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The Rolling Stones
The Tom Bradys of Rock n' Roll

FULLY FINISHED STUDIO OUTTAKES (3)  A pretty interesting set of material unearthed and released in 2020 or so.  Career spanning.

UNSURPASSED MASTERS (VOLUMES 1 - 7) (7) Career spanning remaster of outtakes.

AUCTION MASTERS.  A stunning single disc collection of alt takes - most from the great Mick Taylor years - while I don't feel that Stones outtakes are ever essential these are quite revealing. 

INSTRUMENTALS.  VOLUME 2.  19 Tracks of career spanning instruments including a couple of odd, non-sequitur interviews.

TOO MUCH BLOOD ON THE DANCEFLOOR. Contains extended dance mixes as well as a # of non-album live and studio tracks released on numerous singles and maxi cds.

THE OFFICIAL BLACK ALBUM (2) A+ Sensational collection of B-sides, live appearances, singles, outtakes, alternate mixes, guest appearances and the like. Love it.

TIME TRIP. VOLUMES 1,2,4 (3) Career spanning collection of studio outtakes and alternate versions. Nice stuff, some available on other discs, some not.

THROUGH THE VAULTS DARKLY. VOLUME 1 & 2. (4) Set of various outtakes et al

THE CREME OF THE HOT STUFF. A career spanning single disc of outtakes and live tracks.

BRIAN JONES. BONES & JONES. VOL 1. A collection of various R&B singles & covers. Love the jam on "Andrew's Blues" no doubt about their erstwhile manager.

BRIAN JONES UNDERSTONES (BONES & JONES VOL II) Early early stuff, demo's, outies + assorted nuggets. A bizarro "Do Run Run," A cool "Walking the Dog" -- you get the idea.

GET SATISFACTION...IF YOU WANT! THE BEST OF THE BBC RADIO RECORDINGS 1963-1965. Just what the titles says, great collection of stuff, lots of early blues songs and interview clips. Great single disc.

LIVE ON THE BBC. Handy collection of 26 performed tunes.


CONQUER AMERICA. Ed Sullivan Shows 1964-1967 performances. "The Rolling Stones...." Fun.

SUMMER RERUNS (2) Collection of a variety of mostly early TV appearances including a couple of Ed Sullivan show appearances.

BRIGHT LIGHTS, BIG CITY. Consists of 6 demos from 1963 and then 4 live tracks from March/1965, terrific all.

IN ACTION. Contains the 8 song Honolulu set along with some outtakes and other early live material. Excellent sound - plenty of fun.

STILL I'M GOING TO MISS YOU Consists of the Paris performances of April '65, March '66, April '67 & the May '65 US Shindig Show. Pretty good sound across the board and plenty of fund to listen to. The disc is actually titled "Brian Jones & the Rolling Stones."

HAMBURG 1965. September 13, 1965. First or Second show. Nice remaster of a decent soundboard. 23 Minutes or so of the young men.

HAWAII 1966. JULY 28, 1966, Nice little radio broadcast, good quality, glad we have it.

SUNDAY NIGHT AT THE LONDON PALLADIUM. June 22, 1967. 4 Songs from a TV Broadcast.

2120 SOUTH MICHIGAN AVENUE (THE UNRELEASED 1964 BLUES ALBUM) Fantastic stuff recorded at the Chess Studios.

GOT TO BE WORKED ON! A sweetly compiled collection of studio outtakes from 1966-1970. Well assembled.

COULD YOU WALK ON WATER (2) Tons of stuff, outtakes and the like from the "Aftermath" era.

ITCHY FINGERS. Outtakes and alternate versions of the cool stuff, 2 versions of "Cocksucker Blues."

STICKY FINGERS SESSIONS (2) Mayflower's great take on the hight album.

ONLY WHEN IT'S FROZEN (2) Mickboy's 22 remaster of Aftermath along with some terrific bonus tracks.

THE REAL ALTERNATIVE BETWEEN THE BUTTONS (2) Well done collection of a reimagine of the might album.

THE SATANIC SESSIONS. OLYMPIC YEARS 1967-1970. 18 Studio Outtakes and alternate versions. Some nice performances along with a great cover shot of Keef smoking from a huge pipe.

GREATEST RARITIES. VOLUME ONE AND TWO. (2) Outstanding listen. Very impressive collection of outtakes and alt versions. Cherry picks across multiple years and I mean that only in a good way. Dig it, man.

ACOUSTIC MOTHERFUCKERS. 1965-1970. Stellar collection of acoustic tracks, packaged in homemade art. A+.

UNPLUGGED. Same set as above except with an additional track of "Angie." I also have the artwork.

NECROPHILIA. Aftermath era outtakes (I think) very enjoyable, listenable set.

STONES DREAMS. Smart collection of live tracks mostly from the 60's, but bits and pieces through 1975. All in outstanding sound quality.

KEEP YOUR MOTOR RUNNING. Scary fun energy, claimed to be the soundtrack to Cocksucker Blues.

BEGGAR'S BREAKFAST. Strong collection of outtakes, alternate mixes and just stuff mainly between 1968-1972. Nice to own a version of "Gimme Shelter" with Keith on vocals.

MENTHOLATED SANDWICH. Mickboy takes on Begger's banquet and wins.

THEIR SATANIC MAJESTRIES REQUEST - REMASTERED. Mickboy takes it on and it damn it sound real good along with a handful of bonus tracks. Never dug the hippy dippy image break of the Stones - there were always the edgy, rough and tumble boys, but the music holds up pretty good at what was considered a chase the ace album at the time.

THE LOST SESSION. VOLUME 1 & 2. Individually packaged set of alt mixes, surprisingly listenable.

I GAVE YOU DIAMONDS, YOU GAVE ME DISEASE. Fine set of Exile outtakes.

TASTES SO GOOD This is Mickboy's remaster of Sticky Fingers. Excellence.

HYDE PARK. 1969. (2) The legendary Bryan Jones Eulogy Show, pretty good audience taping off of the PA system.

COCAINE IN A DENTIST CHAIR. November 8, 1969, Los Angeles. A low level audience taping which at times deteriotes, but still somewhat enjoyed.

LIVE'R THAN YOU'LL EVER BE. November 9, 1969. One of the legendary early bootlegs, the Stones in all their garage band r & b best.

LIVE'R THAN YOU'LL EVER BE (4) This is the deluxe version with alternate source tapings as well the opening acts of Ike & Tina Turner, Terry Reid and BB King (in poor sound).

MORE ROCK N ROLL CIRCUS.   3 Cuts from the tv Show and then a bunch from a November 10, 1969  in San Diego and then an unreleased "Brown Sugar" with Clapton and Al Cooper and then a "Cocksucker Blues" track. 

ALTAMONTE. December 12, 1969 (2) Livermore, California. My version is an attempt to come up with the best sounding version consisting of multiple sources - it's a fascinating listen. They did play the first live version of "Brown Sugar." You get all the stage dialogue here amidst the tragedy and chaos. Not sure the 60's ended on this night, but maybe.

ACETATES Sweet single discs of alternate takes and unreleased tracks from the early 70's. Don't you have to own a real nice straight take of "Drift Away."

LEED GUITARS...TV STARS. Superb. Incredible remaster of the lengendary boot, "Get Your Leeds Lungs Out." It's March 1971, it's the Rolling Stones. Highest recommendation.

MAIN STREET REVISITED (2) Again the Famed Mickboy at work remastering the classic along with bonus tracks. Full & Glorious.

EXILE OUTTAKES. A little gruff and messy, I guess that's why they call them outtakes.

EXILE ON MAIN STREET SESSIONS (2). Mayflower's collection of outtakes and alt stuff.  Quite listenable and strong.

THE CREME OF THE HOT STUFF. Snazzy collection of various alt takes and mixes.

R.S.V.P (THE ALTERNATIVE BEGGAR'S BANQUET) Sorta what a bootleg is supposed to be a mish mash of outtakes, studio chat etc et al.

LONELY AT THE TOP. 15 Studio tracks and outtakes from various mid 1970's locations.

UNRELEASED DECCA LIVE ALBUM 1972 Me thinks they didn't mike the audience properly, but still a nice sloppy show.

SHE LIKED THE WAY I HELD THE MICROPHONE June 20, 1972 2nd show, Chicago, Illinois. Great title, shitty recording.

BIG COCKSUCKER BLUES DVD (2) I finally got a copy of this legendary film which is a multi generational copy so the video and audio quality is suspect from time to time. But it's all here the drugs, the sex, the groupies, the TV being thrown out of the hotel window. My version came with a second disc of bonus material a hodge podge of performances, 1973 Australian mini documentary, Mick and Bianca Wedding footage, et al.

FORT WORTH EXPRESS. June 24, 1972. Good show, though not quite as good as some of the others from this era.

JULY 21, 1972.  Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.  12 Tunes off the soundboard.  Great.

THE ROYAL DRAGON. July 22, 1972, Pittsbugh. Sloppy deal.

KEEP YOUR MOTOR RUNNING. Nice single disc of soundboard 72-73 recordings including a Stevie Wonder/Mick take of Uptight followed by Satisfaction.

GET YER YA-YA'S OUT. Mickboy remaster. Good stuff, you even get a couple of Altamonte audience tracks.

NASTY MUSIC (2) As the info states; Soundboard Recordings for the Never Released 1972-1973 Live Album. Terrific recordings. I believe it's the Brussel 10/17/73, London 9/9/73 and NYC 7/26/72.

WELCOME TO NEW YORK.  July 26, 1972, New York City.  8 Tunes - all glorious.

KING BISCUIT 1973. 10 Great sounding tunes from our favorite men.

FEBRUARY 24, 1973. PERTH, AUSTRALIA. Rock and Roll. Don't play this one in your car, you'll get a speeding ticket. Killer stuff. Setlist only.

FEBRUARY 26, 1973 (2) Sydney, Australia. First of all the first 10 seconds and the final 2 tracks have a distinctly different sound quality from the rest of the show which is crystal clear soundboard. Show really gathers steam 7 tunes in with "Love in Vain" and ignites from there. A joy.

BRUSSELS AFFAIR 1973. Quiet sound board recording from the tour, it's kind of strange to not hear the audience at all. Superb performance, the Stones were rocking and sound quality is great.

THE STARS IN THE SKY THEY NEVER LIE. Collection from the 1973 European tour while not at their best there is that unmistakable aura and manic power to the performances.

1973 TOUR IN HAWAII. January 22 & 23, 1973. More material from the tour best known for its phalic symbols.

LET IT BLEED OUTTAKES. Or so I'm told. Traded to me titled this way, but my research has uncovered no such titled bootleg. Hence if you want this one, I'm uncertain to it's sources. With all that said, some pretty cool stuff here various alternates and demo's. All sounds good, man.

LET IT BLEED SESSIONS (2)  Studio stuff including isolated tracks for Gimme Shelter and other cool things. 

'ON THE ROCKS" Slick set of outakes with a bit of studio chatter as well. Two takes of "Memo from Turner" and "Sympathy." Listenable goods.


FROM RAGS TO EXCESS (2) Mickboy takes on Black & Blue (among the most dismissed albums) and it holds up alot better than I thought. Also includes some era live stuff.

DANCING SO FREE. Mickboy's remaster of Goat's Head Soup. Good stuff, the critics don't like this record, but there's a couple of nuggets.

IT'S ONLY GOAT'S HEAD SOUP....BUT WE LIKE IT.   Great alt mix/outtakes set of the often dismissed album.

GET WHAT YOU NEED (2) A famed Mickboy production, this is Let It Bleed Remastered along with bonus tracks. Fun stuff.

SHORT AND CURLIES (2) Another superb Mickboy remaster. This of It's Only Rock and roll.
DISCOVER NEW YORK June 27, 1975. NYC. Didn't really see any compelling reason to get excited about this one.

L.A. FRIDAY '75. (2) July 13, 1975. Los Angeles. Ouch.

WORKS FIVE.  KEITH RICHARD.  WORLD OF MUSIC GOLD SERIES.  Live & TV performances 1976-1983.  It's a Stones boot, but also listed as Keith.  These are band performances, a couple of Jerry Lee Lewis and another with Rockville. 

TOUR OF EUROPE (2)  May 22, 1976.  London.  Great.

MAY 25, 1976. London, Earl's Court. Claimed to be soundboard, I think falls far short.


DOWN & OUT IN PARIS. (2) June 7, 1976. A sloppy soundboard I guess. The band sounds abit bewildered and distracted, but somehow as the night continued I found it's rafish charm. Certainly a big guitar/arena rock statement - not their best sound, but alright.

BACKSTAGE LIMITED (2) June 9, 1976. Lyon, France. First off, this is a whisper clean soundboard - you hardly can hear the audience. Its a fun show, but again the band is certainly a ragged ensemble of glory. Billy Preston on the keyboards gets to perform "Nothing from Nothing" and an instrumental.

SUCKING DON ON SATURDAY NIGHT LIVE. Good set. Contains 2 different Don Kirschncer Rock Concert appearances from '73 & '74, then the rehearsal and performance for their 1978 SNL gig

CLUB GIG. March 3 & 4, 1977 at the famed El Macambo Club in Toronto sourced off of a "rare fan club acetate."

THE COMPLETE WOODSTOCK TAPES (4) Bearsville Studio Tour rehearsals. Truly enjoyable rehearsal and run throughs.

GORGEOUS GIRLS: REDUX: KBFH SOUNDBOARDS 1978 (4) Great soundboard recordings from the "Some Girls" era stones. Last gasps of genius on display.

OUT ON BAIL (2) June 14, 1978 (2) Passaic, New Jersey. Great Some Girls tour show. Outstanding sound quality. Top shelf!!

JUNE 28, 1978 (2) Memphis, Tennessee. King Biscuit Flower Hour. With Ian and Ian on keyboards. Oh so great.

KENTUCKY FRIED ROCKERS. June 29 (Rupp Arena), July 19 (Houston), July 7, 1978 (Detroit) Tracks. Artfully compiled Bootleg, most from the Lexington show, you get a couple of tracks from Peter Tosh as well. Great stuff.

JULY 6, 1978 (2) Detroit, Michigan. Some Girls ia a 5 Star Record though alot of it jus translate live. That said, this is a good show that works.

ONE NIGHT WITH TALLAHASSE LASSIE (2). August 1978, RCA Studio. These are studio jams, rehearsals etc.   A couple of the tracks are low grade, but most have clear sound.

SOME GIRLS ARE BIGGER THAN OTHERS. Live in Memphis in 1978. The Stones go disco and live to tell. Unlike Rod Stewart, they didn't lose their credibility in the process, eh.

SOME LIVE BISCUITS. Tasty collection of songs from the '78 tour, pretty much all soundboards.

SOME TRAX. VOLUME 1 & 2. Outtakes & unused stuff from their last 5 star record. Sound quality is gruff and I get the feeling that they are writing and editing as they work out each tune. There are 5 instrumental tracks on the second disc that aren't referenced in the art.

EMOTIONAL RESCUE DEMOS. I made it through this disc, you may not.

ALL MIXED UP (2) Crap collection of outtakes, sounds like shit.

STATIC IN THE ATTIC. Emotional Rescue outtakes recorded in January-February of 1979 in the Bahamas. Sound pretty good to me, maybe a better listen than the album.

BLIND DATE REVISITED (2) April 22, 1979 This is the 2nd night of the famed Toronto concerts to fulfill Keith Richards Heroine bust. A toasted John Bulishi provides the intro. It's a soundboard of a sloppy but jazzed set of performances by the New Barbarians and Stones.

THE KEITH RICHARDS BENEFIT CONCERT (2) MP3 Version. Not sure if this is any different than above as I didn't make comparisons. I just enjoyed.

STREET FIGHTING MAN IN PHILADELPHIA (2) September 26, 1981. Philly. Yes - this is a nice one.

BUFFALO'S ROCK N ROLL ANIMALS (2) SEPTEMBER 27, 1981. Buffalo, New York. Meh recording, unsatisfying soundboard.

OCTOBER 4, 1981 (2) Boulder, Colorado. A very good recording, but. It's a soundboard, but the feed fades out on the first 2 cuts and once in middle, otherwise it's Top shelf.

OCTOBER 15, 1981 (2) Seattle, Washington. Geez this tour was booted. Another sound boarder.

OCTOBER 17, 1981 (2) San Francisco, CA. Soundboard and remaster. Beautiful show hitting all the numbers. Mick's a bit randy and the band is on point. Another great listen.

OCTOBER 26, 1981 (2) Atlanta, Georgia.  Great sounding soundboard.  

HOUSTON CAN YOU SING! (2) October 28, 1981. Houston, Texas. Fine sounding soundboarder - you know it was pretty good tour, man.

FUCKING WONDERFUL (2) October 31, 1981 Dallas, Texas. Very good sounding show with vocals upfront and in your face.

NOVEMBER 3, 1981 (2) Louisville, Kentucky. Great stuff.

JERSEY DEVIL (6) November 5, 6 & 7, 1981. The Meadowland, New Jersey. 3 Big fucking shows. Soundboard.

ARE YOU FEELIN' GOOD? (2) November 9, 1981, Hartford, Connecticut. Soundboard. Strong gig.

KING OF DRUGS (2) November 10, 1981, Hartford. Good stuff, man.

LIVE IN ST LOUIS (2) November 19, 1981. Soundboard and spectacular sounding show. Wondrous!

CEDAR FALLS 1981 (2) November 20, 1981. Cedar Falls, Iowa. The 2011 munichhilton remaster. Thoroughly enjoyable show.

TWIN CITIES 1981 (2)  November 21, 1981.  St. Paul, Minnesota.   Another sound boarder as the circus rolls thru the Midwest.

SWEET HOME CHICAGO (With Muddy Waters). November 22, 1981 at Buddy Guy's Blues Club in Chicago. It was a raucous night captured by this audience taper.

DES PLAINES 1981 (2)  November 23, 1981.  Des Plaines, Illinois.  Another sweet sound boarder.  Good stuff.

GOING TO A GO GO. (2) November 30, 1981. Pontiac, Michigan. Sweet soundboard, baby.

DECEMBER 11, 1981 (2) Lexington, Kentucky. Terrific show, near perfect soundboard. Once or twice the taping goes out only to return a minute or 2 later - strange.

SATISFACTION GUARANTEED (2) December 13, 1981. This is a good and I mean real fuckin' good, great show. Excellent sound and performance. It's all a highlight, but I'll single out "Can't Always Get" as a particularly good one.

IT'S OKAY...I'M WITH THE BAND. (4) December 14 & 15, 1981, Kansas City, MO Two strong nights, both soundboards, the first night Mick Taylor stepped in to play.

SHATTERED IN EUROPE + BACKSTAGE NAPOLI 1982. Naples, Italy. July 17, 1982. Excellent soundboard show of 17 tunes and then a terrific half dozen backstage tunes. Amazing An incredible Hank William's Lonesome Whistle. Keith being real.

CHAINSAW MASSACRE. A dozen studio outtakes recorded from November - December, 1982. Not shabby.

HIGH TEMPERATURE (2) Consists of "Dirty Work" rehearsals from Paris, April 8-June 17, 1985) and then the Dylan Live Aid rehearsals at Ron Wood's house.

HAMPTON '91 (2) December 18, 1991. Virginia. Some fun stuff along with a couple of clunkers.

AUGUST 29, 1989 (2) Philadelphia, PA. While the artwork indicates Rehearsals, this is (I think) a soundboard live show. Enjoy.

SEPTEMBER 3, 1989 (3) Toronto, Canada.  Great soundboard souvenir.

WISCONSIN FLAT. September 9, 1989, East Troy, Wisconsin. Wondrous soundboard, delightful.

GET BACK TO LOS ANGELES (2) October 1989. Superb soundboard gig. Yowzer!

TEXAS 1989 (2) November 11, 1989. Dallas, Texas. Very good show, very good recording. Not perfect, very good.

LES ROUES METTALIC ET LES JUMEAUX DEMONS (3) December 14, 1989. Kick ass stones. Soundboard. Kick ass.

ATLANTIC CITY '89 (3) December 19, 1989, New Jersey. This is the pay per view, American tour finale with guests Eric Clapton, John Lee Hooker & a couple of Guns & Roses. Includes the pre and post concert host comments. It is excellent though, not to quible, I expected the sound to be a tad better - still more than satisfactory.

JUNE 13 & 14, 1990 (2) Barcelona, Spain. Soundboard. They way it should be.

JUNE 16, 1990 (2) Madrid, Spain. Superb sounding soundboard. Kick ass show

SEVENTH OF JULY (2) July 7, 1990. Great soundboard again.

TATOO TOO (2) Outtakes etc from a decent album. Not essential, but sitting on my shelf.

WELCOME TO THE VOODOO LOUNGE (2) August 14, 1994. East Rutherford, New Jersey. Fantastic recording and show. Rock on boys.

LIVE IN GIANTS STADIUM. August 17, 1994. (2) Smartly packaged, but ultimately disappointing due to the subpar audience recording.

OCTOBER 10, 1994 (2) New Orleans, Louisiana. FM Radio Broadcast. Keeping on keeping on.

KISS YOUR BABY. October 17, 1994 (2) San Diego, California. Woo hoo. kick ass show and sound boarder. Love.

VOODOO AT HALLOWEEN. October 31, 1994 (2) Oakland, California. Super gig, man. Soundboard.

VOODOO LOUNGE TOUR TAMPA. (2) November 22, 1994. Tampa, Florida. Soundboard. Mick is in fine form as he leads the boys through some great material. Includes 6 Rehearsal tracks from Miami (11/24/94) which are also nothing short of fantastic.

VOODOO BREW (4) Frankly this is the very best Stones studio outtakes of any era. Lots of studio chat, strumming, dialogue, riffing, outtakes and alt mixes. Quite revealing and then some of the music is fantastic. I have read one Stones Bio and in it they mentioned that Keef released these because he was unhappy with the officially released product.

EVERYTHING BUT THE COBRA.  February 2, 1995, Johannesburg, South Africa.  Fine recording but he fellas.

BUCKETFUL OF WATER (2). February 3, 1995, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.  Another terrific radio broadcast.

SYMPATHY FOR THE VOODOO CULT (2) February 16, 1995 (2) Buenos Aires, Argentina. Radio Broadcast.

WORLD TOUR SANTIAGO (2) February 19, 1995, Santiago, Chile. Great soundboard from the band still bringing rock and roll to the world.

VOODOO AFRICIANA (2) FEBRUARY 25, 1995. Johannesburg, South Africa. Sweet soundboard recording of the boys in fine form. Super show, great sound, great performance.

EASTERN PROMISE (2) March 12, 1995, Tokyo. A+ soundboarder. Simple as that.

JULY 3, 1995 (2) Paris France. Sweet sounding soundboard. Hitting all the marks and then some.

JULY 19, 1995 (2) Brixton, London. Supeb sounding show. Killer stuff.

MIAMI DICE (2) Some kind of broadcast recording with guests Sheryl Crow & Bo Diddley. Like many of this type the recording has its flaws but still delivers the music well.

STRIPPED COMPANION. An essential disc of acoustic versions, studio sessions and rehearsals (?) from the early to mid 90's. Some great stuff here.

BEHIND THE DOUBLE DOORS: THE LEGENDARY SECRET GIG. Chicago, September 18, 1997. Can we say they are overstated the case, how legendary was this club warm up date anyway. The PR these guys get from those pre-stadium Club gigs are shall we say overstated. Loud night, the audience recording captues the crowd's enthusiasm, but not the music. B/W art.

CLOSER THAN CLOSE: THE TORONTO 1997 REHEARSALS, VOLUME 1. (2) September 15, 1997. Love these kinds of boots. Very good and complete takes with occassional chat between. Great.

SEPTEMBER 30, 1997 (2) Winnipeg, Manatoba. Poor recording. For completists only.

OCTOBER 16, 1997 (2) East Rutherford, New Jersey. Soundboard from Giants Stadium, The Stones in all their glory.

NOVEMBER 9, 1997 (2) Los Angeles, California. Acceptable audience recording, nothing special other than the Stones are in LA and they've comped alot of celebrities backstage.

ST. LOUIS TO BABYLON (3) December 12, 1997. St. Louis, Missouri. Compelling! Commercial sound and that's an understatement - taken from a pay per view with Dave Matthews & Taj Mahal guesting. This is sensational. The show takes 2 discs and the bonus disc of extras ain't bad either.

MSG3 REMASTERED (2) January 17, 1998. New York City. Excellent performance and recording!

CALIFORNIA DREAMING. (2) February 3, 1998. From the Bridges to Babylon tour, nice show.

BRIDGES TO ARGENTINA (2). April 4, 1998.  Outstanding set. 

RIO (2) April 11, 1998 A fund show with that hits cranked up and ready to go. Bob Dylan drops by for a take on "Like A Rolling Stone." Jeez, that last biography I read said that Zimmy wants to join the Dead, how about taking Bill Wyman's place?

AUGUST 14, 1998 (2)  Chorizow, Poland.   Soundboard except for the last couple of tracks.   Good stuff. 

SEPTEMBER 2, 1998 (2) Bremen, Germany. Soundboard Bridges. Great.

KISS OF LIFE (2)  January 27, 1999.  Sacramento, California.   Excellent soundboard and includes the soundcheck.

BLESSED POISON. February 11, 1999 (2) Anaheim, California. Soundboard. Nice show with the NYC 9/11 fundraising trio of songs as a bonus.

MARCH 22, 1999 (2) Boston, Mass. Soundboard. I think I was there, not sure.

WEMBLEY STADIUM 1999 (2) June 11, 1999, London, England.  Monitor Mix.   Great show with great sound as they tear that old building down literally and figuratively.  

AUGUST 16, 2002. Palais Royale Club, Toronto, Canada. Wicked fantastic soundboard. Superb take of "Heart of Stone," "Can't Hear You Knocking," & "Stray Cat Blues." These Stones warm up gigs prior to tours is one of the coolest traditions in rock and roll history.

SEPTEMBER 3, 2002 (2) Boston, Massachusetts. Kicking off the tour with this sturdy audience taping. Play it softly and it sounds good, turn it up and you notice the flaws.

SEPTEMBER 5, 2002 (2) Foxboro, Massachusetts. Poor sound and nothing special on disc. I caught this live at the Stadium, 20 feet, stage left and was absolutely blown away by the greatest rock band of all time.

SEPTEMBER 8, 2002 (2) Boston, MA. This is the Theatre Gig in Boston at the old Orpheum Theatre which I think is the worst venue in the history of the city. Cramped, hot, uncomfortable seats - I digress. Anyway, delightful show with the vocals upfront and the band a bit behind in the mix. Lots of singalogs...and energy.

DON'T LOOK BACK BABY (2) September 16, 2002. Chicago, Illinois.  Nice clear show from the Licks tour at the Aragon Ballroom.

LIVE ON HBO (2) January 16, 2003. New York City. Obviously you get excellent sound quality and a fabulous performance to boot. Watching on TV that night I thought there were hot and certainly the souvenier is delivers.

BEFORE THEY SLIP AWAY. March 12, 2003 (2) Yokohoma, Japan. Great sounding, fun gig.

DRIPPING AWAY. APRIL 3, 2003 (2) Bangalore. Nice show.

JUNE 27, 2003 (2) Madrid, spain. Sweet recording - excellent sounding bootleg - a treat for these ears. Love it all from the slow grind of "Can't Always Get" to the blood, piss and vigor of "Hootchie Coochie Man."

TORONTO ROCKS (2) July 30, 2003. Toronto, Canada. Soundboard. Fantastic.

AUGUST 28, 2005 (2) Poor, unlistenable recording.

OMAHA 2006 (2) January 29, 2006, Omaha, Nebraska. Decent to okay audience taping. I only noticed the chat on an ocassional rack. Some good stuff and some stuff that didn't quite work. Do you want to hear "Oh No Not You Again" or "Rough Justice I don't. But hey they hit the usual buttons too.

SECOND BANG IN TOKYO (2)  March 24, 2006 Tokyo, Japan. Super Soundboard. Dig.

A BIGGER BANG TOUR JAPAN TOUR.  (2). April 6, 2006. Another delightful soundboard

FIFTH BANG IN JAPAN (2)  April 5, 2006. Soundboard, of course, and a lot of fun.  With a few tour bonus tracks too. 

SHANGHAI BANGING (2) April 8, 2006. China. Seemed like the boys were just a little off this night. Didn't feel sharp to these veteran ears.

AUGUST 25, 2006 (2) Glasgow, Scotland. Nice show with a rare "Sway" & then the regular Stones set. Nice played and recorded.

ISLE OF WIGHT FESTIVAL (2) June 10, 2007, Newport, England. It's a pretty crap recording, but you do get Amy Winehouse and Paulo Nutini guest appearances.

NOVEMBER 25, 2012 (2) London, England. I finally got a good sounding version of this show with guest appearances by Mick Taylor and Bill Wyman, let alone Mary J Bleige. As always, they deliver the goods.

$40 SONGS. (2) December 13, 2012. Newark, New Jersey. TV broadcast - wow how did I miss this. Excellent show with guests Lady Gaga, Mick Taylor, John Mayall and Bruce Springsteen!

JUNE 3, 2013 (2) Chicago, Illinois. Hey nice show with Taylor Swift showing up for a duet on "As Tears Go By." The greatest rock band of all time back in gear with Mick Taylor.

JUNE 29, 2013. Glastonbury Festival. Glastonbury, UK. These are the 9 precious cuts broadcast by the BBC. Sweetness, baby.

ON FIRE IN ABU DHABI (2) February 21, 2014 Abu Dhabi. Great sounding show - love, love love.

ON FIRE (2). February 26, 1994, Tokyo, Japan.  Imperfect soundboard.  My version has two discs, artwork shows four.

JUNE 9, 2015 (2) Atlanta, Georgia. Satisfying recording from the brief zip code tour.

JULY 11, 2015 (2) Buffalo, New York. More fun from the zip code tour. Hey Mick, stop telling bad Tom Brady jokes!!

FEBRUARY 3, 2016 (2) Santiago, Chile. Superb soundboarder.

MASACARA DE PIEDRA (2) March 17, 2016. Mexico City. Ole!! Fabulous Soundboard show.

SEPTEMBER 9, 2017 (2) Hamburg, Germany. Soundboard. The rockin' beat goes on.

NO FILTER IN LONDON 1ST NIGHT (2) MAY 22, 2018. London. Soundboard and excellent.

NO FILTER IN COVENTRY (2) JUNE 2, 2018. Coventry, England. Whisper clean soundboard, great stuff.

NO FILTER IN MANCHESTER (2) June 5, 2018, Manchester, England.  Another lovely soundboard. 

JUNE 21, 2019 (2) Chicago, Illinois. Sweet soundboard, they never sounded better. Particularly well played show. The greatest band endures.

JUNE 25, 2019 (2) Chicago, Illinois.  The 2nd night just as good as the first.  You get the ill timed Mick joke about the missed field goal.  Not a good idea...

JULY 7, 2019 (2) Foxborough, Massachusetts. Decent audience taping of a show that I caught.

NO FILTER IN PASADENA. August 23, 2019 (2) Pasadena, California. These No Filter labelled boots are uniformly top shelf.

NO FILTER IN GLENDALE. August 26, 2019 (2) Glendale, Arizona. Another excellent No Filter soundboard.

SOUNDS LIKE THUNDER (2) June 5, 2022.  Munich, Germany.   Post Charlie sound boarder. 

SALUT LES GONES!   July 19, 2022 (2) Lyon, France.  Superb Soundboard gig we even get an airing of Ghostown


Keith Richards

NEW BARBARBARIANS. LIVE IN CINCINATT 1979 (2). Obviously this is really a Keith and Ronnie show. It sounds like highly washed, but certainly clean. I enjoyed it though noone is clammering for a reunion are they?

SING ME BACK HOME (WEDDING SESSION - CABO SAN LUCAS) December 1983. If my ears aren't lying, it's Keith hanging out & singing into a tape recorder. Lo fi, but this is so cool. Some tracks some other Stones chime in.

UNKNOWN DREAMS. Featured as a one of the great 50 Uncut Magazines greatest bootlegs of all time. This are various Keith demos and recordings.

BETWEEN LOVE AND HATE Alternates and outtakes from Keith's first solo record.

BOSTON 1988. December 5, 1988. Boston, Massachusetts. I caught this show and must say that I am thrilled to own a copy so many years after attending. It's a not a perfect recording, but does the trick. I remember waiting for the show to begin and Aerosmith emerged from a side stage door to take their seats to watch the gig.

A STONE ALONE. December 15, 1988. With the X-pensive Wino's. It's all about Keef.

THIS IS ROCK 'N ROLL, BABY (2) December 28, 1992. Chicago, Illinois. Afternoon rehearsal or soundcheck (billed as a secret afternoon show) and then a regular perrformance from the evening. The afternoon was a giggling bit of a mess and the evening sloppy fun.

BOSTON '93. A great soundboarder. I caught the Expensive Winos but here in Boston, but not on this night. I missed a good one.

STONED STONE. 1993 in Argentia. Keith's the balls. He just rocked hard on this side project this one lifted from the mixing board in exquisite sound. A+ Outstanding. 5 bonus tracks of rehearsals including Dylan's "7 Days," Ron Wood must've been helping out.

TORONTO '93. (2) February 6, 1993. Excellent soundboard along with a couple of short pre concert interview clips with Keef. Great.

Mick Jagger

SOLO MUSIC WORKS - 1961 - 2011 (11) That's one long burn. A mish mash of Mick, all good sound quality, but musical quality varies. You suffer through the middling material and then you stumble upon something cool. Features released and unreleased material.

COUNTRY CLUB. October 20, 1987. 5 Soundboard - mostly Stones - songs featuring Jeff Beck on guitar.

THE BROTHERS OF SODOM (6) September 16-20, 1988 This is big set from Mick's solo tour of Australia. Features rehearsals, chat, stops and starts, stage directions et al. It's actually quite listen and kind of fun.

TOKYO SHUFFLE. March 22, 1988. Enjoyable disc with a guest appearance by Tina Turner. Some good stuff, but some synth too.

BLUES WITH A FEELING. May 1992. Studio sessions with the Red Devil. I don't know the story of this music, but it sounds like Mick with a bunch of musicians playing blues standards. Good stuff. Mick the artist, never quite appreciated for it's breathe.

LIVE AT WEBSTER HALL. February 9, 1993. New York City. Soundboard show on one of Mick's miscreant solo endeavors. Tweet to Mick: You always needs your band.

CANNES PRESS CONFERENCE. MAY 19, 2010. Mick taking a couple of questions at a showing of the Stones in Exile documentary.

Ron Wood

January 1,1988. Show took place just past New Year's Eve, a soundboarder. It's a shambolic affair, you get "ooh La La" and "All Over Now" and I have always loved "I Can Feel The Fire."

COUNTDOWN TO MIDNIGHT (2) January 1, 1988, same show as a above at Woody's then club in Florida.  This version also includes a Howard Stern Show Interview.  The band is shambolic.  

Mick Taylor

May 29, 1988. Krypton, Banksville. A soundboard recording of Mick in tow with Shane Fontaine and other musical friends. Lots of jamming, instruments and superb playing.

DECEMBER 28, 1996. Lone Star Cafe, New York City. Soundboard. Keef stops by to chip in.

Bobby Keys

October 12, 2012 (2) Buffalo, New York. Soundboard. It's a messy band in a messy place, but I love it. Friends getting together to play music, have a few drinks and spread the joy.