUARY 9, 1999 (2) New York City. Its 48 songs and over 2 1/2 hours of Willie. Jeez, most bands don't know 48 songs, let alone play them all in one night. Soundboard.

WILLIE NELSON. STARS & GUITARS. April 14, 2002, Nashville, Tennessee. There's a shitload of artists who show up here for this Birthday tribute: Keef, Dixie Chicks, Emmylou, Waylon, jeez even Bon Jovi. A bit formal feeling, but still nice. Probably taped off the commercial broadcast.

WILLIE NELSON & FAMILY. APRIL 21, 2008 (2) Melkweg, Amsterdam. A wonderful, warm hoedown. Special guest? Snoop Doggy Dog!!! Lots of crowd singalonging. Charming audience taping

THE NEW ORLEANS JAZZ FESTIVAL 1993. Terrific radio broadcast from the fest featuring full and fragmented sets from Dr. John, The Meters, The Dixie Cups, CJ Chenier & Dirty Dozen Brass Band. There IS magic in the water.

THE NEW YORK DOLLS. A HARD DAY'S NIGHT. Very good set of Doll's outtakes.

RANDY NEWMAN. AUGUST 21, 1971. New York City. Terrific 23 song performance - you never would have thought he'd be a multi millionaire Hollywood tycoon.

RANDY NEWMAN. BOARDING HOUSE SF. June 11, 1972 (MP3 Version). A wicked clean broadcast of a chatty + cheeky piano man alone at the keys handling it all with aplomb.

RANDY NEWMAN. NOVEMBER 4, 1974. Saucalito, California. This is a KSAN radio station appearance by Randy con Piano. Does alot of my favorite stuff in front of a studio audience. The Anti Elton.

RANDY NEWMAN. NOVEMBER 1974. Moore Theater, Seattle, Washington. Soundboard recording from the Good Old Boys tour - so damn good.

RANDY NEWMAN. AUGUST 18, 1978 (2) Los Angeles. Holy Moly, what a band: Fred Tackett, Bill Payne, Ted Templeton and others. A full meal as you get a career retrospective up to this point. Soundboard.

RANDY NEWMAN. LIVE IN ROTTERDAM 1979. Very good soundboard with Randy at the helm & keyboard. Plenty of our favs.

RANDY NEWMAN. JANUARY 31, 1983 (2) . Koln, Germany. A long show with Randy at the piano playing his stuff. Radio broadcast. A bit of sameness as a listen frankly.

RANDY NEWMAN. BOB EDWARDS XM RADIO INTERVIEW. 2007. Terrific show with Randy at the piano playing and singing terrifically as well as witty conversation. One big file strangely a 6 min segment gets repeated.

RANDY NEWMAN. MARCH 8, 2012. Munich, Germany. Soundboarder. The great man solo playing songs from across his career. Hard to believe that he was once a counter culture hero, now a multi millionaire. Good for him.

RANDY NEWMAN. JULY 7, 2017 (2) Lowell, Mass. I caught this gig and so did someone else in the audience. It's a solo date so you get all the little stories and our piano man at center stage. Fun.

NICKEL CREEK. NOVEMBER 16, 2000 (2) Berkeley, California. Soundboarder and a good one. These kids get it, man. A+ show.

NICKEL CREEK. March 2, 2001 (2) Lexington, Kentucky. Just love these guys - don't have artwork or setlist for this one (should have jotted it down as it went, but I haven't yet). If you aren't a fan of these then you should start to be. Nice clean show, I haven't decided if these chatty children are charming or a bit long winded - but boy they can sure play well together.

NICKEL CREEK. NOVEMBER 2, 2007. National Public Radio. Nice long performance followed by a pre-show interview. Love.

HARRY NILSSON. HARRY DOES SKIP. April 1, 1970. The Skip Weshner Show. KRHM-FM, Los Angeles. An in studio visit with performance and long, rambling chat.

NINE INCH NAILS. HAMMERING IT HOME 94. London. A very good recording. Really now, one of the few techno bands that is/were rock and roll. You gotta give Trent Reznor the props - his spooky vision is a real one.

NIRVANA. BLEW. January 20, 1990, Tacoma, Washington. Soundboard recording, hey we even get the soundcheck.

NIRVANA. FIRE EXTINGUISHER (2) February 19, 1992. Tokyo, Japan. MP3 sourced, wicked clean with virtually no audience heard. An extraordinary gig - hot hot hot - a hard rockin gig with a heartfelt "Love Buzz" a personal favorite.

NIRVANA. XXII II MCMXCIV. Soundboard recording from their Feburary 22, 1994 performance in
Rome. Every listen makes you miss them more.

NIRVANA. UNCIRCULATED LIVE 1992. July 3, 1992. Madrid, Spain. Make no mistake about it, this was a good band. Soundboard.

NIRVANA. OUTCESTICIDE. VOLUME 1. Lots of studio stuff, not sure how often I'm gonna listen to this, but still not bad.

NITTY GRITTY DIRT BAND. WKDA LIVE BROADCAST (2) January 1974. In studio broadcast, done in a shambolic fashion much like their famed "May the Circle" albums with chat and starts and stops between songs. Certainly a fabulously capable band with exquisite taste.

THE NOTTING HILLBILLIES. HAVING A GOOD TIME. May 15, 1990. Soundboarder of one of Knopfler's side musings. Good stuff and a short interview at the end to boot.

GARY NUMAN. March 19, 1980. Santa Monica, California. I'd best describe this as a messy soundboard. Best known for his one hit wonder - "Cars" - not sure where Trent Reznor would be without him. No set list info.

GARY NUMAN. MAY 31, 1980. Melbourne, Australia. Old school industrial techno. Nice soundboard.

OASIS. UNPLUGGED. A terrific collection of acoustic performances from that 1994-5 period when they were right there. They may not be as great as they think they are, but this disc made a believer out of me. Setlist only.

BARACK OBAMA. WE ARE ONE (2) This is one of the pre inauguration events with Springsteen, Pete Seeger, Beyonce, Mary J. Blige,Bettye Lavette, JT, Herbie Hancock, Stevie Wonder, Tom Hanks, Jack Black etc etc. Must have sourced off of the HBO broadcast. Man, we were so hopeful.

PHIL OCHS. THE FBI TAPES. (2) October 22, 1966. Montreal, Canada. Purported to be recorded by the FBI, but that's bound to be an urban legend. He does make a joke about the FBI listening in. Anyway, he had a musical quality to his voice that I think was special. You all know his back story, but I think a nice artist in his own right. Very enjoyable show

PHIL OCHS. WBAI AND MORE. 1965. Consists of some radio performances and then a couple of tunes from the above Montreal gig.

PHIL OAKS. JUNE 12 - 17, 1968. Burg Waldeck Festival, Dorweiler, Germany. Soundboard recordings over various days at this Festival, Phil is fine form. Terrific.

PHIL OCHS MEMORIAL CONCERT. MAY 28, 1976. NYC. Phil gets honored after his horrible suicide by the old NY folk community. Some fantastic performances and spoken memories. NPR radio broadcast.

SINEAD O'CONNOR. MARCH 31, 1988. Boston. I didn't go to this show, but surely wish I did. This was a WBCN broadcast and Sinead in all her fury and art let it rip.

SINEAD O'CONNOR. PINKPOP FESTIVAL. May 23, 1988, Landgraaf, The Netherlands. O lord, she's got a head of steam and is at her loopy best. Soundboard recording.

SINEAD O'CONNOR. APRIL 24, 1990. London, England. Soundboard. You know, she delivers the goods live.

SINEAD O'CONNOR. VISIONS. Half the disc from April 8, 1995 and the other half from June 5, 1995. She's got transcendent talent and alot to say. Nice career spanning selections.

SINEAD O'CONNOR MAY 14, 2007. Basel, Switzerland. Radio broadcast. Real good stuff. She's a fine artist - hey it was her career that she ruined, I don't hold it against her. Immense singing and passion.

SINEAD O'CONNOR. MARCH 19, 2008. Sydney, Australia. Flawed audience taping, could have used more seperation. Still a joy to listen though she's one confused Christian.

SINEAD O'CONNOR (Magda Davitt) MAY 12, 2008 (2) Belfast, Ireland. Stunning soundboard, by this special talent.

SINAD O'CONNOR. JULY 8, 2010 (2) Genva, Italy. Soundboard and further proof of her majistry.

SINEAD O'CONNOR. RADIO BROADCASTS. IRELAND 2010-2013 (3) She may be looney, but she sure can sing. Mismatch on the song info on this collection, but wondrous stuff.

SINEAD O'CONNOR. THE GOSPEL SESSIONS. July 26, 2013. New York City. An acceptable audience taping of this neat Gospel themed show. You get 2 Dylan covers, negro spirituals and other cool stuff. She is a crazy chick, but such an interesting artist.

ODETTA. CHICAGO 1957. November 23, 1957. Chicago, Illinois. Radio Broadcast of this deep voiced folk legend. Wondrous and magnificient.

OLD & IN THE WAY. Boardinghouse July 23, 1973. I don't know the entire Jerry Bluegrass story, but I do somewhat enjoy this project. Soundboard with digital noise between tracks.

JOAN OSBORNE. LIVE IN HOLLYWOOD (2) September 7, 1995. Hollywood, California. Great stuff from Joan somewhat at her commercial peak

JOAN OSBORNE. ROSE LAND. September 9, 1995, New York City. Soundboard recording with a strong & powerful Joan taking on all comers. She's my favorite Joan (Baez or Jett) or atleast tied with Armatrading.

JOAN OSBORNE. FALLING FROM GRACE. April 11, 1996. Toronto. Superb commerical quality...And clearly Joan likes her audience to dance!

JOAN OSBORNE. LIVE TOGETHER. Breman, West Germany, November 9, 2002. A sensational sounding show - my first track has a little digital noise and my copy doesn't contain any of the bonus tracks. Still worthwhile.

JOAN OSBORNE. BUFFALO ROCKS THE HARBOR. June 27, 2009, Buffalo, New York. A great sounding show. She has both a distinctive voice, but also a unique stylized way of singing.

JOAN OSBORNE.  MAY 7, 2015,(2) Natick, Massachusetts.   I didn't go to this show five miles from my house but latest I got this sound boarder of it. 

JOAN OSBORNE. SINGS THE SONGS OF BOB DYLAN. JULY 31, 2017. Ocean City, New Jersey. Love her. Love Him. What's not to love here.

SHUGGIE OTIS. JULY 13, 2013. Rotterdam. He's the author of a lost classic and his "Inspiration" album should be in everyone's collection who cares about music.

BUCK OWENS. JULY 16, 1978. Santa Monica, California. Great show they even pull off a cool cover of "Play That Funky Music."

BUCK OWENS AND THE BUCKAROOS. LIVE AT BIRCHMERE (2) MARCH 1, 1989. Good stuff. Honky Tonk defined in this soundboard.

ROBERT PALMER. JOHNNY & MARY. Real nice disc. Somehow I picture him on a beach in the British Isles livin large off his royalties of his big hits.

ROBERT PALMER. BAND IN BOSTON. I forget how much I love this guy. radio promo so it's got a great sound to it. love.

ROBERT PALMER. OCTOBER 12, 1979. Passaic, New Jersey. Nice radio broadcast from this handsome man.

ROBERT PALMER. NOVEMBER 9, 1979. Paris, France. Excellent show from a terrific artist - talk about forgotten material. Sheit, this is really good stuff - a mix of excellent covers (how about a surprising cover of Gary Numan's "Cars") Love.

ROBERT PALMER.  SEPTEMBER 29, 1980.  Owings Mill, Maryland.  Radio broadcast.  Superb stuff.  Great band and performance.

ROBERT PALMER. JULY 26, 1986 (2) He's a crooner, but I have to admit liking his stuff earlier in the career rather than those big giant hits he had prior to his untimely heart attack. Those hits are cool, but lack the plastic soul of his earlier stuff. Radio Broacast.

ROBERT PALMER. SEPTEMBER 7, 1988 (2) Miami, Florida. Westwood One Superstars in Concert. Enjoyable show as Palmer is ascendent.

ROBERT PALMER.  MAY 23, 1991.  London, England.   BBC broadcaster, excellent, entertaining show.

GRAHAM PARKER. BOOTLEG BOX (9) Takes big ears to listen to this monster. The vast majority in excellent sound. Career spanning performances.

GRAHAM PARKER. APRIL 7, 1988. Grant Park, Chicago, Illinois. Steller recording - sounds like a radio broadcast from our unsung hero.

GRAHAM PARKER. APRIL 3, 1979. Hammersmith Odeon, London, England. Oh the man kicking ass at his peak. Just love that great "Sparks" album. Love.

GRAHAM PARKER & THE RUMOUR APRIL 9, 1979. San Francisco. KSAN radio broadcast. Everyone knows he should be mentioned in the same breath as the great rockers of his era - including Graham himself.

GRAHAM PARKER & THE RUMOUR. JUNE 6, 1979. Hempstead, NY. WLIR Radio broadcast. GP and the boys seemed to do # radio shows in the major US cities to promote the mighty album - great art ensued, but no record sales.

GRAHAM PARKER. JUNE 24, 1979 (2) Seattle, Washington. Nice "Squeezing Out Sparks" tour - great rock and roll. Radio broadcast.

GRAHAM PARKER. OCTOBER 18, 1980. Rockapalast, Essen, Germany

GRAHAM PARKER.  MAY 14, 1982.  Chicago, Illinois.  FM Broadcast.   Nice rockin' show.   

GRAHAM PARKER. JUNE 27, 1988 (2) New York City. WNEW Recording. The mighty brit just tearing it up the same night as the Tyson-Spinks fight. My unheralded hero scores again.

GRAHAM PARKER. FEBRUARY 8, 1991. This is the opening solo acoustic set for the famed Dylan Hammersmith Odeon shows. A couple of bonus tracks added from subsequent nights. Chatty audience taping, but still captures it well.

GRAHAM PARKER.   MARCVH 22, 1996.  Early Show.  Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.  Soundboard Graham.

GRAHAM PARKER. JUNE 26, 1998. (2) Boston. WBCN broadcast. The mighty GP Rules!

GRAHAM PARKER. APRIL 4, 2000. Rome, Italy. Just GP with guitar, there is a sameness to the show, but you still gotta enjoy the elegant snarling and crisp songwriting.

GRAHAM PARKER. SEPTEMBER 6, 2008. (2) Bowling Green, Kentucky. Fun stuff, nice show, nice recording.

GRAHAM PARKER & THE RUMOR. KIPPLINGTON LODGE SOCIAL CLUB. REUNION SHOW. October 21, 2010. New York. Acceptable audience recording. Fund show performing, I guess, under a pseudo name. The rumor performed first with a set of covers and then Graham joined the band for a couple.

GRAHAM PARKER. OCTOBER 1, 2013 (2) Nuremberg, Germany. Commercial sound quality of Graham with guitar and kazoo casually taking us through his magnificent songbook. Wonderful, warm gig.

GRAHAM PARKER & BRINSLEY SCHWARZ. LOCO CLUB. September 9, 2014 (2) Valenzia, Spain. Slick soundboard of Graham accompanied by his guitarist pal. Graham -- what? - don't like the 80's? I get it.

GRAHAM PARKER & BRINSLEY SCHWARZ APRIL 5, 2016. (2) Piermont, NY. The duo back in town for a nice show. More than capable audience recording. Charmed.

MACEO PARKER AUGUST 25, 1999 (2) Chicago, Illinois. Seems that the taping got better as the night progressed. His commercial live release among my most favorite possessions. No setlist or artwork. Maceo! Got the Funk!

PARLAMENT FUNKADELIC.  ROCKY MOUNTAIN SHAKEDOWN.  1976, DENVER.  A freaky cool soundboard.  It's everything you want from the Funk Masters. 

PARLIAMENT FUNKADELIC. NEW YORK CITY 1977. New York Cit. Whisper quiet soundboard, you can't hear the audience. Needless to say, funky.

PARLIAMENT FUNKADELIC. AFRALLICOUS AND THE ELECTRIC PUSSY. December 8, 1978. Amsterdam, Holland. Wondrous soundboard in all they freaky glory.

PEARL JAM.  EASY TEN:  DEMOS & ROUGHS.  Early efforts by the band.


PEARL JAM. RARITIES. Various live performances from 1992-3, audience recordings for most if not all, Sound quality varies. Includes covers of "Baba O'Reilly," "Light My Fire," "My Generation," and "Roadhouse Blues."

PEARL JAM. PULLED THE COVERS (5) How good? A listen to these five discs might make you think these guys are the greatest band ever. This is just killer, stuffed with gems, you get everything here. Special guests, guest appearances, the expected and unexpected. A buffet for the soul.

PEARL JAM. MTV UNPLUGGED. The 8 Cuts from the TV show in fine sound quality.

PEARL JAM. SELF POLUTION RADIO SHOW. JANUARY 8, 1995. Nice single disc of the band's musical performances during that promotional radio broadcast. A+ sound.

PEARL JAM.  JULY 11, 1995 (3)  Soldier Field, Chicago, Illinois.  Radio Broadcast.   Killer show, these boys are peaking!

PEARL JAM. MAKE YOURSELF COMFORTABLE...IT'S PEARL JAM (2). Rocking a little harder, this one is a soundboarder from Hartford, Connecticut on October 2, 1996. Quite a groovy version of "Not For You" with an Eddie monologue at mid song.

PEARL JAM. NOVEMBER 3, 1996. (2). Berlin, Germany. Great stuff. Setlist only.

PEARL JAM. MARCH 5, 1998. Melbourne, Australia. Another clean show - all of the Pearl Jam shows were well taped and have nearly equally fantastic sound quality.

PEARL JAM. JULY 22, 1998. (2) Recorded in their hometown of Seattle. Excellent sounding show.

PEARL JAM. SEPTEMBER 16, 1998. (2) Great Woods, Mansfield, Massachusetts. THis set will erase any doubts you may have about Eddie & friends. They are the premier rock band of the 90's still standing. Soundboard recording with crystal clear sound. I was actually at this show, but wasn't involved with the taping (Mutual funds & piracy don't mix). Begins with Eddie doing a surpise song solo before the opening act. Homemade artwork.

PEARL JAM.  SOUTH AMERICA 2005.  November 23, 2005 (2) Santiago, Chile.  Rockin' soundboard. 

PEARL JAM. JUNE 9, 2007 (2) Madrid, Spain. Excellent. And I mean excellent. Spanish radio broadcast with a number of DJ interuptions between songs. PJ sound great after all these year, playing better than ever.

PEARL JAM. NOVEMBER 16, 2011 (2) Santiago, Chile. Soundboard. Top shelf performance from a very good rock band.

PEARL JAM. LOLLAPALOOZA FESTIVAL. April 6, 2013 (2) Santiago, Chile. Official Fan Club recording and release. Killer shit.

PEARL JAM. GLOBAL CITIZEN CENTRAL PARK. September 26, 2015. 12 Song set at some earnest peace and love event. A couple of PJ classics along with covers of "Imagine," "Redemption Song," "Rockin' in the Free World." Soundboard.

PEARL JAM. LOLLAPALOOZA. March 24, 2018 (2) Sao Paolo, Brazil. Fantastic soundboard recording. A great band hitting on all cylanders.

TOM PETTY.  DECEMBER 12, 1976, Paul's Mall,  Boston. Soundboard.  4 Tunes.  I never made it to this venue as I was a little young, but I used to go the art movie theatre above it.

TOM PETTY & THE HEARTBREAKERS. APRIL 23, 1977. San Francisco, Ca. KSAN Radio broadcast. Early gig and yet such a fully formed, mature sound. Amazing.

TOM PETTY & THE HEARTBREAKERS. JUNE 14, 1977. Koln, Germany. Great early show, soundboard. 12 tunes from an artist and band finding their groove.

TOM PETTY & THE HEARTBREAKERS. NOVEMBER 11, 1977 Hollywood, California. Nice little show from Studio A in the Capital Records Tower.

TOM PETTY & THE HEARTBREAKERS. JULY 23, 1979. Salinas, California. TP and his friends are just starting to figure it all out. Well on their way.

TOM PETTY & THE HEARTBREAKERS. NOVEMBER 29, 1977. New York. Young and breaking through. Excellent show. Soundboard.

TOM PETTY & THE HEARTBREAKERS.  BBC2 IN CONCERT.  June 20, 1978.  I think I recall from the doc that their UK tour act this time was an early triumph. 

TOM PETTY & THE HEARTBREAKERS. JULY 16, 1978. Boston, Mass. Broadcast by local radio pioneer WBCN, I remember not going to this show. Petty is oung and has the 3 B's on his mind: The Byrds, The Beatles and Bob. Excellen show, essential in fact. A fistful of covers some of them worked - Route 66, Don't Bring me Down - and some didn't - shout.

TOM PETTY & THE HEARTBREAKERS. AUGUST 3, 1978, New Orleans. Great early show. Soundboard.

TOM PETTY & THE HEARTBREAKERS.  DECEMBER 30, 1978 (2) San Francisco, Caifornia.  At the Filmore, introduced by Bill Graham, soundboard, great man, just great.

TOM PETTY & THE HEARTBREAKERS. DECEMBER 31, 1978. Santa Monica, California. Soundboard from New Year's Eve. Dee-Light-Flu..

TOM PETTY. JULY 24, 1979 (2) Santa, Cruz, California. TP leading the charge, nice soundboard.

TOM PETTY & THE HEARTBREAKERS DECEMBER 6, 1979 (2) Houston, Texas. Top shelf soundboard and show from this real rock and roll Hall of Famer.

TOM PETTY & THE HEARTBREAKERS. MARCH 6/7, 1980. London, England. Great stuff from a radio broadcast.

TOM PETTY & THE HEARTBREAKERS. May 24, 1980. Oxford, England. Nice show from Florida's finest. Nice peformance and can't I say great rock and roll songs.

TOM PETTY & THE HEARTBREAKERS.  JULY 9, 1980 (2) Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.  Radio Broadcast.  Sublime.

TOM PETTY & THE HEARTBREAKERS. STRAIGHT INTO DARKNESS. (2). Utrecht, Holland. December 4, 1982. Wow! Soundboard boot from Rock & Roll's greatest unsung hero. Great Stuff!!

TOM PETTY & THE HEARTBREAKERS. DECEMBER 12, 1982. London, UK. Nice FM Radio broadcast from Wembley.

TOM PETTY & THE HEARTBREAKERS. JULY 24, 1987. Jacksonville, Florida. Soundboard. Rock n' Roll never forgets.

TOM PETTY & THE HEARTBREAKERS. GREAT WOODS (2) Mansfield, Massachusetts. Nice recording and for all I can remember I might have caught this show, can't remember. Great.

TOM PETTY & THE HEARTBREAKERS STORYTELLERS. MARCH 31, 1999. His VH1 show unedited. He was a talent.

TOM PETTY. LOST IN NORTH CAROLINA (2) September 13, 1989, Charlotte and 7 bonus tracks from August 20, 1989, Holmdel, New Jersey. As always, great stuff, well recorded. Awesome.

TOM PETTY & THE HEARTBREAKERS. FREE FALLIN' Real nice boot from his 1990 tour and far superior to his shabby commercial live product.

TOM PETTY & THE HEARTBREAKERS. SOUTHERN CHOICE. May 18, 1990. Wilimington, North Carolina. As it has been said, he never had an off night.

TOM PETTY & THE HEARTBREAKERS.  NOVEMBER 23, 1991 (2) Reno, Nevada.  Nice clean show. 

TOM PETTY & THE HEARTBREAKERS. NOVEMBER 24, 1991. Oakland, California. Superb show - great sound.

TOM PETTY & THE HEARTBREAKERS. NOVEMBER 4, 1993 (2) Tallahassee, Florida. Homecoming radio show for these boys incapable of a bad gig. Great stuff.

TOM PETTY & THE HEARTBREAKERS. BRIDGE SCHOOL. October 2, 1994 Nice little 10 song set at Neil's benefit show. Soundboarder. Super.

TOM PETTY & THE HEARTBREAKERS.  MAY 15, 1995 (2)  Miami, Florida.  Sweet ALD recording of Petty & friends in flow.

TOM PETTY & THE HEARTBREAKERS. JANUARY 1997 FILLMORE RESIDENCY COMPILATION (3) Fantastico! Brilliante! Generous set with a mess of cover tunes turning the band into the greatest cover band ever. Damn amazing. There is a strong case to be made for Petty.

TOM PETTY & THE HEARTBREAKERS. APRIL 11, 1999. New York City. Supremely sounding soundboard with a ton of cool covers. Great fun.

TOM PETTY & THE HEARTBREAKERS.  APRIL 12, 1999 (3)  New York.  Excellence.

TOM PETTY & THE HEARTBREAKERS. ECHO IN THE PARK. April 23, 1999. Hamburg, Germany. Soundboard. At his best, you just shake your head at how good this BAND is. This is a primo facia example of such. Killer.

TOM PETTY & THE HEARTBREAKERS. JUNE 30, 2006 (2) Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Always a great performer, the taping just wasn't up to the artist on this occasion. Eddie Vedder comes out on a couple of tunes.

TOM PETTY & THE HEARTBREAKERS. SEPTEMBER 21, 2006 (2) Gainsville, Florida. Fab hometown jam. FM Broadcast, sensational.

TOM PETTY & THE HEARTBREAKERS. MAY 30, 2008 (2) Grand Rapids, Michigan. Super audience taping -- he's a great one...really!

TOM PETTY & THE HEARTBREAKERS. JUNE 29, 2012 (2) Lucca Italy. Soundboard. Dig it.

TOM PETTY & THE HEARTBREAKERS. OCTOBER 5, 2014 (2) San Jose, California. Very very good audience recording.


TOM PETTY & THE HEARTBREAKERS. SEPTEMBER 22, 2017. Hollywood Bowl, Hollywood, California. 2nd to last show - ever - it's an audience taping which I usually don't download, but....

LIZ PHAIR. FUCK & RUN. I think a radio broadcast and I expecting a better sound, but it just may be her brand of garage rock. Dig her!

LIZ PHAIR. OCTOBER 5, 2008 (2). NPR Podcast. Liz performs "Exile in Guyville" in its entirity. Good stuff and its followed by a nice half hour interview. What can I say, I like hot, nutty, potty mouthed rock chicks.

WILSON PICKETT. OCTOBER 2,1969. Stockholm, Sweden. Terrific sweaty show from Wicked Pickett. Turns up the heat + the soul.

WILSON PICKETT. ESTIVAL. July 12, 1997. Lugano, Switzerland. Soundboard. Good stuff, man. First half of show is the band kicking hard and then Pickett joins in for the remaining 7 songs of the set. Short, sweet and powerful.

THE PIXIES. APRIL 13, 2004. Fine Line Music Cafe, Minneapolis, Minnesota. Commercial sound, the band that inspires the loud/soft/loud sound of Nirvana gets a second life and makes a shitload of noise. Rockin' show.

ROBERT PLANT & ALLISON KRAUS. APRIL 18, 2008. (2) Louisville, Kentucky.
Disappointing sound quality marring this inspired pairing.

ROBERT PLANT & ALLISON KRAUS. JUNE 13, 2008 (2) Columbus, Maryland. Soundboard. Amazing how the sound quality makes all the difference. Thoroughly enjoyed this, a real showcase for the collection of musicians all of whom get a chance to shine. Top shelf.

THE POGUES. JUNE 11, 1986. Lyon, France. This wonderful crew captured in Soundboard. Superb.

POI DOG PONDERING. LIVE COMPILATION (2002-2009) (2) Nice collections of sturdy audience recordings from indescribable folk-funk band.

BUSTER POINDEXTER. JANUARY 11, 1988 (2) San Francisco, California. If I called it genius would you think I was overstating it? This is a commercial sounding radio broadcast. Hysterical. Amazing. Splendid. Essential. Really.

IGGY POP. AUGUST 21, 1998. Bizare Festival. All of Jimmy's hits + a perverted rewriting of "Louie Louie." Good sound quality.

THE POLICE. OCTOBER 29, 1978. The Rat, Boston. Soundboard. I went to this famed club a few times in the day, but never saw any famous bands though a friend of mine saw REM.

THE POLICE. MARCH 4, 1979. Berkely, California. Back when there were as much "punk" - hah - as reggae. Before they were intellectuals. Plenty of youthful anxst with Sting twice calling out the wrong songs. An unhappy band - no doubt - but this was fun.

THE POLICE. ON HER MAJESTY'S SECRET SERVICE. March 15, 1979. Kansas City, Missouri. Okay, I dug em for quite awhile and this is a nice example of their early energy.

THE POLICE. LIVE IN ITALY. April 2, 1980. Milano, Palolido, Italy. Excellent Soundboard. Fun stuff.

THE POLICE. THE POLICE TAPES. 1981. Melbourne, Australia. Radio Broadcast with interviews. A bit messy, but still fun, I guess. Not the best sounding radio broadcast, but the interviews are a kick. A few stories from the band along with some weirdness.

THE POLICE. MARCH 20, 1982. Houston, Texas. Pretty nice recording of these three non-blondes. Hey these guys were a good BAND.

THE POLICE. AUGUST 15, 1983 (2) Norfolk, Virginia. Soundboard. They are smitten with themselves and I think it is safe to say that arrogance has set it.

THE POLICE. JUNE 20, 2007. (2) Los Angeles, California. First off, a pretty good audience taping. A mixed bag with some nice takes and some stiff ones. Sting can surely still sing, but I'm not unhappy that I skipped a mortgage payment to go see them.

THE POLICE. LIVE IN RIO. AUGUST 12, 2007. (2) Rio, Brazil. Excellent soundboard and performance from the reunited blondes.

BILLY PRESTON. JANUARY 23, 1988. Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Soundboard. Nice little show with his hits along with a few others. Sideman to the Stones and Beatles didn't quite ascend as he should have.

THE PRETENDERS. MARCH 23, 1980. The Paradise, Boston, MA. FM Broadcast. Damn fine show, I should have been there...but I was in New Jersey at College.

THE PRETENDERS. SEPTEMBER 8, 1980 Chicago, Illinois. Radio Broadcast. Making the case that she IS one of the great woman rock stars. This is a kick-ass little show with Chrissie large and in charge. Simply put: she gets it.

THE PRETENDERS. DECEMBER 15 & 16, 1981. London. Soundboard. The girl is back in town.

THE PRETENDERS. JANUARY 15, 1982, New York City. Radio broadcast from eh Ritz. Fantastic.

THE PRETENDERS. LIVE IN CHICAGO. March 24, 1987 (2) Chicago, Illinois. Sound boarder. Fine show, Chrissie gets it done.

THE PRETENDERS.  MAY 26, 1994 (2) New York City.  A nice night at the famed Academy of Music.  Underrated Chrissie and her friends rock the joint!

THE PRETENDERS. GLASTONBERRY 1994. Chrissie's a rocker!

THE PRETENDERS. AUGUST 4, 2017. Belladrum, Scotland. An incomplete 7 songs from the show. I like it.

ALAN PRICE. SAVALOY DIP. The unreleased studio album following the O Lucky Man soundtrack rejected by the record company apparently.

MARGO PRICE. AUSTIN 2016. Consists of her SNL performance on April 9 and than the SXSW on March 16. Perfect sound. Fantastico - I dig this girl.

MARGO PRICE. JUNE 3, 2018. Governor's Ball, Randall's Island, New York. Soundboard. Fantastic hour set. This woman is part of the answer!!

MARGO PRICE. MELBOURNE 2018. (2) October 10, 2018. Melbourne, Australia. Excellent sounding recording from this great voice and song writer..  

JOHN PRINE. OCTOBER 9, 2004 (2) Aptos, California. Soundboard solo show. He's a clever, witty singer/songwriter and this captures him quite well. No irony, no edge and maybe that was the missing ingrediant for more widespread popularity.

JOHN PRINE. NOVEMBER 11, 2005 (2) Clare, Ireland. Soundboard. Supremely warm and engaging show with great music, caring and feel. A winner.

JOHN PRINE. AUGUST 8, 2010. Edmonton Folk Music Festival, Alberta, Canada. Super soundboard from this groggy "legend." I dig it, but there is a sameness to it all too.

PROFESSOR LONGHAIR WITH SNOOKS EAGLIN. STUDIO SESSIONS (2) September, 1971 in Baton Rouge and June 1972 in Memphis. Great cool stuff.

PROFESSOR LONGHAIR. LIVE 1973. Don't have set or source info, just the great music.

BONNIE RAITT. PHILADELPHIA FOLK FESTIVAL. 3 Early gigs from August 29, 1970, August 28, 1971 and August 25, 1972. All soundboards, all solo, all good.

BONNIE RAITT. MARCH 27, 1971. The Jabberwocky Club, Syracuse New York. Two chill, chatty sets from a young, young Bonnie.

BONNIE RAITT. FEBRUARY 15, 1972. The Troubadour, LA. A very young Bonnie, playing and chatting away.

BONNIE RAITT WITH LOWELL GEORGE. This is an October 17, 1972 radio broadcast that
Lowell sat in for a couple of songs. Great sounding stuff from long ago and far away. They are drunk, stoned or something or other. Great music among friends.

BONNIE RAITT. DECEMBER 12, 1972 (2) Early & Late Shows. Yale University, New Haven, Conn. Early bluesy Bonnie jaunting over to Yale. More to come, girl.

BONNIE RAITT. DECEMBER 9, 1973. San Francisco. KSAN-FM in studio performance with band. Nice little band there Bonnie. Great stuff.

BONNIE RAITT. MAY 9, 1974 (2) Harvard Square Theatre, Cambridge, Massachusetts. Considering its vintage, it's a very enjoyable show. You get both John Hall & Billy Payne in the band. Bruce Springsteen opened and Bonnie tells the crowd that he's a tuf act to follow. All in all, a nice one.

BONNIE RAITT. AUGUST 14, 1974. The Bottom Line, New York City. Imperfect radio broadcast.

BONNIE RAITT. FEBRUARY 29, 1976. Clover Studios in Hollywood, some nice moments, but inessential.

BONNIE RAITT. APRIL 23, 1977. New Orleans, Louisiana. Killing it at the Jazz Fest. Wowee Zowee, man. Girl's got it.

BONNIE RAITT. JULY 20, 1977 (2) At the Wolf Trap, Vienna, Virginia. Radio broadcast. Great stuff from before she sold some records. Lots of great slide guitar and her brassy blend of blues.

BONNIE RAITT. AMSTERDAM '77. JULY 30, 1977. Amsterdam, The Netherlands. Great sounding radio show as Bonnie is in great spirits and fine form.

BONNIE RAITT. AUGUST 31, 1985. Bumbershoot Festival, Seattle, Washington. Fantastic stuff.

BONNIE RAITT. MAY 21, 1989 (2) Cincinnati, Ohio. Well after years of toiling, Bonnie is selling some records. Amazing. A great, randy show from the great talent. Soundboard.

BONNIE RAITT. LIVE AT ROCKEFELLERS. March/1998. Bonnie and a friend just singing the blues in Houston. Stellar. Homemade art.

BONNIE RAITT.  NOVEMBER 11, 1998.  Shpherd's Bush, London.  10 Tunes, stunning. 

BONNIE RAITT. MAY 8, 2008 (2) Dana Point, California. Decent recording, a bit bass heavyBONNIE RAITT SEPTEMBER 22, 2012 (2) Los Angeles. Nice soundboard show as Bonnie is holding up pretty well. Imperfect soundboard, but still quite nice.

THE RAMONES. JANUARY 31, 1978. San Francisco. You may critisize me for never seeing these legends, but then again I never developed titinitis either. Fine radio broadcast.

THE RAMONES. THE 914 SESSIONS (1975) Hard to find 5 song EP done prior to the first album.

THE RAMONES. JULY 20, 1982. Rosalyn, New York. FM Broadcast. 18 songs fast, fast and faster.

THE RAMONES. ROAD TO RUIN. A great collection of demos, outtakes and live trax. Unfortunately no set or source info, but those 3 chords were the best 3 chords.

THE RASCALS. NEW YORK 2010. April 24, 2010. Sirius Radio show for some charity, I guess a full band reunion for the first time in awhile. Not perfectly tight, but perfect pop songs performed well.

THE RASPBERRIES. DECEMBER 15, 2011 (2) Port Chester, New York. This is good, not great audience recording of this multi media show that they put together. There are film or video clips along with stage commentary and music of course. Great stuff from a terrific band.

RATED XMAS. 6 Dirty Christmas songs. Don't know it's origins, funny.

DAVE RAWLINGS MACHINE. DECEMBER 9, 2009 (2) Minneapolis, Minnesota. Gillian Welch's silent partner steps forward in this band and it's more fantastic music. Great stuff. There's a second set which I'm a bit unclear of. Sounds like they did a couple of additional songs for the overflow audience in the club. I saw their Boston show a few months later.

RED HOT CHILLI PEPPERS. WOODSTOCK 1994. Soundboard boot (couldn't imagine an audience tape from that crowd?) with the vocals just a tad behind in the mix. The band is loud, tight and smoking. Plenty good.

RED HOT CHILLI PEPPERS. JUNE 10, 2017 (2) Bonnaroo, Manchester, Tennessee. They are a lot of fun as evidenced on this soundboard. Throughly enjoyable.

OTIS REDDING. WHISKEY A GO-GO. April/1966. (2) The early and late shows from which a live album was culled. Essential stuff, even performs "These Arms of Mine" as he takes a request from the audience. Setlist only.

OTIS REDDING. SWEET SOUL MUSIC. April 8, 1967. This was traded to me as a Booker T & the MG's show with Otis and the Markey's. No source or artwork, but my listening has most tracks featuring Otis the first 10 from the same source than a couple of different sources including the Monterey Pop festival. The greatest live singer, whatda think?

OTIS REDDING. SATISFACTION. June 4, 1967. Commercial sound quality and shit this is from nearly 40 years ago.

OTIS REDDING. TRY A LITTLE TENDERNESS. June 4, 1967 and Birmingham 1967 together. Oh so good.

OTIS REDDING. A SOUPCON OF SOUL. Contains various '67 TV shows, 5 tunes from Birthmigham in '67 and a bunch of tracks form the 6/4/67 Stockholm show.

LOU REED. AN EARLY VIEW OF LOU. Collection of Lou penned songs from his Brill Building days. Know about that?

LOU REED. STREETS OF BERLIN. October 10, 1972. Live studio broadcast, absolutely fucking amazing.

LOU REED. DESPITE ALL THE AMPUTATIONS. December 26, 1972. Incomplete art. Fucking perfect.

LOU REED, JOHN CALE & NICO BATACLAN January 29, 1972 Paris France. Quite an unusual treat. My version is a single disc (the artwork indicates a second disc of rehearsals). Cool.

LOU REED. SWEET JANE. Backed by the Dick Wagner/Steve Hunter tandem in 1972, Lou was rock's last great hope. Superb.

LOU REED. JANUARY 27, 1973. Alice Tully Hall, New York City. Simply spectacular! Wow!

LOU REED.  MORGAN STUDIO BERLIN ACETATE. June 22 - July 17, 1973.   12 something or other tracks.

LOU REED. IT'S NICER IN THE DARK. MAY, 1974. Brussels. It's 1974, it's Lou Reed, what's better.

LOU REED. WAITING FOR LOU. Stockholm, 1974. My ears adjusted quickly to the sound of this pretty good soundboard recording. Hadn't listened to Lou in a little while when I popped it into my Ipod and realized how much I love the guy.

LOU REED. RIDE PARIS RIDE. May 25, 1974. Paris, France. A downright funky "Sweet Jane" opens the show. Perfect sound.

LOU REED. PALACE THEATRE, DAYTON 1974. October 27, 1974 & bonus tracks from October 9, 1984 (NY). Pretty good stuff from Lou's greatest era.

LOU REED. JULY 17, 1975. Adelaide, Australia. Soundboard. I never tire of this era.

LOU REED. DECEMBER 21, 1975. (2) Academy of Music, NYC. I think that this is the complete Rock and Roll Animal/Lou Reed Live plus a couple of others. Soooo Good!!!

LOU REED. APRIL 25, 1975 (2) Providences, Rhode Island. Nice recorded show.

LOU REED. BANGING ON MY DRUMS (2) Collection of a couple of different shows. January 11, 1977, April 26, 1975, May 2, 1988, July 7, 1975, April 26, 1975. This is a nice grouping of era stuff, pretty heavy rock. All high quality recordings.

LOU REED. JULY 28, 1975 (2) Adelaide, Australia. Soundboard Lou, just love it all.

LOU REED LEAVE ME ALONE (2) October 23, 1976. Akron, Ohio. Soundboard. Great stuff from Lou, an artist trafficking in rock and roll - who does that anymore???

LOU REED. I NEVER SAID I WAS NICE (2) October 29, 1976. Boston, Mass. WBCN Broadcast. Wow, I remember I was in high school when this show happened. I didn't go - a bit young and I only knew a couple of Lou songs that my older brother made me listen to. Anyway, I remember asking a classmate who went who explained to me that he didn't care of rate show and that Lou hardly rocked and picked up a guitar just once. Strange -- anyway, listening to the show I can hear why he didn't like it. Lots of obscurities and not much rocking out, though I enjoyed more than he.

LOU REED. LIVE IN LOS ANGELES 1976 (2) Some good stuff here on this radio broadcast. Don Cherry is in the band and the show starts with a too long jazz jam before Lou begins with Sweet Jane.

LOU REED.  MAY 1, 1977.  Groningen.   A messy soundboard of seven unessential tracks.  

LOU REED. FRUSTRATE AND ANTAGONIZE. May 11, 1977. New York City. Soundboard. Incredible show full of pleasure and pains. Lou has wrung out all of the creases in his voice into a Dylanesque hoarseness and the band simply rocks out - if this isn't a peak era performance I don't know what is.

LOU REED. NOVEMBER 1, 1977. Albury, Australia. Soundboard. Make that a sloppily played soundboard. I think the only bootleg in history recorded in Albury.

LOU REED. MARCH 22, 1978. San Francisco, California. Super soundboarder - love this era with a couple of horns.

LOU REED. APRIL 14, 1978 Chicago, Illinois. Solid 8 song song, it's rock and roll candy.

LOU REED. APRIL 26, 1978. Cleveland, Ohio. WMMS Radio broadcast. Lou in the 70's was alot of fun. This band was more of a sax and keyboards outfit with a funky, R+B groove. Can't believe it was broadcast considering some of the language.

LOU REED. LIVE AT THE EL MOCAMBO CLUB. MAY 26, 1979, Toronto, Canada. This was broadcast with Lou on WPIX-FM In New York when he stopped by and even took phones calls during the broadcast. Those phone calls are amazing - pure Lou.

LOU REED. MAY 27, 1980 (2) Agora Ballroom, Cleveland. Early and late show, killer from Lou.

LOU REED. FIRENZE. June 14, 1980. Firenze, Italy. A bit flawed, but don't want complain.

LOU REED. JUNE 12, 1980. Milan, Italy. Soundboard. Still killin' it.

LOU REED. LOU REED IN CONCERT. Feburary 23, 1983. The Bottom Line, NYC. This is the live feed of a professional video taping. Lou was thrilled with the show - "levatated" at one point he notes in a brief interview after the show.

LOU REED. JULY 8, 1984. Werchter. Superb FM Radio broadcast.

LOU REED. CAPITOL THEATRE (2) SEPTEMBER 25, 1984. Soundboard. Lou is fucking hysterical. He may be an hornery dude, but oh man, he is magic.

LOU REED. AGORA. October 3, 1984. Excellent WMMS radio broadcast with even a couple of quick interviews on stage. Hey Lou, what do you think of MTV? They got a lot of pretty girls.

LOU REED. JULY 27, 1986 (2) Philadelphia. Another great soundboard of Lou, my favorite asshole.

LOU REED. CAPITOL THEATRE (2) Passaic, New Jersey, January 8, 1987. Vintage Lou from the stage and a nice setlist. Frankly not the best arrangement or musicians he's played with, but still quite enjoyable. Soundboard.

LOU REED. PHILADELPHIA. Lou goes Las Vegas...or atleast big band. 8 live tracks with horns & shit. Soundboard. Not sure the year, think early 90's.

LOU REED. NEW YORK STORIES. Performing the mighty album from Beginning to End, Lou was vital in 1989. Crystal clear sound quality as Lou connected on his third wind.

LOU REED. APRIL 13, 1989. Denver, Colorado. FM Broadcast and maybe one of my favorite Lou Boots. This is my Lou, dark and nasty, yet humorous. Great setlist with a couple of nuggets mixed in with New York album favorites and others. So fucking good.

LOU REEDS WBCN VISIT. DECEMBER 12,1991, Boston, Massachusetts. Interviewed by Mark Parenteau (go look him up, oy veh), you get a couple of songs and a cooperative Lou though he is his usual arrogant self.

LOU REED. SEATTLE 1992 (2). May 3, 1992. Seattle, Washington. Very good soundboard of that Magic & Loss show. Not his best record, not the worst either.

LOU REED. SEPTEMBER 3, 1992. Amsterdam, Holland. 8 Tune Radio Broadcast. No greatest hits 'cept Sweet Jane & Satellite of Love.

LOU REED. POWER AND GLORY. September 12, 1992. Real nice night + recording. Great setlist and performance. Lou! Lou! Lou! No artwork for this A+ boot.

LOU REED, LUKA BLOOM, DAVID BYRNE & ROSEANNE CASH. (2) THE BOTTOM LINE. February 19, 1993. The Bottom Line, NYC. This is a songwriters circle with discussion and playing by these four. It s a very good audience taping, but some of the talk is often faint to hear, but the music always sounds fantastic. Very entertaining stuff.

LOU REED. GRAN TEATRO REX ARGENTINA (2) September 14, 1996. Mostly great stuff and weirdness from this New York City Man.

LOU REED. AUGUST 15, 1998 (2) Soundboard - frankly a bit of a mixed bag, Lou sounds great and the music is crystal clear, but some of the arrangements come off a bit too similar. Still some nice highlights thru the show, but Lou can be such a prick.

LOU REED. GRENADA 1998. October 3, 1998. Terrific soundboard with an 8 1/2 Minute "Viscous" is killer.

LOU REED. APRIL 24, 2000 (2) Dusseldorf, Germany. Soundboard from the The Ecstacy Tour which I found surprisingly good. I was underwhelmed by the proper record at the time, but this live version brought out the sonic boom.

LOU REED.  ECSTASY AT LIEDERHALLE STUTTGART (2). April 28, 2000 (2).Stuttgart, Germany.   Soundboard.  So you can quibble with the setlist which can be challenging with Lou.  With that said the band is good.  

LOU REED. BROOKLYN. Decembe 14, 2006. Live at St. Ann's Warehouse, Brooklyn, New York. This is the "Berlin" album show done with majestic maturity. The Man can still create magic.

LOU REED. MAY 5, 2008 (2) NYC A better than good recording. John Zorn steps in at times and the show becomes insufferable when he is whining and wailing away. Ugh. Dreadful. However, there are still some great moments and songs - "Halloween Parade" for one.

LOU REED. LOLLAPALOOZA '09. August 9, 2009. Acceptable, not great, taping of Lou's 8 songs, some good stuff with one track this is miserable, unlistenable as only Lou can be.

R.E.M. TIME OF OUTTAKES. Nice collection of outtakes, alternate versions from one of my all time favorite records. You get a slow and hard version of "Radio Song" with the annoying rap parts (whose idea of street cred was that, Michael?)

R.E.M. July 13, 1983, Boston. WBCN broadcast. An early band just figuring it out. Lots of fun.

R.E.M. SEPTEMBER 30, 1983 (2) Athen, Georgia. Great covers heavy local show. Recorded well, and helps me remember why I dig this band.

R.E.M. SEPTEMBER 14, 1987. Utrecht, Holland. Nice, clean soundboard show from these College Radio stars.

R.E.M. FINEST WORKSONGS (DEMOS 1988-1989) Nice set of stuff.

R.E.M. APRIL 29, 1989. Orlando, Florida. Radio show. Hey this is a fine rock band, well captured and practicing their art.

R.E.M. SEPTEMER 15, 1989 (2) Mansfield, Massachusetts. Soundboard. Hot damn, I think I was at this show. This was a band fully in reflection of their times.

R.E.M. APRIL 11, 1992. In their hometown of Athens, Georgia. Real nice sound quality, recommend.

R.E.M. APRIL 3, 1991. Santa Monica, California. A loose radio show on along with the 2 songs performed on SNL 10 days letter. Kinda fun.

R.E.M. THE DREAM. Green World Tour. Don't have the date on this. I admit to losing my passion for these guys in recent years, but this boot reminds me of what I liked about them. They were truly carving out their own space and put together a fantastic legacy.

R.E.M. DON'T TRY THIS AT HOME. 27 Cover songs on one disc. Quite a strange variety from "Wild Thing" to my personal favourite "The Ballad of Cat Ballou" which is a great Jane Fonda movie. Various sources and sound sound quality.

REM. REM AT THE OMNI. (2) November 21, 1995. Atlanta, Georgia. Soundboard from the bad that time seems to have forgotten.

R.E.M. JULY 5, 1999. (2) Recorded in Paris, this show is not nearly the same sound quality as the Athens show. Sounds rather muddled, but not too bad.

R.E.M. A JOYFUL NOISE. Interesting interview show promoting the Best of release. Glib conversation with the three being somewhat honest. I think it's crystal clear that this is a band run aground. Never could rebound from the retirement of a member and they simply lost their essence. I think.

R.E.M.  MTV UNPLUGGED.  May 21, 2001, New York City.  Includes the stuff on and off air.   Frankly, a hit and miss performance.

R.E.M. HYDE PARK 2005. July 16, 2005 (2) London, England. BBC Radio broadcast. Good rockin stuff.

R.E.M. LIVE AT THE ROYAL ALBERT HALL. March 24, 2008. BBC Radio broadcast and it sounds terrific. Hey, the new record sounds great and I haven't heard it yet. Very enjoyable scorcher of a show - maybe I still like these guys.

R.E.M. GREEN DEMO SESSIONS AND OUTTAKES. Not bad stuff, a bunch of instrumentals in there.

THE RESISTANCE. NEW YORK 1993. This is a strange, fun disc. All star band consisting of a couple of Ramones, Joan Jett & others. ou get such classisc as John Lennon's "Gimme Some Truth," "Louis Armstrong's "Wonderful World," and who knows' "Fascists Don't Fuck, they Screw." My disc is out of order.

JONATHAN RICHMOND & THE MODERN LOVERS. SONGS OF REMEMBERENCE (2) Cool. Various demos from the early 70's. Ahead of his time doesn't begin to describe it. Raw recordings of many of his greatest works including 5 different takes of "Roadrunner" amongst its treats.

JONATHAN RICHMOND/MODERN LOVERS. SONGS OF REMEMBRANCE. More early demos and stuff, 2nd half of the disc is marred by digital flaws, borderline to even list it.

JONATHAN RICHMOND. LIVE AT THE CAFE RUST. While the recording equipment was terrific it picked up all the chat which grew loader as the night progressed.

JONATHAN RICHMAN. CLUB 57. May 23, 1980, New York City. I think that this is an imperfect SNBD, but maybe not. With his unique blend of humor, rock & roll & boston accent, Jonathan is one of city's greatest citizens who should be enshrined with Sam Adams, John Hancock & Larry Bird.

JONATHAN RICHMAN. JULY 1, 1984. Helsinki, Finland. Fourteen songs from the Soundboard from a truly original.

ROBBIE ROBERTSON INTERVIEW. December 6, 2006. Interviewed by Robert Santelli for the Experience Music project. A raconteur of the first order with some great stories and anecdotes of The Band and Bob Dylan (not to self: Filed in Dylan Misc)

SMOKEY ROBINSON. SEPTEMBER 20, 1986. Baltimore, Maryland. Soundboard. Nice performance from this poet. What a talent, not properly recognized.

TOM ROBINSON. GASTONBURY 2016 . BBC recording. I remember buying that first album, Power in the Darkness at the Harvard Square coop back in the day, I loved that double album and think he holds up well as a sign post of its time. From the introduction, sound like he has put out quite a few since then though they haven't reached these shores.

ROCK AND ROLL COMMERCIAL 1973-1974. Clearly sourced from a Dallas area radio station. This document contains various promo's for concerts, clubs and albums. What a kick.

ROCK AND ROLL HALL OF FAME. 1988. Bob Dylan gets inducted by Bruce Springsteen and then about 10 musical performances from that night. It's sloppy fun and less the slick productions that came with future ceremonies.

ROCK 'N ROLL HALL FAME CONCERT. September 2, 1995, Cleveland, Ohio. Commercial sound. You get Chuck Berry, Jerry Lee Lewis, Bruce Springsteen & Bob Dylan.

ROCK 'N ROLL HALL FAME 25TH ANNIVERSARY CONCERT. NIGHT 1. (5) October 29, 2009, New York City. First off, I kind of hoped for a better recording because HBO taped the night. It's an imperfect taping, but I quickly adusted. Basically, the night is split into thirds - CSN, Paul Simon and Bruce Springsteen. Each artist takes over and brings out guests and sings. It's a pretty awesome collection of artists, I found it captivating and glad that I have some souveneir. Still waiting for night 2?

ROCK N' ROLL HALL OF FAME 25TH ANNIVERSARY CONCERT. NIGHT 2 (2) October 30, 2009, New York City. This version is incomplete as it only contains the performances that were broadcast. This was U2 Night with Metallica , Aretha, Jerry Lee Lewis, Jeff Beck,Sting, Lou Reed, Ray Davies. Perfect sound unlike the other night, but missing stuff.

ROCK 'N ROLL HALL OF FAME 2011 Induction Ceremony. March 14, 2011. Must have been taken from a TV feed. It's Dr. John, Darlene Love, Alice Cooper, Tom Waits and Leon Russell's turn.

THE ROCKY HORROR PICTURE SHOW. Bellasco Theatre, New York City, March 14, 1975 ? An interesting treasure, but it's a passable recording. I saw the move a dozen or so times in it's day, but no I never dressed up.

SONNY ROLLIINS.  NOVEMBER 14, 1984. (2) Boulder, Colorado.  Soundboard from the Colusses.  

ROXY MUSIC. NEWCASTLE '74. (2) October 28, ,1974. Newcastle, UK. Radio broadcast. Nice show from these artsy rockers.

ROXY MUSIC. JANUARY 27, 1976 (2) Stockholm, Sweden. FM Broadcast. Enjoyable show.

ROXY MUSIC. BOSTON '76. February 15, 1976, Boston. WBCN broadcast. Love these guys. Right band, wrong time.

ROXY MUSIC. IN CONCERT 1979: SUPER GOLDEN RADIO SHOWS NO: 017 Well, its a radio show so it has a clean, but one dimensional sound. Still sounds pretty good and these guys are special.

ROXY MUSIC. LIVE AT THE MUSIC BOX. APRIL 15, 1979. Omaha, Nebraska. Enjoyable superb show.

ROXY MUSIC. APRIL 21, 1979 (2) Pasadena, California Radio broadcast, but it just felt a little less than I expected. Didn't care for some of the songs and the sound wasn't full. Still not a total loss as Ferry's vocals were, as always, fantastic.

ROXY MUSIC. AUGUST 2, 1980. Wembley Arena, London. Soundboarder and final show of tour. Super sounding and both trippy and flippy.

ROXY MUSIC. OUT OF THE BLUE. May 26, 1983. New York City. Superb recording and show. Dig!

ROXY MUSIC. JULY 31, 2001. Minneapolis, Minnesota. Mediocre audience taping, but I still managed to enjoy.

LEON RUSSELL AND ELTON JOHN. NOVEMBER 21, 1970 (2). The piano men together at the old Filmore East. A soundboard of the two as both of their stories begin.

LEON RUSSELL. NET TV SPECIAL 1971 A nice mix of tunes in decent, but flawed sound but I am quibbling. It is some kind of TV performance.

LEON RUSSELL. FILMORE EAST. November 20, 1971. New York City. Sound boarder - Leon in his glory.

LEON RUSSELL. NOVEMBER 21, 1971. New York City. The next next, just as good.

LEON RUSSELL & THE SHELTER PEOPLE. STOCKHOLM. November 26, 1971. Stockholm Sweden. Super soundboard as Leon was in full control of all of his powers.

LEON RUSSELL. JANUARY 25, 1985. Passiac, New Jersey. Another great musical journey from our odd friend. Soundboard.

LEON RUSSELL. THE CATALYST (2) March 22, 1985, Santa Cruz, California. Nothing short of staggering. An amazing show. Brilliant music. This IS what IT is all about.

LEON RUSSELL and EDGAR WINTER BAND. NOVEMBER 20, 1986. Also at the Catalyst, Santa Cruz but this time with Edgar in tow playing his couple of hits as well.

DOUG SAHM. MARCH 29, 1973. Boston, Mass. WBCN broadcast from the famed Paul's Mall which sadly was before my era of concert going. Great show from a forgotten alchemist.

DOUG SAHM & THE TEX MEX BAND. AUGUST 15, 1974 Houston, Texas. The famed, Texan in a radio broadcast.

SANDY RELIEF: 12.12.12. (3) THE CONCERT FOR SANDY RELIEF. December 12, 2012. New York City. Bruce Springsteen, The Stones, The Who, Clapton et al gather. Must say some nice music was made. Thought Clapton and The Who were amongst the best performances of the night, really.

SANTANA, CHICAGO, STEVE MILLER BAND. THREE NIGHTS AT BEACON. April 11, 12, 13, 1975. (2) Santana: Nice long guitar solos if you are into that sort of thing. I respect the guy a ton, but not my genre. Steve Miller: Surpised at how much I lived his set. Nice groovy rock + blues -- and I really liked his singing. Chicago: Don't tell anyone, but it was pretty good.

SEAL. UNPLUGGED. Starts strong with "Stone Free" and then kinda just continues, he's got that big big voice, but clearly excels in the studio.

SEASICK STEVE FAIRPORT'S CROPEDY FESTIVAL. August 12, 2011. With Zepelin's John Paul Jones on bass in tow, an absolutely incredible performance. I guess he's the real deal or so we all believe. This is fantastic blues - wow. Love him and you would too.

SEASICK STEVE. JULY 20, 2014. BRBF, Peer Belgium. Soundboard. Great stuff from this odd ball, blues rock and roller.

JOHN SEBASTIAN. APRIL 12 1979. Berkeley, California. Superb soundboard from a great talent largely forgotten. Love his voice and a true believer in the ethos.

PETE SEEGER. OCTOBER 12 & 13, 1957 (2) Chicago, Illinois. Soundboarder from the King of Earnest folkies.

PETE SEEGER and BIG BILL BROONZY. OCTOBER 25, 1958 (2) Evanston, Illinois. Super soundboard show - radio broadcast. A warm and wondrous evening of mirth and music.

PETE SEEGER. THE SING OUT BENEFIT. May 13, 1977, New York City. At The Bottom Line on WNYU. I grew up on this stuff.

PETE SEEGER'S 90TH BIRTHDAY. THE CLEARWATER CONCERT (4) May 3, 2009. New York City. First of all, I WAS THERE. You should be jealous. This is a complete taping of the entire show including the taped film parts, speeches etc. Amazing. Bruce Springsteen, Dave Matthews, Richie Havens, Arlo Gutherie, Joan Baez, Taj Mahal, John Mellancamp, Steve Earle, Emmylou Harris, Ani DeFranco, Kris Kristoferson, tom Morello, Warren Haynes, Toshi Reagon, Tom Paxoton, Roger McGuinn, a couple of Wainwrights, a couple of McGarrigles, Ben Harper, Ramblin' Jack, Bruce Cockburn, Tom Chapin, Patterson Hood, Blea Fleck, Preservation Jazz Hall Band, Michael Franti, Oscar the Grouch and oh yeah Pete.

BOB SEGER. BRINGING IT BACK. 1973. Terrific radio show.

BOB SEGER. TRANSMISSION IMPOSSIBLE: LEGENDARY RADIO BROADCASTS FROM THE 1970'S-1980's (4) Super radio collection, featuring Denver 1974, Detroit 1980, Hartford 1983 and Cleveland 1973.

BOB SEGER. HARTFORD 1983. December 28, 1983. Hartford, Connecticut. FM Broadcast. I know he had a lot of mainstream success so it isn't cool to like him, but I do. He's a good rock singer and certainly has a dozen or so top shelf rock songs.

BOB SEGER. THE BEGINNINGS CLUB 1976. Schaumburg, Illinois Radio broadcast and a nice rockin' time.

BOB SEGER. BOSTON SEVENTY SEVEN. March 21, 1977, Boston, Massachusetts. Radio Broadcast. Holy shit, I went to this concert, one of my first. It was actually scheduled a day or two before which I attended. Rick Derringer opened and then the announcer came out and said Seger's flight got cancelled and the show got rescheduled to this night. An unsigned "The Cars" opened. I thought it was a great show then and over 30 years later can add it to my bootleg collection. Tre cool.

BOB SEGAR. AUGUST 11, 1986 (2) Saratoga Springs, New York. A soundboarder. Quite good, I know he isn't cool or hip and makes and plays straight ahead rock, but it is simply well crafted genre rock that works.

BOB SEGAR. FEBRUARY 8, 1987 (2) Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. Good, but certainly not a great audience taping. Seger lost me somwhere around the time he starated making beer commercials or were those for cars. Still I thoroughly enjoyed revisiting those songs that I loved back in my pudgy high school daze.

BOB SEGAR. MARCH 17, 2007 (2) Detroit, Michigan. Soundboard. I think he says this show was on the 32nd anniversary of the night of the Live Bullet album. He had a lot of commercial success and deserved it.

BRIAN SETZER. DECEMBER 31, 1995 (2) San Francisco, California. Ooo wee, it's New Year Eve and we are rocking' out. Radio Broadcast. Excellent.


THE SEX PISTOLS. STUDIO SESSIONS. July 1976 & January 1977. The demo's, studio outtakes, alternate versions from the seminal "Never Mind the Bollocks."

THE SEX PISTOLS. LIVE IN TRONDHEIM. July 21, 1977. They rock. They roll. They were the freakin' PIstols, man.

THE SEX PISTOLS. LIVE IN THE USA. January 5, 1978 in Atlanta, Georgia. Soundboard recording of a band that couldn't play an couldn't sing - the greatest band ever...

THE SEX PISTOLS. KILL THE HIPPIES. Same show as above, had to list - love the title. Love the show.

THE SEX PISTOLS. WELCOME TO THE RODEO. October, 1, 1978. Dallas, Texas. My version doesn't contain the 2 bonus tracks from other shows, but does close with the radio ad for the gig. With that out of the way, this is IT. The Buzz! The Glory. The Passion! The Guts! !! !!

THE SEX PISTOLS. NOVEMBER 10, 2007 London. Flawed recording but still more than acceptable. Johnny is so damn entertaining. Really. Ends with a fine "Roadrunner." These guys have aged well. Really.

THE SEX PISTOLS. JANUARY 14, 1978. I believe their last show before the end. You get the amazing final comment from Johnny Rotten, "Ever get the feeling you've been swindled." Hey, it's a clean soundboard and they actually sound pretty good considering all that was going on.

She's a little nutty, but I dig her. I caught her a year later or so and she used the same jokes.

MICHELLE SHOCKED. FEBRUARY 13, 2008. WPFK Folkscene in studio broadcast, performance and interview. Interesting interview somewhat reignited my interest in Michelle as she spoke about her Gospel performance and album, she's an intense, kicky chick.

SIMON & GARFUNKEL. THE ALTERNATE BOOKENDS. A compendium of tracks featuring high quality live perofrmances & outtakes that follow the album. Good stuff, but way frickin' earnest.

SIMON & GARFUNKEL VOICES OF INTELLIGENT DISSENT. August 23, 1966 at the Hollywood Bowl. Impressive soundboard boot but proof that Simon's songwriting improved over the next 35 years or so. Sweet harmonies from 2 old friends, but many that take themselves so fucking seriously.

SIMON & GARFUNKEL. July 10, 2009 (2) Tokyo, Japan. I dig 'em, but sometimes they get a bit dreary. Music is very good and the band is crackling

SIMON & GARFUNKEL OCTOBER 22, 1993. New York City. Soundboard. The great harmonizers were great harmonizers.

PAUL SIMON. LIVE IN CEASAREA (2) May 7, 1978. Caesarea, Israel. Soundboard recording in the Holy Land. Very enjoyable show - he had a ton of hits, didn't he.

PAUL SIMON. OUT OF AFRICA. 1992. Lots of hits performed sensationally. High qualiy sound. Have a couple of Simon discs as well from the Dylan/Simon Summer of 1999 tour thought none in the same league as this disc.

PAUL SIMON. GRACELAND LIVE. (2) February 14, 1987. Zimbabwe. Sensational show with Ladysmith Black Mozabo. Highly recommend

PAUL SIMON. SEPTEMBER 28, 1991 (2) Los Angeles, California. Nice sounding show.

PAUL SIMON. COMPLETELY UNPLUGGED (2) March 4, 1992. The complete MTV taping with starts, stops and technical asides. You also get the Willie/Paul Farm Aid set and birthday gig.
Good stuff.

PAUL SIMON. THE BOXER AND THE BEACON. December 8, 2000. New York City. Very good, very adult. Some nice arrangements and a few misfires (Kodachrome - hey Paul, keep it snappy). Ane the worst song he ever wrote "Darling Lorraine."

PAUL SIMON OCTOBER 24, 2006 (2) Upper Darby, Pennsylvania. Very enjoyable show from Mr. Happy...not. Radio broadcast. As always, a terrific band in tow.

PAUL SIMON NOVEMBER 13, 2011 (2) Rosemont, Illinois. Radio broadcast. The voice is showing some signs of age, but that's quibbling. His body of work is immense and always engaging.

PAUL SIMON. LIVE IN CONCERT. MAY 7, 2016, Thackerville, Oklahoma. He can still do it.

STURGILL SIMPSON. COACHELLE FESTIVAL 2015 & PRAIRIE HOME COMPANION 2014. The hype has been enormous on this guy and I tried twice and failed to get it. Well, this did the trick -- he's the reincarnated Waylon Jennings. Has won me over. Love him.

STURGILL SIMPSON. SEPTEMBER 28, 2014 (2). Copenhagen, Denmark. Sourced off of a You Tube video, pretty good sound. 2 Long Files, BTW.

STURGILL SIMPSON. APRIL 5, 2016. Apogee Studio, Santa Monica. Sturgill stops into a radio station to chat and peform a few songs from the forthcoming "Sailor's Guide" record. One long file.

STURGILL SIMPSON. JULY 4, 2016 (2) Gothenburg, Sweden. This is an amazing tour. Again, two long files. Love it, love him.

FRANK SINATRA. AVALON BALLROOM. September 11, 1945. With the Tommy Dorsey Orchestra live at the Avalon Ballroom in San Francisco. Great soundboard.

FRANK SINATRA. LIVE AT BLACKPOOL. JULY 26, 1953. Great live Frank, soundboard.

FRANK SINATRA. MELBOURNE. January 19, 1955. Bonus tracks from the TV production of Our Town.

FRANK SINATRA. JUNE 14, 1958. Monte Carlo, Monaco. Nice radio show from the Chairman. Great stuff.


FRANK SINATRA. THE MASTER IN HIS WORKSHOP. DECEMBER 19-21, 1960. Sessions for the Ring-a-Ding-Ding album. Outtakes and alt mixes, studio chat, fits and starts. Great stuff.

FRANK SINATRA. ROYAL FESTIVAL HALL. (2) June 1, 1962. London A thin sounding soundboard from the Voice.

FRANK SINATRA. SALOON SINGER. 12 Tunes from the Copa Room in Vegas from November of 1962 and then a few bonus songs from a show a month later in Chicago.

FRANK SINATRA. FROM THE VAULTS. VOLUMES ONE AND TWO (2) A trove of studio outtakes, alts, misses, et al. Plenty o cool.

FRANK SINATRA. THE RADIO DUETS. Interesting, everyone from Pearl Bailey to Sammy Davis.

FRANK SINATRA. THE UNISSUED SINATRA. Collection of unreleased material


FRANK SINATRA. INSIDE BRASS. Terrific studio stuff outtakes, chat etc.


FRANK SINATRA. INSIDE STRINGS. (2) Studio outtakes, but other stuff too, great chat and even a car commercial.

FRANK SINATRA. RARE FRANKIE. Terrific, yet odd, collection of rare recordings.

FRANK SINATRA. DECEMBER DOWN UNDER. December 2, 1961, Sydney, Australia. Pretty good soundboard of Frank.

FRANK SINATRA. APRIL 28, 1962. Hong Kong. A charity event booted for our pleasure. Elegant evening. Good stuff.

FRANK SINATRA. PALAZZO DEL GHIACCIO. Milano, Italy. May 26, 1962. Acceptable boot, but I found it a tad disappointing.

FRANK SINATRA, DEAN MARTIN & SAMMY DAVIS, JR. AT VILLA VENCIE, CHICAGO. VOLUME 1 & 2 (2) 1962. Fun show, might also have received a later commerical release.

FRANK SINATRA. INSIDE BASIE. OCTOBER 2-3, 1962. This is studio outtakes, chat, starts and stop. Cool.

FRANK SINATRA & THE RAT PACK. JUNE 20, 1965. Kiel Opera House. Hosted by Johnny Carson, this is a soundboard featuring Sammy, Dino and Frank, Quincy Jones directs the Orchestra. Lots of shtick and some fun performances.

FRANK SINATRA. ONE THE INSIDE. Volumes 1 + 2 (1966) Various unreleased excerpts. Fly on the wall studio outtakes, starts, stops etc. Neat.

FRANK SINATRA. MAY 13, 1976. The Sabre Room, Hickory Hills, Illinois. Soundboard. Good fun from the Chairman.

FRANK SINATRA. THE HISTORIC OAKLAND COLISEUM CONCERT. May 22, 1968 Superb soundboard recording of a fundraising concert for Humbert Humphrey's 1968. Too bad HHH didn't win.

FRANK SINATRA. Unreprised. Various outtakes, clips and studio chat. A weird ecclectic disc.

FRANK SINATRA. RARE RECORDING 1935-1970. Various live takes, mostly from various radio performances. Good fun from ol blue eyes. At times the sound quality a little shaky considering the source.

FRANK SINTRA. LIVE AT THE RETIREMENT CONCERT. June 13, 1971. Los Angeles Not so fast, Frankie, you'll be back. Soundboard.

FRANK SINATRA. THE WHITE HOUSE CONCERT. April 17, 1973. With an introductions and outro by President Nixon - this is a performance for the Italian Prime Minister. Great stuff from ol' blue eyes.

FRANK SINATRA. LIVE AT THE FORUM. MAY 9, 1975. Montreal, Canada. Another wondrous evening.

FRANK SINATRA. THE HUNGRY YEARS. April 1976 Tarrytown Residency Compilation. Commercial Quality, a real beaut.

FRANK SINATRA & DEAN MARTIN. MAY 25, 1977. Westchester, New York. Yeah it's fun, it's not an artistic success it's just fun.

FRANK SINATRA & DEAN MARTIN. JUNE 10, 1977, Chicago, Illinois. First off, this is a fun, cool disc to own. The rat pack shtick is a true original of its time. With that said, Dino's act is a tired and shameless one. Frank is always best when not improvising, but just Frankly singing.

FRANK SINATRA.  BRAZIL.  AUGUST 12, 1981. Sao Paolo.  Elegant soundboard from the Chairman.  

FRANK SINATRA. MAY 11, 1984. Chicago, Illinois. Soundboard, lots of fun.

FRANK SINATRA. JUNE 20, 1987. Verona, Italy. Soundboard. The Chaiman's still got it.

FRANK SINATRA. OCTOBER 9, 1991. Dublin, Ireland. Soundboard recording ending with a cheesy medley with Steve & Eydie.

FRANK SINATRA. SOLOS. Nice collection of stuff rom July of 1993, various instrumental solos highlighted.

FRANK SINATRA. February 25, 1995. His very last performance was at some charity thing for 6 songs. The magic is clearly slipping away, but the band sounds nice so it ain't bad all in all. Clean soundboard, you get an obseqious introduction and zero crowd noise.

FRANK SINATRA. FUKUOKA DOME. December 20, 1994. Japan. His final full show and hot damn, pretty darn good.

FRANK SINATRA. FEBRUARY 25, 1995. Final performance. Palm Desert, California. The final 6 tunes - soundboard.

FRANK SINATRA. IT MIGHT AS WELL BE SWING SESSIONS and FINAL PERFORMANCE. Consists of the It Might As Well Swing Sessions with Quincy Joens and then the final Palm Desert performance.

FRANK SINATRA. A RARE COLLECTION OF SONGS. VOL 2. A nice little collection of stuff mostly from the 50s & 60s.

THE SINCEROS. DECEMBER 13, 1979. New York City with bonus tracks too. Terrific sounding show from these New Wave/Power Pop bands. You probably missed this slight band amidst the others, but they were fun.

SIR DOUGLAS QUINTET. MAY 24, 1983. Zurich, Switzerland. Outstanding radio broadcast, a great tex mex rock band with a great back story. Fun.

SLASH'S BLUES BASH. April/1997. Disappointing audience taping. No setlist or artwork.

SLASH (with Myles Kennedy). NEW YORK ON FILE.  September 15, 2014, New York,  Soundboard with some nice extras as well. 

SLY & THE FAMILY STONE. OCTOBER 5, 1968. New York City. Fantastic little gig. Very good sound, just a short performance though.

SLY & THE FAMILY STONE. THEE ENCYCLOPEDIA OF ECSTACY (2) New York City. October 5, 1968. The complete two set performance. Awesome baby.

SLY & THE FAMILY STONE. JUNE 29, 1968. Harlem, New York, 7 Songs on this show. All cool. Soundboard.

SLY & THE FAMILY STONE. SEPTEMBER 1, 1969. Texas International Pop Festival, Dallas, Texas. Soundboard. It's funky, but jammy too. A lot of the other shows I have listened to the band seems tight and well rehearsed. This show they seem looser and more improvisational. Quite good.

SLY & THE FAMILY STONE. SEPTEMBER 10, 1970. Soundboard. They have their little set, but that blast it.

SLY & THE FAMILY STONE. OCTOBER 9, 1970. Six song set - they were all short and FUNKY.

SLY & THE FAMILY STONE. NOVEMBER 9, 1974. Lawrence, Kansas. Sly introduces the show with "I'm so tired of people thinking I'm not gonna show up." Not a bad recording, it's just mixed poorly, the drums sound leaden, the vocals burried etc.

SLY AND THE FAMILY STONE. FAMILY AFFAIR: ONE HOUR RADIO SPECIAL. Nice documentary from 2007 done to promote the record company's box set and/or reissues. Sly didn't participate as you can imagine, but you get his sister Rose, Larry Graham as well as Chuck D, hosted by Rolling Stones Ben Fong Torres..

ELLIOT SMITH. BLACK CAT (2) April 17, 1998. Washington, DC. He's taken a few too many miserable pills if you ask me. Boot is as clean as a whistle, has a stunning take of Lennon's "Jealous Guy."

THE SMITHS. OCTOBER 23, 1986. National Kilburn, London. Rank gig with missing tracks. Soundboard. Good stuff from the beloved mopers.

Festival/1986. Nice disc though the sound varies from good to great.

THE SMITHS. THANK YOUR LUCKY STARS. August 26, 1986, Los Angeles, CA. Ahh, swwet
soundboard of one of the all time great bands. Johnny Marr, arguabely, the greatest rock acoustic guitarist (sorry Ray Davies).

THE SMITHS. UNRELEASED DEMOS. Nice set of alt takes, demos etc.

PATTI SMITH. JANUARY 9, 1976 (2) Jazz Workshop, Boston, MA. Uncensored WBCN radio show - chatty Patti is young, unyielding, unwieldy and unhinged. I love that in chicks.

PATTI SMITH. LIVE AT CBGB 1979. (2) Glorious double set from a great one. Alanis Morisette
doesn't hold a candle to Patti.

PATTI SMITH. APRIL 22, 1979 (2) Essen Germany. Radio broadcast. Just a spectacular show, she's all snarly attitude and the band ascends.

PATTI SMITH. I NEVER TALKED TO BOB DYLAN. Screechy early show, well recorded and downloaded.

PATT SMITH. NOVEMBER 25, 1995 (2) Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Nice sounding soundboard. My setlist doesn't exactly match up to what I heard.

PATTI SMITH. PLUGGED & UNPLUGGED. The main show is a complete June 15, 2000 performance in perfect soundboard sound. The second half is acoustic material purported to been taking from the Dylan/Smith Paradise Lost shows - though I'm not so certain. Patti's fantastic and this is a sensational set - A+.

PATTI SMITH. CBGB. October 15, 2006, NYC. Patti closes the legendary club with this show broadcast on Sirious Radio hence saved for you and me. Mp3 sounced, a special even captured in perfect sound though Patti & Lenny complain about the stage monitors it sounds damn fine to these ears. They go deep catalog with this sloppy, ragged and beatiful performance. Flea stopps in for a song or two.

PATTI SMITH. POP MONTREAL. (2) October 7, 2007. This is some kind of poetry/jazz type of show. I couldn't listen to it.

PATTI SMITH. DECEMBER 20, 2007. New York City. I LOVE Patti's voice as much as any other singer that I can think of. She can be overwrought and melodramatic at times, but I must give high marks here. The band sounds great. Great audience interaction. Funny stories. A great cover of "Smells Like Teen Spirit" Love "Redondo Beach." Outstanding.

PATTI SMITH. ONE COMMON WIRE: A GUNG HO CONVERSATION. Radio promo done for the album. As always, Patti is honest, fascinating, annoying, interesting and peculiar.

PATTI SMITH. TIPITINA'S UPTOWN. April 24, 2010 (2) New Orleans. Great stuff as Patti is pure. You gotta love it when she yells out "Fuck Donald Trump!!!" as she launches into "People Have the Power" And hey, great recording.

PATTI SMITH. DECEMBER 31, 2011. (2) New York City, New York. XM Radio broadcast. Patti is on. This is truly a sensational show I loved it. "Redondo Beach" Among it's highlights.

PATTI SMITH. NOVEMBER 10, 2015 (2) The Beacon Theatre, New York City. Includes MICHAEL STIPE's complete opening set. Good stuff from one of my favorite chicks.

THE SMITHEREENS. WORLD CAFE LIVE SHOWS. March 16 and December 21, 2007 radio shows. These intriguing New Jerseyites put together a nice little back catalog. Thoroughly enjoyable stuff.

S.N.A.C.K BENEFIT CONCERT (5) MARCH 23, 1975. Complete show a benefit for San Francisco extra curricular activities for their school system. Featuring: Dylan, Neil Young, Greatful Dead, Santa, Jefferson Starship, Doobies.

SOUL COUGHING. OCTOBER 8, 1994. New York City. Soundboard. If you have missed this band, you have missed out. An odd, strange brew of rhythm and rhyme. Always thought they had a bit in common with the band, Morphine.

SOUTHSIDE JOHNNY & THE ASBURY JUKES. May 30, 1976. Stone Pony, Asbury Park, NJ. Lots of guests including Lee Dorsey, Miami Steve and others. Oh so fun.

SOUTHSIDE JOHNNY & THE ASBURY JUKES. JUNE 14, 1977 (2) New York City, WNEW Broadcast from the Bottom Line. Ronnie Spector steps in for a couple. Good stuff, what a motley band.

SOUTHSIDE JOHNNY & THE ASBURY JUKES. OCTOBER 23, 1978. Amhearst, MA. Soundboard from UMASS gig, how come there ain't any bands like this anymore. Huh?

SOUTHSIDE JOHNNY & THE ASBURY JUKES. May 20, 1986. Buffalo, New York. He's fun. Liked this one a lot.

SOUTHSIDE JOHNNY & THE ASBURY JUKES. March 26, 1992 (2) Koln, Germany. Excellent performance and sound quality - these guys get it.

SOUTHSIDE JOHNNY & LITTLE STEVEN. UNPLUGGED. November 21, 1993. Recorded (&Broadcast?) at a New York City radio station. The 2 Jersey boys are having some fun, peforming everything from "Ain't Too Proud to Beg" and "Like A Virgin" to "Forever Young" and "Rosalita." Whatever happened to Southside Johnny?

SOUTHSIDE JOHNNY LIVE AT THE STONE PONY. July 3, 2008 (3) The Stone Pony, Asbury Park, New Jersey. It's a decent audience taping of a long, long show. He does the complete "Heart of Stone" album for a Sirius Radio broadcast, but this is not that piece of tape. It's good, but sloppy at times, Southside can still bring it vocally but at times the band doesn't jell and sometimes Johnny jokes fall flat.

SOUTHSIDE JOHNNY & THE ASBURY JUKES. PROVE IT ALL NIGHT: THE MUSIC OF BRUCE SPRINGSTEEN. February 28, 2015 (2) The Stone Pony, Asbury Park, NJ. If anybody can be a Bruce Springsteen cover band for a few nights, it's these guys.

THE SPECIALS. DECEMBER 2, 1979. London. My favorite list band from this era - their debut album is a stone cold classic. Soundboarder.

THE SPECIALS. JANUARY 21, 1980. Amsterdam. Soundboard. Love these guys.

THE SPECIALS.  JANUARY 30, 1980.  Boston, Massachusetts.  Missed this show, too bad.  Soundboard.

THE SPECIALS. JULY 20, 1980. Tokyo, Japan. Oh so much fun, a great recording of a band in full flight. Alot of music grew out of their wings, under heralded. Absolutely.

THE SPECIALS. BBC SESSIONS. 5 different visits and performances all in perfect sound. No talking all great music from a band who had limited output but it was great.

THE SPECIALS. APRIL 3, 2019 (2) Berlin, Germany. Soundboard. So nice that they have reformed and toured again. Great sound, great catalog of material.

SQUEEZE. JULY 26, 1979, New York City. Pretty snappy FM recording from their first US tour (I actually caught this band at a now defunct hotel/concert hall in Lynn which I think was there final gig of the tour. Jools Holland in the house.

SQUEEZE. LIVE AT HAMMERSMITH ODEON. March 9, 1980. London. Soundboard. The clever ones, enjoyable as always.

SQUEEZE. MARCH 16, 1980. Netherlands. Are they a top five era band (Talking Heads, Clash, Ramones)? I say yes!!! Catchy, snappy tunes performed smartly. Period.

SQUEEZE. MARCH 29, 1980. Boston, Massachusetts. WCOZ broadcast. Fantasic, clean recording of a super gig. I was at college and didn't go to this one, but I must have seen every other city show.

SQUEEZE. BOTTOM LINE (2) MAY 3, 1980. New York City, Delightful radio broadcast, Jools in hand. What fun!

SQUEEZE. MAY 15, 1981. Oxford, UK. Short & sweet. Clever pop on this slick recording. 48 Minutes of clever songwriting.

SQUEEZE. JUNE 19, 1982. Boston, Ma. Radio broadcast. Another fun one, I did it.

SQUEEZE. JAMAICA WORLD MUSIC FESTIVAL. November 27, 1982 (2) Jamaica. Soundboard. 14 catchy tunes.

SQUEEZE. LIVE AT THE ROYAL ALBERT HALL. 9 Songs that could be a record company promo or fan club EP. Perfect sound from these guys.

SQUEEZE. HAMMERSMITH ODEAN. London. October 15, 1986. Soundboard. Excellent snappy stuff from the lads.

SQUEEZE. APRIL 29, 1987. Seton Hall College, NJ. Fun little soundboard from a college gig.

SQUEEZE. JULY 31, 1988 (2) New York City. Soundboard. Pop rock and it's very best.

SQEEZE.  OCTOBER 25, 1992.  New York City.  WNEW-FM studio appearance, a few songs and interview.

SQUEEZE.  AUGUST 9, 1992.  Joliet, Illinois.  WRXT-FM Broadcast.  Great show with Dilford sidelined after eating some bad fish.

SQUEEZE.  NOVEMBER 22, 1993.  San Diego, California.  FM Broadcast.  Delightful.

SQUEEZE. August 2, 2007 (2) New York City. A charming audience tpaing, you do get chat, but the pop comes thru.

SQUEEZE. SEPTEMBER 10, 2008 (2) Los Angeles, California. Chatty taping, but certainly still fun.

SQUEEZE. NOVEMBER 23, 2010 (2) Glasgow, Scotland. Another fun show well captured. All the hits you love and more.

SQUEEZE. NOVEMBER 17, 2017. Santa Monica, California. KCRW broadcast as Glen and Chris stop by a radio station for an interview and acoustic performance. Fun.

SQUEEZE. NOBEMBER 30, 2017. Port Chester, New York. Webcast Recording, captured perfectly. Great show from this sensational band.

THE STANLEY BROTHERS. JULY 3, 1955. Rising Sun, Maryland. Soundboard. Great stuff.

THE STANLEY BROTHERS. BROWN COUNTY JAMBOREE. 1965. A smidge of distortion on this high notes, but excellent sounding show otherwise. A treat. Known for their harmonies and their influence on Bob Dylan who has performed 3 of the songs contained on this disc.

THE STAPLE SINGERS. LIVE AT THE HAMPTON JAZZ FESTIVAL. Hampton, Virginia, 1973. 8 Tunes from this soundboard, Pops and the gang in tow. Oh so sweet.

MAVIS STAPLES. JANUARY 2012. Koener Hall, Toronto, Fabulous little show, radio broadcast. Love it.

MAVIS STAPLES. AUGUST 9, 2013 Zambujeira do Mar, Portugal. Radio Broadcast. Oh man, she is an American treasure. A sensational performance of true musical passion and soul. A lovely woman simply emanating warmth and peace. Essential show from a legend - don't forget her.

MAVIS STAPLES - BOB DYLAN OPENING SETS 2016. JUNE 22, JUNE 25, JUNE 28 AND JULY 13. Single discs each, filed with the Dylans. Very enjoyable sets from a legend. All audience recordings.

MARVIS STAPLES. GLASTONBURY FESTIVAL. June 28, 2019, Pilton, UK. Spreading her job across the pond. Soundboard.

CHRIS STAPLETON. OCTOBER 23, 2017 (2) Austin City Limits, Austin, Texas. Superb soundboard from this great talent. What doesn't he have: great writing, singing and music. Love him!

THE HOWARD STERN SHOW - MUSICAL MEMORIES (3) An enjoyable 3 disc collection of in studio live performances from Bon Jovi, Black Crowes to the Stone Temple Pilots and Train. etc etc. Some good stuff.

CAT STEVENS. CAT'S BACK: THE COMPLETE BROADCASTS 1966-67. Before Cat was Cat he was some kind of pop star in England. Not half bad, some of the stuff was pretty good.

CAT STEVENS. NINE LIVES. 15 Studio outtakes from '70 and '71 including some of his most famous tunes like "Tuesday's Dead," "Moonshadow," "Wild World." etc.

CAT STEVENS. JULY 1, 1971. Santa Monica, California. Low grade audience taping -- at times you can barely hear the band. The vocals are clear, somehow the charm and musicality shines thru this lo fi offering.

CAT STEVENS. HOLLYWOOD 1973. November 9, 1973. Hollywood, California. Clean, professional recording. There are a couple of taped interludes that I couldn't figure out. Anyway, sounds like there's a big band backing the man. Good.

CAT STEVENS. HARD HEADED WOMEN. In 1974, the Cat was HUGE!!. Commercial sound quality.

CAT STEVENS. IN PARIS. December, 1975. Chill soundboard from Yusaf.

CAT STEVENS. MAY 28, 2009 London, England. Acceptable > good audience taping marred by some chat. Intro by Bono. I'm glad the Cat is doing stuff again, lots of singalongs.

CAT STEVENS/YUSUF ISLAM. DECEMBER 7, 2014. Boston, Massachusetts. I attended this show which had more security than the President of the United States. It was a fantastic show and the crowd was enthusiastic to say the least. Acceptable audience recording.

YUSUF/CAT STEVENS. JUNE 25, 2023, Glastonbury Festival, Pilton, UK.  Ripped from the HDTV broadcast.  Great.

STEPHEN STILLS MAY 11, 2007 (2) Jericho, New York. He may not be able to hit the high notes like he used to, but he is still a wonderful artist + performer. A warm, lively, humorous gig.

STEPHEN STILLS. OCTOBER 8, 2008 (2) Sharp recording & Stills is a fine performer & guitar player. I dig him. The acoustic material was captured a bit better than the electrics.

STEVE STILLS. SPECIAL CASE. Compilation of various Stills related soundboard performers from Buffalo Springfield, CSNY, Manassas and solo material. Good stuff, man.

THE STOMPERS. GREATEST HITS...LIVE. One of the great little lost bar bands from Boston. They should have gotten national airplay, but radio was too buzy playing Fleetwood Mac and REO Speedwagon.

THE STONE ROSES. WELCOME OF THE RESURRECTION. December 7, 1995. Not sure how to describe the recording quality. Sounds a shade flat, maybe mono, but yet clean as if it was recording from the rafters. That may be a bit harsh, because this is still a real pleasure - either I warmed up to it or just got mesmerized by its musicality. I dunno, but John Squire IS one of the most talented guitarists on the planet.

THE STONE ROSES. STAND STILL. Tokyo, 1989. Recording quality is just not up to the job.

THE STONE ROSES. FIRST COMING. My copy has 20 of the 22 songs listed on the art. Mostly demo's & outtakes with a couple of live ones as well.

JOE STRUMMER. AUGUST 19, 1999. Wiesen, Austria. Radio broadcast. Joe gets it, lots of Clash stuff and good rock and roll.

JOE STRUMMER & THE MESCALEROS.  AUGUST 21, 1999.  Cologne, Germany.   Soundboard at the 13th Bizarre Festival.   Basically a Clash set by what I mean it's a good thing.    

from what, the bathroom. Does a couple of Clash tunes, though. If you haven't done so, be sure to rent "Let's Rock Again" a great documentary on Joe's last tour 3 years later.

SUBLIME. THE BLACK ALBUM. A collection of live and studio stuff from 1995-1997.
Gone, but not forgotten.

TALKING HEADS. AUGUST 17, 1976. The Ocean Club, New York City. Early show with Jerry Harrison getting introduced as a guest rather than band member. Fletcher Buckley also joined in for a couple on saxophone whoever he is. This is a band formulating. Different lyrics on many songs including "Psycho Killer."

TALKING HEADS. JABORWOCKY. January 26, 1977. An imperfect sounding college radio broadcast. This is an ealry band gig still getting their footing, but working it hard Finished up with a spot on cover of "Love Is All Around."

TALKING HEADS.  BIRMINGHAM 1977.  Birmingham, England.   A cloudy but nice Soundboard. 

TALKING HEADS. TAKE ME TO BOSTON 1977. November 1, 1977. Sourced off a radio broadcast. Great stuff, not much stage banter from Byrne - a number of songs are introduced as "The Name of this song is..." Are they rock's greatest merging of situationist art rock and Chuck Berry?

TALKING HEADS. NOVEMBER 1, 1977. New Brunswick, NJ. A washed out sound board, but more than acceptable. Close it out with a cover of "1, 2, 3 Red Light."

TALKING HEADS. THIRSTY EAR. November 17, 1977, Maynard, Massachusetts. Great little show, syndicated for College radio.

TALKING HEADS. DECEMBER 3, 1977. San Francisco, California. FM Broadcast well captured the early band.

TALKING HEADS. OUTTAKES/DEMOS/ALTERNATES. 14 Nuggests in pristine quality, most dated to the 1977-8 years. Essential material for your inner soul.

TALKING HEADS. MORE SONGS...(EARLY MIX) Early mix of the 2nd album.

TALKING HEADS. FEAR OF MUSIC (EARLY MIX) Um, early mix of the 3rd album.

TALKING HEADS. JANUARY 14, 1978, Amsterdam. Great radio show.

TALKING HEADS. JUNE 8, 1979. Sydney Australia. FM Broadcast. Great little show.

TALKING HEADS. AUGUST 28, 1978. Chicago, Illinois. Radio Broadcast. Super recording of a super performance, no body encompassed rock rhythm than these folks. Spectacular show - kick ass!

TALKING HEADS. SEPTEMBER 1978. Hofstra University, Hempstead, New York. Fantastic, crystal clear recording. Superb!!

TALKING HEADS. SEPTEMBER 13, 1978. Chicago, Illinois. Great radio broadcast. Love it all!

TALKING HEADS. SEPTEMBER 16, 1978. San Francisco, California. Another great show from this incredible band. Are they one of the greats? Yes they are dammit and they should be in my constant rotation.

TALKING HEADS. DECEMBER 12, 1978. Fuzzy sounding FM Radio show,

TALKING HEADS.  MARCH 15, 1979.  Clevland, Ohio.   8 Tracks pulled from the show in soundboard.  Magic. 

TALKING HEADS. JUNE 8, 1979. Sydney, Australia. FM Broadcast. Super recording of 8 songs. I can feel this band growing musically.

TALKING HEADS. LIVE IN JAPAN. July 8 1979. Artwork indicates it was a promotional copy, must have been originally a record company project. Great.

TALKING HEADS. MEMORIES CAN'T LAST. August 8, 1979 at the Berklee Performance Center. I think I went to this show. Great sound and performance.

AUGUST 13, 1979 (2) New York City. At the Mudd Club, and jeez quite enjoyable show. While an audience recording, it captures the magic.

TALKING HEADS.  STARDUST BALLROOM. Los Angeles.   September 29, 1979. Touring after their second album, this crystal clear boot is stunning. Making those skinny ties dance, David Bryne is at his growling best.

TALKING HEADS.  DECEMBER 8, 1979.  London, England.  Perfect soundboard.  Love it.

TALKING HEADS. AUGUST 23, 1980. Heatwave Festival. Bowmanville, Ontario. A tasty recording of a band on the ascendent. Tiny wields a mean bass.

TALKING HEADS. AUGUST 28, 1980. New York City. A messy taping from the Ice skating rink. A band humming captured so so.

TALKING HEADS.  NOVEMBER 9, 1980.  Cherry Hill, NJ.  Soundboard, baby, soundboard.

TALKING HEADS.  NOVEMBER 12, 1980 (2). Albany, New York.  Terrific soundboard of the band hitting its peak while simultaneously leaving us. 

TALKING HEADS. December 11, 1980 (2) Amsterdam. Super soundboard. Love these guys.

TALKING HEADS.  December 20, 1980.  Dortmund, Germany.   9 Soundboard tunes.  Oh so great. 

TALKING HEADS. REMAIN IN THE NIGHT '81. February 27, 1981. Tokyo. Yeah, a nice recording of the fab four - think its a Japanese radio broadcast.

TALKING HEADS. JULY 1, 1982 (2) Leiden, Holland. Terrific shit from this great band in their groove Soundboard.

TALKING HEADS. JULY 4, 1982. Good stuff, slick recording. Kick ass.

TALKING HEADS. JULY 20, 1982. MILAN, ITALY. Imperfect recording of of a band hitting on all cylanders.

TALKING HEADS. MONTREUX 1982 (2) Nice recording - you get the Tom Tom Club's brief set than the heads. Such good stuff.

TALKING HEADS. AUGUST 23, 1982 (2) Possibly wrong date and earlier in the month. Saratoga Springs, New York. Excellent taping and performance.

TALKING HEADS. AUGUST 3, 1983 (2) Saratoga, Florida. Great sounding show from one of the genre's greatest bands. Really I think.

TALKING HEADS. AUGUST 20, 1983 (2) Cape Cod, Massachusetts. Shit, why didn't I make this show? Excellent gig - too bad these guys didn't last longer.

TALKING HEADS. NATURE'S WAY. Milwaukee, 1984. This is an amazing band, special. David Bryne is an incredible talent, but the chemistry and magic was never the same retained when the killed the band. If there ever was a band that should reunite. It's this one.

TALKING HEADS. 1984 DEMOS. Recorded in David Byrne's apartment. A dozen late era demos.

JAMES TAYLOR. TREASURE OF A MAN, 1970 - 2003 (4) Career spanning retrospective, plenty of good stuff, all very high quality recordings.

JAMES TAYLOR.  THE EARLY YEARS (1969-1971).  Lovely collection of early performances, TV things et al

JAMES TAYLOR. LIVE IN SYRACUSE (2). Syracuse, New York. First and Second sets. Soundboard. Fantastic stuff.

SIR JAMES TAYLOR. THE LECTURES OF HARVARD UNIVERSITY (2) April 25, 1970, Cambridge, Massachusetts. It is a mellow show. Soundboard. Very nice Sunday morning type of show.

JAMES TAYLOR. January 25, 1971, Filmore East, New York City. (Early Show) MP3 Version. Apparently these are the solo tunes without band taken from the gig. Man oh man, he's such a sweet and beautiful singer. Does a droll take of "Okie from Muskagee."

JAMES TAYLOR. JANUARY 25, 1971. LATE SHOW. Not as good as the earlier one, a bit on the mellow dull side. Must have smoked some weed between sets.

JAMES TAYLOR. SEPTEMBER 23, 1979 (2) No setlist. Always armed with a crack band, JT has received the Good Housekeeping Seal of approval.

JAMES TAYLOR. THE UNFINISHED LIVE ALBUM 1981 (2) May 13, 1981. Superb show, wonderful performance. I believe that his was a remastered, compiled version of various versions that are out there.

JAMES TAYLOR. JUNE 17, 1986 (2) Berlin, Germany. FM Broadcast. As always, terrific.

JAMES TAYLOR. MONTREAX JAZZ FESTIVAL (2) April 4, 1988. Good stuff, man.

JAMES TAYLOR. OCTOBE 31, 1991 (2) Paramount Theatre. JT Soundboard.

JAMES TAYLOR. AUGUST 25, 1994 (2) Great Woods, Mansfield, Mass. Super soundboard recording.

JAMES TAYLOR. MAY 20, 1999 (2) Hamburg, Germany. FM Broadcast. Delight.

JAMES TAYLOR.   JULY 15, 1999 (2) Montreux Jazz Festival, Montrteaux, Switzerland.  Soundboard, as always James delivers the goods. 

JAMES TAYLOR. HOME MOVIES. (2) May 2, 2006. A mellow show to say the least. Soundboard recording. Don't know the background, but JT shows slides, movies and stuff and then tells stories and sings about it.

JAMES TAYLOR & HIS ALL STAR BAND. January 22, 2010. Help for Haiti, Great Barrington, Massachusetts. Webcast. Way too mellow, c'mon James perk up. At one point, he admonished the crowd to applaud after a tune. A misfire.

TEARS FOR FEARS. FEBRUARY 12, 1990 (2) Cleveland, Ohio. These 80's hitmakers are a bit of guilty pleasure for me. This is a pristine, soundboarder with flawless reproductions of the studio material. Not sure you could tell the difference with the live takes.

SUSAN TEDESCHI. June 30, 2002. Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Soundboard quiet. In the spirit of Bonnie Raitt, this chick kicks ass!

SONNY TERRY & BROWNIE MCGHEE. MAY 5, 1974. (2) Breman, Germany. Enjoyable show by these legends.

THE THE. SAVE ME LIVE ON TOUR 1990. Enjoyable soundboard.

THE THE. EUROPE 1993. June 5, 1993. London, England. A lot of fun with Matt Johnson's industrial punk.

THEM. VIDEO ANTHOLOGY. Audio feed of a collected set. Good stuff, man. Heavy.

THE TIME.  OCTOBER 4, 1983.  First Avenue, Minneapolis.  Soundboard and lots of fun including passing around a collections plate (filed under Prince)

THIN LIZZY. 5/11/1980 & BONUS LIVE 75-76. (2) Enjoyable double set of a concert and bonus live & studio (I think) cuts. Underappreciate arean rock band.

DR. HUNTER S. THOMPSON. October 13, 1977. Boulder, Colorado. This is one hour Q & A session in front of a college audience. The young and evasive journalist with his adoring crowd. Not a bad recording though some kind of source hisses here and there. One of the two or three truly great journalists of the 2nd half of the 20th century.

RICHARD THOMPSON. CELTSCHMERZ. LIVE UK 98. I think this was a record company promo disc, contains 16 songs from 16 different venues in perfect sound.

RICHARD THOMPSON. LIVE AT THE NARROWS CENTER FOR THE ARTS, Novembe 4, 2006, Fall River, Mass. Damn, I should have known about this gig - killer talent, fun show.

GEORGE THOROGOOD & THE DESTROYERS. APRIL 15, 1979. SEATTLE. Nice soundboard for this throwback rocker.

GEORGE THOROGOOD AND THE DESTROYERS. NOVEMBER 22, 1981. (2) New Haven, Connecticut. Radio Broadcast. 'Dem boys sure can play.

GEORGE THOROGOOD. MARCH 11, 2009 (2) Boston, Massachusetts. Decent recording from a fun musician. Good stuff.

PETE TOWNSEND. APRIL 14, 1974. London. Supposedly Pete's 1st solo show. It's fun, certainly imperfect sound quality. Nice cover of "If I were a Carpenter."

TOKYO BOB DYLAN. December 12, 2002. Perfect sound quality. Jeez what is this? Its a Japanese Bob Dylan impersonator/tribute. Very nice straight, but inspired arrangements, lots of laughter + Mirth - I dig it, man.

PETER TOSH FEBRUARY 2, 1979 Atlanta, Georgia. Delightful shows.

PETER TOSH. MARCH 14, 1979. Washington, DC. Nice little radio broadcast. Great stuff, mon.

PETER TOSH. LIVE AT MY FATHER'S PLACE. March 15, 1979. From a radio broadcast -
outstanding sound quality and performance. He was a great talent taken from us in a bizarre way, super show!

PETER TOSH. ISLAND ZORRO. The Roxy 1979. Good stuff. 8 songs - 48 minutes. Reggae, mon.

PETER TOSH. LEGALIZE IT SESSIONS. I guess these are 7 outtakes or alt mixes from the mighty Tosh. Not sure what the story is here - supposidely Eric Clapton was in studio or overseeing production or something or so someone claims.

PETER TOSH. EQUAL RIGHTS DEMO. Rough mixes, bass heavy material from this wondrous man.

PETER TOSH. JUNE 26, 1981. France. Another beautiful night of reggae music -- oh what a talent we lost too young.

PETER TOSH. JUNE 22, 1981. Mira, Italy. Soundboard. Perhaps a touch slick as a musical performance, but ya feel the Jamaican vibe mon.

PETER TOSH. SEPTEMBER 29, 1981. The Ritz, New York City. Radio broadcast. What a great talent that we have all lost. Such great music from a sweet, beautiful soul. Warm and beautiful.

PETER TOSH. OCTOBER 8, 1993. (2) Toulous, France. Decent enough show in soundboard, somehow I feel that the arrangments are slightly too fast or something. Still I love these songs.

PETER TOSH. FINAL SHOW. December 30, 1983. Kingston, Jamaica. Sadly we are robbed of his talents, the last show was a sweet ending.

ALLEN TOUSSAINT. FEBRUARY 6, 1987 (2) The Bottom Line, New York City. 2 Shows that night and we've got them both in sterling soundboard quality. What a gentleman.

ALLEN TOUSSAINT. BONNAROO '09. June 13, 2009. Manchester, Tennessee. A bit bass heavy on a couple of the early tracks,but this man is a real national treasure. Terrific vibe and top shelf muscianship.

ALLEN TOUSSAINT. JULY 17, 2010. Green River Festival. Shit recording which I usually don't keep except that I caught this gig so I wanted to include in my grand collection.

ALLEN TOUSSAINT TRIBUTE. November 20, 2015. New Orleans, Louisiana. Radio Broadcast. What a loss. A wondrous tribute with many guests honoring the legend: Elvis Costello, Jimmy Buffet, Trombone Shorty, Irma Thomas, Deacon Jones, et al.

TRAVELING WILBURYS. COMPLETE COLLECTIONS. (2) Double disc set of various outtakes.


TRAVELING WILBURYS. RECOVERED TREASURE. A basket of outtakes, alternate mixes, stuidio chat, radio commercial - its a Wilbury feast.



TRAVELING WILBURYS. UNSURPASSED MASTERS. I've got just 19 of the 23 tracks listed. I do believe that the best recordings of this band were commerically released.

TRAVELING WILBURYS BBC2 RADIO SPECIAL. Good stuff, I think broadcast in 2007, tells the whole story with interviews with most of the band members and others involved in recording the albums.

THE TRAVELING WILBURYS. THE SECRET TAPES OF LUCKY BOO. Another collection of outtakes etc.

THE TRAVELING WILBURYS.  FAMILY TREE VOLUME II. It's subtitle says it all:  Alternate takes and Hidden Treasures.

THE TRAVELING WILBURYS.  VOL. 4 1/2.  More Stuff.  

THE TRAVELING WILBURYS.   THE STORY OF THE TRAVELING WILBURYS':  VOLUME 5:  THE FINAL CHAPTER (4). Big collection of stuff along with a radio show on the band, outtakes, commercials, promos etc.  There is also 2 DVDs which I don't have. 

TREAT HER RIGHT. MAY 27, 1988 (2) Radio Broadcast. The Stone Pony, Asbury Park, New Jersey. This is great music from a band best remembered as Mark Sandman's first incarnation. He sings along with another vocalist who is also good.

THE TROGGS. TAPES. 1970. This is the legendary 11 minute studio chat, argument with lots of f bombs.

THE TUBES. APRIL 23, 1976. Boston, Massachusetts. Marginal audience taping which I usually wouldn't keep, but I went to this show with my older brother. Maybe the third or fourth concert that I ever went to.

THE TUBES. WINTERLAND (2) December 31, 1979. Soundboard. The band at their wierdest, goofiest best. Skits, music and a marching band on New Year's Eve.

THE TUBES. NOVEMBER 7, 2002 (2) Leeds, UK. Soundboard with Fay and Roger leading the charge.

THE TUBES. JUNE 6, 2008 (2) Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Fee Waybill - a true American hero. Still doing his whole shticky, stagy thing -- hey it's fun.

IKE & TINA TURNER. WHAT YOU SEE IS WHAT YOU GET. Starts with those 8 takes of River Deep and then it's a potpouri of various TV appearances. Good stuff. I like Ike.

IKE & TINA TURNER. RIVER DEEP, MOUNTAIN HIGH OUTTAKES. 8 takes of the mighty classic. Studio chat of Phil Spector? Taken from the Bootleg, See What You Get.

IKE & TINA TURNER . LIVE IN PARIS. (2) January 30, 1971. Paris. This is the REAL DEAL. What I mean is that this is an answer to the question.

IKE & TINA TURNER REVUE. March 24, 1974. Portland, Maine. It's less than perfect recording but a fund one. A risque evening that's a gas. What can I say I Like Ike. Shoot me, but Tina had a vulnerability in her voice back then that has since become arrogant.

DAN TYMINSKI BAND. JUNE 9, 2001. Allison Kraus' guitar man and the voice of George Clooney in O Brother Where Art Thou. Soundboard. Terrific.

UB40. LIVE. Very, Very good recording - 10 tunes. Could also be a fan club or record company promo.

DAVE VON RONK. OCTOBER 20, 1964 (2) Bloomington, Indiana. Soundboard. A warm, intimate show - a wondrous mix of musical styles.

TOWNES VAN ZANDT. NOVEMBER 9, 1973. Minneapolis, Minnesota. I'm a fan, don't get me wrong and he wrote a couple of perfect songs, but -- but -- but --- he can be tuneless sometimes and i like a tune when I listen to music.

TOWNES VAN ZANDT. April 12, 1989. (2) Tubington, Germany. Quiet, spoken sung singing with the guitar an afterthought to the words and stories from this interspective singer. It's a soundboarder, but I though I hear some source warbling.

TOWNES VAN ZANDT, GUY CLARK & ROBERT EARL KEEN. LIVE CHAUTAUQUA. (3) August 29, 1990, Boulder, Colorado. Super soundboard of these three friends each of whom played a set and then a couple together as an encore. Guy Clark went on third - so who knows - maybe he was the headliner. Very engaging show with each playing and telling stories.

TOWNES VAN ZANDT TRIBUTE CONCERT. I think taken from an Austin City Limits. Features: Lyle Lovett, Steve Earle, Emmylou Harris, Guy Clark, Peter Rown, Nanci Griffith. Wonderful.

VARIOUS ARTISTS. BIG BEAT '64. NEW MUSICAL EXPRESS POLL WINNERS CONCERT. I am thinking it's a televised award show from this forgotten Brittish music magazine. In it's day the Billboard and Rolling Stone of the youth culture, kinda sorta. You get various artists performing a couple of songs: Rolling Stones, Swinging Blue Jeans, Freddie & the Dreamers, Searchers, Billy J Kramer, Gary & The Pacemakers and the Beatles close it out.

VARIOUS ARTISTS. THE NME POLL WINNER'S CONTEST 1965. Same deal as above with: The Moody Blues, Freddie & The Dreamers, Herman Hermits, Sounds Inc, Rollng Stones Donovan, Them Searchers, Dusty Springfield (Amazing), The KInks and The Beatles.

VARIOUS ARTISTS. ROCK INFLUENCES. FM Radio Broadcast, June 9, 1984. Interesting show with John Sebastian, Ritchie Havens, (the remains of) The Band, Roger McGuinn and Jesse Colin Young.

VARIOUS ARTISTS. LIVE AT MCCABE'S GUITAR SHOP. May 24, 1987. An informal, sloppy acoustic show that was traded to me as a Natalie Merchant, but features an equal number of performances from Steve Wynn, Michael Stipe, Peter Buck & Kendra Smith. Soundboard.

VARIOUS ARTISTS. BIG BILL'S COCABANA. Chicago May 26, 1963. Quite an impressive list accompanies Muddy Waters: Willie Dixon, Howlin' Wolf, Buddy Guy, Sonny Boy Williamson & Little Walter. Certainly short of magical, but still lotsa good blues.

VARIOUS ARTISTS. IN PERFORMANCE AT THE WHITE: RED, WHITE AND BLUES. February 12, 2012, Washington, DC. Blues Show hosted by our mighty President. Who's in the house? Mick Jagger, BB King, Buddy Guy, Shemeka Copeland, Jeff Beck, Trumbone Shorty, Derek Trucks, Susan Tedeschi, Gary Clark Jr.,Warren Haynes, Keb Mo and the Commander in Chief, of course, singing "Sweet Home Chicago."

VARIOUS ARTISTS. HOMELESS CHILDREN BENEFIT (3) December 13, 1987. New York City. Performers include: Bruce Springsteen, Ruben Blades, Paul Simon, James Taylor Ladysmith Black Mambazo, Billy Joel, Laurie Anderson and a host of celebrity introducers. Fun stuff.

VARIOUS ARTISTS. CONCERTS FOR THE PEOPLE OF KAMPUCHEA OUTTAKES. (2) December 16-19, 1979. London. I guess they made a movie out of this and released a proper album. These are all terrific performances including: Queen, Wings, Clash, Elvis Costello, Pretenders, Rockville, Specials, Ian Dury and Matumbi.

VARIOUS ARTISTS. WFUV HOLIDAY CHEER 2019 (2) December 10, 2019, Beacon Theatre, New York City. Annual WFUV fundraiser with Yola, Mumford & Sons, Nathaniel Rateliff and Mavis Staples. I assumed sourced from broadcast. Great stuff.

STEVIE RAY VAUGHAN THE HOUSE IS ROCKIN' November 28 & 29, 1989. From a radio
broadcast, the audience was miked a little too loudly, though that would be quibbling. The master at work.

EDDIE VEDDER. ALL TOMORROW'S PARTIES EVENT. March 15, 2002. A fun performance captured pretty well - but even a soundboard taping is a challenge for that understated Eddie mumble ya know. It's Eddie and a Ukelele or electric guitar introducing his personal songs and chatting ammically with the audience. Brings up a kid he met surfing for a song as well. Ed, you're a man of the people.

EDDIE VEDDAR. APRIL 7, 2008. Berkeley, California. Start with a terrific audience taping. Critisism: Eddie is a bit of buzz kill. Positive: It's a balanced, intimate, mature show. He's a gifted singer & interpreter. Highlights: the covers of "Forever Young," "If You Want to Sing out," and "Hide Your Love Away."

SUZANNE VEGA. JANUARY 13, 1985, NEW YORK CITY. Mixed Bag FM New York City show (packaged with Lucinda's 4/24/3). Excellent early show.

SUZANNE VEGA. MAY 18, 1993. Monteux. Superb recording of an underrated artist. Plenty of songs from the 5 star album, 99.9. I know she had a hit or two, but don't feel she's gotten the props she deserves.

SUZANNE VEGA. OCTOBER 22, 2007 (2) Amsterdam. Soundboard. Great stuff.

SUZANNE VEGA. JANUARY 24, 2014. Leipzig, Germany. Radio broadcast. A bit mellow, but good stuff.

THE VELVET UNDERGROUND. Caught Between the Twisted Stars (4) Career spanning set from the seminal New York Band that critics compare everyone to.

THE VICIOUS WHITE KIDS FEATURING SID VICIIOUS. Famed one off show at the Electric Ballroom in London, before Sid flew to America and murdered his girlfriend. Not sure if this is a boot or an outprint rare one - has a great 30 minute interview tacked one with Glen Matlock and Rat Scabies (of the Damned) who played in the band that night. Nancy Spungen played in the band as well, but they shut her mic off.

THE VIOLENT FEMMES. SEPTEMBER 19, 2003. Santa Cruz, California. Soundboard. A very fun, quirky post punk, post-something band. A band with a sense of humor, playful yet a real band too.

VOICES FOR JUSTICE AUGUST 28, 2010 (2) Little Rock, Arkansas. One of those celebrity concerts for justice etc. Various artists you Eddie Veddaer, Natalie Maines, Patti Smith and others. XM radio broadcast.

VOTE FOR CHANGE (2) October 2, 2004 Cleveland, Ohio. Decent and enjoyable recording of just the Dixie Chicks and James Taylor. Hey, what else do you need? A bit of hollow sounding.

VOTE FOR CHANGE (4) October 11, 2004. Washington, DC. Soundboard recording from the MoveOn.org event for the Kerry Campaign. Fuck, he lost. Anyway you get: Bruce Springsteen, REM, John Mellancamp, James Taylor, Dixie Chicks, Jackson Browne, Bonnie Raitt, Keb Mo, Jurrassic 5, Babyface, Pearl Jam, and Dave Matthews. Holy shit that's an amazing lineup and a fantastic set. Too many great performances to mention, just about every act brought in a guest for a song or two (Springsteen joining REM For "Man on the Moon." Essential!

THE WAIFS. FEBRUARY 1, 2005. Brisbane, Australia. These girls are my favorite Aussies. This is a nice audience taping. Don't worry I've bought every album with cash money that they have released as they are the best example of independent music. Go Girl!

THE WAIFS. WAVE AID. January 29, 2005. This is 5 or their 7 song set which were broadcast on the radio, the other two I guess were show on Fox TV as well. Great sound, Love.

TOM WAITS. EVERY TIME I HEAR THIS MELODY... 1977. Hamburg, Germany. Some amazing saxophone and the strange, twisted musings from a true original.

TOM WAITS. COLD BEER ON A HOT NIGHT. Australia, March, 1979. What a great & twisted take on the planet. Fantastic show.


TOM WAITS. AT THE CIRCUS (2). June/1989 in Stockholm.

TOM WAITS. JOCKEY FULL OF BOURBON (2). November 7, 1995. Holland.

TOM WAITS. AKRON 2006. August 13, 2006. Akron, Ohio. There is certainly something that draws me to the guy. I'm not really into it, but dig it you know? Anyway this is flat out an interesting show. Favorite track "Til the Money Runs out."

WAR. NOVEMBER 13, 1992 (2) New York City, NY. Radio broadcast. Good quality recording and has some enjoyable moments as this sub genre of funky music is always welcome to hear. They brought in a rapper in an attempt for relevance - sorry fellas - stick to your knitting.

MUDDY WATERS. LIVE AT COPENHAGEN JAZZ FESTIVAL 1968. October 27, 1968, Copenhagen, Denmark. A muddy soundboard for the 8 song set.

MUDDY WATERS. LIVE AT EBBETS FIELD. May 11, 1973. BB King stops by. Supreme recording - Great!

MUDDY WATERS. SEPTEMBER 1974. East Stroudsburg State College, Pennsylvania. Nice show, an imperfect soundboard.

MUDDY WATERS. PAUL'S MALL BOSTON 1976. WBCN radio broadcast including a Mayorial proclamation for Muddy Water's Day in Boston. Terrific.

MUDDY WATERS. NOVEMBER 7, 1976 (2) Paris, France. Radio Broadcast. It's the blues, it's Muddy Waters.

MUDDY WATERS. MAY 14, 1977. San Francisco, California. More great stuff, with Muddy saying he had to cut the night short as he had to catch flight out.

MUDDY WATERS BLUES BAND. MARCH 28, 1981. New York City. This is a down, dirty, sexy, swampy night of blues, babe.

MUDDY WATERS. SWEET HOME CHICAGO (2). Terrific live disc especially when a couple of
Rolling Stones stop by.

DOC WATSON. NOVEMBER 9, 1968. Fantastic peformance in commercial sound quality. A sweet, hazy, lazy bluesman.

DOC & MERLE WATSON. MARCH 1, 1973. Another magical performance by these legendary legends.

DOC & MERLE WATSON. CAMBRIDGE FOLK FESTIVAL. 1978. About 50 minutes of pure sweetness.

DOC WATSON SANTA CRUZ 1979. No setlist, just great music. Soundboard.

DOC WATSON. 2007. NATIONAL PUBLIC RADIO. Warm & Engaging performance from this 84 year old treasure. Followed by the usual fawning interview with host. Perfect sound quality.

GILLIAM WELCH & DAVID RAWLINGS. TREASURES. A collection of nineteen cuts.

GILLIAN WELCH & DAVID RAWLINGS . NOBODY SINGS DYLAN LIKE GIL 'N' DAVE. 13 Dylan covers from various shows. Nice job.

GILLIAN WELCH. NASHVILLE 1994. Nice 1 hour 14 song soundboard.

GILLIAN WELCH. WUMB LIVE AT NOON. May 1995. In studio performance and interview. What a kick as this is a pre album Gillian talking about her career at this early stage. Great stuff.

GILLIAN WELCH. SEPTEMBER 2, 1995. Strawberry Music Festival, Camp Mather, California. Superb soundboard recording and show.

GILLIAN WELCH. MAY 18, 1996 (2) Charlottesville. Sweet recording, a mellow performance at this coffeehouse.

GILIAN WELCH JUNE 21, 1996 (Davis, California) & 1998 WORLD CAFE PERFORANCE (November 19, 1998). The first is an opener set - just a sweet nice show. The second is a radio station drop by visit with song and interview after 2nd album. Terrific stuff both.

GILLIAN WELCH. APRIL 9 1997. Unfortunately my burn only going through 14 songs -- it's a soundboard and sounds great.

GILLIAN WELCH & DAVID RAWLINGS. SETPEMBER 25, 1997. Hickory, North Carolina. Terrific MP3 sourced soundboard. Great.

GILLIAN WELCH LIVE AND OBSCURE. Various sources from 1995-1997. I tracked this down as it was mentioned in Uncut Magazine as an essential bootleg. It is a wondrous collection from this talented artist.

GILLIAN WELCH WITH DAVID RAWLINGS. LIVE ACOUSTIC REVIVAL. An absolutey magnificient soundboarder. Beautiful singing & playing from these two who get it.

GILLIAN WELCH. CHARLOTTESVILLE 1998. Sparkling soundboard -commercial quality and a performance to match. Ten songs there might have been some others.


GILLIAN WELCH & DAVID RAWLINGS. WORKING ON A BUILDING (4) This is a generous 4 disc collection of outtakes & live cuts from the double headed artist better known as Gillian Welch.

GILLIAN WELCH & DAVID RAWLINGS. AUGUST 28, 2001. Newport Folk Festival, Newport, Rhode Island. Good audience taping. Nice.

GILLIAN WELCH & DAVID RAWLINGS. JUNE 26, 2002. Santa Cruz. First set only in perfect soundboard quality. Masterful.

GILLIAN WELCH & DAVID RAWLINGS. FIDDLER'S NIGHTCLUB. December 4, 2002. Bristol, England. Super spectacular!

GILLIAN WELCH, DAVID RAWLINGS + ELVIS COSTELLO. FEBRUARY 18, 2006. Nashville, Tennesseee. 9 Tunes in wonderous sound. Great stuff these guys together.

GILLIAN WELCH & DAVID RAWLINGS. AUGUST 12, 2007 (2) Des Moine, Iowa Lovely show, great sounding recording.

GILLIAN WELCH & DAVID RAWLINGS. AUGUST 1, 2009. Newport Folk Festival. Superior recording. I love her and it's all there including a trippy cover of "White Rabbit."

GILLIAN WELCH & DAVID RAWLINGS. SANDY HIRCH INTERVIEWS. A couple of different interviews ove a numer of years stitched together. These two are deadly serious about their craft.

GILLIAN WELCH & DAVID RAWLINGS. JUNE 1, 2011. Oakland, California. Lovely little 9 song show. Always love them.

GILLIAN WELCH & DAVID RAWLINGS. NEWPORT FOLK FESTIVAL. July 30, 2011. Newport, Rhode Island. Radio broadcast, it's a beaut. Great artistry.

GILLIAN WELCH. OCTOBER 3, 2015 (2) San Francisco, California. It's a windy day, but still an enjoyable soundboard.

PAUL WELLER. THAT SPIRITUAL FEELING. Outtakes from Wild Wood (One of my 20 favorite all time records) along with a few bonus tracks.

PAUL WELLER. GROOVE A LITTLE. 14 cuts from the October 13, 1992 show in London, the rest from an acoustic radio broadcast. Opens with Marvin Gaye's "What's Going On" and just doesn't let up. Fabulous.

PAUL WELLER. THE CHANGINGMAN. (2) December 15, 1995. FM Broadcast. Spectacular. I'm wow. This is the good stuff.

PAUL WELLER. ROCKPALAST. April 4, 1999. Dusseldorf, Germany. Another great boot from the Changing Man. Good audience taping.

PAUL WELLER.  APRIL 7, 2001, Berlin, Germany.  Terrific solo acoustic performance.  Elegantly played and beautifully sung.

PAUL WELLER. SOLO. May 19, 2001. Terrific disc culled from a BBC radio broadcast (with station IDs), nice mix of songs from a great talent.

PAUL WELLER. 2007 and 2008 Performances. World Cafe 2007 + 2008 performances along with the Zoo Sessions for a total of 11 songs. Outstanding stuff all.

PAUL WELLER. GLASTONBURY 2015. June 28, 2015. Pilton, UK. Sourced from the Satellite feed. Good stuff from the Godfather.

PAUL WELLER. BBC RADIO 2 (5/12/17) AND PARADISO (12/8/98) Great stuff, Weller is the real deal. Great sounding stuff. The Modfather still has it.

PAUL WELLER. NOVEMBER 1, 2018. BBC RADIO 2, London. Excellent solo show. Man, he's the real fucking deal.

JUNIOR WELLS. SEPTEMBER 16, 1966. Cambridge, Massachusetts. Soundboard. I only know him for "Shotgun" which wasn't done on this show. Lots of funky instrumentals.

FRED WESLEY. JAZZ FUNK EXPLOSION (2) Estival Jazz 2000. July 15, 2000. Lugano, Switzerland. Fantastic show. As Fred asks is it Jazz or is it funk? Commercial sound quality and great vibe.

nevertheless, enjoyable new country rebels deliver in outstanding sound quality.

CHRIS WHITLEY. JULY 12, 2001. Boulder, Colorado. Soundboard. A musician's musician. Much loved and admired who never got the recognition he deserved during his short life.

HANK WILLIAMS. WSFA STUDIOS. 1942. Montgomery, Alabama. Scratchy, low quality recording but clearly of historic value as this must have been a very early show.

astonishing colllection of radio performances by the original hard living homosapien. Wonderful little intro's for the songs, sound quality is great though there are lots of crackles that just add to its charm.

HANK WILLIAMS. JULY 13, 1952. Some sort of group tour, maybe the Louisiana Hayride? Pretty good sound all things considered. The Hillbilly Shakespeare.

LUCINDA WILLIAMS. OCTOBER 4, 1981. Austin, Texas. KUT-FM broadcast. Early stuff - super.

LUCINDA WILLIAMS. LIVE ON FOLK SCENE. APRIL 14, 1985. KPFK FM Radio show from Los Angeles. A young Lu being interviewed and playing.

LUCINDA WILLIAMS. JANUARY 18, 1989, Auckland, Australia. This is my girlfriend without band just singing those amazing songs with soul and art. Terrific sound. She's the one.

LUCINDA WILLIAMS.  MAY 8, 1989. Folk City, New York City.   Cool Lu only how, chatty and charming.  Soundboard.

LUCINDA WILLIAMS. LIVE ON KPFK. Los Angeles, California. 1989. Seven song performance of sweet folk and blues.

LUCINDA WILLIAMS. SEPTEMBER 30, 1992.(2) Davis, California. Early & Late shows. Girl's been doing it for awhile. She was zany back then too. Great stuff, well recorded.

LUCINDA WILLIAMS. NOVEMBER 18, 1989 (2) Auckland, New Zealnd.  Great soundboard.

LUCINDA WILLAIMS. APRIL 24, 1993.  Miami, Florida.  Young and earthy performance.  Soundboard

LUCINDA WILLIAMS THE CBS DEMOS + THE SWEET OLD WORLD DEMOS. High quality set of demos from the crazy one. Good stuff.

LUCINDA WILLIAMS. MARCH 19, 1994. Austin, Texas. Strong soundboarder.

LUCINDA WILLIAMS. MARCH 16, 1995 & MARCH 17, 1995. Austin, Texas. First part is the SWSX show and then the next day she stopped by a radio station to chat about said show and perform a couple more in studio. Killer.

LUCINDA WILLIAMS. SEPTEMBER 26, 1998. Berkely, California. Cracking radio broadcast. Muy fantastico. Playing much of the Car Wheels album and then closing with a mighty take of Change the Locks.

LUCINDA WILLIAMS ACOUSTIC. August 9, 1991 in Santa Monica. Clean soundboard recording of a cool chick with such a sad, expressive voice. Hard to pin her down, a sweet talent.

LUCINDA WILLIAMS. APRIL 24, 1993. Miami. Great sounding show. Dig it.

LUCINDA WILLIAMS SLIM'S. MAY 28, 1998 (2) San Francisco. Great show with an acoustic set. Soundboard and lovely.

LUCINDA WILLIAMS. MAY 6, 1999. Lupo's, Providence, Rhode Island. Whisper clean soundboard - the girl had all her powers. Wonderfully paced show.

LUCINDA WILLIAMS. CARAVAM OF DREAMS (2) March 13, 2001. She's a chatty one, but with the big, beautiful sad voice she's finally got her recognition. Sound is a bit one dimensional, but not bad.

LUCINDA WILLIAMS. JULY 30, 2001 (2) West Hollywood, California. Soundboard. Delightful stuff from my girl.

LUCINDA WILLIAMS SEPTEMBER 12, 2001, Burlington, Theatre. Seven tunes, 5 takes of Dylan's Masters of War and then two takes of Words Fail, soundboard. Think of that, the day after.

LUCINDA WILLIAMS. ESSENCE TOUR COLLECTION. Unsourced collection of tunes from various performances including a snippet or two of interviews. You get most of the Car Wheels Album as well as Essence along with various covers and other tunes. An immense, "Hard Times". This is a great collection from my dream girl.

LUCINDA WILLAIMS APRIL 24, 2003. New Orleans, Louisiana. Such great stuff. Soundboard.

LUCINDA WILLIAMS. BERLIN 2003. May 16, 2003 (2) Berlin, Germany. Another beautiful soundboard from my former girlfriend.

LUCINDA WILLIAMS. MAY 27, 2003. New York City. Radio broadcast and well recorded. Lucinda is singing great, the band is playing well. Tops!

LUCINDA WILLIAMS. THE UNRELEASED VERSION OF CAR WHEELS ON A GRAVEL ROAD. I don't know it, but there's got to be a story here. Don't know if these were outtakes, demo's or a shelved version, but the sound is certainly commercial. It's more of a country/bluesy feel, a little less rock than the released product. Stupendous.

LUCINDA WILLIAMS. JULY 12, 2005 (2) Boston, Massachusetts. A warm and at times stunning audience taping. Some great singing. She proclaimed herself in a good mood and it shows.

LUCINDA WILLIAMS. JULY 14, 2005 (2) New York City. Neat show. Elvis Costello drops in for a couple. A little distance in the taping so you have to turn up the volume to catch the full rants. I love her.

LUCINDA WILLIAMS. STRAWBERRY MUSIC FESTIVAL 2007. September 1, 2007. Camp Mather, California. Crazy little 4 song set with 3 Lucinda rambling rants in between. She's a little everything -- sexy, crazy, funny, talented and a rambling talker.

LUCINDA WILLIAMS NOVEMBER 4, 2007 (2) A very very good audience taping - marred by occassional low level chat, but really really captures the music well. I just love love love her music live. I didn't really like her last few albums that much, but they somehow work better in concert.

LUCINDA WILLIAMS. NOVEMBER 13, 2007 (2) Basel, Switzerland. First off superb sounding recording. She structured as a career retrospective chronologically.

LUCINDA WILLIAMS JULY 19, 2008. Greenfield, Massachusetts. Decent but flawed audience taping. Glad to own this one as I trekked out for this show.

LUCINDA WILLIAMS AND THE BUICK 6. OCTOBER 23, 2008 (2) Excellent recording!! Showcasing her fine recent album, Little Honey.

LUCINDA WILLIAMS. NOVEMBER7, 2008 (2) Winnipeg. Good audience recording, stage patter between songs a little difficult to follow because of the wound, but the music shines thru.

LUCINDA WILLIAMS. FEBRUARY 19, 2009 (2) Dallas, Texas. Sensational audience taping. Lucinda was great. Great set. Great show. Great. Great Great.

LUCINDA WILLAMS. FEBRUARY 25, 2015 (2) The Troubadour, Hollywood, California. Frickin awesome. Well recorded show and Lucinda burns like a roman candle. A great artist still at the height of her artistry. A+.

LUCINA WILLIAMS. MAY 8, 2016 (2) Nashville, Tennessee. Old friend, Buddy Miller, and Jason Isbell stop by to help out. Nice sounding gig.

LUCINDA WILLIAMS. JULY 16, 2016 (2) Blues Peer Belgium. Radio broadcast. Great little 1 hour show.

ROBIN WILLIAMS. OCTOBER 25, 2008. (2) Atlantic City, NJ Hey he's alot of fun and there are some very funny bits in the gig.

AMY WINEHOUSE. FEBRUARY 19, 2007. London. She's got the body of an R. Crumb cartoon and the pipes of Aretha. Fabulous soul sessions. Is she gonna fade out? Wig Out? Freak out? But I dig her. Great cover the Special's Monkey Man.

AMY WINEHOUSE. GLASTONBURY FESTIVAL. June, 22, 2007. FM Broadcast, terrific performance from the doomed singer.

AMY WINEHOUSE. JUNE 26, 2007. Arendal, Norway. Another way sweet sounding concert from the woman introduced as "Mrs. Amy Winehouse."

AMY WINEHOUSE. ABSOLUTELY LIVE. October 15, 2007. Berlin, Germany. Berlin Radio Broadcast and sounds perfect. A great talent soon to flame out, but while she's here, lets enjoy.

AMY WINEHOUSE. SOUL OF UNPLUGGED & ELECTRIFIED. Nice little souveneir of an acoustic show and then some electric numbers. Too bad, eh.

HOWLIN' WOLF. CHESS RECORDS OUTTAKES, DEMOS, ALTERNATES 1948-1968 (3) Great set from this mighty bluesman.  Love it all. 

HOWLIN' WOLF. MARCH 16, 1964. Breman, Germany. Fab sounding show, crystal clear sound. Quite simply the mighty man kicks ass.

HOWLIN' WOLF. JUNE 20, 1970 (3) Chicago, Illinois. The big man. The great bluesman performing 3 sets at Big Duke's Blue Flame Lounge.

STEVIE WONDER.  NOVEMBER 19, 1972.  New York City.  From the old WNET Soul TV Show.  Great.

STEVIE WONDER.  MARCH 3, 1973.  San Francisco, California.  Wondrous soundboard with a killer Superstition ending the night.  The great man reimagined the tune 9 ways to Sunday, oh man, it's brilliant. 

STEVIE WONDER. BERKELEY '73. April 3, 1973. Berkeley, California. Some good stuff and some not so good stuff. Certainly an excellent soundboard reocrding. Just that Stevie rambles musically at times and turns dull. So if he calls, tell him to keep it tight.

STEVIE WONDER.   JULY 4, 1973, Brighton, England.  Never more funky than during this era.  Soundboard.

STEVIE WONDER. JULY 13, 1973. New York. Kick ass show from a funky, groovy young man who was right at the peak of his brilliance.

STEVIE WONDER. FUNKAFIED RAINBOW. (2) 1974. Soundboard, a killer show, different one then below.

STEVIE WONDER. LIVE IN LONDON 1974. Hail Hail Stevie. Starts off with some instrumentals before he takes to the microphone. We're talking the sweet spot of his career in commercial sound quality.

STEVE WONDER & WONDER LOVE. July 16, 1975. Bremen, Germany. TV Broadcast. It's freakin' aweseome. Starts with a killer intro jam - whoa!

STEVIE WONDER. OCTOBER 4, 1975 (2) Kingston, Jamaica. Bass heavy, somewhat muddy recording. Clearly been washed a couple of times. Noted for a guest appearance by none other than Bob Marley. How cool! For "I Shot the Sherriff" and "Superstition." A great setlist, I just wish it was a better recording.

STEVIE WONDER DECEMBER 18, 1979 (2) Pasedena, California. There's lots of problems with this one. FIrst off, I am missing the entire first disc which contained a performance of the entire "Secret Life" album performed. And in general the sound quality is wanting. Still, the performance itself somewhat shines.

STEVIE WONDER. LIVE AT PADENDA CIVIC REMASTERED. (3) Same as above, remastered obviously.

STEVIE WONDER WITH THIRD WORLD.  REGGAE SUNSPLASH.   August 7, 1981.  Montego Bay, Jamaica.  Steve joining Third World on their set.  Sweet , short soundboard. 

STEVIE WONDER. APRIL 14, 1984 (2) Detroit, Michigan. Great Stevie show, music and mirth. Soundboard.

STEVIE WONDER. AUGUST 6, 1987. Los Angeles, California. Ten tunes plus a 10 Minute soundcheck from a charity gig. Soundboard.

STEVIE WONDER. NOVEMBER 28, 1988 (3) Atlanta, Georgia. This is a long and filling generous show. While a few of those maudlin songs are maudlin, I love Mr. Stevie Wonder.

STEVIE WONDER. BIRTHDAY CONCERT. MAY 13, 1989 (2) London, England. Another charming Stevie night, he's got such an odd sense of humor, great music and warmth.

STEVIE WONDER.  SPANISH GHETTO LAND. (2) 1992, Valencia, Spain.  Soundboard, so me great stuff though he occasionally falls into Schmaltz.

STEVIE WONDER. November 9, 2005.(2) Abbey Road Studious, London. BBC Radio Broadcast. Tops shelf all around. He's in a warm and generous mood. Love it!

STEVIE WONDER. OCTOBER 25, 2007 (2) Montreal, Canada. A very nice taping of a reenergized Wonder. Few compete in his league. An excellent performer and musician. Terrific audience participatin during "Ribbon in the Sun." An amazing vocal on "Michelle."

STEVIE WONDER. JULY 8, 2008 (2) Concord, California. Yes, a very enjoyable audience taping - you do get some audience chat. Terrifically warm show, filled with joy!

STEVIE WONDER. JUNE 27, 2010 (2) Pilton, UK Soundboarder. What can't you say. A great entertainer. A great musician. A great songwriter. Love this gig and love Stevie.

STEVIE WONDER. ISLAND OF SUMMER. (2) August 7, 2010. Osaka, Japan. Terrific taping and another fine show from this legend.

STEVIE WONDER. DECEMBER 25, 2012 (2) Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Perfect soundboarder with Gilberto Gil stopping in for a couple. Suberb, amazing, gig.

STEVIE WONDER. DECEMBER 20, 2014 (3) Los Angeles, California. A flawed audience recording, but I caught this tour in Boston and wanted a souveneir of this Song in the Key of Life tour. Some incredible music is played as Stevie is a gift to all of us.

STEVIE WONDER. September 23, 2017. (2) Central Park, New York City. A warm, wonderful show for Global Citizens Festival. Not a perfect recording, but I'll take it.

THE COMPLETE BOOTLEG WOODSTOCK (12) Somewhat of an amazing collection - quite messy and disjointed and still missing a few songs and performances - but every self respecting rock snob should own it. You gotta sit through alot of shit, but worth it for the stage announcements and musical gold.

NEIL YOUNG. ROCK 'N' ROLL COWBOY. (4). This is an ESSENTIAL career spanning set
compiled with care and precision. Further proof if you ever needed it that bootleggers take more care of the music that the five ugly sisters (Record Companies).

NEIL YOUNG.  FEBRUARY 19, 1970.  KQED TV Studio, San Francisco, California.   Neil with guitar, young and chill.

NEIL YOUNG. FEBRUARY 25, 1970. 0- Cincinatti, Ohio. This is a young Young, goofy, chatty, playing songs and telling stories. Lots of very good stuff.

NEIL YOUNG. CRAZY HORSE. December 5, 1970. New York City. Solo acoustic show at Carnegie Hall with Neil telling the crowd how much this means to him and to be quiet. It's a far from perfect taping, not perfect but it works.

NEIL YOUNG IN CONCERT 1971. BBC. Nice little 8 tune set.

NEIL YOUNG 1970-71 SOLO TOUR. Royal Albert Hall, February 27, 1971. Great stuff from a weird and reluctant superstar.

NEIL YOUNG. LAST ALBUM (2) Contains songs from 3 performances from 1973 with guests Mr. Crosby and Mr. Nash. Sound qualities varies but the performance shines thru.

NEIL YOUNG. CITIZEN KANE JUNIOR BLUES. May 16, 1974, New York City. This is Neil along at the might Bottom Line Club singing, plunking and chatting away. Crisp sound.

NEIL YOUNG. JANUARY 29, 1973. Norfolk, Virginia. Nice sounding half disc of Neil along. When the band comes out for hte 2nd half the sound quality seems to suffer and get tinny.

NEIL YOUNG. ACOUSTIC TALES. Lots of unplugged Neil tunes from 1976. Cool.

NEIL YOUNG & THE INTERNATIONAL HARVESTERS. LAST OF A DYING BREED (2) September 25, 1984. Austin Texas. This is spectacular stuff. It's Neil's country tour and its one for the ages.

NEIL YOUNG. POWERFINGER PARTS 1 & 2. October 17, 1986. Minneapolis. Not sure how to describe the tpaing - its good, but noisy. While you know it's a boot it still has some clarity - maybe digitally cleaned up? Anyway, some good stuff from Neil.

NEIL YOUNG. JUNE 14, 1989 (2) Wantagh, New York. It's a scratchy, static-ey soundboard. But don't let that prevent me from saying. It's an incredible solo performance. Springsteen joins for a Down By the River at the end. What an incredible musician, singer and performer Neil is. Sort of blew me away and reminds why he is truly one of the great talents of the century.

NEWI YOUNG. PLAYS ACOUSTIC. September 6, 1989, New York City. Slopp[y audience tape, but the performance shines thru.

NEIL YOUNG & CRAZY HORSE. 1987 EUROPEAN GARAGE TOUR (3) Collection from the rockin' tour in good to very good sound. Some outrageous nuggets with discussion snippets along with great music presented.

NEIL YOUNG. OLD GRINGO! (2). 1986 US Tour Highlights with Crazy Hose on the first disc and then 1989 European Solo Tour Nights on the 2nd disc. A cornocopea of fantastic material.

NEIL YOUNG ET AL. 2ND BRIDGE SCHOOL BENEFIT. (4) December 4, 1988. Oakland, California. Takes 4 discs to capture all the music, includes sets from Bob Dylan, Billy Idol, Tom Petty, Nils Lofgren, Jerry Garcia, Tracy Chapman and CSNY. Wow.

PLAYS ACOUSTIC IN PARIS. A collection of sweet songs various late 80's and early 90's shows in Paris, France.

NEIL YOUNG. CHROME DREAMS (RUST EDITION) 6 Tracks - outtakes or demo's or somethng - they all sound real good. Incomplete art and source info.

NEIL YOUNG. FEBRUARY 12, 1991. Hartford, Connecticut. Decent audience taping - a bit cavernous - but a solid rockin' show with a "Blowin in the wind" cover. It's all good!

NEIL YOUNG. SMELL THE HORSE TOUR 1991. This is the a collection of tour highlights. Good sound though it varied, at times I wish it was a little better. This - real good - these boyz rock hard!!

NEIL YOUNG. CENTERSTAGE. November 17, 1992, (2) Chicago, Illinois. Stunning Solo show.

NEIL YOUNG WITH BOOKER T. & THE MGs. July 7, 1993. Torhout, Belgium. Soundboard recording of this ensemble. A hit laden setlist.

NEIL YOUNG + PEARL JAM. JUNE 25, 1995, San Francisco, California. The boot mostly consists of the famed show where Eddie Veddar was ill and Neil subbed in for the gig. There are some additional uncredited bonus tracks. The jams were a little too long for me, but still quite a neat show for my shelves.

NEIL YOUNG. MARCH 20, 1999. (2) Perfect sound quality on this sensational show. Neil is a jolly mood, telling stories, making jokes and performing on all cylinders.

NEIL YOUNG. JUNE 14, 1999. A mind blower, Neil again acoustic at Jones Beach, just sizzling. Springsteen comes out for the closer. A masterpiece.

NEIL YOUNG. BRIDGE SCHOOL 1999. (2). October 30 & 31, 1999. Two sweet sounding discs of Neil. I made some cover art that looks pretty cool for it.

NEIL YOUNG. AUGUST 12, 2000 (2) Mansfield, Massachusetts. Excellent recording. Hot damn! Hot Damn, I was there for this one, getting the bootleg years and years later to relive. I remember it well, my first Neil show, but certainly not my last.

NEIL YOUNG. WORDS & MUSIC. Radio promo of about 25 minutes of interviews and music to promote the Silver & Gold album.

NEIL YOUNG & CRAZY HORSE. THE COMPLEX SESSIONS & MORE. Just an earth shattering performance from the godfather of grunge. The tracks are apparently live video versions from the Sleep With Angels session. Yee Ha!

NEIL YOUNG. FARM AID COMPILATION. No setlist or source info available. This is a collection of various Neil performances over the year. Sound quality varies from excellent to sucky.

NEIL YOUNG. SCENES FROM GREENDALE. July 1, 2003. Mansfield, Massachusetts. Noone seemed to have dug the Greendale thing and I can see why - just so fuckin' boring. Does haul out some old nuggets for the encore.

NEIL YOUNG LIVING WITH WAR LIVE. A compendium of the album with "best" versions taken from different concerts in July of 2006. The album and boot live snugly on my shelf, nice but neither is essential.

NEIL YOUNG. FARM AID 2007. September 9, 2007, Randall's Island, New York. A warm & preachy show - lots of fun with a relaxed and plucky Neil at the controls.

NEIL YOUNG. CHROME DREAMS II TOUR. Boise, Idaho. (2) October 18, 2007. Excellent set. First disc is acoustic, 2nd electric. Fantastic recording!

NEIL YOUNG. DECEMBER 9, 2007 (2) Upper Darby, Pennsylvania. Great stuff by Neil. You sound great, my friend.

NEIL YOUNG. FEBRUARY 11, 2008 (2) February 11, 2008. Antwerpen, Belgium. A transcendent performance. Soundboard. Incredible show.

NEIL YOUNG. FEBRUARY 14, 2008 (2) Paris, France. On the road with good tapers.

NEIL YOUNG.  2008 EUROPEAN TOUR (2)  February 18, 2008.  Amsterdam, The Netherlands.  Sweet recording.

NEIL YOUNG. FEBRUARY 20, 2008. (2) Amsterdam, The Netherlands. The good news, a very well recording audience recording. The Bad news, a little dull at times. Show starts with Neil solo at guitar and piano before the band joins in. Don't get me wrong the man still has it. I particularly liked "Free World" at the end.

NEIL YOUNG.  SEPTEMBER 20, 2008. FARM AID. Terrific little set, sweet soun

NEIL YOUNG. MAY 15, 2010 (2) Albany, New York. Terrific solo show by the mighty legend.

NEIL YOUNG. SOLO. JULY 11, 2010 (2) Oakland, California. Soundboard recording of the old man all alone.

FARM AID 2010/2011. October 2, 2010 (Milwaukee) and August 13, 2011 (Kansas City), 2 outstanding recordings of each Neil set. Super.

NEIL YOUNG. FARM AID 2013. September 21, 2013. Saratoga, New York. Must be a radio broadcast. Great sounding set with a couple of originals and a bunch of covers, along with stories and Neil Attitude. It can't be beat.

NEIL YOUNG. JANUARY 6, 2014 (2) Carnegie Hall, New York City. Night #1. Decent audience recording.

NEIL YOUNG. JANUARY 7, 2014 (2) Carnegie Hall, New York City. The performance shines through the par taping - it's just so damn enjoyable.

NEIL YOUNG. JANUARY 9, 2014 (2) Carnegie Hall, New York City. Night #4. Another Decent recording of Neil alone with a bunch of guitars and his wit.

NEIL YOUNG. JANUARY 10, 2014 (2) Carnegie Hall, New York City. My final boot from this stand is another enjoyable listen. His acoustic shows is my favorite Neil.

NEIL YOUNG. MARCH 29, 2014 (2) Hollywood, California. Neil taking his guitars back to the Left Coast, much great music to emerge.

NEIL YOUNG. FARM AID 2014. September 14, 2014. Radio Broadcast. 7 songs and a little talk from our hero. So good.

NEIL YOUNG & WILLIE NELSON. HARVEST THE HOPE CONCERT (2) September 27, 2014. Willie's kids open the show with a set before their old man and then Neil take the stage at this show/protect. Pretty good recording and lots of great music.

NEIL YOUNG. HOWARD STERN SHOW INTERVIEW. October 14, 2014. Entertaining and revealing full interview. Don't count on any CSNY reunions anytime soon.

NEIL YOUNG & THE PROMISE OF THE REAL. (2) APRIL 16, 2015. San Luis Obispo. Oy! Not a good recording, but that doesn't begin to describe it. Song and song bashing Monsanto. Oy!

NEIL YOUNG. DECEMBER 1, 2017 (2) Ontario, Canada. A wonderful show by our man, Neil. Keep it up.

NEIL YOUNG. JULY 1, 2018 (2) Chicago, Illinois. Audience recording of the solo tour by Neil, warm stories and great playing by the legend.

NEIL YOUNG. JULY 3, 2018 (2) Detroit, Michigan. One of the best bootlegs I own. Amazing. Pristine sound and performance. A frictin' classic.

NEIL YOUNG & THE PROMISE OF THE REAL.  JULY 14, 2019 (2) Kilkenny, Ireland.  Soundboard.  Neil gets all Crazy Horse with Willie Nelson's kid.  

WARREN ZEVON. JUNE 20, 1976, Bryn Mawr, Pennsylvania. FM Broadcast. Great early show.

WARREN ZEVON. OCTOBER 13, 1976. WMMS-FM Radio Studio, Cleveland, Ohio. A warm and comic in studio interview and performance. Great stuff.

WARREN ZEVON & JACKSON BROWNE. THE OFFENDER MEETS THE PRETENDER. December 8, 1976. This is an in studio performance/interview from a Danish radio station. Lots of fun and some good stuff.

WARREN ZEVON. LIVE IN SEATTLE 1977 THE TANDBERG MASTER. February 5, 1977. Seattle, Washington. Great early Warren Zevon. Dig.

WARREN ZEVON. MARCH 8 & 9, 1978 (2) Washington, DC. To my ears, he seems a bit drunk which doesn't mean these are bad shows, just sloppy at times. Soundboard.

WARREN ZEVON. MAY 13, 1978. Chicago, Illinois. Radio broadcast. Lots of spry energy and fun music.

WARREN ZEVON. MAY 28, 1978. New Orleans, Louisiana. FM Broadcast. Less than perfect sound for a sloppy show.

WARREN ZEVON. JULY 27, 1978. Sausalito, California. Warren on the road doing it. Soundboard.

WARREN ZEVON. APRIL 18, 1980. Passiac, NJ. WNEW radio broadcast. Oww wooo!

WARREN ZEVON.  APRIL 22, 1980. Upper Darby, Pennsylvania. Another radio show from the crazed Warren.

WARREN ZEVON.  MAY 4, 1980.  Los Angeles, California.  FM Broadcast.  Warren just blazing away.

WARREN ZEVON. SEPTEMBER 29, 1982 (2) Boston, Massachusetts. No sure why I didn't go to this show-broadcast on WBCN, the man was in full control of his powers. Very very cool.

WARREN ZEVON. LIVE AT THE CAPITAL. Passaic, NJ October 1, 1982. WNEW Broadcast. Lots of fun.

WARREN ZEVON. JUNE 18, 1986. ROCKEFELLER'S. June 18, 1986. Early show. Soundboard. Great solo show. Love this guy.

WARREN ZEVON. NOVEMBER 29, 1987 (2) Anaheim. The werewolf goes synth. Frankly have heard Mr Z with a better band, that's not to say there isn't some great performance here: "Veracruz" and "Carmelita" are simply staggering.


WARREN ZEVON. FEBRUARY 5, 1988 (2) Paris, France. FM Radio Broadcast. A messy than expected recording.

WARREN ZEVON. FEBRUARY 26, 1988. Dublin, Ireland. A stiff audience taping, a nice run thru of 18 of our favorite songs.

WARREN ZEVON. LONDON SOUNDBOARD '88. Eight terrific sounding tunes.

WARREN ZEVON. COPENHAGEN '88. Uncertain on the date though 11/2/88 was given as a possibility from the trader. Regardless, 8 songs with some differences from above in stellar sound.

WARREN ZEVON.  IN THE COUNTRY WAREHOUSE.  November 25, 1988, Rochester, New York. Fun soundboard.

WARREN ZEVON. DECEMBER 3, 1988. Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Super little soundboard with old buddy, Timothy B. Schmidt, on bass. This is an engaging warm performance.

WARREN ZEVON. THE ELECTRIC WEREWOLF STRIKES AGAIN. February 27, 1990. Minneapolis, Minnesota. A sweet nite well recorded and performed.

WARREN ZEVON. NOVEMBER 20, 1990 (2) Kansas City, Missouri. Soundboard. Hysterical as well and great music.

WARREN ZEVON. DECEMBER 8, 1990 (2) Philadelphia, Pennsylvia. Excellent soundboard recordings. Fun shit.

WARREN ZEVON. DECEMBER 1, 1992. (2) Boulder, Colorado. Ahh, Warren. Super. Soundboard.

WARREN ZEVON. FEBRUARY 8, 1994 (2) Rochester, New York. Soundboard. Hey man, more fun from the excitable boy. Special talent.

WARREN ZEVON CLEVELAND 1992. JANUARY 5, 1992 (2) Cleveland, Ohio. Radio broadcast. Very entertaining show. Bravo!

WARREN ZEVON. FEBRUARY 3, 1992 (2) Boulder, Colorado FM Broadcast. The werewolf strikes again.

WARREN ZEVON. FEBRUARY 11, 1992 (2) Seattle, Washington, DC. Terrific soundboard.

WARREN ZEVON. FEBRUARY 7, 1994 (2) Syracuse, New York. Another charming solo show by Mr. Bad Example.

WARREN ZEVON.  MARCH 6, 1994 (2) Aspen, Colorado. Great soundboard with a few shout out to his friend, Hunter S. Thompson. Miss them both.

WARREN ZEVON.  SEMINOLE IN NEW YORK.(2)  February 19, 1995, Syracuse, New York.  Another charming gig along with Dr. Babyhead.  Soundboard.

WARREN ZEVON. JANUARY 16, 1996 (2) Colorado Springs, Colorado. Fantastic show once again from Mr. Bad Example.

WARREN ZEVON. BLUEBIRD. OCTOBER 19, 1996. Denver, Colorado. Warren mostly alone at the Paino & at guitar. Great. Great. Did I say Great. We even get Dylan's "Ring Them Bells."

WARREN ZEVON. FEBRUARY 6, 1999. (2) Irving Plaza, NYC. Great show put on by Warren, does all the hits and then some. Good audience taping. Fun.

WARREN ZEVON. MY SHIRT'S FUCKED UP. '99-'00 Tour Compilation. Delightful set, man. Unfortunately not source info for each track though the first half is from a solo show - sound like (literally) David Letterman on background vocals on the final take of "Hit Somebody."

WARREN ZEVON. BBC INTERVIEW. May 26, 2000. With Andy Kershaw of course. Nice radio interview with performances.