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Bob Dylan - 1960's
The world was one way and afterwards it was different

GREAT WHITE WONDER: A Re-Construction by Phillip Cohen MP3 Version (2) Nice idea. Put together by various sources by Phillip circa 2010. Good stuff, man.

THE MCKENZIE TAPES (2). November 23, 1961, December 4, 1961, September, 1962, April 18, 1963.  New York City.  AKA Smith Tapes and god knows how many difference nomenclatures.  Legendary.

I WAS SO MUCH YOUNGER THEN (4) Collects a load of early Dylan performances from the late 50's through the early 1960's. I have much of it on different discs this is a nice way to grab a bunch of it on four separately packaged discs.

JOHN BUCKLEN TAPE. From 1958 it is virtually unlistenable with very low sound quality for the handful of songs. You can't make much of it out, but it's historic.

THE KAREN WALLACE TAPES: "EXCERPT," "ARMPIT TAPE," "SAMPLE TAPE." May, 1960. Early Bob with low Fidelity from a friend's apartment in St. Paul.

HUGH BROWN TAPE. September 1960 from Bob's apartment in Minneapolis. Again, lo fidelity, but jeez man that was from over 40 year ago!

UNIDENTIFIED FOLK CLUB. Late 1962. NYC. 3 songs. Rambling Down the World, Freight Train Blues, Wall of Red Wing.

EARLY DYLAN (2) Courtesy of the Dylan tree, a sweet little set consisting of the Oscar Brown Radio show '61, Carnegie Chapter Hall '61 show, Beecher Apartment stuff & some Leeds demos. Great sound, a great set.

THE DYLAN'S ROOT. Contains the East Orange, NJ songs from February/1961 and 7 cuts from the November/1961 Carnegie Chapter Hall show in New York City. Excellent sound quality throughout.

IN THE PINES. Splendid collection. Features 2 cuts from the Carnegie Show, 7 Cuts from the Bear Club, 9 Leeds Demos - all clean plus 2 outtakes. Nice packaging to boot. Recommend!

HARD TIMES IN NEW YORK CITY 1961-1962. Nice collection on a single disc of early stuff from Gerde's & Cynthia Gooding's apartment. Much of it available elsewhere, some nowhere else.

THE MINNESOTA TAPES. (3). May & December/1961. Simply astonishing. Features the Beecher Apartment stuff along with the Minnesota Party tapes. Some 50 folk songs from Woody Gutherie & Jesse Fuller to Big Joe Williams and the Rev. Gary Davis. Critical to understanding where Bobby came from.

ECHO'S ALBUM. (2) Splendid collection of important early stuff. Contains the July/1961 Riverside Church, The April/1962 Gerde's Folk City, the February/1964 Quest Show, the April/1963 Bear, the Feburary/1963 Skip Weshner, the October/1962 Billy Fair, the May/1964 Hallelulah, the the July/1963 WNEW show. Consistantly high sound quality - surprising considering the recording technology of the day. Setlist only.

THE FINJAN CLUB. This is an early Dylan folk club performance in Montreal in July/1962. Delightful listen, not up to today's sound quality, but still pretty good.

MADHOUSE ON CASTLE STREET. A 5 source compilation of young Bob's visit to this overwrought BBC production (Dec 30 - Jan 4, 1963).

MIDNIGHT SPECIAL. This is 20 takes of the tune performed by Harry Belafonte with Bob on harp - his first recording stufio appearance.

RARE LIVE PERFORMANCES OF THE SIXTIES. VOLUME 3. These 3 discs contain the 1962 Finjun show, the Gaslight tapes & some Witmark demos. Extraordinary stuff from a young, reedy, Dylan.

THE REMASTERED GASLIGHT TAPES. October, 1962. Someone did a super job, cleaned up those old tapes, sounds sensational.

THE ROAR OF THE WAVE. RECORDING ARTIST SERIES, VOLUME 2. A COLLECTION OF RADIO BROADCASTS. HOLLOW HORN LABEL. (2) Nice remaster of early stuff. Saturday of Folk Music (7/19/61), Folk Song Festival (10/29/61), Broadside (5/62), Billy Faier (10/62) Madhouse (1/4/63), Skip Weiner (2/63), Oscar Brand (3/63), Folkinsinger's Choice (1/13/62), and the music only from Studs Terkel Wax (4/26/63).

DR. ZIMMERMAN'S ORIGINAL HOOTENANNY. Consists of the Quest Show, a couple Minnesota Hotel tracks & Banjo Tape tracks - only unique offering are some duets with Baez from her August 17, 1963 show. Incomplete art.

FOLKSINGER'S CHOICE. A terrific 1962 studio inteview with Cynthia Gooding with about 10 in studio songs performed. A Real stunner.

BROADSIDE. Includes the WBAI show performance along with Broadside Demo's and a little of the 1963 March of Washington Performance.

THE BOOTLEG It's the first album in mono mix then a couple of its outtakes, some Leeds Demos and Freewheelin' outtakes. Nice little set. Incomplete Art.

THE BANJO TAPE & NYC TOWN HALL. Entertaining disc consisting of a party tape really with Bob playing with Village Folkie, Happy Traum (on banjo) and then the April/1963 Town Hall performance.

BOB DYLAN IN CONCERT. Recorded and scheduled for release by Columbia in 1963. Includes the original cover art as well.

ARE YOU NOW OR HAVE YOU EVER BEEN. His Gotham Ingress release of above show.

STEALIN' THE LOST TAPES '61-'63. Assorted stuff with the band as well as an incongrous 4 bonus tracks from Woodstock '94.

DOBELL'S JAZZ RECORD SHOP. Not exactly sure what my copy of this contains. Dylan as Blind Boy Grunt backing Eric Von Schmidt & Dick Farina on their record. You hear Bob singing here and there, as well as the harp. I think my version contains the complete commerical release, but not quite certain.

FREEWHEELIN' OUTTAKES. Essential unreleased material from the 1963 album. It sill blow your mind how good this unreleased stuff is. Major.

THE WITMARK DEMOS. (2). A shattering set of demos laid down with just guitar and harmonica.

LET MY POOR VOICE BE HEARD (2) Nice set of the famed WItmark & Leeds demos. I guess remasterred or updated or something. All great.

NEW YORK CITY TOWN HALL (2) April 12, 1963. Bob's first solo non club show in beautiful sound. Amazing. Extraordinary. Mature. Dazzling. Rich. Magical.

STOLEN MOMENTS (2) April 12, 1963. The Hollow Horn version of above show. Essential performance.

TOWN HALL, NEW YORK CITY (2) April 12, 1963. Yet another version of this magnficient show.

STUDS TERKEL'S WAX MUSEUM. May/1963 radio interview with the legendary Chicago broadcaster and journalist. Studs is quite taken with the young Dylan, he cajoles him into 7 in studio songs.

VOTER REGISTRATION RALLY. July 6, 1963. Mrs. Laura McGhee's Farm, Greenwood, Mississippi. Complete appearance, don't forget how far we have all come. Perfect sound.

UNRAVELLED TALES. (2) October 26, 1963. Carnegia Hall. Complete show released in crystal clear sound. Hallelujah!

FANTASY ACETATE. Nice collection of 10 live tunes from the these same 63-64 shows. Super.

NOVEMBER 25, 1964. San Jose, California. Rare one - low grade, one dimensional taping, but a real relic. Can't really make out the stage chat between songs as the crowd was laughing at whatever young Bob was saying. Certainly sounded better than I expected.

ROB BLACKMAR INTERVIEW. 13 Minute interview with Bob while in Northern California. A total kick. Hysterical.

NOVEMBER 27, 1963. San Francisco, California. Ugly Lo-Fi taping of 6 tunes available in better quality on the "Telephone Tapes" bootleg.

PHILADELPHIA TOWN HALL (2) Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. It's unclear the date of this, could be October 18, 1964, or September 28, 1964 or possibly in June or July of 1964. Regardless this very low quality taping is a rarity. Early, early Bob show which is difficult to listen, but certainly raucous.

BEFORE THE FLOOD AND AFTER THE FIRE. Contains the Terkel show with 2 bonus tracks.

FROM NEWPORT TO THE ANCIENT EMPTY STREET IN LA. (2) Consists of the complete Newport Folk Festival day performances from 1964 & 1965 along with the best version of the 1965 Hollywood Bowl show with the Band. Dylan plugs in and changes the planet. Big.

SOLID ROAD (1961 - 1965) Very slickly compiled collection of early material. All in best available sound quality.

FREE TRADE HALL 1965. May 7, 1965. Rattlenake Upgrade. Show sounds fantastic.

FOLK ROGUE. Just an incredible collection of Bob's Newport Folk Festival performances including workshops. Hear Bob asking the audience for a harmonica to play for Mr. Tambourine Man. So cool.

1965 REVISITED (14) I actually bid a couple of hundred bucks on Ebay for this and didn't get it. Hence I don't have the artwork and packaging which I hear is incredible. Contains a mix of outtakes, interviews and live concerts. Fourteen discs!

BBC BROADCASTS. JUNE 19 & 26, 1965. 10 Mighty performances of a young Bob in England. Wow.

ELECTRIC GASHCAT VOLUMES 1 and 2 (4) Terrific curated 1965 outtakes set. Full of amazing, great stuff. Singular.

AT THE BEEB. June 1965 performances courtesy of the Dylan Tree. Unfortunately have in SHn format that I still haven't figured out.

DON'T LOOK BACK. Various snippets of interviews and performances from the film along with the 1965 Newport Folk Festival performance. Neato.

THE CIRCUS IS IN TOWN. Sweet single disc. Half from a July 19, 1965 show, the other half from a June 26, 1965 performance.

ELECTRIC BLACK NITE CRASH. Real good sounding single disc of the Hollywood Bowl show of September 3, 1965. Title from a poem in Dylan's Tarantula in case you were wondering.

HALLOWEEN MASK. The Amazing October 31, 1964 show with a handful of duets with then flame Joan Baez. Hear a young, happy, jivin', laughin' Bob. "I've got my Bob Dylan Mask on." A phenomonal piece of history.

THE EMMETT GROGAN ACETATES. Mostly outtakes from "Another Side" recorded in 1964. Has that rare version of "Mr. Tambourine Man" with Ramblin' Jack Elliott. I just read in Sonny Barger's autobiography that Emmett Grogan suggested to the Stones that they hire the Hell's Angels as security at Altamonte.

AS GOOD AS IT GETS. THE ULTIMATE EMMETT GROGAN ACETATES (2). More and Bigger from above - studio outtakes and alternate versions.

LIKE A ROLLING STONE. 16(Sixteen!) takes on the mighty song.

NEWPORT FOLK FESTIVAL. JULY 25, 1965. This is the Flying M Production remaster.

NOW'S THE TIME FOR YOUR TEARS. The beautfiul solo show from May/1965 at the Free Trade Hall.

AT THE BEEB. Immense. It's the acoustic shows from June 8, 19, 26, 1965. Wow. Superb sound as well.

OCTOBER 30, 1965. Hartford, Connecticut. This one just emerged in the Spring of 2002 from someone's dusty basement. Flawed, old audience taping - at times it gets gruff, but certainly better than I would have thought. You get a "Positvely 4th St," "Maggie's Farm" and "Ain't Me Babe" in arrangement unavailable anywhere else as best as I can tell. The latter in an arrangement I have never heard. Hey you even get a few "Folk Music!" yells from the crowd.

GIVE THE ANARCHIST A CIGARETTE. Same as above with some era bonus tracks.

NOVEMBER 26, 1965. Chicago, Illinois. These are the four tracks that are in circulation, sloppy recordings, but all things considering not half bad.

DECEMBER 11, 1965 (2). San Francisco, California. Sourced by Allen Ginsberg, great stuff with conversation

DECEMBER 12, 1965 (2) San Jose, California. The next night, the conversation continues.

7 YEARS OF BAD LUCK. A nice grouping of Freewheelin' outtakes and other assorted (up to 1969) goodies. It is essential to own all of the early outtakes. Period.

LONG DISTANCE OPERATOR. A better than decent audience recording of the December/1965 Berkeley gig.

THIN WILD MERCURY MUSIC. A bunch of slammin' outtakes from Bringing It All Back Home, Highway 61 & Blonde on Blonde. A+.


HIGHWAY 61 REVISITED AGAIN. Outtakes and alternate mixes from the classic album. I particularly like the reworked "Desolation Row." The first boot I bought.

DYLAN 65 REVISITED (Acoustic Version) One of those assembled alt version type of things.

DIMESTORE MEDICINE (2) Steller collection of early outtakes, some on others boots & some hard to find. Cool stuff, a keeper.

JEWELS & BINOCULAR (26) It's a storage nightmare and a 1966 collection: Interviews, outtakes, live performances etc.

FEBRUARY 26, 1966 Hampstead, New York. An unlistenable relic.

DENVER HOTEL TAPE. March 12, 1966. A pleasure, but not a great listening experience. Only live version of "Sad Eyed Lady of the Lowlands."

SHADES OF BLUE. Song recorded in Denver & Glasgow Hotel Rooms. 8 Sketchy tunes captured in shaky tape.

SECRET '66 Contains part of the Denver Hotel Tape, the Glasgow Hotel Tape of '66 and the hysterical "I'm a Swede Myself" Klas Burling radio interview. No art. What a blast.

WHITE PLAINS '66. Grim audience taping, but a relic. No art.

GENUINE LIVE 1966 (8) That's eight big discs. 1966 was a good year. All material in fine quality. One of those boots that you gotta own. Trader put all of the artwork - including posters onto a CDr. Will include it as a 9th in trade.

AWAY FROM THE PAST (2). A smart addition to the previous set, a variety of material from the Spring of 1966.

THE LOS ANGELES PRESS CONFERENCE. December 16, 1966. 33 minutes of dodge the Press. I also havbe the Bob Blackmar (July 12, 1964) 13 minute interview on the same disc though it's barely listenable.

PLAY F****** LOUD. 8 Tracks from the 1966 Europeen tour with the Hawks. The Final track only is on the Live 1966 disc.

BOB FASS WBAI-FM (2) Interview & Call in Show (January/1966) with Bonus tracks from the February/1966 show in Pittsburgh. Dylan is matched for evasiveness and etherial answers by host Bass Fass in this gruesome, entertaining and uninsightful inteview.

TALES OF A MEXICAN PAINTER (2) April/1966 in Sydney, Australia. Quite enjoyable with a fantastic sound quality. Some spaced out chat between songs from Bob.

LOOKING FOR A SAVIOR: HOLLOW HORN PERFORMING ARTIST SERIES. VOLUME 7. (2) This is the Australia show and the spring tour shows in spectacular, clean sound.

COLD BLACK WATER (2) April 13, 1966. This is the remastered version of the above show with maybe the best ever "Desolation Row" that justelevates the masterpiece to immense heights. This is one amazing Bob. Incomplete Art.

LIVE. SYDNEY STADIUM (2) April 13, 1966. Another version of above show with --- tuning.

MELBOURNE '66. Clear and precise single disc. Fine.

THE LIVE DYLAN: Dublin. May 5, 1966. Contains 6 acoustic songs from that show.

LEICESTER '66. Okay recording with the Band and Bobby pluging away.

BBC - ANDY KERSHAW RADIO SHOW: THE GHOSTS OF ELECTRICITY. Real fun Brit documentary of the Famous "Manchester Hall Show." Includes an interview with Keith Butler, the man who yelled "Judas" What frickin' fun!!

GUITARS KISSING & THE CONTEMPORARY FIX (2). May 17, 1966. Finally commercially released as the Live 1966 discs, but in case you wanted a copy of the most important bootleg in history.

HEAR THE DOCUMENT. (2) The same show as above with some wierd bonus stuff including the legendary discussion between Bob & John Lennon in the back of a taxi cab driving through London - high on pot & vomiting.

PILL BOX (2) May 20, 1966. Edinburgh, Scotland. This is a 1966 audience taping and all that implies - but full of warmth, humor and sweet innocence. Music shines through the rough sound (particularly blurry electrics), but beautiful all te same. Songs sung by the voice that wrote them in 1966.

SINGS THE BODY ELECTRIC. (2) Includes 6 from the above along with a dozen from the Royal Albert Hall show 10 days later and more. Great stuff all, includes a Dylan denial that he doesn't write drug songs. Thanks for clearing that up for me, Bob.

BEFORE THE CRASH VOLUME 1 & 2. (2) Has the May 26 & 27, 1966 Royal Albert Hall shows in fine kettle along with a few extras.

THE GENUINE BASEMENT TAPES. VOLUMES 1-5. (5) It's a world unto itself.

A TREE WITH ROOTS - THE GENUINE BASEMENT TAPES REMASTERED (4) A trend good for our ears, but bad for our storage problems.

DOWN IN THE BASEMENT. Features the tracks when Tiny Tim dropped by along with a couple of other Basement tape tunes.

THE BASEMENT REELS (11) The big archive of the various Basement material. Yikes.

THE BASEMENT SAFETY TAPE. What after 40 fucking years there's more. Yup. Really good sounding takes as good as they have ever sounded.

BASEMENT NOISE. DELUXE EDITION. Fan upgrade fitting upon one disc. Sounds terrific, nice job.

NASHVILLE SKYLINES OUTTAKES. Funny little 5 minute track, it's an ad to buy this guy's found tapes of Dylan's Nashville Skyline sessions. He's got various tracks and played snippets. He's looking to be paid for it. Yeah, Dude good luck.

THE DYLAN/CASH SESSIONS. A fun improvisational session with the man in black. Hear Zim yodel! Includes Robert Allen's performance on a Cash TV special as well. Heck of a good time, studio stuff is from February/1969.

BILLY & THE KID SESSIONS (2). Nice set of Pat Garret studio sessions.  

ISLE OF WIGHT FESTIVAL '69. Bob's got that Nashville Skyline vocal thing going. Wierdly inconsistant sound quality, almost track by track. Some are sound excellent while others lack.

ISLE OF WIGHT FESTIVAL. Reel to Reel Source. This is the imperfect yet single sourced version of the man in the white suit.

ISLE OF WRIGHT FESTIVAL. JTT Remaster. How many versions does a man....