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Bruce Springsteen
Amazing in every way.   The Messiah of the Meadowlands

B-SIDES. Some killer live versions from various B-sides and the like. Love "Growin' Up," & "For You" and of course it's nice to have "Trapped." Got this as a throw in on a trade so no source info or artwork.

ROCK AND ROLL HALL OF FAME INTERVIEW + BRUCE ON SONGWRITING. Great anecdotes and stories. He's a great interview.

SPRINGSTEEN DOES DYLAN (2). Career spanning covers.  Varying sound quality. 

THE TURNPIKE IS CLOSED, NOBODY GOES HOME (4) A "dream" concert consisting of various live performances sewn together. Fun.

DR. ZOOM AND THE SONIC BOOM. SUNLIGHT SOLDIERS AT THE WEST. April 24, 1970. Maybe Dr. Zoom, maybe Steel Mill, but without question a very young Bruce. Has that indulgent, arena, guitar virtuosity sound to the eve.

BEFORE THE FAME (2) Accoustic early recordings, folkie Bruce.

THE UNSURPASSED SPRINGSTEEN. VOLUME 1: THE EARLY YEARS. Outtakes or demos or something from the first album, let's just say the good stuff made the released product. Some Steel Mill material as well.

THE UNSURPASSED SPRINGSTEEN. VOLUME 2. MAX'S KANSAS CITY 1972-1973. These are two young Bruce shows. So glad I own 'em.

THE UNSURPASSED SPRINGSTEEN. VOLUME 3: CBS AUDITION. Quite cool to hear the young Bruce audition with acoustic guitar - in fact - essential.

THE UNSURPASSED SPRINGSTEEN. VOLUME 4: GREETINGS FROM ASBURY PARK OUTTAKES. Bunch of demo's but thank god Bruce decided for a full band sound (against record company wishes I might add).

THE UNSURPASSED SPRINGSTEEN. VOLUME 6: THE BOSS VOL 1. Some Darkness outtakes along with six takes of "Tonight." Decent stuff from the archives.

THE BRUCE SPRINGSTEEN STORY. VOLUME 6. DANCE, DANCE, DANCE. 1971. Includes a cover of "Jambalaya" and other primitive Springsteen offerings from early in his musical development.

THE LOST MASTERS. ESSENTIAL COLLECTION (2) A best of - double disc from the unending Los Masters series. Seems to fouc mostly on the late 70's and early 80's studio material.

RUNNING OUT OF INNOCENCE (2) Remastered outtakes from Born to Run and The Wild & Innocense albums.

THE BEST OF THE LOST MASTERS (2) Unreleased Studio outtakes 1977-1983. I've never been a huge fan of Bruce outtakes, but this is the best of the genre I must say. Fun to hear very different takes of "Candy's Room" and "Born in the USA."

PRODIGAL SON (2) Early alternate takes and unreleased stuff from a young, verbose Bruce.

DEEP DOWN IN THE VAULTS (3) Career spanning set with each disc focusing on a different era. Alternative takes, outtakes and live performances to blow you away.

STEEL MILL. JANUARY 13, 1970. San Francisco. This is Bruce's heavy metal band with Federici on keyboards. Fun to hear, but boy I'm glad the boy kept on growing.

SUMMERTIME IN NEW YORK CITY. JULY 23, 1971. Lincoln Center, New York. This is a whisper quiet soundboard of the Bruce Springsteen Band with a sound much like album number 2 with a big rock sound, horns, jazzy and extended instrumental breaks, female singers. Does a groovy take of "You Mean so Much to Me" and it's all quite good. He's a young guy back then, jeez 20

THE BRUCE SPRINGSTEEN BAND AT THE STUDENT PRINCE Asbury Park, New Jersey. November 13, 1971. Somewhat sloppy, muddy audience taping with Southside Johnny in on a couple of tunes. Has that big band party feel.

NON UBER PROJECT, VOLUME 1. (2) MARCH 17, 1972 (2) The Bruce Springsteen Band, a bunch of covers and a few originals. You can see he was close to it just a little more polish and he would be on his way.

MOONBEAM FEATHERS.   January 31, 1973.  Max's Kansas City, New York City.  A bunch of stunning tracks from an early, early Bruce.  Magical and essential. 

MARCH 2, 1973 Berkeley Community Theatre, Berkeley, California. Very good early sounding disc. 7 tunes all smokin'

SMALL TOWN BOY. April 24, 1973. Main Point, Bryn Mawr, PA. Outstanding early set - gotta tell you - I love the young Bruce. Closes with a tight as a drum, monumental thundercrack!

THUNDERCRACK. Same show as above.

MAY 31, 1973 WGOE RADIO Studio show. Richmond, Virginia. Bruce turns up with Clarence & Danny for a couple of tunes prior to his opening gig for, gag, Chicago. Beautiful.

JULY 31, 1973. My Father's Place, Long Island. Great stuff from an early, early Bruce. Excellent sound.

JOE'S PLACE. THE UBER SERIES #21. January 6, 1974. Cambridge, Massachusetts. Amazing early show - great recording. Great stories. Wow.

YOU MEAN SO MUCH TO ME. January 19, 1974. Kent State University. Another clean soundboard recording. far out.

SAINT IN THE CITY (2) March 3, 1974. Washington, DC. The young and scruffy Bruce was tons of fun. A good washed soundboard captures it.

LIBERTY HALL. (2) March 9 and 11, 1974. Houston, Texas. A 1974 soundboard with lots of hipster stage patter between songs. Amazing how different the band was at that time. E Street was jazzy, funky, instrumental. It's a bit hollow sounding, but still enjoyable. "Rosalita" is cut short. A couple of tunes I have never heard before: "Walking the Dog," "Gimmie That Wine," "Something That You Got," "Ridge on Sweet William." He never released those did he?

RADIO WAVES. WBCN April 9, 1974. Largely a 1 hour in studio interview + performance. Broadcast from the mighty radio station now defunct (2009 the Rock of Boston was laid to rest). Bruce was well excellent.

WHERE THE FOUR WINDS BLOW. June 3, 1974, Cleveland, Ohio. Terrific 7 song set it's a mellow, jazzy Bruce. Astonishing!

LIVE IN BOSTON 1974 (2) October 29, 1974, Boston, MA. Live at the Music Hall, this audience taping captures the man at a point of transition. You get a couple of Born To Run songs prior to its release among other gems. I loved this show.

THE SAINT, THE INCIDENT & THE MAIN POINT SHUFFLE. (3) One of the legendary radio broadcasts, this from a show in Philadelphia in 1975. It's hard to believe that the sound quality isn't commercial. Captures the early Springsteen sound exquisitely. Essential.

LIVE IN GENEVA 1974. December 7, 1974 (3). Geneva, Switzerland. Good stuff, as these were under bootlegged eras - long show.

WAR & ROSES: THE DEFINITIVE BORN TO RUN OUTTAKES COLLECTION. Particularly like the acoustic "Thunder Road." I expected a little better sound quality, but I guess that why Bruce spent 2 1/2 years 

BORN IN THE STUDIO. Various outtakes from 1973-1975, includes stuff from The Wild, The Innocent...too. Don't you need the instrumental version of "Rosalita."

THERE'S NO PLACE LEFT TO HIDE: THE BORN TO RUN/CHICKEN SCRATCH TOUR (5) Incredible A-Z fan compilation of every tune played on tour. Just chock full of treasures.JULY 20, 1975 (2) Providence, Rhode Island. I think this is first night of the Born To Run Tour and first show with Little Steven. Material is mostly from the 1st two albums. First ever live take of "10th Avenue Freeze Out."

AUGUST 13, 1975 (2) The Bottom Line, New York City. Highly touted and certainly fun, but it's a dodgy mix as I was hoping for a cleaner, fuller sound.

BOTTOM LINE UPGRADE. August 13 or 15, 1975. (2) New York City. Famous show, another version.

LIVE AT THE BOTTOM LINE (2) August 15, 1975. Man, Bruce is so damn funny - one of the f-a-m-o-u-s gigs that just sizzled.

SPARKS ON THE BALLROOM (2) August 23, 1975, Atlanta, Georgia. Fantastic soundboard show from this great era. Love it!

AUSTIN 1975 (2)  September 12, 1975.  Austin, Texas.   A sweet era soundboard, Band not on the run, one the rise.

THANK YOU HOUSTON. September 13, 1975 (2) Houston, Texas. i listened to this while running a 20K - filled with inspiration and motivation. Outstanding recording - stupendous. A great one!

MEETING ACROSS THE RIVER (2) September 26, 1975. A sensational soundboard. A couple of source flaws mar this near perfect show. Hot. Hot Hotest.

IOWA SHUFFLE (2) September 26, 1975, Another copy of the above show.

THE MILWAUKEE BOMB SCARE SHOW (2) October 2, 1975. Little Steven's favourite show. Bruce & the boys headed to the bar when they cleared the theatre due to a bomb scare thinking the night was over. Well they refilled the joint and Bruce was wasted. Lots of fun, great stories & great playing. A classic. A+.

FIRST NIGHT IN DETROIT. OCTOBER 4, 1975. Detroit, Michigan. Great sounding era show. Love it, man.

AIN'T NOBODY HERE FROM BILLBOARD TONIGHT (2). From an October 17, 1975 radio show in L.A. Killer night with some hysterical stage dialogue.

LIVE TO RUN. December 31, 1975. Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. 9 wicked cuts in incredible sound. A great version of "10th Avenue" slow and solid. A spot on into to a cover of "It's My Live" with a story about fighting with his dad. A+ little disc

THE HOMECOMING (2) October 11, 1975 (2), Red Bank, New Jersey. Soundboard. Fantastic show with the Boss and the Band in harmony. You get the great Clarence joining the band story prior to "E Street Shuffle" and plenty of other incredible moments. Great shtick, great music.

WATCH ME NOW. October 17, 1975 (Late Show), Los Angeles, California. Bruce having a blast at the Roxy. Teaching the West Coast how it's done.

AIN'T NOBODY HERE FROM BILLBOARD TONIGHT (2). From an October 17, 1975 radio show in L.A. Killer night with some hysterical stage dialogue.

NOVEMBER 24, 1975 (2) London. Brilliant.

SH LA LA (2) December 28, 1975. Philadelphia. Screaming like a rocket, the Boss has more than begun his ascent. Great sounding show.

TEARDROPS ON THE TOWER (2) December 30, 1975. Oh so fucking good.APRIL 7, 1976 (2) Cleveland, Ohio.  Terrific soundboard, a few tunes clipped at the end but a strong offering.

KNOCK ON WOOD (2) April 29, 1976. Memphis, Tennessee. Grrreat show with Eddie Floyd guesting for a couple.

RUNNERS IN THE NIGHT (2) July 4, 1976. Cleveland, Ohio. Super recording and show - only flaws is a couple of songs get cut.

OCTOBER 27, 1976 (2) Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Great soundboard.

WE GOTTA GET OUT OF THIS PLACE. (2). November 4, 1976 at the Palladium Theatre in New York City. Outstanding disc with an intro from Murray "the K" with Ronnie Spector showing up for a couple of tunes.

THE DEFINITIVE DARKNESS OUTTAKES. (2) Get the studio versions of "Fire" and "Because the Night" along with plenty of other goodies.


NORTHEAST OF THE DIAL (2) The majority is various in studio visits/interviews with a lcoal Philly DJ who was an early back of the Boss. Consists of the early and mid 70's chats. A fun listen through.

WILL THE REAL BRUCE SPRINGSTEEN PLEASE STAND UP? February 22, 1977 and March 19, 1977. Milwaukee and Towson. A shaky recording, I'd call it a washout out soundboard.

NORTHING TO LOSE: THE 1977 TOUR REVISITED. VOLUME 11 (2) March 15, 1977. Decent though at times inconsistent sound quality, but the performance shines through. You get the Dad/It's My Live story and so much more.

STRANDED IN THE PARK. March 25, 1977 (2) Boston, Massachusetts. A top shelf boot - I guess considered by many to be one of his best boots.

JA NUARY 31, 1977 (2) Passiac, NJ. With Southside Johnny. Fun radio broacast, incomplete. This is Bruce in emergency. In his glory.

JUNE 16, 1978 (2) Kansas City, Missouri. It's the Darkness tour, it's a soundboard. 'nuff said.

RAISING CAIN (3) June 24, 1978. Portland, Oregon. Another very very good '78 soundboard. Love it all!

JULY 1, 1978 (2) Berkeley, California. An imperfect soundboard from this triumphant tour.

DARKNESS ON THE AIR (2). KMET-FM Interview and Music, July 4, 1978.  Along with other Radio Interview.  A young, Young Bruce on the Cusp.

ROXY, COME OUT OF THE LOFT (2). July 7, 1978. The Roxy Theatre, Los Angeles, California. Radio Broadcast. So much fun, Bruce had figured it out and was launched!! Great stuff.

OH BOY (3) August 4, 1978. Charleston, West Virginia. Simply extraordinary. Excellent recording. The man with all his powers.

AUGUST 5, 1978 (2) Louisville, Kentucky. Hitting his stride once again. Wondrous.

THE CLASSIC CLEVELAND BROADCAST (3), August 9, 1978 (3) Love these '78 radio shows - my formative years and his too. 

AUGUST 15, 1978 (2) Landover, Maryland. Soundboard. Great stuff from the Openner "Summertime Blues" to the closing "Quarter to Three."

THE JERSEY DEVIL (2) August 19, 1978. Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Soundboard. Another killer. Love it when Bruce jumps into the crowd for "Spirit in the Night" and the chick whom he's straddled over starts talking to him about the last time she saw him in concert. The key tour of the man's career - the pivot.

LIVE AT THE PALLADIUM. September 17, 1978 (3) New York City. Hard to believe our good fortune as this has hit the bootleg world. Another superb soundboard recording. Fanastico.

PIECE DE RESISTANCE. (3) September 19, 1978. I remember this radio broadcast while in college in NJ. Was great then, great now. Clear and strong recording.

SEPTEMBER 20, 1978 (2) Passiac, New Jersey. Start with a very, very good taing. Face it, he was never better than he was in 1978.

COUP DE GRACE. September 21, 1978 (3) Passaic, New Jersey. The third and final night, another soundboarder and a splendid show indeed. Starts with "High School Confidential" and ends with "A Quarter to Three" and then it's everything else. The second set starts with "Santa Claus" then "Fire" - I mean what is better.

SEPTEMBER 30, 1978 (3) Atlanta, Georgia. Wow, another killer Radio broadcast. Spectacular! Whoa!

IT'S DANGEROUS OUT THERE (3) November 2, 1978. Fantastic show!!! Incredible recording!!! The Balls!!!!

LIVE AT WINTERLAND. (3) December 15, 1978, another terrific rockin' radio show. Bruce playing to the audience at home as well in the crowd. Killer, man.

THE FIRECRACKER NIGHT (3) . December 31, 1978. Cleveland, Ohio. Great recording of a New Year Eve show. Thoroughly enjoyable, famous for someone throwing a firecracker at the stage. The stupidity of rock and roll.

NO MORE NUKES (2) September 22, 1979. Madison Square Garden, NYC. Killer performances from the benefit - come to think of it they didn't build too many nukes after this show, did they?

THE DEFINITIVE RIVER OUTTAKES COLLECTION. VOLUME 2. (2) It may be definitive, but it surely ain't essential.

WARMING UP THE RIVER TOUR.  September, 1980.   Tour rehearsals sourced from a video.  Fun.

LOVE, SOUL & A BROKEN HEART (3) 1980. Start with a small critisism, the vocal is a half touch in back of the mix. Particularly on the rock tunes. With that said this is an amazing show. Phenomonal. Great!

HEART & SOUL (3) November 5, 1980. Arizona. Fine show.

NOVEMBER 5, 1980. Tempe, Arizona. 10 tracks released from the Boss Himself directly as a download from his pay site. Thanks.

THE LENNON SHOW (3) December 8, 1980, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Midling audience taping, but this is the show the night John Lennon was shot. Bruce opens the show with a little reflection. I wanted it for what it is, but is simply not great listening.

DECEMBER 28, 1980 (3) Long Island, New York.  Hussey Remaster, whoo, a sweet remaster.  Soundboard.

IN THE MIDNIGHT HOUR. (4) It's December 31, 1980 at the Nassau Colliseum and those New Yawkers are going crazy. Fanastic show, fantastic recording.

THE RIVER TOUR COMPILATION (6) Fan A-Z compilation, sequenced with every song played on the tour. More gems that you can shake a sax at.

JANUARY 20, 1981 (2) Toronto, Canada. Excellent Sound. Holy Shit, Reagan got inaugurated on that day.

I DON'T WANT TO GO HOME. (2) August 24, 1981. Los Angeles, California. This is good stuff, great set list and bonus tracks with great soundboard sound. Superior.

MAY 27, 1981 (3) Brighton, UK. Piss poor taping.

AS DREAMS DON'T MEAN NOTHING: A NIGHT FOR VIETNAM VETERANS (3) August 20, 1981, Los Angeles, California. Imperfect audience taping, but gets the dirty job done. Bruce as always engages and inspires.

STONE PONY 1982.  June 27, 1982, Asbury Park, New Jersey.  6 Rock covers in terrific quality.  

ALONE IN COLTS NECK (The Complete Nebraska Sessions). Acoustic home demos for Nebraska. I guess that it makes that these are the demos for the demos

UNSATISFIED HEART (2) Remastered Born in the USA Outtakes. There's some gold in there, but...

JUNE 21, 1984.  6 Soundboard tracks.  

EXCELLENT PHILLY (3) September 15, 1984, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Very good, Philly show. Decent to good recording, flawed.

1984: THE LAST TIME. (3) September 18, 1984. Amazing. Spectacular show - great stories and great performances. Never heard "State Trooper" quite like that before. Now I frickin' love that song. All hail the great, Mr. Springsteen.

CLEVELAND NIGHT. VOTE FOR CHANGE (2) October 22, 1984 Stumping for the ill fated John Kerry campaign tho sis a great rocking show with John Fogerty, Michael Stipe joining in. Great music, man. Too bad Kerry lost.

OCTOBER 25, 1984 (3) Los Angeles, California. My ears needed to adjust to this less than perfect taping - but you get 100% effort from everyone.

KANSAS CITY NIGHT. (3). November 19, 1984. Bruce is at his commercial peak during the Born in the USA Tour. Splendid performance and recording

A VOW TO DEFEND - 173 GLORY DAYS (6) Another one of those fan compilations featuring every song played once on the tour. So many highlights, so many stories, tremendous stuff. Wow.

BOSS HITS THE BEEB.  January, 1985 broadcast. Contains BBC interviews with Bruce as well as concert clips from the Philly & Minnesota shows from 1984.  

PERFECT IN '85 (3) January 15, 1985. Charlotte, North Carolina Certainly a career peak this mid-80's Bruce. Soundboard.

SONY STUDIOS. APRIL 5, 1995 (2) New York, New York. A specially taped Studio performance, great stuff.

JUNE 29, 1985 (3) Paris, France. Sweet soundboard. Great stuff. Born in the USA, one of his best it's just not the cool Bruce record to like.

AUGUST 9, 1985 (3) Chicago, Illinois. It's an okay audience recording - a bit hollow at times, but a great show by the Boss.

GLORY DAYS. August 22, 1985, East Rutherford, New Jersey. 10 Tunes from Giants Stadium. Soundboard.

THE TUNNEL OF LOVE COMPILATION 67 DATES WITH THE BOSS. (5) A 5 disc A-Z collection from the tour. Good stuff.

THANK YOU WORLD (3) July 3, 1988 (3) Stockholm, Sweden. The Tunnel Of Love Tour had a big, at times, synth sound. Maybe Bruce's biggest sound. Fine show.

LIVE IN EAST BERLIN. BROADCAST EDITION. REVISITED AND REMASTERED (3) July 19, 1988. East Berlin, Germany. Isn't there something bewildering that the crowd is showing out "Born in the USA," i think it's something, but I don't know what.

HUMAN RIGHTS NOW! (2) Features one version of every song played by the Band during the Amnesty Tour.

BUENOS AIRES 1988 (2) October 15, 1988 , Quite good, BTW.

CHRISTIC NIGHTS (3). November 16 & 17, 1990. Bruce's 2 solo acoustic sets at a benefit for the Christic Institute. Some great stuff, but did he really need to peform "57 Channels" both nights.

THE LOST MASTERS XIX: BORN IN THE USA RARE MASTERS. Cool stuff from the record that made Bruce a commercial superstar.

THE BOSS IS BACK.  June 5, 1992, Hollywood Center Studios, Los Angeles, California.  Sounds like a radio station promo type of event, 15 tunes for the studio audience in pristine sound.   

JULY 31, 1992 (3) A Very, very good recording - the show certainly exceeding my low era expectations.

USA BLUES. Nice collection of acoustic stuff from 1992 & 1993.

WARM AND TENDER LOVE. Bits and pieces, mostly from 1993, but other years as well. Get his Rock and Roll Hall of Fame set and other cool stuff.

PLUGGED THE REHEARSALS. This is a soundboard recording of Bruce and the band rehearsing for the MTV "Unplugged" which became "Plugged" show. Good stuff, with a glimpse of Bruce directing the arrangements etc.

WALDBUHNE NIGHT (3) May 14, 1993 Berlin, Germany. A nice Crystal Cat recording of this show which I listened to more than 2 decades later. I surprisingly enjoyed it more than I expected.

LET'S PLAY THAT SUN INTO THE GROUND (2) May 20, 1993. Soundboard. Good stuff. Jerry Lee Lewis stops by to join in for a couple.

SATAN'S JEWEL CROWN (4) June 24, 1993. East Rutherford, New Jersey. Let's start by saying it's a terrific audience taping - but - as my friend calls it - this is the Fuzzy Dice Tour. Face it, Lucky Town/Human Touch was a nadir and you can feel the crowd's frustration with the material. With all that said, there were some great moments.

THE BOSS IS BACK (2) Well atleast Bruce is back in Los Angeles on the Human Touch Tour backed by Toto or whomever in 1992. Commercial level sound quality on this one, but do any of us ever need to hear "Local Hero" or "Roll of the Dice" ever again. With that said, some nice moments on some of our faves.

I'M TURNING INTO ELVIS. Various live performances from 1995 including the Letterman Show, guest shot with Melissa Etheridge during her MTV Unplugged show, dropping in with Soul Asylum, you get the idea. Great title.

JUNE 29, 1995 (3) Paris, France. Firstly, it might be from multiple sources. A fun, FUN, FUN show with Bruce musing on middle age and everything else. Bruce crackling himself up as he throws out a French word from time to time. Tells the Elvis Graceland story too.

WARM NIGHT IN CHICAGO (3) August 8, 1995. Chicago, Illinois. This is evidence #1 of how an audience taping can be better than a soundboard. Capturing all the magic, drama and brilliance of the live experience.

DECEMBER 9, 1995 (2) Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. The complete night in the City of Brotherly Love was a real stunner. Must admit to not being a big fan of the Tom Joad era, but wow, I listened carefully to this one and it is powerful, powerful shit. Great between song intro's. Didn't realize that this wasn't a soundboarder until I heard the bootlegger cough.

THE GHOST OF TOM JOAD COLLECTION (5) Good A-Z collection of all songs performed on this solo tour Very good quality, but not his most inspired album or tour, still has more than a few charms.

RAILROAD TRACKS. The first 10 tracks taken from the show above. Bonus tracks include some tunes with Neil Young and the E Streeters.

HAMBURG NIGHT. (2) February 17,1996, Hamburg Germany. The Crystal Cat label always bring high quality and it's a pristine sounding show of the acoustic Bruce.

YOU BETTER NOT TOUCH. October 13, 1996 at the Shoreline Ampitheatre in Mountain View, CA. More Bruce acoustic stuff - closing the set with Neil Young covering "Teach Your Children."

ASBURY PARK NIGHT. (3) November 26, 1996 at the Paramount Theatre in Asbury Park. Plenty of old friends dropped in to help. Excellent sound throughout.

THE GHOST OF TOM JOAD COLLECTION (5) This is the A-Z collection of the tour, on the face of it, I was prejudiced against it. I was wrong, it was great

BLOOD ON BLOOD (3) January 21, 1998. Red Bank, New Jersey. Benefit concert featuring Bruce, Southside Johnny & Jon Bon Jovi among others all trading songs. Excellent recording.

THE BOSTON TEA PARTY (2) August 22, 1999. I don't think it is possible for Springsteen to sound better. I just can't get this out of my player. Extraordinary performance with sensational sound quality. This is the boot to own from the reunion tour. Period.

BOSTON NIGHT. AUGUST 22, 1999 (2) Same show as above, so good I had to own it twice.

AUGUST 26, 1999. (3) At the Fleet Center in Boston. I caught this amazing concert, so did an audience taper. Okay recording, but the taping didn't quite do the magical night justice.

RAISE YOUR HAND. (3) August 27, 1999 at the Fleet, doing it again. Probably the same taper.

SEPTEMBER 24, 1999. (3) Philadelphia. Another good, not great audience recording of the great Reunion tour.

WE JUST WORK HERE. October 21, 1999 (3) Los Angeles. Fucking kiss ass. Superb sounding show with the band just spot on. Great music.

OCTOBER 23, 1999 (2) Los Angeles, California. Simply as good as it gets. I thought the above Boston show was the definitive one from tour, but this one is every inch as good. Another classic. Great rarities as well as the standards from the tour. Amazing!!

JUST THE BOYS IN CLEVELAND (3) November 15, 1999. Cleveland, Ohio. Great soundboard reunion show.

NOVEMBER 17, 1999 (3) Columbus, Ohio. Great show boys. Soundboard.

MARCH 30, 2000 (2) Denver, Colorado. Terrific gig.

APRIL 12, 2000 (2) Nashville, Tennessee. Stuffy - but solid taping. A little more seperation would have been nice, still a solid offering.

APRIL 26, 2000 (3) Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Reunion soundboard. Great stuff.

TURN UP THE HEAT! (2 May 7, 2000. Hartford, Connecticut. While not among my favorite attended shows this bootleg makes a strong case. This is a clean, superb recording with a terrific, slow acoustic "Born in the USA," and always nice to hear old friend "Point Blank."

INSURE ME NOW! VOLUME 2. (2) Hartford, Connecticut. May 8, 2000. Another beautiful night Another soundboard. Love it.

THAT'S THE WAY IT IS LAS VEGAS. (3) May 27, 2000. Las Vegas, Nevada. Fun show opening and closing with Viva Las Vegas.

i'll SHOW YOU SOME CONTROVERSY (3) June 15, 2000. NYC. Super show and taping. Great.

SATURDAY NIGHT. (3) June 17, 2000. Madison Square Garden, N.Y.C. I was at this show - one of the best (and loudest) performances I have ever witnessed. The audience recording is good not great - contains 10 bonus tracks from an unlisted show. of rarely performed songs.

A GOOD NIGHT FOR A RIDE. UBER SERIES VOL. 38 (3) Madison Square Garden, New York City. Whoa Whoa. The boys are back in town.

JUST AROUND THE CORNER (2) November 3, 2000 at the Stone Pony with Joe Grushecky and others doing a benefit for the Light of Day Foundation. Fun time.

DECEMBER 18, 2000 (2) Asbury Park, New Jersey. Half of his informal 2 night stand for Charity back home with a bunch of guest appearances. Wish I was there, but atleast I got the show. Sound quality is pretty good.

GIANT HOUSE PARTY IN JERSEY. August 31, 2001 (3), East Rutherford, New Jersey. Delightful soundboard . Great.

DECEMBER 6, 2001 (2) Asbury Park, NJ. Christmas show with Southside, Nils, Bobby Bandieri and other. Perfect sound and just a feast for the ears.

DECEMBER 7, 2001 (2) Asbury Park, New Jersey.  Christma show with Max Weinberg & and friends including Bruce Hornsby, Nils Lofgren, Southside, Bobby Bandera).  Lots of fun.  Great sound. 

ELVIS IN THE BUILDING: CHRISTMAS 2001 SHOW #5 (3) December 8, 2001. If you ever have to understand the validity of bootlegs this is the one. With its intimacy, humor, and power this show is an amazing listen. Sensational sound, lots of guests (Elvis Costello, Bruce Hornsby, Garland Jeffreys...) there in Asbury to raise money for a local charity. A treasure for us (and not just the few thoughs and there) to hold and enjoy. A must.

AUGUST 6, 2002 (2) New York City. Its NYC! It's Bruce! But this taping don't quite capture much. Do like the singalong of "Sunny Day." Bruce is floggin "The Rising," not sure he's got me on that disc. Lower level audience taping.

OCTOBER 4, 2002 (3) Boston, Massachusetts. A spirited performance, again not that well captured. All my friends went to this show and I all I got was this crappy bootleg.

KITTY'S BACK IN PHILADELPHIA. October 6, 2002 (3) Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Courtesy of the Bruce Tree the music is captured well, but not perfectly. The Vocals are upfront but there's a smidge of echo. While I'd wish for a soundboarder I gadly take it it. Highlights, there's plenty: the Bo Diddley channeled "She's the One," the Bruce at Piano "Philadephia" is far superior to the drab released version." Listening through from beginning to end comes pretty close to capturing the live experience. And oh yeah, the 8 bonus tracks make for a nice set.

RAIN ON YOU. October 7, 2002 (2) Buffalo, New York. Great little show much of which was some kind of taping for an MTV show of some type. Perfect sound and a snappy performance.

LONDON NIGHT (3) October 27, 2002, London, England. Super soundboard. Muscular and musical. I admit to not loving The Rising when it was released. I was wrong. I was surprised at how much I enjoyed the tunes (I listened to this for the 1st time in 2009). The vocal in songs like "Empty Sky" and "Worlds Apart" are simply awe inspiring.

LET THE BEGGING COMMENCE (3) November 12, 2002. Cincinnati, Ohio. Fantastic show, soundboard, oh so enjoyable.

FEBRUARY 20, 2003 & FEBRUARY 21, 2003 (4) Somerville, Massachusets. This was a 2 night solo accoustic gig/fundraiser for a magazine which has since gone out of business. Cool, intimate, magical shows captured by the audience taper. It's a messy recording so you have to work through it, but well worth it for all the stories, jokes and the like.

JUNE 22, 2003 (3) Gothenburg, Sweden. Our greatest export brings his A game for this great show and recording.

JULY 24, 2003 (3)  East Rutherford, New Jersey.  IEM Recording.  Oh the big homestead.

JULY 27, 2003 (3) Meadowlands, New Jersey. Midling audience taping.

SEPTEMBER 7, 2003 (3) Fenway Park. Night 2 - the wife went, I stayed home and watched the kids.

OCTOBER 3, 2003 (3) New York City. Shea Stadium. The vocals are nice & Upfront, but the band is just a little washed out and thin. Seemed to get a little better as the night progressed. Gary "US" Bonds comes out to close the evening out with "Twist & Shout."

CHRISTMAS SHOW #3 (3), DECEMBER 8, 2003. This is a great sounding show with Jesse Mailin, Little Steven, Garland Jeffreys. Again this one like the 2001 Xmas show is in perfect sound and just an incredible listen. Bruce was born to be the master of ceremonies.

OCTOBER 11, 2004 (2) Vote for Change Tour, Washington, DC. Have the complete show listed as well. This is an incredible soundboard recording and performance. Incredible stuff with the boys backing John Fogerty for a take of "Fortunate Son" if it weren't enough to get a hyterical 13 minute take of "Mary's Place" with instructions to shout "Halliburton!" 3 times out your window while standing naked (I think this was broadcast on TV).

DEVILS & DUST TOUR FROM A TO Z (10) That's ten discs of every song performed on the tour. Alot of listening and it's incredible. Uniformably outstanding quality.

BRUCE SPRINGSTEEN WITH BOBBY BANDIERA'S BAND: FOURTH ANNUAL RUMSON COUNTRY DAY SCHOOL BENEFIT. April 10, 2005. Great show with Southside helping out. You get a loosey/goosey Bruce on stage - a blast.

APRIL 22, 2005 (2) Asbury Park, New Jersey. Rehearsal Shows II. A decent audience to good audience taping that I warmed up to. Just a bit too somber. I caught some of the Fall shows and this one seems a bit of a downer musically. Though always lighted up by Bruce's shtick.

MAY 11, 2005 (2) Chicago, Illinois. Enchanting show pretty well recorded with a smidge of distance at first that I hardly noticed by its engaging end. Excellent.

D&D PHILADELPHIA (2) May 17, 2005. Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. First off -- this is a mid range, audience taping. The 1st I've heard from this tour. Highlight was the mid set trifecta of old "Incident at 57th,"and new "Part Man, Part Monkey," + "Maria's Bed." Must say that My favorite Bruce is the thumpin', shuckin', life affirmin' screamin' & dreamin' arena rock God Bruce and not his Woody Gutherie confessional soul & guitar in hand thing.

ROMA DUST NIGHT (2) June 5, 2005, Rome, Italy.  So Bruce brings this solo show to the holy city.  Soundboard.

OCTOBER 20, 2005 (2) Worcester, Massachusetts. Nicely captured gig which I attended. Dig it. It may be somber night of music with older tunes ("Fever") slowed down and performed like night time demos.

BORN TO RUN 30TH ANNIVERSARY PODCAST. This is mostly a rehash of the DVD documentary that came with the anniversary edition of the album.

WE SHALL OVERCOME: BRUCE SPRINGSTEEN & THE SEEGER SESSIONS - ONE HOUR RADIO SPECIAL. Terrific radio show done to promote this fantastic album and tour. Hey Bruce, let's do it again sometime.

2006 TOUR: SWING THAT THING (7) Tour collection of the mighty Seeger Sessions Tour. A version of every song performed on the tour. Brilliantly compiled - this will convince you that this was one of the man's greatest ideas and tours. Really.

NEW ORLEANS JAZZ FESTIVAL. (2) April 30, 2006, New Orleans, Louisiana. This is the a fantastic recording and performance of the Seeger Sessions band in their first offical show. An entire set of highlights.

SOLD ON SONG. May 9, 2006. LSO St Lukes, London. BBC Radio 2 Broadcast. Great sound and performance, a great single disc show - warm, witty and energetic!

MILANO SESSION NIGHT (2) May 12, 2006. Milano, Italy. Amazing! Simply Amazing! Incredible performance. Incredible taping. Amazing Incredible.

MAY 27, 2006 (2) Mansfield, Massachusetts. An incredible souveneir for yours truly as I was fortunate to attend this show 10 feet from stage in the pit!!!! I was blown away by the performance and rank it with the other great performances that I have been fortunate to witness. This is special stuff man, don't miss it.

JUNE 22, 2006 (2) New York City. Seeger Sessions do the City. Oh so great.

OCTOBER 13, 2006. Verona, Italy. 8 Songs from a radio broadcast.

OCTOBER 30, 2006 (2) Stockholm, Sweden. Staggering. Superb show and performance. Hey Bruce! Reassemble this band and let's do some more!!!

SEPTEMBER 25, 2007 (2) Rehearsal Night 2. Asbury Park, New Jersey. Not a great audience taping, but my ears adjusted over the course of the night. Hello Guinea Pigs, the man announced before he launched into Radio Nowhere.

OCTOBER 6, 2007 (2) Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. I enjoyed the dhow and am glad it sits on my list. But but, it's not a great audience recording. Sort of a flat, one dimensional (mono?) sound. Vocals are clear and sharp.

OCTOBER 18, 2007 (2) New York City. A big fun night capturing the Magic tour nicely on this audience taping - plenty of highlights from a seering "Jungleland" to great cuts from the newish album.

BRUCE SPRINGSTEEN INTERVIEW WITH DAVE MARSH. March 8, 2008. E Street Radio. About an hour long with various concert clips. Bruce jamming with the knighted Dave Marsh on the Magic tour, family, new album etc.

INCIDENT IN COLUMBUS (2) MARCH 24, 2008, Columbus, Ohio. Kick ass! Super! Awesome!

MARCH 29, 2008 (2) Seattle, Washington. Tops. Great recording. Love the setlist: Trapped, Darkness, Point Blank along with the usual magical choices.

MARCH 31, 2008 (2) Vancouver, Washington. Acceptabled recording. Bruce and band play extremely well. "Trapped>" 'nuff said

APRIL 22, 2008. (3) Tampa, Florida. Fine audience recording - this is the first post Danny gig. Great stuff, love the slow "Sandy" and the rough and ready "Out in the Streets." A real keepers.

MAY 7, 2008 (2) Red Bank, New Jersey. At the Count Basie Theatre for a fundraiser, this is Bruce's greatest live concept show. The entire Born to Run & Darkness album performed in their entirety. WIsh I was there, I've got the boot though it is a shitty recording.

LONDON SECOND MAGIC NIGHT (2) May 31, 2008 London, England. Simply incredible, Could well be in my Bruce Top Ten boots.

JUNE 14, 2008 (3) Cardiff, UK Bass heavy, flawed recording but not without it's pleasures. Hey I was still singing along with my favorites.

100% LIVE (3) June 16, 2008 Dusseldorf, Germany. Decent audience taping. You certainly feel the distance. The PA system fails twice early by then holds up. Always nice to get "Trapped."

HAMBURG MAGIC NIGHT (3) June 21, 2008, Hamburg, Germany Crystal Cat presents a fantastic show and taping.

JULY 4, 2008 Sirius Radio Broadcast. Pieced together disc along with some annoying observations from Dave Marsh. The music is amazing.

BARCELONA MAGIC NIGHT (3) July 20, 2008. Barcelona, Spain. Superb recording and simply an outstanding show!

JULY 27, 2008 (3) East Rutherford, New Jersey. Whoo hah! A warm, fun show. Lots of great stuff, nicely recording from the audience.

JULY 28, 2008 (3) East Rutherford, New Jersey. Superb, fantastic show. Loved.

ST. LOUIS MAGIC NIGHT. August 23, 2008 (3) According to Backstreets magazine, the best of the tour or perhaps the decade. It may be overstating it, but it's awfully good.

WAITING ON TONY (4) August 23, 2008. Same show as above - it is fabulous - but this version includes a full disc of the pre show soundcheck.

AUGUST 24, 2008 (3) Kansas City, Missouri. A very enjoyable show and the last "official" Magic Tour show. Max sings "Boys" and Soozie sings "It's All Over Now."

BBC 2 INTERVIEW WITH MARK HAGEN. January 24, 2009. Interesting song writing discussion, my copy gives out at some point, I don't know how much of the interview remained.

WORKING ON A SHOW (3) March 23, 2009, Asbury Park, New Jersey. One of those joyous rehearsal shows - great fun and mirth. Soundboard recording.

APRIL 15, 2009 (3) Los Angeles, California. An above average show with a well scripted set list. A great listen, love.

APRIL 22, 2009 (2) Boston, Massachusetts. Not it's not a great taping - just a fair, decent one. But oh my, what a great show. The better of the 2 Boston shows (I attended them both), The Dropkick Murphy's are enlisted to help out on a couple.

MAY 11, 2009 (2) St. Paul, Minnesota. Another fun show, good audience recording. SIgn tune: "Good Lovin'"

MAY 18, 2009 (3) Washington, DC. Good show and recording. Love the snippet of "Hava Nagilia" and a very well played "Kitty's Back."

MAY 19, 2009 (2) Pittsburgh, Pennslvania. I might think of it as the "Like A Rolling Stone," but really it's entirely good.

I'M SO GLAD TO BE HOME (3)  May 23, 2009, East Rutherford, New Jersey.  Terrific IEM recording stuffed with highlights.  Start with the covers of Mony Many and Good Lovin', but also also dig E Street Shuffle and a strident Hard Times.

JUNE 4, 2009 (3) Stockholm, Sweden. Sweet show, I grabbed this one as the wife heard it on E Street Radio and thought it was a good one. The girl knows her Springsteeen, this one kicks ass.

JUNE 5, 2009 (3) Stockholm, Sweden Imperfect soundboard from the next night.

STOCKHOLM THIRD DREAM NIGHT (3) June 7, 2009, Stockholm Sweden.  The third and final soundboard. 

SANTIAGO DREAM NIGHT (3)  August 2, 2009 (3)  Santiago, Spain.  Great recording and show - Bravo!!

GLASTONBERRY FESTIVAL (2) June 27, 2009. BBC broadcast. Superb show with the biggies coverred "Promised," "Badlands," "Born to Run," "Prove It All Night" Perfect sound.

OCTOBER 9, 2009 (3) Final Night. Giants Stadium, East Rutherford, New Jersey. Last show in that piece of shit, toilet bowl of a stadium is a doozy. Excellent recording. Bravo!!!!!

NOVEMBER 7, 2009 (3) New York City. Outstanding performance - this night he does The Wild, The Innocent album from beginning to end. All good.

NOVEMBER 8, 2009 (3) New York City. Performing The River album in it's entirity for the first and only time ever. If that excites you then you are probably reading this. Immense!

IT'S HARD BEING THE BOSS (3). November 15, 2009, Milwaukee, Wisconsin.  Soundboard and good. 

GREETINGS FROM BUFFALO DREAM NIGHT (3) November 22, 2009. Supreme. Love this long and varied night's show. Soundboard, man.

DON'T TRY TO STUMP THE BAND: 2009 TOUR COVERS COLLECTION (4) Nothing shows how amazing this man is better than the sign collecting and surprise covers at each show. Well, hot damn,here is every single one Far freaking out!!!!

JANUARY 15, 2011 (2) Asbury Park, New Jersey. Backed by Joe Grushecky & The Houserockers, this is a charity show for the Light of Day Foundation. Decent audience recording.

LITTLE STEVEN & BRUCE SPRINGSTEEN CONVERSATION. April 1, 8, 15, 2011. (2) A fascinating discussion pasted together from 3 seperate episodes from Steven's Underground garage XM radio show. All the music has been removed. It's a discussion of their musical influences as well as an overall talk about the music of the brittish invasion. Loosey goosey, humorous and thoroughly engaging.

MARCH 9, 2012 (2) Sirius Radio 10th Anniversary Show. Apollo Theater, NYC. A wonderful show and kickoff for the Wrecking Ball Tour. While the song writing is mixed the tour ideas still flow like a fountain in St. Peter's square.

WRECKING GREENSBORO. March 19, 2012 (2) Terrific soundboard show. Excellent.

MARCH 26, 2012 (2) Boston, Massachusetts. This is a nice audience taping of a show that I attended and enjoyed. The man continues to inspire awe and love.

JUNE 3, 2012. Lisbon, Portugal. This is 6 songs from the show all broadcast on the radio. Sweet sound, but only an appetizer, no main course, desert or after meal drinks.

ROSKILDE FESTIVAL.  July 7, 2012 (3) Roskilde, Denmark.  Sweet sweet sound boarder.  

AUGUST 18, 2012 (2) Foxborough, Massachusetts. I caught this dynamite show and glad to relive it with this recording. Great fun, man.

SEPTEMBER 8, 2012 (2) Chicago, Illinois. It ain't a perfect recording, but it captures the magistry. Eddie Vedder and Tom Morillo stop by to chip in.

MUSICARES PERSON OF THE YEAR GALA. February 8, 2013. Los Angeles, California. This is one of the fundrasing charity/honoring events with a star studded musical tribute to the Boss featuring: host Jon Stewart, Alabama Shakes, Patti Smith, Natalie Maines, Zac Brown, Mumford & Sons, Jackson Browne, Emmylou, Kenny Chesney, Elton John, Tim McGraw, Sting, John Legend, Neil Young, and then Bruce did a couple. Imperfect recording, but still worthwhile for the uniqueness of the event.

ROCK IN RIO 2013. SEPTEMBER 21, 2013 (3) Rio De Janeiro, Brazil. It's a big show with a big crowd. Great soundboard.

NATIONAL PUBLIC RADIO INTERVIEW. January 15, 2014. Over an hour of Bruce talking about his underwhelming new album, but with great humor and passion.

LIGHT OF DAY 2015. WITH JOE GRUSHECKY. January 17, 2015 (2) Nice recording of this charity show. Fun stuff.

JANUARY 19, 2016 (3) Chicago, Illinois. Free download from the Boss, hey thanks.

FEBRUARY 4, 2016 (3) Boston, Mass. I paid for this official bootleg. Went to the show, it was truly great and listening to it I was right.

PURPLE RAIN. Single track - provided by Mr. S. April 23, 2016.

SEPTEMBER 14, 2016 (4) Foxborough, Ma. Official bootleg which I purchased after attending show. Damn, it was a good one!!!

TERRY GROSS NPR INTERVIEW. October 6, 2016. 45 Minute interview promoting the book.

MARC MARON WTF PODCOAST INTERVIEW. January 1, 2017, About an hour conversation. Nice.

SPRINGSTEEN ON BROADWAY. October 5, 2017 (2) I received this one after the next listing. Not sure how many you need to have.

SPRINGSTEEN ON BROADWAY. October 21, 2017 (2) Nifty audience taping of the amazing Broadway show. Not on this night, but I was fortunate enough to score a ticket to the show. Front row. Really.


JUNE 11, 1999 Genova Italy. Can't copy, posted for information purposes only.